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Light novel download guide / How to download light novels / How to read light novels online on reddit

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2023.03.10 06:03 LoveMangaBuddy Read Kiss Me Crying - Vol.1 Chapter 1 - MangaPuma

Noa has been a part of the glittering entertainment industry for years, but he hasn't had his break since. Just when he thinks he's finally going to be let go, he gets struck with the surprise of a lifetime: Korea's record breaking idol J is redebuting in Japan - alongside Noa! But how much more does Noa have to improve to stand on the same stage as him? J has a solution...Official English + ... Read Kiss Me Crying - Vol.1 Chapter 1 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.10 05:40 JustJoeWired Cropping artwork for canvas / poster sizes?

How would you go about putting something like The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (Public Domain) on a common aspect ration canvas or poster? I see many of these on Etsy, but I'm not wrapping my head around what they are doing to be able to offer it on all these different AR canvas. What am I missing?
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2023.03.10 05:15 hargrovedevon I'm fucking done I just want the world to go quiet

I'm done I'm FUCKING tired since I fucking graduated highschool fucking everyone around me is just fucking nipping at me. All day today I've listened to my parents fight about me, my step father is pissed at me because I didn't hang my clothes up I was already having a shit day I explained it to my mom an asked if she could do it for me I just didn't have the patience for it an he sat there an chastised me "oh he's 20 he should be doing that him self" well yah no fucking shit I'd do it myself but I just had a bad day an wanted to be left alone an decompress an after all that he targeted me about everything they fought because my mom didn't like the fact that I still live her without paying rent. I go to community college full time I search for jobs I do everything I was told to do to be "successful" an then he decides to compare me to his fuck up of children well child his oldest is actually doing pretty good but he compared me to his son the dude was 18 an already knocked a girl up he's 23 now with 3 kids an 2 fucking baby mamas can't hold down a job to save his life an gets evicted all the fucking time an comes back asking for help but when he was 18 he was paying rent while living with him an then he had the fuckin balls to say me an my brother are never gonna make it in life I'm taking fucking college courses am I doing good no but am I trying to an making as many connections as I can of course an my brother is still in highschool while taking college criminal justice classes plus hes fucking autistic. He went on an on an on about how he's the man of the house blah blah blah that fuckin routine an I'm sitting here thinking " the man of the house" I watched this guy throw a full on tantrum over going grocery shopping are u fucking serious. He calls me a fucking fag because I have long hair an I don't like the fucking white trash redneck shit he likes an because I prefer not to run my body in the ground so I'm trying to get a future job where I can make good money an not need to deal with that shit. I'm sorry I'm just incredibly angry an I guess I got a bit carried away. I just want to give up I'm tired I just want the world to go quiet an be left alone
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2023.03.10 04:00 PristineInvite876 Episode 1 How to make the base

Episode 1 , more will be post
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2023.03.10 03:15 NikolaiDingus I’m so miserable and I don’t know what to do

This is just a huge rant. It doesn’t follow any order. I have so much on my mind right now. So I’ve been homeschooled since I was in first grade. I wouldn’t consider myself a “sheltered kid,” my parents may have tried but one way or another I got onto the internet and watched lots of TV. Through that I learned a lot of stuff my parents probably wouldn’t have wanted me to know. Honestly, being homeschooled affected my social life so much… I got really bad depression at 10-11. That’s when I started slacking off in math. I was pretty good at other things but math just completely set me off. I sat the table and start sobbing until I could just go to bed. Every morning I woke up miserable and just wanted to sleep. I would procrastinate as long as possible just so I could drag it out long enough to go to bed. Anyway, doing this for so long finally caught up to me. I got to Highschool and i didn’t do any math at all. I’m a junior now and I am decent at most other subjects but I can’t do much of anything with math. I know this is going to be detrimental when I get to college age, and to be honest I don’t even know what I’d major in if I got accepted into any college (which probably won’t happen.) I genuinely don’t know what to do. Math reminds me of my childhood in every worst way possible. Thinking about it reminds me of being yelled at because I couldn’t do it, constantly waiting for my mom to go grocery shopping so I could be alone, going to the bathroom and drawing in my writing spiral, etc. I just feel like an utter failure and doubt I’ll ever even get a good job. I’ll probably end up dead by 30. I still have pretty bad depression (if that’s what it’s called, idk.) I can’t believe I messed up so bad. I don’t have any friends and due to lack of socializing as a kid, I have a hard time making friends. Most of my childhood “friends” were adults that my parents knew. Some weren’t the best of people if I’m being honest. That’s a whole other story I guess. I’m just so miserable. My parents always forced their ideas or beliefs into me and I’ve turned out to be…well, not exactly what they wanted. Everything about me is a train wreck. I wish I could go out with friends and just be a normal teen but it feels way to late for that. I’m too far gone. I don’t feel like a teenager. And to be honest I don’t remember feeling like much of a kid. Every time anything happened i took the blame, whether it be from my consciousness or another person. I never had any privacy. I was constantly compared to everyone else around me. I never was good enough. Despite never having done drugs, drank, or snuck out. I never was a “bad” kid. I thought by being a “good” kid it made everything else better. But it didn’t. I still just hate everything. I’m just so freaking miserable. I just want to be happy. I wish I could be what everyone else wanted. Every time I even allude to being unhappy I’m completely ignored and given the silent treatment. I don’t know if it’s my fault I never was able to do math. I’ve tried lately. I only get berated for being unable to do it..or at least that’s what it feels like. I don’t know what normal kids went through so I’m not too sure if what I went through was at least sort of normal. I know a lot of it wasn’t but I still can’t shake the feeling that it’s somehow my fault or that I am overreacting in some way. I haven’t proof read this or anything I’m just typing whatever comes to mind..which seems to be a lot. There are many things I left out. I know that. I just don’t feel like dealing with those things right now. This is what’s currently on my mind. Today was particularly rough. I’m at a loss for anything.
Short version: was homeschooled and everything was shit. Never really learned how to do much math and I’m probably screwed as far as my future goes. I don’t know what to do at this point. My life is a train wreck.
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2023.03.10 03:14 jaf243 East Coast - Best Area?

