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Sick of buying candles that don't smell? How about plug ins? This is a community for scented candle, plug ins & body care lovers. Don't trust the reviews on the sites, come here for REAL people reviews on Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, Goose Creek and more. Please share your scented experience with the world. We are waiting for YOUR honest opinion. Posts on scent descriptions w/out reviewing the candle performance are also welcome here.

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The subreddit for underrated bath and body works products that the people have to know about!

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For anyone who is interested in not buying products from Bath and Body Works for any reason.

2023.03.23 21:24 Queasy-Macaroon-3483 Dandruff

I’ve never ever had issues with dry skin or dandruff until meno. So on top my unreasonable rage (that’s a whole different post) I am now contending with fecking dandruff. I was wearing a brown hoodie at work the other day and scratched my itchy scalp. I was horrified at the amount of dandruff that fell from my head!! I looked like I had sneezed into a bowl of powder sugar. It was straight up embarrassing, and now have a new thing to dial up my anxiety which already sat at 12 on a scale of 1-10. I swear my body is betraying me in every way possible.
Thanks for letting me vent.
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2023.03.23 21:21 Stewie344 Right supraspinatus partial tear

Might sound like a silly question, but let me give some backstory. So about 2.5 years ago, I started experiencing a numbness accompanied by occasional pain in my lower right rotator cuff. At the time, I’d gotten a new chair that was not very ergonomic and offered pretty bad back support. For a while, I thought this was nerve damage related to posture and went to a chiropractor to try and remedy it. At this time, I also started working out and playing rugby with this issue still ongoing. While I noticed the pain slightly improving, the numbness never went away.
Fast forward, I finally decide to get an ultrasound + xray done on my rotator, and I found out it was partially torn on my right side. My bench, along with my accessories that involved my rotator cuffs, never broke its plateau (180 pounds for bench). Also, my right scapula also seems to be able to pinch better than my left which seems odd to me.
I’m not exactly sure how it happened in the first place, but something isn’t adding up. I’m sure I would’ve noticed 2 years ago if I tore it especially if I didn’t workout? Could this definitely be a reason why my upper body lifts aren’t improving? (Also forgot to mention, pain is mostly more significant afterwards for exercises like an OHP, and even sitting in the car I feel the pain often. I will also be receiving medication to heal the tear).
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2023.03.23 21:21 wolfgangwhitexxx Need advice as a male creator

Hey everyone, apologies if this has already been addressed and I missed the post, but I suppose I'm looking for advice from a male creator who has found at least some level of success on OF or frankly any platform. For context: I'm a fairly average-looking dude with a fairly average-looking body, but my imagination, creativity and passion for adult content/storytelling knows almost no bounds. And when it comes to the pure physical: my cock is also fairly average but it's quite thick and I deliver solid cumshots. I also love roleplaying, dirty talking, and moaning. I've got a bit of a naughty stepdad vibe to me, also a bit of a bear.
I love making adult content with what I've got, but I think I just wanna know if it's at all doable. I look at people like Andy Savage, Thor Johnson, Nathan Bronson, Tommy Pistol, and I feel like I'm not too far away from those performers in terms of my overall vibe. I just don't know what my main focus should be: mostly focusing on cumshots? Or POV roleplay videos? I'm mostly solo male but I'm super down to do sexting, to do customs, to do fetishes that don't cross my boundaries...
Sorry for the long post, I would just really appreciate a bit of guidance, I'm doing a ton of research and fully intend on trying things out and experimenting to seeing what works, but I'm also terrified of being delusional. Thanks and wishing you all a great day. I also want to commend you all for having chosen this sometimes incredibly difficult career path that society sometimes fully shuns, and yes while we're having a blast having sex and masturbating, general society doesn't see the hellscape that is the rest of the work needed to keep the party going, so all my love out to you all. ✨🔥🙏
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2023.03.23 21:21 moonlitjasper Asking for help riding a bike is great for increasing conflict resolution

I’m currently working with my first child from Growing Together, who started as an infant. She’s working on the step of the new mind and body aspiration where she has to learn how to ride a bike. The other day, I got a different sim to help her learn to do it and it worked. I tried again today with her mom, but no matter where I had the bike (outside in a few locations, or in her inventory) it would end the interaction right after asking. The mom wouldn’t help her no matter what I did. However, I also have Parenthood, and I noticed that whenever the kid asked her mom to help ride the bike her conflict resolution would go up. I only had to ask a handful of times in a row before she qualified for the mediator trait. The interaction failing is kind of annoying but also extremely helpful, as I usually find conflict resolution to be one of the more challenging character values to increase. Thought I’d share so others could also take advantage of this until it’s fixed!
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2023.03.23 21:19 jcravens42 Help research the names inscribed in a cave in Nevada

