160 cm height in ft

Kendra Heart

2020.09.19 00:24 TA-l3gzoojmgo Kendra Heart

Kendra Heart, Porn Star

2019.12.10 22:37 ossuremrehliug Julia_Palha

Júlia Cáceres Monteiro Van Zeller Palha is the name and this is her fan community

2012.08.16 20:11 Rowdy_Roddy_Peeper Jennifer Lopez

For all the fans of Jennifer Lopez - an American singer, actress, dancer and producer.

2023.03.23 22:13 Smooth-Wait506 Unable to access settings in Bose Music App for QC45

Bose sent out a pair of replacement QC45s after the NC failed on the previous pair
Unboxed them and attempted to set them via the Music App on the same Android 9.0 phone that I was able to access the menu settings on the previous pair of QC45s
Headphones were paired as a new device via the phone's Bluetooth settings
Location is enabled in the phone app settings for the Bose Music App
and after switching on the QC45, the voice prompt says Connected to Xperia XA2
I open the Music App, go to , select <+ Set Up A New Product>, , it goes into searching nearby, then a screen autoloads showing an image of headphones with BOSE QC 45 underneath, but no settings icon or drop down menu.
If I scroll right, the app shows and I ve tried manually select from the options, it goes to a screen image saying Connecting your Bose QC45 Make sure your headphones are charged, turned on and within 30 ft of this device and then nothing
I've tried erasing and re-adding the Bluetooth pairing connection and re-adding it, deleting and re-downloading the app to the phone, restarting the phone, resetting the headphones and a hard reset
I ran the BoseUpdaterInstaller to my PC, connected the QC45s to the PC via the USB cable and the scan said my headphones were up to date
So my new, replacement headphones are stuck in factory settings and I'm locked out of the menu
What gives?
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2023.03.23 22:12 No-Commission-915 Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation

Hi, everyone. I recently got radiofrequency ablation done on a nearly 5-cm nodule. I haven’t found much on RFA on Reddit, so I wanted to share my experience in case it may be useful or comforting to someone else.
First, I’ll say I had my nodule biopsied twice within two years and also had a nuclear medicine scan, which revealed the nodule was toxic and producing too much thyroid hormone. My TSH was always super-low and most recently 0.001 in January. T3 and T4 were always in normal range, so I was subclinical. I did not take medication because I didn’t have symptoms but was encouraged to consider taking low-dose Methimazole.
After finding a specialist who does RFA, I scheduled an appointment and they determined I was eligible. My nodule was mostly solid but has some cystic components. The RFA itself was a pretty easy procedure for me. It took less than a half hour and I had enough local that I felt no pain at all during. I did bleed quite a bit; bruised up a little in the following days. For 2-3 days, I had some residual soreness/minor pain but nothing unbearable.
I can see in the mirror that it looks smaller, but I won’t have an ultrasound to confirm until next week. However, I’m thrilled to share that I had bloodwork done two days ago and for the first time in three years, my TSH was normal! So, the procedure worked for me. The nodule can continue shrinking for up to a year, but there’s a chance I’ll need to have another round. Honestly, I’m more than happy because of the TSH change.
My insurance did cover most of it, but I ended up paying around $700 since it was January so my deductible hadn’t been met.
Happy to answer questions for anyone!
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2023.03.23 22:11 British_Tea_Company Respect: Lion El'Jonson (Warhammer 40k)

Author's Note: More material featuring the Lion is likely coming out soon. This RT will be updated ASAP in order to reflect that.
"Loyalty is its own reward."

The Lion

Character Summary Lion El'Jonson was created by the God Emperor of Mankind as one of his 20 Primarchs who would serve as his generals in his Great Crusade across the galaxy. Scattered by the Chaos Gods during their infancy, the Primarchs all crash landed into various different worlds, with the Lion crash landing upon the forest world of Caliban, a steampunk knight world infested with monsters. For most of his life, the Lion lived alone and slew anything that crossed his path before being found by a knight of the name Luthor.
Eventually, the Emperor would discover the Lion, whom would swear loyalty to him and remain loyal during the time of the Horus Heresy. Luthor, the Lion's closest friend and surrogate mentofather figure would also be uplifted into the Dark Angels legion given to his command as a 'Demi-Astartes'. This ultimately proved to be a mistake, as Luthor eventually chose to betray the Lion, culminating in a final battle that saw the homeworld of the Dark Angels legion shattered into a massive space ship known as "The Rock", and the Lion rendered asleep for over 10,000 years.
The lion wakes now.










