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2023.03.21 11:09 Ganjopios420 3 games, 3 players glitching all over the place. Think I might be done with this game in It’s current state.

I have 227 reps on pc and about 120 on ps4 and I honestly cannot tell you of a time I’ve hated for honor more. Why are there infinite hits in a 6 year old game? How is that level of incompetence even acceptable when they’ve had 6 years of mistakes to learn from. They said in the most recent stream for year 7 that they didn’t mean to make new hero’s this op and I honestly burst out laughing. How do you not know what you’re doing? Anyway I haven’t seen many people complaining hugely about the state of this game so I thought I’d have a little rant.
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2023.03.21 11:09 Junior_Wrangler_8838 Urgent - Whitstable

Hello everyone,
My girlfriend is the largest lana del ray fan and they are hosting a listening party in gatefield sounds. Our only issue is that the tickets are only sold in store and we have no way of getting there today. If anyone could get these tickets I’d gladly pay 50% extra on top of the cost of the tickets.
Thank you
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2023.03.21 11:08 Senior_Improvement93 My POSITIVE experience :)

Hey every one I’ve posted on here a few times for advice and help so just thought I’d update that it does get better (well has for me) it just takes time.
I have severe health anxiety that causes me to body check and repeatedly poke areas of the body. I was crying daily, shaking with fear, sense of doom, feared for my future, lost 2 stone as I couldn’t eat and was close to just giving up on my life.
I started on 20mg and I did have some bad symptoms. Nausea, couldn’t sleep, nightmares, lack of appetite, woke up in the morning with a fear so strong I couldn’t talk and the worst one for me was the increased anxiety and none stop crying. I was taking my tablet in the morning and decided to switch to night time to try and avoid these symptoms.
4 weeks I did 4 weeks on 20mg and felt no different apart from I physically couldn’t cry it’s like my tears dried up then towards week 5 I couldn’t stop crying so returned back to the doctors who decided we need to go to 40mg.
5 weeks I started to ease myself into 40mg by starting with a week of 30mg. At the start of the week I felt very emotional and was having regular panic attacks but towards the end of the week I was starting to feel a little lighter and my symptoms were gone except the urge to prod my body and night sweats/nightmares.
6 weeks My first week on 40mg has been good. I didn’t get symptoms again and I was still having bad days but they were every so often not everyday.
7 weeks I’m now feeling much lighter. I’m no where near back to normal but the intrusive thoughts have gone, morning anxiety lasts less, I can rationalise my thoughts and the urge to prod is significantly less. My appetite has returned and I feel like I’m living in the moment. I still get worried over things but I feel I give them time then move on and can still function.
I will come back and update as the weeks go on but I’m feeling so positive. In the beginning I didn’t think they was going to work!
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2023.03.21 11:08 42points DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION

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Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. YOU ARE DOGECOIN!
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You are loved,
Do Only Good Everyday
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2023.03.21 11:07 Edward-Oakley The other two chapters of my submission

