Snohomish high school lockdown today

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Future Synth is the sounds of yesteryear, today! It's 70s, 80s, & early 90s inspired music created that covers multiple subgenres (pop, romance, high school coming of age, old school video games, highway chase, outrun, summer crush, sci-fi soundtrack, etc) in the nostalgia infused Retro Synth community.

2023.03.23 21:58 EddieBauer1998 Should I move out when I transfer to my 4-year university to 1.) be closer to campus and feel more included with events and resources? and 2.) Get away from my over dependent family?

Disclaimer: This post is more like a paper because there's a lot of context that builds up to my question, so I'm sorry about that. For context, I live in a northwestern suburb in the Chicagoland area and I plan to transfer to DePaul University in January 2025.
I'm returning to college after graduating high school in 2015 and this is my second semester back. I've considered how I want to make my living arrangements as my family is too dependent on me. My brother is incredibly lazy (due to my own actions no doubt) and he isn't in school. He only works when he feels like it and when he's not working he's playing videogames. I'm 24, coming up on 25 and my brother is 23 (1 1/2 years younger than me). Therefore, at this point I figure I may as well leave him to figure his own life out given he's an adult now. Maybe I'm in the wrong here, I don't know.
Anyways, my mother then turns to me to give her rides and make her food since she can't rely on my brother to do much for her if he's not in the mood. Keep in mind that my brother is a bit of an asshole, I love him and I always will, because you know, family ties and all that, but he can be so rude for no reason at all. The three of us have always been close ever since my mom left my dad when my brother and I were kids. With that being said, I'll always cherish the bond that we've shared and continue to share, but it's getting to the point where I can't study at home because there's too many distractions. When I do finally find time to hunker down and study, I can never do so for more than an hour before somebody interrupts me.
I've tried studying at places that aren't my room or my house, but since most of the responsibilities of my household fall on me (apart from bills and mortgage), I can never stay out for too long without my phone blowing up or having to come home to cook dinner or take my dogs out or give somebody a ride. My brother currently doesn't have a car because he can't afford to pay for his registration because he doesn't work. And my mom hates driving on her own, especially at night which is when she gets out of work, so she's asking somebody for a ride almost every night that I'm not working.
I have ADHD so procrastination, anxiety, and over impulsiveness has always been my greatest weaknesses. So, you can imagine how stressful it is to get pulled away from what I'm doing once I finally become focused... I'm eventually going to continue on to medical school, so I really want to avoid bringing these bad habits with me when I transfer, because those habits will obviously follow me to med school.
After all that, would you say that it's at least worth considering moving out once I transfer? While staying at home would obviously be the smarter option financially speaking, I absolutely refuse to let my family's tendency to walk all over me and take my kind hearted nature for granted (mostly my brother) at the expense of my future. I'd definitely have to find a roommate to soften the blow of rent because there's no way I'd be able to afford an apartment on my own.
Please let me know what your thoughts are and please be kind to me lol, this is my first Reddit post ever.
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2023.03.23 21:57 hhumansome Current, former Snohomish High School students killed in crash on West Seattle Bridge

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2023.03.23 21:57 no_name_available001 Me ( 26 F) and my boyfriend ( 26 M), we know each other since like 10 years now.

Let's call my boyfriend, Bob. In September 2013, we met in high school, and I had a crush on him. We talked on the phone and met a few times, but we both went to college in different places. We stayed in touch as good friends, talking on the phone regularly. Bob always fascinated me with his ability to read my mind, like Donna Paulson from the TV show "Suits."
We were never officially in a relationship, but we were always on and off. In November 2014, I started dating someone else named Tom. Bob was one of the reasons why Tom and I broke up after four years. Tom asked me to choose between him and Bob, but I couldn't answer. After Tom got married, Bob and I continued to talk on and off.
In February 2021, we had our first video call in years, and Bob told me he had always had feelings for me. We started a long-distance relationship during the pandemic, but Bob's business with his partner fell apart in December 2021. He became unemployed, and we had to postpone our plans to move in together.
In March 2022, my mother passed away suddenly. I have a job that allows me to work from home, so I moved in with my father to take care of him. Bob got a job but was later terminated, and we decided to move to a metro city near my home so we could live together. However, the financial burden fell mostly on me.
We lived together from May 2022 to February 2023. It was the first time we lived so close, but it wasn't easy. Bob's living style was messy, and he would get angry if I brought it up. He didn't take me on dinner or lunch dates, only to clubs or bars. I felt like he made all the decisions and didn't trust me. He would get angry easily and dismiss my opinions.
I had to travel every weekend to see my family, leaving me with little rest time. Bob would make it a big deal if I couldn't make it back on time. Although I know he loves me, I'm confused about our future. He's not settled, and I don't know how to involve my family. I need some advice.
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2023.03.23 21:57 Stefantu17 A Serious Problem