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2023.03.23 22:11 Weak-Competition3358 How to create a Low Poly/Float Shading look to waves?

For context, I've created (or, scrapped together from different sources) this Shader that turns a Flat Plane into a Sine Wave with Height Based Colour. I'm simply wondering if there would be a way to achieve a Flat Shading/Low Poly look on the plane, alongside the aforementioned effects?
Cavendish (Weak-Competition)

My Shader:
Shader "Custom/GerstnerWave" { Properties { _Color ("Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1) _MainTex ("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "w$$anonymous$$te" {} _HeightMin ("Height Min", Float) = -1 _HeightMax ("Height Max", Float) = 1 _ColorMin ("Tint Color At Min", Color) = (0,0,0,1) _ColorMax ("Tint Color At Max", Color) = (1,1,1,1) _Amplitude ("Amplitude", Float) = 1 _Wavelength ("Wavelength", Float) = 10 _Speed ("Speed", Float) = 1 _Offset ("Offset", Float) = 1 } SubShader { Tags { "RenderType"="Opaque" } LOD 200 CGPROGRAM // Physically based Standard lighting model, and enable shadows on all light types #pragma surface surf Standard fullforwardshadows vertex:vert addshadow // Use shader model 3.0 target, to get nicer looking lighting #pragma target 3.0 sampler2D _MainTex; fixed4 _ColorMin; fixed4 _ColorMax; float _HeightMin; float _HeightMax; struct Input { float2 uv_MainTex; float3 worldPos; }; half _Glossiness; half _Metallic; fixed4 _Color; float _Amplitude, _Wavelength, _Speed, _Offset; void vert (inout appdata_full v) { _Offset += _Time.y * _Speed; float4 wpos = mul( unity_ObjectToWorld, v.vertex); wpos.y = _Amplitude * (sin(wpos.x / _Wavelength + _Offset)); v.vertex = mul(unity_WorldToObject, wpos); } void surf (Input IN, inout SurfaceOutputStandard o) { half4 c = tex2D (_MainTex, IN.uv_MainTex); float h = (_HeightMax-IN.worldPos.y) / (_HeightMax-_HeightMin); fixed4 tintColor = lerp(_ColorMax.rgba, _ColorMin.rgba, h); o.Albedo = c.rgb * tintColor.rgb; o.Alpha = c.a * tintColor.a; } ENDCG } FallBack "Diffuse" } 
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2023.03.23 22:10 pressurepisser im getting married this summer

which is already shocking as hell but hey, life is full of many surprises. i'm posting here cus my partner (MtF) and i (FtM) are tryna tie the knot and although my county in Ohio is pretty easy about getting it done, i am still working on finding an officiant. afaik, queer folk will often be declined those services, so we are in desperate need of someone who doesn't care about any of that!
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2023.03.23 22:10 SkinniestGoblin New Player, First AOS 1k List

This is my first list in AOS. Just curious on anybody's thoughts/tips they could give me on unit composition. I am curious about my shootas and stabbas. I already built my stabbas with the icon bearer and the gong basher. Should I do the same for my shootas?
Army Faction: Gloomspite Gitz
- Army Subfaction: King’s Gitz
- Grand Strategy: Chasing the Moon
- Triumphs: Bloodthirsty
1 x Loonboss (85)
- General
- Command Traits: Fight Another Day
- Artefacts: Arcane Tome
- Spells: Levitate
1 x Loonboss (85)
20 x Moonclan Shootas (125)
- Bad Moon Icon Bearer
20 x Moonclan Stabbas (125)
- Bad Moon Icon Bearer
- Gong Basher
- 3 Barbed Nets
- Stabba
12 x Squig Herd (120)
5 x Boingrot Bounderz (140)
3 x Rockgut Troggoths (160)
3 x Rockgut Troggoths (160)
TOTAL POINTS: (1000/1000)
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2023.03.23 22:09 feani LF: Shiny Houndoom Line & Shiny Ampharos Line in SV, SV Shiny offers & OFFERS FT: Pics (None PoGo Stamped)

LF: Shiny Houndoom Line & Shiny Ampharos Line in SV, SV Shiny offers & OFFERS FT: Pics (None PoGo Stamped) submitted by feani to PokemonHome [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:09 Careless_Movie2541 Aphelios rework suggestion.

