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We don't see politics along a Left/Right divide; We see politics along a Top/Bottom divide.

2019.08.09 22:41 serrol_ Atiesh [NA-PvE-PST] WoW TBC/Classic Realm

Realm subreddit for Atiesh-US, for World of Warcraft Classic/TBC Classic, being released August 26th, 2019.

2011.09.07 04:03 zucado Tropical Weather

This is a subreddit designed for all sorts of tropical cyclone weather discussion. Though the focus will be on tropical meteorology, it will also be a place for people to stay in touch before, during, and after tropical weather events. People can share their observations, start their own threads that may be location specific, or post in the official threads for each storm. Users will get flair that indicates if they are an approved meteorologist as well as flare for their state.

2023.03.23 22:26 Spalomojr [USA] [H] Graphite GBA SP, Pink DS Lite, 3DS Games [W] Paypal

Bundle prefered
PayPal FnF
All 3ds games are CIB
Bravely Default $40
bravely Second $40
Fire emblem awakening $40
Fire emblem conquest $40
All 4 3ds games can be bundled for $150
GBA SP 101 graphite. Finicky buttons. Never had time to clean internally otherwise fully working. $70
Pink DS lite $40. Comes with hard shell. Fully functional $40
Can bundle both consoles for $100
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2023.03.23 22:25 AustralianChrono Chronologica's Drag Race Season 2: Reunited

