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2023.03.23 21:38 yioum Everyone's gonna miss this era when it finally passes

Okay, hear me out.
Not everyone has to like this album or the song or her new style, I understand. I initially didn't adjust well to it actually, but after some time of hearing the song and experiencing the aesthetic and watching Melanie perform, I just embraced this change and I've found myself getting so attached already. Especially to the character even though we haven't even seen anything about the movie/what it's gonna be like.
Just seeing Melanie have fun with this new idea that's so different from what we've usually seen or expected is beautiful. And I really wish people weren't so judgemental and harsh to things that are different but unfortunately that. Who knows, this probably might be her favourite work she's put a lot of time and energy into. With the way she works, God knows how long she's spent thing about this and forming the ideas and now it's finally being brought to life must feel so amazing for her. I love how she's having so much fun with this and I feel like it's already brought me closer to the fandom than I've ever been. It also makes me excited because we never know what to expect next. For the movie, concepts and new characters even.
Even though some people have mentioned how we've pretty much already heard most of the songs because of her live performances, I still think it's somehow smart marketing in a way because it sort of allows time for people to absorb and digest everything. To get used to this new style and allow people to become familiar with her character first before we get introduced to new characters. It's sort of like learning about a new friend (I mostly see this through the lyrics, I spend sm time thinking about what they mean for her) And I feel like when enough time has passed and the movie comes out, we'll be clinging to her pink character almost like a comfort character as we get introduced to the new world because we've spent a great amount of time getting used to it.
Now I'm not saying that everyone must like this new style. You're free to like or dislike whatever.
But I can say that eventually, when this era passes people will miss it. Maybe not for all, but I know I'll miss the feeling of being excited to see a new concept completely different from the crybaby era. I'll miss the feeling of constantly checking Melanie's Instagram feed for new posts/stories. I'll miss playing her live performances over and over again. I'll miss this weird but cute aesthetic and I'll miss theorising about the story and her character and what's yet to come and bonding with other people over it.
This is the only time we'll ever see this new concept for the first time again. Not everyone will adapt so easily to it but it is gonna pass eventually and I just see myself and maybe other people getting nostalgic about it all in the future.

Most people are gonna miss this era when it finally passes, you don't have to like it but the more we spend time taking it all in and embracing it, we're gonna feel nostalgic about it and miss it years from now.
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2023.03.23 21:37 GingerWalnutt Does my boss dislike me, or trust my independence?

I’ve been with my current company for around 9 months now. During the interview, we established I’m right on the cuff of a “Senior” position, with just a little under enough experience to officially be a Senior. I’m currently being paid on the “lower” end of the spectrum for a senior pay grade, still not on the lowest notch though. However, my title isn’t a senior role. Essentially, I’m getting paid at senior level for technically not being in a senior role.
We have another individual a bit older than me w/ slightly less exposure to the industry. He’s getting paid quite lower than me due to the experience and workload.
I find often that my boss is on client calls, frequently helping him with strategy, etc. a lot more than I experience. First few months he was active with my client calls, but now it’s a lot less common. When we meet for 1:1s, he asks what’s going on with my accounts, have I heard any updates, gives feedback if I ask for it, then typically picks my brain for strategy ideas and see if there’s anything I see that he’s missing.
I’m trying to look at it in a positive light, but my anxiety gets in my way a bit. Is the reason for this treatment because he trusts me to do my job without having to hold my hand? Is this sort of an introduction to the “Senior” role since my anniversary is coming up? Or is he just tired of dealing with me and doesn’t want to waste time and energy on me?
I’m given larger accounts, most recently a new client (Client A) after our most recent new client (Client B) had a bad experience with us. I wasn’t managing Client B. Our owner called this out and told us that Client A is actually coming back to us after previously leaving to try a new agency (this happened before I was here). Owner said, “It’s time to perform. Let’s learn from our mistakes with Client B and knock it out the park”.
Is the reason I’m getting this client due my boss/higher ups trusting me to take on the challenge? Or is a test to essentially see me screw up? Am I crazy for even worrying about this?
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2023.03.23 21:37 Pleasant_Statement64 Review on So Much For Stardust (Track by Track)

