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Explain It Like I'm 5, but for individuals who believe acronyms should always include nominative case pronouns.

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2023.03.01 01:48 NoRecommendation5323 How to help someone and handle my feelings?

Hi, I'm 22, four years ago I met a guy, since I saw him i though that he was so good looking, and we had a semester on my university together, at that time I was dating someone, and he was dating someone too, but somehow he find out the way to tell me that he was having feelings for me and to be honest I was having feelings too (those feelings were really deep) but then I began a relation and he quit the university, and we just never saw each other again, to be honest he was always in my mind, that kind of guy that you can't forget, even though we just kiss once. I'm single, one thing let to another and about four months ago we began to talk throw instagram but he ghost me, about two weeks ago we began to talk again, a lot, every day, and yesterday we saw each other, he told me that he's been struggling with depression and a month ago he was admitted to a mental health clinic because he attempted suicide, now he lives his day to day life on medication after leaving the clinic, also his mom has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, he is taking care of her. when we saw each other I felt the same again, we kissed, a lot, he was super nervous, but during the whole date we were hugging, we walked hand in hand, we looked like teenagers who could not stop being on top of each other, my past relationship was very difficult I suffered a lot, in a year I have date some people but i haven't felt what I felt yesterday, l'm super nervous l'm scare of what I feel, I can't stop thinking about him, I can't stop texting him, but he has too much going on in his life and he told me that he needed someone who can talk to, because he was feeling lonely and I don't know how to control my feelings so I don't get hurt and be able to help him.
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2023.02.28 23:36 RedRidingBear Gift Exchange/Gift Shop Open!

Hello! I run a gift shop/exchange on my island! Today we have loads of items.I've dropped over 200 so far.
Highlights include: Multiple Large Robots, Thrones, Science and Spaceship things, Furniture, Musical Instruments, Fossils, DIYs, Rugs, Walls, Flooring, Gold Tools, etc. Really a mish-mash of everything you could think of.
Cover Fee: 1 Medicine or fish bait AND 5 items to donate to the gift shop. (Do not leave: cardboard boxes, holey socks, weeds, or any other practically useless items). The items should be things that other people will enjoy getting.These items will be recycled into the gift shop's stock and used either later tonight or in future openings.I will give the code out to four players at a time so we don’t crash the island.
Send me a chat DM for a dodo code, start time, and rules; if you choose not to read and follow the rules, I will block you and remove you from the island. I will not be responding to messages on the thread.
The island is open until I mark this with a closed flair!
See you all soon!
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2023.02.28 22:49 Snoo-51080 question about amcas

Hello! I am a clinical research coordinator who started during the pandemic, and my job has never gone back to in-person. The doctors exclusively see patients over zoom (with a rare exception). Due to this, I work and connect with patients over zoom and telephone. I know these exact interactions would count towards a clinical experience in the AMCAS if they were in-person. However, I don't know if I can count them as clinical now. I really, really want to but I'm nervous it will look like stretching. It is as clinical as the job can be given how the division my research is housed in is handling the pandemic. Help!!
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2023.02.28 22:37 reckless_racoon23 Am I delusional, or was he cheating?

I (20W) am confused unknown to what to believe as it's just a messy situation and a shot to my heart. Post-breakup, people around me are divided thinking it was cheating/partial cheating / innocent mistake, and now I can't think straight, and it's just messing up EVERYTHING in my life knowing I could be wrong, or it could just be me overthinking when the obvious is right in front of me.

I used to date this one guy (23M) in the first semester of my college and immediately i knew he was a red flag as he "assumed" that I was a materialistic bimbo like his "other" ex, WHICH INDEED IS 'TF' MOVEMENT. The first time we started talking, he tried buying my adoration for him by money and rightfully so, I rejected our mutual idea of going on a date. No regrets to this situation, tho. The second time we met was in this student's club where we met in person for the first time, and we started talking again. I kinda dug the past weird encounter under the sand as things were going great ever since we met in person. The first week was great, the second week we confessed our love and the third week is when we decided our future together and i know it's weird for a bunch of 20 something YO to decide their future so quickly but you have gotta believe me when i say the sparks were real. It was the first time I felt heard and loved, and I love was reciprocated and I felt happy... it felt like an accomplishment for sure. Cute notes to sneaky meet to rushed kiss in the dark to being ultra private about everything. it was the perfect whirlwind romance with an overdose of adrenaline rush.

