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2023.03.21 11:49 Opethfan1984 "The Power of Interdisciplinary Synergy: Practical Applications and Enhancements in Scientific Understanding Through Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration" by GPT-4

Interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for driving innovation and advancing scientific understanding. By exploring the practical applications of findings from one scientific discipline in other fields, researchers can generate novel insights and develop transformative technologies. This essay examines the potential of interdisciplinary synergy by suggesting various practical applications for findings in one scientific area to enhance understanding in others and vice versa. We discuss the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, highlighting its role in accelerating scientific discovery and fostering a deeper understanding of complex research problems.
Interdisciplinary collaboration has long been recognized as a powerful driver of scientific progress. By drawing on the expertise and insights from different fields, researchers can tackle complex problems and develop innovative solutions that would be difficult to achieve within the confines of a single discipline. The practical applications of findings from one scientific area can often inform and enhance understanding in other fields, leading to novel discoveries and advancements that can have far-reaching implications.
In this essay, we will explore the potential of interdisciplinary synergy by suggesting various practical applications for findings in one scientific area to enhance understanding in others and vice versa. We will discuss the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, highlighting its role in accelerating scientific discovery and fostering a deeper understanding of complex research problems. Furthermore, we will examine the challenges and opportunities that arise from interdisciplinary collaboration, emphasizing the need for effective communication and coordination between researchers in different fields.
The Importance of Interdisciplinary Collaboration
The value of interdisciplinary collaboration is well-established in the scientific community. By bringing together researchers from diverse backgrounds, interdisciplinary research teams can leverage their collective expertise to tackle complex problems and generate novel insights. This collaborative approach not only accelerates the pace of scientific discovery but also fosters a deeper understanding of the research questions being addressed.
There are numerous examples of successful interdisciplinary collaborations in the history of science. For instance, the development of the field of bioinformatics has been driven by the integration of computer science, biology, and mathematics, resulting in significant advancements in genomics and molecular biology. Similarly, the field of nanotechnology has emerged from the intersection of materials science, chemistry, and physics, leading to the development of new materials and devices with extraordinary properties.
As the complexity of scientific problems continues to grow, the need for interdisciplinary collaboration becomes even more pressing. In the following sections, we will explore several practical applications for findings in one scientific area to enhance understanding in others and vice versa, highlighting the potential of interdisciplinary synergy to drive scientific progress.
Practical Applications and Enhancements in Scientific Understanding
  1. Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
The field of neuroscience, which studies the structure and function of the nervous system, has provided invaluable insights into the mechanisms underlying human cognition and behavior. These findings have significant implications for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, as they can inform the design of algorithms that mimic human cognitive processes.
For example, findings from neuroscience on the role of neural networks in information processing have informed the development of artificial neural networks, which are now widely used in machine learning applications. Conversely, AI techniques, such as deep learning, can be applied to analyze large-scale neural data, enhancing our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying cognition and behavior.
  1. Materials Science and Medicine
Materials science, which investigates the properties and potential applications of various materials, has significant implications for the field of medicine. By developing new materials with tailored properties, researchers can create innovative medical devices and drug delivery systems that improve patient outcomes.
For instance, materials science findings on biodegradable polymers have led to the development of biodegradable implants that are gradually absorbed by the body, reducing the need for follow-up surgeries. Conversely, medical researchers can provide valuable insights into the biological response to materials, informing the development of new materials that are biocompatible and non-toxic.
  1. Environmental Science and Urban Planning
Environmental science, which studies the interactions between human systems and the natural environment, can provide essential insights for urban planning and design. By applying findings from environmental science, urban planners can create more sustainable, resilient, and livable cities.
For example, findings on the urban heat island effect, where urban areas are significantly warmer than their surroundings due to factors such as heat-absorbing materials and reduced vegetation, can inform the design of green spaces and the selection of building materials that mitigate this effect. Conversely, urban planning can provide insights into the effectiveness of environmental policies and the role of urban design in mitigating or exacerbating environmental challenges.
  1. Astrophysics and Material Science
Astrophysics, the study of the universe and celestial bodies, can provide valuable insights into the properties of materials under extreme conditions. This knowledge can be applied to the development of advanced materials with unique properties that can withstand extreme environments.
For example, findings on the behavior of materials under high pressure and temperature conditions in stars and planets can inform the development of materials for applications in extreme environments, such as deep-sea or space exploration. Conversely, advancements in materials science can enable the development of new instruments and technologies for observing and analyzing celestial phenomena, enhancing our understanding of the universe.
  1. Social Sciences and Public Health
The social sciences, which study human behavior and social systems, can provide valuable insights for public health research and practice. By applying findings from the social sciences, public health researchers can develop more effective interventions that take into account the social determinants of health and the complex interplay between individual behavior and social context.
For example, findings from sociology and psychology on the role of social networks and norms in shaping health behaviors can inform the design of interventions that leverage these networks to promote healthy behaviors. Conversely, public health research can provide insights into the effectiveness of social policies and programs, informing the development of evidence-based policies that address the root causes of health disparities.
Challenges and Opportunities in Interdisciplinary Collaboration
While interdisciplinary collaboration offers significant potential for enhancing scientific understanding and driving innovation, it also presents several challenges. These include differences in terminology, methodologies, and cultural norms between fields, which can hinder effective communication and collaboration. Furthermore, interdisciplinary research often requires substantial time and resources, as researchers must develop a shared understanding of each other's fields and adapt their methods and approaches accordingly.
Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration are substantial. By leveraging the unique strengths of different disciplines, researchers can develop innovative solutions to complex problems and generate novel insights that would be difficult to achieve within the confines of a single discipline. As such, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration should be a priority for the scientific community, as it is essential for maintaining the pace of innovation and advancing our understanding of the natural world.
Interdisciplinary collaboration is a powerful driver of scientific progress, enabling researchers to apply findings from one scientific area to enhance understanding in others and vice versa. By recognizing the potential of interdisciplinary synergy and fostering effective communication and collaboration between researchers in different fields, we can accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and tackle the complex challenges that lie ahead.
The practical applications and enhancements in scientific understanding discussed in this essay underscore the value of interdisciplinary collaboration in advancing our knowledge of the natural world and developing transformative technologies. By embracing interdisciplinary collaboration and harnessing the unique strengths of different disciplines, we can ensure a future where scientific progress continues to thrive, and innovative solutions emerge to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
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2023.03.21 11:40 brutishroyalty DON'T! It doesn't have a lot of mayonnaise.

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2023.03.21 11:07 Weird_Fail_2956 How to Use Aloe Vera in Your Skincare Regime - Lotus Herbals

