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Mneumonese--The Language of Memory, Logic, and Agápe

2015.01.06 00:40 justonium Mneumonese--The Language of Memory, Logic, and Agápe

Mneumonese (etymologically mnemonically derived from "mnemonic", "von Neumann", and "-ese") is an a priori, oligosynthetic, philosophical, logical, psychological, self-referential, recursively defined, programmatic constructed language that is constructed completely out of mnemonics. Mne(u)monese is a philosophical language. Mnemonese is a language spoken by a society on a planet that had its information technology boom in the pre-writing age rather than at the creation of compupers. hyu

2023.03.23 22:49 Klutzy_Ad_8196 Dose 1 - What A Trip

I had my first infusion yesterday and it blew me away. There were times of joy and hopeful moments; however, it was so intense. It was nowhere near like sitting on a cloud of marshmallows as others experienced. I laid on the floor of the infusion room for an hour after the session. Today my anxiety is up a bit and my stomach is even more nervous than typical. I have my 2nd dose tomorrow. Should I just do my best to relax and accept or request a lower dose? Thanks
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2023.03.23 22:48 fl135790135790 Does anyone ever feel in a permanent liminal space because of stupid things like not being able to post to subreddits?

I realize social media is beyond stupid. But what gets me worse than that is when I try to mindlessly share something I finally find interesting, I can't even do that. The prompt says it's already been shared and doesn't give me the option to submit it, even though nearly everything in that sub is re-posted weekly.
So then you go to some other subreddit or forum and are blocked again because you broke rule #7.
So then you give up, and browse yet another subreddit with nothing but the same reposts you saw last week.
I don't understand it anymore. What is this.
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2023.03.23 22:48 NicklausK Should I get another heart check up?

I'm 27(m), very active, do weight training 5 days a week and surf almost every day and eat a balanced diet. I used to get severe panic attacks and symptoms surrounding my heart. This prompted me to get a stress test, echocardio, ultrasound, ECG etc. done in 2017. Doctor said my heart was structurally healthy and didn't pick up any issues.
Recently I've been getting frequent palpitations. The worst of all though is whenever I surf I get skipped beats and heart flutters. This sometimes happens to me in the gym as well but not often. My question is if I was cleared in 2017 as healthy, could anything have changed since then and should I get checked up again or is this just anxiety? (even though my anxiety isnt nearly as bad as it was 6 years ago)
Thank you!
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2023.03.23 22:47 cristofer50_ Rock-a-bye BITCH BABY

Rock-a-bye, baby In the treetop When the wind blows The cradle will rock When the bough breaks The cradle will fall And down will come baby Cradle and all Baby is drowsing Cosy and fair Mother sits near In her rocking chair Forward and back The cradle she swings And though baby sleeps He hears what she sings From the high rooftops Down to the sea No one's as dear As baby to me Wee little fingers Eyes wide and bright Now sound asleep Until morning light
or else
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2023.03.23 22:46 Incandescent-Turd Just did a great work trip through Florida! What a cool state.

Hello Floridians of Reddit!
Just wanted to write a quick post about how much I loved seeing Florida in a different way than I ever have. I’m 33 and grew-up and live near Salt Lake City. I have been to Orlando several times before now to visit theme parks, but this time I was here for work, and it was truly an awesome experience!
I flew into Orlando because I figured Miami’s airport would be nuts this time of year and I reallllly wanted to drive down the turnpike. So I rented a model 3 and cruised on down to Miami for two nights. I stayed at the Nobu mid-beach and it was a very cool hotel. I loved the vibe of Miami, and Miami Beach in general. I avoided south beach like the plague because I heard it was a shit show, but the rest of it was amazing! The Cuban food/coffee. The diversity. The weather this time of year! The ladies! 👀 wowza! And the skyline is beautiful! I was shocked when I read Miami only has 400k people because it seems like one of the biggest cities I’ve ever been too, and I’ve been around!
From there I drove across the state on I41 up through Naples to FT Meyers. Absolutely incredible drive! Coming from the mountainy desert of the west it was just sooooo different than any drive I’ve ever experienced and I’ve drove from SLC to Charlotte, and SLC to Baltimore before. Never seen anything like that! Lol
Next I’m going to be spending the night here in FT Meyers, which after being in Miami for a couple days is quite the change of pace lol (people in Miami drive like crap holy f***) but FT Meyers is a cool place too, though! Has a real chill ocean town vibe. And people here are really nice. Next I’m heading to Tampa which I’m very excited about. Can anyone from FT Meyers tell me if that Oxbow by the water is a good place to get a nice meal? Hoping to grab some good seafood tonight! 😋
Anywho, st wanted to holler and tell you how cool I thought this state was not being in the touristy Orlando spots. I hope to come down here and go camping in panther country some day. I had no idea it was like that down there. What a cool f’n place. It was 35* and snowing when I left Utah. Y’all have it to good!
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2023.03.23 22:45 Yams92 This company is shady as fuck

My TV, like so many others’, stopped working out of nowhere back in October 22. I contacted Vizio and they said they would issue me a full refund. So I went through the process of sending the TV back so they could issue me my check. By the time it was all said and done it was mid November when they said they could process the check and send it out, saying it would take around 20 days. I wait and I wait and I wait. Christmas comes around and still nothing. I call and they said they sent it out and I should have gotten it by now but I didn’t so they void the check and say they will send me another one but it will take a couple weeks before they can do that.
February comes around and I still haven’t received anything. I call and they say it’s still in the works and that they will send it out. Mid February I call again after receiving nothing and they said something along the lines of, “idk what they told you before but it’ll take at least twenty days blah blah blah.”
Well, now here we are nearing the end of March and still nothing. I call today and they said that the second check was not only sent out but it was also cashed. Now I don’t know everything about banks but do they even allow you to cash a check that is not in your name??? Could some random person cash a check with my name on it?
Either way, the whole thing feels shady as fuck and I just feel like I’m being played. They have my correct address and I find it very hard to believe that my check got lost in the mail twice. I should probably just let it go but at this point I’m just pissed and I want to figure this out more so because of all the energy I’ve spent and less cause of the money.
Anyways, fuck Vizio their shitty products and fuck everything about them.
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2023.03.23 22:45 Studio_Society School's a fucking joke.

