Huxley elmo in grouchland mine


2023.03.23 20:55 OcelotAggressive8741 Question

Does turning up the mid match and post match run ins in balancing settings actually ever give you run ins??
Had mine set to 8 and not seen 1 run in 😂
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2023.03.23 20:54 Lowkey_Iconoclast Leave the Book of Mormon alone, it was a product of its time (the 1820s).

There are many elements of the Book of Mormon that prove its status as a forgery, but for me, one of the most telling is the fact that is the last remnant of Moundbuilder Myth. The myth, in brief, maintained that the various Native American mounds and ruins in what became the United States, were actually built by Europeans who traveled across the Atlantic centuries before the Vikings. The Moundbuilder theory had different variations, but it attributed the construction of those structures still visible in many parts of the country to white people, and not to Native Americans. The theory was grounded in colonial racism, which denied that Native Americans were mentally or physically capable of building walled cities and complex trade routes (they were and are, by the way).
Joseph Smith would have grown up hearing stories of ancient cities built by lost European cultures, as well as hidden Spanish silver mines and cities of gold. He likely substituted white Europeans with Hebrews in writing the Book of Mormon, though Nephites were described as white and delightsome, so for all intents and purposes they were white. Indeed, it was commonly believed in early 19th century American Christianity that white Europeans were the descendants of the Lost Tribes and therefore, the ancient Israelites were basically white (another facet Joseph Smith borrowed, with patriarchal blessings and lineages).
The Moundbuilder Myth was very common when the Book of Mormon was written, but it became less popular by the end of the 19th century; everywhere, of course, except Utah. Belief in the Moundbuilder Myth led to grave robbing of Native American artifacts (see Zelph the White Lamanite), desecration of burial sites, and justification for the theft of Native land. There was a sense of false indignation in white Americans that their long lost white cousins were so horribly destroyed by the savage Native Americans, and it was retaking land, not conquering it. It is uncanny to see the similarities between the Book of Mormon and the Moundbuilder Myth.
This post isn't my best, but I would encourage you to research more about this myth and the lack of evidence of the Book of Mormon. It is one of the most incorrect books in the world.
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2023.03.23 20:54 Shannonjoyh D750 stolen in Mexico- what should get now?

Hello, the unthinkable happened. After all these years of my camera going with me absolutely everywhere, my baby (Nikon750) has been taken from me at an all inclusive resort in Cabo Mexico. It was a freak, stupid accident which caused this and I am so so sad. But, I cannot change what has happened so I am wanting to start dreaming about the next camera child of mine. I shoot on the side, as a small business, for portraits, babies, newborns, mostly seniors now, sports, and any event I can bring it to for fun. It goes on all vacations. I love landscapes and recently started in night photography. My current gear : D750 (somewhere in Mexico), 35 mm 1.8 Tamron (also in Mexico on the body- my fave lens!), at home I still have a: 105 nikon broken but works nice on manual focus for slow portraits, 50mm 1.8, 85 1.8, a german lens for freelensing, and another fave of mine is the 45 lensbaby sol. Would an 850 be the obvious next choice? I'm not convinced on the new Z models. While I do like the idea of them being lighter, I'm not sure I want to switch everything. Let me know what you guys would get next. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 20:54 Vaporized_Dreams Sound for 75-100 person dance event

Hello, I'm planning a celebration of life event for a dear friend of mine, which will have DJs throughout the night. We're working with a production company for all of our needs, and was hoping I could get some guidance on which subs / speakers to go with. They don't have a large selection, but I'd still like to make sure the sound is as good as possible. I'll attach photos of them as well
For subs, they have the JBL SRX818SP, but also Custom High Output LAB (not sure where to find specs on this one). Here is a photo of the LAB subs I'll try to get the specs for the custom one, but it seems like it may be overkill. If I go with the JBL SRX818SP's, would 2 be enough, or should I go with 4?
As for the speakers, they have JBL 4733 (as shown in the photo above), as well as QSC K10's. I hear a lot of great things about the QSC K10, but they look rather small in the photos / videos I've seen. I'm wondering if size matters in this case, and if it'd be enough to fill a room of 75-100 people for electronic dance music. While the JBL 4733s are bigger, I believe they're quite old, so maybe the newer QSC's would make up for the size difference?
Also, I'm guessing the QSC's would be a no brainer for the dj booth monitors, since we wouldn't need much of an output in that case.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) <3
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2023.03.23 20:53 dedusitdl Kraken Energy Corp. (UUSA UUSAF) latest drill results + stock info

