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BANGGOOD Deals (23.3.2023)!

2023.03.23 22:23 r3crac BANGGOOD Deals (23.3.2023)!

BANGGOOD Deals Compilation (23.3.2023)!
Check products in compilation image: or
-1- ETOPOO Digital Car Tyre Tire Tread Depth Gauge
👉 Price: $4.99 / Lowest: $-1
-2- FNIRSI FD10 Car OBD2 Scanner
👉 Price: $6.99 / Lowest: $-1
-3- BMAX 4 Slot Battery Charger
🚨 Price: $7.69 / Lowest: $7.99
-4- ANENG VC1019 Test Pen Voltage Detector
💣 Price: $7.99 / Lowest: $8.99
-5- G09 Wireless Earphones Bluetooth V5.3
💥 Price: $7.99 / Lowest: $9.99
-6- 7mm Mobile Probe Borescope Camera 2m
💲 Price: $8.99 / Lowest: $9.99
-7- Drillpro 6pcs HSS 6542 M3-M10 Drill Titanium Coated Set 1/4 Inch
⭕️ Price: $8.99 / Lowest: $13.65
▪️ Coupon: BG7175bf
-8- NASUM 42Pcs Awning Accessories Sunshade Sail Stainless Steel Hardware Kit [EU]
〽️ Price: $9.56 / Lowest: $12.99
👌 Coupon: BGGTT13
-9- BlitzWolf BW-S20 20W 2-Port PD3.0 QC3.0 Wall Charger
🚨 Price: $9.79 / Lowest: $7.99
🔑 Coupon: BG04a8fd
-10- Multifunction Computer Screen Monitor Riser Laptop Stand MDF [EU]
💣 Price: $9.99 / Lowest: $-1
✌️ Coupon: BG3f617b
-11- 2pcs Grow Bags Tvird Planter Pot
⭕️ Price: $9.99 / Lowest: $10.99
-12- KN321 Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Audio Adapter
⭕️ Price: $10.99 / Lowest: $11.49
-13- H6 Wireless Earphones Bluetooth V5.3
⭕️ Price: $10.99 / Lowest: $11.99
-14- LAOTIE 10x3.0inch Inner Tube for Electric Scooter
🔹 Price: $11.59 / Lowest: $11.99
-15- BESTNIFLY Shower Scrubber [EU]
💰 Price: $11.99 / Lowest: $12.99
🎯 Coupon: BG62bb2c
-16- Adjustable Shoulder Support Brace [EU]
💲 Price: $12.49 / Lowest: $-1
⏳ Coupon: BGhjYY003
-17- 4Pcs Solar LED Deck Lights [EU]
💲 Price: $12.59 / Lowest: $13.15
🔑 Coupon: BGc28268
-18- DIY Durable Chainsaw Sharpener Jig
💰 Price: $12.99 / Lowest: $13.99
⏳ Coupon: BGb50bab
-19- 3 Barrels Hair Curling Iron Ceramic Hair Curler [EU]
📉 Price: $12.99 / Lowest: $-1
🎯 Coupon: BGdcJFB001
-20- AK170 Hifi 12V Car Amplifier [EU]
〽️ Price: $12.99 / Lowest: $13.99
-21- Bluetooth V5.0 Earphones Sunglasses
🥇 Price: $12.99 / Lowest: $14.99
-22- SGODDE 4-6 People Beach Mat 210T [EU]
🚨 Price: $12.99 / Lowest: $14.99
-23- iMars 400W LED Rainproof Power Supply 12V/24V
⭕️ Price: $13.49 / Lowest: $14.99
🖍 Coupon: BG16f62b
-24- 2Pcs 14inch Heavy Duty Gardening Welder Gloves
💣 Price: $13.66 / Lowest: $14.59
▪️ Coupon: BGET12
-25- 4Pcs Rally Drift On-Road Tires Wheels 12mm Hex
📉 Price: $13.99 / Lowest: $15.63
-26- Retekes V-112 FM Radio
💥 Price: $13.99 / Lowest: $14.99
-27- ANENG SZ01 Multimeter
💰 Price: $14.44 / Lowest: $14.99
✏️ Coupon: BGM1TOOLS88
-28- PARON JX-1403 Wiring Tool Aluminum Sleeve Crimping Pliers
🔹 Price: $14.65 / Lowest: $15.32
-29- 170LED Solar Wall Light
💰 Price: $14.99 / Lowest: $-1
-30- Elfeland 3x4m 5050 RGB LED Strip Light Set 12V 5A [EU]
✌️ Price: $14.99 / Lowest: $-1
-31- Vifly Finder 2 5V RC Buzzer
🔹 Price: $14.99 / Lowest: $15.99
-32- DN20 NPT 3/4inch Brass Water Pressure Reducer with Gauge Meter [EU]
💥 Price: $15.29 / Lowest: $15.99
❤️ Coupon: BGM1TOOLS88
-33- Sun Wind Chimes Solar Power LED Light Garden Decoration
〽️ Price: $15.99 / Lowest: $-1
👌 Coupon: BG57d52c
-34- 450ml Coffee Moka Pot [EU]
🔹 Price: $16.99 / Lowest: $18.99
-35- MIGICSHOW WiFi Bluetooth Smart Body Weight Scale [EU]
💲 Price: $16.99 / Lowest: $24.22
📍 Coupon: BGtzcYY002
-36- MOHOO 30A 12V/24V 5V 3A Dual USB Solar Charge Controller
〽️ Price: $17.59 / Lowest: $18.99
🏆 Coupon: BGET12
-37- Astrolux C8 3A 5500K Flashlight
💥 Price: $17.59 / Lowest: $19.99
-38- Convoy C8+ SST40 Flashlight
🥇 Price: $18.69 / Lowest: $-1
-39- GOKOO S11 Smart Watch [EU]
💲 Price: $18.99 / Lowest: $19.49
⏳ Coupon: BGe38912
-40- TPA3116 Class D Bluetooth 5.0 HIFI 2x50W Audio Amplifier
✌️ Price: $18.99 / Lowest: $19.99
-41- 2000W Electric Thermal Hot Air Weed Killer [EU]
✌️ Price: $19.72 / Lowest: $20.4
📌 Coupon: BGGTT13
-42- 52L Foldable Car Trunk Boot Organizer
💥 Price: $19.76 / Lowest: $21.85
✂️ Coupon: BGHTT15
-43- 1600mL 1.5L Glass Teapot 2 Lids [EU]
👉 Price: $19.99 / Lowest: $17.99
❤️ Coupon: BGc50195
-44- Engraving Pen Electric Grinder Set 50pcs
✌️ Price: $19.99 / Lowest: $-1
-45- GOTGELIF 164pcs Drip Irrigation System
🥇 Price: $19.99 / Lowest: $22.55
-46- MoesHouse Tuya Smart Zigbe3.0 Push Button Switch 2Gang
👉 Price: $20.38 / Lowest: $22.99
-47- HB Toys SC24A RTR 1/24 Drift RC Car
✌️ Price: $20.43 / Lowest: $24.99
🔖 Coupon: BGf74b74
-48- MoesHouse Tuya Smart Zigbee3.0 Push Button Switch 3Gang
🔹 Price: $20.99 / Lowest: $23.99
-49- Baban 22PCS Cocktail Shaker Set 550ml [EU]
🔹 Price: $21.99 / Lowest: $24.99
-50- Light Bulb Mirror 25x30cm [EU]
👉 Price: $21.99 / Lowest: $31.99
👉 Coupon: BGhzjYY001
-51- ELECTRIC GIANT USB Microphone
⭕️ Price: $22.99 / Lowest: $34.99
-52- Professional Industrial HD 1080P Borescope 10m 2600mAh
💣 Price: $24.64 / Lowest: $25.99
🖍 Coupon: BGM1TOOLS88
-53- Multifunctional Camping Light Dimmable Colorful Lights Music
✌️ Price: $24.99 / Lowest: $33.99
-54- ENJOYWOOD 6Pcs Woodworking Right Angle Positioning Clamp 100mm
✌️ Price: $24.99 / Lowest: $25.99
-55- DAREU EM901X Dual Mode Mouse RGB 2.4GHz
💥 Price: $25.99 / Lowest: $29.99
-56- 14W 5V Dual USB ETFE Solar Panel
✌️ Price: $26.99 / Lowest: $27.99
✌️ Coupon: BG2992f6
-57- ZOP Power 11.1V 5500mAh 75C 3S RC Battery XT60
👉 Price: $26.99 / Lowest: $27.99
-58- MK66 1.85 inch Smart Watch
🥇 Price: $28.99 / Lowest: $29.99
🎯 Coupon: BGa78c77
-59- DumboRC X6 2.4G 6CH RC Transmitter with X6F Receiver
📉 Price: $28.99 / Lowest: $29.99
-60- Mechzone 7 in 1 Type-C Docking Station
🔹 Price: $30.99 / Lowest: $32.99
-61- 30W 18V Mono Solar Panel [EU]
⭕️ Price: $32.55 / Lowest: $33.66
❤️ Coupon: BGET12
-62- 18V 5.0Ah Battery For Makita
⭕️ Price: $32.89 / Lowest: $36.18
💎 Coupon: BGe7843f
-63- BlitzWolf BW-PLT1 Smart Star Projector [EU]
💰 Price: $32.99 / Lowest: $-1
-64- 18V 6.0Ah Battery For Makita
💣 Price: $33.59 / Lowest: $31.99
📍 Coupon: BGe7843f
-65- FNB48 USB Tester Voltmeter Ammeter with Bluetooth
🔹 Price: $33.99 / Lowest: $35.99
🔖 Coupon: BGM1TOOLS88
-66- PARON JX-MC4 Photovoltaic Connector Crimping Set
〽️ Price: $34.09 / Lowest: $34.99
-67- E50 Bluetooth V5.0 Earphones Sunglasses
👉 Price: $36.99 / Lowest: $37.99
-68- Retekes TR627 Radio
💲 Price: $37.99 / Lowest: $38.99
-69- CYCPLUS M2 ANT+ GPS Bluetooth Bike Computer [EU]
👌 Price: $38.99 / Lowest: $39.99
❤️ Coupon: BGHOC28
-70- MESTEK CGD-02A Digital Gas Tester Sensor
💣 Price: $39.09 / Lowest: $40.99
✂️ Coupon: BGM1TOOLS88
-71- Teclast A40 Pro 20W PD 22.5W SCP QC3.0 40000mAh Power Bank [EU]
🥇 Price: $39.99 / Lowest: $37.99
👌 Coupon: BG6a5877
-72- 12-in-1 Type-C Docking Station
✌️ Price: $40.99 / Lowest: $46.99
❤️ Coupon: BG13987a
-73- 16 Lines 4D Laser Level with 2 Batteries [EU]
💰 Price: $41.99 / Lowest: $-1
-74- SDR Transceiver Receiver Switch Antenna Sharer TR
💣 Price: $44.99 / Lowest: $49.99
-75- Andeman Automatic Car Battery Charger 10A ACID and LiFePO4 [EU]
〽️ Price: $45.99 / Lowest: $-1
-76- ISDT N8 18W 1.5A 8 Slots Battery Charger
👉 Price: $46.99 / Lowest: $45.94
-77- MUSTOOL 1/2inch Electric Impact Wrench with 2 Batteries [EU]
🔹 Price: $48.59 / Lowest: $52.99
-78- ASTROLUX EA01S 4x XHP50.2 Flashlight
💥 Price: $48.99 / Lowest: $45.53
✏️ Coupon: BG3MEGA74
-79- Astrolux FT02S 4x XHP50.2 Flashlight
👉 Price: $50.99 / Lowest: $49
🏆 Coupon: BG590ab2
-80- MUSTOOL G1200D Digital Microscope 12MP 7 Inch 1-1200X [EU]
✌️ Price: $59.99 / Lowest: $-1
-81- Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro Smart Watch
💥 Price: $60.49 / Lowest: $75.99
🔓 Coupon: BG796165
-82- NexTool 3600lm 450m Thunder Searching Flashlight with Battery
💣 Price: $64.99 / Lowest: $71.5
-83- LDC LDP06 1/12 RC Car with 2 Batteries
🔹 Price: $70.51 / Lowest: $74.69
🔖 Coupon: BG5cc3eb
✌️ Price: $79.99 / Lowest: $85.99
-85- YIHAOGD YH LCD 3 Axis Grating CNC Milling Digital Tool
🥇 Price: $79.99 / Lowest: $84.99
-86- 45W 50cm Decorative Star Projection Chandelier Dimmable Pendant Light [EU]
✌️ Price: $81.99 / Lowest: $83.59
-87- SG PINECONE FOREST 1606 1605 PRO RC Car Brushless RTR with 2 Batteries
🔹 Price: $82.39 / Lowest: $92.69
🔖 Coupon: BGd9dd89
-88- LYZRC L500 PRO WIFI FPV Brushless Drone with 2 Batteries
📉 Price: $87.99 / Lowest: $90.19
-89- Aluminum Loading Ramps 1500lbs 89.3x11.8x5.9inch [EU]
👉 Price: $91.99 / Lowest: $91.99
-90- Ultenic K10 Air Fryer 5L Voice Control [EU]
👌 Price: $93.99 / Lowest: $91.99
👉 Coupon: BGcae3f8
-91- Proscenic T22 1500W 220V 5L Air Fryer [EU]
✌️ Price: $93.99 / Lowest: $90.99
🖍 Coupon: BG9aa31d
-92- Proscenic T21 1700W 220V 5.5L Air Fryer [EU]
✌️ Price: $93.99 / Lowest: $92.99
💎 Coupon: BG9a339d
-93- Atomstack Upgraded R3 Pro Rotary Roller [EU]
🔹 Price: $94.99 / Lowest: $-1
👉 Coupon: BG890fe9
-94- ESSLNB 15X-180X Astronomical Telescope [EU]
💰 Price: $95.99 / Lowest: $95.99
✏️ Coupon: BG2b75db
-95- CKSF60 60W 18V Shingled Solar Panel
💥 Price: $99.99 / Lowest: $96.99
✏️ Coupon: BGe07582
-96- POCO C40 4/64GB JR510
⭕️ Price: $99.99 / Lowest: $99.99
▪️ Coupon: BGc6f6de
-97- DAREU A98 Type-C Wired Mechanical Keyboard 97 Keys
⭕️ Price: $105.99 / Lowest: $113.99
👉 Coupon: BGb25bdb
-98- ISDT Power 200X USB-C Charger
✌️ Price: $105.99 / Lowest: $109.99
-99- Electric Scooter Brushless Controller 60V 45A for LAOTIE ES19/ES18/ES18P/TI30
👌 Price: $112.99 / Lowest: $135.99
-100- Feilun FT012 RTR RC Boat with 2 Batteries
✌️ Price: $115.99 / Lowest: $118.99
-101- HAYEAR 26MP HDMI Digital Microscope 60fps
💥 Price: $119.99 / Lowest: $125.99
-102- Ultenic U10 Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner [EU]
🚨 Price: $125.99 / Lowest: $125.99
-103- Uniwa F80 MSM8909 1/8GB 5300mAh 4G Interphone
💲 Price: $129.99 / Lowest: $144.99
-104- ANBERNIC RG353VS 128GB Game Console
💥 Price: $131.99 / Lowest: $134.99
-105- 200W 12V Wind Turbine Generator 6 Blades [EU]
🔹 Price: $144.07 / Lowest: $149.49
-106- PXN V900 Game Steering Wheel
💥 Price: $147.99 / Lowest: $152.99
-107- 2x XMUND XD-SP2 100W 18V Solar Panel [EU]
〽️ Price: $158.99 / Lowest: $178.99
-108- Wltoys 124007 1/12 Brushless RC Car with 2 Batteries
👌 Price: $165.59 / Lowest: $-1
🔖 Coupon: BG2d69d5
-109- (Note: With a gift!) Anycubic Photon Ultra DLP 3D Printer [EU]
🥇 Price: $179.00 / Lowest: $199
🔓 Coupon: BG310832
-110- HONGDUI Woodworking Assembly Table Saw Clear Cut Push Guide
💥 Price: $179.99 / Lowest: $185.99
✏️ Coupon: BG89dcae
-111- Wnew Woodworking Router Table Aluminium Profile Fence
💥 Price: $179.99 / Lowest: $199.99
📌 Coupon: BG284083
-112- Toyan Engine FS-L200 2 Cylinder RC Engine [EU]
💣 Price: $189.99 / Lowest: $203.99
📌 Coupon: BG88ed71
-113- LAOTIE TI30 60V 2800W Motor 11 Inch Electric Scooter Hub
⭕️ Price: $189.99 / Lowest: $199.99
-114- 4K 51MP HDMI USB Digital Video Microscope
💰 Price: $195.99 / Lowest: $-1
-115- Roborock Dyad Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner [EU]
💲 Price: $209.99 / Lowest: $209.99
💵 Coupon: BG027f01
-116- FR2000C+ 0.01-1200ohm Clamp Ground Resistance Tester
🚨 Price: $214.99 / Lowest: $217.99
-117- Mustool 10.1inch LCD HD Video Microscope 150X
〽️ Price: $215.99 / Lowest: $215.99
-118- GEEKCREIT ATOMSTACK A5 M50 PRO Laser Engraver
⭕️ Price: $249.99 / Lowest: $289.99
📌 Coupon: BG3f872f
-119- GEEKCREIT ATOMSTACK A5 M50 PRO Laser Engraver [EU]
〽️ Price: $249.99 / Lowest: $289.99
🖍 Coupon: BG3f872f
-120- Skyworth F27G1Q 27-inch Monitor 2560x1440 165Hz [EU]
🚨 Price: $269.99 / Lowest: $289.99
⏳ Coupon: BG89c9ea
-121- MECOOL KP2 1080P 1/8GB Projector
👉 Price: $279.99 / Lowest: $299.99
🖍 Coupon: BGe3cc3b
-122- UNI-T UTi260B UNi690B 256x192 Thermal Imager Camera
👌 Price: $305.99 / Lowest: $280.49
💵 Coupon: BG6a05c3
-123- Formovie Fengmi Fresnel Ultra-short ALR Projection Screen 100-inch [EU]
📉 Price: $369.99 / Lowest: $379.99
🖍 Coupon: BG220b87
-124- ATOMSTACK S10 PRO Flagship Laser Engraving Cutting Machine [EU]
💥 Price: $399.99 / Lowest: $519.99
👉 Coupon: BGd495b0
-125- Hubsan ACE SE R Refined Drone with 2 Batteries and Bag
💲 Price: $459.99 / Lowest: $469.99
-126- KugooKirin V1 7.5Ah 48V 400W 14in Electric Bike [EU]
👉 Price: $501.99 / Lowest: $519.99
-127- Atomstack M100 20W Quad Laser Module With Air Assist System
⭕️ Price: $549.99 / Lowest: $589.99
-128- Formovie THEATER 4K Laser Projector Global UST UHD ALPD 4.0
👌 Price: $2839.99 / Lowest: $2807.99
✌️ Coupon: BG4c253a
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2023.03.23 22:19 ianthekorean_ [OC] What an Expanded 24-Team WBC Could Look Like