LFTOS - What a way to start out an album! Piano and strings introduce the track and are prevalent throughout. The guitar is very noticeable and delicious and the instrumentation as a whole is wonderful! The melodies are also catchy while dark sounding and Patrick sings then so well. 10/10
Heartbreak- FOB's pop side, but with a touch of rock! Patrick's voice sounds so good on tge low register, nice to hear it hear. The melody of the guitar and vocals is so amazing! The lo-oh-ohs are a bit generic and repetitive though. 8.5/10
Grudge - The verses feel like a mix of Smooth Criminal, Another One Bites the Dust, and modern pop. That bassline is epic and the piano is nice! The chorus is catchy and that riff after is so so good. Patrick's vocals on the bridge are also so amazing! 9/10
Fakeout - probably my least fav on the album in terms of full tracks. Low register Patrick and the drumming are amazing, plus Patrick's falsettos and the lyrics, but the song just isn't as up my alley as others- 7.5
Heaven Iowa - The verses are a bit bland and repetitive but the addition of the drums and choir in the second one spices them up. The choruses are just powerhouses, so good! The bridge also has amazing guitar and Patrick's down down down line gets me! 8.5/10
So Good Right Now- Probably the least inspired song here, but it's catchy! The ohs don't really do it for me. Still love this song though! 8/10
Skipping interludes
Muse - The Strings are so good. The horns even moreso. Patrick's high notes and performance in general is stellar here. And it's kinda heavy for FOB. I love it! 10/10
Flu Game - Grew on me. It is so catchy! The verses, chorus, and post choruses are all so good! Love the nanananas! Also that intro with the distortion guitar! And tge bass line! 10/10
Kintsugi - Patrick kills it here. Catchy melodies, the repetition of low low! This song also builds up like heartbreak and I love it. And the riff after the second chorus is great! 10/10!
What a Time - AAAAHHH. THIS SONG IS SUCH A BOP AND WILL BE STUVK IN MY HEAD ALL ETERNITY! Patrick's high notes or growls vocals in the bridge! The bass! Surging guitar and solo! Constant drumming! Horns! One of my fav fob songs of all time. 11/10
SMFS - Rven better than what a time somehow! Sinister sound with piano, brass, strings, and the traditional instruments. It's sad lyrically. The chorus is amazing! Patrick's run of thought we had it all is great! There's also a lftos callback! And the outro gives off major srar title track vibes. What a way to end of what could be their best work! 11/10
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2023.03.23 21:36 Fenchurch0420 Getting desperate

Applied for renewal in person on 1/09. Accepted 1/12. It switched to 'In Process' about a week later and it's sat there ever since. My flight leaves next Saturday, April 1st.
I called last week and paid for expedited service and shipping. I also emailed my state representative but they've seemed completely ineffective. They just keep telling me to call the number and check the status online like I was already doing. They said they put in a request but haven't gotten anything back. That seems odd considering everyone else's experiences.
I called yesterday and there were no appointments. I'm on hold right now but don't expect to get through. Even if there are appointments I have no idea if I could get to one. None of the offices are near me. I also have kids and that's not manageable either financially or logistically.
Advice? Encouragement? Commiseration?
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2023.03.23 21:36 Skytation Traffic data for plane spotting live stream

Hi there, sorry for the lack of knowledge about all of this, but I have to start somewhere. I currently run a plane spotting stream in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and I was wanting to get real time traffic data so that I can list some details on screen during the stream...things like aircraft type, destination/arrival, etc. I currently have all the flight data being pumped into the sim via RealTraffic software, but now I just want some flight details I can easily display.
My initial research has made me think I need some sort of API connection to an ADSB data provider to first access the data. If that is the case, what's the best way to accomplish that? Thanks in advance for any advice, and again sorry for the noob-ness here, but I'm just trying to get started! If you need any more info please let me know!
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2023.03.23 21:36 Majeddb I chose multiple images since I’m lazy to edit

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2023.03.23 21:36 GingerWalnutt Does my boss dislike me, or does he believe in my independence?