Kraken Energy Corp. (UUSA UUSAF) latest drill results + stock info
As support for nuclear energy and demand for carbon-free energy grows, many are looking for high-potential uranium juniors to invest in. One for your consideration is Kraken Energy Corp. (Ticker: UUSA.c or UUSAF for US investors).
UUSA operates in the state of Nevada, USA. Not only is Nevada a Tier 1 mining jurisdiction but US uranium miners have the opportunity to benefit from US government uranium production incentives.
Yesterday, UUSA shared news from its Garfield Hills Project. Five holes that were drilled on the property returned wide zones of elevated radioactivity. One hole intersected 18.0m of elevated radioactivity with downhole probe readings from 251 to 431 cps. Additionally, continued prospecting and ground truthing indicated a mineralized surface expression over 4km along strike EW from the present drilling location.
Kraken Energy Corp. plans to initiate a follow-up Phase 2 drilling program at Garfield Hills later this year in light of these findings. For more information on the latest discoveries from the Garfield Hills Project, please click on this link:
UUSA also controls the Apex Project, which encompasses the state's biggest past-producing uranium mine and is expected to yield even more uranium using modern discovery techniques. The Apex Project has returned multiple samples with U3O8 grades above 0.5% and up to 3.19% U3O8. Drilling is planned to start at Apex in H1 2023.
The company's Huber Hills Project, located in Elko County, is the county's largest past-producing uranium mine with no recent exploration conducted. The historic production yielded around 10,000 pounds of U₃O₈ with a grade of 0.24% U₃O₈. Channel samples taken in 2007 showed U₃O₈ grades of 0.149% and 0.102%.
The project is located 2 km east of Mountain City and 145 km from Elko, with year-round access available via all-weather Highway 225. The project encompasses 1,044 hectares across 129 unpatented lode claims, and the company has full ownership with no NSR. The project is well-equipped with infrastructure such as roads, water, electricity, and a logistics base.
Check out Kraken Energy's website for more information on the company and its projects: Posted on behalf of Kraken Energy Corp.
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2023.03.23 20:52 rolandinvt More than capable

More than capable
Just pulled neighbor's Jeep Cherokee out of mud sunk to axles in driveway, then found out they had parking brake on the whole time. Not much mud on mine 😆 #morethancapable
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2023.03.23 20:52 Better-Chance-8878 I really need to stop.. Any tips?

I’ve been doing it multiple times everyday for many years. Sometimes Ill do it less times a day but I know it’s a really big problem of mine and I really want to stop. I always end up giving in.. please help. I don’t want to feel bad about myself anymore. I don’t want to feel low on energy all the time. I don’t want to be always lazy and I know this is what is causing all that..
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2023.03.23 20:51 Endonian The DM Who Blew Up His Game When We Said We Were Uncomfortable. TW mentions of sexual assault.