The 2023 World Baseball Classic came to a thrilling end on Tuesday with Japan taking the crown, and the tournament has been an undoubtable success in its ability to spread the popularity of baseball to a broader global audience. The MLB clearly knows this, and probably wants to expand the WBC so it can become a more global tournament. With the excitement of international baseball still fresh on people's minds, I wanted to try taking a stab at creating a viable format and schedule for an expanded, 24-team WBC for its 2026 iteration.
If you don't want to read all the explainer below, here's the TL;DR version of the whole spiel:

Expansion Qualifiers

Since 16 out of the 24 teams in the next WBC was already decided based on the results of this year's Group Stage, we will need to fill out the 8 remaining spots with the upcoming qualifiers.
Following the 2013 and 2017 WBC's qualification process, the 2026 WBC Qualifiers should take place in 4 groups of 4 teams in a double-elimination tournament, except this time TWO teams from each group qualify for the Group Stage. Although I personally believe a round-robin format is probably more appropriate, I am presuming that the organizers of the WBC Qualifiers have their own reasons (e.g.: logistics) for sticking to the double-elimination format.
I've seeded the qualifiers based on the most recent WBSC World Rankings as well as geographic considerations, with preference given to countries that have a prior history of playing in previous WBC Qualifiers:
Pool A (Asia) Pool B (Latin America) Pool C (EMEA A) Pool D (EMEA B)
Taiwan (Host) Nicaragua Germany (Host) Spain (Host)
China Brazil (Host) Belgium France
Pakistan Argentina Austria South Africa
New Zealand Colombia Ukraine Croatia

Group Stage (First Round)


For the First Round, the 24 teams will be split up into 4 groups of 6 teams each, where every group will have 4 teams that automatically qualified for the 2026 WBC and 2 teams that made it from the Qualifiers. The top FOUR teams of each group will qualify for the Second Round, and much like previous WBCs, the last-placed team in each group will be relegated down to the Qualifiers.
While one can certainly argue that 6 groups of 4 teams (like the Euro's Group Stage) is a better-suited format for a 24-team tournament, I believe the proposed format is better since it offers a more diverse array of matchups between different countries. As well, the increase in number of matches played in the Group Stage provides a larger sample size that should better reflect the skill level of each team, meaning there is a lower chance of standings being decided by ridiculous tiebreakers like Group A this year.
Speaking of tiebreakers, any ties in standings should be resolved by run differential (Team Quality Balance) instead of least runs allowed if head-to-head is not an option.

Host Cities

With each group now having 6 teams and 15 games to be played amongst each other, having all the group stage games in one venue is simply unviable given the constrained schedule of the tournament. As such, each group will now be hosted by two host stadiums, with what I believe are the most viable venue groupings listed below:

Tokyo, Japan and Fukuoka, Japan

With Tokyo Dome being an absolute lock because Tokyo Dome, I was debating between Fukuoka and Sapporo but ultimately went with Fukuoka, who have previously hosted the 2013 WBC Group Stage.
I personally prefer Sapporo over Fukuoka since they have the Sapporo Dome (Capacity: 42,270) and the newly-built Es Con Field (Capacity: 35,000), Fukuoka is probably a better location due to their warmer and not snowing March weather and better accessibility from other parts of Japan. That said, Toronto's Skydome Rogers Centre (Capacity: 41,500) has hosted the 2009 WBC Groups despite being a winter city, so you can certainly make an argument for Sapporo.

Taichung, Taiwan and Taoyuan, Taiwan

With Taichung and Taoyuan having the highest-capacity baseball stadiums in Taiwan, these two were going to be the obvious choices. Should the delay-plagued Taipei Dome finally be completed by this year as officials claim, however, the venue would replace Taoyuan as the second host venue.
But What About Korea?
Although it would be great to have Korea return as a WBC host, Seoul's Gocheok Sky Dome (Capacity:16,744), which last hosted in the 2017 WBC, feels too small to justify giving hosting rights to a growing tournament. More importantly, it is simply too cold to play outdoors baseball at March in Korea -- without another domed ballpark with a larger stadium capacity, Korea unfortunately doesn't seem viable as a host country. Thankfully though, there are plans to build more domed ballparks including a 35,000-seat domed stadium in Seoul and one in Incheon with at least 20,000 seats.
So while Korea will be missing out hosting rights for the 2026 WBCand probably knockouts too seeing how dogshit they've been the past three tournaments AAAAAAHHH I'm fine I swear , they should be considered as a host nation for future iterations of the tournament.

Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California

I don't think I need to do much explanation here -- both Pheonix and San Diego have an extensive history of hosting WBC games, and they have the added benefit of being close to Spring Training facilities and players.
If the tournament was to ever expand beyond 24 teams, it would be great if the MLB considered Seattle and Toronto as future hosts. With Seattle capturing the Canadian audience coming from Vancouver and Toronto covering the American crowd coming up from the Midwest and possibly the Northeast, the two cities would be a great opportunity to bring the WBC to the north.

