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2023.03.23 19:02 DTG_Bot This Week At Bungie 03/23/2023

Happy TWABsday guardians. This week we are back with quite a bit of Crucible information, some changes to Guardian Ranks, and more.
First up, we want to give you a little refresher of what we talked about last week:
TL;DR of last week’s TWAB:
  • We got to celebrate with the World First Race winners.
  • Art of Lightfall developer insight video.
  • Shared updates to Commendations and Guardian Ranks.
  • An Exotic quest arrived.
  • Trials of Osiris came back.
  • Iron Banner updates and rewards.
  • Updates from the Destiny Player Support team.
  • Our Movie of the Week and Art of the Week picks.
Here’s what’s coming today:
  • Tribute to Lance Reddick.
  • Crucible blog TL;DR.
  • Raid Master and Challenge Mode starts next week.
  • Guardian Rank updates.
  • Destiny Player Support updates.
  • The Movie of the Week and Art of the Week picks.

Lance Reddick (1962-2023)

Image Linkimgur
On Friday, we all learned of the tragic news of Lance Reddick’s passing at the age of 60. As the voice of Commander Zavala—the stalwart commander of the Vanguard—Lance brought to life a character who has become virtually synonymous with Destiny itself. For nearly a decade, Guardians around the world have found purpose and comfort in Zavala’s presence, bolstered by that unmistakable voice, so full of strength, serenity, and nobility.
The tributes that have poured in for Lance have been overwhelming; from endless heartfelt messages on social media to impromptu gatherings of respect in Zavala’s corner of the Tower, overlooking the Last City. As an actor, musician, gamer, and family man, the passion Lance brought to the things he loved was reflected in the eyes and hearts of all who loved him.
For now, we will honor his presence through his performances yet to come in the game, and in the memories that will last us a lifetime. We are deeply saddened by his passing but so thankful for the time we spent together, and our thoughts are with his friends and loved ones.
Thank you for everything, Lance. We will miss you.
— Bungie (@Bungie) March 17, 2023

Did you see our graphs?

Image Linkimgur
Yesterday, we released our Lightfall Crucible Update blog post. We aren’t going to repost all 5,000+ words here, but here’s a summary of everything we covered:
  • Updates to how maps and game modes are weighted.
  • Matchmaking adjustments and an explanation of Fireteam Matchmaking.
  • Competitive matchmaking and how skill rating works.
  • Future Competitive rewards and quality-of-life updates.
  • Upcoming Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris plans.
  • New and returning game modes.
If you want to dive into the rest of the blog, you can read more here.
We hope this helps answer some of your questions about our upcoming plans for the Crucible. Feel free to share your kind and constructive feedback over on our @Destiny2Team account.

Raid Master Mode and Challenge Rotation Starts Next Week

Image Linkimgur
It’s time Guardians, raid Weekly Challenges are here.
Raid Master difficulty offers a higher challenge and greater rewards, including armor with a weekly rotating stat focus. The Weekly Challenges add an optional hidden objective to one encounter each week that, when completed, grant extra loot. On Normal difficulty they drop double rewards. When cleared on Master difficulty, they reward an Adept raid weapon.
As noted in a previous article, enhancing Master Root of Nightmares Adept weapons will be possible, allowing the traits that rolled on the weapon to be upgraded. This capability will not be immediately available when the Master raid launches and will arrive in the mid-Season patch. The raid Adept weapons you acquire prior to this patch will still be able to be enhanced, so you'll want to avoid throwing out any good rolls.
Before Master difficulty releases, we wanted to talk about two issues pertaining to Root of Nightmares.
The first being Nezarec’s behavior. Sometimes, Nezarec doesn't always respond to players when they are standing in a Well of Radiance. In a future update we will be updating this behavior, which in turn should make Nezarec feel more like the Final God of Pain. While it is our philosophy to avoid making dramatic tuning changes to an activity once it is live, we feel it better to address the responsiveness of the boss and accept that it may alter current strategies and increased the level of challenge.
The second issue we’d like to discuss is around the jump pads that can be found throughout Root of Nightmares (specifically in the second encounter Scission). The jump pads are a tool to help players cross large areas while allowing players to use Strand (if they’d like) to circumvent using the jump pads. We’ve noticed that players with higher framerates (usually above 80 FPS, but not below 60 FPS) could be unintentionally killed or almost killed by using the jump pads. We're investigating a change to address the issue in an upcoming release.