“Watch out!” Bug Catcher Stacey throws a peace sign. “Your Bug Catcher is here! I’m Stacey, your Season 1 Ms Congeniality, and i’m here with the cast of season 2, REUNITED!”
The cast waves.
“I’m here to spill ALL of the tea and have fun with our cast, as well as crown our next Ms Congeniality! But first, let’s talk with one of the most shocking moments- as we opened the season with a DOUBLE SAVE!”
“God.” Royal rolls her eyes.
Rhonda Bout, Shantay you stay.
Rhonda gives a huge grin, and bows as everyone nods.
“She fucking slayed.” Princesita says. “I can’t.”
Kraven looks shocked. “So, is this-”
Kraven, my dear. You are a star. But, my tip? Just a little bit less attitude and more YOU.
Kraven looks slightly annoyed. “What-”
And you can do that whilst here, because shantay you ALSO stay!
Everyone looks shocked.
“What did everyone think of that moment?” Stacey asks.
“I think it was a good performance.” Delilah says. “However… did both deserve to stay?”
“For me… Rhonda did better.” Quincy responds.
“AGREED.” Royal snips.
Kraven rolls her eyes. “Okay, cunts..”
“I mean, the movement was fine. However, there was better.” Royal says.
“You know, Chronologica saved me for a reason.” Kraven looks at the others.
“Saved you.” Delilah responds.
“I mean-” Kraven looks annoyed. “I was a good performer. I won all my lip syncs.”
Maude chuckles. “Oh…”
“It’s just true, aye.” Kraven says.
“I feel like your cockiness was your fall here.” Delilah adds. “It’s a shame, it appears it hasn’t gotten better.”
“I think we’re all being harsh on Kraven here.” Diamond responds.
“Just because you’re hooking up…” Royal responds.
“You’re bitter tonight.” Diamond smiles at Royal.
Royal purses her lips.
“Moving on…” Stacey says. “This season had lots of moments of love, with powerful stories being told. Let’s look at one of these.”
“We give our all in this competition.” Destiny says. “We show our hearts, we perform, we give them a show. My heart is here to do it with love, first. And that’s important.”
“Always.” Royal responds. “I want- I will do that.”
“I didn’t expect this competition to challenge me like this.” Delilah looks in the mirror.
“But we preserve.” Kaneq says.
“We preserve.” Delilah nods.
“And make them proud!” Destiny yells.
“For me, I'll be honest.” Destiny says. “I’m someone who is HIV positive. I’ve been on medication for this for years, but one of the unfortunate effects is I feel like- part of it means I have slowed down. I have had riskier experiences due to extra risk to health issues.”
Mackenizie frowns, looking at Destiny. “I’m sorry to hear that.”
“It scares me, trying to perform like I used to. But damn, I love singing. I’m giving my all this week for it.” Destiny says. “And I think you seem scared, like me.”
“I just- I didn’t want to be the ugly one.” Mackenzie sighs. “I feel like it just- after last week, not getting that feedback-”
Black Diamond listens in and flutters her eyes.
Black Diamond: “Well, maybe if you had any issues with being the ugly one you should have worked on that crunchy wing first.” she smiles. “Like, girl please.”
“You looked great.” Destiny says. “For reference.”
“I don’t know about my makeup.” Mackenzie responds.
“Well… we can work on that.” Destiny smiles. “But both of us need to get on that damned main stage and give our heart and soul.”
Mackenzie smiles. “...I’ll try.”
“I’m scared too.” Destiny says. “But we’re here. Let’s celebrate it… and try our best.”
Mackenzie nods. “Let’s celebrate it.”
“How nasty you were, Diamond.” Mackenzie adds.
Black Diamond shrugs.
Destiny puts her hand on Mackenzie’s shoulder.
Mackenzie exhales. “I appreciated the sweet moment. I think- it was a challenge, this season… and I am appreciative of those moments.”
“Agreed.” Kaneq smiles.
“I-” Jemma looks at the others. “Didn’t always feel the love, though.”
The others look at Jemma.
“Like, no one gave me the love I needed.” Jemma responds. “And that was my fault too.”
“I agree.” Kaneq says. “I think you’re a star, Jemma.”
“Thank you.” Jemma says.
“But- there was this sense of superiority. And it felt like truly as much as we tried you couldn’t get there.” Kaneq responds.
“I think that was me. But also, we had someone like that make it to the end, and that wasn’t questioned.” Jemma responds. “Sooo…”
Royal looks uncomfortable in her seat.
“One shocking moment was this season’s disqualification, with Kraven exiting the competition… changing the game.”
Kraven, please step forward.
Kraven nods, as everyone eyes her.