I’ve been with my current company for around 9 months now. During the interview, we established I’m right on the cuff of a “Senior” position, with just a little under enough experience to officially be a Senior. I’m currently being paid on the “lower” end of the spectrum for a senior pay grade, still not on the lowest notch though. However, my title isn’t a senior role. Essentially, I’m getting paid at senior level for technically not being in a senior role.
We have another individual a bit older than me w/ slightly less exposure to the industry. He’s getting paid quite lower than me due to the experience and workload.
I find often that my boss is on client calls, frequently helping him with strategy, etc. a lot more than I experience. First few months he was active with my client calls, but now it’s a lot less common. When we meet for 1:1s, he asks what’s going on with my accounts, have I heard any updates, gives feedback if I ask for it, then typically picks my brain for strategy ideas and see if there’s anything I see that he’s missing.
I’m trying to look at it in a positive light, but my anxiety gets in my way a bit. Is the reason for this treatment because he trusts me to do my job without having to hold my hand? Is this sort of an introduction to the “Senior” role since my anniversary is coming up? Or is he just tired of dealing with me and doesn’t want to waste time and energy on me?
I’m given larger accounts, most recently a new client (Client A) after our most recent new client (Client B) had a bad experience with us. I wasn’t managing Client B. Our owner called this out and told us that Client A is actually coming back to us after previously leaving to try a new agency (this happened before I was here). Owner said, “It’s time to perform. Let’s learn from our mistakes with Client B and knock it out the park”.
Is the reason I’m getting this client due my boss/higher ups trusting me to take on the challenge? Or is a test to essentially see me screw up? Am I crazy for even worrying about this?
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2023.03.23 21:36 Low-Performance800 (M4A) The Lost Prince

Maximillian Voss, second born son of Rhictor Voss, king of Adopest was born into the arms of a loving but large family. Both his mother and father cared for him and his siblings deeply. Growing up, he was raised in a life of wealth and luxury. He received the best education money could buy and more importantly mentorship into whatever he desired. His family cared not what their son did, only that he was happy. The only downside to his raising was that being the second out of five kids meant he often had a tendency to find himself overlooked in favor of the other children.
Growing up, he would sit around the fire with his family and listen to his father’s stories. Some were fairytales and others stories about monsters and ghosts. The stories that stuck with him the most however, were the tales of “The War to End All Wars.” His father had been leading his country on the field for several long bloody years and he had stories to tell. Endless stories. His father had been a phenomenal fighter and a war hero. Even his enemies respected him for always upholding honor on the field of battle, conquest or retreat. He was known throughout the mortal realms as wise and fair.
Years of war leaves no man untouched though. As Maximillian grew older, he became more perceptive of the world around him and most of all, his father. The noble warrior was beginning to age and a man who had once been a hawk, had begun to live a life of peace and prosperity, wanting nothing more than just that for his family.
As the years went on, Rhictor Voss would find himself at summits and peace talks across the world working to restore the world he and so many other leaders had their hands in destroying. Never far behind was his heir-apparent Samuel Voss, Max’s older brother. Samuel had followed in his father’s footsteps. He was a warrior, a skilled one at that and never one to back down from a challenge. He always seemed to make it his duty to clean up his father’s mess from the war.
The two of them travelled the world far and wide, helping wherever they could and providing aid and relief to displaced populations as well as rebuilding several entire cities from the ground up with the help of the Royal Engineering Corps. All of this while Maximillian remained in the capital tending to his studies. He was not like the rest of his family, he understood how the world really worked.
His studies varied from routine mathematics to art, and his favorite subject recent history. He found himself fascinated with the great war. Such an unnecessary conflict with such a drastic loss of life. The world had been left in ruins and for what? Nothing. No ground had been gained and no agenda struck from the books. It was chaos. To make matters worse, his own father had a hand in the destruction of society. The thought of his family participating in something so cruel made his stomach twist.
Seeing his father righting his wrongs was not enough. In Max’s eyes it was an empty gesture. He had studied the battles, seen the numbers, and made up his own mind. War was a cancer and it could not be allowed to fester any longer.
As he grew older, the world became a more familiar place. Countries began to rebuild and tensions had started to rise once more. New weapons and technologies had been discovered and alliances had been formed. Everything seemed oh so familiar to Max. He had seen this before in the history books. The world was preparing for another war. This would be a war that only he could stop.
He was in position to put an end to all future wars. He had the lineage; it would be disgraceful to not at least try it. In order to do so however, he would need the throne and two people stood in his way. His family had become soft and weak-willed. They lacked the strength to rule and all of these talks of peace and friendship were only weakening the kingdom from within. If and when the next war came, it would be far worse. The only way to achieve peace was to grip the world in a fist of iron. He would be the man to do that.
Two days before his nineteenth birthday, his plan was ready. He had hired several mercenary companies and made several large promises to a handful of corrupt military officials. The coup had begun. The palace erupted in combat lead by Maximillian himself sword in hand. The rebels fought their way up the steps of the palace in a bloody conflict. Violence had spilled into the streets and before long, the capital was overflowing with conflict. Max was horrified by the violence he had wrought but it was too late now. If he was going to fix this, he needed the throne.
He and his mercenaries continued onward until they had made it to the throne room. Their goal was here. The only thing standing in his way was his older brother commanding a detachment of the royal guard. His brother pleaded for him to surrender and put a stop to this madness but it was too late. Max tore into the fray and soon enough, the two were locked in a duel which escalated out of the throne room and up out onto the ramparts of the keep. Metal clashed and sparked as blades collided, Max unable to gain the upper hand, constantly kept on his back foot.
After some time, Max finally found himself out of breath and cornered. In front of him, the prince and a pair of royal guards. Behind him, a long drop to the rushing palace moat below. Max looked across the capital city at the pillars of smoke before catching glimpses of his surrendering army. He had lost. How had the weaklings won? They should not have put up that much of a fight. Unwilling to admit defeat, Max found one final surge of strength and charged his brother, unable to land a single blow with all of his might.
With nothing more than a simply parry and strike, his brother landed a blow from Max’s torso, slashing upward across his jaw nearly killing him. The unconscious prince stumbled backward, falling over the rampart and into the moat with a resound splash before being carried down river by the rushing current.
When he awoke, he was cold and shivering. The river had carried him far from help and he found himself alone on the riverbanks of Desukon River He could feel himself dying. His wound had become infected and he could barely stand. He managed to crawl his way to a tall oak tree and die in peace when he heard a voice call out to him. From there things were a blur but before he knew it, he was upright walking into town back to his old self.
With his wounds healed and a newfound magic coursing through his veins he was not ready to quit. People had already died for his cause and he was not about to let their deaths be in vain. It was clear fate was on his side. It was only in the city of Deliverance would he discover his new destiny…
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2023.03.23 21:36 _vanessaives_ Just need to vent static. PA