We've had two marked Calculus tests so far and I swear so many people are either getting IEPs for anxiety to get double time for tests or are dropping the course to take in OVS to get a high midterm mark. It's getting pretty ridiculous to see the lengths people will go to at my school just to get any advantage they can for marks. Is this a problem at anyone else's school?
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2023.03.23 21:57 ToasterFetishInspace I am walking home from school today

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2023.03.23 21:57 AlpsNo7046 Creating a website for kids

I’m a graphic designer and have been tasked at work to create an educational website for children. Of course, I want to make it as fun and friendly as possible, so that kids actually want to use it.
We are targeting 5th graders, but honestly any kids, from 3rd grade through high school, might use the site in class.
I’m trying to get a grasp on what trends and aesthetics are popular for kids around the 5th grade age range. If you have kids around that age - What websites do they enjoy looking at? What styles have you noticed they love? I’m trying to understand what visuals they are drawn to.
The site will have lots of games and activities. It’s for a Native community to learn about their heritage.
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2023.03.23 21:56 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Monocypher 4.0.0 is out: full Argon2 support, safer signature API, and more

Download, subscribe, bell, money — wait…
I know this may not be appropriate, but this particular release is kind of important. The main reason for this release is because, like many other libraries out there, its EdDSA signatures API was prone to catastrophic misuse. And now it's fixed.
I will quickly note that this class of vulnerabilities could have been avoided if the original authors of NaCl had prominently explained why they put the private & public halves together in the same private key. The fact that not doing so could be just as catastrophic as a nonce reuse should have been noted in the original Ed25519 paper. Instead many of us found ourselves thinking the NaCl API was kind of ugly, and went on separating the private & public halves because it looks cleaner, or is more flexible.
There are lots of little changes, and a few big ones:
Full Argon2 support. Argon2i, Argon2d, Argon2id, multiple lanes. (Multiple lanes are for compatibility only, they don't actually use multi-threading). And the code got simpler to boot. I will likely ask the IETF/CFRG to add it to the RFC.
Safer EdDSA API. Now private keys are 64 bytes, and include their own public half. Manual says don't split those halves, or else.
EdDSA now behaves exactly like the Zebra library.
Replaced the incremental and custom hash EdDSA API by a proper set of low-level functions.
The last two deserve a bit more explanation.
First the Zebra compatibility. Monocypher now uses the batch verification equation (that ignores the low-order components of the points it checks), non-canonical encodings are permitted, and low-order points are permitted. Of course, Non-canonical S encoding are still forbidden, we don't want malleability. My reasons for this choice are best explained in Henry de Valence's post on the subject.
The choice of accepting low-level points can seem surprising, given that other libraries, most notably libsodium and parts of Dalek, chose on the contrary to forbid them. I initially thought of following the RFC, but I ran into a couple problems:
The RFC gives you a choice between the batch equation or the strict equation.
The RFC forbids non-canonical encodings, which are a pain to check for. Well, at least they only affect low-order points…
…which are allowed by the RFC.
Now I understand why almost no one conforms to the RFC. So I've chosen to be maximally permissive instead. That way I'm sure to accept any signature that is considered valid by another library (except TweetNaCl, which does not check for malleability), in particular those who perform batch verification, whose speed up can't be ignored. Also, accepting low-order points & non-canonical encodings is just simpler. Sure we could ban them, but this wouldn't increase security one bit: recipients need to validate the public keys they receive anyway, otherwise attackers could just provide their own key.
Second, the low-level API. This whole endeavour started from someone asking me to implement Ed25519ph for them. I initially warned them that I was relatively expensive, and tried to steer them to cheaper alternatives. They paid up. And so I worked. And that work gave me a deeper understanding of some low-level aspects of EdDSA, and the idea for a new low-level API emerged. Without this job you probably wouldn't see this new API today.
So. I used to love my incremental and custom hash API but it was complicated, somewhat error prone, and quite rigid. So I took the opportunity of the major release to replace it by this simpler and more flexible idea I had:
One function to trim scalars (clearing 4 bits and setting one).
One function to reduce 64-byte numbers modulo L (the order of the prime order subgroup of the curve).
A mul-add function (modulo L).
A fixed based scalar multiplication (with a trimmed or untrimmed scalar).
A "check equation" function.
Turned out that from those, it's pretty easy to implement various EdDSA variants, including something like an incremental API, an API that uses a hedged nonce (composed of a hash of the message and a random component), or an API closer to ECDSA for users who don't want to hash the message twice (not implemented nor encouraged in the manual for obvious reasons), or variants of EdDSA, such as Ed25519ph (implemented as an option), or XEdDSA (exemplified in the manual). And of course the custom hash ability, which I needed to implement EdDSA-Blake2b and Ed25519.
Note the odd one out, crypto_check_equation(). It's pretty high level, but it turned out to be enough. The main advantage there is that users have only one verification to make. Once they've hashed the relevant input they just give it the public key, hash, and signature, and it takes care of everything, including key validation. I'm very glad to see this "low-level" verification API being mostly foot-gun free.
Another advantage is the flexibility in the implementation: I'm not bound to the double scalar multiplication, and can explore various trade-offs. Which I will_ eventually, there are plans for an "embedded" edition of Monocypher, tailored for smaller chips such as the Cortex M0.
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2023.03.23 21:56 BiasMushroom Nature of Humanity Ch. 4