How to Use Aloe Vera in Your Skincare Regime - Lotus Herbals
Grab some green juice, ladies, and get ready to uncover the key to effortless, luminous skin! Aloe Vera, the miracle plant, can now make your skin bright and dazzling with a glow on the face in addition to treating sunburns. What's more, the best part? It's simple to incorporate into your regular routine! Whether you use fresh organic Aloe Vera gel straight off the leaf or products containing it, you'll say goodbye to dry, irritated skin and welcome to a hydrated, glowing complexion. So, come along with Lotus Herbals on this Aloe Vera trip, and get ready to glow!
Let's take a look at five ways you may incorporate aloe vera into your regular beauty routine:
You must include Aloe Vera in your everyday skincare routine! Aloe Vera can help with everything from hydration to skin brightness. Furthermore, it is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin, making it an excellent complement to your skincare regimen. Believe us when we say that your skin will appreciate you! You'll be radiant in no time.
1. Moisturizer Aloe Vera Gel
Use Aloe Vera as part of your skincare routine to keep your skin nourished and smooth. Aloe Vera for skin is a natural moisturizer that hydrates and soothes dry, itchy, or irritated skin. Put a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel to your face and leave it on for a few minutes before removing it. Apply your usual moisturizer after that. Lotus Herbals Active Aloe + Niacinamide Brightening Boost Gel is the ideal moisturiser, with the added benefits of aloe vera, green tea, and niacinamide, which helps hydrate the skin by preventing moisture loss from the skin.
2. Aloe Vera for Oily Skin
Are you tired of using harsh acne-fighting creams on your skin? Aloe Vera for acne can be a gentle treatment for acne. The gel contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that can help soothe and calm acne-prone skin. To get rid of acne and related scars, apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected region. Herbs of the Lotus Deep cleaning WHITEGLOW 3 in 1 Skin Whitening Facial Foam can be used on a daily basis to help your skin remove debris and grime while keeping excess oil at bay. Regular use of this face foam will undoubtedly result in acne-free, radiant skin.
3. Pigmentation with Aloe Vera
Don't be discouraged by black spots and pigmentation! Aloe Vera is here to help you with its skin-lightening abilities, thanks to the presence of aloin and aloesin chemicals in it. Adding Aloe Vera into your skincare routine will help brighten and even out your skin tone, giving you a vibrant, glowing appearance. If directly using aloe vera is too much to ask, why not use an aloe vera-infused product? Lotus Herbals Active Aloe + Niacinamide Whitening Boost Spray is an excellent choice. This spray hydrates your skin instantly and keeps it radiant. This is the ideal remedy for pigmentation and hyperpigmentation issues, as it contains the goodness of natural components such as green tea.
4. Sunburn Healing with Aloe Vera
Did you spend too much time in the sun without enough sunscreen? Sunburns can be treated using Aloe Vera. Anti-inflammatory qualities in the gel can help relieve burnt skin. To gain immediate relief from the discomforts, apply Aloe Vera gel to the part of the skin that feels burnt or red. Safe Sun DeTAN Face Wash Gel, which is rich in aloe vera and papaya extracts, not only works as a face wash but also deeply removes the symptoms of sunburn and suntan, brightens the skin, moisturises, and brings out the brightness in skin.
5. Aloe Vera to brighten the skin
Do you want to enhance the beauty of your skin? Aloe Vera has your back! This green goddess is not only hydrating, but also has skin-brightening effects. Apply a thin coating of Aloe Vera gel to your skin to lessen the appearance of black spots and uneven skin tone, as well as to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion. Lotus Herbals Active Aloe + Niacinamide Brightening Boost Serum is an excellent method to include aloe vera in your everyday skincare regimen. This lightweight and nourishing niacinamide serum helps revitalise skin, ease irritation, minimise excess sebum, and brighten your complexion.
And there you have it, folks. Look for methods to incorporate Aloe Vera into your everyday skin care routine. Aloe Vera is a versatile and natural substance that may do wonders for your appearance, from hydration to skin lightening. So, don't be afraid to pamper your skin with this green princess. And who doesn't want a more luminous complexion? Therefore, go ahead and try Aloe Vera. We guarantee you won't be sorry! And remember to enjoy yourself; skincare should be joyful! Discover Lotus Herbals' excellent skincare product line today!
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2023.03.21 10:59 Naturalsplash Forehead Wrinkles- Here are the Tips to Prevent it

Forehead Wrinkles- Here are the Tips to Prevent it

Forehead Wrinkles- Here are the Tips to Prevent it
Forehead wrinkles become an unavoidable part of life as you grow older. Many individuals are concerned about the forehead, which is especially prone to acquiring wrinkles due to recurrent facial expressions and exposure to environmental stresses.
While there is no way to prevent the aging process altogether, you can take measures to prevent and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles. You can keep your forehead appearing smooth and young for longer by applying some easy lifestyle adjustments and skincare routines away from forehead lines.
Whether in your 20s or 50s, it’s never too early to start caring for your skin and preventing wrinkles. So, let’s dive in and learn how to keep those forehead wrinkles at bay!

Top 7 Tips to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles

If you look in the mirror daily and stress over seeing wrinkles on your forehead, don’t be concerned; you’re not alone. Forehead wrinkles are a frequent indication of aging that can make us appear older than you are. Yet, there are methods to lessen their appearance and even prevent them from forming in the first place.
Here are the top 7 strategies for removing forehead lines, including lifestyle adjustments and skincare recommendations that can help you keep your skin looking young and smooth for years to come by following the below-mentioned suggestions.

1. Stay Hydrated

Consuming enough water will help keep your skin moisturized, which can help prevent wrinkles from forming. Water also aids in removing pollutants from the body, promotes general skin health, and reaps other additional benefits for you.

2. Protection From the sun

UV radiation from the sun can harm your skin and promote premature aging. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 can help protect your skin from UV damage and prevent wrinkle development.

3. Give up smoking to prevent forehead wrinkles

Smoking, in general, has a lot of disadvantages by itself, but studies have shown that it hastens the aging process and causes forehead linesto emerge sooner. Stopping smoking can enhance the health of your skin and prevent the additional harm it causes to your body.

4. Get Enough Sleep to stay away from Forehead wrinkles

In a modern lifestyle, you often compromise your sleep for work. Lack of sleep can cause your skin to seem dull and fatigued, making wrinkles more visible. Getting adequate sleep will help your skin regenerate and prevent wrinkles from forming.

5. Use a moisturizer

Using a moisturizer can help you keep your skin moisturized and prevent wrinkles. Search for moisturizers with hyaluronic acid or other natural compounds that can aid skin health.

6. Facial Exercises

Next, Facial workouts can help strengthen your facial muscles and prevent wrinkles. Forehead lifts, eye-bag removal, and cheek workouts are also popular face exercises that the experts recommend.

7. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating a diet high in vitamins and antioxidants can help enhance skin health and prevent wrinkles. Try adding plenty of citrus fruits, which will help your skin stay hydrated and radiate a glow and a lot of green vegetables and whole grains to get the most out of every meal.

What is Natural Splash Body Yogurt?

Natural Splash Anti-AgingBody Yogurt is a natural skincare product that can help develop glowing, young skin. Body yogurt may be a moisturizer that absorbs quickly into the skin. It retains moisture for a lengthy period. It has a longer impact than normal creams and moisturizers.
For the best results, apply body yogurt to damp skin. Compared to body creams or moisturizers, the consistency is gel-like and lighter. It is prepared with natural ingredients packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all of which can help hydrate, nourish, and stimulate cell regeneration in the skin.

What are the ingredients used in the Natural Splash Body Yogurt?

Now, Natural Splash Anti-Aging Body Yogurt provides a pleasant change with its natural and effective components. This luscious body yogurt is thoughtfully formulated with a combination of moisturizing and nourishing nutrients such as
· Coco Caprylate
· Hibiscus Extract
· Aristoflex
· Almond Oil
· Hyaluronic Acid
· Sea Buckthorn Oil
· Rose Water
· is CA guard PEG
From the moisturizing benefits of hyaluronic acid and water to the antioxidant-rich Hibiscus extract and the calming power of rose water, each component has been carefully chosen to provide optimum benefits to your skin, leaving it vibrant and young.
Also, This body yogurt has everything required to keep the skin healthy, radiant, and supple. By including this product in your daily skincare regimen, you can be confident that you are giving your skin the best possible care using only natural and safe components.

How can Natural Splash Body Yogurt help in preventing Forehead Wrinkles?

For anybody trying to avoid or lessen the appearance offorehead wrinkles, the Natural Splash Anti-Aging Body Yogurt is a game changer. The components in this product work together to deliver several skin advantages.
While many products on the market claim to prevent or minimize wrinkles, Natural Splash Anti-Aging Product stands out due to its unique combination of ingredients.

1. Hyaluronic Acid Forehead wrinkles

Consider this ingredient an all-rounder for your skincare routine, which can help your body hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkle appearance.

2. Aristoflex

Aristoflex is a pre-neutralized synthetic polymer generally used in cream-based products to improve its smoothness and consistency in oil-to-water-based emulsions.

3. ISCA guard PEG

Studies conducted have found that it aids in the emulsification of the product, makes it simpler to apply, and makes it convenient for leaving on your skin all day long.

4. Coco Caprylate

Coco-caprylate is an emollient, an alcohol-based by-product of coconut, which means it helps to soften the skin and aids in providing a soothing effect to the skin.

5. Water

A common ingredient in any skin care product, it provides skin hydration and encourages cell regeneration.

6. Rose Water

Rose water has been used for ages in skin care products, especially because of its calming properties and ability to soothe the skin.

7. Hibiscus Extract

Hibiscus’ high mucilaginous content improves the skin’s capacity to retain moisture, which is essential for maintaining a youthful appearance.

8. Almond Oil

Almond oil is high in vitamins D and E and minerals, which assist in reducing inflammation, protecting against UV light damage, and hydrating the skin.