It has come to my attention that you have broken the rules of this competition.
Everyone gasps.
Rules that are in place for a reason. Rules that stop us from further risk, harm and issue. We face enough outside- this should be a safe space.
And for that… you will be disqualified from this competition, effective immediately.
“Oh my god.” Royal gasps.
Everyone looks shocked.
I’m sorry my dear, I must say sashay… away.
“Fuck.” Kraven laughs. “Okay, mates.” Kraven laughs, walking off without another word.
“How fun.” Kraven says.
“Kraven… how do you feel now?”
“I- honestly, love it.” Kraven laughs.
The others look at Kraven.
“I think I came here for fucking fun. But I do regret hurting people. I come from a tough fucking scenario myself. But violence- thats not something I should’ve been perpetuating.”
“You know, I did think- it fun and games, cheeky stuff.” Rhonda says. “But that scared me.”
“Agreed.” Maude says.
“Real talk?” Kraven looks at Maude and Rhonda. “I didn’t mean to fucking hurt or scare- anyone like that. I’d never actually throw a punch.”
“We all make mistakes.” Destiny says. “The fact you’re saying this is testament.”
“I was a bit of a bitch, too.” Jemma responds. “Soo… I’m sorry too.”
“A bit.” Royal says shadily.
“Don’t worry babe, we’ll get to you.” Jemma smiles.
Rhonda and Maude sip from a drink with two straws.
“Stacey, when you wanna talk about the finalists, I’m here.” Jemma grins.
“This season had a strong first, with a shocking LIP SYNC CHALLENGE that would change everything.”
Up until this point, my top 8- some of you have lip synced, whilst others have not.
Well, now… everything changes.
For this week’s maxi challenge, you will be competing in a lip sync BATTLE, racers!
3 rounds, 10 lip syncs, where one person will WIN the challenge… and one will be eliminated.
Mackenzie Jacobs: “I’m conscious the last time I lip synced for my life, I was sent home. But I feel excited for this challenge. I KNOW I can prove myself.”
Round 1 will have you racers face off in a high-energy tune. The winners from round one's lip sync will continue to the winner’s bracket, whilst the losers will face off in the loser bracket. They will lip sync to a Ballad moment in round 2, where the winner’s bracket will battle in one final lip sync for the challenge win, and the losers bracket will have one last shot to lip sync for their LIVES… to a drag CLASSIC.
“Ooft.” Rhonda says.
Now, racers- put on your lip sync best and get ready for a BATTLE.
“For our eliminated Queens, what did you think?” Stacey asks.
“UGH!” Kraven yells. “I’d have destroyed Welcome to the Black Parade.”
“True.” Diamond nods.
“I loved the challenge.” Delilah says. “I actually think everyone eliminated would’ve done well.”
“We’re a bunch of damn performers, BABY!” Princesita grins.
“It was tough.” Quincy says. “Because I love performing and would’ve been happy to engage in this challenge.”
“They weren’t ready for us.” Delilah smiles.
Quincy grins.
Blondie continues eyeing the others, having stayed silent.
“It was such a fun challenge.” Mackenzie says. “And well and truly, I felt like for me- and Rhonda, it solidified our spot in this competition.”
“And then we lip synced the next ep! The twist!” Rhonda yells.
“It was exciting though.” Kaneq nods. “It also validated how everyone here is a fighter.”
“Even the lip sync survivors…” Maude chuckles.
“Maude, do you feel as if you were a lip sync survivor, as you were categorised as?”
“I-” Maude purses her lips. “Am not the most mind blowing lip syncer.”
“But you’re not a pushover.” Destiny smiles.
“I agree.” Maude says. “I lip synced 5 times in Season 2.”
“Woah.” Princesita gasps.
“Considering, I believe I did really good.” Maude smiles.
“And don’t let anyone say otherwise.” Blondie says. “Listening to others is the source of sadness, sometimes.”
“What do you mean, Blondie?” Stacey asks.
“You know, people like Rachelle Mirage are great best friends. People who have you know, floated to the top, because of their more famous, more talented friends…” Blondie starts.
“Oop!” Jemma yells.
“I love Rachelle Mirage. She has so many opinions.” Blondie smiles. “Despite not having done drag, not understanding the long, varied history of character drag Queens, not knowing how people commit to a persona, or meaning… or…. You know, understanding what a living art piece is, because you LACK the intelligence.”
“I saw it.” Maude says. “I get it. Because I’m a damn nerd.”
Blondie chuckles.
