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A subreddit dedicated to the various iterations of Dungeons & Dragons, from its First Edition roots to its One D&D future.

2016.06.02 06:30 MisterWrath Very Bad Wizards

"A growing community of cantankerous fucks." Very Bad Wizards is a podcast featuring a philosopher (Tamler Sommers) and a psychologist (David Pizarro), who share a love for ethics, pop culture, and cognitive science, and who have a marked inability to distinguish sacred from profane. Each podcast includes discussions of moral philosophy, recent work on moral psychology and neuroscience, and the overlap between the two.

2017.01.02 21:29 KuriousityKilledKat Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

A high-quality community for fans of the mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite made by Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go and Ingress Prime.

2023.03.21 12:59 Hungry_Light58 Timz Flower: Record and transcribe meetings app

Timz Flower: Record and transcribe meetings app
Timz Flower is an app that makes it easy to Record and Transcribe Meetings App. It is designed to help teams save time and money by providing an efficient way to capture, store, and share meeting notes. With Timz Flower, users can easily record their meetings, transcribe them into text format for later review, and share them with anyone on the team. Additionally, users can also access their recordings from any device or platform. With this app, teams can save time by not having to manually transcribe their recordings or take notes during meetings. Instead they can focus on what’s important – the conversation!


Timz Flower: Conference planner time zone

Timz Flower is a revolutionary Conference planner time zone tool that makes organizing events across multiple time zones easier and more efficient. It helps to quickly identify the best times for everyone to meet, no matter where they are located. It also provides detailed information on each participant's local time, so everyone can be sure that their meeting times are set correctly. With Timz Flower, event organizers can easily manage their events without worrying about time zone differences.
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2023.03.21 12:57 worldclassmathlete Android Security 101: How to Protect Your Device

Android Security 101: How to Protect Your Device
Android Security 101: How to Protect Your Device Navigating through the endless sea of sensationalized stories surrounding Android security is no easy feat. Still, it is crucial to acknowledge that many of these spine-chilling tales of malware invasions and brain-eating virtual monsters are just that - stories.
These stories cannot be called groundless either, as attackers come up with more and more sophisticated methods and find various vulnerabilities. However, a closer look reveals that a significant portion of these articles originates from companies whose profit depends on selling malware protection software for Android devices. What a coincidence, isn't it?
In reality, Google has implemented various sophisticated protection measures for Android users, ensuring that we can enjoy our gadgets without fear. As the wise old saying goes, "a little bit of common sense goes a long way." Combining Google's robust security features with some good old-fashioned caution may just be your key to a secure Android experience, safely steering clear of those digital boogeymen.
5 Smartphone Security Threats and How to Protect Against Them

1 Public WiFi

The availability of public WiFi in various locations certainly makes our lives more convenient, allowing us to stay connected on the go. However, this convenience comes at a cost, as cybercriminals take advantage of unsecured networks to compromise users' personal information. To ensure your safety, it is essential to utilize a VPN app for Android and data encryption when connecting to public WiFi hotspots. You need to install a VPN because in this case, no one can access the data you send over WiFi because all the data is encrypted. One of the best products of its kind is VeePN. It uses 256-bit encryption, which is hackable. More hints about using this VPN can be found at this link. Be careful of seemingly legitimate access points with generic names, as these could be a trap set up by attackers attempting to access your sensitive information.

2 Phishing

Phishing attacks have become an increasingly prevalent and dangerous security threat, with mobile devices becoming easy targets. No longer limited to just emails, phishing attacks can also be conducted through text messages, phone calls, social media platforms, and even deceptive ads or websites.
For instance, a would-be attacker may send out an email imitating those from banks or similar services, urging users to take urgent action, such as changing their password or providing sensitive data. While we may believe that we can readily distinguish real from fraudulent messages, the innovations and sophistication behind phishing attacks have only grown, making this distinction even more challenging. Additionally, the small screens of mobile devices further compound the problem by making it more difficult for us to verify the authenticity of URLs or email addresses, enabling criminals to continue their malicious endeavors.

3 Data Theft

Granting permissions, we often find ourselves in the habit of quickly skimming through or skipping them altogether, unaware of the potential consequences. This oversight can lead to increased vulnerability to mobile security threats, as we unintentionally allow apps to gain access to and control sensitive data on our devices. While it may seem convenient to hastily accept these permissions, doing so places us in a position where a momentary lapse in judgment can result in significant risks. Erroneous transfers and data leaks not only put our personal information at risk but also make entire organizations susceptible to infiltration that could lead to financial losses or reputational damage.
The problem is not only that applications can transfer data, it is worth remembering the risks of intercepting data by hackers. This happens both when connecting to public networks, and when hacking into private or corporate WiFi networks. This proves once again that you need a VPN download to stay safe. Moreover, this is a free trial VPN with the possibility of registering a paid mode, so everyone will find their own use case. Also, a VPN will allow you to stay anonymous online, bypass various blockings, protect yourself from DDOS, and generally feel more secure online. Today, VPN has become a necessity, not some kind of peripheral.