quick update, the insecure comment was the first he ever said that. Before he was very blunt about enjoying porn, but never getting off and how it was the norm in all his other relationships. That i was the only one that has an issue with it
So, since the last time I posted things have gotten better. The "you can go through my phone anytime" thing still exists. We've started couple counseling, but he has not started one with a CSAT. We're on different work schedules at the moment, but I actually enjoy the me time. And sometimes I still get anxiety when he's around. I've been starting to focus more on myself and actually attempting to make female friends and make social plans. Before, I would've been too scared.
Last night he was letting me use his phone to FaceTime my son. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked. It's only the second time I've done that, but I'm still not proud of it. I found a worldstar app with a bunch of "ghetto big booty" videos, fb messenger with mostly female "friends". I saw no chats. And in safari I found some porn book marks.
I asked what it was. I took a moment, didn't yell, didn't get mad, didn't cry. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and he followed. He Showed me that the bookmarks were years old from his old iPhone and they transferred over. The links didn't work anymore. So i gave him the benefit of the doubt and simply said OK. I asked about the booty videos and he said " ugh, what's the big deal I think they're funny, they're not sex or porn". I said ok again. As for messenger he says he only uses it to talk to certain guy friends. And again I said ok.
I head back to bed and he's actually mad that I'm not fighting. So he starts in on me. That I'm CONSTANTLY going through his things, that I'm always looking for a fight, that I don't trust him and that is exhausting trying to prove himself to me all the time. My past got thrown in my face(like it always does during arguments). A side back story, I cheated on him two years ago during his full blown addiction and his first physical abuse towards me. Was it the right or smart thing to do? Absolutely not. I'm still ashamed and embarrassed about it too this day. He said" you can go and f**k a bunch of people but I'm the bad one cause I watch porn. And you only made it worse by cheating cause I felt ugly and insecure. You have guys messaging you all the time" (that was true, but I nip those conversations in the butt) you know creepy guy dm bullshit. Then they get blocked .He then starts in on me for social media. I have a business IG, we have a couples IG, I have reddit, I have pinterest , ebay and poshmark. I told him postmark was for shopping and he said "I bet you can still message people on there". At this point I'm just tired and Annoyed. I remind him that my phone is also transparent and he can go through it whenever he wants. I did after all have an infidelity. I also remind him that at the very beginning of our relationship I clearly stated porn as cheating. One day he'll agree and other days he won't. It creates a lot of cognitive dissonance with me. It also feels really manipulative.
I repeated a few times that I believe him, I'm not mad and I just want to go to sleep. He still does not let it go. He starts saying how much I've hurt his feelings and that no matter now good we're doing something always has to come up. (Another side note, my anxiety and ptsd has gotten better and my medication is working better too). He starts telling me I've ruined his mood and his night and that's he's so happy I just want to go to sleep. I told him he can have whatever social media he wants. I'm not going to control him, or isolate him or create something that can build resentment. His reply "naw fuck it, I'm getting rid of everything, I won't talk to anybody or do anything and I can't control what pops up on my feeds. You go ahead and keep your though, you get to do whatever you want even though you fucked someone. sigh
This morning, his energy was the same. Still pouting, I asked him what was wrong and he reiterated that I deeply hurt his feelings. I reassured him that I wasn't mad, it was done with, and that if he wants to keep his social media, to go ahead and keep it. He said he deleted all of them. I think that was pretty dramatic, and it makes me wonder if he simply has no self control.
I was glad to come to work and I'll be glad he'll be at work when i get home. We haven't spoken or texted today. I did mention that I wanted to bring this up with our counselor and he just said ok.
Today is the first time EVER, that I haven't let my emotions or thoughts or what ifs or worries get to me. I actually haven't thought about it all. I'm wondering if I truly just don't care anymore. I've spent so much of my time worrying, being anxious, being depressed, isolating myself, feeling not good enough and not being the funny outgoing person i used to be all the time and I'm tired of it. He proposed an idea based off some you tube video. That instead of lifelong commitment that comes with marriage, we instead check in every year on our anniversary and see if we want to continue for another year.
I agreed. But like I said, I'm changing my approach to this and to life. I was so dependent on his validation, his love, his attention, his opinions (which I'm starting to realize.... are different than mine in some areas) I feel great today and I'm not letting this bullshit get to me.
I'm not going to kiss his ass and overly apologize for going through his phone I did apologize for hurting his feelings. That was not my intention at all. But why give me permission to do something that hurts him so much???? More confusion. Anyway.........
Thank you all for letting me vent!!! 🖤💖🖤💖🖤
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2023.03.23 21:35 whatiwritestays Why am I still getting bullied. There must be something wrong with me.

