Mi aroma rice cooker

Moldy rice

2023.03.23 20:47 hamisGOD_1234 Moldy rice

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2023.03.23 20:10 SuitIll3576 Jamie Oliver review 3

This time is Chinese Fish Balls (but it only has prawn and squid).
Again. So much coriander.
The blender he used died.
He said paste but it has rice texture.
He uses not even packet rice he has box rice now, and it's basmati.
More cup measurements no rice cooker
So much PEAS
Truly broke my heart
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2023.03.23 19:21 elmrtn How would improving barracks quality and regulations improve troop welfare?

I’m writing a proposal argument for a class about how barracks quality could improve troop welfare. Anyone know any resources or have any stories? I am trying to find research on how the budget could be improved or who can affect change within the barracks.
Thanks, your fellow ordie.
[Edit: So far I plan to talk about regulations (i.e. air fryers or rice cookers being authorized)
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2023.03.23 19:07 RattieMattie Rice Cooker Curry Brown Lentils. Tasty, but it looks so much like dog food.... At least this time I didn't burn it into ash...

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2023.03.23 14:57 AdOver9667 rice cooker

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2023.03.23 14:06 Agitated_Ad8834 Unde inchiriezi ceva în Cluj?

Hey hey
Am si eu o intrebare Sunt student si m am mutat intr o chirie. Si nu as vrea sa mi aduc masina de înfiletat de acasa ca sa imi fac cateva reparatii la apartament
Si de aici mi a venit o curiozitate Daca vreau sa inchiriez pe short/medium term un obiect casnic ( un air cooker, o unealta, ceva de genul ) am de unde ? Stiti vreun loc/platforma care oferă servicii de genul ?
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2023.03.23 07:05 Aware_Cricket_694 Who doesn’t

If you don’t have a rice cooker ur not a certified Asian
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2023.03.23 06:12 addicted_2Da_shindig If you like Arabic food try here...

Alkufiah Tent. Sa may Matina Crossing kanang pa aplaya nga dalan, kanang una na building dihaa.
Their shawarma is legit, not that ground beef cooked in rice cooker we used to eat. Kunafa and hummus is good. Kabsa as well.
Highly recommended.
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2023.03.23 06:11 Best_Biryani Discovering the Best Biryani in Thane with Home Delivery Options

Discovering the Best Biryani in Thane with Home Delivery Options
Biryani is a popular rice dish that is loved by people all over the world. It is a flavorful combination of long-grain rice, aromatic spices, and succulent meat or vegetables. Thane, a bustling city in Maharashtra, is home to some of the best biryani joints in the country. With the pandemic still affecting the way we dine out, many people are turning to home delivery options to enjoy their favorite biryani.
Do you crave for delicious and hygienic Biryani? Look no further! Yara’s Biryani is here to satisfy all your biryani cravings with its delicious, flavor-packed, and hygienic biryani. You can order online biryani in Wagle Estate with just a few clicks. All you have to do is visit Yara’s Biryani website, select your favorite biryani, add it to your cart, and complete the payment process. Once the order is placed, you will get your delicious biryani delivered to your doorstep in no time, hot and fresh.
We offer a range of biryanis, including veg, chicken, and mutton biryanis. The biryani is cooked using high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques, resulting in a biryani that is full of flavor and aroma. The portions are generous, and the packaging is excellent, ensuring that the biryani reaches you hot and fresh.
We offer the best biryani in thane as Biryani is a delicious and hearty dish that is perfect for any occasion. It is sure to please even the most discerning palate. So, if you are looking for an authentic Indian dish to add to your menu, be sure to try biryani.
With the convenience of home delivery, you can enjoy these delicious biryanis from the comfort of your own home. Whether you prefer veg or non-veg options, spicy or mild, there is a biryani for everyone. So, the next time you are craving biryani, be sure to try one of Yara’s Biryani for an authentic and satisfying meal. So what are you waiting for? Get your Veg-Biryani at your doorstep. Check out our deals and offers, and order now !!
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2023.03.23 03:42 sprite-enthusiast Journaling for the first time since middle school! silly little errands for today

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2023.03.23 03:38 Subversiv00 You have to fix this. As soon as I finish my first game with my call-ups, the game implants players that were in the Team by default, but that I had discarded (They appear with low energy).

