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2023.03.23 22:03 Yung-Split Potential employers want to shoehorn me into project management...

I'm a CS student in university applying for summer internships as a software engineer right now and during the interviews I have had, the interviewers seem to see me being valuable as a project manager due to my leadership qualities and self-starting nature, instead of a developer. The first time this happened I basically said "I want to earn my stripes as a developer first" but when it happened again today I just told them I would love to explore that opportunity with them. This has me wondering...
What are the downsides to this? I really want to work fully remotely in the future. Is project management conducive to this? Will I be missing anything if i go straight to project management? I won't lie I'm not the best developer in the world and I dont necessarily have a strong passion for it, but there is still something enticing about being able to lose myself in solving a programming problem and just being accountable for my own work. I like that. That being said I tend to find myself filling the need for effective leadership in group settings.
What do you guys think I should do if it's between an IT project management or a SWE internship? Which one should I take? Will the PM experience make it harder for me to become a developer?
Cheers, love yall. ❤️
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2023.03.23 22:03 morrismars Recreation of the first alien abduction, created fully with AI

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2023.03.23 22:03 NotEntirelySure435 I HECKING LOVE CLONAZOLAM!!!!

It's literally the best benzo I've ever had in my entire life. I remember first taking it and being nervous due to all the horror stories. Probably wasn't anything more than .2 and phew! Like in 15 minutes I was already feeling it and the euphoria! Jesus christ! It's something I wish I could take every day...and I have. It hasn't gotten to the point of me blacking out and doing stupid shit, but...before I sorta didn't care because I felt like i had no reason to live. Now I got a woman in my life and I don't want to put her through that. That isn't right, she shouldn't have to see me possibly dying from WDs or some shit. I have a good amount of 5mg norflurazepam pills. Rn I'm up to about .5 of clonazolam. How should I go about tapering so I don't have any seizures and have minimal rebound anxiety and all that? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.23 22:03 mastiha_water Out of Depth at work

Hello everyone,
I currently have 3.5 YOE working with Java and Spring Boot.
Not gonna lie, I was never confident with my skills, most of the time just Java 1.8 with some crud operations, microservices, Kafka and DDD. But I spent hours everyday sharpening my interviewing skills and I am already in my 3rd job with double the income from the first one.
I've got a new job and the code base is...insane. The code is brilliant, everything is amazing and I feel completely out of depth.
I feel like I missed the "tutorials" for implementing complex communications with external SDKs with insane concurrency implementations. Search functionalities that are utilizing in an extreme way BiFunction with Enum and Generics out of of this world. Code that in order to work it needs multiple classes and test cases.
The people that implemented those brilliant codebases are similar to my age and YOE. I feel like I skipped something, there is no way I could come up with that without extensive collaboration and assistance.
I feel like that using Java and Spring as my first job and then just doing that hurt me in the long run. I never faced complicated or demanding concurrency issues.
Not sure what to do, I am reading programming books, blogs, videos, courses etc. But I am sure I would never come with that level of code at my work.
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2023.03.23 22:03 No-Rich-6816 First time in the SEC championship game. Do you think I can still make the tournament if I lose based on my team’s credentials this yr

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2023.03.23 22:03 j_6767 Passed !

Just found out that I passed the exam ! I studied intensely for last 70 days and not so seriously before that Started preparing in September and I had exam in March !
Resources used 1:- mental dental videos 2:- Bootcamp last 45 days 3:- Booster 4:- RQs in last 15-18 days
Strategy :- Complete the topic in mental dental and then solve the questions in bootcamp And that is how I completed the first round of preparation And then to boost my self every morning started using daily warmup. In 2nd round of preparation I was marking things that needed more attention and started giving Mock test in Bootcamp and eventually also started in bootcamp atleast 1 test every week Gave 7-8 mock test combined (bootcamp and booster total) Was scoring 75-78% in booster and 80-84% in bootcamp by the end of the 6th or 7th mock test I feel that is what helped me to keep calm and focus on exam during the 8 hrs of Day1 As it kept my anxiety at bay ! Did RQs in last 15-18 days and many RQs were there in my test ! So I would advice to give atleast 1 through reading for RQs ! That’s what my preparation looked like!!! Drop me a DM if you need anything Thanks
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2023.03.23 22:03 Advanced_Falcon_2816 We're now a month away from releasing our algorithmic crypto trading platform after 2 years of work

