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2023.03.23 20:48 Advanced_Falcon_2816 GTA 6 Release Date: When Can We Expect It?

There has been much speculation about the release date of GTA 6, but so far, Rockstar Games has remained tight-lipped about when we can expect to see the highly anticipated game.
Some rumors suggest that the game could be released as early as 2022, while others believe that it won't be released until 2025 or later. However, it's important to keep in mind that these are just rumors, and the actual release date could be different from what is being speculated.
One thing we do know is that Rockstar Games typically takes its time when developing new games, with some taking several years to complete. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many industries, including the gaming industry, which could potentially cause delays in development.
Ultimately, the release date of GTA 6 is anyone's guess at this point. However, fans can rest assured that Rockstar Games will take the time to create a game that lives up to the high expectations set by the franchise.
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2023.03.23 20:47 JRazberry04 Amazon Prime Bundle #6 is now out. Link in comments.

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2023.03.23 20:47 meresteak0922 If my players are tricked into an archfey warlock pact can they reverse it?

My players are about to encounter an Archfey, and they'll attempt to trick them into working for him. Is there a mechanical way for them to reverse it, or do I have to create a way?
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2023.03.23 20:47 Mountain-Distance576 Job seeking advice, after a significant period of unemployment

Hello, I was wondering if anybody might be able to offer me some advice. I am 25 years old, and I am currently unemployed (and I have been for 6 months).
My brief CV is below:
I completed my A-levels by the age of 19. I then worked some casual shifts as dishwasher once I left sixth form.
I then worked in a call centre for 6 months.
I started a university degree, one year after the completion of my A-Levels. I completed this degree over 4 years, with a 12 month course interruption - during which time I worked full time for 6 months. This was an administrative role. My degree result was 2.1 (in Biomedical Science).
Once I graduated university, I started a 12 month admin support internship (fixed term contract). This ended in September 2022. I have been unemployed since then.
My original plan was to do a masters degree starting at the end of my internship. However, for a number of reasons I did not do this, and I have not applied for many jobs over the last 6 months (and I did not hear back from the applications I did make). The honest truth is that I have not made good use of my time, or done anything to improve my CV over the last 6 months. I had lots of ideas of ways to use this time, but for a range of reasons (for example, the money required, my living situation, mental health and lack of effective planning and organisation).
I am now looking to apply for jobs, and also for a room in a house share. I currently am staying with family, and sometimes sleeping on friends sofas. This is not suitable as a long term solution. I need to find a full time job, and a place to live as soon as possible. I do not drive, so the place to live needs to be in a city (so that I can use public transport).
I do not know how to explain this gap in my CV, if I manage to get interviews for jobs. Should I be honest and say that the last 6 months of my life have been pretty miserable, I have been unemployed and generally struggling to live my life in the way that I was hoping I would? Or will I be reducing my chances of being hired, when there are likely going to be other people who either have no CV gaps at all, or have used there school/employment gaps productively - and can discuss this. Should I just not address it at all, and hope that it isn’t a reason why I don’t get hired or directly asked about in the interview? Should I pretend that I have been happy for the last 6 months, and having an enjoyable break for work (this has not been the case), I would feel very uneasy doing this, as this is not the truth - but I have been told that people who are completely honest in job interviews, about issues like these, are less likely to be hired - does anybody know if this is true?
Any advice would be appreciated. I feel that I do have some positive experiences which will hopefully mean that I can be an asset to a company, but the honest truth is that I do not have high confidence that I am a great person to hire - and it makes me very uncomfortable to not be able to be honest about this. I hope that once I am (hopefully) hired, I can get my life back on track, and then I will be a happy and productive employee. I am a hard worker, and I have only ever had good feedback from my previous managers. But the truth is that I am extremely doubtful of my ability to be a good employee (mainly because of the time I have wasted, over the last 6 months, which has really effected both my confidence, but also I think my mental health) - but if I say this in an interview I am sure that I will not be hired (and I need to be hired to improve my life). Even if the gap is not discussed, it will be obvious that there is a gap on my CV (from September 2022, to now) - will this mean that I am unlikely to be hired?
I am also worried about finding somewhere to live. Previously (in 2021) I secured a room in a house-share, before being hired. However, I think due to the competitive rental market at the moment, landlords are unlikely to accept me as a tenant - without a confirmed job offer. Does anyone know if this is likely to be true? Should I try and get a job in a city first, and then try and find a room in a house-share after this (once I know which city I will be living in). Or should I find the place to live first, and then look for jobs in the city I am living in. Or should I just pick one city (for example Manchester), and only look for jobs and places to live there? I used to live in Manchester, but I have heard that the rental market is extremely competitive - and I am worried that it will be impossible to find somewhere to live - which has good public transport links to the center. Does anyone know if the rental market is still really competitive? I guess there is a chance I would have to live in a hotel (unlikely to be affordable) if I cannot find a room in a house share once I have (hopefully) secured a job.
I was hoping to get a job in the life sciences, when I did my degree. However, right now I really would do anything. I need anything that is a full time job, and pays enough for me to pay my rent and live in a UK city - I don’t feel I have the luxury (due to my own mistakes) to be picky about which type of job I do.
Any advice would be really appreciated, and sorry for the long post.
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2023.03.23 20:47 Ok_Confection2588 Mother doesn't understand/respect my strict yet reasonable boundaries in regards to my job search. In need of advice.