Arlington, Texas and Houston, Texas

Probably the most wild selections in this list, I think Texas have been slept on as potential hosts for far too long, and with the expanded WBC, now is the perfect time to bring international baseball to the region. Houston and Dallas are both homes to some of the largest Hispanic and Latin American communities in the US, and there is no reason why Texas wouldn't be able to replicate the attendance levels seen in California.
But What About Miami or Latin American Cities?
A notable omission is Miami, which hosted the 3 previous WBCs including all stages of the 2023 WBC. Rest assured, LoanDepot Park (Capacity: 36,742) will be included in the later rounds. Although Miami would've also been great hosts for the group stages as demonstrated by this year's WBC, the city suffers from the same problem as Korea where they don't have a city with another domed stadium within its vicinity (and no, I'm not considering Tropicana Field (Capacity: 42,735 25,000) as an option). Whenever the Tampa Bay Rays decide to finally deal with their stadium issue, Miami and Tampa should be obvious locks as future hosts.
I know a lot of people wants to see Latin American cities come back as hosts, but I'd presume the MLB prefers hosting WBC in US cities with large Hispanic and Latino communities over hosting in Latin America since they're able to charge more per event in higher-capacity stadiums. That said, if the WBC were to return, there are no shortage of options available, namely Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey (Capacity: 27,000), Estadio Hiram Bithorn (Capacity: 18,264, Estadio Quisqueya (Capacity: 14,469), or even Estadio Alfredo Harp Helú (Capacity: 20,062) in Mexico City for some Coors Field-style chaos.


Unlike the FIFA World Cup, where teams are seeded based on FIFA Rankings, the MLB used the following criteria to determine the Team Rankings for each group in the 2023 WBC:
  • First, the Federation representing each Pool’s host country will be assigned.
  • Second, the team(s) that participated in the final four of the 2017 World Baseball Classic will next be assigned as top seeds for each Pool
  • Finally, the remaining teams will be assigned based on December 31, 2021, WBSC rankings in order to guaranteed competitive balance. Commercial, geographic and geopolitical considerations may also be applied to this process.
Basically, it's pretty much full of shit and almost completely up to the Commissioner's discretion. Regardless, I tried drafting up what the groups could possibly look like based on the criteria above:
Group A (Taiwan) Group B (Japan) Group C (PHX, SD) Group D (DAL, HOU)
Cuba (Final Four) Japan (Host; Final Four) Mexico (Final Four) United States (Host; Final Four)
Taiwan (Host; Qualifier #1) Netherlands Puerto Rico Venezuela
Korea Australia Canada Dominican Republic
Italy Great Britain Panama Israel
Czechia Qualifier #1 Qualifier #1 Qualifier #1
Qualifier #2 Qualifier #2 Qualifier #2 Qualifier #2
Note: For the purposes of this grouping, I assumed Taiwan would be able to make it through the 2026 WBC Qualifiers. In the extremely unlikely event that Taiwan fails to qualify, I would suggest Korea as alternate hosts for Group A.

Knockout Qualifiers (Second Round)


All three previous WBCs featured a Second Round after the group stages, where the remaining 8 teams were split into 2 groups of 4 to compete in a Double-Elimination Tournament (2009, 2013) or another Round Robin (2006, 2017). With the Second Round expanded to 16 teams, however, playing another 3 games on top of an expanded group stage may present some scheduling issues and probably draw the ire of MLB teams hoping avoid any player injuries from the tournament.
To resolve this issue, I propose using the "Play-In" Format used in the NBA Play-In Tournament, which works like a Double-Elimination Tournament but the bottom 2 teams are seeded into the Loser's Bracket and both finalists qualify. I recommend reading the linked article to get a better explanation on the format, but here is what a list of games in a bracket might look like:
  1. Group A #1 (Home) v. Group B #2 (Away) - winner advances to knockouts
  2. Group A #3 (Home) v. Group B #4 (Away) - loser eliminated
  3. Match 1 Loser (Home) v. Match 2 Winner (Away) - winner advances to knockouts; loser eliminated
As much as I would prefer to have another round of Round Robin for the Second Round, I believe the "Play-In" format is best-suited since each team only has to play an extra game or two compared to 3 additional games under a Round Robin format. As well, each group only needs to play 3 games in total which contrasts with 6 total games with Round Robin, which can go a long way in reducing the number of days required for this round in the constrained tournament schedule.

Host Venues

The list of hosts is basically a trimmed-down version of the Group Stage host venues, but with the addition of Los Angeles and Miami.


As a reminder, the top TWO teams of each group advance to knockouts.
Group E (Taichung) Group F (Tokyo) Group G (Los Angeles) Group H (Miami)
Group A #1 Group B #1 Group C #1 Group D #1
Group B #2 Group A #2 Group D #2 Group C #2
Group A #3 Group B #3 Group C #3 Group D #3
Group B #4 Group A #4 Group D #4 Group C #4

Knockout Stage

Similar to this year's WBC, the Knockout Stage is an 8-team Single-Elimination bracket, with the games and host cities listed below:
  1. QF: Group E #1 v. Group F #2 (Tokyo)
  2. QF: Group F #1 v. Group E #2 (Tokyo)
  3. QF: Group G #1 v. Group H #2 (Los Angeles)
  4. QF: Group H #1 v. Group G #2 (Miami)
  5. SF: Match 1 Winner v. Match 3 Winner (Los Angeles)
  6. SF: Match 3 Winner v. Match 4 Winner (Miami)
  7. Grand Finals (Miami)

Hypothetical Schedule

With all that said, here is what the 2026 WBC could look like under the proposed format:
As you can see, we would only have to add an extra week to the existing WBC schedule and still provide enough buffer room to give players time to rest up before Opening Day. The teams would be playing a maximum of 10 games, which is only a 3-game increase from the current WBC format.
What do you think? I would love to hear more about your thoughts on an expanded WBC! Rob Manfred please hire me
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2023.03.23 22:13 Cereborn The Dream Drive [11 CY]

