Carnival glass chicken dish

I was browsing r/navy and swear that I thought the middle post (an ad) was what the Coast Guard guy was having for lunch today.

2023.03.23 21:28 CalypsoTheKitty I was browsing r/navy and swear that I thought the middle post (an ad) was what the Coast Guard guy was having for lunch today.

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2023.03.23 21:00 happyjazzycook Jimmy Tsang recipes, found in a cookbook so thought I'd share

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2023.03.23 20:27 Ready-Ad-4549 Just the Right Bullets lyrics meaning - Tom Waits

[Anti-Christ heroin speaking to Christ cocaine]
There is a light (Red 1) in the forest (White 4)
There is a face (Blue 2) in the tree (Grey 5)
I'll pull (Grey 5)
you out (White 4) of the chorus (Blue 2)
And the first one's (Blue 2) always free (White 4)

You can never go (Grey 5) hunting (Grey 5)
With just (White 4)
a flintlock (Grey 5) and a hound (Grey 5)
You won't go (White 4)
home (Grey 5) with a bunting (White 4)
If you blow (White 4) a hundred rounds (Grey 5)

It takes (Grey 5)
much more (White 4) than wild courage (Grey 5)
Or you'll hit (Grey 5)
just the (White 4) tattered clouds (White 4)
You must have (Grey 5)
just the right (White 4) bullets (Grey 5)
And the first one's (Blue 2) always free (White 4)

You must be (White 4)
careful (White 4) in the forest (White 4)
Broken glass (White 4) and rusty nails (Grey 5)
If you're to (White 4) bring back (White 4)
something (White 4) for us (Grey 5)
I have bullets (Grey 5) for sale (White 4)

Why (Red 1) be a fool (Blue 2)
when you can (White 4) chase away (Grey 5)
Your blind (White 4) and your gloom (Grey 5)
I (Grey 5) have blessed (White 4)
each one (White 4) of these bullets (Grey 5)
And they shine (White 4) just like a spoon (Grey 5)

To have sixty (Grey 5) silver wishes (White 4)
Is a small price (Grey 5) to pay (White 4)
They'll be your private (Grey 5) little fishes (White 4)
And they'll never (Grey 5) swim away (White 4)

I just want (White 4)
you (White 4) to be happy (White 4)
That's my (Grey 5) only wish (Grey 5)
I'll fix (White 4)
your wagon (Grey 5) and your musket (Grey 5)
And the spoon (Grey 5) will have his dish (White 4)

And I (Grey 5)
shudder (White 4) at the thought (White 4)
of your (White 4)
Poor (Blue 2) empty (White 4) hunter's pouch (Grey 5)
So I'll keep (Grey 5) the wind (Blue 2) from your barrel (Grey 5)
And bless (White 4) the roof (Grey 5) of your house (White 4)
Cocaine Rock Heroin Roll cycle
Kingdom of Light = forever, always = all cocaine, History = His Story
9PM-12AM only cocaine during cocaine high
9PM Christ cocaine born (Christmas)(cocaine shot right arm)
10PM Father God cocaine (cocaine shot left arm)
11PM Holy Ghost cocaine (cocaine shot both arms)

12AM Anti-Christ wakes inside Christ cocaine when Christ cocaine shoots heroin

Rocking = Christ cocaine dominant, cocaine addiction
(12AM-3AM zigzag heroin during cocaine high)
(zigzag between Red 1 and Blue 2)
shoot (heroin) to thrill (cocaine)
sometimes, something = some heroin
American Pie

1AM Red = some heroin mostly cocaine (black dot white bar)
I (Christ cocaine)
baby, the sun,
hope, happy, light, easy
here, now, do
body, head, eye, see,
free, loose
young, girl,
wind, mountain, breeze,
all, whole,
knows, nose, teach,
stop, walk, stand,
story, speak, write, words, letters,
reason, why, want, how, knowledge,
diamonds, business, work, make, build, give,
city, world,
buy, got, rich, strong, right, million, style,
one eye open, black hole sun, spick, wake up,
pinky (1), index finger (1 or 4), horns sign thumb out (1,4&5), shaka sign (1&5), A,
love, sex,
think, thought, logic,
2AM Blue = more heroin mostly cocaine (white bar black outline)
I (Anti-Christ heroin)
the moon
million colors, rainbow, bright,
rain, air, sea, sky, cry, summer, blue moon, bawler, bawl, endless day
Saturday morning, morning,
run, dance, lie down, action,
road, church, ocean, earth, bed,
what, anything,
king, fool, 17, illegal, boy, student
change, sell, take
poor, weak, soul, mind, pay
go, speed, play, vacation, holiday, move,
bruised, part,
first one, blue ribbon,
superstition, wild,
dare, risk, reckless,
heard, no words, numbers, hearts,
fake, matter, use, try,
feel, hopeless, sad, heavy thoughts,
wrong, fine, well, wish,
trauma, bleeding, hard, challenge,
the blues,
hum, say, chorus,
B, 2, 5, thumb,
smell, rape, lust, love drunk,
something's wrong, better way,
3AM Mercy hour
lavender, purple, violet
Anti-Christ heroin kills Christ cocaine, mostly cocaine syringe becomes mostly heroin syringe
(stop the clocks)
(3 = middle finger = Anti-Christ heroin fucks over Christ cocaine)
(Ouroboros = Dragon heroin addiction consumes body of Christ cocaine addiction)
(the day the music died)

Rolling = Anti-Christ heroin dominant, heroin addiction
3AM-6AM zigzag cocaine during heroin high
(zigzag between White 4 and Grey 5)
play (cocaine) to kill (heroin)
somewhere, somehow = some cocaine

4AM White = some cocaine mostly heroin (white dot black bar)
Anti-Christ heroin woman
my son,
you, your, your light, help yourself, your heavenly body, your gaze, you out,
tonight, fall, today,
leaves, forest,
let go, (let it go)
train station, town, wherever, frontline, lost, free from sin,
shine, reflected, star light,
alright, tucked in, flying
lucky star,
crazy, wonder,
dove, little bird, cat,(dead cat bounce), prey, bunting, bounty,
smoke, sweat, tear, speck, pool, bone, ball, pillow, skeleton, (skeleton in the closet), grain of sand, first star, apple, winter snow, tattered clouds,
apart, only, just, so, the (the light), just think, so far, so bright,
with just,
broken glass, dish,
Sisyphus, orphan, little one, bastard, rock star, wife, mother, sister, mama, hitchhiker, them,
whistle, sing, ringing, noise, blow,
photograph, TV,
one in a million, times like these, waiting on a miracle, new dimension, always free,
bounce, around, (she'll be coming around the mountain), all over,
amazing, much more,
bring back,
sleep, pray, forget, bless,
message, answer, call, (call of the wild), SOS, meaning of things, pretend,
symbol, clubs, agriculture, (sowing the seeds of love),
good luck, careful,
wedding,(White wedding),
should, would, will, will be
won't go, will not go,
wanna, gonna, gonna make, tryna find,