Guardian Ranks Updates

As we’ve watched new and veteran players alike work through their Guardian Ranks since Lightfall’s launch, we realized the Legendary and Master Lost Sector objectives were placed a bit too early in the progression. In today’s update, we've moved both the solo completion and solo flawless objectives up to a higher Guardian Rank, so fewer players will hit the same bottleneck at Rank 6:
  • Legend Lost Sector Guardian Rank objectives have moved from Rank 7 to Rank 8.
  • Master Lost Sector Guardian Rank objectives have moved from Rank 9 to Rank 10.
Combined with last week’s reduction to Commendations targets in Ranks 7 through 11, these changes will make for a smoother progression path for everyone through the Guardian Ranks system. We're also working on a broader “rank remix” in the near future to improve the process even further.

Destiny Player Support

My Immortal (SMG)
Image Linkimgur
The Player Support team is back this week and ready to share their known issues.
Known Issues List / Help Forums / Bungie Help Twitter
While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help forum:
  • The Dimensional Hypotrochoid Grenade Launcher can have a range Masterwork.
  • Non-Lightfall quests show up under the Lightfall quest category.
  • Hunters that die and have Strand reapplied will lose their first Strand Aspect.
  • Thunderhead Grips are missing as an ornament for Armor Synthesis.
  • Certain Heavy weapon archetypes are not benefitting from equipping a third reserve mod.
  • Unpowered melee can produce fast melee combos in quick succession.
  • Commendations are greyed out as already given in some activities.
  • Master dungeons aren't showing Artifice armor in the reward preview when selecting the activity.
  • The Shielded Foes activity modifier is showing a placeholder icon.
  • We are investigating an issue causing players to be unable to join Competitive Crucible matches after their in-game suspension is scheduled to expire. Players affected by this issue can resolve it by playing a match of Competitive Crucible with an alternate character.
  • Players in Legend and Master Lost Sectors and Master Wellspring can become softlocked on a black screen when wiping to orbit. Players in this state can manually return to orbit to fix the issue.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Per Audacia,

Image Linkimgur
Ivan: This week it’s all about tribute to Lance.
Movie of the Week: Lance Timelapse
Time lapse 🧡💙
Song: Just Pretend by Bad Omens
— Jen (@Madam_Wizard) March 21, 2023
Bruno: Looks like it's beginning to rain.
Movie of the Week: Finishing the fight
Copied Lance's loadout and finished up the mission he was working on before he went to bed Thursday night.
Rest easy, Commander Zavala. You will be missed
— Andowsdan (@AndowsDan) March 19, 2023

Ad Astra.