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2023.03.23 03:20 miss_loud Searching for a SIGG Rice Cooker manual (Swiss manufacturing company)

I've inherited an old Rice Cooker from the Swiss manufacturing company SIGG and hope to get a manual for it. The engraving on the bottom is "Type 3575" and it's rated for 500 W. Since SIGG does not produce kitchen appliances anymore, I was not able to get it from the manufacturer or find it anywhere online (except for a product image at the eMuseum of the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste). I'd really appreciate it if anyone could take a picture of the manual or point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 03:13 Bogey4hoo 'Surviving The Win' - Chapter 003B.

"... My name is, "Avem," she wrote from the Room. I am writing this Letter, on, “bequest,” of a certain collection of books of, no doubt, charming character, that went missing from the Manor, here…” She ended her letter with a Loop.

'The, 'Black Diamond', "Hua Niu Apple," of Tibet', had been promised her.
By whom?
Oh, Robert. Her son had been over.

Avem had found a Key, and entitled herself to, “Another,” Room in the Old Manor, when she noticed about Thirty, “Latest Considerations,” she hadn’t been able to recognize, especially since her last time of having not been in there. About Half a Dozen Articles of Furniture, were now moved around, as well. The Manor had been turned over.
Robert had promised her, to be back when she had, “Dried Up… Sideways.”
Avem, literally thought he had promised her a, “Dried “Hopped Cider,” Aged.”
When she asked how long, he replied, “As Long As It Takes To Get Me Rich… Again.”
She had thought he had said, “A, “Bodacious,” Fake Wood, Gets, “Cheery,” When Aged… Depends.”
By now, she was pretty sure that she knew what he was referring to. Those were Trees of the Bonsai Variety.
But, where are you going off to, Avem asked him one Final Time, before he had left her at her Bottlenecked Apartment Door to head down the Manor’s stairwell.
“Lack! I'm Manned.”
Black Diamond? She uttered, unteemed. Who knew? It must be somewhere in the Himalayas.
He was likely off to somewhere Exotic.
If her son traveled out there and won one of those Beautiful Specimens in Bonsai form, he’d make a Back Diamond Cider.
But when would he hop it back on over? It had taken a while…
She licked what looked to be a Rare Chinese Stamp after Sealing an Envelope. Just then, she heard the Service Bell, Ring from Downstairs.
Is the Missus up? A “Holy,” of an Unholy Voice began.
It set her nerves on edge. Oh no, she frought. Think, think. Avem locked the door to the Library, returned to the Manor’s small upstairs kitchen, and hid her newfound Key, off to the side in an oatmeal canister. He was almost at her door.
Be your normal.
Anxious, she stuck the Sealed Envelope, hidden, under a Pink Satin Cushion. The very same Cushion, as was placed on her Chestnut Wood, Kitchen Sitting Chair.
She would have had to hide it in her Bedchamber, in a Split Second, were it not for how caught off guard she was.
Quickly, she sat down.
Hello missus Smith. Doctor Banda, required. Still in your nightgown, I see.
I only just awoke.
And none of the other staff saw to you today. You should have notified them you would be missing your morning Meals. They were having a Big Party down in The Mess Hall. I’ve brought you’re Medicine up, some Flowers from Mrs. Rookall, and have you seen if your son left me the Banknote. He looked around the counter.
A fearful thought occurred to Missus Smith. No, she swore, hoping to distract him from the Oats. It must be down in the Bureau.
Very well then. Doctor Banda decided. Alright, I’ll have the kitchen bring you up something. What would you like? Cabbage Stew, Wild Rice and Carrot Soup, Fish Broth, or Consomme and Noodle.
Too Drab, she bleakly lambed. What else have they got?
That’ll do. May I take some tea with it?
Right then. It will be up shortly. Now remember, Missus Smith, take these Two Blue Ones, at Night, and we’ll be Leaving the White One for Half an Hour, because you’ve still got your Nyquil to take.
~ How would she ever sneak the Envelope out? ~

“Oh Grody, an imaginary voice declared. I’m alone and not only did I mal-doctor, myself, but I’m mal-sseused?”
Avem woke up. She thought she had heard a boy grumbling.
Nobody there.
I took the white one, but the tonic… she reminded herself. She quietly snuck out of the Room.
She had taken the Nyquil.
The White One had been a Citalopram, for Depression. She’d been on it for long enough to forget the Label, and even what it used for.
Avem had had a Sociable Game of Cards with a Magician named Tatter, later that evening. Followed up by Some Ladies laughing. The Kitchen Staff loved her.
She rested, upon getting back to her Quarters, about Half an Hour into it.
Placing the Envelope, Smartly behind her Headboard, she Locked Herself back in her Room and Retorted, I’ll be Over When This is All Done. Avem was Retiring for the Evening.
Avem was Infirm.
Avem’s Son, Had Totally Usurped Her. All, just to Seemingly Give an Unlucky Leap, and Click Heels Together, for Greed.
Two Blue Advil followed…