5AM Grey = more heroin (black bar white outline)
Anti-Christ heroin man = Blackjack, (the ace of spades), (shot caller), liar, yeah, um, no,
me, my, mine, my eyes,
alone, so alone,
it, it's, it's a shame
winter, last night,
nowhere, buried, underground, grave, closet, deep down, hole, so low, inside, south,
trunk, tree,
yellow, golden, hazel, brown, glow, faded, broken, disappeared,
feeling, peace, pain, warm within, burn, shame, lucky, insane
the way, turn,
thing, bad habit, shadow, time,
transportation, truck, train, horse, wheel,
drink, pull,
need, hunger, necessity, hopeless itch,
object, clock, gun, telephone, radio, hair, cannonball, pistol, bullet, horn, shotgun, bottle, cup of coffee, rounds,
iron, rusty nail, spoon,
can never go,
fight, hunt, hunter's pouch,
home, roof,
hit, crash, chase away,
rat, bat, wild, predator, wolf, beast, hound,
nature, sand,
hush, silence,
wild courage
remember, found,
papa, chosen one, father, husband, brother, keeper, guide, finder, ourselves, us,
catch, kill, die, dream, bite, take, race, (brothers in arms),
force, pressure, gravity, fire, squeeze, tight,
hand, hold, grip, (hold on tight)
game, symbols, star, V, 5, spades, 21, ?, bell, (hell's bells), bad sign, horns sign thumb in (1&4), thumb, number,
military, brawler, war,
fear, restless, sleepless,

6AM Black = (Black bar) all heroin
Devil, Dragula, Sandman, yeah-yeah, Lord above, mother nature
Devil heroin castle, (The Wall), hell, never never land,
green, black,
sunrise, afterglow,
softly clears
jealousy, greed,
More Metaphors:
cocaine: stone, Dutch, pink, letters, white, hills, sweet, sugar, northern, 9, uptown, highlands, new, west, fly, truth, smile, hard, touch, silver, paper, sheets, sail, urban, west, god, hope, ...
heroin: slip, strangle, slam, smack, dig, ditch, soft, velvet, sun, sunshine, Italian, country, man, downtown, southern, poison, 8, rural, shelter, east, dark, misery, dirt, luck, mud, frown, low, mule, madness, weak, lonely, gone, watch, strange, stranger, spread, nobody, nothing, bad, lies, trouble, ...
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2023.03.23 20:25 yankonapc Norman has a lousy trip

Norman and Lisa were on their way to Tesco to buy sandwiches, chatting about that morning's team meeting, when Norman's shoe caught on that broken paving stone near the post box.
Norman had nearly tripped over this bit of paving too many times to count over the years. He'd gotten wise to it, and normally adopted a funny sort of shuffle along this stretch, but the team meeting had been particularly lively today and he forgot. He was particularly engrossed in Lisa's description of just how much money the IT department had put in for this upcoming fiscal year to replace all of their office's PCs for the fifth time in ten years.
"Meanwhile the graphic design department, who actually Need the computing power, are still having to stoke the coal furnace to power their--Whoa! Norman!"
Norman was on his hands and knees on the pavement. After a moment, he let out a swear word so powerful the air took on a bluish tone. Lisa's ears briefly turned red, but her First Aid at Work training took over and she attempted to create a perimeter around her casualty by herself. It was a busy pedestrian area but luckily several other people had seen him go down and stopped a respectful distance away.
He rolled over, muttering and mincing oaths, and after a moment sat up. His khakis were already turning a bit red over his knee, but he was rubbing his shoulder. "Oof. That was not fun. This is not fun." he grumbled by way of reply when she advised him to stay seated until he was ready.
"Hey, let's head back to the building. I'll ask Charlie for an ice pack." Lisa said, definitively.
"Nah, let's continue over to Tesco," said Norman. "I'll buy a bag of frozen peas, or whatever ice-ruined vegetable is cheapest."
"What are you talking about? Frozen peas are the best!" retorted Lisa while Norman slowly made his way to his feet, wincing.
"No way. They're all wrinkly and dry and funny colours." Norman replied. He clocked Lisa's expression and quickly added, "at least the way my mum did them. I haven't had frozen peas since I left home."
"No insult meant to your mum, as I'm sure she worked hard, but she didn't do them right. In a glass dish with a lid, 30 seconds in the microwave, boom. Steamed to perfection."
Norman stopped rubbing his shoulder for a moment at the word 'microwave'.
"No kidding?"
Lisa made the Girl Guides salute. "On my honour."
"Well all right. Maybe I'll give peas a chance."
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2023.03.23 20:23 ThisIsSoooStupid 36 [m4f] GMT+5:30 / Anywhere - Do you exist? Does anyone?

I am looking for someone who's somewhat similar to me possibly for something that lasts a decent amount of time.
​This is some random basic info about me:
​• My sense of humour is silly (as is this post), dark and sarcastic. I am silly too. You'd have to be ok with me saying stupid silly stuff. I am one of those people who like to roast. I can use some roasting too. But know this, I'd never say things to hurt someone on purpose. It's sometimes difficult to gauge if someone is feeling hurt when you are texting, so please, know how to communicate what you are feeling so I won't make an ass out of myself.
​• I drink socially but in the company of a select few. My annual average is 10-20 times (40-60 drinks).
​• I seldom smoke; Only when I am drunk
​• I don't care for tattoos ( I am neutral towards them on other people), and I don't think I'll ever get one, too indecisive.
​• I am an Atheist
​• Nothing moves me more than music.
​• I am driven by logic. A bit too much. It’s getting exhausting.
​• I am politically a left social moderate. Which is just very slightly left to the dead centre of a political map. It means that I agree with some things that are left and some things that are on right. I support a mixed economy, I am not a conservative and believe in the separation of religion and state.
​What do I love?
• My fav movie is School of Rock, LOTR, Red, and the Bourne series are my fav movie franchises. I can watch the shittiest of Superhero movies and enjoy them. I didn't know Catwoman was that hated till I joined reddit.
​• I love reading but I am not into novels or books. I used to read a lot about history, philosophy and Science related stuff online. Now it's just tech and mostly youtube. So, maybe I don't. Damn!
​• I am mostly a Sci-fi and Sitcom fan. My fav TV shows are Doctor Who and FRIENDS.
​• I have an eclectic taste in music but I am primarily into Rock music. Classic rock and progressive rock are my fav sub-genres. Since the 2010s I've heavily been into Electropop/Synthpop revival.
​• I am a Dog person. I do love cats but if I ever get a pet then it'll be a dog. Probably a black Lab? Most likely I'll never have pets.
​• I used to be a casual gamer, been a while since I played a game.
​• I am very much into photography and loved carrying my DSLR with me as much as I could. At least I did in the pre-covid world. Would love to get started again someday
​Things I would want to do
• To move to another country, UK, Nordic, or Canada. Looks impossible with each passing day.
• To travel to different countries, witnessing their culture and authentic food first-hand.​
• To have a Game/Media room with a wall-sized projector, a badass PC to go along and a racing game controller fixed in the centre.
​• To own a small cottage on some secluded hilltop with a backyard observatory for capturing Stars and far away galaxies.
​Who am I?
​• Brown eyes, Black Hair, wear glasses, Indian and have been called Handsome by women that were not my mom.​
• I like to have that 5 o'clock shadow going but I do often shave it all up.
​• I am about 170 cm and weigh around 72 KG right now (I know that’s ‘fit’ weight for men usually, but it isn’t for me, I have a thinner frame, so there’s some room for improvement).​
• I am always trying to be a bit healthier and a better human in general.
​• I think I am a nice person, or I try to be one to the best of my capabilities.
​• I don’t curse others in anger because hurting someone with words is not worth feeling shit about yourself.
​• I am a geeky curious person. I’d rather be learning about things that help me in no way to forward my life than do something useful. It’s more of a curse.
​• I am so easily distracted that I probably have ADD. I can go overboard talking about something as well so if that happens, ask me
​• I murder animals for taste buds (not really, I haven’t killed anything but I do eat meat, mostly chicken)
• Someone who is open to criticism, and looking to learn and improve as we go.
​Who you are supposed to be?
​• Music means a lot to you as well, you’d be ok with attending most types of concerts as long as you have the right kind of company (me).​
• You’d rather travel for 15 days than get a new car.
• You are either an atheist or agnostic. You can be spiritual if you are otherwise awesome.
​• You’d love to try tasting some new food and understand that different cultures have different tastes in food.
​• You are not a vegetarian/vegan.
​• You love cooking, and love trying new recipes even more (So we can do that together)
​• You are a good human
• You'd also like to move to another country or already have or are from someplace that is much more liberal, socially and politically
​• You are not easily offended. Dark, sarcastic, and rude humour doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t care for you. And you understand that you can find something sad and yet see the humour in it.
​• You’ve read this boring ass post because you can’t believe that someone so similar and specific exists and is desperate enough to use R4R.
​• You agree that love for food and love for health can co-exist; and they often should.
​• You find 'attitude' as annoying of a descriptor for women as you do 'egoistic' for men.
​• You genuinely love talking about multitudes of things and can debate angrily about something and yet not hate the person that won’t agree with you.
​• You are driven by logic too and I’d be the stupid you do.
​• You are not in general addicted to anything.
​• Your idea of being drunk is to just get that buzz going, never to lose control. You’ve never been so drunk that you can’t recall what happened. (ok maybe once or twice is fine).
​• You understand that to build something that lasts for a long term we will have to tolerate each other's shortcomings while being able to communicate what and how we can improve, and not slam a door on someone's face the first time you notice something mildly weird about them.
​Obviously, not everything on that list is important, the most important aspects of that list are the ones related to music, food, and religion. Please direct your questions, pity, hate, and anger toward my inbox. I’d love to hear from you if you are even half of what I've rambled on about; because being logical is on the list.
TL;DR: Looking for a geeky non-religious music lover for friendship or more. please reply with at least a small intro and possibly explain why we'd get along!
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2023.03.23 19:51 maximusaemilius Empyrean Iris: 1-129: Keep them warm Part 3 (by Charlie Star)