So for quite some time now I have been applying for jobs as a part-time receptionist in a senior living setting. Senior living because my mother is a hospice nurse and thinks it would be a good job for me. She clearly knows very little about the job though because she bases her knowledge off of the few minutes that she interacts/sees them working at night while she is on visits at the facilities (so she doesn't know what the job entails when she isn't there).
I will say that my mother has a tendency to be very very toxic to a point that it concerns my therapist. My mother isn't the smartest person and definitely has a learning disability that has gone unchecked. I don't know the best way to explain that so I am just going to leave it at that and state that it is annoying. She will want help but then get annoyed that we get annoyed with her for not paying attention, trying hard enough, or not allowing us to help her in the way that is most convenient for us. She also has to be right. When we watch a show that she likes she will predict that something is going to happen in the show and be wrong and then after the show is over she will claim that she knew all along that the two characters were going to breakup (for example) despite having said the opposite during the show. If you try to gently correct her then she will call you out for being argumentative and belittling her. She also will bring up my father in a negative way. We both suspect that he is undiagnosed autistic but she will ask me what I think and then make every one of his autistic traits that I tell her out to be like a reason to divorce him almost. She will say that she hates that about him and that if she had known that about him before they got married then she wouldn't have gone through with marriage to him. Puts me in an awkward situation because he is a great dad and I find his traits (autistic or not) endearing and I've always admired him.
Anyways, on to my problem. My mother knows that I have boundaries regarding jobs. I wont work full-time and I would rather not work 8hr shifts or anything longer than that because I can not handle long shifts. I have been working since age 16 and I have worked shifts that were 8hrs long and always reached burn-out in a short amount of time after starting to work 8hr shifts. I worked 12hr shifts once and my mental health was scary bad the entire time to the point that I had to quit the job a month after I started it (something I have never done before I always stick it out for a year so I can put it on my resume). Despite knowing this about me and my having been vocal about my boundaries regarding these work hours she continues to try and push me to work more hours than I feel comfortable working (whether that means taking a job offer that is for more hours than I want or pressuring me to work more hours at jobs I've had). She will intentionally make me feel bad for having this boundary in place and tell me that I am being unreasonable and I will never find a suitable job because of my boundaries after having told me that if the job isn't the right fit for whatever reason she will respect that and I can decline the job if it gets to that point.
When I go into an interview she expects me to come out of the interview cheerful and willing to spill all the details and happy to take the job. Where as I am going to these interviews to learn more about the job and to figure out if I think its a good job for me and if I will fit in in the company/be comfortable at this job. So when I tell her that I didn't like something in regards to the job interview (hours of the job changed, position changed, job duties changed, interviewer wasn't nice/welcoming, etc.) she will get unreasonably upset with me. She will accuse me of being too reserved and picky and that I need to be more flexible. Then she will treat me and my father like shit (verbally and emotionally) for the rest of the day but if I ask what is wrong she will give a shit excuse that she is tired and get even more grouchy.
I don't have a choice but to live with my parents as I am financially dependent and will be for the rest of my life. That is a fact. I just get tired of my mother's manipulative and somewhat abusive behavior and I want advice on how to handle the situation. I will post this in toxicparents as well to see if they have any advice. I just figured that since I am an autistic woman I might be able to get help from other autistic individuals in this community as well.
Finally, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this lengthy post. Feel free to ask me any clarifying questions, as needed, in the comments and I will respond as soon as I am available to do so. Thank you as well to anyone that gives me advice.
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2023.03.23 20:46 Yuryaboi New kitten and older cat avoid each other