Chapter Three: Too Big to Fail?
Amelia and Noele raced towards Dunwich at breakneck speeds and arrived only minutes after their departure from Longbarrow.
Amelia put down Noele, who looked a little green in her face. At least she hadn’t started to scream. Some adventures did that, even A-ranks. Especially A-ranks.
As they walked through the gate a man in the coat of arms of Dunwich stepped forth, seemingly a city guard. Instead of a sword he carried a clipboard.
“Halt. For entreance you first need to pay headtax. Three copper per person.”
Amelia fished her adventurers badge out of her pocket and showed it the guardsman. “No we don’t. We are members of the adventurers guild:”
The guard shook his head. “Yeah, new law from city hall. Adventurers are no longer exempt from head tax. In fact, have you fought any monsters in the wilds?”
Noele glanced at Amelia. “I think you might have clipped a griffin on the way here.”
The guard nodded and scribbeled something down on his clipboard. “That means we have to add a small tax for that. All ressources around the city, including monsters, belong to the city after all.”
“But we didn’t even kill it.”, exclaimed Noele.
“Ah. That adds a charge animal cruelty. There is a fine for that.” The guard added another note to his clipboard. “Also, did you happen to travel on the road?”
Amelia thought about that for a moment. She had mostly stuck to low jumps just over the foliage, but they had landed on the street occassionally.
“Yeah, briefly.”
“Ah, bad news then. That road is privatly owned now, so that adds a small
Amelia rolled her eyes at this insanity. “All of these taxes and fines, are these recent additions? Proposed by some oversized lizard in a suit?”
“You mean Mr. Goldentooth? Yes, that oversized lizard has spearheaded a great deal of reforms. Has even taken office in the city hall. By the way, lizard-calling is a serious misdemeanor. There is a fine for that.”
“But you just called him a lizard too?
“Have I?”, asked the guard.
“Alright, how about you let us through and I won’t tell anybody.”
The guard gave Amelia a stern look.”Are you attempting to blackmail a member of the city watch?”
“If that is was it takes for you to let us through that blasted gate, then yes.”, Amelia said flatly.
The watchman frowned at her. “There is a fine for that. Five silver.”
Amelia sighed. “All of this is ridiculous.”
“You see, Miss. I am just doing my job here. If you have problems with the city’s tax or law code, then you have to file a complaint at the city hall and not annoy overworked guards.”
Amelia gave the guard a flat look. “And how do we logde a complaint at your city hall, when you don’t let us in?
The guard blinked “Hm. I guess I see your point.”
“So you let us in? We just want to logde a complaint.”
“But you haven’t paid your headtax, your adventuring tax, the street toll and the fines for animal cruelty and lizard-calling . I can’t let you through this gate like this.”
Noele grasped her coinpurse in resignation: “How much is it in total then?”
“Altogether that would be 16 gold and 3 silver coins. Per person, of course. Though I would advice to make it an even 20 gold pieces by purchasing the premium city pass. That’s a real bargain by the way, and would allow you to skip the wait time and fast track the organisational stuff.”
Amelia wasn’t from this world and had already amassed a small fortune. The bounty for the Miststorm riders alone would pay the fees and fines for both of them more than 50 times over. Still she balked at the price. This was her retirement fund after all. She also wouldn’t force her student to pay for her. That would be unbecoming of her, as she was Noele’s mentor.
She gave the golden-eyed fool one last glance. For just a moment she thought about giving him the Leander-treatment and literally bash some sense in that guys head. Instead she did the mature and adult thing and picked Noele by her belt. Noele groaned. She knew what would happen. Amelia flexed her calves and handily leaped over the 20 meter wall.
The guard blinked in surprise for a moment. Then he yelled: “You are in breach of the airborne transportation act! THERE. IS. A. FINE. FOR. THAT!”
Business was doing good. No, even better. Business was doing great. Gildroy gazed fondly at the enormous crates and chests, all filled with beautifully shining gold.
There was a sudden crashing sound, like wood breaking. Gildroy instantly stood up. Had one of the unpaid interns dropped a chest with money again?
He sprinted from the vault into the main room. There he saw Amelia and Noele, standing atop the splintered door.
“Ahem. Hello. The door was mahagony. Kinda pricy to replace. Please use the doornob the next time.”, he scolded
Amelia had an angry scowl on her face. “You owe me two silver and a new window.
Oh. Gildroy had already forgotten about that. Two pieces of silver.
“Oh. I forgot. My bad.”, said Gildroy. He drew his purse and pulled out a few coins. “Here you go:”
Amelia pocketed the money. “Also you are going to stop this insanity you have going on here. Give everyone their money back and I’ll let you live:”
Gildroy blinked in surprise. “You can’t be sirious, right?”
Amelia put a hand on her sword. “I am.”
Gildroy shook his head.”Never.”
Amelia smiled. “I had hoped for that. I wanted to punch you inyour lizard-visage since I met you.”
Gildroy scowled, What a barbarian.
Noele put a hand on her master’s shoulder. “Please let me have this fight. You told me, that only by challenging myself further I can grow truly strong.”
Amelia rolled her eyes. “Alright. He’s yours. Maybe this fight pushes you to S-rank.”
Gildroy shook his head. Such gall, but Norah had been much the same.
“Well, I did promise a spar.”, he said, as he armed himself with a purse filled with platinum coins.
[Nobleflame Armor]”
Golden flames coated Norah, forming into a brestplate. Very fashionable, but gold was always fashinable.
Gildroy countered with his own armor skill[ Armor of Gold] . As if carried by invible hands coins floated from the vault towards the drakling, on whom they arranged themselves like a secondary set of scales.
“Go on, you have the first strike”, he said as he picked a platinum coin from his purse.
And strike she did. Noele teleported behind him and swung her sword at him.
[Elegant Noble Slash] and [Unending Dauntless Fury]” she yelled, as she descendet into a flurry of blows.
Gildroy flicked a platinum coin. It disappeard and time slowed down to a crawl. He walked out of her attack, then the flow of time resumed.
Noele stared at the empty spot she hit repeatedly. “How? She muttered.”
“Would you kindly hurry up with your attack?”, asked Gildroy a little giddy. These fights were always fun! “[Time is Money], after all.”
[Unending Dauntless Fury] “
[Time is Money]
Noele hit nothing again.
“Noele, he can’t attack while he stops time.”, Amelia told her student.
“Besides, it is more of a potent time-slow. A hard hitting area-of-effect attack will still hit”.
Gildroy scowled at her. “Hey, the best part of any fight is to figure out how the enemie’s skills work. How will she learn anything if you take that away from her.”
Noele tried to go for a cheap shot while he talked. A quick flick of a coin brought Gildroy to safety.
“Well, now it is time for me to strike back, it would seem.”
Gildroy barreled into her. Noele stood her ground, defending with her sword. “[Titans’s Strength]”, she yelled.
Gildroy pushed back with his own strength skill. “[Gold is Strength]”, he barked. For a moment they seemed equally matched, claw against sword, but then Gildroy gained the upper hand. An A-ranked skill just couldn’t compete with an S-ranked skill.
Noele was launched through the air and impacted the wall. Gildroy flicked another platinum and time slowed for him. He dashed towards her and delivered a crushing blow just as the time-slow ended. Noele was thrown back again, this time through the wall and into the main plaza of Dunwich.
Noele quickly found back to er feet. “Big area-of-effect spells, huh? For that I have something. [Golrious Noble Slash]
All of a sudden her sword increased in size manyfold, and she swung it a Gildroy with ferocity.
Gildroy knew, he could not dodge this one with his time-slow, but tried anyways. His golden armor cracked under the barrage of blows and he flew back, towards a crowd of people.
Amelia moved with extreme speed and dragged multiple peole out of the line of fire. Luckily, because far too many people here had purchase [Life Insurance] from him. Should they come to harm…. he’d be ruined.
Oh dear. If he took another hit like that he’d lose his status as an hexillionaire.
Gildroy felt his control over his customers slipping. Quickly he summond up a bit of [Investor]-Widom to once again tighten his grip: ”People, the market has just taken a hit. That is normal. That just happens. Your savings are not in danger, in fact with the stocks low right now is the best time to invest.”