“A Rose by any Other Name” Part 3
(Part 1) (Previous Part) [cant put the hyperlink in cause Reddit isn't working so here]

(First Chapter) / (Previous Chapter / (Next Chapter)

A Fanfic of u/SpacePaladin15’s work “The nature of Predators” Thank you for the story!


Memory transcription subject: Talen, Prime News Anchor

Date [standardized human time]: July 17th, 2136

I sat up straight and with a cheery voice addressed the studio’s camera as though it was a billion people desperately waiting for any news on what is going to happen to them. Honestly it was a lot more. “Good first shift Venlil Prime! The cold front has finally started to retreat and has left us with a pleasantly warm [76 degrees F/24 degrees C]! I hope you use your good conditioner before you head out as the humidity is on the high side at 56%!”

I glanced at the domed mirror to make sure my salt and pepper fur was still presentable as I took a sip of water as my co host said her lines. Finally my que came as she finished her segment with “and now we have a special interview for you all! Our very own journalist Talen here is a part of this historic exchange program and will be talking with us about humanity just after the weather forecast!” She subconsciously and nervously flicked her tail back and forth as she shakily said her lines. I chose not to hold that unprofessionalism against her as these are trying times. Cheerily I picked up where she left off “I look forward to seeing you all there!”

The green recording light flicked off as the weather journalist started the forecast. Kotaka, the Chief Decider for Prime News quickly scurried over to me, to catch up as I briskly walked over to the interview set. “Ok Talen. Are you SURE that you won’t be answering the first list of questions?” Kotaka flicked his tail in a begging manner. I would have thought him cute were it not for the liquor belly and thinning fur that comes with it.

“You know why I can’t answer those questions. Tarva herself would come down here if we started a stampede, and I don’t want to get a child arrested by the UN because she told me things she wasn’t allowed to.” I still shuddered at the thought of what Rose considered a fun time would be considered cruel and unusual punishment by our peoples. My pudgy bosses lightly stomped his foot as he grabbed his head with his paws and groaned “Ok. FIIIIINE. We will stick to the tamer version.” Kotaka took his seat across from me and as the forecaster finished our cameraman started to slowly count down.

Kotaka brightened up considerably and spoke up “Hello again! It's been quite a while since I have appeared on the screen! My name is Kotaka and I am the Chief Decider here for Prime News. Today our very own journalist, Talen, will be sharing some information about the first part of the HUman-Venlil exchange program. How has it been going so far Talen?”

Kotaka never failed to provide that warm fuzzy feeling of a friend that genuinely cared about you. Honestly he bailed me out of the hardest times of my life, back when I was worth nothing to noone. I let out a happy sigh as I wagged my tail “So far it’s been a very interesting and honestly pleasant experience. It’s hard to remember that she is not a Venlil! She reminds me of my own daughter’s curiosity for better and for worse.”

We both shared a chuckle at all the frights she’s given the pair of us. ‘Uncle’ Kotaka never had a family but Elva might as well have been his own child with how giddy she got whenever ‘Unky’ came to visit. “I am glad to hear it. Though, really? Is it that hard to tell a Human apart from a Venlil when communicating through messages?”

