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2023.03.23 22:44 epiccoolawesomerat Am suddenly terrible at pool

Hey guys, sorry this is random but all of a sudden im atrocious at pool, for months ive been winning game after game, planning shots ahead, rlly executing them well. But ive come home and suddenly ive lost every game. The straw was taken when i lost to a 12 year old. Idk whats happened! I havent potted a single ball since ive been back(literally) and im so confused!!!? Im literally playing games by myself to try and practice but im not even getting 1 ball in!? Its so weird, dk if anyones ever had this too lol 😂 ive been playing for the last hour and every ball is still on the table, this is getting ridiculous 😭
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2023.03.23 22:44 Business_Chocolate27 what should i do?

POSSIBLE TW i’m not sure if i censored all words correctly I’m currently in a recovery position with my emet, im in therapy one day a week, along with reading the emetephobia manual, im able to travel, to eat out at restaurants, go out for drinks etc, but right now i’m struggling when it comes to noro. My mom had it back in December and it’s what triggered by emet super bad that i’ve been climbing back out of. I own a shop in my hometown and my mom was working for me, one of my employees caught noro (possibly. It could’ve been FP) Tuesday evening, he was sick all of Tuesday but by Wednesday he was just exhausted. Today, my mom asked him to come in and work the front for her so she could work the back, so he came in, sat down with her and then left to grab food before he worked, and at that point i told her to tell him to go home. She wasn’t within a close vicinity and once he left she microbanned everything around where he was. She’s offering to stay away from the house for the 48 hour mark to ease my anxiety but i feel like that’s not 100% necessary as i really don’t count this as much of an exposure, but i’m really not sure. does this sound like an exposure? Should i have her stay away from the house or do you think that we’re okay? Any advice or help is so appreciated!
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2023.03.23 22:43 Famous-Fee7078 60% Off Cozy Bliss 1pcs Buffalo Plaid Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Inches Christmas Pillow Covers , Embroidered Stay Cozy Decorative Throw Pillow Covers for Holiday Home Decor (Stay Cozy, 18" x 18") I8

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2023.03.23 22:43 nKephalos /home on zfs, ext4 data partition inside home: delay mounting fstab entries after zfs starts

I have a zfs dataset that I mount to a folder inside my home directory, and an ext4 partition that gets mounted to a folder inside /home. However, I need to manually mount it after each boot, presumably because it tries to mount the ext4 partition before zfs has made its target folder available.
I suppose I could fix this by simply having the mount command in a script run after startup, but that seems hacky.
I've seen some references to fstab mount options that delay mount, but they were in BSD forums and I can't find any Linux references.
What is the recommended way of doing this (delaying the ext4 mount until zfs is mounted)?.

Don't ask my why I don't use ZFS for all of it, it's a long story.
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2023.03.23 22:43 diabolicalplanet Am I (39F) right to feel majorly betrayed by my partner (43M)? What do o do?

I am in a committed relationship of 5 years with my partner. I do not aspire to marriage and we are unmarried. We have two kids ages 4 and 1. He is a stay at home dad. I work from home. We got accidentally pregnant with our first very quickly after meeting, and decided to make a go at it. We planned the birth of our second child. According to him, he loved me very much and is dedicated to our life together.
Several years ago, I was looking through his Instagram and came across an old message of him asking a woman to send him a picture of her vagina. She asked “aren’t you married?” and he replied that we weren’t married. She sent him the picture. I confronted him and he was apologetic and explained it was during a rough time in our relationship. We moved on.
He works sporadically throughout the year for a few hours a day coaching kids. I don’t love this bc we have to put our children in daycare, and what he makes doesn’t cover the cost of daycare. But, it is a passion project of his, so we try to make it work. One day he left his car running in the street. We live on a busy street in not a low crime area. He had taken my car (the safer car) to drop off our son at daycare. I called him and he sounded like he was asleep. I BLEW up at him bc he had our child (we only had the one then) and I didn’t feel like he was present enough to make sound decisions. He yelled back and I wound up telling him to leave and packing all his shit. When we spoke the next day, he said he spent the night in a bar, tried to sleep in his car, and then got a “cheap” motel room ($300 - but it really is the cheapest in the area he was in.) We made up and he came home. I handle all the finances and it turns out he had spent $1,000 that night. He doesn’t know how. I was looking at his phone afterwards and he had also signed up for a dating site that night. He had cancelled the account but he still signed up. We moved on from this and had our second child.
Fast forward to today. I follow an account called the breakup lawyer on Instagram. She’s pretty, dresses well (I need help there) and family law can be so juicy. She is not licensed to practice in the state I live. My partner saw that I followed her, and friended the vagina pic woman on Instagram again. He also i messages a lot of people on Instagram, men and women alike. Our relationship isn’t perfect. I love him, and think he’s a great father. He’s with the kids most of the time. He gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and started snoring. I asked him to sleep on the couch when I was pregnant with our second. Our second is now 1, and he still sleeps on the couch - many times with our child. We haven’t had sex in 18 months. During pregnancy I wasn’t up to it, and post pregnancy it just feels like a we never have time. Nevertheless, I feel betrayed by his actions. Am I wrong?
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2023.03.23 22:43 Ducky09_ MY CRUSH LIKES ME BACKK (LGBTQ+)