Hello all, I recently adopted a 6 month old kitten (female and spayed) and have owned a 9 year old rescue (also female and spayed) for about a year. We adopted the kitten about a week ago and at first had them separated and did scent and room swaps. We also had done the feeding near the door strategy. Anyways, the little kitten wanted out of the room for good so we let her roam free around the entire apartment. When the cats met they both looked scared and growled a bit. The kitten followed the older cat to one her favorite spots and this triggered a chase. The older cat cornered the kitten and growled loudly then just walked away.
It’s been 2 days and I monitor them heavily but they kind of just avoid each other. When they get close to one another they start to growl a little then walk away. The older cat has kind of hidden away in the bedroom and comes out less. Will they eventually get along or learn to at least tolerate one another? Is there anything I can do to help them? I give treats and play with them both at the same time but they just don’t like one another.
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2023.03.23 20:45 JKLockhart Do I need to change my rear sway bar or do I need to change my disconnects for my JT

I have a 2022 Gladiator and I am lifting my jeep, putting it on 35s, and was wondering if I should keep my stock sway bar or get a sway loc kit for the front. In this same thought, I was wondering if I needed to get disconnects or a different sway bar for the rear. I was not sure how much of a difference that may make when I decide to go offroad later on this year in August
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2023.03.23 20:45 archetypeamnesias Family Company

I currently work for my family in the form of a guest services representative. My primary role is to schedule appointments to bring in prospective new clients for sale. They want me to move to a role for in-person sales. My dilemma is this: They are asking me to train on Saturday which is typically my off-day. Originally, I said I will not work during non-working hours if I am not being compensated or accounted for because it is not professional. I am obviously regarding my role in the sense of professionalism and do not plan on staying longer than a year. They told me I was being selfish and that the training will elevate my position. They proceeded to tell me that it was an act of generosity that I was hired when they could have hired others with a more professional background. I graduated with a degree in Astrophysics from UGA in 2022 and have been working in the service industry since I was 15. I also have a daily call tracker and appointments scheduled tracker. I consistently produce more calls and appointments scheduled than promised.
I guess what I'm seeking is some advice on if my family is gaslighting me or how I should approach the situation. I suggested that the time used to train Saturday could be accounted for by less time on a normal working day. My father, or manager, said that this would be fine, but my cousin was the person who brought up the generosity question as his father owns the company and we all work together. My cousin is also basically my bestfriend since we were born. I think he was just telling me straight up how he feels on the situation and I get that it can come off as disrespectful towards his immediate family, but I still want to be a professional and be treated as such.
Thank you for considering this dilemma.
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2023.03.23 20:45 LornaMaximoff1991 ENFP with Low Fi or just Shadow Fe?

First question on this site :)
I have always had trouble typing myself because I continue to find Fi and Fe to be difficult to understand (I think I have somewhat of an idea, but it is not fully concretized like Ti/Te and/or Ne/Ni). I've been going to therapy, which has been enlightening, and realized that I have trouble understanding (or even articulating) what I am feeling. I have emotions, but I have always been bad at understanding and managing them. It took another person pointing it out that I needed to drop a friend because this "friend" was stressing me out too much and emotionally taking advantage of me.
That INFJ has my eternal gratitude...it took a year for me to actually realize how much this former friend drained me on the reg.
Throughout my life, I have always had this problem of desperately wanting to connect with others and comfort people when they are in pain, but...I just cannot seem to do so. I am also told (often) that my personality intimidates folks around me, which sucks because I know I am not the best with emotions, but I do sincerely like the people around me (this has shocked some of my colleagues, who thought I did not respect them, which is not true either).
This is all very bothersome to me and I am wondering if I have low Fi (and obviously, need to develop it as an ENFP), or if this may be shadow Fe tricking me. I will say, I do not identify with INTP, but I totally understand the feeling of Fe inferior and feeling like nobody likes you or there is no way people can like you. I would appreciate any help understanding this situation and what functions are involved, and I am even open to being wrong about my type.
For context, I am 30, a grad student, and a woman, and these factors may or may not be coming in to play here.
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2023.03.23 20:45 iEatMyDadsAsshole 31M - Sweden/Finland - Where's my Nordic friends at?