From the Facebook page of Great Basin National Park in Nevada:
Have you ever dreamed of assisting Indiana Jones from the comfort of your home? Then we have the project for you! While our GBI (Great Basin Institute) archaeologist has never had to outrun a large boulder, she is working on an exciting project with historic inscriptions in Snake Creek Cave.
Snake Creek Cave contains hundreds of inscriptions ranging from 1885 to 1978. Though it's clear many people have visited the cave through the years, there is no known history about their explorations. We need volunteers to help us research the names documented in the cave so we can understand who visited the cave and why. And we can't accomplish this without your help! Please email [email protected] if you're interested in volunteering.
If you'd like to learn more about the project, check out the article, Hidden Stories of Snake Creek Cave at the following link:
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2023.03.23 21:19 LavAonDos Change region steam to Argentina, cheaper games [8$ PayPal or CardToCard]

if you want to quickly change region in steam to philippines, argentina
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``` How it works
** 1.You paying me costs and give me your steam account and steam guard code No need disable Steam guard
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2023.03.23 21:18 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 632

The Dauntless

The second leg of debates is on an age old and endlessly relevant topic. How the hell do you manage boarders in a galaxy in motion!? His own inability to properly answer that had him put another week onto The Dauntless’ arrival on Centris in order to keep out of a collection of arrangement systems. The primary laneway was a LITTLE too close for comfort to that bunch.
He has little input on the situation, The Undaunted territory is very small and well away from the heavily debated portions of the galaxy. He’s perfectly content with the minimal two lightyears distance from the central star or any controlled system, or the two light second distance from celestial bodies controlled in a system generally controlled by another. Either way it’s a HUGE amount of space and while everyone else is having a power play, he’s more paying attention to who’s being pissy with who and how that might end up being something he’ll be called in to stop. The Undaunted haven’t faced a full on steller power yet, they’ve played nice with them and negotiated with a few.
But actually competing against one is not something The Undaunted are really ready for yet. Decapitating, sabotaging, destroying one? Maybe. There were ways to do all those things. But there was another big step to outright conquest. Vucsa Five was a situation that while depressingly common in the galaxy was not the normal state of affairs, especially not for any political entity of importance.
So how would he lead his men into conquering or combating a multi-sector political entity? Much more difficult. Granted he has a great many more men, weapons and ships than he did when he first arrived. But he personally won’t be satisfied with his forces until he can pacify any political party should they go rogue or tyrannical. Which means being an insanely powerful political and military entity in their own right.
Several of the possibilities they had entertained when they were building The Dauntless was of despotic or tyrannical empires, and while there were a few of those. Some even containing hundreds of systems. They were mostly ignored and shunned by the rest of the galactic community.
They were also the topic of a few debates. Mainly in that most of these empires had sent the ‘updated’ map of their borders. Once again failing to note that space is in motion. Everything in the stars is constantly moving. Or perhaps they are aware of the concept and are just forcing other people to jump through their hoops and accommodate them? It is the kind of power play that a dictator would like.
The debates continue for a while as Lady Ticanped keeps things organized. It’s always fascinating to see her actually work. She rarely, if ever, favours anyone but when she does it’s subtle, a slightly looser leash and still she allows nothing blatant. But the power to debate your point all the stronger on a public stage is power enough to get quite a bit done.
Something a politician would gladly repay. Which with their aid allows contracts and favours of material and other forms of wealth. In essence Lady Ticanped can hold literally every polity on the council to a minor ransom simultaneously. With her assumed powers as well and her control over the layout of the building’s offices and she suddenly has the power to really twist the arm of a politician and they KNOW it.
A soft power. A power so soft that most gladly let her have it as it feels more like a gentle scarf around the neck, which has them ignore the fact that they’re still letting the woman get her power around their neck.
As is typical in an event like this those that Lady Ticanped favours ‘win’ a fair number of the debates. Or at the least put on a better showing. Incurring a greater debt to the woman and enforcing the idea that she is the one to impress. It’s artful and skilled. But it’s also wrapping up. Which means in all likelihood the next turn of affairs is going to be.
“Now that that’s out of the way. This August Council turns to a note of concern from the Representative of the Juvanis Sector. This concern is in relation to the disappearance of several preeminent citizens that have gone missing in recent days.”
He stops writing his notes, quickly closes the little book and tucks it away into a hidden pocket. A flick of material off his lapel and he waits for what is undoubtedly coming up next.
“Thank you honoured speaker. As this council has just heard, several prominent citizens from Juvanis have gone missing in the past few days. These individuals have a combined net worth that rival a planet’s. Numerous extremely companies suddenly find themselves without their CEO or in no less than three cases, their entire board of directors. Two scions of royal blood and a Saint of the Gravid Mother have all vanished.” The Representative of Juvanis brings up.
“A Saint? Perhaps this is not what I thought it was.” Admiral Cistern notes. Sainthoods in the Gravid Faith aren’t simply handed out or something that can be reliably earned. It’s something that takes an exceptional individual to earn. There’s no clear path to the title. You can’t go to school for it.
Which means that at least one truly exceptional individual important to a major religion is missing. Not good.