FYI, this is a story COLLECTION. Lots of standalones technically. So, you can basically start to read at any chapter, no pre-read of the other chapters needed technically (other than maybe getting better descriptions of characters than: Adam Vir=human, Krill=antlike alien, Sunny=tall alien, Conn=telepathic alien). The numbers are (mostly) only for organization of posts and continuity.
OC Written by Charlie Stastarrfallknightrise,
Typed up and then posted here by me.
Proofreading and language check for some chapters by u/Finbar9800
Future Lore and fact check done by me.
Fun fact: there is actually a kind of plant which imitates the smell of corpses, to attract flies to eat them.
Previous First [Next](link)
He woke up flat on his back staring up at the ceiling. It was dark, but that was expected when you were living on a space station. Hand to his head, he sat up and rubbed his eyes, becoming aware of a now-familiar, but heavier, sensation tugging at the skin of his stomach and sides.
It had been almost a month since he had been stuck with the alien eggs, feeding off him for support, and in that time, he had grown a greater appreciation for women and pregnancy, not to say that what he was experiencing was in any way close, but it did have elements that were rather similar.
Testing had concluded a likely series of events, which had led to this strange ability by the Adaptids.
It appeared as if the original Adaptids had had the usual binary gender system that you see in many species, a male, and a female, and at that time, their eggs had been primarily parasitic until hatching.
It may have been, that, originally, they laid their eggs on other species, and a few of the eggs would survive. However, when they met the original version of the host gender, the situation had turned out to be mutually beneficial for both of them. The more mutually supportive, the more the hosts evolved to help the Adaptids. Eventually a line of DNA acquisition allowed the host to pass on its DNA through the parasitic eggs.
Over time, this ability had allowed the Adaptids to incorporate other species into their genetic code, successfully breeding in desired traits. They probably hadn't been a species that was originally intended for sentience, but their ability to adapt had changed things.
It was concluded that the use of a human for the Adaptids evolution was an inevitability and not an accident.
The queen had probably intended to do what she did the moment she saw them, it was in their nature to do so.
For him, the tradeoff wasn't so bad, he supposed. Granted he had what could best be described as an absolutely MASSIVE tic (or rather 6 of them…), but one that allowed him to eat whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.
And he’d be dammed if he wouldn’t enjoy that as much as he could.
As far as his newfound appreciation for pregnant women went, that came with his inability to sleep on his stomach, strange and sometimes unnerving cravings, random nausea, and, recently, an extreme sensitivity to smell, not to mention the almost compulsive need people felt to touch the eggs whenever they saw them.
The smell though, that was the worst thing.
Whatever this was, it wasn't simply a distaste for specific smells, but he swore on his life that he could smell things he shouldn't have been able to smell.
He stood up, stretched and walked over to the viewing window, pressing the button to open the shutters on his way past, bathed suddenly in the light of Jupiter's stormy red eye. He paused there looking out at the view. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and smiling to himself. Not many people get to live their dream, not many people become what they wanted to be as a kid.
He was incredibly lucky.
A knock at the door startled him from his musings.
Speaking of incredibly lucky...
"Come in!"
He called, wandering over to the side of the room to grab a glass of water.
The door hissed open, and Sunny stepped into the room, ducking under the short door frame before it hissed closed behind her. She glanced towards the window,
"Who the hell decided to give you the executive suite?”
He smirked,
”Pretty suite view, Isn't it?”
”Keep in mind you are not a dad yet…”
”Do I look like I care? I got six reasons to practice right here…”
*"Anyway, where do you want this?"
She wondered holding the breakfast trey before her.
"Uh... just set in on the side table there."
He said, stepping into the bathroom and closing the door with a sharp hiss.
Sunny heard the water turn on,
"Krill wants to see you this morning."
She called, a little louder so he could hear it.
"Doesn't surprise me."
The man called back, as he angrily tried to adjust the water temperature. He swore it only ever got lukewarm, especially of those mornings he just wanted to scald the first layer of his skin off.
When that wasn't enough, he turned off the water and got dressed, eventually returning to his room where Sunny sat over a large bowl of salad. Luckily, the Drev, as herbivores, were capable of eating certain types of earth food. It was a real monetary plus, as thousands of dollars were spent simply trying to keep the humans fed, much less their alien counterparts.
He sat down next to her and sniffed at the air,
"Pancakes, syrup butter, and orange juice."
She raised an eyebrow at him,
"Am I really that predictable?”
He shrugged,
"Well there are only so many breakfast options, but I could smell it."
She looked skeptical,
"You can smell orange juice?”
He sniffed at the air,
"You can't? It's pretty strong."
"Not a human, remember."
He gave a rueful smile,
"Whoops, sometimes I forget."
He pulled the lid off the top of the breakfast dish, and was hit in the face with a rather strong smell of breakfast. Luckily it wasn't unpleasant, but it was surprisingly overpowering, and he had to shake himself a few times to dissipate the smell,
"Wow, that's strong."
She eyed him again in confusion,
"The smell of pancakes is... Strong?"
"Even YOU should be able to smell it."
When she didn't, he finally let it go and ate his breakfast. It tasted pretty good, more flavorful than usual, but he supposed that was partially due to the strength of the smell.
While he was eating, Sunny leaned over and pulled up the side of his shirt to examine the eggs.
He let her. When other people did it, it was kind of annoying, but he was generally ok with Sunny doing what she wanted, they were friends enough for that.
"Do they... Look bigger or is it just me?”
He shook his head,
"Eggs don't grow, Sunny. They are a little bit heavier though, which is a bitch on my back."
Sunny grunted and sat back in her chair,
"Have you shown the admiral?”
He snorted,
"You should have seen the look on her face. I think I may have just given her nightmares for a few weeks."
The commander finished up his breakfast, and together he and Sunny stepped out of the room and made their way down the hall. It took them longer than they intended to reach their desired destination, as everyone and their dog had to stop and take a look. Despite the supposed "privacy" he was entitled to, based on medical procedure, his condition had spread around the station like wildfire. He was no longer "the commander" but the guy "with the eggs" or (erroneously) "The guy who hooked up with an alien spider.”
The amount of times he had to explain was starting to get a little old, but whatever. Those who didn't want to touch, wanted to ask a million questions, and vice versa. Occasionally there were those who fit into both camps.
As he was doing this, he began to notice something strange. Something less strange and more disgusting.
He sniffed at the air after one of the guys finally left to be on his way wrinkling his nose,
"That guy did NOT shower today."
Sunny glanced over at him,
"I thought some humans only showered every-other day?”
"Well, they SHOULD be doing it every day if you ask me…”
The more people they met, the more issues he began to have. Floods of aftershave, perfume and flowery deodorant. When they didn't smell like soap, they smelled like body odor, and when they didn't smell like that, they smelled like the last thing they had eaten. He rubbed at his temples as the headache began throbbing slowly at the back of his skull.
"Are you ok?"
Sunny wondered, they had finally made it down the hall and into the docking bay.
Stepping through the doors into the massive room, the commander was hit by an absolutely stifling wave of oil, grease, solvent, BO, and paint. He grew lightheaded and had to reach out and steady himself against Sunny's arm as they walked down the length of the room.
She glanced over at him nervously, but he only shook his head at her, covering his nose with one hand as they made their way across the deck and to their ship, docked at the other end.
The station was an absolutely massive piece of engineering, probably the size of a large city, and being added onto every day. While it wasn't likely to ever reach anything near the size of something like, say, the Death Star, it would still probably end up very large.
Their ship, the U.N.S.C. Harbinger looked almost tiny compared to the room that surrounded it.
Adam was relieved when they were finally inside, and the outside smells had all but dissipated.
Walking next to him, Sunny escorted him up to the medical bay, where Dr. Katie and Krill were already hard at work.
Stepping through the doors, Adam was suddenly assaulted by the pungent smell of disinfectant and isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). The smell was so strong that it made him momentarily lightheaded. He swayed on his feet hand to his head, and Sunny was forced to steady him.