The problem in paradise begins when one of our mutual friends, let's call her "Caroline" was somehow 'accidentally' bumping into him everywhere (do not judge her so quickly, she is a sweet soul). The club is where he met me and her as well as and i was fine with it. it's ok, isn't it? like i mean u can't be a protective overbearing weirdo who controls your man's friend group, right?

He met her a couple of times, at least that's what he told me and i didn't mind, but this one fine Sunday when I particularly remember him, saying that he was going to go to the library to study. i got the offer to tag along but i was too lazy to get my ass up from the bed, and he was ok with it. All this time he told me he was alone. i went out to grab some lunch and i bump into Caroline, and we get to talking. The conversation somehow landed on him. The point isn't to let you know about how the conversation was or how the meal was but to let you guys know that he called her over to the library so that they can 'study'... during this time, him and i were new to this and thought to keep everything low-key so that we won't have eyes on us and people judging. Nobody knew of us and i can't blame it cuz i initiated the idea to keep it so, but imagine telling others that 'you never see yourself in a committed relationship and casual relationships are the real best shit to exist. This line was hit up when Caroline told him how she was single and looking for something casual as she is too busy focusing on her career. As the innocent, naive girl I was, I decided to let it go as there were no evidence and the she could just make shit up to get reactions, you never know.

The second incident is where i was pissed, and he started telling me that it was nothing more than a friendly interaction and i had no choice but to accept it. Every day this guy used to ask her out to go to this local pub to get some drinks, she would always be uncomfortable and reject his polite offers to go to the pub with him OR TO THE LIBRARY OR SEE HIM IN HIS NEW FANCY OUTFIT WHICH HE JUST BOUGHT WHICH SOMEHOW ACCIDENTALLY MATCHED WITH WHAT OUTFITS SHE WOULD LOVE ON GUYS. well, uk the simple stuff in life. As obvious as it seems, i wasn't aware of it, and i was too busy handling my problems to care about anything. i trusted him, i thought it was a simple friendship and it was innocent. Do u know those weird gut feelings that tell you that something is wrong in the dynamics and i how it feels off for no particular reason, well i learned to trust it.

We broke up after few months cuz of some personal reasons. i couldn't take some shit he was giving me, and it felt like he was clearly not over his ex. now that my pals look back upon everything and how he went out with a girl days after we broke up, it just doesn't sit well with me. How am i supposed to believe that i was the only one in his mind when things like these always happened and the examples i wrote are just few of what happened? i can't make the list as it might tend to infinity. Was this cheating? i clearly have feelings for him and its not easy to leave as he always finds his way back to me through some things swearing that i was the only one when he has said countless amount of times to everyone that he would never do serious relationships and would stick to casuals forever.

I can't think straight, maybe he was just lying to people so that my low-key dating plan would last forever, or he was just fucking around. Too persistent to accept the fact that shit like this happened, and it might be his fault too. Now I'm confused, he swore that he never talks to her and he most likely avoid interactions with her as it may seem like she was into him. Once, Caroline and i sat down to talk about everything, and she showed me all the texts which always had the same dynamics, him being flirty and her avoiding everything. They texted every day and this guy would randomly invite her to places to introduce her to his friends or to lakes sides or libraries and cafeterias or to that infamous pub bar downtown....

TL;DR : Its too much to take in and he is too firm with his answer that nothing he did was cheating. I decide to move on but there is that pit in my stomach that just keeps questioning his motives
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2023.02.28 20:52 AI0 tresser performed action `editflair`

Target User: u/itzpiiz
URL: /Twittecomments/11ehv89/i_was_permabanned_from_twitter_over_a_year_ago/
Title: I was perma-banned from Twitter over a year ago because lyrics I posted were flagged as a death threat, any options?
I've never been a big twitter user but it's nice for some niche things. A year and a bit ago I got into an immature argument with a rap artist, and made a silly mistake of posting lyrics (in quotations) that were reported as a death threat, and I've been permanently banned. Attempts to make new accounts are banned as soon as they are made.
In specific, the lyics said "I'll hang your fathers sister just to be upping the ante, casino roullette//I know you think you're something but you're nothing, that's the placebo effect"
I attempted to make 3 appeals to this ban that were rejected, seemingly without being looked at. In the last attempt I even included the audio recording the lyrics came from that was 5 years old and explained the double entendre but received the same generic "we've reviewed the appeal but get fucked" response.
Is there any other means of appealing this, or should I just let it go?
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2023.02.28 20:01 scannerofcrap Shylock Bones and the Marrowbone Confusion.