27 years old. Got bullied a shit ton when I was younger so this kinda triggered me. I thought I got past this. So here’s what happened.
I was cycling in the rain coming home from work. At a certain point I hear yelling or yodeling or whatever behind me, no big deal, probably some kids just being kids. I was listening to something on youtube so I slow down to let them pass. They don’t pass and continue being loud, now very close behind me.
I get fed up with the noise (which at this point isn’t clear that it’s directed to me, but I’m starting to suspect) after a few minutes of this so I decide to “pull over” with my bike and let them pass completely. Still expecting or hoping it to be some kids who didn’t even realize my existence.
But while I’m slowing down and coming to a stop I hear “oh he’s slowing down, must be getting a call, sureeeee”. I’m paraphrasing but it was something to that effect. They pass me and look back while continue taunting me. I do something I wish I haven’t, I yell “so mature wow, isn’t it past your bedtime guys?” but in a way where it’s clear it’s has affected me. They got what they wanted out of me in that sense.
So now it’s clear they were fucking and taunting me the entire time, right behind me. What’s surprising is that they were around my age and seemingly pretty mature.
What gets me is that it was a pretty busy cycling path. I don’t know why they targeted me. It has to be something about my body language, they way I was riding my bike, Something inexplicable that signals to bullies “this guy, over here! Easy pickings”
I really don’t know what to make of this. I want to scream, yell and break something.
I regret yelling back at them and letting them get to me. It must seem like such a small thing to them but it brought me back to my childhood. I was easy pickings back then, guess I still am.
Sorry about the wall of text. I don’t really have anybody to tell this too and keeping it bottled up feels unhealthy.
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2023.03.23 21:35 jeto2m123 Opinion of a priest