"Adam, Adam, are you ok?”
The room spun around him as the smell intensified. He leaned heavily against Sunny as the room echoed, the headache intensified.
Voices rose and fell around him, and it seemed as if he tilted sideways in slow motion. Something stopped him from falling to the floor, and he vaguely recognized Sunny's armored arms holding him up.
"Get him to one of the beds."
Krill ordered.
"No... no, I think he said something about the smell."
Sunny protested, Dr. Katie interjected,
"Then let's get him into the other room,"
He momentarily blacked out here, but woke a few minutes later with the smell mostly absent and a pounding headache.
"Commander, commander are you ok?"
A light flashed from one eye to the other, and he tried to wave them off.
"I, I'm ok... Just got a bit dizzy there for a second."
"Your blood pressure is normal."
Commented Dr. Katie, Adam moaned:
"Yeah, but did you have to bleach the entire building this morning? I feel like my eyes are going to singe out of my head."
The two looked back and forth between each other and him,
"What do you mean Commander? It smells just like it normally does."
He shook his head,
"Guess again... Can we just to the exam here. I can't go back in there."
They were clearly worried, but they agreed to humor him, allowing him to lay back and rest his head. He could smell Dr. Katie's perfume. He would have said that it smelled like cinnamon except for the chemical aftertaste that it left lingering. Her breath was sharp with mint, but even under that he could tell she had a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast.
He decided against mentioning it, seeing as it might sound a bit creepy.
He tried focusing on something other than the smells, while the two of them took a look at the eggs, and where they had adhered to the skin.
"Nothing appears abnormal."
Krill commented,
"Skin color is fine…"
"Are you having any other strange symptoms?"
Dr. Katie wondered.
"Hungry... been craving for red meat... Probably protein or iron... And then there is the smell... Oh and I’ve been unusually cold lately."
Checking his temperature, they didn't find anything abnormal and drew some blood to make sure there weren't any problems hiding under the surface they just couldn't see.
As for the smell, that was only getting worse.
He had gone onto the bridge to finish off his work, and was bombarded on all sides by perfume aftershave toothpaste, deodorant, body odor and breakfast hours old.
His head throbbed. He stood,
"Alright, everyone get the hell out."
The crew turned to look at him with confusion.
"You heard what I said, get the hell out, and take a shower, all of you."
They looked between each other confused,
"I don't understand-"
"What part of go take a damned shower don't you understand?"
The crew stood, not entirely sure what was going on,
"Is everything ok commander?"
Someone asked, he groaned a bit,
"You all stink to high heaven."
It was to Sunny's amusement that almost the entire room turned to sniff at themselves discreetly, appearing puzzled.
"The perfume and aftershave and the lotion. It has to go. I have the biggest headache you wouldn't believe."
"You can smell my deodorant from here?"
One of the men wondered skeptically.
"Yeah, I can tell it stopped working about an hour ago."
That left the guy frowning as he turned to the other crew members,
"Vanilla, leather and musk, powder, strawberry, chlorine from the station pool, and you, you had onions in your breakfast.”
"You can't seriously smell that from here."
One of the crewmember pointed out.
"Let me break this down to you. I can smell EVERYTHING."
A few of the crew-members began to look a little nervous,
"Everything, sir? The lieutenant wondered."
He looked at her, expression a little softer, and a tad more suffering,
"Yes crewman... everything."
She exited the room rather judiciously, as did a few other members of the crew, still sniffing at themselves, less discreetly now than before,
"No perfume, no aftershave, only odorless deodorant, please."
When they were all gone, commander Vir slumped down in his seat with a groan and a shiver,
"Why does it always have to be so cold in here."
Sunny glanced at the internal ship readings on her console,
"Adam, it’s like 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius) in here, and may I remind you that you have specifically told everyone that if they touch the thermostat you are going to make them sleep next to the engine room?”
He spun in his seat rubbing his arms with the chill,
"Hmm, the engine room. Doesn't sound half bad.”
Sunny frowned,
"Adam, it’s like 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) just off the engine room.”
When the crew finally returned from their ministrations, they found the commander missing. Sunny, who had stepped out for a few moments, only to find the commander gone when she got back had no idea where he had gone.
He was finally located about three hours later, curled up on the floor of one of the auxiliary engine hallways. Heat directly around the core could reach dangerous levels, so he had chosen one of the outlying hallways. Even so, it was about 123 degrees Fahrenheit (49 Celsius), and dehydration had started to set in. He was eventually brought back to the medical bay where Krill acquired some heating blankets.
Over the next few weeks, his symptoms only got worse and even more strange. He was hungry all the time, and always cold. He was often seen seeking out warm areas to curl up and bask, like some sort of lizard.
Krill was forced to implement a makeshift heating room near the infirmary to avoid allowing him to wander off into more dangerous areas. His ability to smell at this time became uncanny and seemingly impossible for a human. He could smell the very chemicals used to make certain types of perfume. Usually, he knew what a person had for their last meal, and even the one before that. He even claimed to be able to smell hormone levels on the other humans, and, as far as they were concerned, he hadn't been wrong.
It became such an issue that he was practically forced into a smell-less sterile environment for his own health.
If that wasn't enough, he was practically taken out by the back pain, caused by the weight of the eggs, supported by the most unstable part of the spine, especially in men, who did not have the anatomical assistance in carrying weight on that part of their bodies, like women do.
It probably didn't help that every doctor aboard the ship wanted a look at him for scientific purposes.
As far as his personal life went, one of his brothers had caught wind of the situation, and he dared not guess what was going to happen when he called them up next. He could really only share these worries with Sunny seeing as she was the only creature on the ship, aside from Krill, who didn't carry any noticeable scent, unless you counted spinach and some fruit to be overpowering smells.
If Krill was right, the creatures were due to hatch almost any day now.
And no one was entirely sure what was going to come out when they did.
Previous First [Next](link)
Intro post by me
OC-whole collection
Patreon of the author
Thanks for reading! As you saw in the title, this is a cross posted story written by starrfallknightrise and I'll just upload some of it here for you guys, if you are interested and want to read ahead, the original story-collection can be found on tumblr or wattpad to read for free. (link above this text under "OC:..." ) It is the Empyrean Iris story collection by starfallknightrise. Also, if you want to know more about the story collection i made an intro post about it, so feel free to check that out to see what other great characters to look forward to! (Link also above this text). I have no affiliations to the author; just thought I’d share some of the great stories you might enjoy a lot!
Obviously, I have Charlie’s permission to post this and for the people already knowing the stories, or starting to read them: If you follow the link and check out the story you will see some differences. I made some small (non-artistic) changes, mainly correcting writing mistakes, pronoun correction and some small additional info here and there of things which were not thought of/forgotten or even were added/changed in later stories (like the “USS->UNSC” prefix of Stabby, Chalar=/->Sunny etc). As well as some "biggemajor" changes in descriptions and info’s for the same stringency/continuity reason. That can be explained by the story collection being, well a story collection at the start with many standalone-stories just starring the same people, but later on it gets more to a stringent storyline with backstories and throwbacks. (For example Adam Vir has some HEAVY scars over his body, following his bones, which were not really talked about up till half the collection, where it says it covers his whole body and you find out via backflash that he had them the whole time and how he got them, they just weren't mentioned before. However, I would think a doctor would at least see these scars before that, especially since he gets analyzed, treated and goes shirtless/in T-shirts in some stories). So TLDR: Writing and some descriptions are slightly changed, with full OK from the author, since he himself did not bother to correct these things before.
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2023.03.23 19:36 Wallet-bulge-404 DFW Centurion Lounge DP + recs