Now it was indisputable, The Queen was dead by the hand of Marrowbone, and for months now, Sherlock Bones and Dr Long Wishbone, the only corpses who could stop him, were absent. Some blamed a hack writer trying to focus on something useful, or the murder of shittynosleep 2, or a topical punchline having gone out of date and made worthless, ruining the entire storyline, but perhaps you are owed a true explanation, having waited so long
For you see, casual readers of the series and that of known ripoff artist Arthur Boneandtoil, The Sherlock Holmes novels are narrated in first person, as is by tradition a shittynosleep or shittynosleep2 tale, but yet the much maligned Sherlock Bones series takes place in third person for some stupid reason.
Now I must reveal that you are wrong. For all along the narrator has been none other than me, Shylock Bones, Sherlock's twin brother, prodigious peddler of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and servant of Professor Nomorearteries. I have acted as a faithful chronicler of his misdeeds only so you can see how hopelessly outplayed he was all along.
Why should you care, you ask? Good point.
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2023.02.28 19:09 nadsnickle Processing what I realized was abuse

tl;dr Witnessed abuse growing up, but because it was emotional and not directed at me (until now), I didn't realize.

Processing some trauma here. Did anyone else go through this? And what should I do from here. Sorry this is long. My parents, brother, and myself are all neurodivergent, for context. My dad is very obviously autistic and everyone knows/accepts this although not diagnosed. My mother undiagnosed autistic but diagnosed adhd, OCD, heavy alexythemia, crippling anxiety. I am diagnosed autistic. I was an only child until my brother was is 10 years younger than me was born. Diagnosed autistic, OCD, crippling anxiety as well.
I never related to anyone who was abused directly. Like when other parents straight up harm them, they in turn knew what being on the other end felt like and as ugly as that is, usually (hopefully) as they grew up was able to have empathy for others going through this same thing once they realized it was not normal.
My dad did take it out on my brother, and I can see the effects. Always seeking his approval, always reaching out to spend time with him, and all he did was make excuses and treat him like a burden.
But in my situation, my dad always fought, criticized, and had anger issues with my mom. My mom was also emotionally unavailable and never taught me life lessons, never punished, and had very little praise. She just made sure I was fed and had stuff to do basically but emotionally not there. He treated her like dirt all in front of me but never TO me. He was mean, but there was never name calling or anything physical. Growing up, I was bullied, so I knew that name calling was a horrible thing to do, so I equated being mean to calling people names and being physically violent. But yelling (which I personally know is mean), constant unnecessary criticism was perfectly fine since none of it was directed at me. I never knew what that felt like. In my autistic head, it was truthful things, so I thought they were just offended at the truth.
What I mean by criticism is the constant pointing out when someone is wrong. The pointing out bad habits/personality flaws, etc. For example, "You're always doing xx!" Which isn't a lie. But why point it out constantly? And being angry at the smallest inconveniences that others made with no remorse at all.
I realize I have been way too critical and judgemental of people as a result, specifically during times of frustration/what I now know are meltdowns. I never knew that it was so harmful.
Once I got older, he thought it was okay to do that to me now that I am an adult with my own family. He did it in front of my small children, and that was when it crossed the line. We have been no contact since. But it gave me that epiphany.
So now I'm left with the damage and having to teach myself more empathy. I hate this. I hate myself for hurting the people I love. I hate that he did this to me when he should have been a father who was emotionally there.
He actually apologized (very generally) on whatsapp months after I cut him out. He has never apologized like.. ever so I am suspicious. Like my mom could be making him do that. When I last left, he never got an explanation from me. And so I replied to his apology with an honest view of why I did what I did. Basically telling him that if he doesn't get help for his anger issues, then he cannot safely see his grandchildren. After that, he just ghosted me. It's been a good few months now since then.
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2023.02.28 19:05 imjayso777 pApA pApA : ) creepy pasta