“That skill surely is something. Good, almost S-rank”, Gildroy praised.
“It would be a same if some one would steal it: [Buyout]: Purchase the skill Elegant Noble Slash.” The drakling burned hundreds of platinum coins activating that skill.
A system message apperared in front of Noele’s eyes
[Gildroy Goldentooth has acquired the skill Noble Slash]
Noele’s jaw went slack. Her sword of light and flames disappeared and reappeared in Gildroys hands.
“Beautiful skill”, Gildroy said with a shit-eating grin. “And just my color.”
And with that he started to whail on Noele. She tried to dodge his clumsy swings, but at some point one hit. Her armor of flames buckled under the blows, but still held strong.
“What can I still do?”, Noele screamed in panic. “I don’t have my skill anymore. I can’t do this?”
Amelia snorted. “You lost one skill. You still have the rest. Change them. Combine them. Make them better. Make them yours.”
“Make them mine”; Noele whipered. She close her eyes. “Make them better like with my elegant noble slash.”
When she opened her eyes again, Gildroy saw that ther gaze no longer contained fear, only cold determination.
Gildroy noted how her stance and entire aura shifted.
And Noele unleashed her newest skill
[Unending Dauntless Grand Blaze]”, Noele screamed.
She launched a great fireball and then dozens more.
The first fireball Gildroy batted away with his sword of golden light.
The second fireball he doged.
The third fireball hit Gildroy but was blocked by his armor.
The seventh fireball broke his [Armor of Gold]
And Gildroy screamed like a feral animal.
And the barrage continued for minutes.
Gildroy was of course unhurt by the spell. Burning a dragon? About as sound a strategy as drowning a fish or killing a bird by tossing it down a mountain.
No, what hurt him was the collateral damage! Noele had hit not only him but also multiple buildings with her fireballs, absolutely demolishing them. Buildings he owned! Luckily her teacher had stepped in and carried the people still inside them to safety. But still…. so much money lost.
In his fury he roared. Using the smoke as cover he dashed toward Noele, who was obviously exhausted. She failed to even use her fancy teleportation spell, as Gildroy grabbed her by the neck. He then slammed her headfirst into the pavement. Once, twice. Then he tossed her away, through one of still standing walls.
Gildroy glanced on the burned ruin in front of him. He took a deep breath. This wasn’t as bad as it looked, he knew that. The tenants had been tardy on their morgage-payments anyhow.
He’d just demand the full repayment of the damages from the tenants and then he would also cash in the insurance. Then he would use that money to rebuild. He would gentrify the entire block and then he’d demand double, no triple the original price.
He saw how Noele fought to stand back up. She even picked a potion out from her pocket and downed it. Foolish. The fight was over, and even a little bit of replenished magic wouldn’t change anything.
“Girl, stop it. You did well, very well, but you lost.”
Instead of listening to Gildroy’s words, the girl went for one last, all out attack. Silly. Gildroy pulled out another platinum coin from his pouch, at least tried to.
Gildroy glanced downward. While he hadn’t been wounded by the barrage of fireballs, it had ripped the pouch of coins from his belt. And without platinum coins there was no time slow. No protection.
He felt a deep, stinging pain. He tasted iron on his gums.
The blade was lodged deeply into his chest, piercing his heart and his lungs.
“Oh.”, Gildroy weezed.
“Well done”, he said with his last bit of air.
Noele ripped the sword out of his body and Gildroy fell over.
And in these last few moments of his life Gildroy heard something.
The call of an ancient god of death. Of decay. Of oblivion.
He heard the call of the void.
Gildroy opened his eyes and saw a broken world. Enormous rocks flew about, one such he was standing on. Stars glittered in the far darkness of this terrible place.
A towering mass of dark purple flesh with hundred of tentacles sprawled over several such floating isles. The enormous body was mostly covered in shadows, yet the few glances were enough to cause Gildroy a massive headache and burnt themselves into his memories and left a marks that would last for the rest of his existance.
He tried not to look at the massive creature, but that was difficult as it so big, that it was both to the front, the left and the right of Gildroy.
“Your mortal flesh is failing you.”, the eldritch beast rumbled from a thousand mouths. “Swear yourself to my cause and you will be saved! You will be granted unlimited power, an...”
“No thanks”
Hundreds of eyes blinked in surprise.
“You are aware, that you are dying?”
Gildroy took a look a look of his blood- and sootstained suit. The shirt had been his last and had been made from the silk of a king tarantula. Very pricey and very difficult to clean. Probably ruined for good. Oh well, sometimes you incur unforseen losses.
“I want you to know two very basic things about me, my dear: First of all, my soul is not for sale. At least not for a vague promise of unlimited power. No, if I were to put a price on my soul, it would be hard cash only.”
“Secondly” Gildroy’s lips drew back into a manic smile. “I always plan ahead. Far ahead.”
His grin bloomed into a full on mad laugh.
“My death was always part of the plan.”
Noele stood victorous. She had beaten an S-ranked threat, alone and almost witthout any help from her master. Did that mean she was an S-rank adventurer now?
Then [Dance with Death] stopped it’s effect, recognizing that her fight was over. Tiredness slammed into her body like the mallet of a yeti. She fell to her knees, then flat to the ground.
She used the lat bit of her strength and raised her head and looked at Amelia. Goodness, she was tired. She expected a proud nod, or even a few kind words from her master. Yet Amelia’s gaze was hard, and her body tense, as she looked at the cooling corpse of Gildroy. Slowly her mentor drew her sword.
Then Noele heard a sound. The sound of metal against cobblestone. Then another plink.
Then another.
And another.
And another.
Noele saw how a gold coin fell down from somewhere up in the sky. And then a silver coin, and some platinum after that. Then Noele saw a message from the world system.
[Gildroy Goldentooth used the skill: Life Insurance]
The rain of coins picked up, gold coins falling in an endless cascade from the skies. A small hill was already forming around the body.
Ameila took a single step, crossing the entire distance to her pupil and lifted her up. Another leap took them to the roof of one of the undamaged buildings, where she laid down Noele.
Meanwhile the entrance to the city hall was entombed by an avalance of silver, the fires in the burning ruins were buried in gold, drowning the fires.
On top of this mountain of treasures now stood a figure wreathed in golden scales and golden wings, his eyes burning with the blue flame of undeath.
“You fools!”, Gildroy roard. “Do you think I didn’t buy shares in that liches phylactery?”
Noele eyes burned and not only from the smoke lingering in the area. So she had failed… not only herself but also her sister.
“Master, shouldn’t you stop him? Please, I am too weak.” Noele hated how feeble and pathetic her voice sounded.
“Not yet. The rain hasn’t stopped yet, and that lizard did a lot of damage,”, Amelia said while crouching down next to her. “You did well, though this opponent is frankly above you.”
With that she one again leaped and landed in front of the ecstatic drakling.
“Ha! You cannot face me! Nobody can! I am the richest dragon to ever walk Vacuos!”, Gildroy bellowed. “[Buyout]”, he barked. “System: Kill Amelia.
Nothing happened. Gildroy looked at the System Message in front of him and his eyes bulged.
“How much does that cost me? That many zeros?”
“Alright.”, Gildroy exclaimed. “System: Stun Amelia:
Once again nothing happened, aside from a new message appearing.
“Still that much. Oh dear.” Gildroy suddenly sobered up.
“You are quite strong, aren’t you?”, he feebly asked.
“Yeah. Kinda.” Amelia glanced up. The golden rain slowly let up. There must be tens of millions of coins laying about.
“Well. I seem to have micalculated. Is it too late to apologize? Forgive and forget?”
One last platinum coin fell from the sky and skidded over a mountain of gold.
“Too late.”, Amelia said, and her blade descended.
There we are. 10 minutes before the deadline. Not even close.
Now time for a nap. Running on caffeine and 2 hourse of sleep. Who could have known that writing takes time and effort.
Oh, also a little prologe. Noele fell down the roog, knocked her head really bad. Forgot her new skill combo. Such a klutz.
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2023.03.21 11:07 AssistNo5122 Enjoy a Fragrant Journey with Luxurious Perfume Oils fragrance shop perfume e-shop oilperfumery perfume essential oil