The following day, Missus Smith could be caught doing a dance maneuver down the Boulevard.
What is this jamboree? asked the visiting Cleric.
Avem Pumped an Elderly Fist. An Envelope had been Dunked into the Post Box. She had sent it, by getting past a Hallway, “Intercept.” About four men had come in moments before, to have a Quiet Meeting, or, Smoke and Drink, in the Parlor. A Dartboard, there, hung off the wall
The staff hustled her in. A fuss would be made! But later.
“Necrolith Spectre,” if you, "Envelope," our Earth, The Seal is a Dragon, Of Liu Songnian’s Worth. ~ China’s First Postage Stamp? ~

Law’s on ya’, Baby! Avem declared over the Phone to her Doctor. The Books had come back and Avem had earned some regained recognition and popularity among the attendants at, Her Manor?
Her son had sold them!
Rob Smith, had been brought in for a rather whimsically quizzical questioning by a Police Chief, who was only wondering how his Mother had been interesting him in such an illegal matter. How could it be serious, if she was senile?
No Mother in the questioning, and an hour later, and Mr. Smith was on his way to Prison for… Frauds?
Of what kind though?
They had yet to find out the extent of them. Many of, said frauds… were detailed by false accreditions to his name.
He’d been hiding from The Government.
Lucky Avem! She had her House back.
‘One’s Past Tears’.
"... Atlas-Epher, was a Titan, who held aloft the Heavens..."
  • End of Statement. *
~ “… And now I KNOW, what El has written, the Old Cahoot…” ~
“… However, Atlas also kept a Tobacco Pipe..."
"... When Atlas-Epher first acquired the Pipe, the fire caught his Mustache, while Lighting it, and he Sneezed Out a Terrible, "Flaum."…”
“… The World, became Polluted, or shall we say, Populated, for the better part, with this, "Flaum."…”
“… Now, although we are unsure of when this was... The Pipe, was most definitely and erroneously, called, by none other than, "Eldritch Spellbound," a, ‘Nura-Bol’…”
“… Therefore, it should have, more rightly, been MINE!...”

Avem was smoking some Russian Jing Ling. Hah! She snorted as she read on in, “Her Books.”
She had thought they were Her Diaries.
No Avem, you Playwrote those as an aside, when you were a Nurse. That was when you first had this House Built, a Housekeeper told her.
Avem wouldn’t take that! Keep dusting, Ms. Henchfrew. She drawled.

“… It was on Earth, that People of Destiny were allowed to use the, "Muc." What is, "Muc," but, "Cigarettes," "Cigarette Butts," "Swine," and/or, "Snot?"…”
~ “… They Learned A Work, Called, "Giâm ("Make a Cutting on a Plant")."…” ~
“… Finally, a purportedly savvy, "Christian Bishop of Vietnam (a.k.a. "Giám Mục")," asked for help with? The Dreaming!…”
‘And when you have that idol, not rightly ‘ffaced, chisel it out and pitch it away.’
“… And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire…” (‘The Holy Bible’, ‘KJV’/’King James Version’, Mark 9:47).
Right here, what I think Jesus was saying was that, it’s better not to be a Scribe at all, in Egypt, when you know how they, “in’Tow.”
Andrei had felt pretty smart to say. Though it wasn’t soon after, he had his Books given away.
Ren was talking desperately off in a Side Hall of the Store, to Juniper about Andrei.
You mean I broke madly.
You are madly affectionate mi’lady, yess ahum.
What did She, “need,” for us again?
Well, a Hoo’Chin/Hoodoo’s China Cabinet, “Moc’a,” Two-In, Where Muc is a term we use for Cigarette Butts/Pork, Interchangeably, but Where Moacă is also Head, That's Siamese-Line Specifically, For the Porcelain we’ll require whenever we go, “back.”
I see… replied Ren, having attempted to repair her breakdown.
One, “Trung”/Asian, “Hit,” of Key-Put “Pow,” by Chéep’-Casas (i.e. Cook-Houses), still needs two, “C.” Nominally, A, “Credit Card,” intoned Juniper. Then, we Need to Tie Cowrie, which dubs our similar Shell Currency, to Chong/Brew, Cha/Tea, Lit/Leaf. All, because they’ve been taking our Reach, Unge,” Litter.
The Fee? Asked Ren.
Yes, replied Juniper, and those of our Ancestors.
What are they like, Ren enquired, Ungua Terror?
Yep, That’s the Rub.
What a snub. Ren sniveled. She held a Kleenex to her nose. How mad do you think Andrei is at me, though, and are we really, in fact, Catting a Swarm?
I think it’s okay to worry. My boyfriend is also not back from his trip to The Mountains, yet.
Was he supposed to get back?
Things’ll be fine, as long as he didn’t start an Ave’Launch…
Avem Smith, deluded enough to believe in her newfound last name, ‘The Swarm’, continued to read from her own Books, by now doctored, senile and half-forgetting they were “Playwritten.”