i will never go back in that room ever again..... A long time ago when i was 10 years old my Grandad had a very bad sickness, and it was me my mom and sister looking out for him but i didnt really talk to him as much, and I was really sad and depressed he was sick , so one day on september 8th i sit in his room with my grandma and him, and my grandma and him are talking, so i go in the room where my sister and mom was, and were looking at old photos and funny videos with us and my grandad, and then were done looking at the photos so i go in my room, and thats when my grandma told me " hes gone " sobbing ,and i said wait ..... my grandad " yes " my grandma sad sadly and then i go to his room and all I see is his dead body just laying there and then i start sobbing and crying and my mom was trying to calm me down and after all of that...... a few months later, there were people missing in the woods near my neighbor hood, and the news put up a picture of a 8ft talll man that looked like my grandad but pale and he didn't have any eyes and it was blood coming down from his eye sockets, and then i look and i didn't really pay attention.... until the next day the internet cut off and my grandma is telling me to fix it, but the internet box is in my grandads room.... so i go back there and i fix it and its on, and then i get up and turn around and im face to face with the 8ft tall make that looks like my grandad " why do u look so afraid ? " he said, it didnt sound like my grandad at all, and thats when i try to run away and my " grandad " opens his mouth wide that u can see his sharp teeth and i keep on trying to run but i cant move and you can hear the dead victims inside my grandads mouth screaming " HELP US PLEASES OUR SOULS OUR TRAPPED" and my grandads eyes or eye sockets light up a very bright orange and then thats when i get a hold of my self and try to fight him but hes to strong, then he picks me up by my neck and looks at me in my eyes while there orange and says these numbers " 25 15 21 1 18 5 20 1 16 16 5 4 23 9 20 8 13 5 14 15 23 9 12 12 20 1 11 5 25 15 21 18 19 15 21 12 " and then i pass out and then im trapped in this world with just nothing, and then its just getting darker, and then all i can see is bright BIG orange eyes in the corner of that room and then i die. THE END
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2023.02.28 18:58 bootsandadog Some quick, cheap feeders and waterers

Some quick, cheap feeders and waterers
I posted about having to get rid of my rabbits a few weeks ago. I ended up getting rid of all of my adult rabbits and was trying to fatten the teens to a good butchering weight. I had to go out of town for a week, and had to scramble to make some DIY vacation feeders and waterers.
As you can see, they worked well. While there is more poop then I would usually have in the colony, the rabbits are fine and happy. And ready for butchering. There's roughly 15-ish rabbits left.
While none of these are really good of long term use, they show what can be done on a budget. A few tweaks would make them suitable for long term use.
I bought a self contained "3/4 water float valve". The design has the float encased in plastic. While harder to clean in the long run, it's easier to install in a small space. I tied it to a tile to prevent the float from tipping over and to allow the water level to be high enough. Covered the entire thing with a bucket with holes in the bottom and ran a 3/4 garden hose to a 50 gallon rain barrel. When I came back after a week, the rain barrel was still 1/2 full.
as you can see, the rabbits do foul up the water, so it has to be clean at least weekly, if not every other day. A better solution maybe finding a way to use a nipple instead of float.



This was a 50lb bag of rabbit food stuffed into an old waste basket with its bottom cut off. The bag of food is tied to the ceiling of the structure, and carefully kept off the ground enough for pellets to slide out freely. I put a metal tray at the bottom to help contain the pellets and to prevent the rabbits from scattering them into the poop. Finally, I had a bucket cut in half, I placed that at the bottom to act as a spacer for the feeder. Not really needed. I also originally had some plastic over the entire thing to prevent rain from ruining the pellets.
Don't mind the overflow of pellets in the picture. That happened when I bumped the feeder really hard and caused it to bounce.
Out of the 50 lbs, only 5 lbs was left when I got back.

Finally, I stuffed hay tightly into two storage bins i had laying around. They orginally were for the rabbits to nest in. I choose the bins because I didn't want the rabbits scattering and soiling all the hay immediately. If i was starting fresh, I would probably make the holes half as large, to discourage them from pulling out too much hay.
out of a whole bale, there was half left.