“Not everyone gets it.” Blondie nods. “They can live in their blissful ignroance.”
The group looks awkwardly.
Now, this season ended with a grand finale wherein our second crowned Queen was Kaneq. Let’s revisit the final 3.
Mother Destiny Dandridge.
Destiny struts out in a black and silver bejeweled jumpsuit, fitted to accentuate her curves as a big girl, with a deep V-neckline and long, flowing sleeves embellished with sparkling silver rhinestones and sequins, arranged in intricate geometric patterns that catch the light as she moves. To top it off, Mother has a dramatic cape made of black feathers, lined with silver sequins and trimmed with faux diamonds.
Royal Virtue.
Arriving with a smile, Royal Virtue stomps onto the stage in a futuristic and metallic dress in silver with a high collar and long sleeves, serving a sci-fi fantasy. Royal walks out with a long train… and complete the look, Royal has a metallic silver crown with her Haus member’s names embossed, showcasing her own love for the Regal persona.
And Kaneq!
Usingtraditional Inuit materials, such as seal fur, caribou hide, and Arctic fox fur, Kaneq looks like a mix between both traditional and modern elements, featuring sleek lines and bold colours. They arrive in a headdress adorned with feathers and beads, as well as a statement necklace, bracelets, and earrings, with fierce makeup, bold and dramatic colours, including reds, blacks, and blues, with a gorgeous gown to add the final touch.
“I think this top 3 is phenomenal.” Delilah says. “I have to say, my sister-” Delilah looks at Destiny. “Was my pick.”
“You are too sweet.” Destiny responds.
“How do you feel, getting cut at the top 3, Destiny?”
“I think it was a valid choice.” Destiny smiles. “For me, I was proud of this journey I admire. And that’s what is important.”
“This was such a competitive final 3.” Kaneq adds. “I believe any of us could take it.”
“But I think- it’s quite clear, you deserved it girl.” Diamond says.
“You’re a fucking star, mate. And I can’t wait to see what you bring.” Kraven nods.
Kaneq looks at everyone with a grin.
“And let’s be real, there was only one option with this top 2.” Jemma laughs.
Royal scoffs.
“Okay, Jemma- what do you mean?” Stacey asks.
“I am a social girl. When filming ended-”
“First of all-” Royal interrupts.
“Oh no babe. You’ll let me finish talking, then you have your piece.” Jemma responds.
Royal rolls her eyes.
“I decided to put together a group chat. All the gals. And within 2 hours, Royal left. Sure, babe. A few months later, promo time. I hear Royal say to a makeup artist that ‘She doesn’t feel these girls are her family, she’s taking the crown and will make her family proud.’ And that’s shady, darling.” Jemma responds.
“Mhm.” Diamond says.
“That’s not even the quote, but ok.” Royal snaps.
“Then tell us, what was the quote? Why did you leave?” Jemma smiles.
“My phone…. Wasn’t working. I missed it. I apologise.” Royal says.
“Come on.” Mackenzie says.
“It’s true.” Royal splutters.
“I think you are a calculated Queen. You put on a persona, did this whole storyline… and people weren’t eating you up. Too bad.” Jemma smiles.
“I think you should shut up.” Royal snaps.
“THERE SHE IS!” Jemma laughs. “She’s got nasty.”
“Girls…” Destiny adds.
“All I’m saying is… I hope you enjoy your runner up status.”
“Whatever.” Royal glares.
“I was just being factual!” Jemma responds.
“Factual is hateful.” Royal looks on.
“...I think we need to realise, we’ve all stars.” Destiny says. “So, we celebrate and be thankful. Royal, you’re a talent.”
Royal looks on, annoyed.
“Jemma, you are too. And we come together and deliver, and be proud idols for the world.” Destiny smiles.
Everyone nods.
“On that note… Racers. It’s time for me to hand over my crown.” Stacey grins. “It’s time to evolve into our season 2 Miss Congeniality.”
Everyone looks excitedly as Stacey pulls out a sash.
“Our Ms Congeniality… is….” Stacey looks over. “MOTHER DESTINY DANDRIDGE!”
Everyone claps as Destiny smiles, with Stacey putting her sash on.
“I…” Destiny grins. “Thank you. I love you all.”
“No matter what- this is a drag show where anything is possible. So celebrate, enjoy and for now- goodbye and good luck!” Stacey waves with a smile. “We’ll be seeing you soon… with the cast of Season 3, REVEALED!
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2023.03.23 22:25 Leedude24 Most of the time people gawk at me and look amazed but I'm never approached? Is there anything I can do to make myself more approachable and signal I'm bi?