4 Virus-Infected Applications

Staying cautious and well-informed is essential when it comes to mobile app security, as an alarming percentage of active malicious apps are readily available on both official and unofficial app stores.
Astonishingly, 32% of these harmful apps are waiting to be unwittingly downloaded from the Google Play Store, while almost half can be accessed via third-party app stores.
Customization tools, one of the most popular categories in the app world, are often plagued with malware that can infiltrate your device to steal, corrupt, or modify your data. However, it's crucial to recognize that even seemingly innocuous apps can pose security risks and lead to data leakage. In today's digital age, always use discretion when downloading apps and prioritize your device's safety.

5 Viruses and Trojans

In today's tech-driven world, it's not just our computers that are vulnerable to malicious, but our mobile devices too. Often disguised as seemingly trustworthy applications, viruses and Trojans can silently infiltrate our smartphones and tablets, wreaking havoc and potentially causing financial damage. They can enter the device both through other applications and when launching files downloaded from the Internet.
These stealthy invaders target sensitive data stored on our devices, such as banking information, and can even send expensive premium text messages without our knowledge. It's crucial to remain vigilant, ensuring to download only reputable apps and safeguard our valuable personal information, in order to maintain the security of our mobile devices.
Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lives and are exposed to a variety of security threats, from malicious applications to data theft. As such, it's essential that we take the necessary precautions to protect these powerful devices from potential harm. Whether it’s through downloading only reputable apps or taking advantage of available tools like VPNs, users should strive for vigilance when protecting their mobile devices from harm. In doing so, we can ensure that our vital information remains safe and secure when using our digital companions. https://gadgetarq.com/mobile/android-security-101-how-to-protect-your-device/?feed_id=76789&_unique_id=64199bba45203 #Android #Android #Mobile
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2023.03.21 12:56 TechEmpireX How Do Electric Cars Work, A Comprehensive Guide

Learn the basics of how electric cars work, including the technology and benefits of electric vehicles. How Do Electric Cars Work, A Comprehensive Guide
As more individuals look for environmentally friendly alternatives to commuting, electric automobiles are growing in popularity. Electric vehicles, as opposed to conventional automobiles, run on electricity stored in batteries. They are better for the environment since they emit no emissions. In this post, we’ll go over how electric cars operate and why they’re a fantastic alternative to conventional vehicles.
As they run on electricity rather than fossil fuels, electric automobiles are an environmentally responsible choice. Electric vehicles lack an internal combustion engine in favor of an electric motor that transforms electrical energy from the batteries into mechanical energy. The rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles may be charged by plugging them into an electrical outlet or a charging station.

How Electric Cars Work

Electric cars are powered by electric motors, which draw power from batteries that are usually located underneath the car’s floor. These batteries can be charged using a variety of methods, including plugging into an electrical outlet at home, at a public charging station, or through a fast-charging station.
Electric cars have a range, which is the distance they can travel on a single charge. This range varies depending on the make and model of the car, as well as factors such as driving style, terrain, and weather conditions. However, most electric cars have a range of around 100-300 miles on a single charge.
Read more here: https://www.criptobyte.com/how-do-electric-cars-work-a-comprehensive-guide/
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2023.03.21 12:45 True-Collar4961 minor death eater headcanons(part 2)