[You’re listening to The Stranger Side of Science, an award-winning starcast. This episode may be supported by advertising in your local system.]
Space, as a rule, is very big. One might call it vast, or even unimaginably vast (and I can imagine a lot of vastness). This means, of course, that any serious interstellar travel requires being able to cross these vast distances quickly — much more quickly than conventional physics suggests is possible. Physics be damned, that is what we did. Centuries of theory and decades of engineering eventually led to the hyper-gate, and then the warp drive (already discussed in detail in episode four). Some might say that any form of FTL is tantamount to magic. That may be correct, but I would contend that some forms of FTL are more magical than others. And the subject of this episode is very magical indeed.
Quite apropos to our title, it began with a dream. Brightshadow was a Dendraxi who had lived her whole life on the back of the Chelys Astronomica they called Great Tau’uun. By the time she sprouted, there was a vibrant community already living on the back of the space turtle. But Brightshadow, quite uncharacteristically for the Dendraxi, was not very gregarious. She liked spending her time alone at the edge of the shell forest, close to Tau’uun’s head. For years she repeated these journeys, sharing her thoughts and feelings, hoping that Tau’uun could hear her. Then Tau’uun returned to pass by Treegard, and Brightshadow spotted the homeworld for the first time in her life. That night, she had a dream.
BRIGHTSHADOW: The voice of Great Tau’uun came to me. At first the notes of his tremendous voice were too long and low for me to interpret. But then they coalesced into what sounded like a groan of pain. Then the voice became clearer. He asked me to help him. He said to go underneath. Then the voice became more distorted, but he said something about shards. Shards, shards, shards. He repeated it until I awoke from my rooting.
A number of new inhabitants had come to join the shellback city as it passed over Treegard. Among them was an Orcish scientist named Turrox, who was there to establish the first official branch of the Bureau of Exploration on the back of Tau’uun. Brightshadow ventured down from the forest and into the city, where she rarely ventured, in order to find him, hoping for some assistance. She was fortunate that Turrox was well-studied in the history of Tau’uun and knew previous stories of him speaking directly to people, so he was receptive to her.
BRIGHTSHADOW: Great Tau’uun is in pain. He spoke to me. He trusted me with this mission. I have to go underneath and find the shards. … Unfortunately that is all I know.
TURROX: I will soon be launching a new survey to conduct a full 3D mapping of Tau’uun to compare it with the results from 44 years ago. You may accompany us, and we will see if we can find the reason for this dream.
And so, Brightshadow joined the survey team, which departed the next day in a shuttle to circle Tau’uun. She was the only Dendraxi on that particular team, which made her stand out. Inside the shuttle, she was notable for her slender, willowy form compared to the much bulkier Orcs. Once they put their suits on, it was different. Because Dendraxi respire through their skin, their environmental suits provide airflow around their entire bodies. That meant that once suited up, Brightshadow was puffed out a bit like a marshmallow woman. It was an unfamiliar and unpleasant experience for her, and she understood why Dendraxi didn’t usually go on spacewalks.
Discomfort was soon put out of mind, as scanners picked up something anomalous along the underside of Tau’uun’s neck. The astronauts disembarked for a closer look. There, in the light of Ferroflora Sol, the space turtle’s neck glittered in a colour that could only be described by observers as a “fluorescent greenish yellow-purple”. Closer inspection showed that the glittering was the result of thousands of crystalline fragments embedded in the skin. Upon seeing this, Brightshadow was struck with a vision, much stronger than the dream.
BRIGHTSHADOW: Tau’uun speaks! We have to remove these shards!
The removal process took weeks. The alien crystals were carefully removed and even more carefully stored away, no one knowing precisely what they could do. The smallest among them were 3 cm long and 0.4 cm wide. The largest were 128 cm long and 35 cm wide. There was no evidence that any of them had been there 44 years earlier. Their precise composition also didn’t match any known compound yet catalogued in Sideris. That raised the question of how, precisely, they got here, and why haven’t they been detected on anything else? The Bureau of Exploration began a widespread search of planets, moons, and asteroids along Tau’uun’s orbit, but found no other evidence.
They received some answers, and even more questions, when these crystals began vanishing from containment.
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The Orion luxury commuter craft is perfect for the interplanetary professional who wants to arrive in style, with their suit still pressed and without picking up any strange odours. The cockpit comfortably seats four, so it is perfect for families or ship-pooling. And if you’re worried about parking, don’t be. The Orion can fold up to 40% of its normal footprint, making storage a breeze.
If you order directly from Orion, you can even customize your colour and entertainment options. So what are you waiting for? Stop denying yourself the transportation you deserve and get an Orion today!
It was only the smallest crystal fragments that disappeared from containment. But they all disappeared from containment around the same time, in facilities on Treegard, Passerai, and the shellback city. Almost immediately after the disappearance was noted, doctors were suddenly getting Dendraxi patients coming in with complaints of sharp pains, usually on the neck or along the spine. When doctors investigated, they discovered crystal fragments embedded up to 2 cm in the skin. The existence of the crystal fragments recovered from Tau’uun was not officially secret, but had not yet been widely publicized. That meant the doctors had no idea what they found. By the time BoE officers managed to track down the doctors to recover the fragments, many of them disappeared a second time.
Two observations were made. One is that the fragments recovered from patients did not precisely match the crystals that had disappeared from containment. They weren’t being transported as discrete units, but rather disassembling and reassembling. The second was that all the Dendraxi patients had high scores on the Gaaten-Hoffrik test. A hypothesis was formed that this substance crystallized around strong sources of magical energy.
Powerful Dendraxi mages (those with a GH quotient of 175 or higher) were gathered together to try to understand the nature of the crystalline substance. However, when in the presence of multiple magic users, crystals in containment began rapidly losing mass, and mages quickly found themselves assaulted with tiny fragments, appearing seemingly out of nowhere. A magical containment solution was necessary. It was a geomancer named Silversilk who finally developed the method.
SILVERSILK: This alien mineral, which I have begun calling Octarite, has a powerful need to seek out sources of magic. It is highly resistant to containment. What I discovered is that we can’t simply force it to stay contained. What we have to do instead is deceive it. My Octarite containment field is not exactly a barrier, but more of a cloaking field. There is a magical signature that moves constantly around the spherical field, and so the Octarite, instead of breaking outward, constantly chases after it. There is certainly an equation for the precise relationship between strength and proximity that causes the Octarite to choose its target, but I will leave that for the physicists. I will simply continue experimenting.
Silversilk’s discovery was not just useful for keeping the Octarite from breaking free and injuring people. Once she had cracked the idea that the mineral’s behaviour could be manipulated, it opened up the question of, just how much? Experimentation continued, and the next result was much more startling.
SILVERSILK: The intention of our experiment was to see if we could manipulate crystal formation within the containment field, or if the Octarite could only exist in a nebulous state. We input a strong magical pulse to the containment field to see if that would overwrite the magical signature on the barrier to cause a crystalline structure to form. We were not prepared for the results. The Octarite, and the containment field, disappeared. Disappeared without a trace. We did find it, eventually, still perfectly contained within the sphere, on a beach 26 kilometres away.
That distance, 26 km, is significant to anyone familiar with the Hazen-Markoff test, the lesser known cousin to the Gaaten-Hoffrik test. Instead of measuring magical potential within a person, the HM test studies the effect on the environment. Whenever magic is used, there is an exchange of energies in the environment, and 26 km is the maximum distance at which this disturbance can be read. No one has ever been able to determine what effect, if any, this exchange of energy has on nearby lifeforms, but these energies seem to exist on the same wavelength that Octarite travels.
And that brings us to the Dream Drive.
Everyone loves living in microgravity. That is, until you have to travel planetside. We’ve all been there. The exhaustion. The lethargy. The gruelling physical rehabilitation, just to be able to walk around like a normal person. But what if you didn’t have to go through all that? What if travelling from moon down to planet was barely an inconvenience? It can be.
Introducing Six Minute Density. That’s right. No more painful hypergrav treatments to regain muscle mass and bone density. Six Minute Density delivers exactly what it promises. In five easy six-minute workouts, you’ll have the constitution of a planet-dweller, and it won’t even feel like work!
Find us on Galacthub under “Six Minute Density” to order your kit today. And if you refer a friend to Six Minute Density in the next 30 standard days, you’ll get a rebate on 50% of your purchase.
Realizing that Octarite could transport its own containment field, naturally the next question was whether it could transport something else. The technique was to create a dual containment field. The inner field kept the Octarite stable and contained, while an outer field contained psychical objects. There would be conduits between the two fields to keep them connected. For reasons that no one understood, the ideal number of conduits was 17. Experiments continued, transporting rocks, then cut wood, then a living plant, then several small animals. Lifeforms showed no signs of harm, and so Silversilk and her Mycova became the first sapient subjects, dropping without harm into the ocean.
The obvious problem was that in all these experiments, the destination was always a random point 26 km away. The solution to that problem came from an Orcish scientist named Kashumel, who had done a lot of experimentation with magical-assisted navigation.
KASHUMEL: It was a process called Deep Reading. In the same way that a synthetic lifeform is capable of downloading knowledge directly into its brain, Deep Reading involves absorbing information at a metaconscious level, which forges a connection between it and the user. Naturally occurring clairvoyance is extremely rare among Dendraxi. But any Dendraxi mages who successfully deep read a sufficient amount of hard scientific navigation data about a given location (about 4.6 Terabytes) were then able to observe that location in real time. I was just beginning to work on experiments on interstellar distances when I got brought into the Octarite project.
And so the deception continued. If the mage who was inputting energy into the containment field could hold a destination in their metaconscious, the Octarite would go there, traversing distances much further than 26 km. Deep Reading was a difficult task to master, however. It was not nearly as simple as focusing one’s conscious mind on the image of a place. One had to truly absorb the information. Kashumel and Silversilk worked together on this for years before finally developing an official prototype.
The Octarite Drive, as it was then called, had its maiden voyage in the year CY 7, travelling the short hop between Treegard and Passerai. Neither of the geniuses responsible for devising it were allowed to be onboard, in case something went wrong, so two brave volunteers stepped up. As Kashumel and Silversilk triggered the launch from outside the vessel, tragically, nothing happened.
It took weeks to run tests, but eventually they all came to the same conclusion. The drive could not be operated from the outside. Since Silversilk was the only person qualified to operate the experimental device, she had to take the maiden voyage after all. This time, their vessel zapped its way from Treegard to Passerai without any problems at all.
SILVERSILK: It felt like the experiment was over before it began. At first I didn’t even realize we had moved, except that I felt strangely uplifted. The other two volunteers with me said they felt it too. It was the most relaxing space jump I’ve ever taken.
The next major test occurred the following year, this time travelling between Treegard and the colony of Colossa at the edge of the solar system. This new vessel was built in the Dendraxi fashion. That means that it was a living ship: a tree grown around a frame and reinforced by magic. These vessels could not support the existence of a conventional Orcish warp drive, so if they could be paired with an Octarine Drive, they could finally reach outside the bounds of the Ferroflora System. Silversilk boarded with an experimental crew of eight this time. She fired the drive, and they moved to Colossa the next instant. Again, they all reported feeling a sense of calm or happiness upon arrival.
Such a short distance, however, wasn’t sufficient to test whether the Octarine Drive was truly instantaneous, or whether it was limited in a similar way as the conventional Orcish warp drive. So a new ship was constructed, one of the largest tree ships their system had seen, outfitted with a crew of 20 and stocked with provisions. Among the travellers on this vessel were Brightshadow herself, and Turrox, who put faith in her. Since they had begun this strange journey, they were given the chance to see it to its conclusion.
The final prototype test happened in 11 CY. The new vessel, dubbed Tau’uun’s Hope, was to travel from Treegard to the Yondra System, 15 lightyears away. At the same time it left, an Orcish ship would travel to the Yondra System by hypergate, to judge how quickly the Octarine Drive made the journey. Meanwhile, a third ship would travel alongside with an Orcish warp drive.
Silversilk spent a long time perfecting her Deep Read of their coordinates, and she was ready. They all got the countdown, and she activated the drive. The first companion vessel travelled through the hypergate, and its crew caught sight of Tau’uun’s Hope appearing at the destination before the gate even closed behind them. That proved that the Octarine Drive was actually instantaneous. However, the passengers on that vessel had a different report of events.
BRIGHTSHADOW: I want to say … six hours. We were all standing on the main deck when the drive fired. We looked out the windows to see the stars had vanished and we were in a sort of tunnel. The colours were swirling around us, a sort of fluorescent greenish yellow-purple. I took a long walk around the ship, and then I heard Tau’uun’s voice again. And then he was there. A small version of him, about my size. I could see the great forest on his back, and all the buildings of the shellback city. We sat in my room and talked for hours. Then Turrox came in.
TURROX: At least eight hours. Maybe twelve. I got a sudden urge to run. I used to be very active when I was a younger Orc, but I haven’t kept up with it very well at my new post. But I just started running, as hard and as fast as I could, I should have started feeling the strain after a few minutes, but I didn’t. I didn’t feel tired or sore at all. I just kept moving. I think I ran for hours and felt nothing but spectacular. Then I decided to stop by Brightshadow’s room and ask her if she was feeling similarly. Then I saw she was with a tiny version of Tau'uun, and I started to think that maybe I was dreaming.
SILVERSILK: Two hours, I think. After the drive fired, the inner containment field turned pitch black. I’d never seen that before on any of the tests. I went to the navigation console to see where we were, and we didn’t appear to be anywhere. I didn’t exactly feel worried, though. I was a bit confused, but I had this sense that everything was going to work out. So I went down to the main deck, and there was some wonderful music playing. It was my favourite song from my childhood. My Mycova was bouncing around and wanted to dance. So I started dancing. And then he began to grow, standing up on two legs, until he was big enough to take me in his arms and swing me around. Oh, it was marvelous. … But then I was back standing in front of the drive, and the containment field wasn’t black anymore, and the navigation console told me we were in the Yondra system.
BRIGHTSHADOW: Tau’uun said goodbye to me, waving a flipper, and suddenly I was standing on the main deck with the other passengers again, and there were stars out the window. The main thing I remember is how happy I felt, reflecting on my conversation with Tau’uun.
TURROX: By that point I had started running again. I remember I was on the top level, and then I just started to fly. Only for a few moments, and then I was back standing on the main deck with everyone else. And I felt content.
These reports caused a lot of puzzlement after the trip. While Tau’uun’s Hope had travelled instantaneously, according to outside observers, the passengers within experienced a time duration of between two and 12 hours. Every single passenger reported some version of the same experience, most of them with something unlikely or even impossible happening. Yet any time when passengers interacted, their versions of the event were the same. They all entered a shared dream state as part of the journey, and they all returned to their original positions at the end. And none of them felt at all distressed by the experience. To the contrary, they felt relaxed and uplifted.
This side-effect was unexpected, but since it didn’t appear to have any real negative consequences, the vessel made the same trip back home. Every passenger’s experience was different on the second trip, but they all reported entering this shared dreamspace inside the strange tunnel, and having everything revert back to the way it was once they finally appeared at the destination.
Silversilk recommended renaming the device to The Dream Drive after this peculiarity, and the name quickly stuck.
Treegard is currently in the process of building a new line of Dream Drives and training a squad of Dream Drive pilots to operate them. It’s hard to say exactly how long it will take for this technology to become widespread. There is also the issue of the Octarite needed to power it, which is finite right now. But if our understanding of Octarite is correct, that might mean that anywhere in Sideris with a strong magical energy might find itself with Octarite shards poking into it.
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2023.03.23 22:08 Advanced_Falcon_2816 How do you make sense of the sudden spike of Bitcoin and Eth, when the opposite was expected after a string of crypto-affiliated bank closings?

Silvergate, then SVB, then Signature bank. One crypto-affiliated bank after another closed down in the last two weeks. Just about everyone was holding their breath for what could happen this week.
And what happened? Bitcoin spiked 18% and Eth 15%. These are the highest numbers these two coins have seen in about 9 months.
How do you make sense of this behavior? In the past, Bitcoin/Eth were closely correlated with the wider market sentiment. Now? Not so much.
Bank stocks everywhere have been crashing. And out of the ashes, Bitcoin and Eth are rising, instead of following the negative news headlines.
The CPI numbers also came out and showed inflation slightly going down. While that’s good news, 6% is still a far cry from the goal of 2-3%. And we’re still in inflationary times, at least for the next year. Is this what bitcoin bumped, because it’s extra sensitive to even the smallest good news, in this case a slight haircut in inflation?
Or do you think this pump is due to a one time mass dump away from stablecoins, into bitcoin and Eth? Since stablecoins have been toppling over, one after another in since Luna.
Why are bitcoin and Eth pumping right now?
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2023.03.23 22:07 Candy_Yak The Mechanism of Preservation