Went through the lounge last night, 7ish no line/ wait to get in. If you’ve ever had “arroz con pollo”, especially the Peruvian version, you’ll really enjoy the chicken currently being served. Terrible picture attached.
Also, if you like tumeric try the tequila-based cocktail being offered with a salty tumeric rimmed glass.
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2023.03.23 19:24 Ive_got_big_dreams I was here awhile back tapering and failed, went CT I’m over 24 hrs now

For the first time in my life, I quit kratom for more than 24 hours. I do have Gabapentin, but that’s the only thing I’ve taken so far. Oh, and I started a 14 day Nexium treatment a couple days ago because kratom has screwed up my guts so SO bad. The heartburn has given me pain in my left arm for months now. I was taking probiotics which helped, but it wasn’t enough to fight off the nasty side effects of this green disgusting shit. The heartburn is so bad.
I think the Gabapentin is helping a lot. I was able to fold some clothes and clean up the dishes and I’m not writhing in pain. Is this a miracle or a sick joke? I’m not sure. I feel like I should feel way, way worse.
The RLS is hiding underneath the Gabapentin. Every now and then I have to lay on my back and do the “bicycle” with my legs or do laps around the house, but I did get sleep last night.
I cannot believe I made it this far. I was on 30.5gpd, and a lot higher at times. I’ve been a full-time user since 2009. That’s FOURTEEN years. I should feel so awful and I’m actually okay. I feel like I have the flu and my body is super sore. I can’t eat much. I’ve got the poops but I’m not stuck on the toilet all day either. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and I managed some cantaloupe and a banana today. I’m going to try some chicken noodle soup shortly.
Anyone else get tricked after 24 hours?
I also sobbed like a baby today and I’ve been teary eyed all day because it feels like a veil has been lifted. I miss my kids and my husband so damn much. My husband works out of state 12 months of the year and I hate it. Kratom numbed be out from it and I just kept busy, but now? I can’t believe I let him take this job. What the fuck. I’m so regretful of some of my decisions while foggy from kratom. My heart is breaking.
Music is so much more intense. I still can’t believe I made it this far. I can’t believe it!
submitted by Ive_got_big_dreams to quittingkratom [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 18:55 docXfamas [H] RE4 remake and other leftover games from bundles [W] PayPal, TF2 keys



RE4 Remake - 25 TF2 keys (fixed price) - proof
MARCH 2023 games
Safe in Our World Charity Bundle 2023
FEBRUARY 2023 games
Survival Instinct Bundle
JANUARY 2023 games
DECEMBER 2022 Monthly Bundle Leftovers
Black Friday VR Voyager's Pack
NOVEMBER 2022 Monthly Bundle Leftovers


Biomutant - LATAM/RU/CIS/SEA/IN key Hero's Hour - TR key
Mainly looking for PayPal (accepting most of the currencies, fees may slightly differ)
MY REP Wishlist
TF2 keys/ Csgo keys
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2023.03.23 18:51 Pikapikabitxch AITA for not wanting to cook for others.

[1st time posting anything, English is 2nd language so please excuse any errors, TLDR at the end]
I’m(M25) currently living with 5 housemates who also happen to be my course mates (we go to the same University). We’ve been living together for a year now without problem except a few.
So, we often buy groceries for the “house” since we SHARE and what not. Initially we tried to cook a meal for everyone to share but each time without fail, someone would cook something else instead of eating what had been cooked. I took this personally since they would always asked me to cook a dish but ended up tasting it, took some in their plate and just completely look for something else to eat/cook resulting in leftovers and me finishing it alone. I myself was not a good cook but I usually make something simple but good.
Since then, I never cook up a meal for anyone, everyone would just fix themselves whatever they feel like eating for the day. Being lazy boys they would settle for eggs and anything frozen (chicken/nuggets/hotdogs) to eat with rice (we asian so rice all the way). Me on the other hand couldn’t take any of those frozen stuff anymore so i really learn to cook. I would buy extra stuff out of the “house groceries” like pasta sauce, pasta, vegetables, seasonings, fresh meat etc. Mind you we share the “house groceries” but i had to buy separate grocery.
I now have a decent experience cooking for myself where I can literally just throw anything together and it would taste good. Now Ben(one of the housemates) know about this, would hint at the smell of my cooking being delicious, sometimes would gives me order to “cook for two” while I’m cooking with groceries I bought for myself which sometimes infuriates me but i stay calm. I never entertain those request and would made up excuses out of spite. Am i the A hole???
[TLDR: I bought groceries out of my own pocket and housemate feel like he can just order me to cook something for him]
submitted by Pikapikabitxch to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 18:48 nehasatish Traveling from India

Hi reddit! It's my first time traveling to Thailand and instead of going with a travel agency we decided to plan an entirely trip ourselves for a group of 10! While we have a few planned activities, there are three families with kids so I'm mainly asking for suggestions on kids activities in Phuket/Pattaya/Bangkok. The kids ages vary from 2 to 10 so would appreciate any suggestions animal-related as that appeals to all age groups. Anything that shouldn't be missed?
PS: We are mostly vegetarians with a few people eating egg/chicken. Any suggestions on dishes that we can try that wouldn't have any non-vegetarian ingredients like fish sauce,etc?
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2023.03.23 18:47 Lady_Dalmatian AITA for telling my brother and dad to "man up"?