I'm really excited that after 2 years of work, we can finally release this. We're a small team, and because of that, we've been communicating with people closely and worked towards implementing features that users actually want. We named the application AESIR because we're all big fans of Norse Mythology. Most of us are active members of cc so we've had plenty of discussions with the community around features that you guys would like to see in this application.
Before I go any further though, I just want to clarify something - algorithmic trading platforms are not some magical money-printing plug-and play systems, and anyone who claims they are / or are advertising it as such are a complete fraud. Algorithmic trading platforms are simply a series of tools that you use as you see fit. If you're a bad trader / lack a trading strategy and have a tendency to yolo funds without testing a strategy first, a trading algorithm won't magically make you a good trader.
But having said that, there are multiple reasons why you might want to use an algorithm in order to perform their crypto trading, but the two main reasons are: automating an existing profitable but manual strategy or find new strategies that you would not be able to manually trade. The first tool that we built into AESIR is a great example of the second reason. We want to challenge the way that people trade, and make it easier to employ macro trading strategies. So we built a Volscan Module that allows you to buy any cryptocurrency on your selected exchange that spiked my more than x% in y seconds.
For instance, you could tell AESIR to scan an exchange and buy any coin that gains more than 3% in the last 5 minutes. This goes well beyond the scope of what manual trading can do, as you would never be able to analyze over 1000 trading pairs every 5 minutes. You’d need a lot of coffee for that!
So with this approach to trading, and coming from a small remote team, we are really excited to officially release the application for everyone to use.
Right now AESIR is in Open Beta, meaning that everyone can use it, but only in paper trading mode. That means you can play around with strategies that you might want to test but can't actually place any live trades. We are running closed live trading early access with users who have volunteered to test out live trading and ensure that there are no bugs in the code.
The Roadmap to Release
Live trading early access is set to end on March 27, after which we will spend the next 3 weeks fixing any bugs found in the process, and writing more documentation.
The Official release of AESIR set to happen on April 17 and we couldn't be more excited to see it happen.
Obligatory sneak peaks:
This is the leaderboard ( where you can clone other strategies)
And here is the strategy creation page
That's it for now. Hope to be back on April 17 and announce that we've finally launched this thing! In the meantime, you can join our subreddit to find our more, or create an account and play around with AESIR in test mode. Thank you :)
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2023.03.23 22:03 FloridaMan314 Extra Criminal Justice Major or Minor? (given current degree track)

I'm currently pursuing a BA, in Political Science and Minor in Law at The George Washington University (D.C.). I'm wrapping up my second year in May 2023. With this combo, I am currently on track to graduate in May 2024, in 3 years.
I need genuinely important advice. Do I add an extra Major or Minor in Criminal Justice?
For context: I'm pretty solidly unhappy at my school. People are very competitive, toxic, DC is expensive, I'm not really happy with my degree, the weather is erratic and cold, and my friends are there for me...but the toxic culture still pervades. Will concede that the Professors are great + internship/work opportunities are solid (if you manage to snag them given all the competition and bureaucracy). It's D.C. This is a government-centric city, so many students and residents are narcissistic asshole. They come, work their gov't contract, and leave after a few months or years. It's very transient, little community or school spirit (which I value). It's great for some...just not for me, although when I first arrived, I thought differently. Living here has changed my perspective. My degree has lots of bullshit reading, dry theory, stuff I'll probably never use. I LIKE the concepts per se, but not the way it's taught. So serious depression going on, but I'm alive, attending all classes, getting A's/B's. I am surviving and can continue to survive, but unhappily. Gained weight too. My Mom doesn't seem to understand.
I see an added Major as perhaps useful if I don't want to go to law school, but I'm not sure the added Major is even worth the extra cost (mentally, financially, time wise, etc). However, for job prospects, it probably looks better than a Minor...
I see an added Minor as useful if I DO go to law school, but law school is not set in stone now...and I'm leaning towards not going. Plus, (unlike Majors), Minors don't show on my diploma at GW. I can, however, flex the Minor on a transcript or Resume. This route would be more cost and time effective, but not look as good.
Keep in mind I could theoretically add the Major and graduate in 3 years. This, however, would require 4 summer courses spread over 10ish weeks at a cost of $18k-20k. I would save money overall, though, as I wouldn't have to pay for a Fall 2024 Semester (3.5 years) which costs $30k to $40k. I would sacrifice my summer, a good amount of cash, and part of my mental health, regardless.
A lot of this boils down to the following question: will the Major provide enough of a future/career boost for me to justify sacrificing my money, mental health, and time towards it?
Extra Major
- Looks somewhat better on the Resume
- Have extra padding in case I don't go to law school (more to show for myself)
- Classes seem genuinely interesting
- Would make my Mom happy because she's pushing me to do it, and I see why (wants me to take advantage of every opportunity), she basically threatened me if I didn't but she's most likely bluffing
- More time in this hellhole, I would graduate in 3.5 yrs and not 3 yrs (I could prob suck it up) OR need to take summer courses
- Doesn't give me an extra Bachelor's, just an extra major. So, my diploma reads "1 BA, Political Science & Criminal Justice" and not "1 BA, Political Science + 1 BA, Criminal Justice"
- Would cost anywhere from $18k to $30k/40k
- Requires 9 extra classes, instead of 3 extra classes
- Requires Internship off campus, which can be pain in the ass to get (although if I pull strings I can avoid this requirement by taking 1 extra elective instead, but pulling strings is not a guarantee to work)
Extra Minor
- Still looks good on the Resume
- Super easy to add on, only 3 extra classes
- Interesting material still
- No Internship requirement
- Graduation in 3 yrs for certain, not 3.5 yrs
- Does not look as good as's just a Minor after all, and ppl tend to care less
- Would it really give me extra career boost? Eh...
- Can be seen as "cutting corners" or taking the easy way out
- Would seriously piss off my Mom ALTHOUGH she can get over it (and will get over it)
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2023.03.23 22:02 RupertTheReign [PAID] (u/ACH234) ($180) (1 Day Early)