this is a part 2 to an early post I made any critisicm or feedback would be appreciated
crabbe: Unlike his son crabbe sr presents himself in a dignified way and is quite intelligent. He is deeply interested in the ways magic could be manipulated and had many ambitious projects he believed could deliver promising results. Sadly for him the ministry only gave him jobs that he considered ‘small,insignificant’. He thought the ministry looked down upon him and he despised his superiors very very much. Voldemort saw potential in the man and recruited him by promising to fund his projects. Besides that Crabbe sr was delighted by the prospect of betraying his ministry superiors he so very much hated and found that he very much enjoyed working for the dark lord. He rewarded him greatly for his successes both with coin and intriguing dark artifacts crabbe very much liked studying. Voldemort also gave Crabbe a lot of freedom in doing his job which he appreciated. Ultimately however he saw the death eaters simply as a job, a very fun job admittedly, but a job nonetheless. So when voldemort went missing Crabbe did not search for him since he did not want to risk his new gained power and the ministry was already accusing him to be a death eater which he barely managed to escape out of by using the imperius excuse. He used the wealth he had left from his death eater activities to continue his research as best he could. He was bitter that the ministry he resented was still intact. When voldemort returned he was relieved he was forgiven.
extra headcanon: vincent crabbe is his youngest son and in crabbe sr’s eyes a disappointment. He despises Vincent's low intellect and how he acts as nothing more than ‘the Malfoy boy’s dumb muscle’. He is very verbally abusive to his son especially when he sees his son’s low scores. He was however disheartened when he heard of his son’s death and now seeks revenge against the main trio and draco malfoy who he sees as responsible for his son’s death. Another trivia he is also the death eater whose head turned into a baby during the battle for the prophecy. Crabbe sr found this event extremely weird, but also desired to study it later after he escaped azkaban.
evan rosier: Rosier has a very elegant personality he was also very handsome looking to many. Evan Rosier came from a very powerful pure blood family with huge wealth so he was very focused on his appearance. He was also a perfectionist, being very focused on being excellent in every major aspect: intelligence, appearance, charms, and transfiguration. However, what interested Rosier the most was dueling. Most of his free time was dedicated to practicing his dueling skills. He requested his parents to provide him with the best dueling instructors they could find which they obliged. He participated in many dueling championships winning a lot of competitions. The rosiers were very devoted to pure blood supremacy so it was only natural that he joined the death eaters. After he joined he became very loyal to voldemort suicidally even. Where he even preferred death over betraying his lord when Alastor moody confronted him.
Extra headcanon: despite his loyalty to the death eaters he had a series of rules and conducts which he always followed. He always fought with honor and refused to win fights using dirty tricks. Looking down on death eaters who did use such tactics. He and alastar moody had quite a bit of respect for each other and he harbored no grudge when moody killed him.
gibbon: He had a very secretive personality most death eaters know nothing about him. There are very few ministry files off him. What is known is that he was a successful thief who had a dangerous reputation in the underworld. Voldemort somehow managed to successfully recruit him to join the death eaters. He held no loyalty to the organization and only joined out of self interest. He was a decent duelist, but not an exceptional duellist. His true skill lies in hiding in the shadows. Therefore Voldemort sent him on a lot of assassination missions and at other times he was sent to steal a few items Voldemort desired. He performed these missions very well which earned him a menacing reputation among the death eaters.
extra headcanon: He did not fight in the first wizarding war as he was too young back then. He only became a death eater during the second wizarding war.

goyle snr: many people thought goyle sr was nothing more than dumb muscle. While in reality being very cunning and calculating. He loves battling and dueling people very much. Before the first wizarding war he successfully managed to become an auror surprising many who didn’t really know him. Many wizards accused him of using his connections to somehow become an auror. He dared anyone who held those suspicions to challenge him to a duel to find out. A few did and they were all defeated showcasing his superiority. Eventually he joined the death eaters pretending that he agreed with their cause while in reality only wanting to join them for the opportunity to join in several dangerous battles. The death eaters sent him as their ‘big guns’ when they didn’t care about collateral damage. He wore ancient armor passed down from his ancestors.
Extra headcanon: like crabbe sr he also has a very poor relationship with his 2nd oldest son gregory goyle. Since he was what many accused him of being a simple dumb brute. He also disliked how unrefined he was which is why he spent most of his time with his other children.
mulciber: Lily evans and snape’s relationship deteriorated because of snape’s relationship with avery and mulciber. While Lily hated Avery and his sick sense of humor, Mulciber actually terrified her especially after the sick ‘prank’ he played on another student. This ‘prank’ was actually the first time he successfully used the imperius curse. He forced the student to keep punching themselves until their arms could no longer move. Fortunately the teachers intervened before it went really bad. Mulciber was given detention the whole year as a result. Though he did not mind as his ‘experiment’ went really well in his eyes and gained him a fearful reputation around the school. So in his eyes it was well worth it. He would continue to practice the imperius during school although making now sure that they couldn’t be linked to him. He later joined the death eaters like his father where he specialized in the imperius curse. Because of this he was highly valued by voldemort. Mulciber was a very calm, intelligent and cunning individual he was also however very arrogant believing because of his skill with the imperius curse that he was a special wizard who could one day reach the level of voldemort and grindelwald. This arrogance was also the reason he was so interested in the imperius curse as he liked controlling people and manipulating them like puppets. If he was not imprisoned he would have looked for voldemort with the lestranges however unlike them this would not be out of loyalty. He doubted the dark lord was actually dead and successfully locating him would earn him Voldemort's favour and gain him a lot of power. In truth he did not care about the death eaters goals at all and believed one day he would be able to perfect the imperius curse to such an extent that he would be able to use it on voldemort and become the new leader of the death eaters.
extra headcanon: snape genuinely thought of avery and mulciber as his friends during school even defending them from lily. During the second wizarding war however he grew to see Avery as merely ‘annoying’. Mulciber on the other hand he grew to despise since he was a large part of why his relationship with lily grew so sour. Snape never acted on this however as he knew mulciber was a very dangerous wizard who he should not challenge without a plan. Mulciber was aware of Snape's newly acquired hatred of him though he never quite figured out the reason for this hatred. Nonetheless he did not try to get rid of Snape as he was one of Voldemort's favorites and was quite a skilled wizard himself. He did have plans in place if Snape ever tried to attack him.
nott: nott sr was a very elderly and wealthy wizard. His wealth rivaled lucius malfoy’s which is one of the reasons he is among the few wizards lucius genuinely respected. He was one of the most experienced death eaters and as a result knew a ton of spells almost as much as voldemort. As a death eater he was somewhat loyal to voldemort he didn’t try to find him because he genuinely thought he was dead. As one of the few original death eaters left he thought of himself as a very high ranking servant of voldemort. Nott appears as a friendly and energetic man, who often makes light of the situations and predicaments he finds himself in. He usually likes to stay away from the center of attention, until his presence is needed, either for de-escalation or to put the situation under control by force. Whatever the case may be, Nott never fails to seize the opportunity to crack jokes and lighten up the mood with his mostly light-hearted view on situations, though it should also be worth mentioning that some of his remarks can be strangely morbid, sending chills down his enemies or allies spines, for example he once threatened avery that he’ll chop his head off on the spot because avery made a few remarks nott found a bit overly egotistical. In reality however he is quite selfish, being willing to refuse orders if he sees a better alternative which would also ensure he received no repercussions. He is also quite ruthless and a glory hound wanting to kill famous figures like harry potter, albus dumbledore and alastar moody to ensure he gains a ton of fame.
extra headcanon: after the death of his wife his relationship with his son Theodore could neither be called good or bad. They were very neutral to each other they also rarely spoke. When nott was send to azkaban following the battle of the department of mysteries. Theodore was a little bit saddened, but he did not desire revenge against Harry Potter and his friends. When nott eventually escaped Azkaban there was no warm reunion between the two. Partly because nott sr was too busy with death eater activities.
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2023.03.21 12:36 otoengravers A Brief Overview of Traditional and Modern Engraving Techniques