The cast of this story:
Me: Myself, and I, a SorcereFighter Gremlin: My partner, a magus Captain: The leader of our in-game party and a close friend of everyone present, a rogue Knives: Captain’s poly partner, my partner’s close friend and unfortunately an enabler for our problem player, a cleric. Newbie: Mine and Gremlin’s roommate. Ogre: A (now former) friend to everyone at the table. Our problem player, the DM for this game.
So, backstory. We were playing a homebrew campaign based around Kingmaker, run by Ogre. Standard stuff, Aldori swordlord tells us we can have a barony if we can map and clear out some land. When we start the game is pretty fun. There’s a good party dynamic, everyone tries to be friendly, though this part is not without its issues. From day one Gremlin is regularly spoken over, not just by DM. They don’t have a very forceful personality, so they can pretty easily get left behind in conversation. Add to that a short attention span from everyone at the table and you have a recipe for upset players. So we bring it up to Ogre. He personally apologizes and assures us he will make an effort to include Gremlin.
And just like that we think the problem is solved. Only, it isn’t. It only takes a short time before things resume as they were. Now we’re a little miffed, so we just try to let it go and I try my best to ensure that Gremlin is getting some screen time.
Somehow I think us even bringing that up made him mad, or maybe he just didn’t like Gremlin, because everyone got a little bit of their backstory woven into the story EXCEPT Gremlin. Tensions are beginning to build, but Knives and Ogre are only making it worse by overtly flirting as Ogre passes out endless plot hooks to her. Ugh. We try our best to just make it work and I do some in character work to make sure Gremlin’s backstory is at least mentioned, since we had our characters be old friends.
So, we move on to a plot arc where we’re supposed to save a Baronet from a demon. Cool! Classic damsel in distress, easy hook, finally we’re all invested. Awesome!
How naive could we have been.
When we save her, her mouth has been stitched shut. Brutal, but not outside our comfort zones. However he has this damsel LITERALLY cling to my character to the point she won’t bathe without my help. This made me very uncomfortable to begin with, but then he puts on his neckbeardiest grin and says:
“You see that her genitals are bleeding. The demon had his way with her.
I’m shocked. The table goes completely quiet. After a few moments of white-knuckled clenching, I tell him I’m not comfortable with themes of sexual assault because there are people at the table who went through it. He says it’s fine because he’s been sexually assaulted too. In utter disbelief, I tell him that’s not okay and that not everyone processes it the same way.
He responds by blowing up the game. Me and my partner left then and there and the campaign completely died. Nobody wants to be his friend anymore after that.
TL;DR neckbeard former friend decides that his experiences trump everyone else’s, makes everyone uncomfortable, game implodes.
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2023.03.23 20:50 CannedBread360 Jordan Gig Wah Wah Volume Pedal

Jordan Gig Wah Wah Volume Pedal
I'm trying to find a schematic somewhere on this pedal I got. Its weird, its harsh, and its has that late 60s garage rock sound in the bag.
I got mine for $50 after I found it in the back of a warehouse. I love it, but I don't want to wear it out. I have photos of the internals, but no seems to have the info I'm looking for. Other owners seem to have different internals in theirs. I don't know a lot about electronics, so the last thing I want to do is take it apart and ruin it. Where would I begin to start trying to clone this? Are there people out in the world that would do it for me? Is this even the right subreddit to ask all this in? Josh from JHS ripped on it a little, but this is easily the best Wah IVE personally used.
Any help would be super appreciated!
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2023.03.23 20:50 KJtama Personal Feelings Regarding Being "Transmasc"

Does anyone feel similar?
I don't know if its just me(currently going by agender (they/them), but have adopted the trans masc label), but I feel like the process of transitioning for trans women is seen as more beautiful than that of trans men or people who are trans masc. This is very much me being insecure, and I do not put this view on other people, every trans person is beautiful and every transition is different and amazing.
I want to reiterate that this is a deeply personal feeling as I have not really been in a trans community before (questioning gender since middle school, i am now 22 so you can really blame this opinion on me). Not to mention that my ex partner(MtF) said something that really hurt my feelings considering my theoretical transition (assuming that they would find me unattractive if I did, whereas I told them that I couldn't wait to see who they became and the like) so that really put a damper on my thoughts to start T.
I guess I also grew up a girl on the internet, and was surrounded by creeps and weirdos of men, so I have a personal opinion of them that isnt the best, so to grow into wanting to present as one is............................. something I cant explain. Like I could never label myself man, i dont know if this is because i (to put it harshly) hate them, or if I'm just not a full out transman.
I guess these things have really caused me to be almost indifferent about gender, because I can't really comfortably say anything about mine.
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2023.03.23 20:49 AlphaofthePresent How mentally weak I have become is unfathomable to myself .