Second time working with u/ACH234 and things went just as perfectly as the first time. Super friendly, great communication and has paid consistently early. Would absolutely work with again if the need arises!
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2023.03.23 22:02 KGG9K Large guest list for baby shower

I am in a pickle. We have a draft guest list of 120 people and that is cutting down on both each of our family’s sides and close friends list. We are having a hard time finding an affordable location for a baby shower that can accommodate all our guests. One place is quoting us $1300 for an all day rental including tables and chairs. Our other option is cutting the list down drastically but that would mean also we have to choose who in our families to invite. That will really upset a lot of people who are being super supportive and are a huge part of our lives. Has anyone had this issue yet? How did you manage? Any tips?
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2023.03.23 22:02 CyrilLiberty Standoff

Chapter 1: The Voyage
The vast expanse of space stretched out before the Intrepid, a state-of-the-art exploration vessel designed to venture into the unknown. At the helm stood Admiral Skylar, a seasoned and highly respected officer with years of experience under their belt. Skylar's eyes were fixed on the stars, scanning the horizon for any signs of danger or the next great discovery.
The crew bustled around the command center, their movements precise and efficient. Captain Vega, Skylar's trusted second-in-command, oversaw the navigation team as they plotted the ship's course through uncharted space. Lieutenant Nova, a young and ambitious weapons specialist, maintained a watchful eye on the ship's defensive systems, ready to respond to any potential threat.
In the corner of the command center, Dr. Orion, the ship's resident xenobiologist, hunched over a console, analyzing data from the most recent scans of nearby star systems. The Intrepid's mission was to explore and document new species and civilizations, and Dr. Orion's expertise was invaluable in this regard.
"Admiral Skylar," Captain Vega said, breaking the silence. "We're approaching the coordinates of the next unexplored star system. Our preliminary scans indicate the presence of multiple planets with potential for life."
Skylar turned to face Vega, their expression a mix of curiosity and determination. "Excellent, Captain. Bring us in closer and have Dr. Orion analyze the data. The more we know before we enter the system, the better prepared we'll be."
Vega nodded and relayed the orders to the crew, the Intrepid adjusting its course to enter the star system. The vessel hummed with anticipation, and even Skylar couldn't help but feel a thrill at the prospect of encountering the unknown.
As the Intrepid moved closer to the uncharted star system, Dr. Orion's eyes widened at the readings displayed on the console. "Admiral, I'm detecting some unusual energy signatures on one of the planets. It's unlike anything we've encountered before."
Admiral Skylar's eyes narrowed, sensing the potential importance of the discovery. "Keep monitoring the situation, Doctor. We'll proceed with caution."
With a nod, Dr. Orion continued their analysis, while the rest of the crew braced for the mysteries that awaited them in the unexplored system. What they didn't realize was that their journey was about to take an unexpected turn, one that would challenge them in ways they had never imagined.
In the vastness of space, the Intrepid forged ahead, its crew united by a common purpose and an unyielding determination to uncover the secrets that lay hidden among the stars.
Chapter 2: Discovery of the Alien Species
As the Intrepid made its way deeper into the uncharted star system, the sense of anticipation aboard the vessel grew palpable. The crew members eagerly monitored their stations, awaiting new information about the intriguing energy signatures that Dr. Orion had detected.
Admiral Skylar stood tall, their gaze fixed on the viewscreen, as the mysterious planet came into view. It was a breathtaking sight, with swirling clouds of vibrant hues that seemed to dance across its surface. Skylar felt a tinge of excitement at the prospect of uncovering the planet's secrets.
"Dr. Orion, what can you tell us about the energy signatures?" Skylar asked, their voice steady and composed.
The xenobiologist's eyes darted between the console and the viewscreen, a mixture of awe and fascination in their expression. "The energy appears to be emanating from a highly advanced structure on the surface. It's possible that we've stumbled upon a previously undiscovered civilization."
The revelation sent a wave of excitement through the command center. Captain Vega turned to Skylar, a hint of eagerness in her eyes. "Should we attempt to make contact, Admiral?"
Skylar considered the situation carefully, weighing the potential risks and rewards. "Yes, but we must proceed with caution. Prepare a message of peace and transmit it on all frequencies. We don't want to startle them."
Vega nodded and relayed the orders to the communications team, who quickly set to work crafting a message that conveyed their peaceful intentions. Within moments, the message was transmitted, and the Intrepid's crew waited with bated breath for a response.
Minutes ticked by with no response, and an uneasy silence settled over the command center. The crew exchanged nervous glances, wondering if their message had been received or if they were being ignored.
Just as doubt began to creep into their minds, a burst of static filled the command center's speakers, followed by a strange and alien voice. The message was garbled, but the intent was clear: they had made first contact with a new species.
Skylar's heart raced as they listened to the message, realizing the gravity of the situation. They turned to the crew, determination etched on their face. "Dr. Orion, work with the communications team to decipher the message. Captain Vega, prepare the crew for a potential encounter. We don't know what to expect, but we must be ready for anything."
As the Intrepid's crew sprang into action, they had no way of knowing that their first contact with this new alien species would soon escalate into a conflict that would test their resolve and force them to confront their deepest fears.
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2023.03.23 22:02 throwaway103835 Severe depression, hallucinations, disconnection from the world