School's made to "ready" kids for the real world. When the majority of kids kill themselves, they become drug addicts, they go into the military or something. It really seems that only a small amount of people go to collage but we make it seem like a lot due to people from other cities, states, hell even a country if you wanna go that far, they go. I mean a real reason more people don't go to college is
Many of those who didn't enroll or complete degrees say college was too expensive — but they also cite stress and career uncertainty, new research finds.
and there's people dropping out of high school and committing suicide!
More than 27 percent say that they leave school because they are failing too many classes. Nearly 26 percent report boredom as a contributing cause. About 26 percent also say that they dropped out to become caregivers, and more than 20 percent say that school simply wasn't relevant to their lives.
Unlike in adults, suicide risk among children is lowest during the summer and higher during the school year. Understanding these patterns can help prevent and treat suicidality
Note: This article was updated Feb. 23, 2023. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people age 15 to 24 in the U.S. Nearly 20% of high school students report serious thoughts of suicide and 9% have made an attempt to take their lives, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
I have some stats to show you! Look them up yourself!
1 in 3 (30.6%) young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 experienced a mental, behavioral, or emotional health issue in the past year (SAMHSA, 2021).
26.9% of teens ages 12-17 have one or more mental, emotional, developmental, or behavioral problems (NSCH, 2019).
36.7% of high school students reported feelings of sadness or hopelessness in the past year. This percentage is higher for females (46.6%), Hispanic students (40.0%), and lesbian, gay or bisexual students (66.3%) (CDC, 2020).
Among college students, 29.1% have been diagnosed with anxiety and 23.6% have been diagnosed with depression (NCHA, 2021).
and it's going up every fucking day.
Nobody likes school, those who tell you they do, they're lying. They like the people, the lunch, the overall environment. Which is fucking weird because the environment is depressing. Except for when there's a fight. I mean a teacher was asking why kid's enjoy seeing people fight. Too me it's simple, at school, that's the most excitement we get. I personally hate it due to the stress and how they label kids. Oh, you don't want to sit down for a long hour? ADHD! Oh, you don't understand the work? ADHD! Then you get home all tired and your parents just expect for you to be okay so they say "I got a call from your teacher" and so on. I was supposed to be in a special class cause I was behind. You know how much it hurt? I used to bring home honor rolls and awards for my mom. I was taken from her at 7 and gave up, I was then adopted at 13. Wow, almost 7 more years! They then proceed to ask me whats wrong and when I tell them. I go to a hospital, taking 3 pills a day, with people I don't know, but people I found to become somewhat my friends.
Back to school, when I hear that word it's like nails on a chalkboard. Not only cause you have to waste money buying new shit. But, your wasting time! We are all wasting time! We need to wake the fuck up! When will more people just see that school's nothing but making you crawl more and more to your death! You're going to work after school. You're going to work, and work, and work, vacation, work and work until your in your 60's and retire.
Then what? Party? No! You'll be asleep by 8 and only have a few years left! You'll be asking "how long do I have?" I would know cause my grandma asks that all the time. Given where we're going in life, school may be irrelevant. It's okay. I'd rather be labeled on what I'm able to do vs what the school system says I can do. With today's tech, ChatGPT, google, more and more cheating is available. You think just by taking away the privileges of that will stop anyone? Hell, we got phones. If anything they'll write the answers on a piece of paper and use it for the test! And when comes graduation! You get nothing but a paper saying you did it! What's my point? My point is school is a cover-up so the government can make their precious money. So the schools can make their money and yet under pay all the staff. If I could, I'd leave school forever.
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2023.03.23 22:45 Exact_Grand_9792 I finally figured out why I am struggling a bit with "Bad" on SOS, despite liking the project in general

To be clear, now that I have figured this out, I don't think the newer retake is better or worse, just different, but I suspect this is why it will never mean as much to me as the original (and that's all fine to be clear--in general I am loving this project). The original Bad, while Bono made it clear it was inspired by drug addiction, to me that was the stepping off metaphor point, for watching someone you love in pain and not being able to help them. "If I could..." and from there it is about all the ways he wishes he could take this burden from his friend. Or it always was to me anyway (which I think Bono would be the first to say is valid, songs take on their own life yada yada). As such, despite having never even tried drugs let alone been addicted to them, the song REALLY resonated with me. After watching the Zane Lowe interview it is super clear to me that for Bono anyway the song is now ABOUT addiction, not just inspired by it, and about all the ways any addiction can affect us. Maybe it always was for him. I am not sad or even disappointed. It is not like they are removing the original versions (the live from WWIA is my fave). I have had several near experiences and as a result I have a playlist of songs I want played at my wake and this song has always always always topped the list. SOS doesn't take that away from me-it will be the live version. But it did make me realize that is why I am not connecting to the song as much anymore.
It is clear in the Zane Lowe interview that this song is one of the ones that meant the most to Bono, reworking it. So I am prepared to hear it the new way and I won't be angry. But I will be a little disappointed. At least I saw them play the original almost every time I saw them live.
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2023.03.23 22:44 Affectionate-Dog4704 I am terrified of healthcare workers, but have a laundry list of serious conditions, including cardiac issues, but would sooner die in my own home than call an ambulance. How do I even start to address this?