I honestly I hate this so much my crippling lonliness it honestly isn't a surprise I live in South Florida and I'm treated like I can be replaced on online dating. People at the gym when I'm introducing myself wether it be men or women more men have done it though they just looked amazed or they gawk at me? and it's like okay maybe I'm unique looking because I'm part Native American through my birth father's Hispanic background but this is all they ever do I never get approached I honestly hate living in Miami with a passion this city makes perfectly normal people feel like it's something wrong with them.
Besides that is there anything I can do to present myself to potential other LGBT mates that I'm in fact bi? I have been thinking about getting the bisexual flag colors tattooed on me? Any advice?
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2023.03.23 22:24 PlatypusMeat EA's response to my report of a hacker. Clear screenshots of the hacker was attached, but he's still online after a year.

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2023.03.23 22:24 wrpnt Patient/dentist experience with both lower 2nd molars extracted?

I had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed in late February due to an alarming x-ray that showed they had pushed into the bottom molars (both left and right) and caused cavities that would require a root canal on each.
My dentist was performing the first root canal on the right side this past Monday when she stopped halfway through and said that unfortunately she couldn’t save the tooth and that it would need to be extracted. She then referred me to an endodontist to see if he could save the one on the left.
Well, I was just told by the endodontist today that the cavity was in a very unusual spot just below the gum line and that I will need my left side 2nd molar removed as well.
I’m really devastated and have been crying for the past hour. My dentist told me I might not even notice the one on the right side gone when chewing, but I can’t imagine being able to eat properly with both back molars gone.
Ideally, I’d like to get the right one extracted 1st and possibly get an implant there before having the left side extracted. However, I know that entire process takes a long time and I don’t want the cavity to worsen or cause an infection (with that said, I have zero pain at all on the left side, even when pushing hard on the tooth).
I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance. I’m really sad about the whole situation.
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2023.03.23 22:24 Full_Discount6680 Bru OldSpice gave me burns

It was that one time in 5th grade where i ran out of deodorant so i used my dads ... i kept using it and eventually he got me my own . IT WAS OLD SPICE .. first 6 months idk i became really itchy and so I itched it for hours on end and started bleeding . My mom thought it was because the soap we was using so we switched soaps it didn't help . And btw. I WAS THE PERSON WHO PUT LOADS OF DEODORANT ON . making sure my whole armpit was covered . It just kept getting worse and worse to the point where i couldn't even move my arm or take showers ... nd I was BLACK ASF so i really couldnt see the " rash " that well . It made my ARM BLACK . like i'm BLACK ASF and then my armpits wss BLACKER THAN ME . I was insecure abt it bro 😔😔 I finally switched deodorants but i didnt even do it for the old spice it was because my old spice ran out and sent my sister to get me some deodorant but she got a different one... but i liked it and kept it and i'm pretty sure it's 2 late to go to a doctor because it's been 2 years ... it started lightening up a little bit and it wasn't until now that I realize that it was the old spice because all over my tt fyp was it showing old spice chemical burns . yea
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2023.03.23 22:23 Southern_Outside_715 Frozen breastmilk, making little one vomit

Hi, First time mum here. My little boy is 14 weeks, due to being an over supplier. I’ve pumped milk and stored it into the freezer. When i’ve thawed it for my little one, he drinks it ok but then throws it all back within the hour. Is there a reason for this? He’s perfectly fine, when i pump and give it to him fresh or breastfed. He only throws up the thawed milk. I contacted the midwife and health visitor two weeks and no answer.
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2023.03.23 22:23 whatifthereweredogs I still miss my ex-friend who probably hates me.