Hello father, I hope I don't sound silly or disrespectful. Today I went to a weekly seminalecture one of our university priests organises (A course called Again with God/New start with God - my rough translations), it was made by some German priest (idk who). We are supposed to read texts that the priest provides, and I find many ideas in them interesting, however many of them sound like something a cultist or a fanatic would say. What is more, today the priest basically told us to get rid of all Harry Potter books and movies, that the books have some satanist texts in them and that they are like marijuana, and they can drag us into occultism. I'm very conflicted now because I like that priest, and si want to develop my relationship with God, and I'm afraid I'm blasphemous to think against the priest and the texts considering them cult material. Is the priest right, or is he just overthinking? Also, ak I just not enough of a believer and should I repent, am I not open to God enough to think the texts are bad? Can you please help me untangle this mess? Thanks in advance for your answers.
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2023.03.23 21:35 LiquidDoorknob What's with my ISP? Locked out of PPPoE connected router

In the area I've just moved to there's more or less a local monopoly ISP who connects clients via PPPoE. When the technician left after setting everything up, I went to access the router to see what was up, set my own password and put up a guest network... but I found the default password had already been changed.
I called the ISP and they said that was their protocol to do so -- I'd have to buy another router and set it up myself if I wanted more configuration options. They gave me a PPPoE login.
I did this & wondered what their protocol of locking clients out of the router achieved for them, and how my relationship with them has changed now I've set up my own router. I couldn't work out why they just couldn't give me the router password.
Any insight/guesses would be appreciated! Maybe it's banal, I guess it's something connected to the dated connection protocol.
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2023.03.23 21:35 BlueCyberByte My sons first telescope

My son would like to get his first telescope, but I really don't know what to buy. I just found out that there is something called Bird-jones telescopes, so now I'm even more confused.
I have looked at these, because that is what my money can pay for, or something in that price range. I think that the Skywatcher is a Bird-Jones, but not sure. But don't know about the others. Anyone that can guide me on this ?
Celestron Starsense Explorer LT114AZ Celestron Starsense Explorer LT70AZ Skywatcher Skyhawk 114 EQ.
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2023.03.23 21:34 laurabt1 My ex became an awful person after I broke up with him

I just wanted somebody to explain how could this happen. How can he treat me so badly? The relationship was so healthy in these 9 months, we never had one fight.
It started with him being way more insistent than I expected after we broke up.
It’s like he has a bad side to him and he decided he can unleash it without remorse now.
Don’t worry, I’m not in physical danger. He lives in another country. I’m just an emotional wreck.
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2023.03.23 21:34 PM_Me_Some_Steamcode Someone asked what the heart and colors meant on my shirt?

They said it looked really cool and really unique and they haven’t seen anything like that before
I tell them it’s the transgender flag in a heart! Because I’m transgender!
Their response was just oh followed by them looking away and ignoring me
Like dude you’re probably making yourself more upset than just enjoying the cool design
I kind of funny how just saying trans sends some people away like thank you I don’t wanna deal with you anymore now that you’ve shown a bit of those colors
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2023.03.23 21:34 iEatMyDadsAsshole 31 [M4R] - Sweden/Finland - Where's my Nordic people at?

I'm 31 years old and moved from Sweden to Finland 3 years ago, and not having made any friends here yet why not start now?
I'm only interested in people from the Nordics.
Some information about me you might find interesting:
So now you know some random facts about me, here's what I hope you are/have. You don't have to be all of this but it's mostly what i hope for.
I hope you can keep a conversation going, I'm tired of one way friendships where I either have to write every single starting message or where I'm never getting any questions back or interest in what i'm doing. If you're mentally ill in some way, please don't make it your entire personality or the only thing you want to talk about. I'm not necessarily looking for conversations where we're deep into politics and other difficult subjects. While I can have those I'd hope you can also be easy to talk with, just casually talking while working or something similar.
Other than that I'm open for anything. Hit me up!
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2023.03.23 21:34 find_the_kitty I am not saying it is an unhealthy fascination but. . .