F34, 68kg, 170cms. Diagnoses - EDS (via genetics 2017), pure autonomic failure, POTS, lipoprotein (a) 431nmol/l, atherosclerosis, convulsive syncope, multiple prolonged SVT episodes, rapid gastric transit, climbing accident in 2020 (fall from 20m+, broke both scapulas, sustained a scoliosis and TBI, discharged within 24hrs due to covid concerns, piss poor follow up), occipital neuralgia since fall, PCOS, under investigation for unilateral blue nipple discharge which tested positive for aspergillus fumitgatus (since late 2022). Urinary retention (urodynamics - something about a detruser something or other and megabladder - was filled to 2600ml but had to stop due to pain, still no voiding. Self cath but hx of SPC). I'm sure I'm missing out loads, but I'm not sure of the relevancy. Ongoing extreme fatigue, memory loss where I often instantly forget everything a person has JUST said, can't remember important details of my week etc, seems to be short term memory. Pre TBI memories still intact.
Medication - ivabridine 5mg BD (PRN 5mg for tachycardia that will not otherwise settle), rosuvastatin 40mg, ezetimibe 10mg, sertraline 200mg. PRN - paracetamol, diclofenarse 100mg, codeine phosphate 60mg, palexia one or two 50mg, buspirone 5mg, baclofen (prescribed 10mg prn, but I never take this as it is useless), diazepam 5mg (used only for muscle spasms), cyclazine 50mg, adapaline.
I under use the PRN meds and opt instead to use cannibis where possible for pain relief/nausea. Offered a prescription by pain clinic, but it will knock me back £350 per month and I've been unable to work for over a year due to significant deterioration in health.
In October 2020, I was admitted to a&e for fungal epiglottitis. I couldn't speak, swallow, stand etc. Temperature was 40.2, I couldn't breathe, airway was occluded. Wasn't allowed friends or family in due to covid.
Seen fairly quickly (was brought in by ambulance), ENT scoped me and prescribed adrenaline masks, IV antibiotics, pain relief, dexamethasone and fluids. He left and my nurse promised to be right back with prescriptions.
I wanted over an hour. By this stage, I was an absolute state. I was so weak that I couldn't even hold up my slabber por to catch the drool, I had all over pins and needles. I wasn't connected to any monitoring equipment, had no call button and was terrified that I was going to suffocate to death. I managed to make it onto my feet and up to the door and got the attention of the sister. I tried to communicate that I needed help, meds, etc, but couldn't speak. She said she would get my nurse. She stormed off, leaving me to get back to bed alone. I collapsed, and I'm pretty sure I lost consciousness, but can't be sure. When I came to on the cubicle floor, I started sobbing, except that I was too dehydrated for actual tears and the sobbing movements were effectively choking me. I could hear the sister arguing with my nurse outside the open door. I wasn't mentioned it was about a covid positive elderly patient called Linda (86, covid positive, admitted into main area with other patients, died within an hour of arrival, no obs taken) who shouldn't have been in a non covid area when she was tested positive and that she was dead, but this nurse needed to fill out her obs retrospectively, right now. The nurse was denying accountability. I managed to get a shoe off and throw it out the gap of the door along the floor. She finally came in to give me back my shoe and again, I tried to plead with her to help me, but I physically couldn't. She told me I needed to "catch yourself on and calm down". She also informed me that my xovid test was negative, but she wasn't moving me now I was in the covid bay (due to temp) and if I had it now, I had it and that was that.
She came back a while later with the dexamethasone. I couldn't tell you how long it was in my arm before I could start to talk with great difficulty and pain and St Bernard sat in front of a joint of meat levels of slobbering. I managed to ask for the pain relief, fluids and asked her to recheck my temp as my teeth were starting to chatter and I was violently shivering. She returned quickly with an ideal thermometer, stuck the probe on the outer concha, nowhere near the ear canal and told me to "wise up" because my temp had come down to 35.6. She left without hanging fluids, without the adrenaline masks, without any pain relief and no need even for paracetamol because I was fine. Still not on monitoring equipment. My heart rate felt rapid, I was sweating, I was in agony and I was terrified and now I knew her other patient was lying dead in the non covid area. I work in veterinary and knew how dangerous the situation was.
After an unknown amount of time, I was able to move about and communicate better verbally and was able to swallow a little bit. I wasn't producing as much saliva and felt dry as a stick. The last conversation I had with her was when she returned and I demanded that she provide the prescribed medications that were ordered hours ago. She told me that she would do it when she got a minute. At this point, I lost my shit. I told her that it was no wonder she killed her other patient. I told her that if she was unwilling to do her job, she should get someone else to nurse me. I asked to see the Dr again to inform them that the meds weren't given. Her response - "fucking fine then. I'll get a bastarding doctor".
She comes back with an F1, I try to communicate what's going on, but the swelling is going back up and I'm really distressed and frightened. I said to the doctor, "Cathy Bates here is going to kill me like she did her other patient". At that point, the nurse who is about 2m away, starts to apparently run at me, so I try to shut the door. She stuck her finger round the edge of the door. I realise her hand is there when it won't close and immediately open the door. She screams like a mad bastard in my face, and said, that's assault, I'm calling the police.
And she fucking did. The police come out, I have 3 offers in hazmat suits at the end of the bed, I can't breathe, still no meds, but the dexamethasone seems to have helped loads. The police left after not very long. I wasn't far behind them. I text my partner, had him pick me up from the nearest exist. I could hardly walk, I was in a terrible state, but I was determined. I really believe, to this day, that her actions were going to kill me. I had to fight for the dexamethasone dose, and without that, I wouldn't have been well enough to leave.
I left with my cannula in situ because my nurse was an incompetent twat. When I got home and helped into bed, I checked my HR - 182. BP - 58/30, blood glucose 2.9. I attached a bag of hartmans (from my vet bag), my partner stiluck it on a clothes hanger and hung from curtain pole and I ran it wide open. Took a paracetamol suppository, followed by diclofenac 100mg suppository. After that was done, I hung a warm bag of 0.9% NaCl. I was able to sip fluids by this stage, so also took 90mg codeine phosphate as they are the smallest to swallow.
I had coamoxiclav which I hadn't started from strep throat a few weeks prior. I started on those immediately.
At no stage did the hospital contact me to make sure I wasn't dead.
3 days later, I submitted a written complaint to the hospital, detailing everything. This was followed by the nurse then going to the local police station and pressing charges for assault due to the finger incident. The nurse did lose her hob that night, but that cunt was still out for me.
3mths later I appeared in court charged with assulaulting an NHS nurse. At no point was I allowed to speak for myself. In her statement she said that from admission to "self discharge", I was screaming and shouting abuse and threats. I wasn't physically capable of speaking. My legal representative went into chambers with the judge. The judge told her that if I didn't change my plea to guilty, I would be remanded in prison until a trial date was set given that I had been so abusive to the nurse. She advised me to change my plea, or face jail until a proper hearing.
Completely beaten down and devastated, I took her advice. I wad also ordered to pay the nurse compensation. The nurse gave her evidence from the Cayman islands.
Since this happened, I've completely lost faith in the NHS. Where possible, I am doing everything within my power to avoid them, but I'm really unwell and have regular cardiac events. By the time I get to a&e, I'm usually very distressed and terrified to let anyone near me. I'll stay long enough for them to draw bloods for troponin then self discharge ASAP, and will only return if it means avoiding the emergency department altogether. I am currently sitting here with a broken wrist I am too rectified to have seen.
My quality of life and overall health has been pretty shit from the accident. Whilst it wasn't great before that, my diet was impeccable and I rocked a 6 pack every day of the month, was at the gym 6 days a week and did everything I could to keep my body in the best shape I could, despite the fact my gene pool is more of a swamp.
I need medical help for a number of issues right now, but I'm so traumatised by what happened last year, I am terrified of you guys. I know that this is clearly a PTSD reaction. I was referred to health psychology a while ago for support in accepting my declining physical health, but have yet to get an appointment. I live in Northern Ireland. I can't get through to my GP for routine appointments. When I manage to actually get through to the surgery, the gatekeeping is mental. I moved home last August and had to register with a new GP. I've not had as much as a new patient appointment.
I appreciate that I am not helping myself by getting into a complete state any time I am forced to seek medical attention. I am that patient you hate to see coming, because what the fuck is her problem and why has she always a stick up her ass? One dr even wrote PD in capital letters, circled, at the top of my notes and when I challenged him on it, he said I am exceedingly difficult and as a doctor, he "knows a PD when he sees one". I've never had a PD. After this happened, I went for a private mental health assessment, explained that the medic thought I had a PD, and after assessment, was informed I had medical PTSD, and did not have a PD. I am definitely becoming bitter the more my pain increases, my health declines and I have to navigate a completely broken healthcare system with chronic illness. I've no doubt that I'm insufferable, but I am terrified.
Thesedays, I spend at least 4 days a week completely bedbound. The POTS crap is seemingly what is keeping me there. I was due for a review with my cardiologist over a year ago, but he left his post and there's been no follow up. Ivabridine is no longer enough. My cardiologist had proposed IV therapies in the past for stabilisation, but I was dead set against it given that I was capable of taking fluids orally and was delusional enough to think I would be right as rain in no time and would be able to get back to a decent quality of life, even if I would never get back to where I was before.
Since the incident with the nurse, I was sent home from the same a&e with a dislocated arm after they told me there was nothing wrong with it, had to return for relocation 2 days later, but there was too much blood in the socket, so that meant I was slung up until I was about to manipulate it back into joint myself. I had what I suspect as a heart attack, but was told they wouldn't do bloods for at least 2hrs, so I left to go home and chew an aspirin, even though I was drenched in sweat, shaking like a leaf and had a BP of 200/120. They said I wouldn't be able to stand if I was unwell.
I'm working now with a barrister to bring a civil case against the hospital, but in the meantime, the relationships between me and my local emergency department has broken down entirely and in general, my outcomes from each visit has been a horror show.
Disengaging with healthcare is not an option for me. Accountability is apparently not an option for the staff at that hospital. My quality of life is so poor. I need help.
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2023.03.23 22:44 ravage037 I still lust after my ex.