I'm 31 years old and moved from Sweden to Finland 3 years ago, and not having made any friends here yet why not start now?
I'm only interested in people from the Nordics.
Some information about me you might find interesting:
So now you know some random facts about me, here's what I hope you are/have. You don't have to be all of this but it's mostly what i hope for.
I hope you can keep a conversation going, I'm tired of one way friendships where I either have to write every single starting message or where I'm never getting any questions back or interest in what i'm doing. If you're mentally ill in some way, please don't make it your entire personality or the only thing you want to talk about. I'm not necessarily looking for conversations where we're deep into politics and other difficult subjects. While I can have those I'd hope you can also be easy to talk with, just casually talking while working or something similar.
Other than that I'm open for anything. Hit me up!
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2023.03.23 20:44 butters--77 Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield.

Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield.
"I think it was done probably as part of a biodefense program that largely was trying to make a vaccine vector...but unfortunately that virus escaped...probably somewhere in the September [2019] timeframe. I do believe that the most likely answer when we get to the truth is that this pandemic was caused by science, not by a natural spillover event."
So trust "science"?😂
The very industry and institutions who researched, funded, manipulated SARS bat coronaviruses, resulting in 6,879,77 deaths world wide ( if you believe that ), is the same industry, institutions who uploaded computer sequences to data bases for pharma companies, to quickly manufacture and inject you with experimental technology, turning your own body into a spike protein factory ( do their job for them ) on the cheap, and increase enormous revenue streams for themselves.
(Banker! what a business strategy we have here lads)
Scared shitless = mega waddage!
Meanwhile, hiding and suppressing scientific industry involvement in the very research that led to a virus spreading across the world, was a key message inflicted on the masses, pointing the finger at natural causes or wet markets.
The Science
The Media
Racoon Dogs, a few days ago. They are still at it!
Millions dead from a manipulated virus designed to infect humans, experimental genetic therapy technologies designed to illicit immune responses, resulting in deaths from myocarditis, stroke, heart attacks ( all documented ), Remdesivir, Modazolam, suppression of early treatment, which would have kept vast amount of people ever reaching hospitals.
Book your Covid clot-shot-slot now!
Rather be a conspiracy theorist who was right all along, than a complicity theorist who does what they are told.
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2023.03.23 20:44 Sintrospective A year of transition into a existing marriage (also, AITA?)

I had a post a little over a year ago about coming out to my wife, and what a massive win it was for me to have her be supportive. TBH I've been holding onto this post for over a year because of what happened in the months after that, and I wanted to talk about my experience in a "supportive" marriage for a year, and the other people I've talked to in "supportive" marriages or LTR's as well.
TW: Relationship stuff & Sex
A few weeks after I came out to her, we were talking about how me transitioning actually sort of increased or renewed her interest in me. It was good to hear but it was still really raw to me to know that she was actually not sexually attracted to me as a "man." I guess having been together for 15 years, I sort of knew this, but having it confirmed hurt. She sort of responded by saying that I hurt her too, because about 9 years ago I talked about being non-monogamous, which she found incredibly hurtful (even though we didn't ever do anything in regards to ENM). But in my mind, having had it confirmed that she wasn't into me--and I was bearing all of the blame for our weak sex life--asking about ENM kinda made sense. And I asked her: If she wasn't into me sexually, and she felt profoundly hurt by me, why would she stay with me all these years. And her response kinda broke me.
She basically said it was because she wanted kids, or that she used me to have kids.
I don't know how to put into words how hard this hit me. It was the final straw in realizing that my entire life, up until that point, every decision I had made had been for other people. And I dunno, it was crushing but I had hope because she was sexually into me. And that lasted for a little while, but it was basically gone before we could get into our own place (was staying with fam at the time, and we had no space for just us). But once we did get out own space...
Well it didn't go as I hoped. She basically avoided me in our new house. There was no sex for three months, and she was avoiding my affection altogether. And I was once again getting blamed for it, despite feeling like I had no control over it. And this basically went on, while the sex was good when we had it, it was very infrequent. Once a month at best, with basically no cuddling after (which I really really wanted).
She also started to get very upset with me as my transition progressed. Particularly things like skimpy clothes, learning makeup, etc would elicit a very negative reaction, which was incredibly hard for me because most often I was super happy having just hit a milestone. Like yeah my eye makeup is a little extra and cringe but it's my first time actually putting it on right, please be a little happy for me?
It was close to 10 months into transition I was trying to make connections in the trans community and I met up with a trans girl and we hit it off. She was funny, and hot, and interesting, and most importantly maybe, she was into me... like really into me and I could tell but she wouldn't do anything, and neither would I, because of my marriage. But it was a first for me. Like, I'd never spent time with someone who was actually attracted to me before, and I developed a huge crush on her after the 3rd time we hung out.
I felt like I had to tell my wife, because honesty is incredibly important and I don't know what I hoped for, but I needed to get it out and she was still the closest person to me. But of course her reaction was what you might expect: hostile. And this caused a couple months of arguments, I didn't see the girl I was crushing on anymore, and basically it felt like... I don't know. Condemnation. Like I got to taste confidence for the first time, and what it's like to be desired, and that would be forever closed off from me.
More months of no sex, no affection, and we talked about it a lot. And she couldn't see why it was a big deal to me, and it really came out that she chose me because I was more into her than she was into me; that she chose me because there was no desire or passion on her part; and that she chose me because she thought I was safe and I wouldn't hurt her (like this). And again, that crushed me.
And we seriously talked about being non-monogamous (ENM) again, and she was opposed but sympathetic, and then something happened, when I repeated her words back to her she realized that she had treated me, for so long, exactly how she was afraid of being treated in a relationship. And with that our relationship changed.
I'm basically Solo Poly, in a platonic marriage. And it's still a struggle, but I actually feel free. I've spent time with people that actually enjoy and value my affection and it's changed my life and frame of mind almost as much as transition. It's such a struggle, but it feels like I'm actually alive.
Anyway I just want to say too that I've spent time with and talking to a lot of girls who were in relationship for 5-10 years before transition and it's felt really grim. Even the ones who have been supportive had clearly been taking advantage of their partner. Like, I just want girls to know that just because someone supports your transition doesn't mean they're entitled to you (or kids from you).
Believe in yourselves.
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2023.03.23 20:44 TaskTime3138 0417 ICT MAY JUNE 2023