I've known for the guy for five years. We met in elementary school and ended up being really good friends in middle school, to the point where we would eat lunch together with our other friend in the science classroom every day. We were both queer, and it was really nice to have somebody who understood what it was like to be different, especially in a small public school in Arkansas. Our identities changed over time and we grew a little distant by the time we reached the eighth grade, but I still considered him to be a friend. I thought he was one of the coolest people ever, even when he ignored me to talk to his other friends.
Then we got into high school. We were both in marching band and when we discovered there were a lot more queer people there, he started spending a lot of time with the upperclassmen, probably trying to win their favor and seem cool. I tried to talk to him more and he wasn't as bad towards me as he had been before, but he was always a little distant and seemed more like he was just trying to be polite to me. He rarely spoke to me outside of school and band stuff, and he always felt closer to our mutual friends than he did to me.
Then, out of absolutely nowhere, he decided he was straight and cis and decided to be a devout Christian. I wouldn't have been bothered if he had just started getting involved in Christian stuff, I have no grudge against religious people, but him claiming he was cis and straight came off as incredibly ingenuine compared to how open he'd been about being queer for so many years. I got worried and just tried to be supportive, assuming that his parents might have played some role in how he changed, but then he got worse. He said some shit about his opinion on abortion (not getting into that here) and I found some nasty comments he'd made on trans people's social media pages. It made me absolutely sick, so I straight up messaged him that I wasn't his friend anymore and I had no plan on ever speaking to him again. He never replied but did completely ignore me, so I guess he got the message.
He left school and started homeschool at the beginning of this year and hasn't spoken to me or any of our mutual friends since. From what I know, he still goes to church and sometimes people see him there, but he entirely detached himself from who he used to be a year ago. His social media is just posts about Christianity and his family, and he's made no effort to apologize for the nasty shit he said. It's a horrible situation and it makes me sad just to think about.
But I miss him so, so much. I miss the person I used to know who would make funny gay jokes to me and sing karaoke during lunch. I miss the feeling I got when he would pay attention to me. The thing I want more than anything else in the world is to talk to him again, even if he thinks "people like me" are gross and he hates my guts. I feel like a dog that most loves the person in the house that wants to get rid of them, and I hate it. I just wish I could get over it and not be so stupid over him, or that he'd be a better person and talk to me again, but I don't think either of those is happening any time soon.
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2023.03.23 22:23 RobotTomPeterson Water contamination in 2 eastern Oregon counties could prompt EPA to step in

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2023.03.23 22:23 No-Recognition93 Keem needs to go blud

I've been saying this since time. That dude is not someone you wanna have around man. Spreads negativity everywhere he goes. He is the who instigated all of this shit. Mans had a hate boner for wade since a long time. Mams needs to be out on the backseat as well , he's way to involved in all of this.
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2023.03.23 22:21 endoCBD I need advice

My friend who I've known my whole life is going through a messy divorce. He is permanently medically retired from the Navy. He moved from California to a cheaper state to be able to afford living. He has 2 children with his ex. This woman is out for his blood. There was a very short lapse in medical insurance for the children, but only because he was transitioning between temporary and permanent disability with the military. It lapsed for maybe a week at most. Apparently, his ex went before a judge because of this, and was granted 100% legal custody of the children (although this could be temporary, because my friend was only made aware of this by word of mouth via his mom). She also claims that the judge asked her if she wanted to terminate his visitation. I just have a hard time believing that one. But what is way more shitty about this is that she went and made a will, after being granted sole custody, stating that she wishes custody to be granted to my friend's brother (the kids uncle that they don't even know that hates their father). This is all not verified yet. I haven't been able to check on the case just yet. But wtf? My friend is a totally fit parent and a really good dad. He just didn't want to be married to this woman anymore. He pays for all travel expenses when it's his time to have the kids. She refuses to help with that. He never misses out on his time with them, no matter how financially burdened he is. He always finds a way to see his kids and afford travel expenses. But it is a crap ton on money so he is always broke. She has him for child support, spousal support, and told his mom she is going to try to go after him for more since he gets slight increases in his VA disability pay every year. Do you think a judge would really ask if she would like his visitation rights terminated? Sounds made up to me. Also, do you think a court would truly grant his brother custody of his children in the event that something happened to her? I can't imagine why when they have a biological parent that is stable and fit to be their parent, and he wants to be their parent. His children don't even know his brother. His brother doesn't even live in the country. He lives in Germany. They would be miserable to have to live with someone other than their Dad. This is so wrong!
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2023.03.23 22:21 MaybeImPanda I'm always thinking they is something wrong with me in general

So I just don't understand people in a large concept. Like yeah okay maybe its because of my mental state but the way people act and the things they say sometimes just either confusing me or just get an instant "ew"
For example what triggered this thought of mine, someone sent me a snapchat memory of a picture of us together with the "4 years ago today" and its something small but it still just made me go "ew" and think its kinda cringe.
Like maybe it is just due to my mental state and the way I was brought up, but I like being alone a lot of the time, I like my space.
I'm not trying to be negative I just truly don't understand all the sentimental crap, the emotional crap and anything else attached in that circle.
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2023.03.23 22:20 johnyisbread How to clear up Watch Later?