Hello, I have worked on potentional rework for our beloved space boi. The main idea is to keep his identity, but also fix his main problems that make him hard to balance: Weapons interactions between themselves and extreme utility.
REMOVED: Aphelios no longer gains bonus Attack range. 
NEW: Applies 5-70+10%bAD magical damage On-Hit.
Mark damage: 15+20%bAD -> 35+20%AD+25%AP REMOVED: Aphelios no longer Attacks marked enemies with off-hand weapon. NEW: Aphelios gains 20-60 Attack range when Attacking marked enemy, decreased to 15-30 when not using Calibrum. Attack range against marked enemies: 1800 -> 1350 Moonshot Damage: 60-160+42%-60%bAD+100%AP -> 60-200+50-60%bAD+100%AP NEW: This ability now applies Critical strikes, dealing 50% increased damage. Range: 1450 -> 1100 Width: 120 -> 150 Cast time: 0.4 -> 0 Cooldown: 10-8 -> 9-7 
Overall, this would be a trade - his Calibrum range for damage. Has new On-Hit damage (yes, mainly so Calibrum wouldn't be the only weapon without special Attacks effect), marks have increased damage, Moonshot can Crit and has increased damage. Also his sniping range from Q and marks is decreased to tune down these famous snipes, which are definitely some reasons for his low damage. And interaction with other weapons is removed.
Heal per Attack: 2.5-9% damage -> 10-90+10%AD NEW: Attacks grant 5-10 Move Speed. REMOVED: No longer has increased heal from abilities. REMOVED: No longer can overheal. Onslaught Attacks: 6+2 per 100%bAS -> 6 Damage per Attack: 10-40+20-35%bAD -> 20-50+40%bAD+5%bAD per 10%bAS Move Speed: 20%+10% per 100 AP -> 25%+10% per 100 AP NEW: Move Speed lingers for 3.25 seconds Duration: 1.75 -> 1.5 + 0.25 per 20%bAS REMOVED: Aphelios no longer heals from damage he deals. REMOVED: Aphelios no longer uses off-hand weapon during Onslaught. NEW: Aphelios takes 10-20% less damage during Onslaught and heals for 30-50% damage reduced. NEW: Aphelios can cast Phase during Onslaught. NEW: Aphelios can cast Moonlight Vigil during Onslaught Cooldown: 10-8 -> 12-10 
Again, interaction with other weapons removed. This should be overall huge nerf to his life steal, but would get a little Phantom Dancer as a bonus. Again, Onslaught is getting increased damage in exchange for less healing and not applying off-hand weapon effects. Well, if enemies are clueless, they will heal you more then before, but it can be easily dodged by not attacking you. Attack speed scaling is moved to damage and duration and Phase and R can now be used during Onslaught as quality of life buff.
Slow: 30% -> 18% Duration: 3.5 -> 2 REMOVED: Slow no longer decays. Binding Eclipse REMOVED: No longer roots. NEW: This ability is now skillshot that applies it's effects on first enemy hit. Damage: 50-110+26-35%bAD+70%AP -> 100-150+75%bAD+80%AP NEW: This ability slows enemy hit by 50% for 2 seconds and marks him. If Aphelios Attacks him, he consumes the mark, deals additional 10-30+25%bAD magical damage and roots him for 1-1.5 seconds. 
Gravitum's crowd control would be much less OP and easy to use. Base slow would be shorter and, for first 0.7 seconds, smaller. Q would be a skillshot you need to hit, plus it doesn't go through minions. It is single target, but has large damage output.
Attack's damage: 110%AD -> 100%AD Secondary damage: 82.5-110%AD -> 70-85%AD Duskwave Damage: 25-65+56-80%bAD+70%AP -> 90-180+90-110%bAD+80%AP REMOVED: No longer Attacks enemies hit. NEW: Aphelios' Infernum Attacks increase their both primary and secondary damage by 10% for each enemy hit, decreased to 3% for minions and jungle monsters. In addition, these empowered Attacks creates splashes around primary target instead of cocoon behind. This lingers for 4 seconds. Other guns gain ability to create these splashes, but their damage increase is reduced by 50%. Cooldown: 9-6 -> 8-5 