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2023.03.21 11:07 RedditChenjesu Is this necessarily the zero matrix?

Let's say for two vectors {1,1,1} and {0,0,0}, and two non-singular matrices X and Y we have
XY{1,1,1} = {0,0,0}.
If XY were invertible, then this statement wouldn't make sense, so I'm taking the case XY must be singular.
Now suppose X and Y are each decomposable into an invertible matrix A multiplied by a diagonal and non-invertible matrix D, such that we have
(A_1*D_1)(A_2*D_2){1,1,1} = {0,0,0}.
At this point the only matrices that could possibly be non-invertible are D_1 and D_2.
Is (A_1*D_1)(A_2*D_2) or either sub component A_1D_1, or A_2D_2, necessarily the zero matrix?
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2023.03.21 11:07 crozo- Bruh,she was there for a second

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2023.03.21 11:07 Unusual_Solution_347 Salary indexation

The entire Belgian system is indexation is not fully clear to me yet so I thought I’d ask here for some clarification. From my company we got the indexation end of January this year, which meant my salary increased. Now, I was promoted in February which I was obviously very happy with until I talked to people who were promoted in December 2022. They have the same title as me now but get a higher salary as their promotion came before indexation.
The way I see it, this would be unfair as we have the same title and only the timing of promotion different by 2 months. I was told this is just what the indexation does, so I thought to get a second opinion here.
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2023.03.21 11:07 iHate-_-Myself Is it justified of me(19m) to hate my gf(19f) friend?