“However, there have been some hints as to these disappearances. Hints that lead directly to The Undaunted! I want Admiral Cistern to explain himself! While we have no trace for Saint Veloska, why has the Board of Directors of Chelwin Insurance gone missing on a planet where one of your roving teams of lunatics is stationed on!” The Representative challenges and his broadcasting terminal gives a couple flashes to warn him that it’s about to project.
“Good council and concerned representatives. I’m afraid I require clarification, or at least a narrowing of the location. I have a great many teams interspersed throughout the galaxy doing a great many things. If this occurred over Zalwore then it may be a training exercise gone wrong. If this is over the Vucsa system then your missing citizens may have been mistaken for pirates and taken into custody. To say nothing of the numerous roving EFL vessels and aligned stations. So, if you please, may I have some clarification?” Admiral Cistern both waffles for time and fully explains why he has no idea what she’s talking about.
Okay, he does have an idea, but he’s not sure.
“They were on company vacation on Lilb Tulelb.” The Representative clarifies and Admiral Cistern sighs visibly.
“Then I’m afraid I can be of no help to you. The team on Lilb Tulelb was assisting police action at the time and they are still processing an enormous amount of information. Furthermore, what information they do have they have placed a summary gag order on until such time as the investigation and legal proceedings are complete. So what I do know, I cannot tell you. I am sorry.” Admiral Cistern explains but he does wonder what will happen when some of the footage gets out. Teams of men blitzing guards and scientists before everything suddenly fills with brown smoke will garner some kind of reaction.
“That is... unfortunate. Can you confirm or deny their survival?”
“I can confirm that the operation that may or may not have swept up your missing citizens was done with the intention of taking prisoners for prosecution and not for slaughter. However I’m already skirting the edges of my gag order and will likely soon be receiving very upset calls from both my legal department and the legal system of Lilb Tulelb. So I apologize, but I cannot say any more.”
“Do your people commonly work as mercenaries?”
“My dear woman, if a soldier did NOT want pay for placing their lives in danger I would be VERY concerned for their mental health.” Admiral Cistern returns and there’s some laughter through the chamber.
“Please refrain from frivolity when answering an honest question Admiral Cistern.” Lady Ticanped says. Interesting, so now she’s playing down the presumed favour? Likely she doesn’t want her ‘impartiality’ to be questioned too much.
“My apologies. However the initial question should be directed to the police force or judiciary systems stationed at Lilb Tulelb, not myself.” Admiral Cistern states. Then another representative activates her projector.
“So you are confirming that The Undaunted are mercenaries!?” The Representative demands eagerly. Cute. But no Cigar.
“I am stating that small teams of Undaunted Soldiers can be called in to aid legal authorities and that they will have to be justly compensated for their efforts as the law requires. I said nothing about being a mercenary.”
“But you said.”
“I said that I would be concerned for the mental health of an individual going into life or death situations without payment. I did not say that we would simply sell ourselves to anyone that can pay the price. We are soldiers, not prostitutes.”
“Admiral Cistern.” Lady Ticanped warns him. She’s definitely playing up the ‘fair and impartial’ angle. He raises his hands in surrender.
“My apologies. Whether or not I found offence with the question should not have influenced my answer.” He then manually deactivates his projector and leans back as several people are speaking among themselves. Good. The reputation of The Undaunted goes up do to personal integrity, or at least the appearance of it, and that’s another issue sorted.
The topic slowly shifts towards taxation and Lady Ticanped makes no attempt to steer it back. It’s another trick she has. She CAN keep things on topic. But if it’s not a topic she likes, such as an accusation against the man she’s unofficially married to, then she can let it drift or bring up a new one. Bringing up a new topic is a bit more overt though, it seems she’s just going to let the representatives do the work for her and change the topic themselves.
After a moment’s thought he decides to make a friend. The representative for the Juvanis Sector is no longer projecting and he sends a request for a private chat. It’s accepted in moments.
“Is there something you wish to tell me?” She asks him immediately.
“Actually I would like to inquire as to what has happened with the Saint of the Gravid Mother. I have not heard of this disappearance before now and am rather concerned that such a prominent individual has gone missing.”
“Two weeks ago Saint Gina Veloska was due back to return to the main temple on Juvanis Prime after a holy pilgrimage. But there’s been no sign of her. She was last seen travelling through Lilb Tulelb, we have no idea why, but every other time she’s taken a detour on a pilgrimage she’s come back with astounding news. Then mere days later the Directors of Chelwin Insurance are all arrested and their assets frozen. But no trial as of yet. Our demands for information or extradition have all been denied and the whole time, one of your ships is in orbit. The Chainbreaker I believe it’s called.”
“I’m under a gag order when it comes to what the Chainbreaker were doing. But I CAN tell you that from what I understand of the Church of the Gravid mother it’s highly, highly unlikely that Saint Veloska was involved with what they ended up assisting the police with. However I cannot say for certain. As I said before, limited information and a gag order.” Admiral Cistern explains in an apologetic tone.
“Damn. I was hoping to at least have her back soon. In three weeks there’s a holy celebration that she has led our entire Sector in for the past fifty years. It’s grown into a massive point of pride and a cultural touchstone for us.”
“I can’t guarantee anything, but if you send me her information I can have it dispersed among The Undaunted. We’re few in number, but every extra set of eyes on the lookout for her is a good thing I would think.” Admiral Cistern offers and he receives a smile before a file transfer comes across. “You had that ready.”
“I really do want Saint Veloska back and be it an empty assurance or not, people were going to at least offer what you just did.”
“I assure you, it’s no empty assurance. We will keep our eyes open for her.” Admiral Cistern promises.
“I’ll believe that when it gets results.”
“I suppose so.” He answers and then cuts off the call. “Hmm... that felt vaguely rude. But is it for the Juvanis Sector? Hard to say.”