I’m terrified, I really am. I did the 2022 October November paper 12 and got an A. I was aiming for an A* and was disappointed in myself. I think, no i know the problem was in paper 1, I find it so difficult just knowing all the content. Do you have any tips or advice on how I can approach questions in paper 1. My answers are logical they just don’t match the marking scheme.
If any of you had done paper 1 f/m 23 can you please tell me how was the paper, in general. Where there any repeated questions or new questions.
All of this would be much appreciated and thank you all for your help anyways .
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2023.03.23 20:44 Accomplished_Cell723 Am I Weird?

I’ve been playing Skate 3 since i was 9 years old. I’ve done every trick and completed every challange countless times.
Now i’m 22 and I’m currently playing Skate 3 almost every day. I cant seem to explain why i’m still playing it. My girlfriend thinks that i’m weird for playing it as much as I do… I just really love this game, it’s just so perfect even though it is almost 13 years old… I’ve never felt this way about a game before.
Can anyone else relate to this? Or am I just weird..?
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2023.03.23 20:43 SupahSpace Coworker Keeps Bringing Up Inheritance

I have a budding friendship at work. We have plenty in common and talk about plenty of things but there's one thing that keeps being brought up that has slowly become grating to listen to. Essentially, her and her parents are in a place right now where wills and and inheritance are being talked about, and with her parents being entrepreneurs and successful business owners there is a lot of money coming her way. She has had a complicated history with her family that has lead to some hard feelings on her end and a sudden need to fix it on her parents end by awarding her the material benefits that come with the financial success they have had in life. C'est la vie
Overtime, I have strangely picked up a habit of befriending people who are much more well off than I am. I love them each dearly (I feel like it's obvious money isn't a factor, but let me just cover my bases : money is not a factor when I'm choosing friends) and over time I have grown immune to the slight ignorance that can come with being raised in an environment like that. For the most part, I feel comfortable being honest if we are close enough. In this case we still have a new friendship so it's not really a place I'm comfortable going, especially since we work together all day.
The conversations are typically one-sided, talking about what's the newest thing she found out about getting in the will, or how - due to certain circumstances that I won't specify - she likely wont have to work again, etc, etc. There's not a lot of space for me to interject or give advice so I just listen which is kind of where the frustration begins. I don't think she's bragging, it's just something that she's going through in her life that I acknowledge is very significant. In the beginning I was like "yes girl boss go you" because obviously who doesn't want that and she's incredibly well rounded as a person in the professional world (intelligent, good at her job, smart people shit) and I want to raise her up. She is also kind, listens to me, and we talk about stuff other than just this. However, I feel like I'm at this stand still in us getting to know each other because it's such a significant part of her life that I fear the closer we get the likely hood of me resenting her grows because of this specific topic.
I'm going back and forth at this point - but it's not like I want her to feel like that topic is off limits, but simultaneously how do I say " I want to set boundaries because I'm tired of you talking about how much money you have". I have a TERRIBLE time pretending not to be annoyed with people, but I don't want to treat her that way since I haven't properly explained how it makes me feel.
What the heck do I do if anything at all.
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2023.03.23 20:43 grdqn Free roaming rabbit toys?