We are in a long distance relationship.So my gf has a friend, let's call him D(16m). I feel so uncomfortable with their friendship. I don't know if I am allow to feel like that, I feel so weak, I really hate it. I don't know why but I think D likes my gf. He has done so many things like giving his gaming acc which he spent so much money to my gf. She didn't take it happily. I hate it whenever they talk. He messages her alot, whenever he's free. My gf thinks he just likes talking to her because he doesn't have any friends. I have bpd so I might be just being a dick and I shouldn't be feeling like that, honestly I don't know anymore. I am on wits end. We had so many arguements like at least once or twice a month because I hate her spending time with him. Recently, I saw that D marked spoilers of a show by drawing a dick shape and it's sooo uncomfortable for me. I think it's really creepy of him. And he says things like that looks like my ass randomly, it's so weird af and idk how much worse it is. He is a good friend of my gf so idk what to do. He met her after like one month of me meeting my gf. I don't have any experience in relationships and I am young I know that's why I am asking for you guys advice. Bpd makes it so hard to differentiate between my real feelings and splitting. My gf has told me that she will not talk to him anymore if I want but she won't talk to any of her friends anymore because D knows all of her accs and her sister is my gf friend. I don't want to be controlling, I just really hate it, I suffer so much internally because of a stupid kid. Therapy isn't an option for me, I don't have the money, and school counselling is not an option too, I am an intentional student in Malaysia and it just doesn't feel right. I am never going to leave my gf, I just want this pain to stop.
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2023.03.21 11:06 MelasD Amelia: The Level Zero Hero Chapter 81 (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)