A Brief Overview of Traditional and Modern Engraving Techniques

Signage engraving is an essential component of the marketing industry. Only so many marketing strategies are unique to your brand or business. An excellent sign helps you differentiate yourself from other businesses, shows your clients and patrons what you have to offer and helps get your story across in ways other platforms just can't! Before looking for an “engraving company near me” go through the history of signage.

Defining Signage

Simply said, signage is creating and applying signs to promote a brand or statement. The realm of sign design uses a wide variety of designs and materials. Nonetheless, the primary function of signage is to express a statement or provide information to aid the viewer in making sense of the sign.

The Development of Signage

In a technical sense, signs have existed for practically as long as there have been people. Since signs are visual graphics used to represent information, we have utilized them since at least 18,000 BC. The earliest indications that early humans made could be classified as the Paleolithic cave paintings of creatures, humans, and scenery.
The history of signs can be traced back to antiquity. There would be recognizable signs for all kinds of enterprises and public works if you traveled back then to Rome during the republican era or any of the major Ancient Greek cities.
Early Romans produced signs out of terracotta or wood.
They are typically used to publicize events and news and on storefronts. Several old signs have persisted in some form or another into the present era. The white and red bar of the hair salon and the three balls designating pawn shops continue to be utilized worldwide.
When we quickly advance to the medieval era, we can observe signs becoming an increasing element of daily life. Taverns in England were required to post signs indicating their alcohol sales by law as far back as the 14th century. Competing companies made signs and banners to set themselves apart from their rivals as towns and cities expanded across Europe.
Occasionally, a business will use a well-known local animal, person, or location as the subject of its banner. They would cleverly play off their name in advertising signs, such as a stone house for Steinhouse.
As drawing attention was the main objective, the signs were frequently intricate works of art. The sign itself was a complex work of art, down to the supports that held it up. In the early days of marketing, a sign represented a substantial investment and an essential and recognizable component of your livelihood.
Tavern signs, however, remained common, and many of the greatest engravers of the eighteenth and seventeenth centuries were noted for their work painting signs.

Various Signs

Going over all the different types and applications of signs would take us countless hours and pages. However, ordinary sign engravers should be familiar with the following 5 types of signs before beginning.
  • Inside or outdoors, navigation signs are typically used to find your way through stores, tourist sites, or companies.
  • Signage used to identify facilities and services include identification signs. Consider signs in parking areas or restrooms that direct you to important locations.
  • You can learn about services and enterprises through these signs. They could include directories, maps, and the like. These can be found at museums, stores, and tourist sites.
  • Promotional signage that uses persuasion to urge readers to think about a promotion, product, company, or brand
  • Picture those yellow signs that say "slippery floor." You should always be cautious around harmful regions and items by heeding the guidelines and ideograms on these large, garish danger signs.
You now have everything you require for a spectacular sign, whether you want to try making your design using our design pattern or ask our team of award-winning designers to put a design up for you. Our Engraving company wants to hear your inquiries, worries, or remarks.
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2023.03.21 12:24 WaspArt10 Can Make A Good Cat Mock Toilet As Well