First Last
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2023.03.23 21:16 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Crown Auto Sales and Finance Automotive Service Technician - Mechanic Charlotte
Forsyth Redi Mix Class B CDL Driver Greensboro
Forsyth Redi Mix Class B CDL Driver Winston-Salem
Dawn Development Company Equipment Operator Monroe
Wallburg Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian Winston Salem
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Angier
Bath & Body Works Sales Agent Asheboro
Thorntons Seasonal Worker Asheville
University of Miami Clinical Business Operations Representative, Ambulatory Surgery Unit Boone
Olive Garden Barman Burlington
Bruckner's Truck Sales Outside Parts Salesperson - Albuquerque, NM Charlotte
Mayne Pharma Specialty Sales Representative - Oklahoma City, OK Charlotte
FSR Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Charlotte
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Charlotte
Ziegler CAT CAT Industrial Parts and Service Sales Representative Charlotte
Stauffers of Kissel Hill Greenhouse Team Member Charlotte
Cutera Therapeutic Specialty Representative - AviClear Sales Charlotte
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Charlotte
80 Acres Farms Indoor Farm Technician Charlotte
Vantagepoint AI, LLC Software Sales Charlotte
Thorntons Seasonal Worker Charlotte
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Clayton
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, Cardiovascular - Glendale, CA Concord
Toshiba America Business Solutions Field Service Technician II Concord
Spotsylvania County Public Schools Seasonal Ground Workers Concord
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 21:16 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in TN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Charter Senior Living of Paris Memory Care Director Paris
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Restaurant Manager Cordova
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Diner Manager Cordova
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Diner Manager Smyrna
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Restaurant Manager Smyrna
Restaurant Depot Picker Antioch
University of Central Missouri University Farm Student Worker- Summer 2023 Chattanooga
Bath & Body Works Keyholder Clarksville
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Cleveland
Winn Dixie Retail Stores Seafood Associate Clinton
The Reserves Network Model Home Attendant Fort Worth and Surrounding Cities Deer Lodge
Cashman Equipment Yard Attendant/Steam Cleaner Elizabethton
Factory Motor Parts Auto Parts Sales Representative Hendersonville
Olive Garden Barman Jackson
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Jackson
Olive Garden Barman Johnson City
Olive Garden Barman Kingsport
Cutera Therapeutic Specialty Representative - AviClear Sales Austin Knoxville
Custom Truck One Source Driver / Yard Attendant (Class A or B CDL) Knoxville
Stauffers of Kissel Hill Greenhouse Team Member Knoxville
United Natural Foods Field Sales Representative- Franklin, MA Knoxville
Bojangles Bojangles Shift Manager - Knoxville, TN - 995 Knoxville
Acosta Field Sales Team La Vergne
EW Grobbel Entry-Level Workers La Vergne
Frito Lay North America Route Sales Representative Lafayette
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 21:15 Thewndlaw Can I sue someone over this?