I broke up with my ex a couple months ago and I still miss her, even though I probably shouldn't and she fucked me over. I've been on multiple dates, slept with a few women and even have a "thing" at the moment with a wonderful girl, but no matter what I do, the drugs, booze, sex. I just cant stop comparing other people to her. Her smile, her laugh, her sense of humor, how down to earth and open she was about herself to me...
I sometimes stay awake at night hoping she will randomly call me and we could talk, even if we just went back to ignoring each other after cause it didn't feel the same, I care about her and from the bottom of my heart hope she is doing amazing without me. I just wish things ended on better terms, I was hurt and said some pretty hurtful stuff to her that I never got to apologize for. She even reached out to me after and I ignored her and we have had each other blocked ever since. This girl could call me up out of nowhere asking me to kill someone for her and I'd do it without asking, I still care about her so much.
Me and her used to be into CNC and sometimes I fantasize about her just messaging me a location and time and meeting up... since we haven't seen each other in a few months it would feel so much more thrilling. I'd park my car near the end of the trail we used to walk down with the bridge. I'd see her from my car but she would just walk by pretending not to know me. I'd get out and start following her, slowly matching her pace for a while. Then I'd pick up the pace she would look over her shoulder seeing me get closer she would feel a sense of dread overcome her and she would also pick up the pace.
Eventually she'd panic and run, so I'd chase after her, slowly making up ground I'd tackle her into the snow and put my hands around her neck, slapping her to keep her quiet, I'd pull her hair back to her a hickey on her neck and she would be squirming to get away and start hating herself for how it feels. Id use my knife to cut her shirt/bra off and hold it to her throat telling her I'd kill her if she fights back. As my knife is up to her throat I'd start kissing her body, making my way to her nipples she would squirm from being over stimulated.
Then I'd rip her pants off she would already be wet enough for me to just slide myself inside of her, so I'd put myself inside of her, fucking and slapping her well she lets out moans of resistance and tries to get me off, eventually she would give in and I'd put my hands around her throat choking her until the world around her goes black and she falls unconscious, I'd keep going, finishing inside of her and then have her wake up confused and disoriented until she feels my semen dripping out of her.
Then I'd give her a kiss on the cheek give her some new clothes and we could drive around and smoke like we used to, listening to music and making dumb jokes we could catch up and see how each other have been. I feel like it wont even happen though, the same reason I was too prideful to reach out to her is probably the same reason she wont reach out to me. Even if we went back to ignoring each other the things I would do to feel that feeling I get when I see her... She is like heroine to me and I'd do anything to randomly get a call from her.
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2023.03.23 22:43 bearfax1001 Is it a bad idea to apply to schools whose 90th percentile MCAT I exceed? High stat applicant with mediocre ECs worried about not getting accepted to higher ranked schools but being yield protected from mid-lower schools

I saw someone mention 90th percentile MCAT scores in a yield protection discussion the other day, is that a good rule of thumb? I have a 520/3.88 but mediocre ECs so I don't really consider myself a candidate for t20 schools like others with similar stats as me, but worry about being yield protected from lower ranked schools if I apply there. Happy to receive any advice, especially from people who are/have been in similar shoes.

EDIT: ECs include:
175 hours Cadaver Lab TA in undergrad
600 hours clinical volunteering at a free clinic for uninsured patients (as an EMT)
250 hours non-clinical volunteering (food pantry, youth group leader, natural disaster relief [floods mostly])
450 hours as a church choicongregation pianist
30-40 shadowing hours with various MDs at clinic
650 hours as a dental hygiene assistant during COVID (hesitant to consider this clinical even though it nearly exclusively dealt directly with patients as it was dental, not medical)
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2023.03.23 22:43 Hobbitbird I've discovered that some people are just bad and will use charity as a front for personal gain.