English isn't my first language so I apologise for any mistakes.
I (16F), brother (15M) and my dad (50M) have very different views in life. I am all about being fair and doing things equally while my brother and dad think that everyone except them has to do all the work. Also it is important to note that both of them have very big misogynistic takes about women such as all women have to do housework and they are to treat men like kings. In more recent years I have had constant arguments with them about all of this, especially when it comes to the work me and my mom do. Finally I should add that both of them have very big self image issues and don't take well comments of all sorts.
For context my mom is the only working person in the family while my dad had an early retirement due to health issues. Despite the fact that he is at home, he doesn't do any work. It is expect of me and my mom to do it, while my brother can just relax.
Recently almost everyone in my family ,except me, got really sick. My mom had it the worst. Despite that fact the men expected everything to be done for them from getting their meals cooked (homemade, not bought or frozen) to have someone clean up after them. I was there to help my mom but it was obvious that she was exhausted. So during dinner everything was going fine until the very end. The men left to sit on the couch and watch TV while me and my mom got stuck with the table and dishes. I was sick of this and just straight up told them that they should clean up this time. They laughted and told me that men shouldn't do the dishes. This is where I might be the asshole. I told them that they should man up and do the right thing for once in their lifes, that they are not stupid monkeys and know how to do the dishes. That just because it hurts their egos so much to do simple work and all the problems are caused by them not thinking with their heads.I continued to yell at them until I turned the TV off,took my father's glass of alchohol and took my mom to my room.
My dad's side of the family thinks that I was an asshole for the way I reacted to them not doing the dishes while my mom said that although she was gratefull for this, I had created a huge gap between me and men in the family.
So,Am I The Asshole for telling my brother and dad to "man up"?
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2023.03.23 18:21 melissaklouie Hakka Food In Markham: Tangra Villa

Hakka Food In Markham: Tangra Villa
If you like Hakka food, you should try this takeout Hakka restaurant in Markham. They offer a lunch special and is a popular option for high school students near by due to its good taste and value. My favourite dish here is their General Tao Chicken. I like to substitute the green peppers with broccoli because it holds so much more flavour. Give it a try and let me know what you think!
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2023.03.23 18:03 rMasterBuilder248 CB #4 - Sniper (Secondaries & Melees)

Its been 2 years since I began my Crazy Balance sets in this sub. I've come a long way since then and it reflects in my balance today. I hope you like what you see.
Welcome. Please give feedback to this post if something is wrong.
This time its a bit different than usual. Hope you like it!


Reason: The SMG is a reliable weapon for aggressive behavior or defense in close-combat. It however needs some few buffs to keep up with the times


1 clip size, ∞ max ammo
(+) doused enemies take Mini-Crit damage
(+) partially nullifies cloak of enemy Spies
(+) removes debuffs on ally and user
(+) fills recharge meter by 20% when removing debuffs on allies

(i) effect lasts for 10 sec.
(i) after use, it has to recharge (about 30 sec. or 4 kills) to be used again
(-) can be deflected by Pyros
(-) meter starts empty
(-) spawning and resupplying does not affect the meter

Reason: The Jarate is a strong tool, similar to the Mad Milk. It needed its spamability taken, so a longer recharge is a fine deal


(+) +25 max health points
(+) on kill with any weapon: gain a 25% damage resistance and Crit immunity for 5 sec.
(i) grants its abilities passively, does not need to be activated

Reason: The Razorback is flawed, as the concept of fully blocking an attack of one specific class is a stupid one. Now, with its new stats, I hope it can find a better role than before

Darwin's Danger Shield

(+) +25% faster reload speed
(+) on kill with any weapon: gain a 25% damage boost for 5 sec.
(i) grants its abilities passively, does not need to be activated

Reason: Same issue as the RB, but a bit worse. Now it can be its own theme and make Sniper more offensive

Cozy Camper

(+) grants 4-6 HP/sec. health regen
(+) on kill with any weapon: heal +25% HP
(+) on kill with any weapon: gain a 25% speed boost for 5 sec.
(i) grants its abilities passively, does not need to be activated

Reason: The Cozy Camper has something going for it, but the knockback features are not really needed. But now it can support much better. Well, it supports you better

Cleaner's Carbine

15 clip size, 100 max secondary ammo, Base: 8, Crit: 24 (10 rounds/sec.)
(i) charges a "Crikey" meter with damage dealt by the Cleaner's Carbine - takes 300 damage to fully charge meter
(i) at 100% charge, using it grants 10 sec. of:
(+) guaranteed Crits for all weapons

(+) Silent Killer: shots are much quieter
(+) +20% more accurate
(-) -50% lower damage ramp-up
(-) -40% smaller clip size

Reason: The Carbine is in the same position as the PBPP. It is outdone by the contents on a glass bottle. Now, by buffing its effects and giving it better downsides to work with, it can now deal the damage needed, but also dish out better damage than before


Base: 70, Crit: 210
(i) Alt-Fire: user is locked to his melee, but gains a 20% speed boost and a 30% damage buff for 6 sec. Has a cooldown of 15 sec.

Reason: Now, the Kukri is not a great as it was with random crits. Now, you can deal with enemies up close, but you are forced to only use melee.

Tribalman's Shiv

Base: 91, Crit: 273
(i) Alt-Fire: user is locked to his melee, but gains a 10% speed boost and a 15% damage buff for 6 sec. Has a cooldown of 15 sec.
(+) while deployed, the user builds up a damage resistance starting at 10% up to 40% in 6 sec. (5%/sec.), but leaves it again after 3 sec. when holstered
(i) resistance is lost when deploying the weapon again
(+) +30% more damage
(-) -75% slower switch speed
(-) -15% slower move speed when resistance is fully built up

Reason: The TS needed a role change. The bleed was just overdone at this point and Spy-checking was done better by other unlocks. Now, its for more aggressive, but also more defensive plays. Become a melee beast, but at the cost of being a slow one


Base: 56, Crit: 168
(i) Alt-Fire: user is locked to his melee, but gains a 10% speed boost and a 15% damage buff for 6 sec. Has a cooldown of 15 sec.
(+) Crits when it would normally Mini-Crit
(+) deals guaranteed Mini-Crits on the second consecutive hit
(-) user is Marked-For-Death while active and 3 sec. after holstering
(-) -50% slower deploy speed
(-) -20% less damage

Reason: The Bushwacka is crazy-strong, but only with the Jarate. Even after its nerf, it still needs one of its own , but also a way to get its Crits without the piss. Now its more of a risk to have out, but more worth it for slashing


Base: 53/88, Crit: 158/263
(i) Alt-Fire: user is locked to his melee, but gains a 10% speed boost and a 15% damage buff for 6 sec. Has a cooldown of 15 sec.
(i) while active:
(+) +25% more damage when under 50% max health
(+) +15% faster move speed when under 50% max health
(-) -25% less damage when at or above 50% max health
(-) -75% less health from Medics and Dispensers

Reason: This weapon can be good, but due to Snipers low mobility, it is more a burden than a side grade. By giving it the mobility it needs, it makes the risk much more worth it
submitted by rMasterBuilder248 to TF2WeaponIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 17:47 GoogleBobP Asian cooking techniques

In this recipe, it's all done with water. I'm not disagreeing with this, but my usual technique for dishes like this is to wok them, like so;
  1. Put some ginger & peppers in oil in the wok, and heat until they're smoking.
  2. cook the proteins first. Dump them out, leaving as much oil in the wok as possible
  3. cook the veggies, woodiest first. Dump them out, too.
  4. put in the cooked noodles (or dried rice, for fried rice)
  5. dump the proteins & veggies back in, and add the sauce. Stir it all together.
  6. turn the heat down to low, and let it blend for a few minutes
Now, I'm not claiming this is superior! I'd just like to hear what I'm missing by doing it this way instead of what the recipe says.
submitted by GoogleBobP to seriouseats [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 17:24 LisaHouseofTreasures Anchor Hocking Miss America Clear Depression Glass 4 Part Divided Dish 8.75"

Anchor Hocking Miss America Clear Depression Glass 4 Part Divided Dish 8.75 submitted by LisaHouseofTreasures to u/LisaHouseofTreasures [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 17:02 stupidevilplan What's the best way to slowcook chicken for 18 hours?