Image Linkimgur
Hippy: Last week, we lost a part of our soul. Lance Reddick was home for a lot of Guardians, and his passing hit hard. It was incredible to see so many Guardians banding together in the Tower to honor our Vanguard leader. A Titan that showed us what it means to lead with kindness and fairness. There aren’t enough words to express what his loss means, but his light will always be with us. Always.
Art of the Week: See you starside, Commander.
See you star-side, Commander. #CommanderZavala #Destiny2Art #RIPLanceReddick
— Red (Comms Open) (@VeryRedGir) March 17, 2023
Sam: We’re going to miss you, Lance.
Art of the Week: Rest in Power.
Rest in Power, Lance ❤️ #zavala #destiny
— jack (@jackdrawss) March 19, 2023
Alright Guardians, there we have it for this week’s TWAB. We’ve seen some chatter on socials around this week’s story mission, so if you haven’t jumped in, we highly recommend knocking that out.
We also know that there have been some impactful moments, in-game and in real life, in many corners of our worlds recently. Please be sure to take care of you and your mental health. If you need resources for anything that might feel a bit too heavy, we have a list on our mental health blog post.
Stay Crafty,
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2023.03.23 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Thu, Mar 23 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Ukraine needs $411 bn for reconstruction, recovery: World Bank
Comments Link
Nato chief: west must brace to support Ukraine in a long war
Comments Link
White House says Russian pilot who ran into a US drone and broke it was, at best, 'an idiot'
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Andrew Tate: Brothers' custody extended by another month
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Lindsay Lohan and Jake Paul hit with SEC charges over crypto scheme
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Judge halts Wyoming abortion ban days after it took effect
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Beethoven’s genome sequenced from locks of his hair
Comments Link
Researchers have now shown that foods with a high fat and sugar content change our brain, and If we regularly eat even small amounts of them, the brain learns to consume precisely these foods in the future and it unconsciously learns to prefer high-fat snacks
Comments Link
A study reveals a 24% chance of seriously ill patients quitting treatment if faced with financial hardship, while those without financial concerns have a 95% chance of continuing treatment
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Inaugural flight of Relativity's 3D-printed rocket Terran 1 launches and passes Max Q
Comments Link
The Northern Lights could dazzle the skies from Washington to New York on Friday, blown by winds from a giant 'hole' on the sun
Comments Link
5 planets will align on March 27 and you won't want to miss it. Here's where to look.
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Google and Microsoft’s chatbots are already citing one another in a misinformation shitshow
Comments Link
U.S. seeks to prevent China from benefiting from $52 billion chips funding
Comments Link
IPCC chart says Solar PV and Wind Turbines are best way to achieve Deep, Rapid, and Low Cost emission cuts before 2030.
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Straight men who don’t like performing oral- why not?
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Men of reddit, what would be your response to a guy who suddenly starts flirting with your girl?
Comments Link
People who attended their high school reunion, what was the biggest surprise?
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TIL Prostitution was the biggest source of employment for women in Helena, Montana in the 1870’s and 80’s. In 1886 there were 52 prostitutes working the city. The madams became so wealthy they bought up blocks of downtown property and even started their own mortgage company.
Comments Link
TIL Burt Ward once claimed that his penis was so big that ABC prescribed him penis-shrinking pills.
Comments Link
TIL that the Philippines is 1 out 2 countries in the world that still doesn't allow divorce. It also has the 10th highest number of child brides globally, with 100,000 women married before their 15th birthday.
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[OC] Lase Incidents on Aircrafts in the U.S.
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[OC] Results of every World Baseball Classic tournament
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[OC] What Makes Life Meaningful? A Survey of People from 17 Advanced Economies (3 Slides)
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Using salted butter instead of unsalted butter
Comments Link
Comments Link
If you got the chance to start over and completely revamp your kitchen, what pots and pans would you buy, knowing what you know now?
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[Homemade] sweet buns with poppy seeds and chocolate on top.
Comments Link
[homemade] honey-apricot muffins topped with pistachio cream cheese frosting, honey-roasted-pistachio and cookie crumble moss, and pâte sucrée cookie rings.
Comments Link
[Homemade] Filet Mignon over Garlic Sourdough, with French Onion Soup
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always Official Trailer Netflix
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Norman Steinberg Dead: Blazing Saddles Screenwriter Was 83
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What movie has the best portrayal of psychedelic drugs?
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Flatworm, me, digital, 2023
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Screamer, Me, 6 color screenprint, 2023
Comments Link
Sunset on twenty road, me, oil on canvas, 2023
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'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Justin Roiland's Domestic Violence Case Dismissed
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Jeff Garlin’s ‘Goldbergs’ Exit Was ‘A Long Time Coming,’ Says Wendi McLendon-Covey: ‘Finally Someone Is Listening to Us’
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Dick Van Dyke, 97, involved in single-car crash in Malibu after colliding into a gate
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Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan leaving the police van handcuffed together
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Garbage collectors in Paris went on strike 17 days ago to protest plans to raise the retirement age
Comments Link
This is not a disk, but actually, a sphere coated in Vantablack, one of the darkest pigments created
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I drew this pixel art scene using 10 colors and called it "crossroads" [OC]
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This automatic mouthwash dispenser at a ramen restaurant
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They be so adorbs♡
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My wife puts honey on her Domino’s pepperoni and pineapple pizza
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This packaging uses an optical illusion to make the vegetables look more green
Comments Link
I somehow managed to make a reverse fried egg
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This 10 Troy oz "gold" bar is filled with tungsten and covered in a thick layer of gold. Gold and tungsten have very similar densities, which means this bar weighs correctly and is the same size as a genuine gold bar.
Comments Link
Using a modified telescope, A friend and I jointly created the clearest image of the sun we've ever produced. This was captured on Friday and took 5 days to process using over 90,000 individual images. Zoom in! [OC]
Comments Link
Dude made his RC car his personal grocery shopper
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I spotted this flyer on 9th Ave in NYC and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since
Comments Link
She fell for the oldest trick in the book
Comments Link
My friend’s teenage son keeps missing the bus to school, so he did this:
Comments Link