For the last couple weeks i havent been able to use my watch later and it sucks. Everytime i try to hit "remove watched videos" nothing happens (on firefox PC, chrome PC, and the youtube mobile app). And if i try to remove one video at a time, still nothing happens! its stuck at 5000 videos and wont clear. Anyone know whats up?
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2023.03.23 22:20 Infamous_Rhubarb_134 Survival mode

So I haven't played Skyrim since the anniversary edition came out so I decided to try out the survival mode for the first time. Would love some tips to survive and deal with that lack of inventory space I'm an orc, heavy armoone handed, not sure yet if I'm going to use dual wield or a shield. Also I want to use a bit of alchemy for my own potions and blacksmith/enchanting potions but without game breaking stuff. Any and all tips are welcome, thanks
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2023.03.23 22:20 7SevenNine9 Non Compliance Fine

Long story short, I have owned my condo for 12 years. I have had the same electrical panel the entire time, everyone has. Management company sent out notice that we must replace because the insurance company is threatening to drop us if we don’t. The panels are the Zenco models that people say start fires. I have no problem replacing it, however do not have an extra $2,500 to do it right now. They are now threatening to impose a $100/day fine for non Compliance. Can they do that? It seems counter productive to fine me when r on the only reason I am not doing it is lack of funds.
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2023.03.23 22:19 throwdownvote How did I EVER see this screen??

I just played around with my old GBA for the first time in 25 years... and GOD DAMN I can barely see anything.
Despite being an old man, my eyes are in pristine shape. Glowing reviews from the optimists.
Does the screen darken over time, or was it always this bad? I remember it was a pain to see in certain lighting conditions (thanks flex light), but my god; I can't believe how bad this is today. Maybe I'm just spoiled with OLED portable devices.
Anyways... my LCD upgrade is on the way ;)
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2023.03.23 22:18 8th_House_Stellium What are these birds nesting my my work parking spot? They have done a broken wing gambit and been very loud and puffed-up every time I walk to my car the past 4 days. I can provide more pictures and videos if you want, since I've taken a video and pictures every day I've seen them. Only now saw egg

What are these birds nesting my my work parking spot? They have done a broken wing gambit and been very loud and puffed-up every time I walk to my car the past 4 days. I can provide more pictures and videos if you want, since I've taken a video and pictures every day I've seen them. Only now saw egg submitted by 8th_House_Stellium to birding [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:17 MayTheBearbewithU Looking for Data concentrator PLC

I used to use SEL as a data concentrator. However, now the lead time is 6 weeks. Do you guys have any other alternatives recommend?
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2023.03.23 22:17 Kir__B Ways to better debug long flask error messages?

Most of the time in flask when I get an error with a stack trace so long that I can't even check certain print statements in the terminal. I know that most of the time the error is displayed at the very bottom but I want to be a able to read some print statements to get context, is there a better way to debug?
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2023.03.23 22:17 Icy_Pressure5154 [FS][US] Jelly Lv trainer white

Jelly lv trainer white tagged size 9 (tts 10 120$:dead wore these one time but their to small comes with og all besides box.Ik imma get a bunch of idiots saying “there not worn once” and crying abt it.
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2023.03.23 22:14 Gannoh2 Revised Guidance, Resistance, and True Strike - non-concentration, ranged, multi-target, once between rests

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2023.03.23 22:13 pugsley8008 Erotic fiction - 'Let Down Your Hair' - solo wig/hair play/hairjob