I am looking for suggestions for a chicken main dish that can be in the crock pot for 18 hours, without intervention eg adjusting the temperature down to warm or adding ingredients later. No additional cooking method, eg broiling or baking, is available.
Any ideas?
White or dark, whole or pieces, boneless or bone in, doesn't matter. Can add root vegetables, herbs and spices, but no gluten, rice or legumes. Size is 7 qt.
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2023.03.23 16:59 ArokLazarus Date night dinner ideas!

Hi all,
A while back I made coupons for my wife that she could redeem for me to make special dinners based on themes, foods, etc. She just redeemed the last coupon which is a 4 course meal of my choosing.
Problem is, I can't think of what to make at all! I try to make it all as authentic and homemade as possible. In the past I've made a southern comfort themed such as chicken pot pie and cobbler. I've done Korean with Chikin and Japchae. Swordfish steak with a sidecar cocktail, and others I can't remember.
Edit: So many awesome suggestions. Thanks everyone! I will be looking through all of these and seeing what I can do. Wow, the options keep growing and growing! I'll have to make notes of these for all kinds of future dishes to make. Thanks so much everyone!
I want this to be good so looking for themes, suggestions, anything really! The 4 course meal for this would ideally be appetizer, entree, side dish, and dessert. A drink pairing doesn't hurt either!
submitted by ArokLazarus to Cooking [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 15:53 CreamyDelight688007 Tips for Baking in a Gas Oven vs. an Electric Oven

Are you a baking enthusiast who's struggling to get the perfect bake in your gas or electric oven? Look no further! Here are some helpful tips for baking in both types of ovens:
  1. Understand the Differences: Gas ovens and electric ovens work differently. Gas ovens heat up faster and provide more moisture, which is ideal for baking bread and pastries. Electric ovens, on the other hand, have more consistent heat and are better suited for delicate desserts like cakes and cookies.
  2. Preheat your Oven: Whether you're using a gas or electric oven, preheating is crucial. Set your oven to the required temperature and wait for it to heat up completely before placing your baked goods inside. This ensures even cooking and perfect results every time.
  3. Invest in an Oven Thermometer: Oven temperatures can vary, even in the most expensive models. Invest in a good quality oven thermometer to ensure accurate temperature readings and perfect baking every time.
  4. Know Your Oven Hotspots: Every oven has its hotspots, areas where heat is more concentrated than others. Get to know your oven by placing a few slices of bread on a baking sheet and baking them. The darker areas on the bread will show you where your oven's hotspots are.
  5. Adjust Baking Times: Gas ovens may require less baking time compared to electric ovens. Keep a close eye on your baked goods and adjust the baking time accordingly.
  6. Use Appropriate Cookware: The type of cookware you use also affects the baking process. Glass and ceramic dishes are better suited for electric ovens, while metal pans are better for gas ovens.
Baking in a gas or electric oven can be a little tricky, but with these tips, you're sure to get perfect results every time. Happy baking!
submitted by CreamyDelight688007 to u/CreamyDelight688007 [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 15:27 MelasD Amelia: The Level Zero Hero Chapter 83 (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)