I took in a deep breath and held back a defeated sigh. “It is. Whenever something comes up that is distinctly Human it has so far always caught me unprepared. In one of our many conversations, we were talking about Human achievements and Rose just casually mentioned that they just broke the land speed record on Earth.” I took a deep breath in. “Care to guess how fast and what kind of vehicle did this?”

Kotaka ruffled his fur in contemplation. “I would guess it would be an old Magnetic train? Though I doubt it could get to more than say… [300 kph (186 mph)]?” I actually had to stifle a chuckle at that. “That is WAY off. Try a land car. Not a train, a car, and it went at speeds of [6.7 Kilometers per second (14987.5 Mph)] that is only a little shy from their predicted maximum speed limit of a terrestrial vehicle on earth!” Kotaka’s jaw dropped at the thought as did several of the staff watching the interview.

I explained “Several different companies and several different governments collaborated to make every condition correct to let the pilot enjoy a 3 second ride. A ride that he would have been unconscious for were it not for the inertial dampers that had just been invented. BEFORE you start calling this fake, I’ve seen a video of it. The UN didn’t think such a thing was crazy and they even thought we might have beaten that record already with our technology. They were shocked when I said it was a crazy notion!”

While I let out a little chuckle Kotaka had to completely regain his composure. “I-i-i-i…. WHY?” I just waved it off with my tail. “I got many reasons for it. One was that it was the test for the very mission that made first contact with us. Another, that it was a clever marketing strategy for the businesses involved and they bullied the government into helping. Rose believes it was just that they won’t be satisfied with a record until it's impossible to push it any further. She said it was just in human nature to always push themselves to be the best that they can possibly be. She even told me about having to go to therapy as that mindset had actually started having negative effects on her life.”

My friend had finally regained his composure. “Negative effects? How would trying to be the best you can be, have a negative effect?” My tail drooped as I explained “It’s because it becomes an obsession to them. They get so caught up in trying to improve that failure and even just the thought of failure can cause them severe emotional distress and even physical pain. Rose admitted she isn’t an evolutionary biologist, but from what she understood, the continent they originated from was extremely competitive. Even a small failure meant the countless larger and more successful predators would kill them. Those that obsessed over perfection survived and passed on their genes. Thus every generation of humans got more and more obsessive, till they broke into sapience and developed the tools to protect themselves and all of a sudden their obsessiveness stayed but the constant threats were no longer there to balance it out.”

Kotaka took the moment to steer us back on course and from there the interview went normally. I shared some interesting tidbits about humanity. I was particularly proud of my explanation of human instincts. “Kotaka, if you were hungry and saw a buffet of food along with an edible art piece that is covered in a glass dome, would you go into a hunger induced frenzy, ignore the buffet, smash the glass dome, fight off the security guards and eat the art piece?” Kotaka looked at me like I was crazy before the realization dawned on him “Now you understand. Simply put, a human could eat a venlil like I could eat this chair if I wanted to. Neither of us would do that as it’s stupid. A human would rather eat fruit and softened vegetables before they would try and hurt an innocent creature to get nourishment, let alone one that they added to their version of a herd.”

After what felt like the briefest interview I had Kotaka thanked me and thanked the audience for tuning in. With a wave the floor director declared that we were off the air, and Kotaka ushered me into his office.

It was a humbly small room for a Chief Decider, but he likes to be reminded that he was only one bad day from being in an even smaller office. We both sat on the same side of his desk as he pulled out a bottle of Wulvek Tikka. My eyes bulged at that sight “BY THE SUN AND THE STARS KOTAKA! How much did that cost you?” He just started to laugh as he poured us both a glass. “Remember when we covered that story of yours? The one that got the institutes investigated? Just before the election? Tarva sent this as a thank you for our professionalism and journalistic integrity and asked that we don’t give her any special treatment.”

He held the glass up and I held mine in mirror “May the sun always warm us and may the stars guide us back to her warm embrace.” We both slowly downed the shot, savoring the woody yet smokey flavor of the tikka as it burned down our throats. “I will tell you this Talen. Not once in your entire career have you ever underperformed. I’m scared.”

I tilted my head quizzically and he continued. “People make mistakes and this is huge. We know they are predators. They haven’t denied that. They still eat meat, and I find it hard to believe that they would just randomly decide to stop hunting. Every animal enjoys what it does. We enjoy finding a nice fruit as that is how evolution encourages us to stay alive. It rewards predators for killing. That is how evolution encourages them to stay alive. It makes no sense that humans would not want to kill. I am not saying back out. I just want Rose and you to be safe and [cross your t’s and dot your i’s] ok?”