A little less than a year ago, this girl tried to run me over. It was her second dui, she crashed into a bus stop and like ten cars, and she also attempted to flee the scene. She wasn’t charged for attempting to hit me, even though I had to run up a hill just to escape. The officer said this is because she did not know me before the incident, so she did not have any real motive. (I was the only one who saw her before she fled and I was calling the police, so she was upset at me I guess.) Anyways, I wrote a statement and left it at that. About 24hours later, my body was in so much pain and I was sent home from work. Every loud noise was triggering my fight or flight and I couldn’t take it. I was crying, I had body aches, and I couldn’t sleep or eat. It was miserable. I saw my doctor and was prescribed medicine to help with PTSD. I had to take off of work and missed out on so much money. My boss was incredibly understanding. I want to sue, but I’m not sure if this is valid enough. I live in Virginia. Please let me know. That was the worst month of my life.
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2023.03.23 21:14 DukeOfCupcakes Need some help brainstorming details for my upcoming Wild Magic Sorcerer

Hi. I’ve got a new campaign coming up where I finally get to be a player again!
My players in the game I DM just bought me a gorgeous d100 as a gift so in honor of that I decided on a Half-Elf Wild Magic Sorcerer.
The back story I sent my DM is:
“Rixus is a happy-go-lucky, chipper half-elf with a very unfortunate secret.
Physically, he’s a normal looking half-elf. He’s on the tall side, with bright green eyes and a friendly smile. Upon closer inspection, you can see what appears to be healed scars on his face and down his body. He wears long sleeves and clothing to cover as much as he can.
He doesn’t remember anything about his childhood, or his adolescence for that matter. The earliest thing he can remember is waking up inside a ruined castle and wandering to the nearest town.
Rixus’s dark reality is that he was created as a living phylactery of an extremely powerful lich - now long dead. The idea is that he’s literally “half-elf,” half the flesh used to create him was human and half was elf. The spell worked too well, what was supposed to be an empty shell ended up with a soul of its own, one whose ignorantly blissful nature pushes back against the evil of the lich.”
The plan is to flavor his wild magic surges as the lich’s soul stirring within him.
I’m struggling with a couple of things:
Concept-wise, how he’s coming to terms with the inherently magical things he can do, and how the actual casting of his magic looks. For the former, I can’t come up with how these powers are manifesting outside of just like “oh look i can throw fire around.” For the latter, I like to flavor my casters in some way, but can’t seem to come up with a unique way he throws spells around.
Mechanic-wise, I’ve never played a Sorcerer before and am realizing that they don’t have access to learning a ton of spells the way Wizards do and can’t choose from the whole list like Druids. Because of this I’m nervous about picking bad spells because something sounds interesting or missing something important. Any advice there would help a lot.
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2023.03.23 21:14 JustAnotherMaineGirl Clothes: Beyond Basic Decluttering

It's relatively easy to go through an initial sort through your closet, to discard or donate anything that is getting too ratty, doesn't fit your current body, or no longer suits your current tastes or lifestyle. But what about all the clothes that you still like and still want to wear, and it's still way too much stuff to store in your available space? If you're struggling to fit too many wearable clothes into too little space, here are a few tips I've found useful over many years of living in small spaces.
  1. Choose your colors. One of the easiest ways to further declutter your wardrobe is to identify colors you like that match well with your individual hair, eye, and skin color, and discard anything that clashes with them. Neutral tones like black, white, navy, and beige are great as mix-and-match coordinates for your colored items, but even among the neutrals, there are certain shades that will flatter while others will make you look washed-out. Don't keep ANYTHING if the color doesn't make you look and feel awesome!
  2. Shop your closet. At the beginning of each new season, try on EVERYTHING that you typically would want wear in that season, from outerwear to underwear. (For convenience, I'll typically wear a white T-shirt while I try on all my skirts and pants, then a single pair of black pants while I try on blouses, tees and sweaters.) For each item in wearable condition that you still like, ask yourself: would I pay full retail price to buy this again today? If no, that's an easy toss into your discard pile, although not without regrets and gratitude for making you look great in previous seasons. If yes, toss it in a "Want to keep" pile. More about that in Item 4 below.
  3. Remove and store out-of-season clothes...judiciously. Your closet and bureaus should be reserved for in-season clothes that you look forward to wearing soon. So pull out all your out-of-season stuff, stow it in rodent-proof containers, and move the containers to a less-convenient location. (I'm not proud of this, but I once used my car trunk to store out-of-season items I couldn't bear to let go, when I didn't have any other place to stow them. And they were in fine shape, when I took them back out.) Before storing them away, do a quick cull to discard or donate anything that no longer merits the extra work of storing and moving it in and out of seasonal rotation. If your favorite everyday-wear leggings are starting to pill and the fabric is wearing thin in spots after several winters of heavy use, swallow hard...then out they go!
  4. Compare similar items in your "Want to keep" pile. Chances are good that you've got similar items in your "keep" pile, and you have neither the room nor the need to keep them all - especially if it means crammed-up storage space that wrinkles everything and makes it harder to select what to wear. So before putting all those wanna-keep items back and deferring the hard decison-making for another year, bite the bullet and make each item compete against at least one other. If you only get to keep one, will it be the blue T-shirt from your favorite concert, the green one that matches your eyes, or the black one with the sassy quote? Do you want to keep the jeans that make your butt look amazing, or the pair that is more comfortable? The corduroy skirt, or the wool plaid? And how many times have you actually worn a dress and spike-heeled shoes in the past few years, regardless of how pretty they are and how great you look in them?
I hope that some of you will find these suggestions helpful. Please feel free to add your own favorite tips to this list!
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2023.03.23 21:14 Sufficient-Truth9562 I don't know how to handle suddenly being unwell again