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2023.03.23 21:34 Few-Veterinarian-359 Mechanical Engineering 1st year Considering switching majors

As the title states, I am in the ME program finishing my second semester. I am taking classes like Physics 196, Statics, and Calc 3. I have gotten to the point now where I am questioning whether ME, or any engineering degree is a good fit. I struggle a lot with physics, and while I try to understand the content, I feel that I have no interest in trying to understand as the problems are very hard. I notice I tend to enjoy classes like calc better, where you are just using formulas to solve problems, as opposed to physics, where you need intuition to understand and apply the concepts. I am unsure of what to do, but I feel that if I stay in engineering any longer that the harder the courses get the worse it will be, as I am struggling immensely in the first year. I know that college in general is hard, but the amount of questioning and suffering I have had to do to get through just the first half of this semester was a lot more than I anticipated. If anyone has advice or anything on what to do to try and figure out my next steps it would be greatly appreciated. I am open to trying new things, I am just not sure what other majors would be applicable to me. Possibly some sort of Business related degree.
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2023.03.23 21:34 R0XiDE No progress from “we’ve got it” (multiple parcels).

Since the start of February, I’m finding it impossible to get any parcels delivered. They all just sit at “we’ve got it”. I currently have 5 deliveries (3 of which are way overdue), that all say this. One is not overdue just yet but hasn’t moved from that same status for a week. 3 are from the same supplier and the other 2 come from 2 different ones.
Launching an investigation is met with obvious automated email replies that say things like “we tried to call you but you didn’t answer”, which isn’t true. I had no missed calls and my phone was with me all day. I did finally have someone call me to say they can’t find any trace of the overdue items.
Being that I now have another item from a different shop sitting doing the same I’m getting pretty worried.
I’ve contacted the sender and they say the items have definitely been sent.
Is there some sort of holdup going on? Has anyone else had issues like this? It’s as though any parcels I try to get delivered either sit somewhere going nowhere, or have vanished!
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2023.03.23 21:33 Agreeable-Meal5836 Talking about PTSD/ poor mental health

My family went through a very traumatic event all together, with my brother and I getting the worst of the trauma as I witnessed the event and my brother had to physically interact with/be on the line with emergency services (at 11yo and 13yo respectively), and my parents getting the second hand trauma/grief associated since they were not present for the event.
So they of all people should understand. They of all people shouldn’t roll their eyes and think I’m making excuses for myself to be a lazy POS (my dad’s opinion).
But every time I mention my crippling disabilities due to PTSD or I’m having a bad episode which has me reduced to sitting on the couch 12 hours straight physically unable to move, they treat me like a “edgy teenager who just watched a tiktok and thinks they have anxiety now.” (Moms opinion)
They judge me for my messy car (I’m doing so much better keeping this area clean now! Mini success!) and my messy home (mini success no. 2, got my kitchen mostly under control!) But every time my mom comes over it’s “Jesus agreeablemeal, how can you stand to live like this!”. When I explain that I CANT stand to live like this and am using all of my energy to try to NOT live like this, but this is the reality of a mental illness like depression and PTSD, it’s “oh please you keep talking about ~MeNtAl iLlnEsS~”
I can’t fathom it. I can not understand how a woman who KNOWS what her child has been through, who has had front row seats, and who CHOSE not to provide professional help to that child who asked for it on multiple occasions, could have that kind of a response to them talking about how their trauma has affected them.
I know she has suffered a lot too, and I know it must have been hard to try to parent after that, and with another child acting out because of it (still didn’t get him professional help either). But how can you not at least be empathetic now that your children are both adults and moved out. How can you still be so judgmental.
I don’t know what else to say. I’m just hurt and angry and have no where else to turn.
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2023.03.23 21:33 nerdaholic360 Healthcare and government whistleblower