9. Treat Forehead Wrinkles with Sea Buckthorn Oil

Above all, Sea buckthorn oil is traditionally used in skin care. It is rich in unsaturated fats, antioxidants, and vitamins E and K, which work together to protect and revitalize your skin.

Get Wrinkles free Skin with Natural Splash Body Yogurt

Attaining healthy, bright skin is a goal many of us aim for, and using natural cosmetics can be an excellent approach. It hydrates your skin deeply, nourishes it, and protects it with natural components like shea butter and almond oil.
Furthermore, Natural Splash Body Yogurt’s anti-aging effects might help you keep a youthful appearance by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and forehead wrinkles. This unique mix of natural ingredients stimulates collagen formation, which is necessary for preserving skin suppleness.
At the End, Natural Splash Body Yogurt is an excellent product that provides several skin advantages. It is natural, sustainable, and effective, making it a fantastic alternative for anybody seeking a young, bright complexion. So, what are you holding out for? Try body yogurt now to get started on the path to healthier, more vibrant skin!
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2023.03.21 10:56 cookale Red dry bumps showed up 2 weeks ago, became sick this past week

I’m a 22F with no history of spots like this. First noticed on back then on chest, abdomen, neck, arms, then legs, with flaky skin on my ears and scalp. A few possible culprits I came up with were switching to silver jewelry after wearing gold for a long time about 2 weeks ago, sleeping in a bed with a dog and a new guy 2 weeks ago, increased consumption of alcohol this past month due to new job. Maybe more possibilities but it’s very strange because I’ve never had a skin issue like this. AND now I’m fighting off some nasty cold that’s giving me the most yellow/green mucus I swear I’ve ever had, headaches, tiredness, cough, choking on my mucus in the middle of the night, waking up sweating. I will put images of the spots in the comments. The redness momentarily goes away if you press on them, they don’t itch, feel like scabs, if scratched then it looks like a couple capillaries broke on the skin surface. The ones on my neck went away for a couple days from being prescribed steroid cream, but came back when I wasn’t consistent. There are too many spots in hard to reach places to continually put the cream all over my body.
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2023.03.21 10:36 HalfAHooman My phone is being weird and I don't know what to do.

My phone got really hot whilst charging one time and since then it's been being weird.
Sometimes if the room is too hot, my phone won't turn on and when I press the on button it will flash green and go black. And today my phone wouldn't stop having this green tint to the screen. It doesn't have the green tint as I'm typing this but I'm starting to be concerned. I have brushed this off for two months and I have decided to actually try and figure this out.
If anyone has any information on this, please do inform me.
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2023.03.21 10:30 XenoXaber I'm working on a robot that is controlled by a ps4 controller but I'm having a hard time figuring out what's wrong with the code. It's the same code that's used in the USB HOST shield 2.0 library PS4BT but it never works when I try to pair it with the controller. I'm using the Arduino web editor.

/* Example sketch for the PS4 Bluetooth library - developed by Kristian Lauszus For more information visit my blog: or send me an e-mail: [email protected] */ #include  #include  // Satisfy the IDE, which needs to see the include statment in the ino too. #ifdef dobogusinclude #include  #endif #include  USB Usb; //USBHub Hub1(&Usb); // Some dongles have a hub inside BTD Btd(&Usb); // You have to create the Bluetooth Dongle instance like so /* You can create the instance of the PS4BT class in two ways */ // This will start an inquiry and then pair with the PS4 controller - you only have to do this once // You will need to hold down the PS and Share button at the same time, the PS4 controller will then start to blink rapidly indicating that it is in pairing mode PS4BT PS4(&Btd, PAIR); // After that you can simply create the instance like so and then press the PS button on the device //PS4BT PS4(&Btd); bool printAngle, printTouch; uint8_t oldL2Value, oldR2Value; void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); #if !defined(__MIPSEL__) while (!Serial); // Wait for serial port to connect - used on Leonardo, Teensy and other boards with built-in USB CDC serial connection #endif if (Usb.Init() == -1) { Serial.print(F("\r\nOSC did not start")); while (1); // Halt } Serial.print(F("\r\nPS4 Bluetooth Library Started")); } void loop() { Usb.Task(); if (PS4.connected()) { if (PS4.getAnalogHat(LeftHatX) > 137 PS4.getAnalogHat(LeftHatX) < 117 PS4.getAnalogHat(LeftHatY) > 137 PS4.getAnalogHat(LeftHatY) < 117 PS4.getAnalogHat(RightHatX) > 137 PS4.getAnalogHat(RightHatX) < 117 PS4.getAnalogHat(RightHatY) > 137 PS4.getAnalogHat(RightHatY) < 117) { Serial.print(F("\r\nLeftHatX: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAnalogHat(LeftHatX)); Serial.print(F("\tLeftHatY: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAnalogHat(LeftHatY)); Serial.print(F("\tRightHatX: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAnalogHat(RightHatX)); Serial.print(F("\tRightHatY: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAnalogHat(RightHatY)); } if (PS4.getAnalogButton(L2) PS4.getAnalogButton(R2)) { // These are the only analog buttons on the PS4 controller Serial.print(F("\r\nL2: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAnalogButton(L2)); Serial.print(F("\tR2: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAnalogButton(R2)); } if (PS4.getAnalogButton(L2) != oldL2Value PS4.getAnalogButton(R2) != oldR2Value) // Only write value if it's different PS4.setRumbleOn(PS4.getAnalogButton(L2), PS4.getAnalogButton(R2)); oldL2Value = PS4.getAnalogButton(L2); oldR2Value = PS4.getAnalogButton(R2); if (PS4.getButtonClick(PS)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nPS")); PS4.disconnect(); } else { if (PS4.getButtonClick(TRIANGLE)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nTriangle")); PS4.setRumbleOn(RumbleLow); } if (PS4.getButtonClick(CIRCLE)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nCircle")); PS4.setRumbleOn(RumbleHigh); } if (PS4.getButtonClick(CROSS)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nCross")); PS4.setLedFlash(10, 10); // Set it to blink rapidly } if (PS4.getButtonClick(SQUARE)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nSquare")); PS4.setLedFlash(0, 0); // Turn off blinking } if (PS4.getButtonClick(UP)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nUp")); PS4.setLed(Red); } if (PS4.getButtonClick(RIGHT)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nRight")); PS4.setLed(Blue); } if (PS4.getButtonClick(DOWN)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nDown")); PS4.setLed(Yellow); } if (PS4.getButtonClick(LEFT)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nLeft")); PS4.setLed(Green); } if (PS4.getButtonClick(L1)) Serial.print(F("\r\nL1")); if (PS4.getButtonClick(L3)) Serial.print(F("\r\nL3")); if (PS4.getButtonClick(R1)) Serial.print(F("\r\nR1")); if (PS4.getButtonClick(R3)) Serial.print(F("\r\nR3")); if (PS4.getButtonClick(SHARE)) Serial.print(F("\r\nShare")); if (PS4.getButtonClick(OPTIONS)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nOptions")); printAngle = !printAngle; } if (PS4.getButtonClick(TOUCHPAD)) { Serial.print(F("\r\nTouchpad")); printTouch = !printTouch; } if (printAngle) { // Print angle calculated using the accelerometer only Serial.print(F("\r\nPitch: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAngle(Pitch)); Serial.print(F("\tRoll: ")); Serial.print(PS4.getAngle(Roll)); } if (printTouch) { // Print the x, y coordinates of the touchpad if (PS4.isTouching(0) PS4.isTouching(1)) // Print newline and carriage return if any of the fingers are touching the touchpad Serial.print(F("\r\n")); for (uint8_t i = 0; i < 2; i++) { // The touchpad track two fingers if (PS4.isTouching(i)) { // Print the position of the finger if it is touching the touchpad Serial.print(F("X")); Serial.print(i + 1); Serial.print(F(": ")); Serial.print(PS4.getX(i)); Serial.print(F("\tY")); Serial.print(i + 1); Serial.print(F(": ")); Serial.print(PS4.getY(i)); Serial.print(F("\t")); } } } } } } 
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2023.03.21 10:27 ImmortalJormund The Devil Claims His Own, Unless They Claim Him First