Free roaming rabbit toys?
I just got my rabbit about 3 weeks ago, and I am looking for any toys or treats for her.
Her name is Cloudy btw
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2023.03.23 20:43 pteranodon_92 Roommate Harassment

Within the last 5 months, my Flatmate has:
  1. Keyed my new vehicle twice and set a nail under my tire
  2. Created an email account with my info
  3. She applied for Welfare Benefits with my info, using my work address. (Welfare Fraud.) She put on the application that I had lost my job and was homeless
  4. Made a fake Chase Bank Business Credit Card denial letter. She made it look as if I had tried taking a credit card out in my company's name. She put my job place as the address and my boss received it.
  5. She applied for Geico Insurance and an Amex card in my name, also with my work info
  6. She smashed my eggs and put a ton of rubbing alcohol in my half & half and in my bathroom products
  7. She put stickers all over my windows, from the outside, to cover my outdoor cameras. She said my cameras were illegal. This was hypocritical because she has outdoor cameras too. I got these cameras as a response to my truck being vandalized. I'm an audio engineer and have a lot of audio gear stored in the home.
  8. She painted a 10 ft. x 6 ft. painting on the property saying I was a sociopath: "(my name) is a sociopath who plays victim to avoid accountability." She painted over it within 48 hours. Later when I confronted her, she said that I wasn't even supposed to see it, that it was just an expressive art piece. That me sharing footage with my friends and family says more about me than it does her.
  9. I've nicely confronted her about a couple of these other things and after I've confronted her, she then turns and says I'm doing those things to her. A.) When I confronted her about the vehicle damage she said, "I have no idea what you're talking about, it's kinda funny though. I'm not surprised you've made more enemies." Then proceeded to tell people I keyed her Jeep. I proved that I did not, then she changed the story and started saying I dented the hood of her Jeep. B.) I sent her an email asking for reimbursement for my bathroom products but she never responded. She started telling people this: That I was the one who put rubbing alcohol in my shower products, and that she went into the restroom after me to "set me up" and "mimicked" putting rubbing alcohol in my products to prove I had hidden cameras in the restroom. Which I would never do because that's illegal.

I was really bad with boundaries and formed a friendship with her for a couple of years. There were a lot of behavioral patterns that I normalized (black-and-white thinking, not taking any accountability, social skill struggles, disproportionate emotions and reactions, gaslighting, etc.). The falling-out and harassment came about after I attempted to set a clear, simple, reasonable boundary with her. She took it as a personal attack and has been rageful toward me since. She was unemployed while doing all of this but I think in a recent couple of weeks she has gotten a job, which is relieving because she's leaving me alone for now but it would be more of a relief if she moved out. The landlords who also live on-site do not want her here but they don't feel they can evict her, they're intimidated by her. I've been documenting best I can and I have taken action, waiting on the outcomes. I cannot afford to move out within any reasonable amount of time and I love where I live. So instead of using my resources to move, I want her out. I was totally willing to live with her still until she did all of these unhinged things. I've lived with at least 10 other roommates in my adult life. I've never had problems that weren't solvable with others. There were 4 other women that lived here before me and they all had issues with her.
To paint a picture: This is in Los Angeles. This all started in October 2022 but has escalated since February 2023. She is a 34 y.o. Mindful Meditation Teacher and Artist. 🙃
If anyone has any suggestions or resources, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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2023.03.23 20:42 mshobo My bf (35M) broke up with me (28F) after 4 years. Out of nowhere and I don’t know how to cope

