Pay Per View and Drag Racing - Discuss

2018.02.23 16:45 acarr260 Pay Per View and Drag Racing - Discuss

What are your thoughts on PPV events in drag racing? The NHRA has had a subscription service in place for a while, but I think that's more similar to the NHL or MLB season tickets. and have done excellent work over the last few years covering some of the large events for free (thanks, sponsors). Dirty South No Prep tried a $5 per event PPV model last year, but I think it was abandoned after one event. Lights Out and No Mercy have been free via MMTV for years, but Duck's newest race, the Sweet 16 $100k race, will be all PPV with no media allowed to go live during the event. It will be $10 for the entire event. Do you think that people will happily pay $10 for a weekend event if this becomes the norm? I could see paying for quality coverage of some of the larger events, but PPV every weekend would, I think, hurt the sport in the long run.
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2014.08.29 23:09 LinuxLouis 2014 Yellow Bullet Nationals Live Stream (Drag Racing) along with Cecil County Dragway is proud to announce the 5th Annual Nationals. After 4 successful events our decision to have a fifth event was made easy. Our 2013 event brought in 547 race cars and 9,000+ spectators over the course of the event. Spectator and racer turnouts have been the largest Cecil County Dragway has ever seen. Additionally, the feedback from racers, fans and manufactures has been all positive and we look forward to continuing this successful format for the racing community and our sponsors. This high energy, entertaining event will once again be held at Cecil Country Dragway, Rising Sun, Maryland on August 29th – 31st (Labor Day Weekend). This event has captured the attention of racers, fans and manufacturers from around the world. In addition, the event will provide a fair-like atmosphere for all who attend, from racers to children of all ages, all weekend long. It is our intention to host an event to satisfy the majority in attendance and build a bigger drag racing community for years to come.
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