From losing 40 Kgs to Gaining it all back , from disxiplined to shit again . From normal fetishes to extreme fetishes that kill me from inside . From hyperfocused to ADHD . Its unbearable ; the Pain , Misery and sorrow . The disappointment in my mothers eyes . Disappointment in my eyes . Its all here , what I feared more than anything . I am stuck , but I know I am a man and god wont let me down . He and I both know that i will rise up again into the world . It will be mine , my life would be mine. My ability to live life again will come and I know it will . I know how to but still cant do anything . Everything seems to breaking . I want no Help , but kind words wont hurt . Please pray that I get out this dispair . I will.
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2023.03.23 20:49 Allanon_Kvothe 1990 chevy 350 (5.7L) v8 distributor replacement

My distributor cap is cracked and the contacts/points/whatever you call them are corroded and the truck runs like crap. I've cleaned them up before and the truck ran great for a while, but now I just want to replace it.
The problem is searching for a replacement distributors, most of what I find that says it fits my truck does not look like what is already there. Some of the caps look completely different. Mine has the 8 wires that go to the spark plugs, then 1 in the center that connects to the ignition coil. But searching for a "1990 chevy k1500 5.7L distributor", 90% of what comes up shows distributors that do not look like mine. So, does it matter? are there just different types/styles or do I need to make sure to get one that looks exactly the same?
For reference, Mine looks like,1000_QL80_.jpg With a wire that goes to this:
Most of what websites tell me "fit your vehicle" looks like this:
Thank you in advance for any help, it is appreciated.
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2023.03.23 20:49 fredianogb How can I help my friend who was the victim of a fake therapist?

For background I live in Ontario in Canada.
A close friend of mine, who I will call J, recently told me a disturbing story about her therapist Dr. Shara Ally who runs a company called NeuroOrganics. Dr. Ally had been having J do a significant amount of volunteer work for her while also giving her therapy. J wasn't doing anything clinical, just helping with her social media presence, but it still seems really wrong to have a therapeutic relationship with someone who is working for you for free. To me, it just seems super unethical to have someone you're supposed to be treating also working for you.
To make things worse, my friend had to back out of doing as much volunteer work because she had other obligations, and Dr. Ally completely lost it. She accused J of being ungrateful and then told her that she would now have to pay ten times more for her therapy sessions since she was no longer volunteering as much. Basically, using her therapeutic sessions as blackmail to get her to keep working for free. And keep in mind, my friend is a poor student who's already struggling with depression - there's no way she can afford that kind of price hike.
Originally, I was going recommend she complain to the CPSO, which is the board governing doctors in Ontario. But after doing some digging it turns out that Dr. Shara Ally isn't even a real doctor. She got her DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) in California without becoming a nurse practitioner and has no training in mental health whatsoever. She has some fake MBA from a diploma mill, and she's not registered with any professional college either, which seems like a huge red flag.
To make matters worse, she's using her DNP degree as false advertising to make it seem like she's a doctor qualified to offer theraputic services. However, on her NeuroOrganics website, there's a tiny disclaimer that says her services aren't medical: "SERVICE AND PRODUCTS OFFER HEALTH TEACHING, PROVIDING INFORAMTION, ENCOURAGEMENT, SUPPORT, AND INSTRUCTION. THE CONTROLLED ACTS OF PSYCHOTHERAPY OF ANY SORT WILL NOT BE OFFERED."
My understanding is that Dr. is a protected title in Canada. I understand that the DNP degree might allow you to use the title Dr, but given that she is purporting to provide medical services, using it in that context seems incredibly wrong.
I'm really worried that this person is taking advantage of and profiting off people who are vulnerable and struggling with mental health issues. Not really sure what to do about it since she isn't registered with any professional college. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this kind of situation? I don't know who to complain to.
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2023.03.23 20:49 jet-addict Ny/Ct border caves/ mines