I nodded my head “I know. My daughter is going. I am going so if the worst comes to truth the humans sink their teeth into me, and not her.” Kotaka flicked his tail and poured us another shot each. “We will finish this with Elva when you both get home ok?” I tipped the glass back, hugged my brother in all but blood, and left to go home. It would not be long before I would meet Rose in the fur… wait humans don’t have fur… uh in the clothes?

As I stepped out of the building the warm air and my slightly drunk brian decided they would not be working together tonight. I wobbly made my way to the street to wait for the transit to arrive. Carefully I pulled out my holopad trademarked to the speghing Farsul technological innovations incorporated Coprophages. Slowly, with but a single digit, I typed to little flower Rose

“Hello!! I am drunk!!!!!! The interview went well I think though I did get a little carried away and went off of the scripted questions a little quick!!! BUtt I think it did wonders to let people know you guys aren’t really that weird.”

It took me a few attempts to hit send and even a few more attempts to get into my seat on the transit.

It was about the time that I got to my front door that my pad echoed out the tune I set for Rose’s messages. I drunkenly sang along “To see yoU TooooMOrrow! Toooo hear you laUGH oooooooooooooonce moooooooooore!” I got in through the door and threw myself onto the meeting room couch. Slowly I rolled to my pad, lifted it above my head and started to read. I then dropped the pad on my face. Sitting up this time I began to read again

“Good morning Talen! Was it really stressful? I’m sorry I put you through that kind of stress. If you aren’t feeling good we can alway talk later!”

Slowly I responded “BUH! Not stressful at allllllllllllll!!!!!!! Me and your Unky just had a celebratory drink!!! He's a bit worried but he just hasn’t had the chance to get to know you! Speaking of which!!!!!! Just a few days now and we will be meeting in the fur! Or clothes for you!”

I vaguely remembered hearing my favorite song go off again but as I peeled myself out of a drool soaked couch I realized I had fallen asleep. My daughter’s beautiful voice sang out to me as she handed me a glass of water “Good waking Papa! I hope you don’t mind but when you were asleep I took a bit to talk to Rose.” I waved it off with my tail as I took my time to rehydrate. “What did you talk about?”

Elva just giggled “Well we got to know each other a little bit, explained who her ‘Unky’ is, and Rose learned that you likely drank enough alcohol to kill several humans. Apparently once you hit 10% proof drinks go from being fun to being poisonous.” It wasn’t the most surprising thing I’ve ever learned “Well she could always go get a drink with a Zurulian. They have a pretty low tolerance for that sort of thing. Honestly a lot of aliens can’t hold their drinks. What do you think of your” ‘ahem’ “Sister from another Mister from another world as Rose would put it?”

Elva let out a light giggle “I think we would have been best friends if we could have been neighbors. She is very nice!”


This is part three to the “A Rose by Any Other Name” Arc! And happens to be the 3rd chapter of “The Nature of Humanity! A multi arc story by me! Hopefully more in the style of NoP as a whole!

As with all of my fanfics this is considered creative commons by myself so feel free to grab anything from my stories to use in your own works! I would appreciate a shout out for this but that isn’t required.


“The Nature of Humanity” (First Chapter) (Previous Chapter) (Next Chapter)

“The First Human Extermination Officer” (Part 1)

“A Rose by Any Other Name” (Part 1) (Previous Chapter) (Next Chapter)
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2023.03.23 21:56 MosesK1985 Nepotism in recruiting - CEO

International school teacher here in Europe. Our CEO has just assigned his wife as the new head of department for English. She is trained in music and has also loads of principalships and consultation roles for struggling schools. She has no teaching experience in English and will not be teaching key stage 5 next year (so much for having a subject expert as a head of department). There were a few other candidates that had experience as either heads of their own department in different schools or even highly motivated internal candidates
I am not directly impacted by this decision as I work in a different department but it seems insane to me that a head of department in a high fee paying school could do something like this.
Does anyone have a similar experience? It feels that international school teachers have no protection for things like this.
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2023.03.23 21:56 throwawayforbanpits Owner debating Dental Disarmament of a pitmix that has a long history of attacks, including level 4 bites.