Ten years ago, Amelia woke up alone and lost in a broken world where she had to fight for her survival.
Now, after reaching the pinnacle of power, defeating the Void itself, and escaping the abyss, she has finally found her way back into the real world. But instead of finding herself on Earth, she is in the land of Vacuos. A fantasy world with magic, monsters, Classes, and Levels. A world that is governed by a System like it were a video game.
And when rewarded with a Class befitting her accomplishments— to become a powerful [Hero] that will forever dedicate her life to protecting this world that is not her own— she only has one response.
“Absolutely not. I’m going to live a normal life now, thank you very much.”
After all, who needs a Class when you're already the strongest anyways?
Read Chapter 1 Here
“I was thinking… for payment,” the man started, averting his gaze. “Could I maybe work for you instead?”
I stared at him for a moment, processing what he said. I blinked, and that was when I finally worked my jaw.
I didn’t expect this at all. This was my first customer— he was someone who actually enjoyed my cooking. He wasn’t anyone I knew. He was a complete stranger to me. Sure, I’d heard rumors about him before, but that didn’t really mean anything.
He wasn’t a friend like Noele, Nolan, Nicole, or Garron. He wasn’t an otherworlder like Xakor. He was literally someone who only knew of me as an adventurer. And he actually thought my cooking was good. He might have attributed that fact to Xakor, but his response had been a major success in my book.
However, now he wasn’t going to pay for his food. Instead, he was asking to… work for me? I narrowed my eyes as he sheepishly scratched his cheek.
“It’s literally only twenty-five copper coins,” I said as I proffered an expectant hand. “And I can’t even afford to give you a living wage, anyways. Just pay up and don’t fuss about it.”
“You don’t even have to pay me.” The man shook his head, before giving me a pleading look. “I… if you just give me food and shelter, I’ll work for you for free.”
That sounded like a tempting offer. I had been wondering about how I’d staff my restaurant before things took off— Xakor had already funded the building itself, and I was paying for the ingredients. But I couldn’t exactly hire an employee until business was booming. So I had thought I’d be forced to manage everything on my own… maybe with a little bit of Bucky’s help. However, if I hired this man…
I looked him up and down. I saw his ragged clothing— I stared at the bags under his eyes. I remembered all the bad things I’d heard about him so far. I just sighed.
“I literally don’t even know your name, and I haven’t heard anything good about you. Sorry, but I don’t think this will work out.”
He pursed his lips. He shifted in his seat as Bucky eyed him curiously. I didn’t know what his reasoning was for offering me free labor, but I wasn’t going to accept it. Not when I didn’t even know about his qualifications or background.
He got to his feet after a moment’s deliberation and held my gaze.
“Harlan,” he said. “My name’s Harlan. I’m a former guardsman— I come from Whiteridge, and I’m a [Warrior].”
I quirked a brow. I wasn’t exactly prompting him to explain his whole backstory to me. But I just gave him a flat stare.
“Alright, Harlan. Why exactly would I need to hire a former city guard for my restaurant?” I asked, waving a hand dismissively. “I can handle any thugs or monsters myself.”
“It…” Harlan hesitated for a moment. But he still insisted after steeling himself. “It doesn’t have to be a guardsman job. I could work as a server— I could take orders and serve food for you!” he exclaimed like he was trying to convince himself of his words as much as he was trying to convince me of them.
I shook my head. “You have literally no history in the service industry. And pretty much half of Wolfwater hates you. Again— why should I hire you?”
“T-that’s because I’m… a hard worker?” he said as his lips twisted. He looked at me hopefully, but I just rolled my eyes back at him. Even Bucky gave him a judging look.
Harlan bit his lower lip. He glanced between the both of us. The chicken’s gaze made him shrink back slightly, and he tried to muster up a response. But he couldn’t work his jaw. His shoulders slumped as he finally sighed.
“You’re right.” He lowered his head, clenching his teeth. “I’m… not even cut out to be a server. I don’t even have a Class for it.”
He spoke softly, and I paused. I blinked a few times, staring at the former guardsman. He chuckled bitterly.
“I’m only a [Spearman]— a low-leveled [Spearman] at that. I can’t even become an adventurer if I wanted to. I’m too weak. I’d die in under a year. I am… I am just a guard— that’s all I’ll be. I never should’ve left Whiteridge.”
Harlan dug into his pocket and slapped a bag of coins onto the table. He drew back as I slowly picked up his payment, watching him go. He held his head low, his lips creased. He dragged his feet behind him as he slowly walked towards the exit. I looked on as Bucky glanced back at me. She clucked, and I closed my eyes.
I thought about what he said— I looked back on what I just did. I had rejected Harlan because… he didn’t have the right Class. Or rather, was it because he wasn’t exactly qualified for the job? At least, that was my excuse.
But serving tables wasn’t a hard job. It was quite easy to learn. Work experience meant nothing when it was something that literally anyone could learn over the span of a day. It just felt… like I was treating him the same way others treated me. And I felt a pang of guilt.
Sure, I had heard bad things about him, and maybe that gave me all the more reason to turn him down. However, right now all I saw was a man at the end of his rope. Maybe he had made a few mistakes over the last few weeks. But that didn’t mean I shouldn’t at least give him a chance.
“Fine,” I called out. Harlan halted right by the doorway. He blinked, glancing back at me, and I tossed his bag of coins at him.
“Wha—” It smacked his face, and I snorted.
“That’s some slow reaction time for a [Warrior]…”
He quickly scrambled to pick up the bag of coins up from the ground as I walked up to him. Bucky followed, and he looked up at me, bent double with round eyes.
Wait, what do you mean by that? Why are you—” he started.
And I cut him off, “I’ll give you a job. But I’m not going to let you work for free, and if you’re a shit worker, I’ll fire you in under a week.”
Harlan just blinked. He gaped at me, clutching the bag of coins tightly against his chest. His mouth bobbed open.
“But I’m… just a guard. I’m a [Warrior]— I can’t even…” he trailed off.
“Anyone with half a brain is capable of taking a couple orders,” I said, and Bucky clucked in agreement. “And I doubt you’ll have any trouble serving trays to tables either.”
Harlan still wore an apprehensive look on his face. He averted his gaze, tempted by my offer, but not fully persuaded. I sighed, crouching down as I looked into his eyes.
“Look, your Class doesn’t define you. Why does it matter that you’re a [Warrior]? You don’t enjoy fighting, do you? That’s why you quit being a guardsman, right?”
“I…” He hesitated. Slowly, he shook his head. “I do not.”
“So why should you be forced to do something you hate just because the System says so?” I asked, holding his gaze.
Harlan chewed his lips. Bucky tilted her head. That was… probably blasphemy. Or maybe not. Other than Grat-ra’zun, I didn’t really think that most of the people of this world held the System in reverence. They— most of them, at the very least— just saw it as a fact of life. No different than the laws of physics back on Earth.
He rose to his feet as he looked down at the palm of his hand. He clenched a fist, nodding to himself.
“You’re… right,” Harlan whispered. “I don’t want to be a guard anymore. I’m tired of fighting— I’m tired of risking my life for the sake of others. It’s just serving tables, right? I… can do this.”
His words almost seemed familiar to me. Even though I barely knew this man, he reminded me of… well, myself. Someone who was lost and trying to find themself. Someone who was tired of what they were doing, and was now searching for something new.
He was someone who didn’t fit in. He was someone who tired of the stakes and danger of battle. He came to Wolfwater for a simple reason— to escape from it all and live a simple life. And while he might have squandered the few opportunities he had been given since arriving here, I was still going to give him at least one chance.
A smile slipped onto my face as I gave Harlan a nod of affirmation. “Yeah, it’s easy enough. Although… since I’ll be giving you lodging too, you won’t just be serving tables. I was thinking of giving you a more general job description.”
“What do you mean by that?” He looked up at me with a quizzical look.
“Your first job is simple,” I said, patting him on the shoulder. “Go and get me some customers.”
He paused. He glanced between me and the window, blinking a few times. “How am I supposed to do that?”
I shrugged casually. “I dunno, figure it out.”
And that was how I got my first employee.
Guardian Angel Z357 swept his gaze over the vast room. He heard the shouts and screams. He saw the flying spells, but he descended, unaffected by their attacks. Phase Shift. It was a powerful Technique that allowed him to maintain a visible but incorporeal form— unneeded against such weak attacks. But the only alternative would be to slaughter his assailants.
And there were hundreds of them. Guardian Angel Z357 landed amidst the swarm of nagas as they hurled their magic his way. His form was translucent, but their spells passed through him like he wasn’t even there. His twelve eyes landed on the [Shaman] standing in the center of this tent. She was a naga too, but with a longer tail than the others. She slithered forward and raised a staff as a purple aura coalesced beneath her.
“Kill it, ya daft idiots!” she screamed.
Guardian Angel Z357 zipped straight ahead, but a pair of twisted tendrils shot out, grabbing him out of the air. He paused for a brief moment, mostly out of curiosity, watching as these void apparitions clung onto him despite his incorporeal form.
And the [Shaman] panted, grinning. “I got ya now! This is why you don’t mess with us, ya slimy bastard!”
As she raised her staff once more, Guardian Angel Z357 simply tore through the bindings. She blinked, and he grabbed her, before shooting up into the sky. He tore through the tent ceiling as the nagas screamed down below.
“That thin’ has got ta chief!”
“Ain’t someone gonna stop it?”
“We can’t hurt tha fucking—”
Their voices faded away, and he came to a halt high above the clouds. He held her up as she squirmed, her tail thrashing beneath her, and her two arms clinging onto his metallic hand. She stared at him with wide eyes, and he transmitted his thoughts simply, asking the same questions he had asked his previous target.
And the response he got from the naga was no different. “I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
His twelve eyes narrowed, and he began his interrogation.
[In Progress: (2/3) Void-touched Individuals Interrogated!]
Twice now, Guardian Angel Z357 had interrogated a Void-touched individual. And both times, he learned nothing. Despite his interrogation Techniques— even when magically compelled to speak— they revealed no new information to him. It was evident to him that either this method of interrogation was lacking, or maybe the denizens of Planet 16B were more clueless than he had assumed.
Even with the World System’s guidance, it seemed that he was not likely going to be making any progress towards finding the source of the return of the Fal-Deus anytime soon. There had to be at least a single anchor located somewhere that he needed to eradicate. If not one, then multiple. Otherwise, there was no reason for Guardian Angel Z357 to have been awakened.
He dropped the charred corpse of the naga before sweeping his gaze to the horizon. He saw the rising sun. And he saw this vast land mass beneath him. It was Alius— the continent of dwarves, gnomes, nagas, fairies, and more. So far, he had discovered nothing of use while exploring this part of Planet 16B. The closest he had come to learning more about this threat was in Laxo.
But Guardian Angel Z357’s programming had brought him here. His current objective was to interrogate those who were Void-touched, and he had detected the usage of their powers most frequently in Alius. However, it had borne no fruit. So it would be the intelligent course of action to pursue his investigation in Laxo.
For a moment, he was conflicted. He would be defying the World System’s guidance. And that nearly made him malfunction. But logic and reasoning won out as he concluded that the World System’s guidance was just that— guidance.
It was not infallible. His presence was better suited elsewhere, pursuing leads that would better serve his main directive. And so, Guardian Angel Z357 made his decision and returned to Laxo.