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2023.03.23 22:43 Haunting-Purchase442 50% Off Ciays Air Mattress with Built-in Pump, Blow Up Mattress with Carrying Bag for Home and Camping, Flocked Top Inflatable Air Bed for Guests, Family K2

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2023.03.23 22:42 Jelloduck_ [FOR HIRE] Commissions Open Spring Sale!!! Icon $30/Fullbody $40 DM me!!!

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2023.03.23 22:42 iSoH27 Selling or hearing trade offers for this glb dokkan account

Selling or hearing trade offers for this glb dokkan account
Account has over 2k days and if you wanna contact me dm here or on discord at iSoH#0019
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2023.03.23 22:42 SouthernCharm0 Loan Fee Worksheet (with rate received)

I am in the process of finalizing my funding for my home and I am having trouble with one lender who seems to be dragging out the task of sending me a fee worksheet that details the loan cost, payment, etc.
It appears that he wants me to sign disclosures and pay the appraisal fee before he will send this document.
Is there any way around this? How am I supposed to shop rates without that form?
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2023.03.23 22:42 -Stressed_Teen- I’ve been really sick recently and can’t leave the house, my dad said he was leaving for a few minutes. Got these pics from him as he’s coming home with the game I’ve been saving up for and Taco Bell 😂❤️

I’ve been really sick recently and can’t leave the house, my dad said he was leaving for a few minutes. Got these pics from him as he’s coming home with the game I’ve been saving up for and Taco Bell 😂❤️ submitted by -Stressed_Teen- to wholesome [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:42 throwaway4919416 My (23F) childhood sexual abuse was my fault. Other opinions appreciated

I wasn't supervised online. I discovered Omegle at probably the age of 8. I was ignored a lot as a kid, left out, felt like the “weird girl”, I had friends but always felt the odd one out. Parents were emotionally unavailable, my emotional needs were never met. I dealt with problems alone as a child - I am damn good at it. I have a real talent for hiding my emotions, I feel like showing big emotions is a serious vulnerability I’m not willing to portray.

We had two browsers on the family laptop (I think were IE & Firefox), Firefox never got used other than by me. I didn't really know what sex was. I would watch porn everyday, not for pleasure, just curiosity. Over time, this became exposure to things like beastiality, extreme BDSM. I felt safe that nobody else used Firefox. I don’t know if my parents ever saw the history - I didn’t know how to clear it. But I was never caught.

The laptop broke when I was about 10. We got a Mac with a webcam. I found Omegle not long after. It started on text chat, talking about sex, love, life, etc. I loved the attention and thrill talking to a stranger. It soon became video chat. I would never speak aloud, I wore headphones - had the camera on my face, typed responses in the chat. I was soon being asked to show skin. I would do it with my parents in the room sometimes - let me explain how I concealed it:

Imagine a two couches opposite one another. I would be sat on one couch, mum and dad on the opposite, maybe 5ft away. I would take one of the big back cushions and pop it on top of the open laptop, balanced against the top of the screen and the armrest of the couch, creating a little tent. I would then lift up my school uniform to show my underdeveloped chest. Men would masturbate and describe what they would do to me.

Mum and dad never thought to ask what I was doing despite clearly seeing me with a huge cushion concealing my torso. I thought if it was bad, they would tell me to stop. But they never did, so I carried on. I got smarter - I learned how to clear history. FYI - No footage was ever downloaded to the laptop. Just purely on the live video chats and I never went a day without wiping the history.