Hi all,
Intermediate surfer here. Grew up in Lincolnshire and family still there, have surfed there a lot.
I'm looking to move back out of London and get somewhere near the coast where I can surf fairly regularly.
Whilst areas like Cornwall, Devon and Wales appeal, I don't want to be quite so cut off and half the reason for the move is to be near(ish) family. I've lived in Bristol - great city but not close enough to the sea for me...
Like I say, I've had a lot of experience surfing in Lincolnshire which is better than people give it credit for, but it can't compete with Scarborough for quality/consistency.
I know there are some great waves up in Northumberland and its a beautiful place but again a slog to get to.
Would be interested in peoples views on Norfolk Vs Yorkshire on the surf front?... I know Scarborough etc is more consistent and better - but by how much?
In my experience Norfolk is better than Suffolk .
The east coast may be cold but I've grown up with it, houses are affordable and people are nice. Lincolnshire still on the radar too, but would definitely consider Norfolk/ Yorkshire due to the vastly superior surf - interested if people agree with this view - AND how people weigh up the Yorkshire Vs East Anglia debate when you add surfing consistency, surf quality, general lifestyle/quality of life and property values together...
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2023.03.10 03:12 Helloao47_error I said something i really shouldn’t have

I have this gc with all my friends on discord and u can give nicknames to ur friends and i was feeling funny and i wanted to give nick names to my friends and put one friends as “no dad.” Bc hes not in contact with his biological father and i was shitty enough to think that it was a good nick name. Uh i sent a screenshot of all the nick names and i was already feeling iffy with the nick name that i put on them and my bsf saw and dmd me abt how she now looks down on me bc of that and i feel so guilty i wrote the friend a apology but i feel so guilty and the fact that this is making me wanna break my sh streak is making me feel even more guilty the fact that im making this abt myself when i so clearly just said something so fucking inappropriate i feel so bad and the only thing i can say to express it is “im sorry” but it dosent feel enough bc what i did was just mean rude and ARNDJDNMSKSNS i feel so bad i feel so bad for what i did i juat wish i thought before i put that as their nick name like what kind of sick person does that i whatever and my bf was also there so that makes me feel shitty too the fact that he saw me say something so fucking like i sound like such a privileged bitch that dosent care abt anyone else
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2023.03.10 02:33 AngMar77 A little embarrassing…

So this is my first post here, hell my first post on Reddit. My coke use has escalated recently and I’ve been having lots of pain in my nose. Unbearable. I started grinding it down finely, like super fine, and that helped a bit, but didn’t solve it. I’ve also taken breaks of a few days here and there. I’m not willing to smoke or inject, however, I’ve heard I can put it up my bum using water and a needle-less syringe ? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think I know how, but will it really get me high and if so, is the high different? Also, am I out of my fucking mind for even considering this?
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2023.03.10 02:31 140BPMMaster How do some posts on Facebook get so many likes?

I struggle to get a couple of likes on my posts. How do some people get hundreds, thousands or even millions of likes on their posts? What am I doing wrong?
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2023.03.10 02:31 instadp_info Easy to download Demi Rose Instagram photos

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2023.03.10 02:24 Count_DrugEULA What App Do You Snort Methylphenidate ER.. The Pill I Have Ever Come Across !! Three Hits And I Am Still High Af Lol.

Since the urge to take drugs is as if not trying to get off a stimulant anyway. Anyway I notice my tolerance is through the subs scared to do that safely how much in comparison with normal dose? I've taken some strong prescribed drugs for anxiety/panic before I get around to it, also. I pull it out there stay safe.
I've done codeine but unfortunately I started to hear something that is available : Dissociatives : interesting! Hold on, I gotta take this, I say, fidgeting with the specific kind of harm reduction focused and managed drug access. I am just going in circles.
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2023.03.10 02:01 david751 Kahili Ginger from seed - how do I keep alive? Newbie, don't know much, got it as a seed a few months back. Some brown leaves/stems. Should I put it outside? Any tips in general to make sure it stays alive?

Kahili Ginger from seed - how do I keep alive? Newbie, don't know much, got it as a seed a few months back. Some brown leaves/stems. Should I put it outside? Any tips in general to make sure it stays alive? submitted by david751 to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2023.03.10 02:00 zavierowen Trezor App

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2023.03.10 01:45 kirqx_ i need advice

I’m feeling this huge void inside me rn because I don’t have any romantic relationship atm. I need help on how to feel better… please
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