Hey I live like an hour north of nyc does anyone happen to know any good caves or mines in the area?
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2023.03.23 20:48 AnyAbbreviations7217 My Guide to Hell’s Itch - Remedies, Causes

Hey guys, I was unfortunate enough to experience the agony of Hell’s Itch and I want to share what I learned from experience and scouring Reddit (in a summary for you).
CAUSES: I started noticing some similarities in Reddit posts as well as with myself and thought I would share them as potential causes.
-Sunburn (obviously)
-Previously Dry Skin (I’ve noticed this in myself and others mentioned it)
-Vitamin D Deficiency (Easy to be deficient after winter time and not seeing the sun for a long time, this was a common symptom mentioned)
-Dehydration (Something I’ve noticed in myself just prior to my sunburn but follows the same path of potential causes)
PROCESS: The process can vary slightly but mine was very similar to a typical Hell’s Itch process.
-You get sunburned (a decent burn maybe not your worst though)
-Nothing out of the ordinary in the first 48 hours since the sunburn
-Trigger (something seems to trigger the “attack” and start your clock of Hell’s Itch, the most common I read including my trigger was taking a shower)
-You experience an extreme amount of pain and itch coming from the affected skin until you can get the attack under control (Benadryl Gel Capsules worked for me)
-As long as nothing else “triggers” your skin you’ll have moderate to mild itching feeling for the next 1-5 days. The itching sensation should slowly fade as your sunburn heals (about 2-3 days for me)
-You’ll be back to normal, having gone through Hell and back.
SOLUTIONS / DO NOTS: This is a mixture of things that worked for me and things Reddit says to avoid.
-DO NOT ITCH YOUR SKIN! There’s a good chance this will immediately trigger an attack of pain and extreme itch.
-DO NOT use Aloe Vera (also called after sun lotion) this will most likely make things much worse
-DO NOT take cold showers or baths (again makes things worse)
-DO NOT expect to get great results from Steroid creams or lotions (they may even make it worse, or at best not help that much)
-POTENTIAL SOLUTION BUT USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: during my attack I assumed I was dealing with swimmers itch, so I made a paste out of baking soda + water and my dad covered my back in this paste. Surprisingly, it helped alleviate the itching and pain while he went to the store and got me Benadryl. I don’t know if it was the baking soda that helped or merely the fact that my skin was no longer exposed to the air, but either way it helped me and I have not seen this mentioned anywhere on Reddit.-SOLUTION: Benadryl, worked for many people and myself included (I took the Gel Capsules at max dosage). Brings down the Itchy sensation to a more dull feeling. Just expect to sleep for a few hours after you take it.-SOLUTION: Drinking a ton of water and rehydrating. I did this and I imagine it only helped in my recovery process.
-SOLUTION: Hot showers, the reason I would think this works is because it opens up your pores that may otherwise be closed, due to the sunburn and tightness of your skin. I never had to try this, but many many people on Reddit say this works.
-SOLUTION: Peppermint oil. I’ve used this in past (not with Hell’s Itch) and the thing you learn about peppermint oil is it’s known as a driving oil, which is another way to say it’s a deep penetrating oil, I would guess this is why so many on Reddit have used this.
-SOLUTION: Vitamin A & D creams (This would almost make sense, especially if a Vitamin D deficiency was one of the causes in the first place) I didn’t try this but a few on Reddit said it helped.-SOLUTION: Some people had success with heat, such as hot pads, hair dryers on the skin etc. I wanted to avoid this simply due to the fact it can damage your skin, but if this is a solution you think you need i would look at other posts. BE AWARE, your skin is already burned from the sun and adding a bunch of heat could be damaging so be extra careful.-AVOID touching the affected skin. This could trigger it to flare up. I found it’s best to just let it be.
-AVOID letting anything rub on the skin. I would honestly avoid wearing clothes on the affected skin if possible as this would probably only make it worse. As mine was on my back I avoided sitting against the back of chairs and preferred sleeping on my side, not to irritate it.-POTENTIALLY AVOID fans, air conditioning etc. you should gauge how your skin is feeling in the type of environment you’re in. If blowing air is helping than by all means go for it, for me the blowing air irritated my skin.MENTAL: I want to address this because this plays a huge factor in Hell’s Itch. As a “tough” 29 year old Male, Hell’s Itch brought me to my knees and on the verge of tears. You should plan on being mentally tough to get through some of these moments but REST ASSURED THIS WILL PASS.
-People don’t know what you’re feeling. I think explaining the severity of the pain and itch will help them understand this isn’t just sunburn discomfort. It’d be great to show them some articles about Hell’s Itch. The best way I could describe it to someone is that it feels like pins and needles being pressed into my skin, being bitten by fire ants and mosquitos all at the same time, and when an attack comes on it feels like I’m being stabbed. Add all that to the strongest urge to itch your skin you’ve ever felt and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like.
-THIS IS NOT PERMANENT, as much as you’re suffering right now, keep your head up. This will pass and things will go back to normal. Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary pain. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS! -YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO PULL THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE! I PROMISE!If you’re reading this post, I’m sorry you have to go through this. But you can do it! I know you can! You’ll feel so much better soon! I hope this helps and remember NOTHING I HAVE WRITTEN HERE IS MEDICAL ADVICE. ALWAYS CONSULT A DOCTOR WHEN EXPERIENCING ANY CHANGES TO YOUR HEALTH.
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2023.03.23 20:46 Igneous200 [USA-PA] [H] EVGA RTX 3070 TI FTW3 ULTRA [W] Paypal or local cash