“… The Bishop had been told, that he would need at least, "One Dragon," to bribe, "Atlas-Epher," over, and, hopefully, win a working Dream.
Problem being, no Dragon had been in sight for Ages. Nor, "Atlas-Epher," and the Bishop had no, "Decent Pipe," nor, "Decent Tobacco..."

‘The Story Of, "Far-Mason," "Pathwrit," from the Agged Caravan Dig In Euclon’.
"... Patrick wrote on threin of parchment. He was working on one, for the Giam Muc/Bishop to Burn in his own pipe. Inevitably, for it to work. The Wind took it to a’tack.
One of the other Stone-Masons had hit the delicate line of phantom paper, as a draped cloth blew in his face. Oof. He had been standing on a wobbly ladder, working on the roof. The pictures had been posted around, and Patrick had been moved there with his supplies. The thin single lettered threins of Parchment, loosed. Patrick had been working on, well… a lot of them. This one, was a Sacred Arabian Majin Binding. His hand had slipped, and an, “un-ending, “ream,” of paper, flaxed outward against the walls, in a billow. Climbing off the ladder, the man went to tell the others outside, about the mess.
Oh well…
The script, “wrapping,” clung outward at the walls. Patrick tried to hold down one end, and it caught a candle. The script sparked.
An Oriental feng-huanged/phoenixed burst of violet plumous smoke appeared and swirled around the chamber. Patrick panicked, fell backward, and the building collapsed..."
‘The Book of the, "Ho-Do”’. 'Sheer Luck, a Knack, and a Claus'.
"... How Lucky is Man, is as, "How the Betterment of the Saviour is on all Heirs', "proverbial," "Mint." That is, in how it is the, "Coin"/"Quoin (i.e. "Cornerstone, that the Builders rejected")…”
What does this mean?
“… Simply, that we are encouraged to realize, that, "Mint," and, "Shamrocks," relate, and that there are two types of Clover, and only one is His (i.e. Christ's). In life, we choose either, "Caesar's Shamrock," with, "Caesar's Coin," or, "God's Clover," with an, "Heir's Salvation," through Christ Jesus…”
“… This, tells of Luck, something valuable, which is, "That luck is such, that you should never wish to need it; only pray to do good..."
~ Forevermore, that is, "Amen ("Truth"/"Trustworthy" - Revelation 3:14)," in Heaven, for Eternity. ~

“… Before we go any further now, "Iapetos," was a Titan of Mortality, "Atlas-Epher," his Son, was a Titan of Strength. Now, as, "Iapetos," was replaced by, "Gepetto," in the tale of, "Pinocchio," and his son, "Pinocchio," made up to mean, "Panache," the character of, "Pinocchio," himself, must have still somehow made his way around to that of, "Atlas-Epher," again…”
“… What could that possibly mean, if, "Yggdrasil," is also the newfound symbol of Atlas-Epher? This tree, Yggdrasil, similar to the, "Biblical Tree of Everlasting Life," for some, and it, also, being Christ's very, "Own," Tree?...”
“… Well, it's hard to get into, but it is said that it fed two children, a boy and a girl, named, "Lif," and, "Lifthrasir," with it's Dew. Though I speculate, if Ashen... Truly with, "Dhewh." All, while hiding them and protecting them from calamity. That is, if and only if, a, "Sig," were a, "Fig (or, "Apple")," as it is, in Cursive Writing…”

‘The Puff’. ~ “… Figaro – Bolero – Mambobola – Bluff…” ~
“… Now, if Pinocchio, is the effigy of a strange, Satanic Puppet-Mastery, he’s known for his nose growing longer, whenever he tells a lie. He is a, "Living Incarnate Doll," not a mortal child, but a, "Knack!"…”