Things started getting worse - I became addicted to the attention. All I could think was porn, men and showing myself. I think I liked being called pretty, cute, - being given the love I’d missed my whole life. It was the only way I could get it. I didn’t have a lot going for me as a kid. I wasn’t ugly, horrible, bad, nasty or awkward. Just "weird" and boring.

The attention consumed my life, every moment alone I would expose myself online - I loved it. I would be home for roughly an hour after school before my parents. I would rush home, not even change out of my uniform (which had a pretty distinct logo). When I was home I would strip off entirely naked on camera out of my school uniform. I felt no sexual urges/pleasure at this age, I didn’t know what it was to “cum”, I’d only ever seen men doing it. I didn’t know girls even could. I just liked the attention. Simple as that.

The addiction became so intense I begun giving away my details. I would reveal my name, the area I lived in and I even begun giving away my street name. Sometimes people would even say things like “Oh cool! I live around the corner on __ street!” (Obviously they didn’t - they’d just Google Maps’ed my street and pretended to be the next street over).

I felt no sense of threat. I just never thought anything would ever come of it. This was as bad as it got, full body out and giving away all details apart from my door number. I still, was never caught by mum or dad.

This continued for a while, maybe another 18mo, until my dad moved out when I was 12. Mum and dad had been having issues, dad moved out whilst I was at school one day.

Now imagine how I felt when I came home and the laptop was gone.
My parents had separated, the family photos were gone from the walls, his slippers and dressing gown gone, his side of the wardrobe empty.
I didn't care. I JUST NEEDED that laptop. I needed my attention.
I called my dad, frantic. I said I wanted to play video games - he told me through tears he wasn’t living at home anymore but I could play my games when I saw him, he told me he loved me and was sorry and he’d come pick me and my sister up Sunday. I look back and realise how sad it was that my distress wasn’t my parents separation, but my separation to the thrill and attention from men I showed myself to.

That was it. No more chats. It met a very abrupt end and I was very sad. I missed it.

Where shit went south:

One night at home, (maybe a month after the split), me, mum and my sister were watching tv. A news story about a local girl came up, I don’t remember her name. The girl had been talking to someone online she thought was a friend - but it was a man, who used to take nudes from her, came to her house, raped and killed her. Mum proceeds to give me and my sister a chat about being safe online, a conversation I’d never really had before.

"Never take naked photos of yourself, they’ll find the way back to people you know. And especially, never speak to anyone you don't know".

My heart stopped.

Everything hit me at once.

I hadn’t considered any of those things. I just got naked for these men and thought nothing of it. I begun to think about the times in my uniform, my schools logo and name. I’d given out my my street. I had showed my face and body. I realised I could have been recorded. They could have photos and videos saved with my details. They could find me.

I began to cry, but I couldn’t tell mum why. Like I say, I have a serious skill for hiding my emotions. This emotion was so strong and intense I couldn’t even hide it from her. That’s how I know I was really feeling something.
I remember not being able to see, everything went fuzzy and black. I started shaking and having my first panic attack. It was big, strong and bad. The men I’d loved for so long were suddenly the enemy. Mum kept telling me it was ok, she just wanted to remind me of the dangers.
Little did she know those dangers were so, so real.
I couldn’t talk. I just kept saying “you scared me mum, you scared me.”

She made me sleep in her bed that night.
She held me all night and told me,
“It’s ok, mummy’s here. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I didn’t mean to scare you so much. Nothing will happen. You’re sensible. I know you’re not silly.”

I was not sensible.
I was very, very, fucking silly.
I didn't sleep.

With no exaggeration or overemphasis, the next year was a living hell. I was in a constant state of panic. My brain was consumed in every waking moment by fear of a man knocking on every door on the street until he found me. I would go in to school sick with the knowledge there could be a video about to circulate of me stripping naked out of my uniform.

I distinctly remember a man I spoke to told me he was from Austria. Every time I heard anything about Austria I'd spiral. I used to be scared of hearing the word, it was such a severe trigger. We had a holiday home when I was younger, I'd done some video chats in one of the bedrooms - I used to cry at the thought of ever going back, I was scared to go back in that room. I was scared it would bring back memories of the men. I used to look at people in public and panic because I would tell myself “I bet they haven’t got naked videos”. I wanted to be them. I wanted to be clean. I didn’t want to be me.