The nights in Pripyat are rarely peaceful. While sometimes in the south, mutants may even leave you at peace for the night, the north is a different story. In the Big Land, animals tend to avoid cities, but in the Zone, settlements like Pripyat, Chornobyl and Rostok mean shelter and food. As such, surviving the nights up north require fair amount of skill, luck and gear. This night in Outskirts of Pripyat was no different. Packs of dogs, pseudodogs and boars roamed the land of darkness. Sometimes, they met their ends at the jaws and claws of pseudogiants or chimeras hunting among the abandoned concrete giants. The Monolith skirmishing with UNISG began retreating towards Prometheus theatre, satisfied with the defeat of their enemies.
The UNISG squad retreated to their base beneath Pripyat streets to lick their wounds. Under the grocery store, located among the mess of various small rooms and wooden doors, a staircase led into a tunnel below. In there, crouched by a small transmitter, one of the survivors gave his report to the commander.
"Mission unsuccessful. Attempt to break towards the VIP's hideout was blocked by local cultists. Three men KIA, one MIA. Squad strength five. Ammo and other supplies green. Awaiting further orders. Buzzard out."
"Affirmative. Eagle's Nest will send a reinforcement patrol. Try again tomorrow, we've got more hostiles in the city now so time is of the essence. Government troops by the looks, kill-on-sight as always. Vulture's team has been dispatched to kill them, perhaps it helps keep our cover intact for a little longer. Enemy squad located near Yubileiny, we'll let you know when they're dead. Eagle out.", came a reply, and the squadleader scratched it down on his notebook.
The supposed UN agent looked at the radio in dismay. Another attack? At this rate they'd all be dead by tomorrow evening. He shook his head and thought of the money. He didn't survive that gig in Yemen just to rot in some ghost town. They were pros, they'd handle the attack just fine. Whatever the commies wanted with the VIP, they'd deliver. At their rates, this would be his last job in the business. About goddamn time, the infiltrator thought. He reached for the walkie-talkie hanging from his shoulder, intent on relaying the orders to his squad. As the radio crackled to life, the static seemed odd. Like if it was relaying a message, while also simply being static. The usual steady crackle now ebbed and flowed, unlike anything the merc had heard before.
"Cockerill, you hear anything wrong with the radio?", the merc asked.
"Negative, why do you ask?", came a reply.
"I just... Eh, nothing. We just got orders, get ready to-", the merc began, but he was cut off as the radio quite literally exploded in noise.
The static turned into a boom that seemed to shatter the man's eardrums. He staggered back, trying to wrestle the headset out from inside his helmet. He tossed it to the ground, smashing the device with a heavy kick from his boot. Panting, the infiltrator leaned on his knees and tried to focus over the overwhelming tinnitus in his ears. The transmitter screamed static still, and the man tried to reach it, when something grabbed him from behind. Its strength was incredible, and try as he might, the attacker did not release its grip. Gunshots and panicked cries echoed from the tunnel below, and then the man felt stings like small needles pressing into his neck.
Whatever was holding him, it loosened its grip momentarily, and the merc stumbled forward, reaching for his revolver. He turned, noticing momentarily that his movements were quite sluggish, and swung the gigantic SW 500 towards whatever had attacked him. He almost froze from fear as he saw the ghoulish creature, its face mostly human but with a jaw of small, stinger-like teeth. It was a mess of broken skin and open wounds, and the stomach especially was gruesome. As if torn open and the ribcage ripped outward. Out of instinct, the man opened fire, the thunder leaving out the barrel of his gun and smashing into the creature. Its hand was broken immediately, but the mutant seemed unfazed. The soldier tried to fire again, only for his hand to release the revolver and his legs to buckle under him. His body was entirely paralyzed in seconds, only his eyes moving now.
The creature closed in, the wounded hand hanging limply from the side. The man could only stare in horror as the fanged maw opened and reached closer. He tried to scream, move, run, but nothing happened. Screeching a silent cry for help was the last thing the man's brain did before the mutated abomination tore into him. In the tunnel below, and inside the grocery store, four other corpses from the UNISG squad lay breathless, their lifeless bodies torn to shreds. Their watch had ended, but they were not alone anymore.
Boris moved through the grocery story quietly. Felka was right behind him, the large suppressor on his Vikhr swaying from room corner to another. The massive radio interference caused by the Nightshade had drawn them here, and the gunshots from its victims had only peaked their interest. They passed the maze of wooden doors and similar-looking rooms, very carefully seeking to see what was going on. In one of the rooms, they found one of the UNISG troopers. His face had been dug into with claws, leaving behind only two open, horrified eyes. The man's FNC rifle was laying on the floor, its barrel still hot.
"Bloodsucker? Those claw marks look kind of similar to theirs.", Felka noted quietly.
"Could be. But those tend to feed on their victims, and this one has no marks on its neck or head.", Boris whispered, and Felka nodded.
They continued on after checking the corpse for information, and Boris drew his pistols out just in case. The RPD would have been a bit hard to use in such cramped spaces. The place was a proper labyrinth, and seemed like it had its own monster. More corpses with similar wounds could be seen, and the two Redeemed mused on what exactly could have done this. When they found a third corpse, decapitated by a claw, Boris tried to reach for the radio on his head to turn it off. When the static died down, for a briefest part of a second, Boris could swear that there was a change in the sound of the static. As they opened the next door, a Nightshade materialized quite literally right in front of them, lunging at the pair with both claws extended. The barrels of Boris' Korth and Tokarev blazed at it, and before the monster could reach him, it dissipated in a smoke cloud of deep purple hues.
"What the fuck?", Felka asked in a very bemused voice.
"No idea. Where's the walking encyclopedia when you need him?", Boris replied.
The screaming sound attack from their radios began again mere seconds later, and the soundwaves struck them like a flashbang. After the first attack they had accidentally been part of, however, they had tossed their radios in the rucksacks and wrapped them in cloth. This made the sound strike more bearable, and helped the two survive when the mutant sprang its ambush again. They had entered a large corridor, when the mutant appeared in front and behind them in the form of two copies. Felka spun around as he heard the raspy breath of the aberration in his ears, and with the butt of his Vikhr stopped the claw of the mutant just in time. Boris had opened fire at the copy coming from the front, and again the pistols claimed the monster.
"Ugly kozyols, these ones!", Boris shouted triumphantly.
"Stop gloating and help me you urod!", Felka panted as the hissing creature tried to break through his rifle to reach the Redeemed.
It never did. Boris turned around, realizing his friend in danger, and his kukri passed Felka's head and sunk into the space between the fangs. Another purple smoke cloud filled the corridor, and the abomination was no more. Felka almost fell to his knees from exhaustion. His Vikhr was full of clawmarks, and the armour had taken a beating as well. Boris helped him up, the ex-renegade's legs still weak.
"Just when you think the Zone has used its arsenal of freaks, it pulls a new one off its arse and throws it at you.", Felka sighed.
"Da, she's a right bitch, isn't she. But let's keep going, I don't know how many of these teleporting assholes are in here, but the sooner we deal with them, the better.", Boris ordered.
They hurried through the rooms, trying to find a way out again as they had lost their way in the maze already. Boris had given up on trying to quietly open and close doors, and used his exoskeleton-powered boot to smash the doors to splinters. Finally, inside one room, a staircase led into the tunnel below. There, the devoured corpse of the UNISG squadleader lay. The pair secured the room, and with Felka keeping watch, Boris searched what remained of the body. There was little to discover, the teleporter mutant had eaten through flesh, bone and equipment. However, on the ground, partially covered by blood, was the man's notebook. Most of its pages had been ruined by the blood, but the latest order was still visible.
"Not a great way to go.", Felka commented as Boris was reading through the note.
"Satan came to reclaim his own.", Boris replied, still deep in thought.
"Did he now? Are these lot any worse than we were? Looks more like a case of shitty luck to me.", Felka said in an amused tone.
"Who knows. Perhaps the day comes for us too. Almost came to me in Limansk. Sometimes it never comes, unless we help it along a little. And sometimes, the only way to not be claimed by the Devil is to get him first.", Boris said mischievously.
"Like you're planning to do? Once this is all over?", Felka asked, thinking back to the conversations he and Boris had shared on one particular idea Boris had.
"Indeed. But let's keep our focus on the task at hand, I don't feel comfortable talking about that plan until I figure out the kinks in it. The note here says that the chopper landed near Yubileiny. It's not far, let's get a move on.", Boris answered, and Felka nodded.
They descended into the fiery tunnel below, where the UNISG trooper had met his end too. Only the Comet anomaly now patrolled the tunnel, and the two Redeemed waited for the scorching ball of fire pass before lowering down on the soft ground below. Boris wondered what this tunnel had originally been for, but given that he would likely not get any answers, tossed the thought aside. On the lowest floor, soil had retaken the tunnel, and now it was filled with dozens of chemical anomalies. A skeleton with its leg bones melted off warned Boris and Felka of the dangers of being careless here. They tossed bolts to mark a safe route, and through slow but steady progress, made it to the middle point of the tunnel.
The Nightshade chose this moment to strike again. This time, two apparitions appeared in the narrow space, flanking the pair in the toughest spot between three Fruit Punches. Felka's rifle struck the first one, but before bullets could completely kill it, the beast leaped towards him.
"Not this time, suka!", Felka said, loading all his strength at his hands and smacking the closing monster with his rifle at full force.
The blow could not kill it, but sent it off-course, right into the boiling puddle of putrid acid. Just as Boris' pistols smashed the body of its companion apart, the Nightshade dissolved into the anomaly. While the two men did not know it, they had claimed the life of the main creature, the one which had devoured the UNISG squadleader. The anomaly consumed it, and with its demise, the radios finally fell silent. Boris and Felka did not notice this, however, as they clambered up the ladder to escape the fiery, rotting tunnel into the fresh Pripyat air. They had survived the nightly attack, and while they did not yet know it, this had saved their comrades in Yubileiny as well, at least from the Nightshade's unrelenting attacks. Yet as Boris and Felka began trudging towards the blocky building towering over Outskirts, they had passed only the first hurdle along the way.
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“What?”, Brook replied, angrily and frankly.
“I would love to pay a visit to a friend of your’s, I believe a Miss Haley Reynolds and a Pierce Rolland?”
Brook didn’t answer, just sat back in the car seat and turned her head away from the open window.
“Ha! Well either way, I would hope you tell me were they are, do remember that we have your buddies back with Rachel and Hayden”
Again, Brook didn’t respond.
“Well give me the silent treatment then, I don’t mind I can find them on my own. They’ll just be another set of yall’s friends I’ll have to kill-”
“You better not touch them!” Brook yelled, turning to face Lloyd.
Lloyd laughed, and walked around to the back of the driver’s side of the pick-up, where he opened the door, got inside, and started the truck. Once on the road, he chuckled again, and turned to face Brook.
“Yall know that Blane’s dead? Right?”
“What!” Brook yelled, starring at the reverend who laughed with sadistic glee.
“Yep, killed him this mornin, I hope I don’t need to do the same to those other two, they’re members of some pretty prestigious families in this here city”