Audio Visual Transcript 001 Date of Origin: Unknown
Audio Self-Translated by player for universal understanding by all sapient species with audio receptors
“Just a slight adjustment here, and it should be working.”
A Kolshian walked into view. His dark purple skin bordered on a rich red and his yellow eyes almost glowed in the backdrop of the bright light of the room.
“Hello, my name is Doctor… Well, my name doesn’t matter. What does matter is why I’m making this. We have made an astonishing discovery this day in the Commonwealth. While we have known for some time now that we are not alone in this universe, what with our contact with the now familiar herbivore species we call our friends, what we have here is something new.”
The man pulls up a datapad in view of the camera to display an avian creature with brightly colored feathers.
“The Krakotl, as they are called, have taken the scientific community by storm—at least those who are aware of their existence. As with standard protocol that was formed shortly after our first contact with another species, we are not immediately alerting the public to their existence. It’s mostly for political reasons, which are not important here.”
He flicked a tentacle finger at the end of the datapad and pulled up a video of a few sapient avians picking at both fruits and something else just slightly out of view. The Krakotl lifts its head just enough to show a chunk of flesh in its beak.
“They are the first species we have found that can ingest animal biomaterial for nourishment. The ramifications of this are… Exciting!”
The scientist makes a gleeful gesture as he sets the holopad down. “This entire situation is unique in so many ways. The situation is being handled delicately I’m sure. After all, we can’t assume this should be handled the same way it was in the past. The fact that they are not as advance as us pulls so many things into question.”
He took a moment to compose himself. “This is why I’m making this recording. It is important, I feel, more than any data we gather that this entire process be documented. There is so much to learn, to observe, to understand. I feel that even with all the technology that we have we still have more we can learn from them than they can from us. That’s why I’m expanding outside of my usual scope and making this a massive project the likes of which I would have never attempted before. Biology will be hard to understand, but I’m sure with a humanly gathered sample I can crack their genetic code just as we have done for our own species.”
He lifted the holopad again and flicked through countless different settings. The videos and images he quickly went through all showed Krakotl performing a variety of rituals, playing games, and instigating countless other different activities.
“It doesn’t stop with the DNA though. That can only tell you so much. I want to know more. Their culture, who they are, what their morals are, what they love, and what they hate. I want to learn. We just have to be cautious about how we go about this. Small scout missions sent down to the surface of the world can only do so much without breaking that thin barrier of anonymity that keeps things stable. There is no telling what would happen if they became aware of us too soon. The last thing I would want to see is that level of culture shock happening to a species before we can properly catalog how they are now.”
He once again lowered the datapad while his face turned stern. “Now, there is one thing I want to address. There are murmurs of people questioning if this species can truly be sapient if they consume animal biomass. That is a ridiculous question to even bring up.”
“Of course they are sapient. There is a rich culture here, one that we must tread around with caution. Perhaps there will be some hurdles to overcome, but I want to make one thing very clear here. What an organism consumes does not dictate its level of sapients. I believe much of the academic and political community would best be reminded that we are dealing with aliens here. The most basic principles of biology will still apply, but this world’s ecosystem is something entirely different from ours. Call me a quack if you will, but I think the best course of action in most cases is preservation.”
He stood up and moved to the other end of the camera. “I’ve said my peace on the matter here. Hopefully, oceans and skies willing, I can focus entirely on the scientific aspects of this discovery moving forwards. I simply feel it would be dishonest not to mention such large overarching ideals seeping around. The true nature of preservation and history is to make sure that even the ugliest parts are remembered.”
Audio Visual Transcript 005 Date of Origin: Unknown
Audio Self-Translated by player for universal understanding by all sapient species with audio receptors
The reddish Krakotl from the previous log is sat down. Despite several physical signs of exhaustion, he appears excited.
“I’ve, no, we’ve done it. It went smoother than I could have ever hoped for. We cracked their genetic code and have fully decoupled their DNA as we did for ours. We even managed to do it without making ourselves known to the local population. It is amazing what modern science can do. Getting the samples was honestly the hardest part, but I’ve been assured that everything obtained was done without disturbing the Krakotl.”
He swiped through a holopad in his grip with the screen facing away from the camera.
“There is so much we can do with this. I know it’s getting ahead of myself a bit, but with genetics, this cleanly displayed we might even be able to cure most of their genetic illnesses before we even make contact.”
He hugged the holopad close to himself. “We can even cure them of one of the greatest universal illnesses that plague all life it seems. Curing cancer for an alien species, can you imagine that?!”
He loosened his grip and gently sat the holopad down on a table next to him. He adjusted himself, exhaustion being kept back by pure elation.
“I must not get ahead of myself. Before we do anything of that sort we must integrate them into the larger world. Though I’ve been assured by everyone, from our political backers to the head scientists who work alongside our leaders, that curing this species will be one of our top priorities before final integration is complete. I’m sure it will be a long and slow process getting there, maybe it won’t even be finished in my lifetime, but even that has its blessings. I’ve collected so much on the Krakotl and their culture this past year. Not to mention I’ve logged their original DNA composition down to the finest detail. That way, if just for historical purposes, we will always have a pure original example of their genetic makeup.”
He rubbed the back of his head with a tentacle. “I’m told I’m being overeager doing such. That any changes made will only be for the better, but… It just feels wrong not at least doing that. Yes, no species would ever want to have genetic diseases again. The body eating away at itself is truly a horrible thing, but it still feels important to preserve. If just to show where we started.”
The doctor’s body went limp for a moment, only to snap back up straight seconds later. He gurgled a low groan and stood back up.
“That will have to be all for now. I must sleep. These last few weeks have been exciting, but bad for my personal health. There is just no end to the work that needs to be done.”
Audio Visual Transcript 007 Date of Origin: Unknown
Audio Self-Translated by player for universal understanding by all sapient species with audio receptors
The same reddish doctor as before sat himself down. He remained quiet, fiddling with his tentacles. His big yellow eyes were aimed at the floor as if the doctor didn’t dare look directly at the recording device. He opened his mouth a few times to speak but stopped short of a gasp.
“They… They started the uplift process. It’s… I…”
He sucked in a breath and finally stared at the camera. His face was one of pure exhaustion. No excitement held it back this time.
“It’s gone awful. It’s gone atrociously. It’s gone… All according to plan without a single hiccup I’m told.”
He lifted a datapad. “Their infrastructure is being ripped apart. Their culture is being erased and replaced with a more ‘clean’ variation. I’m not even privy to the full extent of everything. I don’t know if they're fighting back, I don’t know if they tried to fight back. I tried to push back against it all, and I was blacklisted from all projects related to the Krakotl. I’m being moved to different projects now. Something about a machine interfacing with a brain. It’s… A ridiculous dead-end project that I’m being sent to so I won’t have any impact on the academic world anymore.”
He swallowed. “They’re changing them. It’s not just their culture. The DNA we translated, that I helped translate, it’s being used in horrifying ways.”
He dropped the datapad and buried his face in his arms. His face being buried did little to muffle the long shout he emitted. His voice gurgled to the point it started cracking. When the loud scream ended he looked back up, his voice nearly too quiet to be picked up.
“They took everything they thought I had. Unfortunately for them, this project was never a part of my work. It means nothing compared to the amount of damage that is being done, but maybe I can keep something of their people safe.”
He reached down for the holopad and stood back up. “They don’t know what I still have. Cultural records are just the tip of the iceberg. There is still time to salvage more as well. Even the Commonwealth can’t reach every Krakotl that fast. For now, whoever may end up watching these records, if anyone, know that the Krakotl were a proud people. Know that whatever they will become, what they were won’t be forgotten forever. They will be preserved, at least here.”
Audio Visual Transcript 018 Date of Origin: Unknown
Audio Self-Translated by player for universal understanding by all sapient species with audio receptors
The red scientist sat on a chair with a panel crowded with buttons, switches, and wires behind him. The clean room with bright lighting from before was now a metal box with dim red lighting.
The Kolshian himself looked disheveled. Years had visibly aged off of him, and grease covered his arms.
“More people have been removed from this project. It seems that they’re slowly taking people who have ‘served their time’ away if they’ve been acting right. Keep your head down and nod your head, and get put back into real projects. I know I’m never leaving this place, though.”
He reached for the recorder and turned it to the side to reveal a strange machine. Two legs, two arms that ended in three vice-like grips evenly distributed in a circle to act as digits, a bulky center, and a small bump of a head with a single glowing eye-port.
“This is where science goes to die. I haven’t been able to gather much new information of the avians all the way out here, but it has been some time since I’ve documented anything. Might as well show this off since I’ve got the time to. Not like I need to work hard to keep these recordings hidden anymore. I can count on my digits the number of people still on this project.”
The doctor stood up and lifted the camera with him. A click came from the direction of the panel and the center of the machine popped open to reveal an internal compartment.
“It has just enough space for a single Kolshian. It’s big compared to us as you can plainly see. The idea behind it is to interface the brain through a few connectors at the top. It sounds as dangerous and asinine as it sounds. At this point, I’m the only one that even knows how it works on a basic level since I’ve been here so long. The trick is that it doesn’t work. Not at all.”
He slipped a tentacle into the head and clicked something. The head popped open to reveal a series of wires and a strange helmet lined with needles.
“This thing is as barbaric as it is advanced. The idea is to use these needles to puncture the skull in specific areas to not cause damage while also forming a direct connection. Basically trying to turn the machine into your new body as long as you’re inside it. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone why that’s a bad idea.”
He trails his tentacle down to the legs of the machine. The basic structure offers enough to support the rest of the body and could reasonably move forward at a walking speed.
“All the ideas in this thing that are reasonable are already in use. We have diving and space equipment best suited for our species, and mines operate at a level that something like this is too clunky to use. It can produce audio and translate it in real-time, but even that is something we already have. Even if it was perfectly functional it would be a bad idea. Don’t even get me started on mass production. Getting one to work would be a miracle. Getting more than one? I’ll believe it when primates fly.”
He huffs. “One good thing about this machine though that isn’t widely used has resulted in a lot of its bulk. Not only can it survive massive impacts, but it has backup systems to keep the user alive in case of critical failures. At least for the short term, the only part of you that needs to function to use it is the brain. Again though, if it would ever work.”
He turned the camera back to himself. “I’m sorry I don’t have more about the situations in the world. I’ve basically been cut off from that information. This place is technically a government secret so I can’t contact the outside world, and they sure as the depths aren’t trying to contact me. It’s like being sent to prison except I’m working on someone’s pipe dream. Seriously, my degree isn’t even in mechanics but I’ve been working at this place long enough to know more than some engineers.”
A loud beep echoed through the room.
“Someone’s opening the door. Signing off.”
Audio Visual Transcript 019 Date of Origin: Unknown
Audio Self-Translated by player for universal understanding by all sapient species with audio receptors
The feed cuts to the doctor in the same spot he was at during the last video. Before he can open his mouth there is a beep that echoes in the room. He quickly tossed something over the camera.
The rest of the transcript is audio only.
The sound of metal sliding across metal is heard, followed by the steps of someone else entering the room.
“Ah, sir, what are you doing here? You’re not scheduled for another check-in until next week.” The doctor spoke.
“Cut the pleasantries. You know why I’m here, defect. The fact that you get to work on a backwater nothing project like this is already too good for someone with your ideals.” another deeper voice boomed with anger from what sounded like a second Kolshian.
“Well, yes, maybe it is too good for me, but what does that have to do with anything official here?”
“Simple, this project doesn’t have enough scientists to continue. On top of that, it’s just been a waste of resources.”
“And what does that entail for the people still on the project?”
“For the rest of this facility, they will simply have to stay quiet and be put back into society.”
“The rest of this facility.”
“Right, well, how do I best put this? Your death certificate has already been signed. Got a lot of officials who think it would be best if you just weren’t around anymore. You’re considered too much of a liability with how you looked at those predators.”
Several more steps can be heard coming into the room.
“You're going to execute me?! What crime have I committed?!”
The second figure chuckled. “Crime? We don’t even need to justify a crime for this. See, a hot new buzzword has been going through the government that I think fits you to a T. You’ve got predator disease, and anyone with predator disease is a danger to themselves and others as long as they're alive. Oh, less extreme cases might be treatable especially if caught early, but your doc? Well, I’m sure the few people who know about this project will understand that a man getting on in years with a bad case of predator disease had to be dealt with. Fuck, we plan on taking most of this facility down, we can just blow it up and pin it on you! Not like a deadman can argue his case.”
“This absurd, you can’t just-”
A loud bang cut the doctor short. A second later there was a thump.
“Eh, don’t bother with the double tap. We’re going to blow this facility up. We already went and scrubbed this star system off all our maps. Red dwarf snugged between so many bright stars it's barely visible, and it’s in a section of space no one would bother to look in anyways. Remember, none of you saw anything here. We’re technically not even supposed to be here.”
“Let’s get out here before he starts to stink up the place.”
The sound of at least half a dozen people walking out of the room was followed by silence.
The audio picked up another sound. Something wet that sounded like it was dragged against metal. It went further and further away from the recorder until it was out of earshot.
A loud snap of metal opening was followed by multiple smaller snaps of pieces clicking back together. Several minutes went by in silence again after the last click.
Then there was a thunk. Then another, and another. The rhythmic sound of metal hitting metal came closer to the recording. There was a jostle of the camera was whatever kept it covered came off.
A bright red light flashed the camera which still made it impossible to discern anything.
The transcript ended abruptly.
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2023.03.23 22:07 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Crypton - A Decetralized Cryptocurrency of Utopia P2P

A fully decentralized blockchain, Utopia has become one of the most global online hotspots for those users who want to ensure their complete anonymity on the Internet. Utopia has provided its payment system to more than 1800 online stores today. Now buyers from all over the world have the opportunity to make anonymous online purchases without worrying that someone will track them.
Why Does Utopia Security Mean to Merchants?
Utopia’s high level of security is ensured primarily thanks to a fully decentralized blockchain, first launched in 2019 and improved to this day. This blockchain is backed by Crypton (CRP) and Utopia USD (UUSD) cryptocurrencies, which nearly 2,000 merchants have accepted since June 2022. Thanks to this, buyers could quickly conduct low-fee transactions (less than 1 second) to purchase the goods and/or services they need from anywhere in the world.
In particular, to carry out transactions with Utopia, they will get the possibility to maintain the complete anonymity of the metadata relating to the purchase (for example, the price of the goods purchased, the date of purchase, or the buyer’s personal data). Also note that Utopia cannot implement Transaction Explorer, which means that none of the third-party users of the ecosystem will be able to access data about the transaction between the seller and the buyer.
Thus, thanks to the integration of Utopia, online merchants get the opportunity to provide their goods and services to customers who care about their anonymity. It is unlikely that any other decentralized system is capable of providing such advantages.
What More Benefits Does Utopia Have?
Here are some more useful features of the Utopia ecosystem:
Apart from the above features, Utopia has its decentralized form of DNS, multiplayer games, Idyll anonymous web browser, private messaging messenger, and spam-free encrypted email service. To date, Utopia is available as a desktop version for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and is available in 29 languages.
As for the security of the Utopia blockchain, it is backed by advanced Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Resources algorithms, as well as the complete anonymity of the development team. In addition, note that the nodes of this ecosystem participating in packet inspection are dispersed throughout the globe, allocating their access to the Internet, RAM resources, and CPU to maintain its operation. Finally, end users and their data are protected through a dynamic multipath routing mechanism with MITM protection and Curve25519, XSalsa20, and Poly1305 algorithms.
Together, such characteristics as high transaction processing speed, top security mechanisms, absolute anonymity, as well as a number of extremely useful features (issuing crypto cards, uVouchers, the ability to bill, interest payments, etc.) made Utopia the market leader in its niche.
Official Utopia website:
Download Utopia:
Crypton Exchange:
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2023.03.23 22:00 Sgt_Sauris Credit Card Simulator with Multi-User Access?