It took monumental effort not to stare at it all day, sitting innocuously displayed on the mannequin in the front of the store. Allen’s eyes darted toward it again. He could barely concentrate on his closing duties as he patiently mopped. So long. So much of it.
The wig’s thick, straight, auburn hair hung heavy on the display head, the ends grazing the mannequin’s high heeled feet. Allen’s own feet tapped anxiously as he imagined what it must feel like to stroke those gorgeous tresses. It had been a long shift at the Adult Boutique and he had to deal with so many weirdos and perverts all day, it was hard to keep his own fantasies contained. The clock was about to hit 11 and it would finally be time for him to close up.
Before long, the moment finally came, and Allen swiftly laid his mop back in the corner and rushed to the CCTV controls behind the counter. With a few choice clicks, the system was disabled for the day. He finally had his chance, even though he knew it was wrong. He had wanted to do this ever since that rapunzel-like wig arrived for the Valentine’s display at the beginning of the month, and now it was finally time to take it all down. Nobody would really miss it, right?
Allen’s mouth practically watered at the sight of it as he slowly approached the wigged mannequin. With an outstretched hand, he gently ran his fingers through the long flowing locks. He immediately felt his pants tighten as he pet the wig. So silky and soft. It was maddeningly erotic.
He hurriedly unzipped his pants and released his hardening dick. It throbbed and twitched as he let it tenderly graze the auburn tresses. It was almost too much for him to bear, but he didn’t want to blow his load just yet. He continued to caress the wig, moving his hands up and down, stroking the soft hair and fanning it out to watch it fall gracefully back into place. The shine on that mane was intoxicating.
He shimmied out of his pants and tossed them aside before approaching the mannequin again. He lifted his shirt and let the long, beautiful hair cascade against his bare stomach and thighs. His now rock-hard cock was draped with it and he groaned quietly in pleasure. He pulled back out and watched as a thin string of precum stretched between his erection and the thick waterfall of hair.
Allen’s heart pounded as he gathered the tresses into a sleek bundle in one hand and began wrapping it around his cock with the other. The silky strands slid with tantalizing ease when he started to stroke; back and forth, back and forth. He rolled his hips with a smooth rhythm and continued, more precum leaking out of his dick and leaving a slick trail against the cold plastic mannequin.
The soft ends of the lengthy bundle slapped against his balls and his thighs trembled. He quickened his pace and angled his hard cock up into the hair that was still hanging loose above. The pink, swollen head teased itself between the strands and he couldn’t help but moan again. He reached up and stroked the top of the mannequin’s head. Gripping tightly, he tugged the wig away from its modeled scalp and hugged it to his chest.
Burying his face into the mound of hair, he kept fucking it. The bangs tickled his cheeks and his nose filled with a perfumy aroma. All his fantasizing had finally become a reality and he wanted to savor every moment of it. In that moment, Allen wanted his entire world to become that long, flowing wig.
His pace quickened again desperately and the locks whipped themselves softly against his bare skin. With the luxurious bundle flopping back and forth around his throbbing cock, Allen felt as though he was about to burst. He didn’t want this hair fantasy to end, but he just couldn’t take it anymore.
He collapsed to the ground, clutching the wig and slumping against the wall. He gathered all the tresses and coiled them into one big bun around his dick. He pumped his hips like his life depended on it, fucking the soft and flopping donut of hair. His breathing was fast and hot and sweat pooled on his brow. It was better than any pussy he’d ever been inside. The most intense and satisfying pleasure.
With one final deep groan, Allan’s legs spasmed and he released a warm wad of cum. It was shot out with such force that it splattered on the floor far in front of him. His body went limp and he let his grip on the wig loosen. The river of hair pooled in his lap and his cock slowly began to relax down into the fluffy mound. Wow.
His brain was fuzzy and his body was weak, but he knew he had to snap himself back to reality. He staggered to his feet and collected the now slightly tangled wig from the floor before stuffing it haphazardly into his backpack, precum and all. He’d deal with it later.
Allan’s glance fell back to the little blob of semen he had left behind. He had just mopped and now he had to deal with it all over again. Whatever though, it was totally worth it.
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