TLDR: Some people use the front of charity to enrich themselves, and seeing it first hand these past two weeks has broken my faith in humanity a little bit.
I'm going to, for legal reasons, be as anonymous with locations and names, etc, as possible. Apologies in advance.
So, context. I'm a youth worker in England, and I run programmes out of a youth centre in a big old town. I've been slowly building a youth service from scratch since 2021 and have had quite a significant success.
As part of this, we have partnered with an organisation which, for anonymity reasons, I will not specify the activities they undertake. Needless to say, they were viewed as charity, and people thought highly of them.
I recently moved a programme I deliver into their centre, I support young adults who have issues into to work, and started to notice a lot of... shall we say, incongruity between what I had been told about them and the reality I was faced with. The centre left a tip, rotten food, bins not emptied, and debt letters hidden around the place to name but a few. For reference, I also run two separate youth clubs from this centre and have done for nearly 2 years.
Thus started to concern me, but I was given assurances that these things weren't to be worried about, and they had it under control and would sort it etc etc. I'm not an idiot, so I didn't really believe it, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. That brings us to two weeks ago.
The leader of the "charity" came into the centre to inform me that they were folding and that they couldn't afford to run their service anymore. They asked if I would take on the building through the charity I work for. I, of course, said yes. I met the landlord, who told me he hadn't been paid since July. We had paid them rent since before then.
To cut a long story short, I've had to do a ridiculous amount of running around whilst still working with over 30 young people and trying to get our trustees to take a risk and take on the property. It's been hard, but the kids I work with have been amazing and have done everything they can to clear the building and support in getting it put together as a coherent youth centre.
That brings us to this morning, when the former leader came to the centre and proceeded to take everything of value from the centre. This includes consoles, televisions, and all the money they had stashed, among many other things. I was gobsmacked, dismayed, and above all else hurt. These things weren't his but the centres, and he quite plainly said it was so he could, and I quote, "Not leave with nothing."
I'm going to stop now. This isn't very interesting, I suppose, but it left me reeling. I've spent over a decade working to support and help as many people as I can through the work I do. I've lived on low wages, used food banks, and generally had a low quality of life, knowing that I was doing something that meant something. To see someone so callously take from others hurt me deeply and will leave us out of pocket to replace what was taken.
Final point, the reason I could not do anything was purely because it turns out that the organisation wasn't a charity as I had believed and been told, but the finances were in his name. Despite the fact that the items had been bought with grant funding, there was nothing I could do. I have brought this to the attention of the trustees but I doubt anything can be done.
Thanks for reading
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2023.03.23 22:42 Visible_Regular_4178 Double ended sword

Double ended sword
Well this will be interesting. Can't wait to see what hate I get for this.
I make this partially to get my thoughts out and partially in the hopes someone like Skallagrim, Shadiversity, Marcus Vance, or Robin Swords will see this and do further research into the topic.
And that is the double ended sword, a weapon that supposedly only exists in fiction. Yet I've seen and even used them. As well as attempts made as experiments. And I've sparred with them.
And I couldn't help but notice that people tend to get stuff wrong. So I wanted to share my thoughts.
When people think double ended sword they usually think this.
But for the sake of discussion I'm expanding this to include any weapon that has two ends on it. For one, sword names tend to cover a whole range. Take names like the katana which can cover everything from the small uchigatana to the nagamaki. For another...well...you'll see.
Usually the first thing people say when why something like this wasn't often used, it's that it's because the second end bears a threat to the wielder. Now my initial reaction was dismissal. Like I said, I've used double ended swords before and they bore no threat to me. That's when it occurred to me that the handle on Maul's lightsaber is kinda tiny. The double ended weapons I've used in the past tend to have very large hilts to the point they rather blurred if it counts as a double sword or a double polearm.
So I decided to borrow a kid's darth maul stick and, sure enough, I was at constant threat of cutting myself. Real twinblades I've seen and messed with were at least one third the whole length of the weapon if not more.
Elden Ring's twin blade is more realistic as a result as the handle is wider than even the wielder's shoulders in armor. And the whole weapon is even taller than the wielder.

So that is perhaps the first thing to note about double sided weapons. The hilt needs to compensate. And when looking at the double ended weapons I've seen, I realized there was very minimal middle ground. There was one I'll show later. But generally all the double ended weapons were practically polearms. Or they were daggers like these.

Deer Horn Knives

Liujiao Dao 鹿角刀

But on the opposite end, you have weapons like these.

Cicada Wing Sword 蝉翅刀
There are variants of this such as the Sun and Moon sword but they follow the general principle. The one I used didn't have the hand guards. Also the entire weapon is nearly the height of the wielder. It also doesn't threaten the user because both blades face forward
I've seen people claim that this sword is a 19th century creation though they also cannot provide a source. That being said, unlike the weapons I'll be showing later on, there isn't much in terms of historical records either.
As mentioned I have also played around with double ended weapons that were made as thought experiments. And there were issues that no one's seemed to brought up before. And that is edge alignment.
The Cicada Wing Sword having both blades facing forward actually solves that problem as it's easy to make sure the edges are all aligned. But when messing around with weapons that were double bladed on both ends, all our cuts were shallow. From a technical standopoint there's nothing stopping the blades from being perfectly aligned. But from a human perspective it's just too hard making sure all the blades are perfectly aligned.
While still playing with our double ended double edged, we found a few ways to "make it work". One was to have a single side dedicated to cutting then use the other end for stabbing. And the other was just to dedicate both sides to stabbing.
Hmmm...why does that sound familiar?

Monk Spade 月牙铲

Kwan Dao 鸡翅木龙头关刀


I could go on and on. Basically a lot of polearms put spikes on their opposite ends. Esepecially spears like the xyston and the dory. And even Chinese spears were double ended.
Taht reminds me. So the reason for the polearm length was to not cut yourself. But if the other end is a simple stabber, could you use it on a sword. And you can.

Hook swords
Hook Swords. Even without the hook, its hooks with point daggers at the end.

Now there is one I've heard of called the iajatang. I've seen images of these but I've never seen one in real life. Bear in mind, I've seen people twirling double ended glaives around (I'm not submitting it as evidence as I have neitehr photo nor video but as a base reference). I also found no videos regarding forms with it. So I have to believe that the iajatang is a work of fiction. That said, its design follows the monk's spade.
We can also follow the history of weapons like the monk's spade as there are drawings of it from as early as the 14th century. While I'm at it, I do have to correct a misconception. The spade was not the weapons of Sha Wujing from Journey to the West. The OG Journey to the West describes Sandy as only wielding a staff. The monk's spade were later woodblock print additions.
I also want to bring up this thing.

Meet the madu. Now there's a lot of variations of this thing. Some have shields and some don't. And some are small to the point of being daggers and some are the size of their users. Even the shield sizes vary with some as small as bucklers and others big enough to take cover behind from arrows.
This weapons is a bit of a confusing one as you'd think this is and offhand parrying weapon that happens to be able to stab. And you'd be right as you can find videos of this being wielded in the offhand and a sword in the other. But you can also find videos of these being dual wielded.

But I think there's one important observation to make about this. No blades. The madu's offense comes from impalement. Now later on they'll replace the horns with blades. But even then, only the very ends of the madu are bladed. Once again, turning it into a sort of double spear.
Now I haven't seen a single full sized madu used by itself. Perhaps an indian martial artist can answer if that ever happens?
Speaking of Indian double ended weapons I also found this

I was told this is called the cumberjung. A double ended flail (which will definitely grind Shad's gears). But I can't find anything about using it. I've never seen anyone use it. And unlike the Cicada Wing Blade, I can't find videos of anyone using it. I can't find any manuals modern or ancient on how to use it. I've never seen it in a museum.
Also I cna't find an image of this thing next to a person which furthers my suspicions. If that thing is a double handed weapon it'd be technically viable but then the clubs are the size of human heads. If it's one handed then there's no way to use this without hitting yourself. And if I had to be honest, it doesn't even look like a weapon in my eyes. It looks like tea mesh balls.
So yeah, perhaps someone can give me more information on these.
There's one more variant I'd like to talk about. If glaives work, what about this?