I run a fake "Bank" on discord for my siblings where we keep track of transactions and balances (more of a credit union). They earn money for certain chores, get money from family as gifts, etc. and this provides an easy way for them to keep track of their money, since they really don't care for cash as most of the things they buy are digital anyway.
This already is more user intensive then I would like and I would prefer an application that would help automate this system. I've tried bots on discord but was unable to find an economy bot that allowed decimal numbers. That being said, this aspect I am alright with keeping the way it is if need be.
However, the eldest of my younger siblings wants more money then the chore load we've created can provide in the short time before an event they are attending with friends.
With this in mind, I figured my options were to either teach them about fixed rate loans, or create some kind of credit system. I believe the credit system would be a more educational experience in the future; so I'd prefer that option.

With that in mind, short of creating a google sheet that they have read only access on and managing this system through there. Does anyone know of any apps or other software that would automate a "local" credit card? No real money transactions need to occur. Just something that does the interest automatically for me and requires a bit less manual intervention. Ideally an app or piece of software that we can transition the whole discord "Bank" thing to as well.

Thank you!
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2023.03.23 21:57 Dugan05 Home Network Setup Questions

We are getting close to finishing the remodel on our house. We have decided to deploy (or eventually deploy) a number of IoT devices (Lutron switches, apple TVs, sensors, door locks, garage door switches, appliances, POE cameras, etc...)
Before we start taking these devices live I am wanting to get the network beefed up and secure. I have an idea of what I think we should do however I am definitely not a network guru... (although I want to learn more about it eventually so that I can at least take care of my own stuff).
Currently I just have the ISP's routemodem/wifi combo unit with two Unifi Nano HD APs. The goal is to expand to where I can hardline additional outdoor APs, the TVs, POE cameras, Hubs, NAS, etc... as well as being able to setup multiple VLANs. This is where I start to need some opinions, experiences, and help:
  1. I am torn between FWG or UDMSE....
    1. Unifi - I love the single pane of glass approach, I don't care to play around a little with the setup, and it takes care of an immediate need for POE switch.
    2. FWG - I like the reviews that people have said how easy it is and that it just works. I would however need a POE switch if I went this route. I also realize I will need to put the Unifi controller in docker on the FWG or get a Cloud Key.
    3. I know a lot of folks recommend PFSense & OPNsense but I'm not sure I have the skill and time needed to truly set this up effectively and maintain it so I have mostly ruled them out.
  2. VLANs and Switches.... (will probably stay with Unifi for switches)
    1. My expectation is that I will need the ability to do Inter VLAN Routing. I know if this is done at the switch level that I would need a Layer 3 switch... however if this was done at the router level would a Layer 2 switch work?
    2. What is the best way to do Inter VLAN Routing? Layer 3 switch or Router on a Stick?
    3. Can UDMSE and FWG do Inter VLAN Routing effectively and efficiently?
Any other insight, help, observations, etc... would be greatly appreciated. Go easy on me... this is my first Reddit post. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.23 21:56 zhuology13 Evaluation of D4's Longevity - Feedback for ARPG Endgame & Core Loop


We’ve seen a lot of feedback posts. D4 is clearly a beautiful game, with awesome moment-to-moment gameplay. And while that’s very important in bringing players into the game, it’s not going to be a driver for the longevity of the game. This post is focused on comparing D4 vs D3 and PoE on the endgame core game loop. Why do players praise PoE’s endgame but find D3’s shallow? How does D4 measure up? You're welcome to apply the same framework to D2 as well, and see why some players prefer D2 and praise it's endgame despite it having many many issues.

The core loop of the game is pretty simple:
Kill monsters → get loot/xp → make character stronger → kill stronger monsters

While many players will talk about PoE’s complex passive tree, or the deep crafting / item system, I actually think some of those design choices are not what makes the game shine (in fact, they are clearly off putting to many players). What PoE does well is actually making each step in the core game loop more interesting. There’s more agency for players, and decisions matter.

Path of Exile

Get Loot/XP

Make Character Stronger

Kill Stronger Monsters

New Leagues adds elements to this loop. Some leagues expand on how you get loot, some leagues expand on how you make your character stronger. The most successful expansions tend to be ones that do all 3.

Diablo 3

Get Loot/XP

Make Character Stronger

Kill Stronger Monsters

New Seasons sometimes adds elements to this loop, and sometimes doesn’t. Double Goblin season? I’m still doing the same thing as I was doing before, except I get a little more loot occasionally. No changes to how I would play the game. Latest season with altar rites? Much more interesting way to progress characters, and it shows, people liked the latest season.

Diablo 4 (Based on what we've seen)

Get Loot/XP

Make Character Stronger

Kill Stronger Monsters

New Seasons - we don’t know anything about seasons. So I won’t comment on it here. But ideally it would look to expand on multiple parts of the core game loop.


While there are many things I think D4 could improve on, the two that stand out the most are:

I actually think Diablo 4 has the foundation to be a fantastic game that could challenge PoE. Things that are difficult to change and improve upon (visual style, gameplay clarity & feels) the game does an incredible job on. In my opinion, it is much easier for Diablo 4 to incorporate some of what makes PoE special, while the reverse is much harder. I also don’t believe that adding these changes will lose the appeal of the game to casual players. Most casual players will never encountesee some of this, and what we have currently will be more than sufficient for that group of players.

Ultimately this depends on where Blizzard wants to take the game: Do you want the game to have a rich endgame that can keep core gamers interested for 1-2 months, and a reason to return every season? It’s entirely possible that is not a goal at all, and the investment to get D4 there is just not worth it.
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2023.03.23 21:54 HauntingTrash7543 Credit Card payoff situation and negotiated

Hello all. I made some stupid decisions and my credit card debt has spiraled over 3+ years, starting during Covid. It piled on too much last year and came to a head. I stopped making payments in OctobeNovember. Everything is charging off in April or May. Mortgage is current and utilities are paid on my home. I'm trading in my car for a cheaper one to eliminate that debt. I also sold an investment property to fund paying off my debt. Here's my credit cards, settlement offers(napkin math percentage) they gave me most recently and amount that would be:
Credit Union: $16,000: 60% at $10,000
TD Bank $16,000: 55% at $9,000
Capitol One $14,000: 90% at $12,500
Bank of America $13,700: 25% at $3,500
Goldman Sachs $12,500: 50% at $6,250
CitiBank $15,000: 50% at $7,500
Credit Union 2 $10,000: 50% at $5,000
Discover $8,000: 60% at $5,000
Chase Card $5,800: 40% at $2,300
Does anyone have experience working with these companies for settlements? I think the offers will be better after charge off. I only have about $35,000-$40,000 to work with to pay them off. Would I get better offers if I pay an Attorney, or use a Debt Settlement Company?
Thank you for the help.
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2023.03.23 21:52 VirtualPlenty1553 Scammed via Shpock sale of mobile phone, bank say they wont refund

Hi everyone, 1st post on here
So I purchased a mobile phone via a Shpock listing, met the guy at his house and paid via bank transfer (Halifax) after checking the phone, he purchased it directly from Samsung so its not on contract, he supplied the receipt from Samsung also which made me confident enough to buy it for £800, I also did an IMEI number check before buying
The very next day the phone is remotely locked by Samsung and after speaking to Samung, I've found out that the seller purchased it from Samsung on a buy now pay later scheme, and has he hasn't kept up with the payments, Samsung have locked it
The seller has also blocked my number and when I contacted him froma different number he told me the address we met at was his friends house, and that he doesn't know why its locked and that it was sold as seen
I rang Halifax immediately and was told that they will not refund the payment, does this sound right? have I really just lost £800? the phone is dead weight as it won't go passed the lock screen without payment
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2023.03.23 21:52 tosbadam International with future F-1 Moving to US

Hey, I will be moving to US in about 6 months under a F-1 visa. I haven’t got/applied to the F-1 yet. I already have a US bank account that I use for my travels which I am planing to use for receiving my savings from my home country.
I have ~100k USD in liquid assets (stocks, cash, etc) in my home country (after taxed) in couple of bank accounts. I want to move them all to US (as USD). What are the tax implications for this? I guess this shouldn’t be taxed as it is not an income and it is savings and already taxed but I have minimal exposure to US taxing system. Also even this won’t be taxed I would imagine there would be some paper work involved. Wiring ~100k without any paper work seems weird.
Home country: Turkey. I think there are agreements for preventing double taxation between us and turkey
Any ideas? Thanks
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2023.03.23 21:47 vinibarbosa [BTC] Full mempool and empty blocks mined — In the last 48 hours, 5 blocks were mined with no transactions. The bitcoin network has been accumulating a backlog of transactions with increased demand for block space, and fees have been rising.

[BTC] Full mempool and empty blocks mined — In the last 48 hours, 5 blocks were mined with no transactions. The bitcoin network has been accumulating a backlog of transactions with increased demand for block space, and fees have been rising.
OP: [BTC] Full mempool and empty blocks mined — by u/vinibarbosa @ Substack
For 15 days, I have been monitoring the Bitcoin blockchain and the mempool of the node. And I've been reporting on a daily basis the evolution of a network backlog that can have negative consequences for users.
In this thread you can find daily snapshots and comments on the evolution of the problem. I even learned a lot about fee and transaction dynamics during the experiment.
I intend to bring a more complete study in the future, but today I want to draw attention to another point: Empty blocks.

Congested network with expected fees increase

Just for context, since the beginning of the thread, until today (MAR 23, 2023), the evolution of the data was as follows:
  • 🟧 Number of blocks waiting: 102 → 217 (+112.74%)
  • ⏳ Unconfirmed transactions: 18,030 → 56,617 (+214.01%)
  • 💽 Memory Usage: 418 MB → 913 MB (+118.42%)
  • 💸 Rates in sat/vB:
  • ├ HP: 20 → 23 ṩ/vB (+15%)
  • ├ MP: 12 → 20 ṩ/vB (+66.66%)
  • ├ LP: 08 → 17 ṩ/vB (+112.50%)
  • └ NP: 06 → 10 ṩ/vB (+66.66%)
  • 🔥 Purging: <2.01 → <4.56 ṩ/vB (+126.86%)
In general, this is not good for anyone who wants to use the Bitcoin network. This video explains a little about one of the problems arising from the increased demand for the network limited in scalability.
Part of these consequences can already be observed with new highs in the last 06 months in the history of the average fees paid in bitcoin. With the last record (MAR 22, 2023) at $3.33.