“… Pinnochio takes on the life of a Mortal Child, later on in his story, by a Spirit Booning him, thus...”
“… I daresay it's possible, however, like Epher, who hides his True face, behind a mask of Ashes to Deceive people, as it were, through a, "Masquerade," of Intentions, Pinocchio has no trouble lying…”
“… Thus, when you conceal the matter, or mask your intentions, it could be asked, who's side are you really on? The Lord's, or your own?...”
“… A Sabbath analogy of Pinocchio, would say that he is, none other than a, "Beast of Burden. Specifically, though? A Camel. Of course, and mainly, because, their noses still get ringed on the Sabbath, even the males…”
“… Seeing as, "Pinocchio’s," name derives from the word, "Panache (ultimately, "Spur")," we are left to wonder if he is a, "Spurred Camel," of some sort, but this really is not too far from the Telling. As, it is within the realm of another word, "Spurcamus," or further still, "Spurcam," "Spurcus," "or even, "Spurious," "Sperno," or, "Spargo (i.e. "Spargere")," which he is most often witnessed. That is, until his Transformation, into a, "Real Boy."…”
~ “… Example in case of, "Spargere," within, 'Pinocchio', being…” ~
A. "Burglary"/"Housebreaking," when he steals a wig from, "Gepetto (Hebrew Name, "Joseph")," and, B. "Rumorem Spargere," or, "Spreading Rumours..." When he misleads by falsity."
“… Now, when Claus makes a toy, it is in the Woodwork, as we all know, but as we have previously sought to understand, some Wood is Alive, some Wood is Dead, and some takes on New Life.
Thus... As for the, "Wood," of, "Yggdrasil," we'll leave it at that for now…”
But why does Santa always have Ash and Ice? ... Do NOT even mention it!..."
A Black Magic Deal, had been dealt in, by a kindly old man, to a novice in his service. The question being, what good did it pose, for anyone in the realm of Hallelujah?
The Weapon of Smoke...
What are the odds? What will this young man be battling, and what's happening with the times?

Firstly, sacrifices being made of the cherished good of olden, for hierarchical precalls of evil.
The dawning of the next age. Hence, it is a, "Keep the Light," story.
It is to be rated, as a tale of smoking, for readers in an age when smoking is prohibited and one can only dream (2035 and on).
Andrew, the author, squares off demons in a fictional literature, and has it out with new, "precedential," sciences for being too dangerous.
Example: • Alchemy was bad, chemistry is good - we know this, one is founded. • Astrology was bad, astronomy is good - we also know this, one is founded. • Biology was good, but trans genetics is always bad.
Transgenetics uses chemistry in biology, deigning it forbidden. But how?
Working on the DNA, and treating humans with a, "Philosopher's Stone," destroys God's Sanctum or Temple. No Temple of God requires a No-Man, on an Earth meant for God's Providence.
More by the Mundi is only Mund in the Mordem if you can't fit Heaven in, as Kneelers still came first, and Kneiters (Titans), take too much from Heaven, for their last just desserts, of being too big and overall many. Men of God, uphold Gods temple, which upholds service for Heaven, which in turn blesses Nature, even though, God, "may," not.
Falling Men to Spirits of Nature, buys out the price of Man, and Good in the World, for the old Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, even post Babylon.
Spirits selling these secrets, leave Devil's in the details, as nought can then prevent Jinn from engulfing the richness of people's souls when the people's bodies become made by none better than a jinn writ and remaining human strains prove only yoke.
If the Scripture untethers from the People, God still Stands, and the World Clock will only mete, in waves, where the carn is as a, "jern ("iron"/"yarn")," and knit and crochet, just won’t fit, for the, "favoured fabric," anymore.
In mankind, witchcraft, sorcery and diabols unspeakable, are real.
Andrew speaks out, because if man is a slave to a spirit of a design unheiring, no other temple serves God.
Moral: Heaven has Refined Ideals, Where, Titans Thresh All's Karmic Wheels. The Djinni, as such, sound a Din, But, Jesus had His Supper in. As Many Giants, leave the Earth, Remember He who, “partied,” First. Creator’s Heaven has a Gate, But The Three, "Fates," wove a Temp, “Late.”
(i.e. The, "Moirae" lost all their eyes but for one of Apher's).
‘The Book Of Right’.
'Route, "Capernaum"'.
"Lucifer," was born to, "Cephalus." "Cephalus'," name, means, "Head."
"Cephalus'," name implies, that not only is he a Male Figure as the Head of a Family, but none other than an, "Halus," which means, "Invisible," "Refined," and/or, a, "Spirit," if not a Head of, "-lus," (indicating some form of, "Plant").
*A, "Head," is commonly referred to, nowadays, by the word, "Cap."
"Cephalus," may be transliterated, "Képhalos," and after that, "Kephalē," or even, "Keblē."
It could be quite easy to assume, that omitting the vocal fricatives, at the beginning of the word, "Keblē," led someone to create the name, "Iblis," for, "Lucifer," or, "Lucifer's Head."
We know that, "Satan," was erroneously replaced by, "Lucifer," in the, 'Vulgate Translation', of the, 'Hebrew Bible', but more than likely, because he still bore some characteristics of the, "Devil."
As a separate analogy in point, however, there is, "Lu," 'Capernaum', or, "Route of, 'Capernaum'," which is also known as, 'Beit Netofa'.
The, "Route," "Jesus of Nazareth," walked through from, 'Gaza', is known for housing some of, "David's," finest men, though also, being cursed by, "Jesus," in Scripture. It's meaning of, "Netophah," or, "Taphath (Simply, "A Dripping")," is likely where Lucifer gets his name of, "Rain Light."
This is, due to the Valley of, 'Capernaum', and it's literal, "Capernaum," which means, "Ruin and Clutter," though it is still to, "Bear Light," and implicates the Saviour's Walk there.
Therefore, "Light Bearing," becomes more alike to a, "Valley"/"Place Name," not only, "A Candle." If what we know about the, "Trail," or, "Lu," is that it bore, "Jesus Christ"/"The Saviour," in his travels, then, "Lūx Ferō," or, "Light Bearer," and, "Rain Light," themselves, become symbolic of none other than The Valley Christ walked, and Christ's Wounds."
Ben got hit in the head, down at the Prefecture, and the Centaurs were going to haul him out and feed him to the Amphibe-colts, but instead, a man named Era, sent for his body and turned him over to Fang Vo Ejje for an Essential Essence Dedaction.
She was paid by Era, who then mixed Ben’s Essence in with some Grotto Clay and Fanged Stone Dentures.
Leaving him alone in a Grotto, he would pay Ben a visit, oh… well, sometime later. Ben had to have time and space, to get used to his rebirth. Also Era would bring gifts. He treated him, as though, a son.
Era was a, “Vampire,” Physician.