I've never seen one like this before. All twinblades I've seen are either double bladed on both ends or both face the same direction
But we did make and mess around with one of these. From a technical standpoint this is viable. But it still suffers the issues mentioned above. If you played sekiro then you know that these guys are meant to spin and spin they do. Like a lot. But that still results in shallow cuts and, once again, it was easier to just use one side as a dedicated glaive then stab with the other.
Now there is an idea that I want to explore but don't have the knowledge or the resources to. And the idea was given to me by skallagrim when talking about the idea of double edged axes. (For references, shadiversity said double bitted axes were dumb and skall replied pointing out some benefits of a double bitted axe.
Sorry shad, gotta say you're wrong on that.

Fangtian Ji 方天戟
I digress. But one idea skall brought up is that is one side of the axe gets damage, you can flip it around and use the other side. Could the same be said for the double glaive? I fear I cannot say.

Oh, but there's one more aspect to this. How did my doublde ended sword do in sparring?
Against a sword, quite well. Dare I say I found it superior to a normal sword. Every offense was also a defense and every defense was also an offense. Also, the opponent now had to worry about two blades. I have to liken it to dual wielding where if you have two swords and your opponent has one, you can use one blade to tie up your opponent then use the other to attack. I can't say it's exactly the same but it followed a similar concept. I could defend with one blade then attack with the other in rapid succession. Plus, as mentioned, the double ended swords I used blur the line between sword and polearm so there was also a reach advantage.
This also only covered blades that were double bladed on both ends or have their blades face the same direction. When sparring with the ones with blades facing in opposite direction, I lose my advantage of having that second blade in the first place aside from stabbing.
Ok, so how did it do against the polearm? Mixed. Even if the twinblade was the same length, I had a reach disadvantage because a third of that length was the blade that stuck out from behind me. Now if the blades were shortened and the shaft lengthened, I performed better to on par with the spear, but I could never outperform.

There are other considerations as well to the usage of twin blades and the biggest one is simply niche. The spear was cheap and could outperform other weapons thanks to its reach. The sword may be expensive but it was small enough to be a sidearm. The twinblade didn't fit any niche. As mentioned it was equal at best and inferior at worst to the spear and more expensive to boot. But it was too big to be a sidearm. It's also a pain to carry round. You take great care of your blades. Now there are two of them. How would you carry it around? In unit formations you just end up using it like a spear anyways.
Now Chinese martial arts often just wrap their blades in cloth. You may have time to tear off the cloth on one end but now two? You can't stick it on the ground and let it lean against you like a polearm.

So what's the final word for the twinblade? I think it's more viable than people give credit for it. It's just that there are better options leaving the twinblade an expensive novelty item. In a way it makes sense why they seem to be mostly found in the East as they love their martial arts.
How to make it work? Well the biggest thing is make sure the handle is big enough.
Ironically the issues I mentioned make it quite viable in fiction as the issues like the edge alignment and power of the cuts are all nonissues in fiction. Either you get a Darth Maul situation where the lightsaber is all edge or you have a protag that is so skilled that edge alignment and cutting power is perfect every time.

On the flip you get stuff like this.

Yeah, got nothing. That thing just sucks. Not only do you threaten yourself because of the tiny handle, you can't even spin.
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2023.03.23 22:41 Savarah 30 [F4M] Florida - If you meet these super specific parameters, you might just be The One

Let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns, of course):
-A member of the human race
-Born on the planet of Earth
-Between the heights of 4'-7'
-Have an eye color of blue, green, brown, hazel, grey, or any combination of the aforementioned
-Have a skin color AND hair color in between the hues of "light" and "dark"
-Own a pair of shoes
-Have a resting heart rate between 50-110 bpm
-Be a person who consumes food on a regular basis
-Be childfree

Now, if you have made it this far, I commend you. I assure you that I, too, meet all of the above criteria. As a treat, I will tell you additional things about myself!
-A mental health advocate (yay therapy!)
-Left of center politically
-A member of the LGBTQ+ community
-A plus-size person (but I'm still really cute, and willing to verify)
-Pretty nerdy/geeky
-Independent/low maintenance
-Someone with a full-time job (that I actually quite like)
-A good communicator
-Unfortunately not willing to relocate (at least anytime in the near future)

If you are somehow still here and are actually interested in reaching out to me, please provide a photo! I will only respond to messages/chats with a photo (I think it's important to have some physical attraction, and I will provide one, too) and that give a little effort. Life is good, I'm just looking to share it with someone. We are more than a bullet pointed list of qualities, so I'm looking forward to speaking with you!
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2023.03.23 22:41 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Thank you r/cryptoCurrency for completely turning my life around.

First of, I apologize for the grammar, English is not my first language.
This subreddit gets mentioned a lot for giving out terrible advise and how doing the exact opposite is actually the best way of going about it.
This might be true for some of you but for me it really helped me A LOT.
I found this subreddit nearly 2 years ago and it actually changed my life.
I used to be always broke and actually terrible at managing money.
Drunken poker sessions tilting it all away? Check.
Spending too much money on weed, booze and other drugs? Check.
Spending way too much on magic cards? Check.
Going to the clubs not caring about how much I would spend? Check.
As you can tell I was just the worst.
But then I found cryptocurrency
At first I was like - 'yea let's buy some of this crypto, I also want to be rich and fuck knows I 'need' the money'
But then I started reading more and more and seeing how patient, logical and responsible some of you are it made me realise what an idiot I was.
So what changed you ask? A LOT.
I used to just download whatever I'd like on to my PC without a care in the world.
I knew my email was hacked but just did not care.
I had like 2 passwords for everything ( and they we're very similar )
Now I have a separate clean laptop just for crypto.
Now I have 2FA on everything.
Now I use a password manager.
Recently bought a hardware wallet!
Money management:
As I said I was always broke spending without any regard for the future. Now I am saving a decent chunk of my income each month and have strict DCA days.
I track my expenses and think about ways to save more money and spend smarter.
No more poker ( I am terrible at it anyway )
Quit magic ( it's dying anyway )
I stopped smoking completely and drink about every other weekend.
Started working out and feel just so much better.
So, from the bottom of my heart.
Edit: Thanks for the responses! Really appreciated!
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2023.03.23 22:40 Animal827 SoClean3 AirSense11 Adapter