I've been doing pretty well since last summer, I've not restricted, have gained... I started feeling more comfortable with my body and I was a whole lot happier. I didn't even think about it anymore. I did have some rough days, but nothing that I couldn't manage. I even did not need to go to therapy as often as I used to.
But the last 1-2 months have been so hard. I think it has a lot to do with my self worth, I went through a sort of "break up" and lost some friends. I think for now I really have to stay away from relationships. I felt overall kind of like a shit person and it made me not care about myself as much. It's like, I almost have this urge to make myself be ill, so people will care about me. I feel like if someone recognises me hurting, maybe then I'll be worth something. I know that that mindset it toxic and not how it works, I don't want to guilt someone into liking me. So now I kinda enjoy 'daydreaming' about how it would be to have to go to the ER or something like that...
At the same time I have this incredibe anger because I wanna just be okay. I want to be healthy and fun to be around, I want people to think I am this well put together person.
These 2 narratives are constantly fighting with each other, one second i am determined I have to do better, but then I don't know how. I feel like I already did everything and get overwhelmed. Then I just wanna suffer again because it's "easier". I don't really want that anymore though, I wanna finally live a life and not constantly have this focuse on how to fucking eat.
Honestly I am just so frustrated, genuinely just wanna start some goof habits again but it seems so hard. I kind thought I wouldn't have all of this shit again. I just wanna get back on track with my recovery. At this point I'll honestly fo anything to change how it is now.
If anyone has any thoughts/advice, honestly I'd greatly appreciate it.
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2023.03.23 21:13 HomieG_Bayybee What are some "healthy" alternatives to straight up smoking

(Don't light me up just yet hear me out lol)
Recently Ive been trying to keep myself in a better state of health. Eating, working out, working the brain, blah blah blah. I smoke almost daily, if not at least several times a week, and am curious as to what alternatives or methods would promote better lung health for my long term life?
Look I aint no saint looking for some easy answer here because I know I wont get it. The easiest answer would be to stop all together, or edibles, but I'm not exactly in a state where edibles are sold around the corner. On top of that edibles can just put me out, depending on the strength of course. But as someone who uses a pipe or joint 99% of the time, is there a better "heathier" alternative. I can feel my lungs taking the hit more and more every day and wanna make sure I take care of the 1 body I've been given for as long as I can. But of course I wanna get zooted when I can lol. If that requires reduced smoke time so be it but I thought id reach out to the great minds of the internet and see if there are any other options.
I know what im asking is kinda a long shot but any and all help is appreciated.
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2023.03.23 21:13 PitoyaTUX So many years getting yelled at for my "aches and pains" to find out it could be an autoimmune disorder