Vampires, have been found to exist in many types, whether ætheric, carnal, mantic, neth, psychic, or sanguine.
• Ætheric Vampires Prey on Spirit, • Carnal Vampires Lust after Fleshly or Worldly Concerns, • Mantic Vampires are attracted to Channels, Rapports, or Halls of the Dead, as Spirits, • Neth/Nest, Live In/Off The Host, as Brooding Parasites, • Psychic/Para-Psychic Vampires, are Mental Taxers by Extremity, • And Sanguine, are those, which Prey on or Deal only with Actual Blood.
Meanwhile, their affiliations as Romantic, Caste, or merely Cultural, have rarely been? Christian, no matter ow Christ-Centric.

The symbology of the Vampire, while not to be dismissed as another Legend, or confused with mere Myth, is really a Coded Message.
While it does its best to remain hidden, the Truth of the Vampire actually exists in a Christian Allegory. Here, I will provide a brief exposé on it.
This introspective Label into their realm of the Dissonant, is provided to fit, as per Canon Address.

Firstly, the creature most frequently associated with the Vampire, is the Bat.
The reason why, is because, the Bat indicates a suspended or inverted view of reality. Also, because they are creatures of the dark, with nocturnal habits.

While wild penchants feature among the detailing of Vampire History, there is little about them that we don’t have, already known.
That is, unless one of us has them in, for the realm of how we would be in for that know. Then, things tend to play out that way.
That said, The World is for The Vampire, and The Vampire, not for Heaven.

The Vampire's own avoidance of this World, pertains to a few minor points. Although, they are hunters and stalkers after the rights of men, women, and children, there are select items they avoid, each with it’s own Attributive Symbology.

The Christian Holy Bible, of course, as The True Word of God.
The Crucifix, as the symbol of Christ’s ransoming sacrifice on Calvary.
Daylight, for it’s representing The Light of the Sovereign.
The use of, “Holy Water,” is a symbol of Baptism and Making Clean and New.
Stakes, which symbolize the Softening of Hardened Hearts.
Nails, symbolizing Christ’s being nailed to the Tree.
And, Garlic, as a symbol of warding off the Evil Eye.
All these, being symbols of the Faith.