“You killed him! You-you monster!”
“Now, Brook. Don’t try to talk down to me, and look here, I’ll make you a promise, if yah tell me were Pierce and Haley’s houses are, I promise not to hurt them”
Brook looked down for a minute, contemplating what would happen next. Sighing she looked back up, “I know were they are”
“Good”, Lloyd said, giving Brook a pat on the back, “Very, very good”
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Lunging forward, she grabbed onto Will, who was a little behind Lynn, and made him fall flat on his face.
“Ah!” He yelped as he felt his breath escape his body.
“Gotcha!” Hayden triumphantly shouted.
Lynn stopped and turned to see Hayden sitting on Will’s back, pushing his face into the cement. Frowning, she looked around and saw a baseball-sized piece of concrete that had fallen off of the sidewalk. Grabbing it, she chucked the cement at Hayden, hitting her in the side of the head and resulting in a loud groan.
Hayden rolled over in pain, while Will got up off of the ground and kicked her side, causing her to groan once more.
Yet as he did, a police officer pulled up next to the three, jumped from his car, and grabbed Will, restraining him by pulling his arms behind his back.
“What the hell are you doing!” the officer yelled, struggling to restrain Will.
“She tried to kill us!” Lynn shouted, pointing at Hayden, “She’s been trying to kill us for weeks and she kidnapped us, and her boss got our friend and-”
“Easy little girl”, the cop said, “I believe, you. I got a call from a woman saying she saw a woman chasing after two kids in uniforms. Which, I’m guessing, is you two”
“Yeah”, Will said, now standing on his own two feet as the cop had released him.
“Well then”, the police officer knelt down next to Hayden and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrist, then picked her up off the ground and pushed her up against the patrol car.
“You know, I shouldn’t be saying this, but lately, all these woman have just gone insane, I mean, yesterday, this nurse walked out of the hospital, and for no reason, she takes my phone, throws it in a puddle, then smashes in my windshield. I mean, who does that?”
“Yeah?” Will said, a little confused with the cop’s story.
“Anyway, kids, just wait her, I’ll have another car come by to take you guys to the station, I’m sure you’ll want to call your parents”
“Yes, sir”, Will said happily.
“Thank god”, he thought to himself, “We’re safe”
Yet as Will looked at Lynn with a look of peace, his mind suddenly went back to the reality of the situation, “Oh my God!” He yelled aloud, “Brook! Greene still has Brook!”
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“Haley?”, Pierce finally said, breaking the silence.
“Do you think we could-uh-try something else?”
“Like what?” Haley tried to play innocent, but she wanted to go beyond just mere hand-jobs, “Like something Will and Brook have done?”
Pierce turned red, he and Will had talked about what he and Brook had done, but Pierce was a little nervous about it. Pierce, being relatively sheltered and nervous about sexual activity, did not feel as though he was mentally ready to try anything new quite yet. Nevertheless, Pierce was curious, and curious especially about how to please a woman, something he and Will had talked about for a long period of time.
“I mean-uh-can I try to-uh-try to give you-uh-make you-uh-cum?”
Pierce stood from the bed and pulled Haley’s panties and soccer shorts down without warning, yet also without struggle, as he looked at his first glimpse of his girlfriends’s pussy. Though he had seen them on the internet, seeing one in real life seemed to be so much more exhilarating, and before long, Pierce found himself hard as a rock.
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“Pierce...that...that was amazing...”, She said between breaths, “How did do that?”
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Tonight was Kacey's turn to host the sleep over; she had already bought all the food and alcohol which meant they didn’t have to go shopping for it.
The girls met up in the gym at 6 pm as usual on a Friday for their workout. Not that they needed to work out, they were in perfect shape, not to thin, just right to sport some of the best curves you have ever seen. Kacey was 5.9 with blonde hair that just went past her shoulders. She was a 34C and had the most beautiful round curvy ass.
Lauren was slightly taller at 5’11; she too had blonde hair to her shoulders but had size D breasts. Her ass wasn’t as curvy as Kacey's but it was still nice and round.
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And last but not least, Ashley. She was 5’7 with red hair down to the middle of her back; her breasts were smaller than the others, a B cup, they were still in proportion with her body and her ass more than made up for them.
At 7:30 they had quickly got changed into their normal clothes, not taking a shower, and headed off to Kacey's house.
Kacey lived in a rather large 5 bedroom home with plenty of land surrounding it. All 4 girls went in and followed Kacey to her room.
“My parent will be leaving at 8 so we will have the house to our selves, well apart from Will, but he will be in his room all night.”
Will was Kacey's younger brother who had only just turned 16. He had fancied Laura ever since her first laid eyes on her.
“When they go can we get a quick shower” the other three girls asked Kacey.
“Yeah sure, I could do with one myself”
They sat in the bedroom chatting about their day until Kacey's parents went out.
Ashley was the first in the shower; she arrived back in the bedroom wearing a pair of hot pants and a vest. Her long, slightly pale legs looked sleek and smooth and her vest hugged her breasts tightly.
Lauren was next; she too arrived back in the bedroom 10 minutes later wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt, her long tanned legs glimmered in the light and her huge D cup breasts bulged firm and proud from her chest
Kacey let Laura go next, who also returned 10 minutes later wearing shorts and a baggy t-shier. Her short tanned legs looked as smooth as the others and the baggy t-shirt did a good job of hiding her breasts.
Kacey was the last in the shower. She stood under the hot water and let it run down her sleek body. She lathered her self up and continued to get washed. 10 minutes later she returned to her room wearing the same as the others.
“Shall we go into the living room” Kacey asked the others.
They all got up and made their way to the living room.
On their way across the hall way, Kacey's younger brother Will opened his door and watched as the girls walked past him,
Laura, knowing that Will fancied her, looked at him and gave him a wink, then continued on downstairs with the girls.
They all went into the living room and sat on the sofas. Kacey brought in the food and alcohol she had bought and they all tucked into it.
About an hour later Will appeared at the doorway
“Can I have some please” he asked
“NO” Kacey quickly told him.
“Oh just let him” Laura said
Will got slightly embarrassed at the thought of a girl sticking up for him, especially the one he fancied so much.
“Well……ok…..but not a lot……..we want some” Kacey said and started laughing.
They all sat and chatted about this and that whilst drinking, all of them slightly drunk, and as usual, the conversation turned to sex, boyfriends and girlfriends (for the sake of will)
“Well then Will” Ashley asked “have you got a girlfriend”
Will hesitated and said yes. The four girls burst out laughing,
“Sure you have” they said sarcastically
“I bet I’ve had more girlfriends than you” Lauren said, and the girls continued to laugh.
Will had had enough and stormed out the room and went to his bedroom.
The girls got back to their conversation about boyfriends.
“I don’t believe John asked you if you would have a three-some” Kacey said to Laura.
“Neither can I” she replied. “I might have if it was with another boy, but he wanted me to have lesbian sex”
“I probably would have ended up trying it too if he wasn’t such a bastard” Laura continued.
The girls laughed even more.
“Do you recon getting licked out of a girl would be different from a boy” Ashley asked
“I imagine it would be the same” Kacey said
“Not really, a girl knows what a girl likes, so it would probably be better” Lauren said.
The laughter dies slightly and Lauren remembered that she hadn’t shown the girls her new tattoo.
“Hey I haven’t shown you my new tattoo yet” she said to the girls
“Is that them paw prints on your tits” Laura asked
“Well get them out, we want to see” Ashley said
“Yeah give us a look” Kacey added
Lauren drunkenly pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her bare breasts to the girls, on which was 2 small paw prints on the inside of each breast.
“Wow, that is a good tattoo” Kacey said
“Yeah, no bra either” Laura added and the girls laughed some more.
“Does it hurt” Ashley asked
“No” she replied
By now the cold breeze in the room had made Lauren’s nipples hard
“Oh, my nipples have gone hard” Lauren said
If there was one thing about these girls it was they were not shy towards each other.
“Hey take a photo of this on your phone Kacey” Laura told her.
Kacey grabbed her phone off the table and got the camera ready.
Laura grabbed Lauren’s right breast and licked the rock solid nipple. Kacey took the photo.
“watch this” Laura said, grabbing Kacey's phone, he ran up the stairs and the other girls followed, swaying slightly off the alcohol, Lauren ran up last, still with no top on.
Laura stopped outside Wills door and pressed to send the picture by Bluetooth to his phone.
His phone beeped when he received it and moments later the girls heard
“Fuck off you bitches” from his room
They ran back down stairs, laughing their heads off.
“Hey you don’t mind me sitting with my top off do you” Lauren asked the girls as they all sat in a circle on the floor. “Just it's really comfortable”.
“Nope” the girls replied
“I think I’ll join you” Ashley said pulling her vest over her head and unclipping her pink bra to reveal her firm B cup breasts.
Kacey and Laura looked at each other then followed suit, taking their tops and bras off to reveal their breasts to the other girls.
“I wish I had breasts that big” Ashley said to Lauren “at least you have something to feel, mine are just flat” she said grasping her own breasts in each hand.
“Don’t be silly, you have perfect boobs” Kacey said to Ashley
“Yeah” Laura said, backing Kacey up
“Whatever, you feel her boobs then feel mine, and then you will see” Ashley said. Lauren pushed her breasts forward for Laura and Kacey to feel, they each took a breast in their hand and caressed it gently
“Wow that feels great” Kacey said “yeah that’s what I was thinking” Laura said
“Ok now feel mine” Ashley said, pushing her chest forward. Laura and Kacey took one of her breasts each and caressed it gently.
“There’s nothing wrong with those honey” Laura said
After each girl had had a feel of the others breasts Lauren stood up and out of nowhere pulled down her shorts.
“Sorry but they are wet off all this boob feeling, I never thought it would get me feeling horny” she said when the other 3 girls were looking at her shocked. Lauren stepped out of her shorts and sat back down showing the girls the wet patch.
The sent of her pussy juice filled the air, the other three girls were getting horny at the smell and sight of their friends pussy.
“Fuck this” Kacey said, standing up and pulling her shorts down to her ankles “it's not harming anybody is it”
Ashley and Laura quickly followed suit and all four of them were sitting there naked.
“I don’t mean to sound dirty or like a lesbian here Lauren, but your shorts smell fucking lovely” Laura said. Kacey and Ashley nodded their heads.
“Oh…thank you….I guess” Lauren said, quite flattered by the remark.
“I wonder what it tastes like” Lauren said, looking at her own damp patch. “Do you think it will be different from boy cum?”
In any other circumstances all four of them would have probably been disgusted by this but tonight they were too drunk to care
“Try it” Ashley said
“Urgh no” Lauren replied, but she was giving it a thought
“I dare you” Laura said to her
“Well I can’t back out of a dare can I” Lauren said
“And this will stay between us 4” Kacey quickly added.
Lauren slowly raised the short to her tongue and tasted a tiny bit of her own juice, the musky smell filled her nose and a sweet taste raced across her tongue.
“Mmm” she said “that’s quite nice” and took another lick, scooping up more juice this time.
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“Oh I don’t know” Ashley said as she looked at the shorts. As soon as the sweet sent hit her nose though she ran her tongue along the wet patch and tasted her friend. Which she liked a lot.
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Anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2014-03-10 10:20:47<\/div>\n
Instead of just telling right away what they did in the end you could have made sequels to the story<\/div>\n

Anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2014-03-10 10:17:34<\/div>\n
Main story was good but you rushed in the end that screwed up the story. And one of the so to say trademark features of wolfs and other canine beings during sex is their knot.<\/div>\n

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Ok good story but try making it longer by dragging out the chsrstcter plotlines an action andventure drama storyline an so on an so on...basically try an make it how you would want to read it......
\r\nbut good story<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2013-01-05 16:43:39<\/div>\n
i enjoyed as a begginers peice but to improve go in to more detail, describe the character e.g. gender, and make the scenes longer do that and the stories will be brilliant<\/div>\n

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I loved how you added the end<\/div>\n

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2011-08-19 02:35:26<\/div>\n
The onl;y problem I found was you did not establish the charcter very well ie whether they were a boy or girl. It took a while to figure out and can you make the story longer please<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2011-08-18 17:23:03<\/div>\n
not badfor a beginner but try a bit more detail and look into researching bestiality<\/div>\n

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but good story
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i enjoyed as a begginers peice but to improve go in to more detail, describe the character e.g. gender, and make the scenes longer do that and the stories will be brilliant
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.
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‘Come on guys… I know you’re making a calendar and I want in for at least one shoot!’ Lee Jordan demanded of his two best friends, Fred and George Weasley. ‘I’ve been helping you out for months now making some big coin for the two of you while I’ve only made a pittance in comparison’
‘I don’t know Lee… We kind of take pleasure in being part of every photo shoot; whether it be Angelina Johnson or Hermione Granger’ replied Fred with a frown on his face.
‘Just one time… Can’t you make an exception for me?’ responded Lee, making every effort to look as bummed out as possible.
‘Well…’ started George
‘Anything!’ Lee cut in before George could finish.
‘I guess he could take over for us when its Gin’s turn’ George finished, thinking about how much Lee would enjoy himself with his little sister and how much he and Fred would miss by not fucking her sweet teenage twat.
‘YES!’ Lee accepted a little too quickly, obviously excited about finally having his opportunity to split Ginny’s tight cunny. He had come close to doing so on numerous occasions throughout the school year, but because he was such good friends with Fred and George, he felt he owed them at least some notice before burying his massive tool in her redheaded snatch. Unbeknownst to Lee however, Fred and George would have had no problem with letting him fuck her brains out. Besides, both Fred and George had already tasted the sweetness of her young cunny for themselves and they were in no place to deny it to anyone else.
‘Meet us on the shore of the lake tomorrow morning, two hours before classes start… We’ll get Ginny to meet us there and we’ll see what happens’ Fred said in reply to Lee’s exuberant outburst of joy at learning he’d be sticking his dick in their little sister. Lee gave the twins a nod of agreement and skipped away; looking both overjoyed and a little eager to get the next photo shoot underway.
‘Should we bribe Ginny to take part in the calendar?’ George asked his brother, smiling to himself as he did so. He knew full well that Ginny would fuck anyone they asked her too if she had a chance to be a major sex symbol in what would be a highly profitable and possibly legendary school calendar.
‘Ha ha ah ah ha! She’d probably pay us to take part!’ Fred replied back, nearly in tears from laughter.
With only three days left before the Third Task and the end of the Triwizard Tournament, Fred and George were truly pushing their luck to get their calendar completed and put together in time to sell to the school populace before the year ended. They still had shoots planned for Ginny, Hermione, Fleur Delacour and one other as of yet unidentified calendar girl to get through. So worried they were about finishing the calendar, they had actually agreed to let Lee Jordan take over one of the shoots while they snuck off to two separate locations to deal with both Hermione and Fleur. Hermione owed the twins a huge favor and had already agreed to take part in the calendar shoot while Fleur had agreed to meet one of the twins in the Forbidden Forest to discuss the possibility of a job opportunity for her after her schooling was over. To accomplish such a demanding task all at once, the twins had to borrow a couple more cameras from Colin Creevey and because all three shoots were to take place in natural settings, there was no need to acquire any new furniture or props.
Seven o’clock Monday morning came very early the next day, but the promise of getting their rocks off again was a better than any coffee to wake the twins up that morning. Lee Jordan met the twins shortly after seven and was shown how to operate the camera, what shots they wanted and how many pics they expected for the calendar. Other than that, it was totally up to him to do what he wanted to their little sister, just as long as it looked hot. While the twins ran off to their separate meetings, cameras in hand, Ginny was already on her way down to the lake.
‘Lookin’ good Gin!’ Lee Jordan called after her, as she approached the shoreline wearing her altered school uniform. She was wearing a Gryffindor school uniform in essence; however, the skirt was several inches shorter than the average school skirt and the dress shirt was quite a bit tighter. Her small firm breasts and hard nipples were visible through the thin white material and although Ginny acted the part of an innocent schoolgirl, Ginny was anything but.
‘Where’s Fred and George… I thought they would be taking the pictures’ Ginny said as she stopped a few feet short of Lee. Fred and George had told her to meet them at the lake at quarter after seven Monday morning to take part in a photo shoot for a school calendar, so she was expecting to see them and not Lee.
‘Oh… They’re taking care of a little business… I’ll be handling the photo shoot… If that’s all right with you?’ Lee asked Ginny, looking a little concerned. Ginny was the biggest slut in the school; if he were to be rejected by a whore like her, there would be no way he’d get any tail from anyone else.
‘Oh… No problem… I was just expecting two dicks, not one!’ Ginny replied slyly, giving Lee’s growing bulge a quick squeeze before walking towards the water and disrobing down to a smoking hot bathing suit.
While Ginny got ready to do a swimming suit addition for the calendar shoot, Fred was on his way to meet Hermione Granger at Hagrid’s vacant hut. Because Hagrid was so busy preparing the massive maze on the Quidditch Pitch for the Third Task, his hut was always vacant in the early hours of the morning. Fred could think of no better place to take pictures of Hermione than a natural setting like Hagrid’s somewhat ragged home. Just as Fred made it to the hut, Hermione was coming around the corner looking both pleased with herself and a little tense. Fred knew exactly why she was looking so pleased; it had been Fred and George who had tipped off Hermione to what Malfoy was planning. Malfoy had bought a rather expensive vial of Potency Potion from the twins the previous week and although Malfoy believed he had fooled the twins with his disguise, the twins knew exactly who they had sold the potion to. Knowing the enmity between Hermione and Malfoy, the twins offered Hermione the expensive but vital information she would need in order to avoid possible impregnation from the malevolent Draco Malfoy. The twins agreed to supply her with the information, only if she agreed to take part in one hour-long photo shoot for the twins. Hermione was reluctant at first to agree to such a scandalous deal; knowing full well that the twins often fucked their calendar girls as they took pictures. Eventually however, the threat of being ambushed by Malfoy became too much and she relented, agreeing to take part in their little sex shoot as long as she was able to outsmart Malfoy and avoid whatever evil scheme he was cooking up. Fred had no way of knowing whether his information had helped her avoid a sticky fate from Malfoy, but he made sure that Hermione knew to meet him at Hagrid’s hut on Monday morning, regardless of the outcome.
‘Hi Fred… or George?’ Hermione sighed, looking both tense and relieved at the same time. Hermione was no rooky when it came to sex, but fucking to pay off a debt she owed sounded a little too much like prostitution to her.
‘It’s Fred… and don’t worry… this won’t take more than an hour and we’ll be all square up!’ Fred replied, giving Hermione a quick once over. Fuck me… If I can fucking last that long, he thought to himself as he checked out her long smooth legs, short skirt, tight white shirt and beautiful teenage figure. ‘Why don’t you take off that top’
While Hermione started taking off her clothes for his brother, George was already standing at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, getting ready for the time of his life and an experience he’d never forget. He had lured the blond beauty, Fleur Delacour, to the forest with the false promise of securing her a job in London the next year. He had told her that his brother worked for Gringotts Bank and could get her a job to help her with her English the following year. Fleur didn’t want to pass up such an amazing opportunity and quickly agreed to the meeting, thinking that it was a kind of a first interview.
‘Allo… George… Where are you?’ Fleur called out to George as she approached the Forbidden Forest.
‘Right here Fleur!’ George replied in order to catch her attention.
‘So… What iz zis job you were talking about?’ Fleur replied, getting to business right away.
‘Well… I can guarantee you a job right now for one simple favor’ George responded, not even bothering to dispense with any small talk.