Author's Notes:
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2023.03.21 11:05 Spiritual_Risk6348 Kid number 2?

So my partner (26M)and I (25F) have a three month old. We got pregnant from precum because he was a true believer in the pull out method… after our first we’d taken some time off sex and have just started up again. We’ve been using condoms but the other day after he finished in one he went in raw and got back to “ol reliable.” I mentioned that we probably shouldn’t continue doing that unless we want more kids. To which he just chuckled and tried to mount me again. What am I supposed to think of this?
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2023.03.21 11:05 LeWOOHP [Pathofexile] Liste complète des spectres, statistiques, compétences et estimations DPS

Feuille de calcul ici.
Pour une copie avec laquelle vous pouvez interagir, cliquez ici, cliquez sur le lien en haut à gauche de la feuille ou utilisez Fichier -> Faire une copie. Peut nécessiter la connexion à un compte Google. C’est beaucoup de données et de calculs, donc la copie et le tri peuvent être un peu lents.
Cette liste devrait contenir tous les monstres capables d’être élevés comme des spectres, mais certains d’entre eux sur la liste peuvent ne pas être soulevables, comme ceux avec la balise « cadavre inutilisable », « CannotBeUsedAsMinion », ou des ennemis qui n’apparaissent tout simplement pas (comme Snake Flower Man ou DrTestopus).
La plupart des statistiques seront mises à jour avec n’importe quel niveau mis dans l’entrée « Niveau du spectre », mais quelques-unes comme les résistants supposent des spectres au niveau de la carte pour plus de simplicité.
Les estimations DPS incluent les statistiques de compétences les plus courantes (dégâts globaux, multiplicateurs de vitesse de lancer ou d’attaque), mais pas de statistiques plus spécifiques, ni de mods sur les monstres eux-mêmes, alors traitez-les comme un guide approximatif, plutôt que comme un évangile. De plus, beaucoup d’ennemis plus récents ont des compétences basées sur des déclencheurs que je ne peux pas bien analyser ou pas du tout. En outre, les scripts d’IA peuvent avoir un impact important si ou quand les compétences sont utilisées, vérifiez les listes PoEDB pour des entrées comme « TargetIsPlayer » ou « IAmNotSpectre ».
Comment calculer les dégâts de compétence des monstres provient de ici.
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2023.03.21 11:05 AdJaded7524 Small Dilemma with moving out