Cat nap
Comments Link
Annie turns 15 and gets steak
Comments Link
He comes running to get his teeth brushed when he hears mom brushing hers.
Comments Link
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2023.03.22 23:49 drapedinpearls RealDaddyyy555 is a scammer. But it's fun to mess with him lol

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2023.03.22 12:07 ever_sticky_puppy How my first game got 700+ wishlists in its first 2 weeks on Steam - Announcement Postmortem

I’m a first-time solo game developer and I recently announced my prehistoric 4X strategy game, Folk Emerging, where players lead nomadic families through the Stone Age.
With no marketing experience, I had no reason to expect much from the announcement. I just hoped to scrape by with the bare minimum number of wishlists to justify spending the next year or two polishing the game.
Chris Zukowski has a great blog post about what to expect from launching a Steam page. The key point is that games with the potential to perform well will usually gather >150 wishlists in the first 2 weeks. If you get less, something is likely wrong.
I had no reason to expect that I’d surpass the 150 wishlist threshold, let alone gather 700+ wishlists in the first 2 weeks! It’s no viral hit, but certainly more than I hoped for.
This post outlines how I went about it, what worked, and what didn’t.

Prepping for the Announcement

Folk Emerging started off as a procedural map generator in November 2021, running in a janky, slow Python notebook. It evolved into a game and I switched to Unity in February 2022, but it was still a hobby project and progress was slow.
I initially thought it would be good to delay talking about the game until I had a playable demo to share. However, I spent most of my free time in 2022 banging my head against Unity and getting core systems working (e.g. tribes, individuals, foodwebs, cultures, shaders, UI, etc). By the end of the year, a quality demo still felt far away and I still hadn’t started marketing the game.
When I was laid-off in November 2022, I used the opportunity to switch to working full-time on this project for a couple of months. I finally decoupled the marketing from the demo, and prioritized getting out a Steam page. I should have done this way earlier.

In December 2022, I joined Twitter (@CuriousDynamics), started networking with people in the industry, and sharing the first tidbits of the game with the world.
This proved very useful because it got me making screenshots, GIFs, and videos. It helped focus my gamedev efforts on the elements that would best help marketing (e.g. finalizing the art style, showing a variety of environments, clarifying the core gameplay loops).
I made sure to connect with other gamedevs in related genres, journalists who’d written about similar games, and others across the industry. I found friendly communities like #TurnBasedThursday and got a sense of which aspects of the game attracted the most/least attention.

I refrained from sharing anything about the game on Reddit during this period, so that when it came time to announce, I would be able to post on the big gaming-related subreddits without breaking their rules (only 10% of your site-wide posts can be self-promo).
One common marketing tip is to make random unrelated posts (e.g. cat pictures) to “save up” for self-promo. I don’t have a cat and don’t enjoy posting just for the sake of it, so I’ve tried to find topics I’m actually interested in and post questions to the AskXYZ subreddits. For example, I’m curious about history / anthropology / biology, so I’ve been posting questions in communities like AskAnthropology and have learned a lot in the process.