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2023.03.21 12:18 nemanja694 [REQUEST][STEAM]BeamNG.drive [16.79 euro] [9th attempt]

Hi ! How are you today ?
This is my probably last request I will make here as this is last game I want to own.
What is BeamNG.drive ?
Beamng is soft body, incredibly realistic driving sandbox simulator. It offers large amount of vehicles and mods, maps... It is incredibly detailed simulation. It simulates different engine thermals, clutch thermals, you can damage all sort of parts on the cars, it offers realistic crashing due to soft body physics. This is in my opinion most realistic driving game. You can drive cars, trucks even planes (but planes are quite wonky). It offers good maps that are inspired by real locations. We have West and East Coast of USA, Italy, African Jungle etc....
Also there is talented community of mod makers that just keep releasing high quality mods that are dev standard.
And talking about dev's, they are one of the best, they always deliver so much and improve game every update.
Why I want it ?
I always loved racing and driving games especially simulation type. Cars and trucks always fascinated me since I was little kid. As I got the wheel 2 years ago I have 90% of my game time playing driving games and BeamNG is last driving game I want to own. Beamng always looked unique to me with it realistic simulation of vehicles and different types of it. As you can see on my steam profile I play lot of ETS2 as I like more chill driving games where I can turn off my brain for a moment from all negative things. I followed this game for years and always watched content on youtube from WhyBeAre, Neilogical, Muye and was always impressed. And the most important thing is that I can play BeamMP with my friend !
Why can't I afford it ?
I don't use credit cards to pay for anything so I don't have any means to buy the game, also recently spent over 3000 euro for my mom’s surgery and thankfully everything is ok. Living is tough here so you must make wise choices to survive in these hard times, so I can't have luxury of buying games i want at this moment.
Steam acc: https://steamcommunity.com/id/NeX457
Game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/284160/BeamNGdrive/
Thanks <3
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2023.03.21 12:09 ParticularSuch8292 Order Mexican Tramadol Online USA


Tramadol is a synthetic opiate used to treat pain and muscle ache. In order to purchase tramadol online, you first need to know where to get it. Click here to buy Mexican Tramadol online and save money on your order.

Tramadol is a synthetic opiate used to treat pain and muscle ache.

Tramadol is a synthetic opiate used to treat pain and muscle ache. It can also be purchased over the counter in some countries, but it's typically a prescription drug in the United States.
Like other opioids, tramadol acts on your nervous system by blocking pain signals from reaching your brain. Because of this effect, tramadol reduces both physical and emotional symptoms associated with pain—including nausea/vomiting and drowsiness/nervousness—and makes you feel less discomfort overall if you're having an illness like flu or pneumonia that causes severe coughing from deep within your chest cavity (the lungs).

In order to purchase tramadol online, you first need to know where to get it.

Here you can get tramadol 100mg capsules from mexico
Are you looking to buy tramadol online? In order to make the process easier, here are some things that you should know.
● You can get tramadol in the US and Canada. The most common place where people buy this drug is from a pharmacy or a convenience store, but there are also many other options available depending on your location and how much money you want to spend:
● Online pharmacies (e-pharmacies) offer an easy way for people who live far away from their doctor or don't have access to one at all due to cost concerns (or perhaps because of its illegality). These companies often provide an alternative source for medicines like tramadol without having any issues doing so because they don't need any prescription from federal agents like doctors do when prescribing medicine legally through prescriptions written by licensed professionals such as physicians who specialize in treating patients suffering from pain management issues related specifically around major injuries; instead these types of medications must first be prescribed beforehand either directly by doctors during regular visits between visits after diagnosis has been made regarding symptoms being present since then treatment plans can begin immediately afterwards since no longer waiting until next year when annual checkups occur again after which time another round starts over again until finally everything gets better!

Click here to buy Tramadol online and save money on your order.

Tramadol is a prescription drug that contains the opioid pain reliever tramadol hydrochloride. The medication can be administered by injection or oral consumption. When taken as prescribed, it has been shown to help people with severe pain by relieving their symptoms of moderate to high intensity for up to 8 hours after taking one tablet every 4 hours.
Tramadol is an analgesic that works by binding with receptors in the brain and spinal cord where they regulate body functions such as mood, cognitive function and sleep patterns. It also affects nerves directly resulting in reduced muscle spasms or cramps associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Tramadol is an opioid drug and should be taken exactly as prescribed.

Mexican Tramadol is an opioid drug and should be taken exactly as prescribed. If you have any questions about your treatment, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.
If you need medical help for an allergic reaction to tramadol, call a doctor right away because it could be fatal.
Tramadol belongs to a class of drugs called opioids (narcotic pain relievers). It works by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain so that they can't cause feelings of distress or anxiety in people who use them on purpose, such as patients taking part in scientific studies or those recovering from surgery after surgery ends up being too much for their bodies to handle without receiving some sort of relief first - whether physical or emotional!
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2023.03.21 12:07 CruelTasteOfLust Little Caesar’s

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2023.03.21 12:06 Henrekt96 Spellsword class for 5e. I haven't actually played the game so it might be really un balanced.