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2023.03.23 21:56 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Optimus Inu $OPINU Regonized and Liked by Elon Musk himself Don't miss out on this project before it pumps again!

Optimus Inu - The only Optimus token liked by Elon Musk on Twitter
Optimus Inu ($OPINU) is the only Optimus token to have officially been recognized by Elon on social media. LINK TO ELON TWEET:
With that in mind, there is no time like the present to jump in on this buzzing narrative and place your stake in a project that encompasses all of the incredible things about Elon and specifically his AI work. Optimus Inu is the name of both the exciting decentralized cryptocurrency project on the Binance Smart Chain and its cute mascot. Optimus Inu is well-established and community-focused, having launched shortly before Optimus itself was unveiled by Elon in September 2022; since then the community has been hard at work spreading the word of Optimus Inu. Perhaps most exciting of all is Elon’s direct engagement with our project; only a few days ago, on his official Twitter page, Elon liked a post of an illustration of a robot created by the Optimus Inu team! If you are in any way familiar with cryptocurrency, you will know how significant Elon’s impact on the crypto market is; Optimus Inu is the only Optimus token to ever be officially recognized by Elon on social media. This stamp of approval is just another indicator of an esteemed project that is only going to grow in value from this point forward, and proves that the team’s marketing tactics are working.
They have already launched an AI chat bot to answer questions about anything members can imagine. Join the telegram today to experience the power of AI! The team has also launched a series of Cool Bot NFTs, based off of their beloved mascot and inspired by the highly successful Cool Cats NFT collection. Mint price is 0.01 BNB and 30% of all mint revenue is distributed back to existing NFT holders. Another utility is the team’s OPLAB where other aspiring developers can find a safe place to have decentralized applications created for their projects by an experienced team. Fifty percent of revenue from sales are used for buying token supply and for marketing.
Upcoming catalysts for $OPINU are plentiful and investors have much to look forward to. The token is yet to be listed on major sites likes CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The team will then bring the $OPINU token onto centralized exchanges and announce bigger partnerships with other meme coins. The community of Optimus Inu have accumulated millions of social engagements since launch, rivaling the volume of top 100 coins.
The last project that Elon engaged with was Floki Inu, a project based on his dog that also began on the Binance Smart Chain — that token achieved an all-time high market cap of $3.5 billion. It certainly appears that Optimus Inu is following in these prosperous footsteps. However, Optimus goes further than being Elon’s pet (though its easy to imagine their companionship). Optimus will be the legacy that Elon gives to the world and is remembered by. With the rapid speed at which Elon and Tesla are developing AI technology and disrupting the news cycle with their out-of-this-world innovations, and the historical significance of a development like this; the odds are strong that Optimus Inu is positioned to grow along with it. If you missed Doge, Shiba Inu, and Floki Inu, this is your best opportunity to get in on the next big project with the invaluable acknowledgement of the most influential person in crypto. Visit the links below to get your foot in the door!
CA: 0x674aA28Ac436834051fff3fC7b6e59D6f9c57a1c
Telegram > u/optimusinu Twitter > Website > Dextools >
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2023.03.23 21:56 UTS_01 Are you supposed to yield to trucks pulling out?

I was driving today and a truck was pulling out of the yard or parking lot. Usually when another car or I’m pulling out, I wait for traffic to clear on both sides. But this truck driver was honking at me aggressively to move… I had no where to move, the right lane was reserved for busses and the left and my behind were all full of cars. He got really aggressive, drove his truck 1 ft away from me. I just ignored him and blasted my radio to not hear that. I never learned in driving school about yielding to trucks pulling out, is that the case?
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2023.03.23 21:55 newacct25 Well period get worse during sex? Or stop?

Today is day 6 of my period, for almost a full day there was no blood. However a normal cycle to me last for about 8 days with brown stuff still coming out sometimes even past then. Now I just had bright red blood coming out a decent amount.. My question is, if in like 8 hours there’s nothing coming out and I were to have sex is it a very high chance that more blood will come out, bc I’m still on my period? Trying to see if it’s a gamble and that may not happen or if it’s probably going to. I told my fwb it stopped like an hour before that just happened so I kind of want to just go along with that but if there’s a chance It could get worse I would let him now
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2023.03.23 21:55 Nin01717 Hey, can someone analyze my writing, please? Would be cool if you would!