Steam Page Assets
The top priority was making the Steam page assets (art, trailer, GIFs, descriptions), so I focused on polishing the UI and gameplay enough to be presentable. The fine folks over at the How To Market A Game discord gave very useful feedback — it’s a community every gamedev should check out! Also be sure to check out Chris Zukowski’s excellent free class on How To Make A Steam Page.
For the art, I worked with a professional artist, and we took our time to ensure the Steam capsules captured the vibe of the game.
For the “About this Game” section of the Steam page, I narrowed down 4 core elements of the gameplay, and made a GIF, custom section header, and paragraph for each one. GIF files can’t be too large on Steam, so I had to find a balance between GIF quality and file size.
In the text, I tried to speak directly to the player, focusing on thematically-significant action verbs, e.g. “Lead our ancestors”, “Grow your tribe”, “Honor Mother Nature”.
I spent weeks on the short description of the game, asking friends, family, and internet strangers for feedback. It’s tricky to establish genre, sell the hook(s), and make it exciting all in under 300 characters. The current version is #23, and will certainly keep evolving:
Lead nomadic families through the Stone Age in this turn-based 4X strategy game with deeply simulated characters, cultures, and ecosystems. Explore the wilderness, gather and trade resources, and stand your ground in tactical combat. Discover fire, medicine, language — and survive to tell the tale.
In terms of tags, I studied those used by games next to which I want my game to appear (e.g. on Steam’s “More Like This” widget). I fiddled with the order of the tags until I could see the desired reference games in my own “More Like This” section.

For the trailer, I consumed most of Derek Lieu’s content on making video game trailers, and got some useful feedback from Derek himself on his Video Game Trailer Academy discord (as well as from my HTMAG buddies).
I ended up making two trailers: a longer one with more in-depth gameplay for the Steam page, and a shorter one optimized for social media with a mini-teaser montage at the start, as recommended by Derek.

Choosing an announce day
By February 2023, all the pieces were in place to launch the Steam page. I had gathered ~200 followers on Twitter, and I’d tried to make genuine personal connections wherever possible. In the week before the announcement, I reached out to many of them individually, asking if they would be open to retweeting the announcement. Most said yes!
I was keen to get going and planned to make the announcement on Friday Feb 24th, so a few days prior I posted a teaser, which quickly became my most engaged-with tweet up until then.
However, people more experienced than me strongly advised me to wait till the following Monday because 3 massive games were coming out that weekend. I felt silly because I’d already said it would be Friday, but I chose to take the advice and wait a couple more days.

Steam Page Launch Day

I quietly put up the Steam page a day early just to make sure everything ran smoothly, and on Monday Feb 27th ~6AM EST, I made the announcement on Twitter and shared the page.
Announcement Tweet analytics: Impressions 13,956, Engagements 706, Detail expands 132, New followers 6, Profile visits 71, Link clicks 135.
Again, not viral but more than I hoped for. 135 link clicks seems decent for Twitter!
I made sure to follow up with everyone who retweeted my announcement, and I thanked them via DM, also offering to return the favor if they need support down the line.

I made two Reddit posts, one on civ and one on gaming, which combined got ~150k views and led to ~81 visits to the Steam page.
I chose gaming (36M members) rather than pcmasterrace (7M) or pcgaming (3M) because of their larger community size and also because I got the (totally subjective) sense they tend to be a bit friendlier towards indies. I poked light-hearted fun at the “quit my job to make this game” trope to avoid some of the negative responses such posts can get, and it seemed to pay off :) That post got 213 upvotes, 77.7k views, and 88% upvote rate.
On civ, my post got 1.2k upvotes, 88.8k views, and 92% upvote rate. There are some important differences between the games but I do think certain Civilization players would enjoy Folk Emerging.
I messaged the Reddit mods before self-promoting in their communities, which seemed to help things go over well. Another thing that seemed to help (on both Reddit and Twitter) was responding to every comment I got, and trying to get a discussion going wherever possible. It bumped up my posts when their views would start to drop.