The idea was to have a class that rewards using both magic and weapons. The second thing was to have a class that still gets some of the more fun spells and feels like someone who is good with magic. This however needs to be balanced, so if you convert your mana into spellslots you will have fewer than an eldritch knight.
Hit dice: 1D10 per spellsword level
Spell DC: 8+int
Saving throws: Intelligence, Constitution
Armor: light armor, medium armor, shields
Weapons: Simple and martial
Skills: choose 2 from, Athletics, Acrobatics, Arcana, Investigation, History, perception, Religion.
Progression Everything here is listed as level progression within the class Mana: 0+int, 0+int, 1+int, 1+int, 2+int, 2+int, 3+int, 3+int, 3+int, 4+int, 4+int, 4+int, 5+int, 5+int, 5+int, 5+int, 6+int, 6+int, 6+int, 6+int.
Max spell level known: 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 7th, 7th.
Cantrips known:2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8.
Intelligent fighter: Your training with your weapon has focused on anatomy, leverage and the optimization of your strike, rather than strength or speed. You are proficient with simple and martial weapons that lack the heavy or two handed properties. You use intelligence for attack and damage instead of strength or dexterity.
Mana magic: You have trained in an ancient form of spellcasting, one that is less efficient than that used by other casters but is more flexible. You use mana as your ressource for spellcasting, a spell costs 1 mana per level. You have mana equal to your proficiency bonus plus your intelligence modifier. Intelligence is your spellcasting modifier.
Spellbook: At 1st level, you have a spellbook containing 3 1st-level wizard spells of your choice. Your spellbook is the repository of the wizard spells you know, except your cantrips, which are fixed in your mind. The spells that you add to your spellbook as you gain levels reflect the arcane research you conduct on your own, as well as intellectual breakthroughs you have had about the nature of the multiverse. You might find other spells during your adventures. You could discover a spell recorded on a scroll in an evil wizard's chest, for example, or in a dusty tome in an ancient library.
Copying a Spell into the Book. When you find a wizard spell of 1st level or higher, you can add it to your spellbook if it is of a spell level you can prepare and if you can spare the time to decipher and copy it. Copying a spell into your spellbook involves reproducing the basic form of the spell, then deciphering the unique system of notation used by the wizard who wrote it. You must practice the spell until you understand the sounds or gestures required, then transcribe it into your spellbook using your own notation. For each level of the spell, the process takes 2 hours and costs 50 gp. The cost represents material components you expend as you experiment with the spell to master it, as well as the fine inks you need to record it. Once you have spent this time and money, you can prepare the spell just like your other spells.
Replacing the Book. You can copy a spell from your own spellbook into another book-for example, if you want to make a backup copy of your spellbook. This is just like copying a new spell into your spellbook, but faster and easier, since you understand your own notation and already know how to cast the spell. You need to spend only 1 hour and 10 gp for each level of the copied spell. If you lose your spellbook, you can use the same procedure to transcribe the spells that you have prepared into a new spellbook. Filling out the remainder of your spellbook requires you to find new spells to do so, as normal. For this reason, many wizards keep backup spellbooks in a safe place.
Cantrips: As a part of your training you have been taught not to rely too much on powerful spells. At 1st level you know 2 cantrips from the wizard spell list, you can learn an additional cantrip every third level, learning your 8th last at 19th level.
Arcane arms: At second level you can spend an hour to forge an arcane connection to your weapon. You can now always summon it to your hand. You can also use your weapon as an arcane focus. You can only be bound to 2 weapons at a time
Magic flow: At 2nd level, you learn to harness the excess energy released when casting a spell. After you cast a damaging spell or cantrip your next weapon attack within 6 seconds will deal an additional 1D8 of that type. If another damaging spell is cast before your next weapon attack, that spell's damage type wil count. At 9th level this damage die is upgraded to 2D8, to 3D8 at 16th level, and 4D8 at 20th level. At 20th level the effect also lasts for your next two attacks.
Meditation: At 3rd level, during a short rest you can regain mana equal to your intelligence modifier. This can only be done once per long rest. At 17th level you can regain all your mana during a short rest. This can only be done once per long rest.
Ability score improvement: When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.
Extra attack: Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.
Sword and sorcery: At 6th level you gain the ability to weave magic and martials together. When you take the attack action you can now cast a cantrip in place of your one of attacks. You can also now spend an hour to combine your spellbook and a shield. You can perform a ritual lasting 1 minute to separate your book from the shield again.
Arcane effects: At 11th level you gain the ability to channel the energy of non damaging spells through your weapon. After you cast a non damaging spell or cantrip your next attack will have an effect depending on the school of magic. Abjuration - If you hit, you AC is increased by 1 for 6 seconds Conjuration - If you hit, you carve a minor rip in space allowing you to teleport 10ft. Divination - If you hit you gain an insight into the target and learn all its strengths and weaknesses. you learn all of its damage vulnerabilities, damage resistances, damage immunities, and condition immunities. Enchantment - If you hit, the target becomes charmed for 6 seconds. Evocation - If you hit, you choose a damage type, the target becomes vulnerable to that type for 6 seconds. Illusion - If you hit, the target's vision is obscured by an illusory fog giving them disadvantage on their next attack roll. Necromancy - If you hit, you deal additional damage equal to your intelligence modifier and regain that amount of health. Transmutation - If you hit, the target's speed is halved and has disadvantage on dexterity saving throws for 6 seconds.
Empowered cantrip: At 13th level you have learned how to increase the potency of your cantrips. You can now add your intelligence modifier to cantrip damage rolls, that doesn't already add it.