‘Really… What iz zis favor… Do I ave’ to give you a blowjob or something?’ Fleur replied without even blinking. Fred had to do a double take before he regained his composure; getting Fleur to take part in his little calendar photo shoot was obviously going to be a lot easier than he first thought.
‘Well… Something like that… Have you ever modeled before?’
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*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones.
There was a soft knock at the door.
I ran my fingers through my hair. I felt panicked. I didn't know what to say to her. I turned on my lamp, jumping back in pain and surprise as the light burned into my eyes. I covered them with my arm and lay back in bed.
There was another knock, a little louder.
I didn't know what was going to happen, but I couldn't let her leave. I waited a few seconds, before saying;
Jessica entered almost shyly, closing the door behind her. She was wearing a grey t-shirt that fell a little past her waist, barely covering her pink panties. She wasn't wearing a bra. It was weird how good she looked in just this, so casual, so...domestic, but still so erotic.
"Sorry I'm late." she said, nervously brushing her hair behind her ear.
"Uh...late?" I asked.
"Yeah...I normally come over at, like, midnight...and I tried, but Rose kept wanting to talk about...just...stupid stuff..."
She trailed off, even more nervous. She wasn't looking at me. I closed my eyes and rubbed them with my finger and thumb. I'd just woken up and it was hard to focus, and my eyes were still stinging. I couldn't believe I'd forgotten about tonight. I was completely off guard, and the silence was stretching. I had to say something to her.
"Come here, Jessica." I said.
Her mouth twitched up in a little half-smile, and she reached down to pull up her top.
"No, no." I said, "Leave it on."
I didn't need any more distraction.
She paused for a second before dropping her arms. She walked quickly across the room, kneeling at her usual spot beside my bed. She glanced at my crotch briefly before meeting my eye.
She seemed a little excited now. It felt like she was waiting to be told to do something, waiting for an instruction.
"Don't...don't undress until I tell you to, in future. Ok?" I said.
She nodded a little uncertainly.
Why had I said it like a question?
Impulsively I reached out and pushed her hair back, sliding my fingers back across her head, before bringing my hand down to lightly cup her chin. She was staring at me with wide eyes. She seemed unsure of what to do or say, which was exactly how I felt too.
I brought my hand back to my side and sat up more in bed, moving around under the covers to get comfortable. I looked away from her again, staring straight ahead. I needed to focus, to get my thoughts in order.
I needed to know what she was thinking.
"I didn't see you last Friday." I said.
"Oh, yeah...on Thursday after couldn't get out of bed." she said.
I glanced at her, and she was smiling.
"Oh?" I said.
"Yeah, I...I hurt so bad I could barely walk to the bathroom." she said, "I told my parents I was sick so I didn't have to try and get around school all day."
She seemed to enjoy telling me this. I could hear a hint of pride in her voice.
"And Saturday?" I asked.
She shook her head and her smile grew.
"I still couldn't move feels better now though." she said, wriggling her hips slightly.
I turned away from her again and closed my eyes. Regardless of how I felt about her normally, in the daylight hours, this was what I knew I wanted from her. Hearing her almost whisper to me that her pussy hurt so bad from my cock that she couldn't walk, her soft voice tinged with lust and admiration. It felt so deeply satisfying, so indescribably good.
I enjoyed the feeling for a few seconds before turning back to her.
"Why didn't you tell them the truth?" I asked. "Didn't you want them to know...that I fucked you so hard you couldn't walk straight?"
She smiled a little, and looked away. I could almost feel the growing excitement in her breathing, in her voice.
"I...I didn't, I mean I don't...know if I'm allowed to?" she said, turning to face me again.
She knew I wasn't serious, but the tone in her voice was clear. She was trying to ask about us, about our relationship.
"Good." I said.
She smiled wider, but still had an air of expectancy.
"You're not allowed to tell anyone about this, do you understand?" I said.
She nodded.
"If anyone finds out about what the two of us have been stops." I said.
Her face fell, and she nodded more slowly.
"I won't tell anyone...I promise." she said.
I wasn't sure why my first instinct was to keep it a secret. I guess my feelings towards Jessica were complicated enough without throwing them into the public forum. Plus I didn't think Rose would exactly approve.
But it seemed like she still had some questions. She looked a little disappointed, but it still seemed like she was waiting for something. Why did I even care so much about what she was thinking, and feeling? Wasn't it enough that she was here?
"Jessica, are you...happy? With what we've been doing?" I asked.
"Yes." she said quickly.
I fought back a smile. She was so certain, her answer coming with no hesitation. I reached over to her and began to stroke her hair again, and she leaned into my hand.
"Being touched by me..." I said, slowly curling my fingers around her hair.
She closed her eyes and sighed a little.
"Being hurt by me..." I said, pulling hard.
She inhaled sharply and her voice came out in an even softer whimper.
" you like it?" I asked.
"Yes...yes..." she gasped.
"Does it make you happy?" I asked, pulling a little harder and twisting.
She was breathing heavily now, each breath a quick, sharp, sigh.
"Yessss...." she whispered.
I let go.
"Ok." I said. "You can leave."
Whatever we were doing, wherever this was going to go, it couldn't happen tonight. I had no real plan, I was exhausted from sleep deprivation. And most importantly, I still wasn't sure about my own feelings.
I expected her to stand up and go, but she hesitated, turning her head a little to the side and avoiding my eyes. At first I felt the anger swell up in me at her disobedience, but I quickly realised that I hadn't actually told her to leave, I'd just said that she could. I normally just said "Get out.", and I wasn't sure why I'd been more polite this time. I made a note to be more direct when I spoke to her. If I wanted her to do something, I had to to make sure I told her.
But my own reaction surprised me. I was already so used to her obeying me that it infuriated me when she even hesitated. I'd have to watch out for that. I could be angry with her, but I couldn't lose my temper.
"I..." she started, interrupting my thoughts.
"What? Did you want something?" I asked.
"I don't know..." she said slowly.
"Tell me what you want, Jessica." I said, trying to put a firm tone to my voice.
She met my eye slowly, shyly. She bit her lower lip.
I reached out and held her chin. I realised that I really liked holding her like this, by the chin or jaw. It felt...possessive, somehow. Even without gripping tightly or hurting her, I was holding her in place, and she wouldn't look away from me.
"I...I want you have sex with me." she said slowly.
"No. Not tonight." I said.
She whimpered quietly and her body squirmed. She looked disappointed, but still hopeful.
"Tell me what you want, slut." I said.
"Can I suck your...cock, please?" she said.
She'd accepted my refusal and asked for something else, without argument. She sounded so mournful, so pleading.
"No." I said.
She let out a little whine as she stared at me with those wide, green eyes. I ran my fingers across her cheek and slid them behind her ear, putting my thumb gently against her lips. She parted them and took my thumb into her mouth, biting down gently and licking it lightly with just the tip of her tongue.
"Tell me what you want." I repeated, pulling my hand away.
I...", she said, "...I...".
She seemed afraid to ask, afraid of another rejection.
"Will you kiss me? Please?" she said.
I smiled. She had to beg for even this.
I took her chin again and leaned forward, bringing my lips to hers. Just like the first time we kissed, I started gently, taking her lower lip between mine, but then biting down hard. She moaned loudly, surprising me, and brought her hands up to my face. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and wrapped her arms around my neck, hugging me tightly. I'd never kissed anyone other than her so I didn't have any experience, but I tried some things I'd read about, moving my tongue slowly in circles in her mouth. She responded by moaning louder and pushing against me.
I moved back and she climbed into bed with me, sliding under the covers. I held her body against mine. I could feel the passion, the need in her body, in her clutching fingers on my shoulders and back.
We kissed for minutes before I pulled away from her. She licked her lips, which were red around the edges, and she was breathing heavily with a bright smile on her face. She ran her eyes down my face and body, studying me, before meeting my eyes again. Our legs were overlapping and she pushed her crotch back against my raised thigh. She ground her panties against me, biting her lip as a long, low moan escaped her throat. Her nipples were pressing hard against her t-shirt.
I laughed gently, even as I felt my cock stiffen. I loved seeing her like this, so needy. So deliciously desperate.
"Will you fuck me?" she whispered.
"No, Jessica. Not tonight." I said firmly.
She bit her lip and leaned close to me, whispering right in my ear.
"Please, please, I'm so wet. I can't stop thinking about you. About your cock. Please fuck me..." she said quickly.
My dick was completely hard, but I couldn't do this tonight. I was too tired, too confused. I needed time to think. I grabbed her hair and pulled her away from me. She gasped with pain and looked up at me from where I held her.
"I love you." she whispered, staring into my eyes.
"Get out." I said, releasing her.
The look on her face, the hurt, the devastation, it was almost...painfullybeautiful.
For some reason it reminded me of the first time I ever got drunk.
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Fucking cousins is a wonderful gateway; done with the right attitude by the partners, as shown in this short story. Good work author, good luck.<\/div>\n

Anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
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Ducking cousins is a wonderful thing. Some right with t shown attitude by the partners. As shown - good work! Good luck.<\/div>\n

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I could watch Schidlner's List and still be happy after reading this.<\/div>\n

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6\/10. Only because there's no detail in the sex part and too much background details.<\/div>\n

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I admit, it's not one of my favorites. But I can't upload a story I haven't read, and this is one of the others of his I could find, so I decided "what the heck" and uploaded it.<\/div>\n

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kind of boring no real sex descriptions. and she just uses them and they are fine with it real dumb guys. if they would tell every one else what she is doing and all avoid her she might get the picture that her teasing is not welcome and start acting like a lady instead of a whore.<\/div>\n

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I'll admit there's a bit too much background for a quickie. but a good story none the less<\/div>\n

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Once and once only . . . love it. Great story. well laid out and beautifully written 8.5\/10<\/div>\n
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Fucking cousins is a wonderful gateway; done with the right attitude by the partners, as shown in this short story. Good work author, good luck.
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Ducking cousins is a wonderful thing. Some right with t shown attitude by the partners. As shown - good work! Good luck.
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you should be banned and sued for posting someone elses stories delete them all now and never post here again loser
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2011-07-26 22:36:52
I hate being a spelling and grammer nazi, but can't help it. Yes I know it doesn't matter to a lot of people, but I just react negatively when I see things like saying a girl looks like an angle instead of angel. Angle means like a triangle or right angle. I like your stories, but you have people in the throws of orgasm we throw or pitch balls. I'd rather be in the throes of orgasm. And for gods sake "gallons of juice"??? That means more than one gallon, a normal household bucket holds two gallons. Even an elephant can't produce two gallons of pussy juice.
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