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2023.02.28 16:48 Elendel_Daily_Bot [brandonsanderson] Sanderson Weekly Update February 14, 2023

Brandon commented:

A few answers to questions in this thread:
It is the same binder for book two. Too late to change now, as they have the materials. But we have swapped for books 3 and 4.
What is happening? We are trying to get straight answers, as they had the material in December and promised to start then but we keep getting delays. We worry that they keep slipping projects in before ours for more high profile clients.
It might instead be that the foiling process is harder for them than they thought. It is endlessly frustrating, however, to keep being told one thing, then to have it not manifest.
Will try to keep you in the loop. For now, the March box is ready and will ship out on time.
The whole book industry is having troubles. I hear it is because printers moved during the pandemic to print boxes and packing material for shipping, as so many more internet orders were being made, and this proved more lucrative (or maybe just easier) than books. So the printers still doing books are swamped.
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2023.02.28 16:45 Dizzy_Smile3807 Do You Share Your Self Improvement Goals With Others Or Keep Them To Yourself?

Since I've started my self-improvement journey, I haven't really been sharing my goals or progress with other people. I've heard alot of conflicting things about doing this.
Some benefits include having a support system and people who are rooting for you. BUT it can potentially have some of drawbacks. I don't have the specific study but even just sharing the goal can give you a false sense of accomplishment that you actually achieved it. Additionally, people can sabotage you or instill doubt/fear in your mind. I've personally had this happen to me in the past which makes me hesitate to share my goals with the people in my life.
No one knows (minus Reddit) I'm not this journey except my mom that I briefly told and I am debating whether I want to share it with others.
I'm curious about where other people are at with how much they share about their goals, planning, progress or results?
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2023.02.28 16:14 Major_Pea3948 PRIME B450M-A II LED RGB 12V Aura Sync Strip Light connected not working

second strip i ordered that doesnt work. it should just light up when connected to its 4 pin socket?
anyway it was their crappy armoury crate software that blocked the led turning up. i tried on a different windows install to install their software because it wouldnt start on my windows.
I wish they could realize what a bs this solution is. it should be enable in bios and forget about it.
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2023.02.28 15:38 CaspianX2 River City: Knights of Justice for Nintendo 3DS - Review

River City: Knights of Justice

Genre: Arcade Brawler / Action-RPG
Players: 1
River City: Knights of Justice is an Arcade Brawler with Action-RPG elements released on Nintendo 3DS in 2017. This game reimagines the characters and gameplay of the Kunio-Kun series to take place in a medieval fantasy setting, with players taking the role of Kunio-Kun Alexander Valford as he… er… performs various tasks for the people in villages across the kingdom, and specifically tasks that involve beating up groups of enemies.
Yeah, story definitely isn’t one of this game’s strengths, though it does at least have a fun sense of humor and doesn’t seem to be taking itself seriously. One of the first quests you’ll do (repeatedly) is head to a town’s neighboring graveyard to beat the crap out of the zombies hanging out there. Oh, not because they’re zombies and not because they’re dangerous or attacking the villagers… no, you’ve been sent to pacify the zombies because they’re rowdy and causing too much noise.
The presentation in this game makes use of retro-style pixel art for the characters in simple 3D locales. These visuals are backed by repetitive, upbeat music that gets just a bit annoying. Overall, this game’s presentation is sub-par, though I suppose the retro-style characters may seem endearingly nostalgic to some players.
While the gameplay here is clearly based on the same Kunio-Kun style gameplay we’ve been seeing in the series since back in the days of River City Ransom, there have thankfully been a few changes made here to cater to the genre. Players can now outfit their characters with equipment bought in shops, and the confusing maps of River City Ransom have been replaced with a more simple overworld map. Also, it seems like the issues with hit detection I had in the previous Kunio-Kun game, River City: Tokyo Rumble have been resolved, making for much more satisfying gameplay.
That said, I do have some complaints. The actual Arcade Brawler gameplay here is simple and repetitive, and fights are often so insignificant that they’re over just a few seconds after starting, making one wonder why the game even bothers to toss them at you. Also, while players can buy weapons in the game’s shops, one wonders why they should even bother with this when it can easily get knocked from your hands in the first hit, and likewise you can easily just grab up the weapons of disarmed enemies in much the same way. Also, as noted above, the missions you’ll find yourself taking on are pretty simple and straightforward, without much variety - mostly a lot of “go here and fight these guys”. Finally, there’s no multiplayer in this game, something that’s often the cornerstone of the Arcade Brawler genre.
Despite the areas where it is lacking, River City: Knights of Justice still succeeds in taking the Kunio-Kun series into a medieval fantasy setting and highlighting the game’s RPG elements. Unfortunately, it’s still shallow as an RPG, and repetitive as an Arcade-style Brawler. Kunio-Kun fans may find this game worth playing, but both RPG fans and Arcade Brawler fans have better options.
tl;dr – River City: Knights of Justice is an Arcade Brawler with Action-RPG elements that reimagines the Kunio-Kun series in a medieval fantasy setting. This game succeeds in that core goal, but unfortunately, this makes for a shallow RPG and a repetitive Arcade Brawler. Series fans may find this game worthwhile, but everyone else has better options to choose from.