Order of the Juggernaut: You have focused your studies towards battle, and war. How to handle heavy weapons and multiple enemies.
Heavily armed: You gain proficiency with heavy and 2 handed weapons. You can choose to use strength or intelligence for attacks.
Mana burst: Starting at 3rd level when you channel your magic through your weapon using arcane flow, you can choose to strike the ground and deal half the damage to everything in a 5ft radius around you, or in a 15 ft cone in front of you. Creatures in range take half damage if they succeed a dexterity saving throw against your spellcasting modifier. At 7th level you can double the range by spending 2 mana. At 17th level you can quadruple the range, for 4 mana.
Spell Shield: At 3rd level, when you successfully cast a spell you gain an amount of temporary hit points equal to the spells level +1, cantrips count as level 0. These hit points last until the end of your next turn.
Arcana Agility: At 3rd level you can spend one mana to increase your move speed by 15ft and your jump height by 10ft for one minute.
Magic might: Starting at 7th level when you roll a strength check or saving throw you can channel mana through your body to increase your strength for a brief time. For each point of mana you spend you add 2 to your roll. At 10th level you can do this with dexterity rolls aswell.
Arcane cache: At 10th level, you learn how to store the magic energy, from magic flow, in your weapon. Each time you directly deal damage with a spell or a cantrip you gain 1 charge you can store 3 charges in your weapon. When you hit with a melee weapon attack all the charges stored in the weapon are released dealing damage according to your magic flow multiplied by the number of charges. The damage is always that of the last spell you dealt damage with. At At 14th level you can store 5 charges.
Order of the Rune keeper: You are part of the order of the Rune keepers. As well as the study of spellcasting your arcane studies also focused on the study of rune magic.
Language comprehension. You gain proficiency in arcana, and expertise if you are already proficient. At second level you gain proficiency with 2 additional languages.
Rune magic: Starting at 3nd level you can inscribe runes to create certain effects to an object or creature you can touch. You can spend 10 minutes to inscribe a rune by hand, or spend 1 mana and a bonus action to instantly inscribe it by arcane means. If a rune is forced on an unwilling target, it has to fail a dexterity saving throw against your spell DC. A rune only holds its power for 1 hour, after that it needs to be reapplied. You can apply a number of runes equal to half your spellsword level each day. At 2nd level you know 2 runes. You can choose two additional runes at 7th, 10th and 14th level. The runes are chosen from this list:
Vex(enchantment) - the target's weight is halved and takes no damage from falling. All movement, including forced, is doubled.
Sol(divination) - the target glows brightly, and produces bright light in a 30ft radius and dim light for 60ft. Any creature closer than 5ft to the target is blinded for 6 seconds when the light appears. When the light hits a magical or invisible object or creature, it will start to glow.
Dol(illusion) - the target is enveloped in a 5ft radius sphere of magical darkness. Creatures with darkvision cannot see through it.
Ith(transmutation) - the target becomes denser and more resilient and gets a +2 to AC, and has disadvantage on dexterity saving throws.
Ohm(abjuration) - the target is immune to any enchantment or transmutation at 3rd level or lower. When the effect takes place the rune is rendered inactive and has to be reapplied. This does not affect any magical effect already placed on the target.
Mal(conjuration) - if the rune is touched it explodes and deals 3d6 necrotic damage.
Tir(evocation) - the target becomes vulnerable to slashing and piercing damage, and resistant to fire and Frost.
Nef(Necromancy) - if the target is destroyed or killed it will be repaired or revived with 1HP. When the effect takes place the rune is rendered inactive and has to be reapplied.
Rune caster: At 4th level when you inscribe a rune using arcane means, you can do so at 30ft range.
At 14th level, inscribing a rune will trigger arcane effects.
Rune master: At 17th level you are able to use a spell to inscribe a rune without spending any extra mana. If you make a successful spell attack you can choose to inscribe a rune as well.
Mage Hunter: You have dedicated your studies to resist and hunt wizards and other magic users.
Magic resilience: Beginning at 3rd level, you gain advantage on saving throws from magic effects. At 10th level if you succeed a dexterity saving throw caused by a magical effect or spell you are not affected by it at all.
Disruptive presence: Beginning at 7th level, when an enemy is within 5ft of you their concentration rolls are made with disadvantage. At 14th level once per round, when anyone performs a spell attack within 5ft of you, you can choose to grant disadvantage on the roll.
Arcane strikes: At 3rd level you learn one of the following strikes. You learn an additional strike at 7th, 10th, 14th, and 17th level. When your weapon is charged with magic from magic flow, you can spend one mana and do one weapon attack with one of the following effects instead:
Tethering strike: on a successful hit an ethereal tether connects you to your target for 1 minute. The target is now unable to move/or teleport out of your range.
Silencing strike: on a successful hit, your target has to make a constitution saving throw of 8+ the damage dealt by the strike. If they fail they are now silenced for the next minute
Dispelling strike: on a successful hit you cast dispel magic on the target. If a roll is made you can choose to add the weapon damage to the roll instead of dealing it to the target.
Lunging strike: as you are striking your arcana propels you 30ft forward in a straight line. Anything you hit will stop you and takes an additional 2D6 force damage, plus 1 per 5ft you moved, in a straight line.
Shocking strike: on a successful hit the target takes an additional 4D6 of lightning damage, and can't take a reaction until the start of its next turn.
Disintegrating strike: On a successful hit, the target takes an additional 2D8 force damage. If you destroy or kill the target it disintegrates. A creature killed in this way can only be resurrected by true resurrection and a wish spell. If the target is a construct of magical force, such as wall of force, it will be destroyed if the additional damage is twice that of the spells level.
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2023.03.21 11:47 SamwellBarley At work today, I am organising locations for the Boat Race this weekend...