Decreases his large AoE impact he has on every aa, but again, it's stronger when you hit Q. It deals more damage and empowers damage dealt to both primary target and targets around. The damage increases with every enemy hit, plus, with what kind of skillshot this Q is, it would be an high risk - high reward ability. It can empower Attacks of other too, so it wouldn't be wasted ability if you ran out of Moonlight, but it is much more worth it to land Duskwave with enough Moonlight.
Attack's Speed: 600+75 per 10%bAS -> 625+100 per 10%bAS Damage increase per 20 chakrams: 138.5% -> 0 NEW: Bonus damage per chakram: 6+2%bAD Maximum chakrams: 20 -> Unlimited NEW: Each chakram grants Attacks additional 10 Speed. NEW: Every two Attacks, Aphelios generates 1 Chakram. 
NEW: Crescendum Attack apply Life Steal on 66% effectivness.
Sentry Health: 6->9 Damage per Attack: 31-100+40-60%bAD -> 40-105+45%bAD REMOVED: Sentry no longer uses off-hand weapon. NEW: Sentry's Attack generate 1 Chakram. NEW: Sentry's Attacks mark enemies. Aphelios can dash in their direction by clicking on them, consuming the mark. NEW: Sentry's Attacks generate 2 Moonlight. Cost: 10 Moonlight + 60 Mana -> 5 Moonlight + 60 Mana Cooldown: 9-6 -> 12-9 
In this one, I needed to find a way for Aphelios to create Chakrams, when Crescendum doesn't interact with other weapons anymore. So, I deleted Chakram number limitations, really, really decreased damage per Chakram, but gave him ability to generate one with each Attack. Also, I solved a problem that would easily appear: Aphelios running out of Moonlight. Sentry now has less damage, but restores Moonlight for Crescendum On Attack, has more HP and gives Aph an closegap ability. Also, I did some math to show you how much bonus damage he would have, if he had 310 bonus AD (Maxed AD, Galeforce, IE, Bloodthirster, Collector, Lord Dominik, level 18) 1 Chakram: 12,2 bonus damage on AA AA + 3 Sentry attacks + 5 men R (has increased chakram generation, see below): 207,4 (17 Chakrams) Yea, you really wanna kill that Aphelios fast before he gets to, idk, like 30 Chakrams (366 damage). I don't think this is too overtuned, becouse even if you hit 5 men ultimate, Attacks are still pretty slow and you need to go on close range.
Moonlight Vigil
Damage: 125/175/225+20%bAD+100%AP -> 200/275/350+100%AD+100%AP REMOVED: No longer Attacks all enemies hit. Cooldown: 120/110/100 -> 130/120/110 Calibrum bonus REWORKED: Aphelios gains 15/22.5/30% increased Attack range for 5 seconds if he hits an enemy. Applies marks on all enemies hit. Severum bonus: REWORKED: Aphelios heals for 200/275/350 if he hits an enemy. Additionally, he heals for 25/50/75 per second for 5 seconds. Gravitum bonus: REWORKED: Slows all enemies hit by 60% for 2 seconds. Aphelios can Attack up to 2 of enemies hit to root them for 1.5/1.6/1.7 seconds. All his Attacks will slow by 60% for 1 second. This effect lasts for 5 seconds. Infernum bonus: REWORKED: Creates a large splash, that deals additional 100/150/200+50%bAD physical damage. Additionaly, his AoE Infernum effects have size increased by 60% for 5 seconds. Crescendum bonus: REWORKED: When hitting an enemy, generate 5 Chakrams plus 2 per every additional enemy hit. Also, restore 10 Moonlight an increase Crescendum Attack's Speed by 10% for 5 seconds. (Note: 13 Chakrams on 5 men ult hit) 
No longer attacks with main-hand weapon, so I increased the damage and made weapon bonuses shine even more.
Maybe some numbers are off, I wouldn't look that much on them. But I believe this would help to balance him for regular players and pro players at the same time. He would still have his identity, but without the overtuned parts of his kit. Of course I would like to hear your opinions or ideas.
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2023.03.23 22:08 mochamop sizing inquires after losing weight :)