Hi all
Right now I’m going through something really terrifying i guess a first for me. I started off faintly seeing people at night a few months ago and this quickly scared me. I have been taking CBD at night to calm myself. Last night i forgot to take it and saw terrifying faces, distortions, and i don’t feel human anymore. I was so happy and then a switch flipped and now my surroundings, family and even my reflection have a feeling of unfamiliarity. I feel like I’m on a different planet. It’s hard for me to eat or feel any emotion besides fear. I was thinking of self harming to bring myself back into reality but I remember all the times it did the exact opposite and stopped myself.
while the faces are scary to me they are protecting me from something. They are keeping me company. They understand me like nobody else will
My therapist says I have such a deep depression that my mind is creating a world for myself to take comfort in.
Is this a common experience with severe depression?
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2023.03.23 22:02 Noekz98 Handmade dice set: Arcane Gardens

Handmade dice set: Arcane Gardens
Handmade 7 piece dice set made by me! This is a set of dice you use for ttrpg games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. I'm super proud of this set since i had been trying to nail this technique for a long time and had many fails. This is the first set that worked out!! These dice are still raw meaning i haven't sanded, polish or inked them yet. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them!
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2023.03.23 22:02 chuckler can't play ps plus games on secondary account

My wife can't play ps plus games on her account on the same PS5. Game and console sharing is enabled. She had been playing Ghost of tsushima and one day she only gets the "subscribe" to ps plus or buy option. At first try she gets a "play game" button but when clicked on it goes to subscribe or buy. It's weird because she can play god of ear, but not my time at portia (another game she had progressed quite a bit in her account I've tried reinstalling the game, restoring licences, enabling and disabling console sharing. Any ideas or suggestions? Terribly frustrated.
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2023.03.23 22:02 Xanneros PSA: Reddit scammers targeting city-based subreddits

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2023.03.23 22:02 EZ_the_King TRT, Anxiety and insomnia at 5 weeks.