Just discovered this sub and I applaud you for saying what so many won't. I recently realized another great way to out abusive employers and fraud within government: Google reviews. Specifically, licensing boards that allow nurses to abuse patients, police departments that refuse to take reports of stalking, and academic departments lead by creeps. I follow the code of ethics for my profession, which calls for me to be a whistleblower and to challenge discrimination, prejudice, etc. When I do, especially in a state-run university, a Medicaid funded hospital, etc. it is always met with an abuse of my labor rights and often my civil. It's next to impossible to get professors, providers, or scientists to help me. When you're a whistleblower in those sectors, your career is done. Most of them have kids, so I can't fault them. I don't and I am in a position where I can survive without working.
So, the next time you see a university, a state bureaucrat, even a police officer displaying hatred towards a protected class of people, don't forget you can leave a Google review and you can toggle between Google accounts if you need to go anonymous. I even posted photos of the supervisor who decided to stalk me online right on my review of his employer.
I have a background in compliance, so I'm down to help members who need to report corruption and don't know how. I personally think it's worthwhile even if you know your review won't change anything because you're creating a record of doing your due diligence and that can be used by the press and courts later to show the organization's negligence.
Some apps are helping to speed up reporting for whistleblowers, like the ATF app and crime stoppers. You can also report abuse of labor practices to your own state agency (e.g. Department of Labor or Department of Commerce). You can also file complaints with the feds Dept of Labor and EEC, OSHA, etc. If your industry is also in the public sector, think about report to HHS, FDA, DoE, etc.
I just put my LinkedIn on Hibernate because the block is hot. They aren't really moderating. I got a software engineer on there right now impersonating me who works for Microsoft.
Microsoft doesn't like me either cause I figured out they were hiring local, elected politicians as contractors who were trying to use their status to coerce Microsoft management.
Oh, and executives at EBay were convicted of cyber stalking reporters and bloggers reporting in their shady practices.
My point is this: cyberstalking is probably used more widely than we assume by bad employers to silence disgruntled staff and whistleblowers so be safe. Companies know their staff do so and I won't be surprised if they admit to this one day.
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2023.03.23 21:33 PokeMixelecti Donkey Kong Kremling Khaos (FANMADE)

Donkey Kong Kremling Khaos (FANMADE)

![img](wupkuvg0ujpa1 " Donkey Kong Country: Kremling Khaos is a side-scrolling platform game created by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo. It is the direct sequel to Tropical Freeze, which was ported to the Switch, and it marks the first time since the Donkey Kong Country series that the Kremlings have made a comeback. Candy Kong, Kiddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Xananab, Swanky Kong, Inka Dinka Doo, Dread Kong, and the Ghastly King also appear in the game. ")
Made by me: Donkey Kong Country: Kremling Khaos by Sowells on DeviantArt
The game retains the side-scrolling platform gameplay of the Donkey Kong Country series, just like its predecessors. The controls, which include walking, running, jumping, rolling, beating the ground, swimming, picking up items from the ground, and climbing ropes and vines, are the same as in the previous games. Donkey Kong is mostly controlled by players, with assistance from a companion who can either give Donkey Kong new abilities or be controlled independently by a different player. Dixie Kong can do the Helicopter Spin with her ponytail and propel herself upward in midair and swim against powerful currents, while Cranky harnesses the Cane Bounce by using his iconic flexible cane to combat or pass certain obstacles that could be dangerous to step on, such as urchins and thorns. Diddy Kong returns with his barrel jet pack for crossing big gaps and peanut popguns to stun enemies. Kiddy makes a comeback in the game and is now able to pick up large enemies even while riding Donkey Kong. Furthermore, just like in Donkey Kong Country 3, he can skip across bodies of water by rolling off of dry land and jumping as soon as he touches the water's surface. He can even perform a series of rolling jumps that rise higher with each successive skip to bounce across the water. Together, Kiddy and Donkey Kong can cross wide stretches of water without having to swim through them because of this ability. When a "Kong-POW" meter is full, Donkey Kong and his partner can use a special attack that destroys all enemies on the screen and transforms them into various objects, depending on the partner.
Kremling Khaos introduces new and returning Animal Buddies: Enguarde the Swordfish can defeat many underwater enemies and is capable of moving around quickly underwater; Squitter the Spider can create webs; Rambi can run over spikes and smash stone objects, blocks, and enemies; Professor Chops can mark checkpoints and provide tutorials; Glimmer the Anglerfish, who travels with the Kongs, can navigate in the dark due to the lantern on his forehead; and Squawks can now carry the Kongs with his talons and spit out a limitless number of eggs to attack other enemies.
New Animal Buddies and allies include Wanda the Giant Anaconda, who can use her extended body as swingable vines; Canopy the Giraffe, whose long neck would help the Kongs reach high areas; Speckles the Owl, who can identify hidden routes, hidden Kong Letters, and puzzle pieces nearby by flashing its eyes; and the Helper Monkeys, who can provide the Kongs with hearts and life balloons but only appear when the Kongs lose eight lives. Returning as well are The Animal Barrels.
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