At work today, I am organising locations for the Boat Race this weekend...
I noticed one of the locations is next to the Taskmaster House, which is cool... but even cooler is that the Tree Wizard's Tree is marked on Google Maps
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2023.03.21 11:43 Candid-Attempt-7650 bruh

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2023.03.21 11:41 BBI-IT Supplier Data Location

The company I work for is located in the UK and we have just started talking to potential suppliers of virtual assistants. One particular supplier is UK based, has loads of information about how they're GDPR compliant, but says that they're data is 'currently based in the United States (although servers may from time to time be based in other countries)'. They then go on to list all their suppliers, who are also US based.
Am I right in saying that this isn't GDPR compliant? Or doesn't it matter where the data is located? Should we also be concerned that they're own suppliers are US based, who have the potential to see the data we will be storing?
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2023.03.21 11:40 Candid-Attempt-7650 just wth i was playing blox fruits there was a item called mirror fractal for race v4 i just said these and got warning for nothing bruh

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2023.03.21 11:37 corberon Warehouse plugin suggestion

I am looking for a plugin to integrate with WooCommerce for uploading products into the warehouse of a chain of stores with 3 locations. I would need something that allows me to scan the product code and upload it into the warehouse corresponding to the store location so that it can also be included in the ecommerce section. Our webmasters have proposed developing a custom plugin for a cost of $1500, but before giving the green light, I would like to know if there are any commercial solutions available.
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2023.03.21 11:24 Mental_Dwarf Need help choosing a Subwoofer.

Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my system with a subwoofer. At first I was looking to buy a Sonos Arc + Sub, but the lack of stock (2022) drove into a different direction. I have to say I really enjoy my current setup, but I feel it lacks that "punch" that movies need. The Dalis have good bass, but it's on the "subtle" side (if that makes any sense).
Current Gear - Marantz PM6007 + Dali Oberon 5.
Budget and location - My budget is around 500 to 700 euros, I'm located in Barcelona and my reference store is Stylesound (https://stylesound.com/).
How the gear will be used - The system is connected to a TV, the main uses are movies and video games (Xbox Series X).
New or used - I prefer buying new stuff.
Past gear experience - This is my first system, so I don't have much experience.
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2023.03.21 11:24 AQwerty777 How to update operating hours on WM Facebook page?

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2023.03.21 11:09 Dwiea ProS3 ESP32 & 4 pin spi

I was about to dump some money on a couple of ProS3 by Unexpected Maker and then I noticed it has 3 pin SPI (MO, MI & SCK). The arduino's I have used had an extra CS. I was going to use a Waveshare 4.2 inch B&W eInk display which has both 4pin and 3pin SPI and I was wondering if there is many negatives to using 3 pin over 4.
I would be looking at using the ESP32 to run the display as an interface to view data being produced and stored by a Teensy 4.1 located a couple of meters away.
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