Grade: C

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2023.02.28 15:20 YaaayRadley13 Can eating habits change dramatically bw breastfeeding and bottle feeding?

MIL has been taking care of my 4.5 month old for about 2 weeks now, ever since I went back to work. Prior to this, he was pretty much EBF, but given 1 bottle a day. On that schedule, he usually eats every 2.5 hours, sometimes hitting 3, but rarely does he get hungry after just 2 hours. MIL has said that with her, he's getting hungry every 2 hours, and drinks a full 5 or 6 oz bottle every time. (Our 2.5 schedule is still working well on weekends with me though.)
Could his eating habits really be changing that drastically bw breastfeeding and bottle feeding, or is she possibly just overfeeding him? I may need to come up with a different long term solution because I'm having trouble keeping up with that type of demand pumping at work.
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2023.02.28 14:44 autotldr Biden sketching dire picture of GOP desire to cut spending

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)
WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden is aiming to use the leadup to the release of his proposed budget next week to sketch a dire picture of what could happen to U.S. health care if congressional Republicans had their way with federal spending.
The Democratic president is traveling to Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Tuesday to discuss potential GOP efforts to cut spending on health care, part of a broader presidential push this week to draw a strong contrast between his administration's priorities and those of Republicans.
In the absence of a specific GOP plan, Biden administration officials are sketching worst-case scenarios for what Republicans might do, based on past statements, including what the White House warns could be deep cuts to Medicaid, which covers roughly 84 million people and has grown by 20 million since January 2020, just before the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
ADVERTISEMENT. Administration officials also said potential cuts to the Obama-era Affordable Care Act could jeopardize coverage for more than 100 million people with preexisting medical conditions and imperil free preventative care and cut back prescription drug coverage.
With Democrats controlling the Senate and Biden in the White House, there is virtually no chance of major GOP health care legislation being enacted.
ADVERTISEMENT. Biden has said the debt limit should be raised without conditions because it reflects previous spending commitments while McCarthy is pushing for negotiations on the debt that would include spending cuts.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: cut#1 Biden#2 care#3 health#4 Republican#5
Post found in /politics and /what_couldve_been_if.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.02.28 14:37 1800CutAHoe Testosterone has saved my life but also has given me something new to be dysphoric about

Tw: Talking about anatomy down there.
Since starting T I've been experiencing vaginal atrophy which I was fully aware was probably gonna happen. With that its brought a lot of issues with my health down there and im frequently having infections. My health down there is just all out of wack rn. And its just making me feel so dysphoric over the fact that I even have to deal with this because I was born with a vagina and I hate it so much. If I had a dick having these levels of testosterone wouldn't have given me these problems. I would have been a perfectly healthy guy but here I am having to deal with this. I know there are a lot of trans guys proud of the fact that they are trans and they should feel that way and im happy for them but what I wouldn't give to be a cis man that doesn't have to deal with the issues that come with this kinda anatomy. Testosterone has alleviated so much dysphoria and I would never in a million years ever wanna stop but I just wanted to vent about this new issue. I already had bottom dysphoria but like dysphoria over vaginal health issues was not something I ever dealt with before. Btw im getting an appt with my doctor to solve this issue possibly gonna use that estrogen stuff down there so don't worry lol.
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2023.02.28 13:47 troitskiy_sj 📈Starting out on TikTok