‘The Policy’.
“Decapitation,” where used in Vampire Lore, represents keeping one's own mind above material matters.
The Pouring out of Rice, as Author Anne Rice’s name would seem to imply, was a folk practice intended to keep Vampires at bay, in truth suggesting that they were more calculating than considerate of their hearts, because they would stop to count it out of compulsion.
“Burning with Fire,” meant setting afire with Holy Passion.
No Reflection in Mirrors, was due to their having no Light Of The Sovereign.
Their habit of, “Laying in a Coffin,” was because the Coffin is a place of rest for the Dead and Vampires were not allowed through Anyone’s Doorways, but for when they were Welcomed In. In the Land of the Living, Death Rests, except for when Death Knocks. If Death Knocks, which they are, they might then open up a Coffin Door by a Rapport.
However, as they too, are not altogether Immortal, thus the Coffin represents anyone resting under God’s label of, “The Dead,” respecting ties to the Supernatural, as the, “Undead.”

Drinking and Bloodshed, or what more, Drinking of Shed Blood, was the Practice of Pagans of The Old World.
These Pagans (Canaanites), were labeled as Dogs.
Hence, depictions of People with Dog-Shaped Heads, began to become more Prevalent, even with Larger Canine Teeth. The Medical Condition for someone with a Dog-Shaped Head, is known today as, “Cynocephaly.”
In hastily moving along with this Label, one might attribute that trait of Lycans or Werewolves, to Vampires or Leeches, as well, but there IS still a difference. Although, a Canaanite was simply an UnJew.

In respect to The Pagan Shedding of Life Blood for Consumption, while meriting the Judaical Teachings (in light of this), Jewish Tradition held, that to avoid Blood Consumption, meant that, when a God of Promise Saves you from Bloodshed your Sacred Teaching becomes to Revere Life and Not Take It for Granted.
Thus, it was said that our Life, Or rather Spirit or Soul, existed in the Blood, because the Jews who lived through the Plagues during the Passover in Egypt, were saved from having the lives of their firstborn taken, by marking their doorways with the Blood of a Lamb.
This, being not known to everyone (for some people believe that the Jews were never enslaved), due to Gold being found on-site at the Archaeological Digs, in Egypt.
Though, it must actually be read in on, that the Holy Bible (Exodus 12:35-6), says that the Egyptians offered it to them, sometimes more than graciously (out of God Fear), during The Time of the Plagues.

Now, in Judaical Tradition, Blood is not to be ingested, even apart from the above reasoning, because of the Health Complications it can cause.
Problems such as excess Iron Content in the Blood, Blood Disease, and Obesity, may also occur, because of it.
Vampiric Flying, is an example of the Proud Nature taking over, for they Fly as one does in Heated Anger, or in Contempt, aiming to set things in Disarray or to Destroy.
Other evidences, which they are known to make their own example of Flying by, when not by the Dead, are as though Witches, and the Flying thereof, for many a Vampire has been known to fall to Alchemy, and Ensorcerizing.

As Spiritually-Relative Christian sensibilities, these points seem mere figurative notions, but their opposites are never to be taken as literally or seriously, for they lead to wayward acts aberrant to God strategy, even as though, in one’s staking on them, they too might be…
A Vampire!
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2023.03.23 02:38 DragonXDT What's Your Favorite Vietnamese Breakfast? Discovering Hidden Gems Like Banh Cuon Cao Bang! 🍜

I've been on a culinary journey lately, exploring the delicious world of Vietnamese breakfasts. We all know and love Pho and Banh Mi, but there's so much more to the Vietnamese breakfast scene that often goes unnoticed. Recently, I've discovered a lesser-known but absolutely mouthwatering dish: Banh Cuon Cao Bang! 😋
For those who haven't tried it yet, Banh Cuon Cao Bang is a delicate and savory rice noodle roll filled with minced pork, wood ear mushrooms, and shallots. It's usually served with a side of fresh herbs, cucumber, and a tasty dipping sauce. It has quickly become my go-to breakfast choice, and I'm eager to find more dishes like this!
So, fellow foodies, I'm asking you: What are your favorite Vietnamese breakfasts, particularly the lesser-known ones? Let's uncover some hidden culinary gems together and share our love for Vietnamese cuisine. Please share your favorites and any stories or memories you have associated with them. If you have any secret spots or recipes, feel free to share as well!
Looking forward to reading your responses and expanding my breakfast horizons! 🍽️
Cheers and happy eating! 🥢
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2023.03.23 01:38 Ey-you_ No tienen idea como me encanta encontrar los calzones de mi h¡[email protected] en el baño 🤤 y su aroma 😳

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2023.03.23 00:57 Swimming_dolphin4848 A bit sad that this is the only way I can store my collection. Definitely should be looking forward to buying a bookshelf (need to find the space, though)