TLDR: Any idea of the best place to get a SoClean3 AirSense11 Adapter?
I have been using the SoClean3 for almost a year on my DreamStation2. That CPAP device was horrible and was replaced twice. I know have an AirSense11 and want to continue using my SoClean3. If I remember correctly, it cost around $300. Apparently, I was told by SoClean that they no longer make the adapter that plugs into your hose and then plugs into the CPAP. They have a new adapter that requires you to unplug your tube from your device. You plug this adapter into your tune and then plug the black tube into the adapter. When done, you habe to disconnect and reconnect everything. This supposed to be done daily, so the convenience is now diminished. They also wanted to charge me nearly $20 for this new adapter. I was not able to order online (but you can if you are from Canada). Nearly half the cost is taxes amd shipping. I am planning on either buying after market adapter or using my old adapter on my old device (which will still require disconnecting and reconnecting).
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2023.03.23 22:40 youthinkyouknowme444 I’ve been intensely questioning my gender for about a month, and loosely questioning it for years. I really thought that I was probably trans but right now I really feel like I’m not and I don’t know how to feel about it.

It’s hard for me to articulate these feelings so hopefully this all makes sense. I’ve been thinking for years about being a girl. Only about a month ago did I really start to deeply question myself, and after endless debating that consumed basically all of my thoughts and free time for that month, I was really concerned that I was trans. But still, I had a lot of doubts as well. I often fantasized about being a girl, thinking of being a girl made me happy and really excited, and I experienced a lot of really painful gender envy. Despite that, I was still unsure of whether or not I was trans. I know that the most important thing, really the only requirement for being trans is that you want to be the other gender. But I was and still am unsure if I really want to be a girl. Despite all the signs I listed that I might be happier as a girl, I honestly don’t really know if I will be. I think if I stay as a guy I can live a mostly fulfilling life but I don’t think the gender envy or desire to be a girl will ever fully go away. I think I will probably regret never finding out what it would be like to be a girl. On the other hand, I really don’t think that being a girl would actually make me happy. When I imagine living my whole life as a girl it just seems like it’s not what I’m meant to be doing. It seems like it wouldn’t actually make me happy. But like I already said, I frequently get deep feelings of wanting to be a girl and imagining that I was a girl in the present moment still tends to make me happy. It’s like I only want to be a young girl the same age as I am now, like being an adult woman wouldn’t be right. It also feels like being trans is just a fantasy to me. It doesn’t feel real to me that I would ever become a girl. It feels like I’m meant to be a guy. But I still kinda want to be a girl, and sometimes I REALLY want to be a girl. My feelings keep changing and it is so frustrating that I can’t just come up with a concrete answer. I just want to know who am I am, and fast. I feel like I’m running out of time to transition. I’m still pretty young but if I keep letting time slip by then if I decide I’m really trans in the future I’ll regret not doing it sooner since hrt works better the younger you are (or so I’ve heard) and I’m terrified of not getting a body and face as a girl that I would like. Sometimes, actually maybe most of the time I want to be a girl I only want to be a perfect girl. I don’t want to be myself as a girl, I want to be the perfect girls I see in my head that are nothing like me and would be impossible for me to become. Anyway, after thinking about it for so long I realized that thinking isn’t helping, I’m just running in circles. I decided to do something a bit rash and went to a thrift store to by some feminine clothes. In the end I regret doing it because I don’t really have any way to hide the clothes and washing them is also a massive challenge. I might have to just find a way to get rid of them because I’m really scared somebody in my family will find them. After washing them, I tried them on and that’s what inspired me to write this post. I felt nothing. No euphoria. I disliked half of what I bought, but I did like this skirt and shirt I bought. Even still, I kinda just feel nothing wearing them. It made me very slightly happy but I didn’t really feel girly or like it was right for me. It just left me feeling a little disappointed. A few days before I bought those clothes I started going through a period where I just kinda stopped thinking about whether or not I was trans. I pretty much entirely stopped wanting to be a girl and thinking of being a girl doesn’t really make me very happy. It makes me a very tiny bit happy, but not nearly as much as it did before. I’m still feeling that now, and the fact that wearing girls clothes made me feel nothing has just solidified it a little more. I feel like being a guy is my “default” and I don’t really want to be a girl unless I start thinking about it. The more I think about it, the more the desire grows, but ultimately it still doesn’t feel right. And after a few hours when I stop thinking about it I go back to feeling like a guy and I mostly stop wanting to be a girl again. I’m really starting to think that I might be wrong and that being a girl just isn’t for me, but then I can’t wrap my head around all the signs that I might be trans. Even as a very young kid I have a specific instance I remember of fantasizing about being a girl and thinking that it felt more right to be a girl. But it doesn’t feel right anymore. In the end, what confuses me the most is that the idea of being anything other than trans mtf makes me mildly disappointed. It’s like I want to be trans and I want to desire being a girl but it just doesn’t seem right. Also, I’ve thought about the fact that I may be gender-fluid or non-binary already and they really don’t seem right to me either. I feel so lost right now and I feel like I’m going to live with identity issues for the rest of my life because being a girl seems wrong but staying as a guy seems like it will never resolve my questions. I’m so frustrated and I feel like this will never end. How can I figure this out? I just want to know what I should be doing with the rest of my life. I feel like I’m in a situation with no good outcome.
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2023.03.23 22:39 SuperThrowAway50005 My parents favor my brother and I didn't realize how much until recently