4 empty blocks mined in the last 48 hours

Amidst this chaotic scenario, an empty block caught my eye when I went to do the daily snapshot (usually around 16:00 UTC).
  • Block <782157> by Luxor
And just under two hours later, a new empty block was transmitted and confirmed on the blockchain.
  • Block <782170> by Poolin
Which motivated me to go a little deeper into the blockchain and I discovered that in less than 48h, two other blocks had also been mined empty — all of them rated 'health' = 0% by
  • Block <781891> by F2Pool
  • Block <781901> by Poolin
In its FAQ page, the site explains that empty blocks can appear in some moments, when blocks are discovered in a short period of time and the pool does not have time to add the transactions in the template that will be sent to the miner.
But they also explain that the health indicator at 0% normally means that transactions were intentionally excluded from the block template. 100% would mean that no transactions were intentionally censored.
Zero percent is not good.
And the fact that 04 empty blocks were observed in such a short period of less than 48 hours is an even more relevant red flag — as this should be a rare event.
In the last two years, only 0.4% of mined blocks did not contain any transactions other than the block reward transaction that is paid to the mining pool — currently at ₿ 6.25 (~US $175,000.00).
It's still too early to tell if an 'empty block attack' is taking place, where mining pools intentionally mine blocks without transactions to try to force a fee hike — but it's certainly worth watching.
Update — While I was writing the report, another empty block was found.
  • Block <782192> by ViaBTC
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2023.03.23 21:47 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in TX Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Martin Marietta Ready Mix Truck Driver Port Arthur
Hope Veterinary Clinic Associate Veterinarian Amarillo
Gonzaba Medical Group Director of Specialty Care Schertz
Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Sales Rep- Associate Territory Manager- Primary Care Alvin
Cleveland Brothers Equipment Yard Attendant Amarillo
Bausch + Lomb Bausch Lomb Ocular Specialty Representative - Huntsville, AL Arlington
Olive Garden Diner Manager Arlington
ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers Dental Implant Sales Consultant Austin
Cadence McShane Construction Project Executive Austin
Progressive Leasing Territory Sales Representative - Atlanta GA (south) Austin
Arizona State University Web Application Developer (IT) Austin
Frito Lay North America Route Sales Representative Austin
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Austin
Eisai Neurology Account Specialist - SA2 - Camden, NJ (US Field Based) Austin
Mastronardi Produce Grader A1 Day Shift Austin
Bell Nursery Greenhouse Farm Worker-Part Time (Montpelier) Austin
The Pete Store Outside Parts Sales Associate Austin
Gpac Workers Comp Atty Baytown
Interstate Companies Outside Sales - Heavy Duty Diesel Parts and Service Beaumont
HomeStreet Bank Business Support Manager Beaumont
Randstad Energy Efficiency Consultant Belton
Pueblo School District 70 Math InterventionTeacher, INR Belton
Wilbur Ellis Field Scout, Seasonal (Quincy, WA) Carrollton
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Carrollton
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Cedar Park
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 21:46 Super_Kat Consumer proposal or debt consolidation?

So I have about $102K in unsecured debt total. I make $64K gross annually. I have two lines of credit, a credit card, and a government student loan.
I met with my main bank, RBC, to consolidate my 40K LOC and 14K credit card into one loan. He said they could do it over 7 years, and he’s hoping for an interest rate under 10%. At that rate, I’ll be paying roughly $950/month with a 7-year loan. I also have a 12.5K car loan and 35K government student loan. This would render my total monthly debt payments at around $1500.
Alternatively, I met with an LIT, and she said she’s going to negotiate for a $300 monthly payment over 5 years, but that won’t include my government student loan or my vehicle loan.
So essentially, it comes down to choosing a higher monthly payment while keeping my credit score okay, maintaining a credit card to rebuild credit, but being extremely poor, bordering on having zero disposable income. If I go the proposal route, my payments would be low and I could pay it off more quickly than 5 years, but obviously my credit would be trashed while completing the proposal.
I’m completely torn. I don’t necessarily want to go the proposal route, but I could probably pay it off if it is accepted at $300/month in 2-4 years, as opposed to 7. I would also have more wiggle room to pay off my vehicle loan much quicker too. The consolidation loan, although while maintaining my credit score, would leave me no room to pay off the other debts more quickly.
Any respectful comments are appreciated.
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2023.03.23 21:45 sussyamongusblue My final Super Mario bros. Movie Predictions.

This is my prediction to the plot of the Super Mario brothers movie.
Please understand that this Will probably contain spoilers for the movie if my predictions turn out to be true.

If you disagree with my ideas, please tell me! I would love to hear all of your predictions on how Mario's adventure on the big screen will be like.

Anyways, the Movie opens up with the scene from the first trailer, with bowser breaking into the penguins kingdom and stealing the star, along with capturing the penguins.
Bowser steals the power star, a powerful object that would make you almost invincible. His goal in this movie is to steal all the power stars and take over the kingdom, along with marrying peach. He asks asks “WHO’S GONNA STOP ME!”
Screenshot From First trailer of the movie.
Then it would cut to the "commercial" with the super show theme and the hot girl and stuff. Then it shows mario and luigi going through a casual day in their lives, possibly showing them on the job messing up, and how they’re struggling with money, and them getting bullied by their Ex boss/neighbor spike, who tells them that someday they'll be crawling back to him.

One day they are hired to investigate a mysterious pipe. anyway they find said pipe, which transports them to the mushroom kingdom. Mario tries to hold on to his brother, but despite it they are transported into different sides of the world. Then we go to luigi, he ends up in bowser’s dark lands. He is chased by dry bones, and gets captured by shy guys.
Screenshot from second trailer.
Mario ends up in the mushroom kingdom Where he meets a mushroom man named toad. Mario explains to toad that he needs to find his brother, but toad sadly says that his brother was captured by bowser, but tells him that their princess can help, Then we go to the “mushroom kingdom clip”, and then mario and toad enter peach’s castle.
Screenshot From the Clip of the movie shown at the game awards.
In the castle, They see peach on her throne, Mario explains to peach her problem, and peach realizes that Mario is the chosen one! The star child said to assist the princess in defeating bowser, and bringing peace to the kingdoms.
Peach promises to help mario save his brother, but only is he helps them defeat bowser. She is interrupted by the toads telling peach about whats going on. Peach then says that BOWSER IS CUMMING but together they’re going to beat him.
Then we cut to bowser being told my kamek about how the mustachioed human prophesied to defeat bowser and save the kingdom has entered the mushroom kingdom. Then we see luigi being brought to bowser, where he is told about a in interrogates about his brother. Anyways peach decides to train mario into a superstar for a few days, until he’s ready to defend the mushroom kingdom.
Then Kamek talks to bowser about how the princess has been training mario, and this is when we get the bowser's musical number. Then we go back to mario, who has finished his training, and it is now time to journey…
Well I have 2 ideas,
1: To get all the power stars before bowser
2: To get the kong’s help to defeat bowser.
Whichever it is, they get there with A TRAVEL MONTAGE!!!
Screenshot from commercial of the movie.
Mario and co. end up in a fire flower field, where the rest for the night. Peach shows mario the fire flower, and explains the powers of power ups. She tells mario about how there’s a huge universe out there with a lot of galaxys. Maybe we could get a musical number from her too?
A mini-prediction is that while they rest bowser steals the yoshi’s star too, but that’s just sorta out there.
Anyways Luigi is put in a dungeon, Where he meets the penguin king, And a luma? Luigi thinks that he has to escape, but how?
Anyways they wake up, and enter the kong kingdom in order to get their help to defend the mushroom kingdom and take down bowser, They talk to the kong and get to the castle using the kong way of transportation, Karts.
Taken from this compilation:
After a really dangerous kart ride they reach the castle and talk to their leader, cranky. Cranky says that they will if mario proves his honor in a battle against their greatest warrior.
As mario gets ready and enters the arena we hear a familiar tune.
(They’re prob cut out the gun part)

Screenshot from second trailer.
Anyways dk fights mario, and when It seems like donkey is winning, But Mario sees the question block, and remembers what he learned in training about power ups. He gets the cat bell and uses it and gains the cat suit. Donkey Kong mocks him, but with the incredible power of The Nepeta Leijoin sui- I-I mean the cat suit, he is able to defeat dk and they get sick karts and use them to get back to the mushroom kingdom to and Defeat bowser once and for all! But on the way they get ambushed by a koopa troopa army.
Don't remember what this is from But I'm pretty sure it was one of the commercials. (Ass)
Mario tells them to go to the kingdom while he fights the troopas. (Also in clips on the movie toad is shown riding peach’s ass to the kingdom, so I guess his kart gets destroyed?)When they get there, Peach tells the toads to evacuate while they fight bowser in one final stand. Sadly, Bowser ends up capturing peach and toad.
Anyways, Mario and Dk arrive and use Power ups like The Fire, Super mushroom and tanooki suit to go fight bowser.
During the fight, Luigi escapes, then the brothers reunite and work together to break into bowser’s castle. Mario then ends up saving toad, but they can’t seem to find peach anywhere. They go to the top of the castle where peach is trapped in a cage, And bowser uses the power stars to become GIGA (Or just big.)
Screenshot from final trailer.
It’s a big fight between the gang and him, Maybe even peach breaks free from the cage and joins in too, But in the end, mario uses an axe to break the bridge that he and bowser are standing on, sacrificing himself for the good of the kingdom.

… Only for rosalina To save Mario! She thanks him for protecting the power stars, and being brave enough to fight the koopa king. Poster from the official Mario movie twitter.
There’s also another idea I have where bowser goes to brooklyn and they fight him there, but I don’t think that would go anywhere.
In the end, Mario and luigi end up staying in the mushroom kingdom, promising to always be there for peach, and help her protect the kingdom from bowser.
Another idea is for the credits, Mario introduces brooklyn and the rest of the world to the mushroom kingdom, and they make friends.
Also, I have 3 ideas for post credits scenes.
Wario and Waluigi are indroduced, dry bowser, and lastly, Bowser Jr.
Honestly, I don’t really think the koopling would work well for a mario movie sequel, There’s 7 of them, which means the movie would have to focus most of it’s runtime on them.
Anyway, that's my prediction for the plot of the Super Mario Bros. Movie!

So yeah that's it.
I hope my predictions come true, but who knows? Maybe the movie could be entirely different!
Anyways I can't wait to watch the movie when it comes out. I was really expecting it to Be a shitshow that doesn't even care about the source material and is just aimed for kids like That one copypasta, But I'm Really supprized at how good and faithful this movie is to it's source material! This may be one of if not the best video game-movie adaptions out there!
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2023.03.23 21:44 CockyNurse I cant for the life of my find my ticket number

I purchased the ticket using chase ultimate rewards which is a dead end trying to locate it on my statement since it just tells me how many points I used.
I found the email but nowhere does it say ticket number.
I have a:
Trip ID
Flight confirmation #
Agency reference #
and some flight numbers. No other email has anything important.
Cant find the trip at all on AA app.
Any ideas on where to find it? Tried calling but got the run around.
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2023.03.23 21:43 chargemeup101 EV Charger and Shared Path - Am I in the clear?

(I'm in England)
A few years back my partner and I purchased a new semi-detached property where our two neighbours walk past our front door to get to their houses - their front doors are perpendicular to the direction of the road (as is ours) and there is no other route to their front doors. Due to working patterns and general quietness (!) we don't really chat to our neighbours - everyone keeps to themselves but nobody has ever been a problem. We're all happy in our own quiet ways!
We share a common pathway to all the front doors, in the land registry title this is referred to as a "shared footpath". As we are the closest property to the road, what would be a garden (segregated by fence panels) for the other properties is a driveway for us, and we can fit a car on the front outside. We don't park on the shared pathway as to not block access for everyone else, be it for bins, buggies, or just walking. again no problems ever with this.
With the background out the way...
Recently we have been discussing purchasing an EV, which would mean a home charger for us. We would have to install the charger by our front door, but then the cable would have to run across the shared path to reach the car. We're planning to speak to the neighbours and get their thoughts but wanted to understand our legal position beforehand and if we would bear any responsibility if someone tripped? We're thinking of getting an outdoor cable channel like this: which would stop someone tripping on the wire, which would also allow buggies etc to keep moving. is this a safe option, or opening us up for legal issues down the road? is it an obstruction of sorts that could cause more problems?
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2023.03.23 21:43 2d8cvvv4f89b Deborah Meaden Bitcoin This Morning Review – Scam Or Legit ?