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2023.03.23 21:54 apex-in-progress Would love some help generating small contests commoners might issue for a festival my party will be stumbling across soon

Hey all,
Party of four level 7s traveling to Waterdeep for story reasons. There's been a bunch of heavy stuff lately, so I'm giving them a little break with a lighthearted festival. Extremely quick background info: a teenager met an avatar of Tempus and impressed him enough to be made into an exarch; this teen is now the deity of friendly competition.
He's just coming into his powers and has decided to travel the world at random, holding festivals that celebrate and encourage friendly competition on the last day of each month in whatever town, village, or city he finds himself. For now, he's simply calling it the Festival of Contention.

The Gist
This new exarch's power reaches to the officially recognized borders of the settlement he is in, whether it's as small as Red Larch or as large as Neverwinter.
Each creature with an intelligence score greater than 4 within the area of his influence is immediately telepathically informed of the festival and the 'Festival Rules' (as described below) as soon as the festival begins or the first time they enter the area of influence during the festival if they are outside the area of influence when it begins.
Participation in the festival is open to every creature that is aware of it within the area, and highly encouraged, but not at all mandatory.
Cheating is expressly against the rules of the festival, a rule that is magically 'enforced' by the exarch himself.

Festival Rules - bullet point version

The Actual Question/Request for Advice
I plan on this small village being absolute chaos as they arrive with the festival already in full swing. Kids racing each other in the streets, people dropping to do pushups in the middle of the tavern, hunters throwing handaxes at horse hitching posts, entire families engaging in massive games of tug-of-war, etc etc. I also plan to have it so that every time they try to accomplish anything or move from one location to another in the village, a random NPC is going to run up to them and issue a Challenge of Contest. I'm pretty good on stuff that way.
Here's my issue: I know my players. I guarantee they are going to just start asking to catch the eyes of random villagers and issue their own Challenges. I love this, I'm excited for it, but it means I'm going to need a great big list of Contests for the villagers to suggest when they do so.
I would really love to get some suggestions from you guys on some simple, quickly executed competitions that a commoner might suggest as a Contest. I don't need you to make mechanics for the Contest you suggest, mostly hoping to get some fresh ideas and inspiration. (But I won't hate it if you do include mechanics.)
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2023.03.23 21:54 Khamzatsfacescar Practicing socializing in different settings

I (M23) really want to put an effort into socializing and working on my social anxiety. I actually think I’m good at conversation, but that initial feaanxiety/potential awkwardness always holds me back. Also, the settings where I’m around people don’t seem like the best opportunities. I go to a commuter university, so most people stick to the friends they have from high school. Plus I’m 3-5 years older than most people in my classes at the moment, so I feel out of place. Next is the gym, but most in my gym have their headphones on (including me) so I feel like I would be bothering them. Finally, I signed up for rec leagues. This is an easy route for me. But they won’t start for another month or 2 and I want to get better in every setting.
How do I get over that initial anxiety? How do I shake the feeling of coming off creepy or that I’m bothering them? I don’t expect to make new friends right away, but I’m currently at 0. So anything socializing is better than none. I really want to get better at this over the next few months.
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2023.03.23 21:54 CallMeDoomSlayer You ever get a bad vibe from a new co-worker? How do you go about this?

Everyone at my job is genuinely good. Myself, boss, other co-workers all get along fine. But we got a new guy today and he’s just…odd. There’s definitely something off about him.
He took a light hearted No jab statement too seriously. Basically I said his name rhymed with another name (wasn’t a joke name really either) and he took so much offense to that like “you need to go back to school if you think so” I was like huh?
And then he took offense to when I asked him how old he was and he was older than I thought. Which usually is a good thing right?
My co-worker also noticed something’s off with him. He laughed at something he said but gave me a look like “dude wtf”
I said something to my boss about it, because he likes my judgment on people and things. He said he got a vibe from him that he can’t take jokes of any kind or humor in general. My boss said maybe he’s just someone where humor shouldn’t be done with him. Because he does have a weird response with humor. Not even humor that’s like making fun of someone or something. Just something that people laugh at.
I’m sure someone reading this might think “Well surely there must’ve been a joke where someone said something about how how he acts, looks, talks etc…” there really wasn’t.
Well with all this being said how do you think he should be dealt with. Because if I’m being honest I believe this is what we call foreshadowing. I know him and I are genuinely not going to like one another.
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2023.03.23 21:53 -en- @AP: As spring sports get underway in East Palestine, Ohio, organizers aim to create normalcy for high school student-athletes while cleanup from the February train derailment and toxic chemical burn continues nearby.