So I (31F) am the youngest of 3 children.
My oldest brother wasn't in the picture a lot, he's 12 years older than me and had moved out by the time I was old enough to really care.
But my other brother (M33) was very much in my life until recently.
I love my family. I do, my childhood was pretty great, we moved a ton but other wise it was great.
I noticed the favoritism early on.
Not always huge things but things like if we were split on what we wanted to do that day, he'd always get to what he wanted first and if there was time afterwards then I might get to do what I wanted.
Prime example, I went to the lake with friends and my parents picked me up in the evening and said they'd bring me back in the morning. I get up bright and early, get ready to go back and then find out that my brother said he wanted to go to the city to pick up a new video game so now I can't be brought back to the lake because there's no time.
Another example is when we were teenagers, I worked a couple days a week at the library and the rest of the week babysitting and a lot of my money went to bills and groceries but my brother worked full time and didn't pay for anything unless he felt like it at the time so he spent most of his money on video games and junk food.
At this point my brother has been unemployed for almost a decade. I've tried to encourage him to apply for literally everything and then worry about getting a really gig later because some income is a lot better than no income right? But he basically refuses to try. He won't apply at a gas station, he applied at the grocery store once and didn't get it so refuses to try there again.
Now he's damn near agoraphobic because he refuses to leave the yard more than maybe once a month and even then won't go further than 20 minutes away.
I've encouraged him to go to therapy or something for it but again he refuses.
And mom refuses to push him on anything because he's "sensitive and anxious about everything".
Just about 3 years ago I met my now husband. We dated long distance for 7 months before actually meeting in person because we lived 3000kms away from each other lol
My now husband moved to my province after 7 months so we could try dating properly and clearly it went well lol
Before he moved, I did spend a lot of time with my brother. We watched anime together generally nightly and we'd game a few nights a week.
I even helped him get his new gaming PC. He had one picked out but didn't have a credit card to set up financing for the monthly payments. The deal being that he would send me the $53 a month for the payments.
Once my now husband moved, that routine obviously changed a bit. But I always made an effort to make sure I was spending time with him at least 3-4 nights a week.
My now husband and I made a HUGE effort to include him. We would invite him constantly to game with us, play board games, go to the city, go to the movies, come with us to the bar, golfing, camping, literally any activities we could think of and my brother would not budge.
We kept trying and when the wedding was getting close, I made it crystal clear how important it was for him to come to the wedding. He lives with my parents, all he had to do was get in the van and spend 45 minutes of his life at a beautiful park for the ceremony. He didn't come.
I was upset. I told my parents how upset I was about it and again my mom defended him with a "don't be too hard on him. This is a big change for him, he's struggling with it"
So I let it go.
3 months later we were getting ready to move so I took him aside again to let him know what was happening and that I still wanted us to hang out and spend time together. We both game and there's no reason we couldn't spend time watching anime and things together.
Basically did everything I could to try and maintain a relationship with him all while my mom kept saying "oh he's just sensitive and dealing with a lot. This is a big change for him you know"
So we moved.
He stopped answering my messages all together as soon as I was out of the yard basically. I noticed a few months later that he hadn't been sending me any payments since I left either.
I messaged him about it and got nothing so I messaged my mom.
At first she said she'd talk to him about it and later said that "oh something happened but he won't say what and he's broke"
I accepted it at first because he wasn't working, so the payments were all coming out of GST and whatever he got for painting houses with my dad in the summers.
A couple days went by and I realized that it had been a GST month AND bonus tax money because we lived outside a metropolitan area. So I messaged mom about it again and said that by my math he had gotten at least $500 in the last couple weeks, so can he please send me the $150 he owed me at that point.
Mom messages back and basically says that she can't force him to pay me, all she can do is try to talk to him about it and that she'd pay it herself if she could.
At this point it's been 7 going on 8 months and I still haven't gotten a payment from him.
I kept trying to reach put and be friendly, and get him talking to me again and the day after Christmas he blocked me on all social media all together.
I told my mom about it, again saying how upset I was and again just got "I'm sorry he blocked you. This has been a big change for him and it's hard for him. I'm sure he'll come around".
At this point he just hides in his room and pays his video games and completely ignores the world around him.
Mom absolutely refuses to push him to do anything to better his situation because "he's sensitive and anxious and he'll do it in his own time" but he won't. He's never going to change because she continues to baby him and tell him that he doesn't have to. He has absolutely no reason to even attempt to sort out his issues or get help for his anxiety or try to get a job because he can stay in his bedroom literally forever and mom and dad wouldn't care.
Mom just keeps babying him and making excuses for his behaviors and his refusal to try and grow up.
TL:DR My parents have spoiled, favored and babied my older brother his entire life and now he refuses to even try to grow up. Mom makes endless excuses for his behavior and no one will push him out of the nest and try to get him functioning as an adult.
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2023.03.23 22:39 Existing-Ad8998 Problematic African grey

Okay, i inherited this grey from my father, no clue how old he is and my avian vet said his health was fine. I’ve been concerned he is plucking due to all the feathers I’m finding around his cage. The vet told me he had new father growth but I keep finding more on the ground!! He is also OBSESSED with me (which is good to an extent) and recently has been regurgitating every time I hold or interact with him. He is also doing the sexy wings dance any time he gets near me!! I’ve tried foraging toys to distract, he still is acting out! Not to mention he lets himself down off the cage and wanders the house till he gets near me! I really need some advice on what’s going on with him! Regurgitation, sexy wings, being totally disobedient. I don’t know what to do next. I’ve thought about getting a plucking collar for him because he’s turning into a plucked chicken!! Please help 😮‍💨
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2023.03.23 22:39 ExoticBoulder Do poly dating apps exist?

Solo-poly for many years now. I’m tired of putting my relationship style and values all over my dating bios just to have people swipe without reading and then verbally abuse me. I find it SO tough to find anyone remotely near my age who is also poly/nonmonogamous and when I do, they’re twice my age (I’m a woman and tend to look for men). How are y’all dating?! FB groups are toxic af most of the time and I’m really not here for the kink and sex obsession. I want genuine connections. Thanks if you read this far - and please don’t message me if you have the desire to. I know this isn’t a dating sub and just want advice.
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2023.03.23 22:39 ThePercysRiptide can anyone lend a hand to a broke boozer?

My stepdad went into the account that we share today and spent 85$ on a random bill that we cant fucking afford, (we were going to pay it next week on the first) and nearly zeroed us out. and now I'm going to run out of booze for the rest of the month. i barely even know how im going to feed us now.
I really hate to have to ask, but is there anyone who wouldn't mind spotting me 20 or 30 bucks just so I can refill my beer? i doubt I'll be able to pay it back but I would really really appreciate it so I dont have to deal with the effects of running out. i have cashapp
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2023.03.23 22:38 Rich-Mall (for sale) darkroom equipment: Photographic Enlarger + accessories $50

(for sale) darkroom equipment: Photographic Enlarger + accessories $50
Any film photographers interested in some dusty darkroom equipment? I'm selling these for $50 and would love if you can pick it up yourself. I live in Overland Park near JCCC. Included is the enlarger (worked 10 years ago when I last used it, has been collecting dust since) and a large plastic tote with accessories, trays, tongs, a light, and Ilford paper. (Is the paper still good? What an adventure it will be to find out! It's all wrapped in it's black bags, so I'm not about to open it, hopefully you don't find old photos of naked women or nuclear secrets, I wouldn't know anything about that). This has NOT been kept in a smoke free home (fyi for those with allergies or sensitivities). Is $50 a crazy good deal for this?! Or is it terrible?! Talk me down to $40 if you want! Pay extra dollars if you want! I'm flexible! But only in this one instance!
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