I found a property on Furnished Finders that wws semi-close to my contracted job and was under the impression that I would have an entire unit to myself per a phone conversation and the lease agreement. “…strictly occupied as a residential dwelling by the tenant”… with no mention of the landlord occupying it. The rent is 1600 plus deposits (1,950 total to move in). The landlord ended up coming back early from their contract out of state around the same time that I was supposed to arrive and have already paid the rent + desposits. There was communication about this and I was fine with it. The landlord even mentioned that I could leave at any time and break the lease if I wanted (the lease agreement was to stay until May). I thought that was odd as I felt they were the ones that broke the lease first?
Anyway, no timeline or further information was given. So I was trying to find a different property since then and decided to stay for the minimum of 30 days to get my money’s worth.
I unexpectedly found another property last week that is cheaper and closer to my job. I spoke with the landlord about moving out in 5 days to this new property. As this was short notice I told them that they can keep the desposits of $350 for any inconvenience it may cause.
Later that day they countered by saying if I could pay half of the rent ($800) basically since it was short notice and that seemed fair to them. So they’d keep the desposits of $350 and I’d have to pay $450 on top of that. They offered for me to stay another 2 weeks if I wanted to make that $800 worthwhile but I don’t feel any part of it is worthwhile. They also said I could stay and they’d lower the rent from $1,600 to $1,100. Ive expressed my opinion about all of this and they will not change their decision about the $800 if I wanted to move.
As expected they advertised their property on the website I found it on but for less money a month (1,100 & 1,700 to move in with deposits) for the next traveler. The new property is the same rent but $100 cheaper to move in ($1,600), closer to my job, and I’d have my own space.
So overall I dont think me having to pay $800 to move out is fair at all. THOUGHTS?
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2023.03.21 11:04 Hubbabubbaluva A story of a friend that got disfellowshipped for being gay after trying to seek help from Elders

Let’s call her Sophie. Sophie was the kind of girl that lit up a room when she walked in. Everyone loved her. She was smart, beautiful and funny as hell. Her smile was infectious! Young-old everyone was always so excited to be around her!
One time I was over at her house and she had confided in me that she was a lesbian and that her parents knew. She had a few different private reproofs/reprovals (is that what it’s called again?) throughout our teen years that she had told me about.
We’d kissed a couple times etc in our teens but we were friends. Well fast forward a couple of years later I got married (she was even one of my bridesmaids).
Later on husband and I divorced and I was like shunned by my family for a couple years even though I realized a few years later I don’t think I ever was disfellowshipped. Once that light went off in my head and called them out on ignoring every call text email after not knowing if I was disfellowshipped-they suddenly magically appeared in my life again.
During that shunning period we had lost touch, I lived in another state etc. About a year ago we reconnected over the phone (been about 10 years since I saw her last). We were catching up! It was awesome! She proceeded to tell me how she had fallen inlove with a worldly woman and they got engaged. She knew this was wrong and was a regular pioneer but really wanted to be with this woman. She was facing a morality problem and really wanted guidance from the elders. She WANTED to serve Jehovah. She didn’t want to live a lie and she didn’t want to do anything wrong in the eyes of Jehovah blah blah blah.
She takes it upon herself to set up a meeting with the elders because she really wanted help. She wanted to draw closer to God, and she thought that they would help her.
Well in this meeting, she confesses, asks for help-and they responded with “you know you’re a lesbian right?”. She’s likes uh yeah no shit. And since this was a repeated offense, they pretty much told her she was disfellowshipped and told her to kick rocks. And she left that meeting completely dumbfounded.
She’s still disfellowshipped I think. Not sure if she’ll go back. But I remember thinking how bogus all of that is that you’re telling on yourself to better yourself bc you wanted help and you ended up just getting booted instead. I was just letting her speak and she even said “but it’s definitely not a cult” blah blah blah. And so I was like sorry man. And I didn’t want to be the person to be like-FUCK YEAH ITS A CULT. I wonder what she thinks now. I’m going to reach out soon. I just remember thinking, well-I hope and think that she’ll come to this conclusion herself. It would allow the doors to have deeper conversations. And there’s nothing wrong with any form of sexuality. She’s living a happy life, but I think there’s a part of her that think she’s defected and she’s just trying to cope. I want her to know she’s perfect and that the religion is obviously defected.
Random. Her dad is a baptized cop. Never really questioned it but always thought it was bizarre. Maybe he got baptized after being a police officer?
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2023.03.21 11:03 phunanon Aue - a naturalistic religion

Hello! I was made aware of this subreddit from Discord.
I would like to introduce Aue, a fifteen-verse doctrine founded by myself in September 2020. As it is so small, I think it might be appropriate to include it here, in fact!
a Think sensibly for Aue; b believe in it & your abilities. c Share, preserve, cite it for joy. d Nature, so body, so mind, are of now; e after death is scattering. f Evolution gave joy & woe, sentience. g Life, together, share the universe. h Time, volatile, make precious. i Know of woe and seek joy happily. j Nature & society is our habitat. k Oppose harm and raise compassion. l Seek peace to woe incited, inflicted. m Show Aue beside woe naively fed. n Believe critically in science; o wield for joy and grow it.
Quality over quantity, Aue is written to be a concise base which, after deliberation, should be timeless and agreeable. You may notice, a joy/woe dichotomy is the lens used to guide its adherents. Aue strives for the community of religion without supernatural dogma, similar to other religions featured here.
Its community is currently on Discord, but unfortunately, while it has had up to three simultaneous adherents, I'm the only one remaining again, but I'm working more recently on outreach so hopefully this will grow again :)
This is its website. I welcome any questions; thank you for your time!
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I have been given the opportunity of starting a PhD after my graduation in medical school before persuing my residency. So I would do PhD first and then residency. However, the PhD would be on a topic I am not really into so I am not quite sure it is the right choice. They said that it doesnt matter the topic, the important thing is getting the PhD title.. but is it really so important in order to do research in the medical Field?
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