I also posted a press release at Games Press. If you plan to do the same, just make sure you create your account in advance as it took almost a day to get processed, which I hadn't planned for! I got some help from people on the HTMAG discord (e.g. Jasmine) with the wording, as I’d never written a press release before.
A couple of websites wrote about the announcement:
Several other sites have also written about it since then, largely based on the press release it seems.
I emailed / messaged about a dozen journalists who’d written about similar games, as well as various streamers who play them, sharing the news about the announcement. I first made a general email template with a short GIF at the top, and I wrote a personalized intro for each person. I made sure to give some context about why I was reaching out to them (e.g. they’d reviewed a specific game similar to mine, or they were involved in a project I’m a fan of, etc). It didn’t lead to anything, but still, I’m happy to potentially be on some of their radars.

I also posted in self-promo channels on various discords, but with little to no effect.
The final thing I did was to add a Steam news event about the launch, just to make the page look more fleshed out. It caught me off-guard that Steam events require their own separate images (with different resolutions than the regular capsules) for events, so keep that in mind if doing it for the first time.

The First Two Weeks

Folk Emerging got 725 wishlists in its first 2 weeks. Here are some highlights, stats, and charts:
Image: Wishlist chart for the first 2 weeks
Image: Regional breakdown of wishlists
Image: Steam page impressions chart

Indie Sunday (Games)
I think my Indie Sunday reddit post accounts for ~270 visits to the Steam page (more visits than from the earlier 2 reddit posts, but less wishlists).
I went down the rabbit-hole of investigating the best time of day to post on Indie Sunday. I wanted to go beyond just the info found via tools like, because their recommendations are based on the timing of the top 1000 posts in a subreddit, without taking into account the distribution or total number of posts in each hour. If most posts in general happen at 1PM, then it might not be so meaningful to say that most top posts are at 1PM.
I was curious to dig deeper, so I did my own analysis using Reddit’s API. Here’s the data filtered for Indie Sunday Games posts (times are in UTC):
Image: timing of 250 Indie Sunday posts
Image: mean score by hour
Image: distribution of scores by hour
In the end I got posted mine at ~12PM (noon) UTC.

Next Steps

An exciting moment was when a legit publisher reached out to me, having seen the game on Steam, and expressed interest in exploring the possibility of working together!
Seeing a positive response from players and getting some attention from publishers has been a big confidence boost and suggests that the game has some potential. Which is a relief, because this is the game I want to make :)
I’m working on a demo, which I plan to have ready in a few months.
If you’re interested in the project or just want to connect, follow me on Twitter: @CuriousDynamics
If you have any questions or thoughts, I'd love to hear them and discuss!
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2023.03.21 23:50 whyareyouemailingme Mod Update March 2023

Hello davinciresolve!
We're implementing a few changes to the sub - some of these are Reddit features that just haven't been enabled, but we're implementing some of these on a testing basis as a result of some recent activity.

Posting & Commenting Guidelines

Other Updates

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2023.03.21 12:38 OrevAdx [H] Recruiting Casual-Friend Raiding guild

[H] <Luminosity> <Mirage Raceway> Recruiting Casual-Friend Raiding guild
Attention all World of Warcraft Classic players! Are you tired of being in a dead-end guild with no prospects for progress? Are you looking for a guild that prioritizes fun and laughs just as much as progression? Look no further than Luminosity!
Luminosity is a Causal-Friendly raiding guild that's looking to expand to 25-man raiding. We're currently seeking range DPS and healers to join us on our quest for glory. We raid on Friday and Tuesday from 21:00-00:00 server time, and we've already cleared phase 1 and phase 2 content.
But Luminosity is more than just a guild. It's a community of players who share a passion for the game and a love for laughter. We believe in fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and appreciated.
So, if you're looking for a guild that's focused on both progress and fun, Luminosity is the place for you. Come join us and help us conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Contact us on Discord at to learn more and to apply to join the Luminosity family. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join a guild that truly cares about its members!
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