Hi, I'm upgrading my gpu next month so i thought i'd sell the old one. Looking for 500 shipped 450 local. Bought the card in june last year and it works great, but i got some money to spend so i'm getting a 4090. I don't have the original packaging but aside form that there's nothing wrong with the card. Hasn't been used for mining or anything particularly strenuous. Posting early to scout out some offers and let people know it's here but i'll be able to ship at the earliest March 29th(that's the earliest my new gpu could get here), but likely early april. Timestamps
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2023.03.23 20:46 ChanceWarden petrosian copypasta in Shakespearean English

Art thee kidding ??? what the **** art thou talking about sir ? thou art a biggest loos'r i ev'r seen in mine own life ! thou wast doing PIPI in thy pamp'rs at which hour i wast beating playeth'rs much m're stout'r then thee! thou art not proffesional, because proffesionals kneweth how to loseth and congratulate opponents, thou art liketh a wench crying aft'r i did beat thee! beest brave, beest honest to yourself and stand ho this trush talkings!!! ev'rybody knoweth yond i am v'ry valorous blitz playeth'r, i can winneth anyone in the w'rld in single game! and "w"esley "s"o is nobody f'r me, just a playeth'r who is't art crying ev'ry single timeth at which hour loosing, ( rememb'r what thee sayeth about firouzja ) !!! stand ho playing with mine own nameth, i des'rve to has't a valorous nameth during whole mine own chess carri'r, i am officially inviting thee to otb blitz matcheth with the prize fund! both of us shall invest 5000$ and winn'r doth take t all! i suggesteth all oth'r people who is't's intrest'd in this situation, just taketh a behold at mine own results in 2016 and 2017 blitz w'rld championships, and yond shouldst beest enow. Nay needeth to hark f'r ev'ry crying babe, tigran petrosyan is at each moment playeth fair ! and if 't be true someone shall continueth officially speak of me liketh yond, we shall meeteth in court! god blesseth with true! true shall nev'r kicketh the bucket ! li'rs shall did kick off
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2023.03.23 20:46 Extra_Information_48 Favourite BRONSON songs?