I started TRT @ 120 per week last November and felt absolutely amazing for the first 5 weeks. Ever since then I’ve had problems with anxiety and insomnia. Over the last 4 months I’ve gradually lowered my dose to 70 per week.
I posted the details on here and have heard everything from “You’re too high, lower your dose” to “You felt good at first because you had natural production and exogenous test for the first 5 weeks. Now you need to raise your dose to replace your natural production”
I had tried to raise my dose twice in the past couple months and immediately get insomnia and anxiety again.
Is it possible I need to jump up all the way to 150? Seems like that would put me in the hospital.
Also, why does it take 5 weeks supposedly to feel the full effects of peak absorption is at 48-72 hours for test cyp?
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2023.03.23 22:02 HeftyFuture Radukar The BEAST

Long story short, I just got into Space Wolves and am swimming in firstborn, wolves and primary bois. Unfortunately, I find the lore of SW characters, does not match their models and am feeling they're a little.. dated.
So, I happened upon Rakudar The Beast and let me just say, he's just a majestic wonderful werewolf bloody boi. The problem is, what to proxy him as for HQ. I don't wanna kitbash him too muchly because I think the sculpt is awesome. Open to suggestions, base size is 60mm. Model is around 62ish mm high.
Open to any and all suggestions, My first thought was full beast mode Bren Redmaw, just running as proxy of WL on TW. But not sure.
Many thanks
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2023.03.23 22:02 Maleficent-Gas1192 What car/specs should I look for if I live in a city with tough roads and there’s limited street parking

Hello all!
I recently moved to a city with lots of hills, roads with unavoidable potholes, and limited street parking. This is my “first car” after driving a 2001 Mazda Protege that a friend let me borrow while settling into the new city/job. I’d be using the car to go to work so I’m looking for something gas efficient, but also to go hiking to some rough places during the weekends.
The limited parking, price tag, and gas inefficiency make me think that a truck or SUV are out of the question, but the rough roads make want avoid a sedan type too. So I was thinking of a hatchback like the Subaru Impreza, but I’ve also heard they are hard to repair.
Does anyone have the same experience and have a car they would recommend?
What specs should I look for in any car I get? What’s a good transmission? Good ground clearance? Engine type?
My max budget is ~24k.
Thank you very much for your advice
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2023.03.23 22:02 KGG9K Large guest list for baby shower

I am in a pickle. We have a draft guest list of 120 people and that is cutting down on both each of our family’s sides and close friends list. We are having a hard time finding an affordable location for a baby shower that can accommodate all our guests. One place is quoting us $1300 for an all day rental including tables and chairs. Our other option is cutting the list down drastically but that would mean also we have to choose who in our families to invite. That will really upset a lot of people who are being super supportive and are a huge part of our lives. Has anyone had this issue yet? How did you manage? Any tips?
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2023.03.23 22:02 SweetLunacy1991 My first Mercy POTG!!

My first Mercy POTG!!
So proud, my first Mercy POTG!! In the same match where our tank (Dva then Ball) said in chat that both his must be defective and need to be recalled 🙃. Yeah if you notice that I ignored him for Lucio just... don't worry about it lol. We won too!
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2023.03.23 22:01 N7ShadowKnight Is there a full list of all the milestones an infant can get?

So I've been trying to find a list of all the milestones an infant can get but all the lists I've found on google are the same EXCEPT I have some milestones that aren't on the list. Such as Said First Word (which is under social instead of firsts for some reason). Or First Trip to a Park. This makes me think theres probably even more milestones that I'm missing that aren't on any of the lists yet.
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2023.03.23 22:01 molotok_c_518 Season Five is... Something

Now I know what a show looks and sounds like when everyone stops giving a fuck.
I was a teenager in the 80s when the show premiered. I was definitely wearing nostalgia-covered glasses when Tubi added the show recently, but even with the cracks in the neon-soaked glamor of the first two seasons I had an absolute blast.
Season 3 was still okay. Season 4... alien abductions? Frozen reggae singers? Bull spunk? Sheena Easton? Still kind of entertaining in a "can't look away from the car crash" way.
Season 5, though... I'm at "The Last Madona" and I understand why they killed t. Honestly, they should have stopped 4 or 5 episodes in.
First of all, since when is amnesia a proper defense for murder, smuggling, possession and sale of narcotics, and racketeering.? How did Crockett just walk away with zero jail time?
No one seemed enthusiastic about being on set or acting. I've seen Roger Corman "films" with more authentic performances.
The worst crime, though, is the music. Whoever edited and mixed the sound put Tunie's... guitar "shredding," I guess?... too far to the foreground. It's very distracting hearing wailing guitar playing over a gu fight instead of behind it. I love good blues music, but they really need to pay Jan Hammer to play out the string.
Please tell me the finale is worth the slog. I already know enough to save "Freefall" for last, but if the quality stays this bland, I may just avoid the "lost" episodes
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