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2023.03.23 21:53 abalonemoon Passport timeline - Expedited online 02/10 SEATTLE

Hi everyone - like many of you I have been crawling this sub anxiously for a few weeks. I received my renewed passport today and here is a timeline:
02/10 - Applied online for my renewal. Passport was not yet (quite) expired. I had made an account a few weeks prior to the shut down so did not know it was a hot mess to submit online at the time. Paid for expedited shipping and processing. I did not have a ticket booked at this time, but shortly after I booked a trip to Costa Rica departing on 04/02. Immediately went to "received" status.
02/13 - Email received that states my passport went to "in process."
4 weeks go by. I start to get a bad feeling. Found this sub. Crawled it obsessively to learn you need to contact reps. I live in Seattle so I contacted congress person Pramila Jayapal through the advice of another redditor on 03/08.
03/09 - emailed and called to check in. A caseworker calls me back to tell me the passport agency is so busy they aren't even responding until 14 days prior to travel. She says she will mark my request as "urgent" and get back to me.
- Signed up for informed delivery.
03/13 - emailed to check in with no response. Decided to call the 877 number and was on hold for 4 hours. A very nice lady spoke with me to tell me that it's so backlogged that she can't even estimate when I will receive my passport, but gives me a "you didn't hear it from me" tidbit. She says call again and just "reapply" without mention of your online application. An operator booked me an appointment in Seattle on 03/24.
-I also checked the network traffic on my application almost daily. It remained in "adjudication."
03/15 - paranoia sets in. I call again to request the passport agency "link" my online app to the appointment on 03/24. They do without issue. (Hold time was 4 hours again). Fairly unbothered by now. Stopped checking reddit and network traffic obsessively because I felt reassured given I had an appointment.
03/20 - Checked the network traffic for the first time in a while. It now reads "closeout." Cannot update address.
03/21 - Checked traffic again - now back to "adjudication." It remains "in process" on the website this entire time.
03/22 - Receive an unexpected call from Pramila Jayapal's office saying they received word from the Seattle passport agency that my passport has been printed and shipped.
03/23 - Receive an informed delivery notification that my passport is coming today from "PASSPORT SERVICES/SEATTLE." Passport delivered to my mailbox. I cancel my appointment and let Pramila Jayapal's office know.
Total time (calendar days) to receive my passport: 41 days. Just shy of 6 weeks. Would highly recommend Pramila Jayapal's office if you live in Seattle. Her staff was very helpful and responsive.
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2023.03.23 21:52 Nym___ Why'd the reveal tweet today say Ionia, Demacia and Shadow Isles when the reveals today weren't from those regions?

On the variety tweet today, Riot posted the mobalytics link saying "Venture to Ionia, Demacia, the Shadow Isles and more in the card gallery: [link]", despite the fact that the reveals today weren't from any of the regions mentioned there.
I can kinda understand Ionia cus of Sett's reveals, so there is Ionian cards in the reveal link, but Demacia and the Shadow Isles haven't had a single card revealed so far, so why were they mentioned? Seems like a pretty weird typo if that's all it is, one that hasn't been rectified so far, and I highly doubt Samira and Jack are gonna be in those regions either, so?
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2023.03.23 21:52 Elessar171 Desiring to convert but feel stuck

Hello, I (19m) have been in interested in joining the Catholic Church. I was raised in a Protestant family so I have been Christian my whole life. I never fell away from Christianity but I did not grow in it for a number of years before returning to it during high school. I came to learning about Catholicism through online articles and YouTube channels that taught me about it. I ultimately made the choice to convert.
I did have to delay joining due to a lack of independence then but recently I realized that I am perfectly able to join now. What is holding me back is that I am honestly afraid of what my family will think of me. I would like some help with what I should do.
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2023.03.23 21:52 Dependent_Aerie_5409 New vs Used French Horn

I am a high school senior who is planning on majoring in music education in college. I am in need of a horn as I currently use a school-owned Holton Farkas 179. I have done my fair amount of research and have come to three options as of right now. I have found a conn 8D that has only had one owner. It is 35 years old and has had some modifications done to it. It has a K lead pipe and the bell was cut. It includes both the original and an Atkinson bell flare. The horn was also recently unlacquered. The owner is currently completing their DMA in horn performance and have gotten a Geyer wrap. My other option is to buy a new Yamaha 671. Or I can buy a used Yamaha 668 that has a compression of 4. What would be the best option considering trying to spend the least amount of money for the best quality I can get.
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