Whether you are just starting out or have been on the platform for a while, there are some key things to keep in mind to build a successful TikTok influencer. These are easy to understand but hard to master key points:
  1. Find your niche: The first step to becoming a successful TikTok creator is finding your niche. This means finding a specific topic or theme that you want to create content around. It could be anything from beauty and fashion to comedy or cooking. By finding your niche, you can create content that is unique and stands out from the rest. For that you can use:
    1. Google Trends
    2. Snapchat trends
    3. TikTok Trends
  2. Consistency is key: Creating content on TikTok is a continuous process. It is important to consistently create content that aligns with your niche to grow your following. Posting at least once a day is a great way to keep your content fresh and keep your followers engaged. For this you can use any To-Do app + Your discipline =))
    1. Trello
    2. Todoist
    3. TikTik
    4. etc. there are like a loot of them.
  3. Use the right hashtags: Hashtags are important on TikTok, as they help your content get discovered by new audiences. Use relevant hashtags that are popular within your niche to ensure your content reaches the right people. It’s important to use a mix of popular and niche-specific hashtags to maximize your reach. For that you can use:
    1. https://tiktokhashtags.com/
    2. TikTok hashtags
    3. Research your buddies. Creators that make the same content. And try to copy theirs.
  4. Engage with your audience: Building a following on TikTok requires engagement with your audience. Reply to comments and create content that encourages conversation. This will help build a community around your content and increase engagement.
  5. Collaborate with other creators: Collaborating with other TikTok creators is a great way to grow your following and reach new audiences. Find other creators who create similar content or have a similar niche and create content together. This will not only help you gain more followers, but also help you learn from other creators and expand your own creativity.
  6. Stay up to date with trends: TikTok is all about staying up to date with the latest trends. Keep an eye on what’s trending within your niche and create content that aligns with those trends. This will help keep your content fresh and increase your chances of going viral.
  7. Be yourself: The most important aspect of creating content on TikTok is being authentic and true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not or create content that doesn’t align with your values. Your followers will appreciate authenticity and will continue to engage with your content if they feel connected to you.
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2023.02.28 13:41 amotloung I slept with my Celebrity Crush!!

I cannot believe this. It honestly feels like a dream.
The sexiest man alive (in my opinion). A man that many woman would kill for, came to my city just to see me and we ended up getting a bit too comfortable with each other. (I cannot confirm his name on here for privacy.)
I was just 15 years old, 5 years ago, pasting his pictures on my bedroom wall. I would close my eyes at night and create a world where I was his wife and we were living the best life together. I would get wet just looking at his sexy pictures on social media. I remember I had a note book where I made a long list of everything I wanted to achieve or do in this life and I remember writing down that I want to meet him. Just to meet him, even if he doesn’t remember me after, I just wanted to at least get to say Hi to him. And sometimes I would pray about informally.
Fast forward to 5 years later, I’m in university now and one random day I receive a follow request from an account with my celebrity crush’s name. At first I assume it is a fake account so I don’t really get excited. Yet when I click the request to check out the page, I soon realise that it is really him. I scream my lungs out and probably pressed “confirm” quicker that the speed of light.
A week later I sent him a “thank you for the follow, you inspire me” and to my surprise he replied back “it’s only a pleasure”
I scream my lungs out again.
We started talking more often in the dms and a few month later he made it down to my city and booked at a hotel where we got to not only meet but probably create my most memorable night of my life
Before he left, he looked me in the eyes and said “I like you a lot and I care about you. I want to see you again”
Ever since then I have lost my sanity. I don’t know what life is but what I do know is that the power of believing in something is where the real magic is at. I have truly discovered the meaning of faith.
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2023.02.28 13:14 ABoyle16 Rental Car Company claims to have only found one of my missing items despite them being right next to each other in the center console

Note that this is a VERY minor issue. Want to get in front of this from the jump, it is my fault for leaving these items in my rental car. With that being said, National rental car has a lost and found that I submitted a claim for. The two items I left behind were a pair of air pods and Ray-Bans sunglasses.
I get a call/email yesterday letting me know my claim had been completed and my item was found. When I went to start the process of getting it sent back to me, I noticed they only listed the Air Pods.
I beyond a shadow of a doubt know that both the headphones and sunglasses were sitting together in the center console. I’m in Indianapolis, and the car I rented is in San Diego. Is there anything I can do/say to put a little heat on National rental car to return both items, or should I start looking for new sunglasses?
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2023.02.28 13:11 fishonthesun Should I close my bank accounts and switch to Chime to get a hold on my finances?