Up until I was 22 (I'll be 28) I had the same insurance and the same doctor. This doctor saw everyone in my immediate family. He misdiagnosed me several times, had me put on outdated medications, put me on painkillers as soon as I was old enough to be, and did the bare minimum to treat me. I once had a back injury and he "didn't see anything wrong" in my x-ray so I went to a chiropractor (had to pay out of pocket) and they immediately saw that my lower spine was slightly off center and I had sciatica (I'm okay now but it took two years to correct).
My mother deemed me a hypochondriac when I was nine because she was tired of me "complaining about aches and pains" and at one point when I brought up having asthma, she told me I had "exercise induced laziness". She body shamed me, yelled at me when I tried to seek medical care on my own, and never gave a shit about me the numerous times I ended up in the hospital. My grandparents, her parents, were and still are the only ones who cared (plus my now partner of almost seven years and his family <3)
Last year I got a new doctor and it took them no time at all to discover I was critically anemic, had hypothyroid, PCOS, several vitamin deficiencies, a monster fibroid, aura migraines, degenerative eyesight, a tick disorder (that we're still investigating), CPTSD, and an allergy to acetaminophen. I'm finally getting the treatment I need and I'm so happy I finally have doctors who are listening to me and have quickly switched medications when one hasn't worked for me.
But I'm making this post because I hadn't told them about the "aches and pains" until a few hours ago. They'd gotten so bad in high school (about ten years ago) that during lunch I would cry in the bathroom because it was hard to walk by that point. After a five minute conversation about the pain and the different medical conditions that run in the family, my doctor has scheduled an autoimmune panel/blood test thing as she's convinced I've probably been living with one.
I started dissociating the moment I left the video call because I immediately had flashbacks to the time my mom yelled at me for crying when she took my extra support pillow away to give to my brother because he wanted an extra pillow. I used it to help with the pain and she yelled at me for being selfish. I've been having ticks all day as a result. Then I remembered how a friend of mine got mad that I wasn't going down to a Bible study with them anymore. I told her I was in too much pain to take the stairs and she took my shoes and my backpack and told me if I wanted them back, I had to come with them. I'm no longer religious or friends with her for many many reasons, but that was the beginning of the end for both.
I feel like all of those things made me fear getting the help I so desperately needed. The toll whatever this is has taken on my body has left me incredibly weak, and I didn't even realize. I had so many other problems that I figured those were the cause. Knowing there's still something left and it's those "aches and pains" really really hurts (no pun intended). Just fucking sucks. Especially since my old doctor is dead and my mom never takes accountability for her actions so it's not like I'll have any closure other than more pills. Plus I'll probably have to quit my job. My new manager is ableist and regularly refuses to let me take advantage of remote work if he feels like I shouldn't be able to. If I have to start another treatment for another condition, they're probably going to find a way to fire me or cut my hours more than they already have so I might as well quit before they get the chance.
This fucking sucks. I have the blood test on Tuesday so wish me luck that it's something easy to treat, because there are some nasty conditions in my family.
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2023.03.23 21:08 CH3ST3RCOPP3RPOT Vial short & How to draw the end

So...just performed my 16th pin of Test Cyp. Per MD, .5ml twice a week. Should have been 20 injections but could barely pull out .4ml and bottle seems tapped (aside from a minute amount).
I have been adamant about being precise and dosing correctly given the fact that I am new to TRT therapy. My wife works in pharmacy and I work for hospital. We know what .5ml is and the needle is clearly marked.
Questions: How did I run out? Is it common for pharmacy to compound wrong or under fill? Anyone experience this?
I contacted MD and explained but not sure what is going to happen next week. Might be going cold turkey until refill shows. Any thoughts?
Finally, any advice on getting those last drops from the bottle? I found seal leaks when pulling which makes it hard to pull the viscous liquid out. Any advice?
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2023.03.23 21:08 grand00517 Getting my shit together

So started out at 270 lbs after having a child. I'm 5'8" female. Started dieting (mostly intermittent fasting and keto with exception when going out.) Also working really hard on my mental health. I got down to 160lbs and put on a crap ton of muscle. So pretty big traumas have popped up in the last month or two. I'm finding that I go numb and eat when life is stressful. Like I cant feel my body eat until I want to throw up, but don't. I put on 20 lbs. I'm getting a lot of support and help for my mental health. But I wanted some more tips and ideas how to deal with this cycle. I dont want that family cycle of food being a coping mechanism for feelings to continue an numbing out. I want to do better for me and my kids. Have you struggled with this? If so what information, support, ideas, books helped you? Tia :)
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2023.03.23 21:08 Jumpy_Inevitable_303 I want to give up. Every part of me is gone. Mental illness, parent neglect(?) trans and my own guilt, OCD, sex and TW sa

I’m 18 years old. Over Covid I had a lot of self realizations and reasons to make myself live but I think it was a form of OCD. As a child I was terrified of school and what it meant to be a good person I would pray to god every morning because if I didn’t I thought my dogs and family would die (my family isn’t even really religious and I never understood any of the metaphors and I think that’s a failing in religion itself). I was really insecure about my sexuality and my body and during Covid I had time to work on myself and I genuinely found self love and worth but it was a routine I was obsessed with and hated breaking. It kinda made me isolate? But I also just didn’t want to have people over my house or make connections because I thought my mom and dad were awful people. I blame myself and the internet for that but also my parents. They are lowkey hoarders and kept the house gross and cluttered and it stressed me out. And never really got along. I started working because I thought happy lives were nice homes and money to enjoy with people. My sisters didn’t help and called my parents narcissists and crazy. I started feeling alone. I had to work with my mom. And I felt nothing I did was good enough so I kept like overworking or I thought I’d get in-trouble. At the time I was getting overwhelmed with gender and beauty standards. Especially after I redownloaded social media. I worked really hard for a healthy and happy body but I didn’t like getting called a girl. I thought having sex would help me out to figure out myself but I was wrong. I was alone and a coworker whom I thought was sweet, I think I pretended to be in love with the idea and honestly because I was naive and really a romantic person. I did a lot of things i regret and I think he assaulted me in the end I was in shock. I felt used and in denial I kept trying to justify it. But he was a total creep tbh. I feel so gross I let someone get so close. I’ve gained lots of weight and have major depression and ptsd. I just want to give up…I also thought I was trans cause my gender and shit and sexuality but I was wrong. Now it’s like me and my mom are in hiding from people because I’m so messed up and I was her last child. I hate myself mostly and want to give up. I was never supposed to have sex with a man but it just replays in my head horrifically like I’m actually traumatized.
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2023.03.23 21:07 PacnymuH Can't concentrate after quitting antidepressants