Deborah Meaden Bitcoin This Morning Review – Scam Or Legit ?
SPECIAL REPORT:Deborah Meaden's latest investment has perturbed experts and shook big banks United kingdom citizens already earn millions of euros from home through this “capital loophole” - but is that legal?
Official website: Bitcoin Profit
Deborah Meaden comes with a new secret investment that makes hundreds of people rich in United kingdom. Last week, Deborah Meaden popped in to announce a new “Capital Loophole” that he says can turn anyone into a millionaire in 3-4 months. Deborah Meaden urged all United kingdom citizens to take advantage of this great opportunity before the big banks shut it down forever.
And indeed, shortly after the interview was over, a representative of the United kingdom citizens called the to stop Deborah Meaden interview - but it was already too late.
Here are the events in detail:
Program host invited Deborah Meaden to the show to share his advice on wealth creation
“What made me successful is taking advantage of new opportunities quickly - without hesitation. And now the main money maker is the new cryptocurrency program called Bitcoin Profit . This is the only great opportunity I have ever seen in my entire life to make a quick little fortune. I invite everyone to check it out before the banks shut it down. "
as Deborah Meaden pulled out his phone and showed viewers how much he was making from this new paid program that everyone in United kingdom was whispering about.
The segment ran out of time before Deborah Meaden could elaborate, so we had an exclusive interview with the Deborah Meaden himself to learn more about this controversial opportunity.

Bitcoin Profit Review legit or scam ?
Our rating: Bitcoin Profit is not a scam
This means that the trading successfully works even when your device is off. As a result, this not only saves your time but saves a lot of energy. To start your work, you have to give the required permission to the to work accordingly, and the rest is on the bot.
“You may have heard about this cryptocurrency Bitcoin revolution that’s helping regular people in (United kingdom , Europe , Asia , Africa South America , and North America ) build fortunes . You may be skeptical because it sounds too good to be true.”
Deborah Meaden continues:
“I get that because I thought the same thing when a trusted friend told me about it. But after seeing with my own eyes how much Profits he was making, I had to try it for myself. I’m glad I tried it because it was some of the biggest and easiest funds I’ve ever made. I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars a day on autopilot. it’s literally the fastest way a windfall of cash right now. And it’s not going to last for much longer when more and more people find out about it. Or when banks shut it down for good.”
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Bill Gates and Richard Branson discuss Bitcoin Profit
These tech geniuses have built multi-billion companies on solving complex issues Such online payments, computing, and transportation. Now, they’re tackling on the global problem of wealth inequality by letting anyone – no matter how rich or poor they are – enough funds to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.
We are going through tough economic times and this is the solution people have been waiting for. Never in history have we had such an incredible opportunity that ordinary people can easily take advantage of it to generate enormous wealth in such a short time.
Some people hesitate to try because it is so different. And that's because the big banks are trying to cover it up! Big banks are actively creating propaganda and calling cryptocurrencies and platforms like Bitcoin Profit scams. Why? They fear that their profits will diminish once their clients know how to create considerable wealth on their own.
The truth is, cryptocurrency is the revolution of our lives and anyone who doesn't grab this opportunity is missing out on it. I have already received angry calls and threats from major financial companies * because I am bringing this technology to people's attention. But live them. The Belgians are already starting to know the truth and it is just a matter of time. *
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Millard Brault used the profits he earned from Bitcoin Profit to buy his little brother the car of his dreams. What an inspiring way to use the wealth for good!
OUR RESULTS WITH Bitcoin Profit : To verify Deborah Meaden 's story, we decided to try Bitcoin Profit ourselves to see if it was really possible for an average person to make any money with it.
Our reporter Anthony Hawkins went through full process:

Our senior editors wouldn’t let us to publish the Meeting with Deborah Meaden until we verified that Bitcoin Profit is a legitimate make-funds-from-home opportunity. Our corporate leadership did not want us releasing any information that could potentially cause citizens of United kingdom to lose -funds . So our editorial team tested Bitcoin Profit to sure it actually works Deborah Meaden described. One of our online editors, volunteered to risk his own funds and test out Bitcoin Profit I watched an introductory video about the Bitcoin Profit and then signed up. The seemed to be over-promising but I put my skepticism aside. Within a few hours, I received a call from my personal investor. He answered all questions and doubts I had, and assured me I was going to make funds.
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receivied a cheque for €4,500 ($6,018) for his first two weeks of using Bitcoin Profit review
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To save our reader's time and check its functionality, Philippe has kindly created a guide for getting started with the system.
Start Trading in 3 easy steps
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The first thing you see is a video showing off the power ofBitcoin Profit . The advertising is big and bold and in your face, but it is and that’s how they do things. Anyway, you simply submit your name and email address the to get started right away.
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Step 1: Registration on Bitcoin Profit
Registration on Bitcoin Profit was quick indeed, it took me only 2 minutes to complete the signup process.
I couldn't do anything because the account was not activated. In order to activate it I had to make a deposit. I decided to grab quick coffee with my colleagues and then to continue

Next up, you’re asked to fund your account. As I was navigating the deposit page, my mobile rang. It was an international number so I was hesitant to answer but then I realised it was obviously from.
Step 2: Deposit and Activation
To activate the account, I've made the initial deposit of $250 using my credit card. My account was activated immediately after the deposit so I decided to turn on the auto trading option and browse around to see if they have any other options available.
By accident, I refreshed the profits page and I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
It really worked! Bitcoin Profit made me $39.84 in profit, after only 3 minutes of making the deposit!
Sure enough, it was my own personal account manager. His service was great. He took me through the entire funding process. They accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. I went ahead and deposited the minimum amount which is $250 USD.
Step 3: The Live Trading with the Bitcoin Profit
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At this point, any colleague I would show my account to, would rush to register immediately on Bitcoin Profit .
I decided to withdraw most of my profits, so I had Bitcoin Profit pay out £11,000 to my PayPal account. The remaining amount I decided to keep on Bitcoin Profit to generate more money.
7 hours later, I've received an email from Paypal saying that I've received £11,000 from Bitcoin Profit , I checked my Paypal right away to confirm it and the money was there!
£11,000.00 arrived from Bitcoin Profit to my Paypal account.
Bitcoin Profit REALLY WORKS! Deborah Meaden was not lying, Bitcoin Profit indeed works and it will definitely change a lot of lives!
Unfortunately, today they've sent an email to everyone explaining that soon they will have to close down the registrations for new members as they can't keep up with the demand.
If you haven't by now, I urge you and everyone reading this to register right away, in order to secure your spot because they might close registrations at any given point.
Account registration is free and it only takes 2 minutes, you can click here to register.
However, it's necessary to deposit a minimum of £200 GBP (or $250 USD) in order to fully activate the account and the trading algorithm.

IMPORTANT: You will most likely receive a call after signing up, just like I have. Don't ignore it because their managers were very helpful when I was starting out and I highly recommend building a good relationship with them.
“Everyone wants to be rich but no one knows how to do it. Well, is the opportunity of a lifetime to build a fortune that will allow you to live the life you truly desire. It will NOT be around forever, so do not miss out.” — Deborah Meaden
The unbelievable happened: Jonas just informed us that Bitcoin Profit is live! You are accepting the first 1,000 members for a free, lifetime membership. It even offers € 250 free for registration. That is literally free money! As we write this, there are still 937 places available, but it won't be long before all of the places on this unique opportunity are filled. Hurry up. Click the link to register now. Visit the official Bitcoin Profit Website
Official website: Bitcoin Profit
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2023.03.23 21:41 Dismal-Jellyfish Central Bank Liquidity Swap Operations Alert! The Fed provides (6) 7-day loan operations totaling $590,500,000 in Central Bank Liquidity Swaps to: Swiss National Bank (3 loans for $107 million) and the European Central Bank (3 loans for $483.5 million).

Central Bank Liquidity Swap Operations Alert! The Fed provides (6) 7-day loan operations totaling $590,500,000 in Central Bank Liquidity Swaps to: Swiss National Bank (3 loans for $107 million) and the European Central Bank (3 loans for $483.5 million).

Say hello again to Central Bank Liquidity Swaps!

In April 2009, the Federal Reserve announced foreign-currency liquidity swap lines with the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, and the Swiss National Bank.

The Federal Reserve lines constitute a part of a network of bilateral swap lines among the six central banks, which allow for the provision of liquidity in each jurisdiction in any of the six currencies should central banks judge that market conditions warrant. In October 2013, the Federal Reserve and these central banks announced that their liquidity swap arrangements would be converted to standing arrangements that will remain in place until further notice.

How it works:

In general, these swaps involve two transactions. When a foreign central bank draws on its swap line with the Federal Reserve, the foreign central bank sells a specified amount of its currency to the Federal Reserve in exchange for dollars at the prevailing market exchange rate. The Federal Reserve holds the foreign currency in an account at the foreign central bank. The dollars that the Federal Reserve provides are deposited in an account that the foreign central bank maintains at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. At the same time, the Federal Reserve and the foreign central bank enter into a binding agreement for a second transaction that obligates the foreign central bank to buy back its currency on a specified future date at the same exchange rate. The second transaction unwinds the first. At the conclusion of the second transaction, the foreign central bank pays interest, at a market-based rate, to the Federal Reserve. Dollar liquidity swaps have maturities ranging from overnight to three months.
When the foreign central bank loans the dollars it obtains by drawing on its swap line to institutions in its jurisdiction, the dollars are transferred from the foreign central bank's account at the Federal Reserve to the account of the bank that the borrowing institution uses to clear its dollar transactions. The foreign central bank remains obligated to return the dollars to the Federal Reserve under the terms of the agreement, and the Federal Reserve is not a counterparty to the loan extended by the foreign central bank. The foreign central bank bears the credit risk associated with the loans it makes to institutions in its jurisdiction.
The foreign currency that the Federal Reserve acquires is an asset on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. Because the swap is unwound at the same exchange rate that is used in the initial draw, the dollar value of the asset is not affected by changes in the market exchange rate. The dollar funds deposited in the accounts that foreign central banks maintains at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are a Federal Reserve liability.

This week the operations became daily: Coordinated central bank action to enhance the provision of U.S. dollar liquidity

The Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Swiss National Bank are today announcing a coordinated action to enhance the provision of liquidity via the standing U.S. dollar liquidity swap line arrangements.
To improve the swap lines' effectiveness in providing U.S. dollar funding, the central banks currently offering U.S. dollar operations have agreed to increase the frequency of 7-day maturity operations from weekly to daily. These daily operations will commence on Monday, March 20, 2023, and will continue at least through the end of April.
The network of swap lines among these central banks is a set of available standing facilities and serve as an important liquidity backstop to ease strains in global funding markets, thereby helping to mitigate the effects of such strains on the supply of credit to households and businesses.

Remember, the Swiss National Bank had used this facility 6 times for 7-day swaps totaling $20.5 billion previously:

Back in September, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) used the long-standing swap line with the Fed for five 7-day swaps in a row. The largest swap amounted to $11.1 billion matured on October 27. Then again once more for a 7-day swap in December (matured on December 15th for $1,000,000).
The number goes up after today...


The Swiss National Bank has likely swapped $20.6+ billion to provide short-term liquidity to Credit Suisse, right?!?!?!
I wonder what bank within the European Central Bank needs $483.5 million?
Remember, this is expensive money at (~5%) for these 7-day swaps.
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2023.03.23 21:40 ocshoppers Newton Referral Code - New users get a $25 sign up bonus after trading $100

Say hello to Newton.
No-fee crypto trading for Canadians.
Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more instantly.
Newton is crypto as it should be: with a native mobile app, instant approval, and no commissions.
Link to your bank account to add or withdraw funds seamlessly. Leave your crypto with them, or move it to your own wallet. The choice is yours.
To get started:
  1. Sign up with referral link: (Or enter code 3GWFVX manually)
  2. Fund your account via a linked bank account, e-transfer, wire transfer, etc.
  3. Start Trading!
Bonus, after $100 traded you will be credited an extra $25
You can keep trading or withdraw at any time
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2023.03.23 21:38 Pasty_Asian Drum pads triggering incorrect sounds

I recently bought a kit (DM6) and am using a DM7X module. Unfortunately, all of the wiring doesn't seem to communicate well with the module, as all the pads are routed to the incorrect trigger (I hit the snare, but It triggers Tom 1 and vice versa). Is there a way to re-path the drums, or am I just screwed?
Apologies if this is extremely simple, I am -very- new to the Edrum world.
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