hey everyone!
i'm looking to buy my first few couple pieces off of lulu. i love leggings and flared leggings/yoga pants and i've been meaning to buy from lulu for a while now. about a year and a half ago, i went into a lulu and got fitted for my size but didn't have time to purchase anything that day, the advisor said my size was 12-14, i was about ~185-190 lbs, 5'2" and i had a 34 inch waist. i've lost weight since then and grew an inch (also enough that i've had to size down in my pants) and now weigh 160 lbs, 5'3" and have a 31.5" waist. according to the lulu website i'd be a size 10, does that seem right to anyone else with my stats or similar? i am also really interested in the lulu aligns and the wunder under leggings as i love a tight fit (plus leggings that dont roll down) and i have large hips, thighs and butt lmao. i'm mostly looking to wear these for casual/everyday purposes and not to work out in if that helps? also i unfortunately now live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest store to me is a 2.5 hour drive so i won't be able to go in person to try anything on or meet a lulu style advisor :( thank you everyone!
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2023.03.23 22:07 FungalHooch Best places to live Andrews AFB

What's y'all opinions on best and affordable places to live by Andrews AFB. Specifically in between Ft Meade and JBA.
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2023.03.23 22:07 GimmeYourTaquitos Like a ship in the eye of the storm...

There is chaos all around yet i am calm. They created this zen in me. Endless fuckery and rule bending, banding together and government bailouts have helped me manage my emotions.
When first i began trading stocks i would worry over $200 or $300 swings in my portfolio, after all it was considerable money to me at the time. I paper handed and bought back in on a few different tickers including gme. I was on the nonsense popcorn hype train at first and knew relatively little about gme. But as i read more, as i saw the blantant crime and smugness of those that rob not just the American people but indeed the world as well, i developed an icy resolve.
The money is definitely still a huge reason for my continued investment. However i no longer plan to sell all my stock and my main motives have swayed. I dont just want to be filthy rich, i want this system to burn down for the lives they have destroyed and the greed and corruption it breeds.
So when i see ctb at 40%, meh ive seen it before and it ended in nothing
When i see the price swing up 50% in a day, meh ive seen it before, but i do get a tingle in my big fat balls that says "Yeah thats hurting them more".
When i see banks fail, that makes me smile. Too big to fail yet their risk management department isnt managing risk? Need bailouts but they are cashing out stock and giving themselves bonuses days or weeks leading to their fall? No regard for the depositors that helped them climb to such heights. Degenerate gamblers that only care for themselves. Even though i smile as they burn, im not happy. The only thing that will bring me happiness is seeing them all put in federal pound me in the ass prison, no bail, maximum sentence, banned from the financial industry till the end of time and if i could hope for more the abolishment of the fed and the rise of a new currency system. Freedom from our slavers.
Like the federal reserve i worry they will pass laws now that even the playing field only to ammend them into oblivion when we're not looking. What plans do we have to keep informed and stay in the law making process (comments etc) once this boat finally rocks?
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2023.03.23 22:06 renegadepony Solomon, the Wastelander




Growing up on the streets of Zaun, Solomon was fascinated by all the technology that could be created from mere scraps, and even more impressed by what the Piltovians could produce with hextech. Unlike everyone else, however, Solomon watched with more than just awe. With only a single observance, he could mentally reverse-engineer anything he saw and understand how it functioned, both machine and magical. He would often sneak into shops to steal tools and materials so he could build gadgets that almost perfectly emulated these spectacles. He even went as far as trespassing and getting into fights - both in Zaun and above in Piltover - to deliberately get caught and thrown into holding cells so he could steal whatever he could carry during his countless breakouts after figuring out how the locks and security worked.
Over the years as the political spheres of Zaun and Piltover became uncontrollably chaotic and volatile, Solomon bore witness to more weaponized technological feats. He opted to help arm Zaun's people with his talent, but resources to build his gadgets were more scarce now, and he frequently had to wander outside the cities to find what he needed. He would make increasingly longer treks to increasingly farther territories, and returning each time to an ever-declining home. It seemed nothing he provided could sustain his people for any meaningful amount of time, as Zaun's entire economy - and way of life - was on the verge of collapse, especially with the meddling of Singed turning the city's own citizens into monsters, and the likes of Piltover enforcers' encroaching presence on the streets. Solomon needed a way to end the fighting permanently.
In his search for an answer, he learned of a mage called "Zilean". Solomon journeyed to the dangerous heart of Icathia, imploring the chronomancer to aid him in his quest for peace. He needed to know what he could do to stop the impending war. Zilean's response was cryptic, offering only a single glimpse into the future. What Solomon saw was nothing less than utter horror - an infestation of purple death, the likes of which he could never have imagined. He saw his city toppled, endless fires, countless dead, the streets crawling with... things. He peered closer at one of them. It had a unique texture to its hide, refracting the light that touched it in a way that made it appear translucent. "Camouflage?", he thought. The creature suddenly snapped its gaze toward Solomon, seeming to stare directly at him as if it could see him through the vision. After a tense moment of pause, it lunged toward him with blinding speed, outstretching its massive scythes for hands and -- Zilean pulled Solomon back to the present reality.
"This is the true threat on Runeterra", the mage explained. "Your war is no war. It is only a petty squabble compared to what is to come. Every conceivable path leads to the same end. I don't yet have a solution to this problem."
"Show me more." Solomon implored. "I saw one of those creatures, what it could do. I can arm a whole city with tools to replicate it. If you show me more --"
"I will not." Zilean interjected. "I cannot. Even the act of allowing you a single glimpse may have already created disastrous alternate timelines. I cannot risk further chaos... however..." he pondered, "...your gift may yet prove to be a boon. I will scour through time to see what that boon might be."
With that, Solomon had his answer. In his search for Zilean, he had come across stories of monsters around the lands of Shurima with descriptions similar to the ones he saw in his vision. And so he wandered deep into the deserts and wastelands, hoping to learn what makes these beasts tick so he can build weapons to fight back. But first he has to find them...