Has anyone experienced something similar or is this just how my brain works? I had been taking the antidepressants for less than three weeks and then decided to go cold turkey. It's like if I had a constant brain fog I can't concentrate nor do anything I wish I hadn't started taking them in the first place.
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2023.03.23 21:07 GTSBurner JV, of "JV and Elvis" on 92.3 Free FM, has passed away

You may remember the JV and Elvis show from the Free FM days. JV was actually working back in San Francisco and had a pretty successful career there. Unfortunately, he went missing about a month ago and his body was found near Pier 39 in San Francisco today.
The story from KRON in SF
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2023.03.23 21:06 penguin_emperor98 Intelligence > looks

I notice that majority of discussion on human hierarchy only mentions looks as the deciding factor. But if one takes a pause and see the people who have the most power in the world, they are often not a 6ft4 chad with chiseled jaw and superman body. Most of them are not that attractive.
The reason why humans dominate over other species is not due to our size or our beauty. Its because we are way way smarter than any other species on the planet. So the hierarchy works the same for humans, the smartest people will be on top not the tallest or the prettiest.
I’m not denying that looks plays a role but it will never be more important than intelligence.
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2023.03.23 21:06 timdupell The Use of Gardening and Green Space Therapy in Mental Health

A home garden, a green space, can improve mental health through natural sounds (bird sounds or water sounds), aroma, color, vegetation, and biodiversity. Medicinal and aromatic plants can also increase biodiversity in a home garden.
As a result, home gardening can be a nature-based solution to promote public mental health during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article explains how it works.

Reduced Stress

Whether growing flowers, vegetables, or even plants for yourself, gardening and green space therapy can reduce stress. This is because gardeners have an innate desire to be around nature, and tending a plot of land allows them to do so.
Studies have also found that gardening reduces cortisol levels (the chemical your body produces in response to stress) more than reading a book. This is because gardening and being in nature encourage people to focus on the present moment and be entirely captivated by what’s happening.
This vital quality of gardening can help improve cognitive, memory, and problem-solving abilities. This is because a critical factor in mental health is maintaining attention, a limited resource.

Increased Self-Esteem

Gardening and green space therapy can provide a sense of accomplishment and allow individuals to escape their everyday stressors. They can also improve self-esteem because plants respond well to care and are non-threatening and non-discriminatory.
A study that measured vegetation density within a 350-meter zone around residences found that people who lived in neighborhoods with more green space were less likely to suffer from severe psychological distress. The findings were even more pronounced for teenagers and adults over 65.
The positive correlation between green space and mental health is observed across ages, cultures, and countries. This is a significant finding as it supports efforts to integrate natural environments into urban planning and childhood life.

Improved Mental Health

A growing number of studies show that gardening and green space therapy can improve mental health. Some of the most important benefits include the following:
For starters, spending time in a green setting is shown to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. Research indicates that people living in areas with a lot of vegetation are less likely to suffer from these issues (Sarkar et al., 2018).
Furthermore, increased physical activity in a green environment is accompanied by reduced stress levels, which can benefit both psychological and physical health. Plus, lingering in nature is often associated with a sense of belonging and connection.
In addition to these health benefits, green spaces have also been shown to improve the quality of residential environments and increase residents’ access to physical activities. It is a good idea to make these activities more accessible to all members of the community, including those with mental health issues.

Improved Physical Health

Gardening can be a hands-on hobby that can improve physical health as well as mental health. It can help reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and provide a sense of accomplishment and mastery.
In addition, it can lower the risk of dementia and promote bone health in seniors. It can also help prevent irritability and headaches.
Another study showed that gardening could improve brain nerve growth in older adults, which can reduce memory loss and depression. Lastly, it can provide exercise and social interactions.
In a recent experiment, green space was used as an intervention to improve the local availability of fruits and vegetables and as part of an overall strategy for wellness coalitions. The results were positive for both community members and the gardens themselves.
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