Ten years ago, Amelia woke up alone and lost in a broken world where she had to fight for her survival.
Now, after reaching the pinnacle of power, defeating the Void itself, and escaping the abyss, she has finally found her way back into the real world. But instead of finding herself on Earth, she is in the land of Vacuos. A fantasy world with magic, monsters, Classes, and Levels. A world that is governed by a System like it were a video game.
And when rewarded with a Class befitting her accomplishments— to become a powerful [Hero] that will forever dedicate her life to protecting this world that is not her own— she only has one response.
“Absolutely not. I’m going to live a normal life now, thank you very much.”
After all, who needs a Class when you're already the strongest anyways?
Read Chapter 1 Here
Noele had wondered how Amelia’s new restaurant would go. While the blonde girl wished her mentor all the success in the world, she couldn’t help but… pace her expectations. She didn’t think this food venture would go well at all, especially considering how it had turned out back in Windrip.
Sure, there were a variety of factors that had resulted in the food stall’s failure. For example… that period was when Jax the Forsaken Archer showed up for the very first time. And he had constantly pestered Amelia when she was just trying to sell her burgers. So that ended up scaring away a lot of potential customers before the food stall could even get traction.
But that wasn’t the main factor as to why Amelia’s food stall didn’t find success in Windrip. It was a simple reason, really. And it was because she was already famous by the time she tried to sell her burgers.
Well… ‘famous’ was a strong word, but plenty of people in Windrip already knew of her as an adventurer. So they knew she wasn’t a [Cook] or a [Chef] or anything of the like. And those who were previously unaware of her status as an adventurer were quickly informed that she didn’t have a cooking-related Class by… her.
It was self-sabotage, on her part. By the time Amelia realized that, it was already too late. Her burgers failed to gain any traction, and she grew bored of her food stall.
Honestly, Noele was pretty sure Amelia wasn’t going to get any customers for her restaurant in Wolfwater either. So it was probably going to suffer the same fate as the food stall.
“What do you think, Xakor?” the Noble Spellsword asked, turning to face the [Chef].
They were right at the edge of Wolfwater. The sun was starting to set, and they’d soon arrive at the restaurant. Garron trailed after them, biting his lower lip as he rubbed his dented breastplate.
Xakor raised his head, his cloak still masking his face. “Xrr… what do I think about what exactly?”
“Amelia’s restaurant,” Noele clarified. “I know you’ve invested quite a bit into it— but do you actually think it’ll do well?”
“I invested a negligible sum for someone such as myself,” the alien said as he shook his head. He rubbed one of his four hands on his chin. “However… I am certain it will do just fine.”
“Are you sure about that?” She stared dubiously at him.
“I am certain,” he chuckled. “I have heard about that… incident in Windrip. While it was unfortunate, there was nothing Amelia could do about it— she didn’t quite have the reputation needed to sell a completely unknown food in such a large city. Especially since she was known to be an adventurer. But here, in Wolfwater, with my name behind her… I believe this endeavor will be a great success.”
Xakor made a convincing argument. But, somehow, with Amelia’s penchant for screwing up the most basic of tasks, Noele still… doubted him.
And the blonde girl was promptly proven wrong when she arrived at the restaurant. When she pushed the door open, she was greeted by the babble of voices. There wasn’t a massive crowd, but there were nearly a dozen people gathered inside, sitting and dining as a man rushed around the room, which was a lot more than Noele had expected.
“...what?” She just blinked.
Bucky immediately perked up when she spotted Xakor, clucking loudly as she stood up on the bar counter.
“Bawk bawk bawk!”
“Oh, they’re back?” a voice came from the kitchen. Amelia swept out of a back room, carrying a pair of steaming dishes. She set the food down before walking up to the three figures standing by the doorway. “Sup, welcome to Bucky’s Out of this World Restaurant. What do you guys think?”
The brown-haired woman smirked as she faced both Noele and Garron. The Steel Tank, for one, wore an impressed look on his face. He swept his gaze over the room before nodding at Amelia.
“You’ve attracted quite the crowd, huh? For a non-[Chef], I am very impressed, Amelia.”
“Thanks. It’s mostly thanks to leveraging Xakor’s name to advertise the restaurant.” Amelia turned to Xakor, gesturing at the small crowd. “Sorry, I know you were out for a few days, but I kinda had to use something to get them here.”
It had taken Noele, Garron, and Xakor three days in total to track down the kretus boar. None of them had any tracking Skills, so it took them a lot longer than it would have taken… say, a [Hunter]. But considering that they didn’t know where the monster was hiding, especially since its home had been burnt down by the raging wildfires, they tracked it down quite quickly, putting it down before it could destroy any of the nearby villages.
The Patron of the Culinary Sciences just waved a hand dismissively. “Xrr, do not worry about it. It does not hurt to garner some early interest before our grand opening, anyway.”
“Yeah… I got a little bit ahead of myself.” Amelia shook her head. “But I’m sure things will work out just fine. You got what you needed, right?”
He gestured at his Bag of Holding“I do. It took us a bit longer than I anticipated, but the kretus boar meat should—”
The two of them broke into a soft discussion as the nearby customers just looked on. Xakor was still cloaked by his enchanted hood, so his face was hidden by a dark shadow, but his tall figure must have clued the onlookers into his identity.
“Is that him?”
“Angel’s breath, I can’t believe Xakor the Patron of the Culinary Sciences is seriously here in Wolfwater.”
“Should we approach him?”
“Don’t be an idiot! He’ll kick us out of the restaurant if we do that—”
Noele glanced at the whispering customers, before looking back at both Xakor and Amelia. The blonde girl paused when she realized the two had stopped talking. Now, her mentor was just looking at her expectantly.
“So?” Amelia said, raising a brow. “You haven’t said anything, Noele.”
“You… actually have customers,” Noele replied slowly.
“Yeah, pretty impressive, right? I guess my cooking is pretty good after all.” The brown-haired woman grinned. “Well, it’s also partially thanks to Harlan’s help. He’s been running around advertising for us non-stop too.”
Noele was still reeling from the fact that the restaurant wasn’t completely empty. But she eventually broke out of her stupor after a moment.
“Wait, who’s Harlan?” she asked.
“Him.” Amelia gestured towards the man rushing back to the counter to serve the steaming dishes she had left behind. “He’s my first employee. He does whatever I tell him to do. He also lives here now.”
The blonde girl blinked a few times. “Why do you… how did you get an employee?”
“Shit happens.” Amelia just shrugged. “Anyways, we’re closing soon, so I gotta get back to cooking. I still have a few more customers to serve. I can whip something for you guys too after that if you’re still here.”
She drew back as Xakor followed. They returned to the kitchen, and both Garron and Noele exchanged a glance. The blonde girl was at a complete loss for words. She slowly started towards one of the nearby tables, before plopping down onto a seat.
“What’s wrong, Noele?” Garron asked, sitting across from her.
“I just— I just can’t believe it,” she said as she rubbed her temples. “This is the first time I’ve seen Amelia do anything that’s not related to killing things… well.”
“Hasn’t she been working at your father’s farm for a few weeks now?” The Steel Tank furrowed his brows.
“Amelia burned down the field, Garron. And then she raked away the ash— the ash. It’s literally a fertilizer.” Noele gesticulated vaguely back towards her farm.
Garron frowned. “Oh. That is certainly true… but I feel like you are still giving your mentor too little credit.”
Noele pursed her lips. “I guess I’m just surprised? I mean— I know that Amelia’s cooking is pretty good. But she doesn’t have a Class, and you know how overly-reliant everyone is on the World System, right?”
“What do you mean by that?” he asked, narrowing his eyes.
“It’s like the World System makes you… the World System…” the blonde girl trailed off.
Garron blinked. “What were you saying?”
“Huh? What?” Noele sat back up, glancing around. She pinched the bridge of her nose as her vision blurred for a moment, before clearing up. “Right— I was talking about how Amelia’s not a [Chef]. So I’m surprised that people are actually giving her food a chance.”
“That is true,” the burly man said, leaning back on his chair. “But with Xakor’s name behind the restaurant, I’m sure that most people would at least give her cooking a try.”
“That’s true, but—” Noele opened her mouth, then paused. She hesitated as she closed her eyes. Her head ached as the world briefly spun around her. “W-wait, what were we talking about before this?”
“About Amelia burning down part of your father’s farm?”
“N-no, after that…” The blonde girl gritted her teeth.
Garron peered at her curiously, but she ignored his gaze. She tried to remember. This didn’t feel right. But was it right? What had she been saying before this line of thought? They had been talking about something… something…
And Bucky clucked loudly in the background. “Bawk bawk bawk!”
“What’s going on?” Garron got to his feet, tensing.
The small crowd of customers turned to face the kitchen as Noele blinked. The blonde girl raised her head as her headache instantly dissipated. And she looked on as Bucky clucked at a man approaching the kitchen.
One of the customers had left his seat and was trying to edge past the chicken. He gritted his teeth as she wouldn’t let him through.
“You damn chicken!” the man yelled, kicking Bucky. “Let me through—”
Garron took a step forward, his brows snapped together. “Oi, don’t—”
But Bucky just leapt over the attack, landing her own kick on the man’s chest. The man grunted as he was sent flying across the room, before sliding to a stop just before Harlan. Noele stared, and Garron paused.
Harlan blinked a few times as the man groaned at his feet.
“What’s going on?” Amelia asked as she emerged from the kitchen.
“Your damn chicken attacked me for no reason!” the man said as he stumbled to get back up. “I’m going to lodge a complaint to Xakor— where is he?”
She narrowed her eyes, looking at Bucky, then at the man. Her gaze swept past the both of them as she faced Harlan. “Is that true? Did Bucky attack this man for no reason?”
“Uh, Bucky did attack him, but that was only because he kept trying to push his way into the kitchen to see Xakor, even after I tried to stop him.” Harlan scratched the back of his head as he replied.
The man cursed, glaring back at the server. “Why is there even an animal in a fuckin’ restaurant? It should be thrown into a stove and cooked up for what it did!”
Amelia just crossed her arms. “I’m going to ignore that you just said that, and give you only one warning— fuck off.”
That sent a chill down Noele’s spine. The blonde girl shifted back, but she was the only one who even reacted to Amelia’s words. The rest of the room just watched, whispering and pointing. The man strode forward with a glare plastered across his face.
“What did you say to—” he started.
And Amelia flicked a finger at his forehead. “I said: fuck off.”
The man blinked, then was sent flying straight out of the restaurant. He smashed through the door, crashing into a field hundreds of feet away from Wolfwater. Noele winced as everyone else just stared in shock. Even Garron and Harlan just looked on in complete awe at what had happened.
Amelia shook her head, picking up Bucky, before taking a step back. “New rule: nobody messes with the chicken. Got it?”
Everyone quickly nodded in response. And Bucky clucked.
“Bawk bawk bawk!”

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