So, basically the title, guess I’m writing to organize my feelings and the pain pushing on my stomach 24/7… long post ahead, my apologies! TLDR at the end.
For context we where together for 4 years and lived together for 2, we had a happy life, happy dog, could talk through any disagreement (or so I thought) and up until last week we were planning to get married… he even wanted to elope but I wanted to wait and celebrate with a trip together.
I did notice something was off last week but I thought he was stressed; he had mentioned some issues so I didn’t nag him about it, he kept joking and kissing me but just less… then this Monday as soon as he woke up he just said “we need to break up” I went cold in shock - I was even planning something we could do that day...
I understand his reasons, he wants children and said he can’t wait for me to make up my mind as to have them or not (I had previously said I didn’t want them and joked about it but not once did he sat down with me and said “I do want them” he just made the decision for me), we had discussed adoption and he agreed but now turns out he wanted them biological, I was just in the process of changing my mind but he didn’t believe me and thought I was just saying it to keep him… I fought and begged him to work it out and go to therapy bc it’s something that can be fixed but he was so apathetic towards me, he even looked at me differently and I couldn’t recognize this person in front of me… it’s like the 4 years we had never happened and I don’t understand how did he grow so cold and distant towards me? For how long had he been pretending? If he loved me so much why didn’t he talk to me at first? I left our home that day in shock with so many more questions.
So after insisting, he mentioned our sexual life; I’m on antidepressants and I have more health issues due to hormonal birth control and I knew I wasn’t satisfying him sexually, I even mentioned it several times and he said it was fine, that he didn’t need anything from me… but now he tells me he’s leaving because he will cheat on me eventually and again, I question why didn’t he tell me about it back then? he just kept bottling everything up until there was no turning back? And again I begged, “we can fix this, we can work on this, I love you and I want to make it right” but I was only met with more indifference and rejection from him… and I can’t stop asking myself, how can you say you love someone so much but not fight for them or for what you had? How can you just give up so easily on “the best relationship you’ve had” and the person you have made a life with? He just turned into this cold, cruel man that I never thought he could be… he blames me for his unhappiness, his lack of communication and the attitude he’s taken towards me, I can’t stop blaming myself as well… “why didn’t I speak up? Why didn’t I do this or that?” I even remembered that at one point I considered letting him find someone else to have sex with just so he wouldn’t leave me…
I told him I don’t deserve this treatment, of all the times I considered leaving I would not have treated him this way… I would not have blamed him for my decision and I would not have ignored him nor kick him out just like he did to me. He’s not answering my questions, he didn’t give me a warning nor a chance to work on it… and I truly truly don’t understand how can you just stop caring about someone? Because I’d like to do that, I’d like to stop caring about him as well but all I think about is hugging him and comforting him through whatever he’s going through… lastly he said he just likes to be alone and can’t keep pleasing me because he lost himself in the process, which I get, I lost myself too but I still love him.
And now I found out he’s going to move on and continue his life in the place we shared… I didn’t want to keep it because I’d just keep looking for him, waiting for him, but he’s gonna move on there, he’s going to erase all evidence of me and bring someone else eventually to the room we once shared… how can someone just not care like that? That’s my question… how did he stop loving me so fast?
I’m torn apart, whenever I get up I feel as if I’m gonna fall into pieces, I can’t eat, just want to throw up and get this pain out of me. It hurts to wake up and get hit by his absence, knowing that it’s not a bad dream…
TLDR: bf of 4 years broke up with me without a warning, has blamed it all on me when not once did he mentioned having these thoughts. He hasn’t shown the smallest hint of pain or care towards me and I don’t understand how he changed to this man in front of me and I never noticed.
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2023.03.23 20:42 xubyeej Hip stiffness

I've been slef training for 3 years now, my hips are still not as flexible as I want them. My low kicks are feeling great, but my hips prevent me from kicking higher. Obviously I'm doing something wrong and the internet and yt is not enough help. So now I've turned to people of reddit with experience. Any tips, tricks and/or stretches will help!
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2023.03.23 20:42 sk8parkrollerblades Rosemary essential oil mixed with olive oil and nizoral shampoo fixed my entire year of scalp issues IMMEDIATELY (repost here bc science didn’t like it).