I would cry when I saw babies because I wanted to be innocent like them. I felt like the worst person alive, I deserved to die, I deserved nothing. I felt dirty. And I couldn't blame anyone but myself. I didn’t really eat for about a year. I lost a lot of weight. I lost all my interests, I couldn’t do anything other than worry. Every time the front door knocked my vision would blur as I braced myself for my mum to be faced with a man looking for me. I’d started secondary school by this point and the bullying was bad because I was so anxious and quiet. I began to self harm. I told myself if anyone were to leak my footage, I would absolutely, undoubtedly, kill myself. I NEEDED OUT. I knew exactly how I would do it.

I couldn’t sleep. I would have nightmares about masturbation. I would have panic attacks about going to bed and potentially HAVING those nightmares. I would cry and sob in front of my family and said “I want everything to go back to normal”. I told them I missed my parents being together. They didn’t know I wanted to go back to the normal where I’d never shown an inch of my skin. It was the closest I could get to telling someone. I told them I missed dad being home.

But I didn’t miss the laptop anymore. So much that I would actively avoid it whenever I went to visit my dad. I didn’t want to see the screen that had seen so much of me.

Not a single living breathing soul on this Earth knew the true reason for my emotional stress. I had nowhere to turn. No one knew about any of this. I dealt with all of this entirely alone. This is the first time ever I’ve shared my story.

As I got older, things got easier, in the sense other things took the forefront of my focus so I just slowly didn’t dwell as much. Still to this day, I’m 23 now, if I think about it too much I feel the panic brew from a really deep place. I don’t think I’m over it. I’ve never had therapy for this.

I do really wonder if those men knew I was a child. A part of me feels bad for them. Maybe they couldn’t tell. Maybe they did and feel guilty. And then I make myself feel guilty for making them feel guilty. The other part of me knows it’s fucked up. It was obvious my body was that of a child.

I still don’t believe I was SA'd as a child, nobody ever did it to me in real life, physically, to my face. Every decision I made was my choice. I WANTED to do those things. No child enjoys being physically sexually abused. It was all self-inflicted. Nobody ever made me. Nobody was threatening me. I CHOSE IT. It’s a hard one.
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2023.03.23 22:42 LupeCZ_ Strucked by lightning was stonks!

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2023.03.23 22:42 Desperate-Affect-860 Went sub 3 but Strava says I didn’t go the full distance yet my COROS app says I did, can anything be done? Marathon PR is still 3:15 :(

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2023.03.23 22:42 RedEagle_MGN Question: How can we preserve the freedom of our virtual future?

Virtual civilization

It's my distinct belief that when a virtual world arises in which we can have a sense of presence equivalent to that which we have in physical life, virtual worlds will revolutionize our world.

Augmented reality as the basis

I believe that augmented reality will pave the way over the next 5-7 years for people to enjoy the convenience of a computer you don't have to hold in your hand and that can understand your hand movements as physical gestures interpretable by the machine.
There are a lot of people who really struggle to understand computers and I believe augmented reality will make it much easier for them to interact with computers as a whole through spatial computing.
This underlying utility may pave the way for a virtual world ecosystem in which people may be able to get the same level of the sense of presence that they get in physical life in a digital space.

The transition to digital civilization

It's my belief that when we are able to get the same sense of presence in a virtual space as in a physical space, we will stop building physical spaces.

The potential for crisis

Every virtual world creator has the right to manage their own virtual world as they wish. However, if a virtual world becomes essential for human life, that creator may create large-scale censorship for a large part of the human population.
Social media giants already ban their members on a regular basis without even stating the reason. For most, these platforms are not essential for life or income but one day virtual worlds may become the reality most call home.

The context for my question

I'd like to come up with a charter of rights and freedoms for the Metaverse and I would love your input.
The key problem at hand is how we balance the rights of a virtual world creator to the rights of those who inhabit virtual worlds.
There's an inherent tension between protecting the rights that a creator has over the world that they create versus the rights of individual users.

Progress so far

Right to obscurity
Right to migration
Right of privacy
  1. The right not to be tracked in a persistent, identifiable fashion, without expressed, written, and updated consent.
  2. The right to separately agree to the tracking of political or religious beliefs.
  3. The right to take down, or disassociate from, content published by oneself.

Breaking down the progress

Right to obscurity
Obscurity is all about making sure a global reputation system for the Metaverse is never created. I believe a global reputation system that's interoperable between worlds has the ability to create global censorship and therefore each virtual world should judge its members by their behavior within that world.
If not, a single mistake, in the limited interpretation of what a mistake could be by one world, may cause us problems for the rest of our life.
Right to migration
As long as we can use viable alternatives to a virtual world, we are never locked out of the Metaverse as a whole.
The big problem here is that the network effect may make those alternatives unviable just as competing with YouTube is almost totally unviable because of Youtube’s massive viewer base.
Right of privacy
This is all about that extra layer of protection so that you can't be identified as belonging to a particular community as that identification process is the first step to maltreatment.