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2023.03.23 00:54 cintijack Pressure cooker save time and money

a few years ago I bought two pressure cookers at $75 a piece. I having too I can meal prep for the whole week quickly and use less expensive ingredients like dried beans. Here are some of the recipes I use
Homemade chicken and rice soup: 4 chicken thighs or two chicken leg quarters - chicken leg quarters are 75 cents a pound when you buy the 10 lb for $7.50 bag - divide and freeze one bag of mirepoix frozen - Kroger has it one bag of frozen spinach - Walmart has the best price on this one and a half cups of brown rice - Dollar Tree one bag of frozen vegetables like California mix or broccoli and cauliflower season salt Dollar Trees Lee has a good buy on this if not try Big Lots
dump it all into the pressure cooker cover it with water and cook for 25 minutes. Serves six
Senate Bean Florentine soup
one and a half cups of navy beans Dollar Tree has good prices on this one packet of ham flavoring from Goya get this a Big Lots one bag of frozen spinach I get this at Walmart one bag of frozen mirepoix I get this at Kroger garlic powder to taste I got this at either a Dollar Tree or Big Lots
dump it all into the pressure cooker cover it with water and cook for 25 minutes serves six
Mole black bean chili
one and a half cups of black beans I get these at Dollar Tree one glass container of Dona Maria mole I usually get this at Kroger on sale one bag of frozen onions and peppers I usually get at Kroger one can of diced tomatoes
chop up the mole so it will dissolve better in the pressure cooker dump it all into the pressure cooker cover it with water and cook for 25 minutes serves six people
my Hispanic friends were really surprised at using mole to make chili - it's not that dissimilar to Cincinnati chili
Apple cinnamon oatmeal
one and a half cups of steel cut oats I get this is Kroger six apples - I usually get these at all these at aldis cinnamon to taste I usually get this at Dollar Tree or Big Lots
chop up the apples put everything into the pressure cooker bad enough water based on the directions on your steel cut oats box cook for 15 minutes serve six people
I was shocked at how sweet the Apple cinnamon oatmeal is without any added sugar
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2023.03.23 00:43 itroblox How close you are to detriot by city

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2023.03.22 18:20 Willing_Horror Need Toner Recommendations For Oily Skin!

I (32f) have oily combination skin with large pores (think strawberry nose) and I've been using the Haruharu wonder black rice toner for about a year or so now. I was originally using the Some by Mi Miracle PHA-BHA-AHA toner for a while before that. Both seemed to do a decent job, but I'm looking for something that will WOW me and work well with my serums to combat sebum production. I'd also rather switch to a toner that I can easily get on the OliveYoung website since their shipping is WAY faster then yesstyle or stylevana, and I'm stuck between a few toners. Does anyone recommend one of these over the other at all? I will say, I'm leaning away a bit from Roundlab since their moisturizer and sunscreen in one clogged my pores SO bad and broke me out
I'm currently looking at:
Haruharu wonder black rice toner Torriden Dive In Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Toner Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Toner
Side note: What's with all oily skin skincare marketed as "soothing?" I don't want to sooth my skin, I want to scrub my pores into oblivion! I want baby dolphin skin!
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2023.03.22 18:18 homelyplatter Khichdi (khichuri)


  1. Moong dal 1 cup
  2. Rice 1 cup
  3. Cumin seeds 1tsp
  4. Ginger paste 1 tbsp
  5. Green chilies 2 slit
  6. Tomato 1 chopped
  7. Potato 1 diced
  8. Carrots 1 diced
  9. Turmeric powder 1/4tsp
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Sugar 1tsp
  12. Oil 2bsp


Serving Size: 4
Wash moong dal and rice. Heat pressure cooker and add oil.
Add cumin seeds and let them splutter. Add chilies and ginger paste and stir fry.
Add the vegetables tomatoes and turmeric powder. and sauté for a while until the tomatoes turn soft.
Then add the moong dal rice 4 cups water and salt.
Cover the lid and pressure cook for 3-4 whistles.
Serve hot.
NOTE: The basic lentil for making khichdi is moong dal. But toor dal mix dal or skinned split green moong dal or masoor dal can also be used.
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2023.03.22 15:38 CroationChipmunk Searching for a Tuscan soup with an extremely strong vinegar flavor?

Growing up, there was this mom & pop Italian restaurant and they had a reddish/orange soup with like those little white beans plus standard soup ingredients. (there may have been rice or pasta mixed into the soup possibly?)
There might not even be a name for this particular soup. All I remember is that it had a very bold, pungent aroma with a distinct vinegar-like smell -- almost like smelling salts.
I'm looking either for the names of this possible soup or what ingredient gave it that strong, pungent aroma. (or why a soup recipe would call for such an overpowering amount of vinegacooking wine?)
Thank you for reading.
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