Solomon's original conception was as the grandson of Ekko in a distant future where Singed & friends unleashed chemical warfare, rendering Runeterra post-apocalyptic. He took Ekko's Z-drive and go back in time to try to prevent the causal events. As such, he was always intended to be a scrappy fighter with an arsenal of makeshift gadgets. His kit has undergone several iterations due to lore adaptations, but his first iteration was as a "trap master", with a variety of trap-based abilities to catch and lockdown enemies. This (3rd) version of his kit preserves a little of that, but mostly transitioned into "emulator" abilities reminiscent of other champions he's interacted with in the lore.
Solomon is a guerrilla fighter, meaning he prefers to catch enemies off-guard, engaging from stealth or a bush. He's got a variety of ways to close or create distance between him and his opponent, so his abilities can be used in almost any combination and work well together. He specializes in positioning: putting himself in just the right spot at just the right time encourages enemies to separate; and if they don't, he can force them out of position anyway. If things go wrong, those same abilities can double as escape tools. He's not very tanky though, so he has to position himself carefully in order to survive long enough for his spells to trigger.



Solomon's trinket is replaced with Gravity Drones. They have 4 HP and project a perimeter around them. The first time an enemy champion crosses the perimeter, the drone becomes permanently visible, intensifying gravity within the area. All enemies within the perimeter become grounded and slowed by 10-20% (based on level) until they leave. At level 9, the cast range of Gravity Drone is greatly increased to match Farsight Alteration.
Flavor: Solomon needed a way to trap these "Void" creatures after he found them. He couldn't match their unnatural speed, but he could slow them down.
Vision Radius: 900 (identical to totem wards)
Perimeter Radius: 450

[Q] Hook, Line and Slicer

First Cast: Solomon slides in a target direction, slicing enemies with his dagger as he passes through them to deal physical damage. This ability can be recast within 3 seconds.
Damage: 40/65/90/115/140 (+ 40% bonus AD)
Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 Mana
Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds
Recast: Solomon grabs the closest enemy with his hookblade (prioritizes his most recent attack target and champions) to deal physical damage and pulls them a short distance in a target direction.
Damage: 40/65/90/115/140 (+60% bonus AD)

[W] Monster Hunter

Passive: Solomon's first basic attack or Hook, Line and Slicer (Q) within 2 seconds of stealth or being unseen by enemies is guaranteed to critically strike for 40/55/70/85/100% bonus damage. This bonus is always applied against jungle monsters.
Active: (2 Charges) Solomon triggers a cloaking device, becoming invisible for 1.25 seconds.
Flavor: After observing Kha'Zix in his vision, Solomon created a device that could replicate the creature's ability to hide in plain sight.
Cost: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds per charge

[E] Erasure Bomb

Solomon throws a time-delayed explosive orb to a target location, attaching to an enemy instead if it contacts them. After 2 seconds, the orb implodes to destroy enemy shields in the surrounding area and deal physical damage. It also releases a pulse in a larger area that grants ally champions hit a shield for 4 seconds.
Flavor: Solomon had a bit more difficulty figuring out Zilean's reality-warping magic. The best he could muster was getting the fabric of space to collapse in on itself.
Damage: 10/20/30/40/50 + 12/14/16/18/20% (+3% per 100 bonus AD) max health
Shield: 40/80/120/160/200 (+45% bonus AD)
Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16 seconds