Ok, my question for real this time

How do we ensure that individual rights are fully protected even as we transition from the physical to the digital?
How do we avoid the network effect, (people wanting to be where the other people are) along with the enormous complexity of virtual worlds laying the foundation for a new reality that resembles the lack of rights and freedoms we see from today’s social media giants?
Let's say that we create a right to interoperability, such a right creates a financial obligation on the creator of a virtual world, something which will stifle innovation potentially.
Moreover, interoperability isn't practical on so many levels when it comes to complex technology.
Migration, sure but if one virtual world has the people it's not like those people can just walk into another virtual world -- keep in mind that virtual world creators size all of their doors to all of the items that you could wear in a potential virtual world.
A virtual world is a bespoke experience and it's not like you can just mix and match without a jarring and problematic mishmash that leads to less of a sense of immersion.
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2023.03.23 22:41 babydoll17448 This Amazing Gentleman, Every Valentine’s Day, Brings All The Widows From The Nursing, Retirement Home And Treats Them To Lunch, Gifts, And A Rose For Each

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2023.03.23 22:41 Twall1297 [US-LA] [H] The Lord of the Rings HDzeta Fullslips [W] PayPal

I have the Lord of the Rings HDzeta Fullslips editions for sale. These are brand new and sealed. Looking to get $375 for all 3, not looking to separate. Media Mail shipping is included but can ship Priority for $10.
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2023.03.23 22:41 RazielRinz Won't be shopping on TCG again

So I made 2 orders on Sunday for over $150 total between the two and then paid for expecited shipping at $7.99 per order (found new cards i needed for my deck after first order was done). I used "Optimize Your Cart" both times and paid extra for TCG Direct. Site says 4 day shipping and estimated delivery was yesterday Wednesday the 22nd. Cool. Sounds good. Wednesday comes tracking information still says same thi g since Monday morning "Label made waiting on item to ship" reach out to customer service they say sorry but there is nothing they can do besides give me refund either with them (immediate refund) or regund to my card that will take 3-4 days. When i ask thrm to just fill my order and i stead of 4 day shipping overnight it instead i was told thst if they resent the order i wouldn't even be able to get 4 day expedited shipping because it would be a replacement order. I would sinply be out my $15.98 I paid for expedited shipping that I never got. This is some really bang up customer service. Worse then Comcast. I asked for a supervisor to aee if anything else could be done since I need these cards this weekend and have teceived no response. Even sent a seperate email with both my order numbers to their email for sales and got no response either. If this is how they are going to be I will never use their website again.
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2023.03.23 22:41 Arcaderonin Rapper Afroman Sued By Ohio Police For ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ After He Used His Own Surveillance Footage Of Their Failed Raid On His Home For A Music Video

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2023.03.23 22:41 Picklesadog Slow work day + working from home = home made Lyonnaise salad for my wife and me

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2023.03.23 22:41 Loud-Satisfaction-82 Career path for entry level guy

If I was to join the local ibew (71) as a groundman… how does it work? When I sign the books and they call me saying a company needs me. Could it be 4 hours away from my house and I would have to move away? I see that local 71 has jurisdiction in most oh ohio and surrounding states. That means they could send me to work at a company anywhere in their jurisdiction? I’m fine with traveling away from home for awhile but I’m not gonna get up and move entirely. So basically my question is, would I be able to work for a company within driving range?
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2023.03.23 22:41 triangles13 Advice on changing careers?

I've been with my current company since March 2015 before I was even engaged. Now I'm married with 2 kids, working from home with a very comfortable work/life balance. But I'm only 30 and feeling really stuck, bored and worried about my job. My new boss barely communicates and the company is not doing well overall. I've been applying to similar jobs since November, but I haven't had any luck. I've been really interested in taking a data analyst course and getting into tech to hopefully make more money (anything over $60K would be amazing) but I have so much anxiety over changing careers now that I have a family. I'm the breadwinner right now and have our insurance through my job. Does anyone have any experience with changing careers in a situation like this? I'm so afraid that I'm going to hate whatever new job I get or just ruin everything for my family.
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