I just needed to put this here in case it may help anyone else. I’m kind of guessing the nizoral is really what did the trick, but I did both treatments one after the other so I can’t be sure.
Long story short, I’ve been having an insanely dry itchy scalp for close to two years now. Like when I say I could not wash my hair for a week and it would be bone dry still by the end I’m not exaggerating. Some absolute Atacama desert shit.
I’ve seen stuff about nizoral and rosemary etc for some time, and have tried making my own rosemary oil, many different shampoos and tea tree oil coconut oil etc with no luck. So finally got the nizoral and pure rosemary extract, put about 5-7 drops in some olive oil and brushed it through my hair and let it sit for about an hour, then washed it out w the nizoral shampoo, and felt IMMEDIATE relief.
This was three days ago, have not washed or treated my hair since, and I have absolutely no flakes for itchiness still and my hair is more hydrated than it’s been in ages.
I’m just so fricken thankful. Idk why I didn’t try it sooner. I know everyone is different but maybe this will work for someone else. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.23 20:42 Winter_Ninja6 My brother almost skipped my wedding...

Sorry if I don't have all the reddit lingo down, first time poster here, but I listen to THT a lot so I think I get the gist?
I (29F) got married a few months ago and my brother (32M) admitted to me last night at family therapy that he didn't want to attend, but ended up showing up out of "respect".
For most of last year, my brother and his wife (29F) would not allow their children (8M, 5F) to see their grandparents (mine and my brother's parents). The reasoning for this was ridiculous in my opinion, and kind of a long story, but essentially my brother's wife has a long history of having attack-like outbursts at different members of my family for the past decade. A few months go by and everything is fine, and next thing you know you're her next target. You did something wrong that had nothing to do with her, and you'll get bombarded with paragraphs of text messages saying horrible and aggressive things. Well, the end of 2021 was my turn to be the target. I get drilled with many questions about my wedding that is a year away at that point, things like "am I going to be in your wedding?", "are my kids going to be in your wedding", "where is your brother sitting? am I sitting with him?", "why didn't you sit me down and tell me I wasn't going to stand up in your wedding?", "other sister-in-law is pissed you didn't ask her to stand up in your wedding", etc. I eventually stop responding to these texts out of irritation and knowing she's trying to stir something up so I didn't want to give her the time of day. She ends up blowing a gasket at me and my parents, sending all sorts of horrible stuff to my parents and myself, saying to me "even your brother knows how fucked up your being, and no my kids can not be in your wedding". After all this my dad sends a text to her that says, "I was just waiting for something like this to happen again and sure enough it did." After that, they said they "needed a break from our family" and ended up not allowing my parents to see their grandchildren for most of 2022.
With all this happening you can imagine that tensions are high in my family, my parents are crying and stressed out on a daily basis about not being able to see their grandkids, or their son for that matter. So I decide to step in and reach out to my brother trying to get him to speak to my parents. Among the many texts I sent, one of them said "you're stressing dad out so much you're going to cause him to have another heart attack" (our dad had a heart attack at the end of 2020 and is now fine, thankfully). We had this text exchange at the beginning of August and my wedding was in October. My brother's lovely wife chose to not attend my wedding at all by the way, apparently because she was mad that I said this to my brother, and my brother almost didn't come because he was mad that I said that as well. Although, nobody thought to tell me their feelings... His wife did not attend, and my brother almost didn't attend for a reason that I was completely unaware of. And seemingly, they thought they were just going to do this to me and we were just going to be fine and figure it out after my wedding? MY WEDDING. You know, once in a lifetime thing? He couldn't have told me he was upset and we could have squashed it? They would have rather missed the biggest day of my life because of one comment I made months before?
There is honestly so much more backstory to this. My brother and his wife also ended up planning their kid's birthday party the same day as my bridal shower, and also did not invite me or my parents to the kid's birthday party (which we always go to).
I really am honestly just dumbfounded that my own brother almost didn't come to my wedding because of a reason he never even told me was an issue. And not for nothing, it was the truth.
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2023.03.23 20:42 Inside_Rabbit_8668 32 [M4F] Visiting dominant into musings, makeout, and muffdives

Looking for an athletic dominant who has a kink for giving orgasms? You're at the right spot! I'm visiting San Francisco and want to meet up and spend some time with an open-minded and kink-friendly person.
I'm 6 ft and have a short groomed beard, assuring smile and deep calming eyes. I am easy to talk to and in fact I'm quite soft-spoken outside the bed. I do enjoy taking control and I get the most enjoyment from making out and treating my partner to orgasms. Muffdives make a big part of why I'm doing this so hope you are ready to be licked until you're cumming! I don't need reciprocation. I'm std-free with recent tests and would expect the same.
I can host or travel within SF or bay area. Send me a chat!
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