[R] Flash Point

Solomon marks a target location. After a 1 second delay, he blinks to the marked location, teleporting all surrounding enemies with him. On arrival, Solomon releases a shockwave that deals magic damage in an area around him, slowing enemies hit by 40% for 1 second.
Flavor: Seeing a prodigious mind in Ekko within the next generation, Solomon watched carefully to gleam the secrets to his tech. He always had a hard time (no pun intended) trying to replicate the space-time powers of the Z-drive, though. The space part was easy. The time part - not so much.
Damage: 200/300/400 (+100% AP)
Cost: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 130/110/90 seconds
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2023.03.23 22:06 xsv161 [WTS] LMT uppers (Specwar, 12.5" MWS MLOK), LMT barrels (14.5" 556 proof conversion, 13.5" 308), Unity hot button, FCD safety levers, Badger RMR mount, RMR to ACRO adapter, Surefire ST07, Cloud LCS

All prices include shipping. If you want insurance, you're gonna cover it. Zelle preferred, but can do paypal friends & family if needed.
Don't like my prices, or am I too off the mark from market value? Let me know!
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2023.03.23 22:04 gertrude-fashion Am I mixed up/getting too much info from the wrong sources?

Okay so what I’m hearing lately-
Romantics are moderate to petite. They can be up to 5’5, but this is very rare and normies should basically not even consider it on the DIY level. With this in mind, we can conclude that 5’5 must be the tail end of moderate, right?
And that actually makes perfect sense because Kibbe recently stated vertical starts at 5’6 now. I know this is a new statement, but it tracks. Because if romantics can be moderate, but they can’t be over 5’5 (and 5’5 is considered pushing it) that must mean that 5’5 is at the top of the moderate height range.
I could be mistaken, but my understanding is that all types with automatic vertical fall into FN, D, or SD. So that’s 5’6 and up. If you are taller than 5’5, you’ve got three options.
Classics are balanced, so vertical, width, or narrowness won’t be dominant, right? So what I’m wondering now is this; where does petite begin? Do you guys know? I mean, in the US the average height is 5’4 so…anything below that? I’m not sure if Kibbe is relevant to national averages or not.
Does that mean 5’4 and 5’5 are the only moderate heights?
I don’t have Facebook, so all my information is from here, second hand.
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2023.03.23 22:04 Austin-Gorton Come home to find Elon my musk turtle under our couch. I cant for the life of me figure out how he got out of his tank. If anyone has any ideas please help!!

Come home to find Elon my musk turtle under our couch. I cant for the life of me figure out how he got out of his tank. If anyone has any ideas please help!! submitted by Austin-Gorton to turtle [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:03 PianoMittens Trouble with prime/restart after pump replacement

Trouble with prime/restart after pump replacement
My very old star-rite 2hp finally gave up recently and I replaced it with a 1.5 hp Zoeller. I intended to use a 2hp, but Lowe's was out of stock and I impatiently decided to go for the 1.5. It's drawing from a canal approximately 150 ft away with a 7 foot incline. I pulled the components from the canal and cleaned everything, replaced the screens and put in a new check valve (facing the correct direction!)
When I fill the pump and intake line via the pressure relief valve hole it will hold water for quite some time. I just watched it hold for over 20 minutes.
With the outflow ball valve closed, I let it run for a couple of minutes, then slowly open the outflow valve. After just a few seconds you can hear the water suck quickly and then it's running dry. I've done this many (20?) times.
Is it possible that the difference in the hp is the issue? Not running long enough before opening the valve? I'm worried about running it like that too long. I would think that a hole or crack in the intake line would cause the water to drain out fairly quickly when I fill it up, but maybe not? Thanks in advance for any troubleshooting guidance.
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2023.03.23 22:03 kodarulesall [NM] Fancy DLC Para 3 - [email protected]$1

[email protected]$1
Spyderco Para 3 in dlc 20cv


Justification: As stated in previous listing, the scales were $150 alone, clip $30, and the knife was $160, Para 3 $240 previous listing, Para 3 $210 with other scales, Para 3 knife only $150, Para 3 knife only $129
Escrow: Yes, Koda for u/s14mcdonald

Pay via PayPal FRIENDS AND FAMILY with NO NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not click "paying for goods and services" or "add purchase protection"
Waitlist calls will receive one spot, unless a quantity is specified in the call.
If a called spot is already taken, a random will be assigned in its place, unless otherwise specified.
If your call is ambiguous (ex: "I'll take 3"), I will make my best guess as to what you intend (spot 3 or 3 randoms), but please be clear if you don't want to leave it to chance.