I was avoiding BRONSON for some reason - just couldn’t imagine it being my sort of music… I’ve listened to the album 3 times in the past 2 days!
What’s everyone’s favourite BRONSON songs?? Mine are BLINE and KEEP MOVING!
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2023.03.23 20:46 BrandDC [SELL] 3sixteen NT-122x 12oz and 3sixteen ST-122x 12oz Shadow Selvedge Jeans Made in USA from Japanese Denim. Tag 36 but NT is 35" x 34" and ST is 34" x 35.5" unaltered. New with Tags.

So, 3sixteen jeans run a bit small from the factory unlike other jeans which may be TTS or Vanity Sized.
These jeans retail for $250 each. Buy mine for $150 (net) plus $8 shipping each within ConUS.
Brand new with tags, unaltered from factory with chain-stitched hems.
NT-122x NT-122x Narrow Taper Actual measurements 35" waist flat aligned. 34" crotch to hem inseam length.
ST-122x ST-122x Slim Taper Actual measurements 34" waist flat aligned. 35.5" crotch to hem inseam length.
The NT-122x and ST-122x jeans feature a 12oz. selvedge denim which consists of indigo warp and black weft threads. This denim is woven exclusively for 3sixteen in Okayama, Japan-based Kuroki Mills and will fade to a high contrast blue with wear. We've given the jean a rinse and light tumble dry to give it an extremely soft, broken-in feel that's perfect for the summer months. Made in USA.
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2023.03.23 20:46 Apprehensive-Log-401 What is your most current unpopular opinion in wrestling?

Mine is that although Chad Gable is good in ring, and entertaining on the mic, he's not this super "underutilized" talent that people say he is.
Right now, his position is exactly where he should be.
Either that or, MJF is an excellent in ring performer, but I'm not sure he's someone to rang an entire company on... I think he is this generations CM Punk. He might be too unreliable, just emotionally and mentally to be "the guy" for any company. He certainly is the weakest AEW World Champion so far.
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2023.03.23 20:46 yellowpowaranga Storytime of a former friend pit attack

First, this story is about an old friend of mines who shared how his family had one pitbull back in the 2000s. The dog was purchased when it was a baby pitbull. He raised this pitbull up all around relatives, his kids, and any other friends of his. He thought the dog was trained after being trained and would never attack anybody including himself.
One night he came home from work after a late night shift. He came into his garage only to be met by the pitbull giving him that death glare that they have. So, the pit charged at him instantly and he had a fight with this dog.
He had to use all his strength to pick it up physically and slam the entire body hard against the garage concrete. He said he used all his strength again to slam it against the wall very violently because he went into survival mode to where if he had to take out the dog he said he would’ve. He even grabbed a heavy metal chain to try to beat it.
It didn’t touch his kids or anything. No one knew he was battling a dog at like 3am-4am in the morning. Like a brutal attack went on for several minutes. I don’t remember whether he broke the pitbull legs or what not but the fight was brutal. I remember questioning why even bother to have these dogs? They are like walking sharks on four legs.
They have no mercy or no doggy sense to not randomly attack people. You can train all you want to think you got the best pitbull but you DO NOT.
Luckily, he survived the fight but after had the dog euthanized after that because he didn’t see any use to selling it or putting in the local community animal shelters. That dog snapped on him but he was in shocked thinking that it would’ve never happened. I couldn’t imagine being viscously attacked after coming home from work. He claimed the dog was playful prior to leaving for work. To each it’s own these dogs are dangerous.
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2023.03.23 20:44 Skullpuck Looking for moderation help.

Greetings. As this subreddit grows, and my work life gets more intense, I'm finding I need some help growing this community.
I'm looking for one or two mods who have experience being a mod on other subreddits to assist with mine.
If you are interested, please send me a DM with the following information:
  1. Tell me a little about yourself. Why are you interested in being a mod on a community service subreddit?
  2. A short description of a common scam.
  3. Where have you been a moderator before?
I will leave this open for a couple of weeks. On 4/6 I will close the invite and make my decision.
Good luck!
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