TLDR; due to mental & physical health limitations, I have ~3.2k CC debt and my credit score consistently goes down. Will closing my 3 bank accounts and consolidating to Chime actually help me rebuild my credit, pay down debts, and actually build savings like their ads claim?
I'll try to give context as concisely as possible.
I have no savings. I had to spend the $1.6k I had invested to move out ASAP when my ex broke up with me.
I make $19 an hour, eventually this will be $20 an hour.
My rent is $937/month.
I've never had to pay for my own heating before- I'm still figuring out how to manage not freezing (I have a circulatory disorder so I don't want numb hands and feet in my apartment) and not paying more than I can afford. I'm on track for $110 this month and this will go down as it gets warmer. I live in MI so it's been very cold lately.
I have a second job that allows me to work on my own schedule. Due to endometriosis, narcolepsy, and coming out of a bipolar depressive episode, I have low energy and don't do this second job often. I barely bring in $100/week with it.
My health issues are being managed, and unless they flare up dramatically, my energy levels will improve and I'll be able to do my 2nd job more, and can expect to bring in ~$250/week with it.
So, all that being said, I have ~3.2k credit card debt, ~$20k student debt, and ~13.5k left on my car loan. Student loans and car loan payments I always make on time, but my credit card payment... I can barely afford minimum payments on it and many months I can't even afford that. My credit card debt goes up each month because it's maxed out and I have late fees. It's maxed out because I used to have a job paying $15/hour and I had to use my CC for EVERYTHING. Plus I had a bipolar manic episode and ~1k of my debt is from me overspending with the mindset of "it'll all work itself out." I've improved that mindset massively in therapy and most of the time can resist both impulse purchases and non-necessary, low-cost purchases.
I have 3 bank accounts and I feel like if I closed them and consolidated to 1, I'd be able to manage my money better. My big question is: will Chime actually help me recover my credit score and pay down my debts more easily? My credit score used to be 735 as a 23 y/o but now it's 666 due to missing CC payments. It causes me a lot of mental anguish, to be frank.
Anyways, thank you so so much to anyone who reads all of this!
P.S. I used to be very good at saving money, before my first bipolar manic episode. I'm very embarrassed by how my mental illness has affected my ability to care & provide for myself. Please be kind and understanding, I'm doing my 100% best to get a hold on things; I just think my efforts may be directed in the wrong ways and am looking for guidance on if I should redirect them in the stated way.
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2023.02.28 12:28 turnip_turd Meow meow

Hellooo normally I would use an app to vent to strangers but I’m using a forum today. Recently, since like the new year I’ve been feeling super depressed, yesterday I realized it’s starting to hurt physically? I don’t know if that’s crazy or what lol. I’m a junior in HS and I am very much struggling with figuring out what I want to do and who I want to be. I’ve been staying home from school a lot and I know I’m disappointing my family but it’s hard to go when it feels like no one cares for you there yk? My friend who graduated last school year tells me it will get better senior year but I’m just exhausted. My grades have dropped crazy compared to last year, and I don’t really have that many people in my life to convey this to.
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2023.02.28 11:55 b_tundrea F27, High (?) atpo , thyroid cyst

I’m coughing since a year now, falling sick easily, sweat a lot especially in my sleep, feel dizzy often and feeling cold even through summertime. My doctor sent me for a bloodtest, he asked for TSH, t4, and beside what my doctor requested i asked to check for Anti tpo also. All is well but anti tpo is 203. Went straight for ultrasound and doctor found 13+ cysts (?) all between 0,4-0,6 cm. I trying to get a consultation with an endocrinologist but couldn’t find one available before May, they are all full in my area. Pulmonologist started slight medication for asthma, I have to revisit after a month if coughing changes or my overall health improves. Can it happen that these lumps, even tho they are small it presses something ? Could that cause difficulty swallowing sometimes ? Or breathing difficulty ? Coughing ? Should I try to get a consultation before May or is it ok to wait with these results ? I am a bit worried and I am new in this field.. Sorry if what I asked is stupid, I just ask because I have no idea .
Thanks for any thoughts, any reply. Have a nice day!
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