As per previous listing, knife was taken apart and had scales installed but not cut or carried.
In my possession, it has also not been cut or carried. Fondled a few times but otherwise has been in the box. Comes with original scales, box, and docs.
International shipping: Yes if winner pays the shipping

PayPal Info: https://www.paypal.me/kodarulesall
Cash App Info: $kodarulesall

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 26
Number of unpaid users: 3
Number of unpaid slots: 39
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
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2 Glock45owner
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240 Glock45owner

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2023.03.23 22:02 CoyoteUnicornGirl L4/L5 Fusion - looking like S1 also coming up

Hi there. I had an L4/L5 fusion 5.5 years ago and it went great.
Now I’m having a lot of the same early symptoms of degenerative disk disease years ago. I went in today to the spine surgeon today and looks like my L5/S1 vertebrae has worn down from 1cm to .462 cm 5 years later.
A few questions I didn’t think of at the appointment:
How worn down do we get for that vertebrae before we go in and do it again?
He said that they don’t just add on another layer, they remove all the hardware and redo all of it again. How do they even remove the bone paste that has hardened around a metal cage? I’d google it but I don’t think I’d like the pictures that go along with the search results.
submitted by CoyoteUnicornGirl to spinalfusion [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:01 coralpothos Can anyone identify?

Female, 8 years old - 56lbs unsure of height. No allergies or intolerances.
Everyday my daughter gets a new one of these marks - extremely itchy, only two so far (one on side of thigh, one near knee and they started yesterday. Can anyone identify? We are in Canada, still snow on the ground so definitely not a mosquito.
See picture: https://imgur.com/a/S0twY9w
submitted by coralpothos to AskDocs [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:01 _Nauclerus_ Thought automating 1/s of simple circuit would be a reasonable task is Pyanodons... this here is the substrate, only the most complex out of the 7 components needed for Simple (Green) Circuits

Thought automating 1/s of simple circuit would be a reasonable task is Pyanodons... this here is the substrate, only the most complex out of the 7 components needed for Simple (Green) Circuits submitted by _Nauclerus_ to factorio [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:00 shutterSlime What camera bag / other bag do you use for your TLR in 2023

I've seen this question asked before 1, 2 and 3 years ago so wanted to follow-up with what people are using nowadays in 2023. As I've just gotten my 1st TLR I'm in the market for a case of sorts to protect it.
Has anyone used a lens case before? If so any particular models?
While browsing I found the Lowepro Lens Case 11 x 18cm which states it's internal dimensions are 11 x 10 x 18 cm which would perfectly fit my 10 x 10 x 14.5 Rolleicord.
I've also tried looking for small camera bags, but the dimensions are usually quite odd for the TLR and the cases become quite big and bulky quite quickly.
As I'm mainly looking for something to protect it whilst travelling I was also looking at some of the neoprene lens bags and even small cooler bags :D
EDIT: the following also look like interesting options:
submitted by shutterSlime to AnalogCommunity [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:00 Prism_a Exploration UHC - Season 6: The Nether - Episode 2

Welcome to Exploration UHC Season 6
Exploration is a Reddit Recorded Round organized by Prisma. Each season is based on a different biome. This season was based on The Nether and was a Rigged Teams of 2, Soul Brothers with a few custom crafts. The two soul worlds were Warped & Crimson Forests and the meetup world was in the Nether Wastes.
Newcomers: branman, RqDix, RabidChipmunk, Brodator, ColdBac
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
ArcticSeagull - Combined Episodes
Team 4
Eluniel - Full Footage
Team 5
Team 6
Team 7
Team 8
Team 9
Team 10
Team 11
Team 12
Team 13
Greeples - Late
Team 14
Team 15
Djoee - Combined Episodes
Organization: Prisma
Intro: Codwhy
Logo: Danny
Hosting: ArcticMC
Art: mwlix_
submitted by Prism_a to ultrahardcore [link] [comments]