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2023.03.21 12:33 2theM0OON Daily Fidelity Lend Rate

Daily Fidelity Lend Rate
2/3: 104.75%
2/6: 105.875% (+1.125%)
2/7: 110.375% (+4.5%)
2/8: 117.125% (+6.75%)
2/9: 124.25% (+7.125%)
2/10: 131.50% (+7.25%)
2/13: 119.369% (-12.131%)
2/14: 98.625% (-20.744%)
2/15: 79.125% (-19.5%)
2/16 (Happy Birthday Carl): 67.375 (-11.75%)
2/17: 60.375% (-7%)
Boring 3 day weekend....
2/21: 57.5% (-2.875%)
2/22: 0% (-57.5%) yet rate went up yesterday.
2/22 part B: 55.125% (-2.375%$) Still decelerating..
2/23: 55.25% (+.125%) Insert Friends Meme: "PIVOOOOT, PIVOOOOT"
2/24: Cocaine Bear Debut! 55.375% (+.125)
2/27: 55.125% (-.125%...yawn)
2/28: 55.125% (0% change, however my buddy had a threesome with his GF and her twin….I asked him how he could tell them apart? He told me her brother had a mustache….)
3/1: 55.375% (+.25%) What is this, an increase for ANTS?
3/2: 56% (+.625%) T+35....again...
3/3: 56.375% (+.375%) ( I've never watched the movie 'Click'...guess I know what I'm doing this weekend!
3/6: 56.875% (+.5)
3/7: 57.125% (+.25%)
3/8: 57.25% (+.125%)
3/9: 57.625% (+.375%)
3/10: 58% (+.375%) ECHOOOO....another 3/8th increase?

Unpaird/recalled??....I'll ask again around 8 or 9 to see if this changes.
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2023.03.21 12:32 Big-Percentage4463 Missing my grandma right now. She never got to see the ultrasound of my daughter

I miss talking to my grandma, after she passed I’ve been finding myself listening to old voicemails from my grandpa where I can hear her in the background, I would give up literally everything to sit down, have a drink and talk with her about everything she missed, how she would’ve been a great-grandparent in 3 months, like I know I can do that with my grandpa but it’s different, I know he’ll be amazing to my child but my grandma was an amazing woman and when I think about my unborn daughter, it just hurts that she’ll never meet the most influential woman in my life. I remember the day she passed as I was aside her in her bed as she took her last breath, I remember the day I was at college and my mom called me telling me she wouldn’t make it through the weekend, and I broke out in tears outside my fraternities house, right outside the room I live in now and the love my brothers gave me and how they sponsored my flight back home to see her for the last time. I remember standing by her bed reading her this like 10 page essay I had wrote her, and I kissed her one the forehead, her hands were shriveled from all the chemo and just cancer eating her body and a few moments after I kissed her I heard a big breath and then silence. I remember going downstairs in tears and looking my grandpa as if he had known she was gone and I told the caregiver that she was gone and 2 minutes later she came down confirming it. I will never forget the memories with her that I made and I will always live up to the same standard she did and improve strangers day where I can. I love you Mimi and I’ll always remember your lessons you taught me, I’ll miss the way you were always so energetic even near the end, you would sleep and get up when family came over, even in your end you fought so hard and fought for every inch you could get, you turned 6 months into 10 months and for that I’m so grateful, you gave my family another thanksgiving and you made it to your 59th anniversary even when you shouldn’t have even made it that far and for that I will live with the strength you had. I love you forever and ever.
I’m just crushed that she never made it to my 21st or to see my daughter be born, she would’ve love that child the same way she loved me and my family, and that’s where I’m torn, I jut want her to be able to see my child and look at me and be proud one last time, it’s been over a year and I would still give anything for that woman. Her love was unmatched.
I love you forever and ever, until we meet again. Ryan.
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2023.03.21 12:32 Ahdameplays_XD My custom sv-001 from metal slug repost because it only got one upvote

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2023.03.21 12:32 Dazzling_News2826 My brother hates me and I don’t know why.

this is my first time on reddit i don’t know if i’m doing it right but I’m just gonna vent and i don’t expect anyone to read. My brother is a little bit younger than me, we were friends since we were kids, we used to have movie nights together and play video games together and basically being good normal siblings. Until about a year or 2 ago out of nowhere i started noticing he got annoyed whenever I’m around him at first i said maybe i was delusional but no it got worse and worse that it’s clearly noticeable. It’s like he gets triggered when he sees me, every time i say something he starts to take a deep breath (that’s his way of rolling his eye) like he wants me to shut up like he can’t stand me. It’s like he’s literally pressed. When we were younger we used to always talk shit about our sister who used to snitch on us to our father and that a sibling shouldn’t do this and now he does it to me. He would bring up to my dad how i’m wearing colored abaya and that i shouldn’t be wearing it like he’s just trying to do whatever to shit on me. It’s a stupid little thing but I thought we were friends? Why are you trying to ruin the little harmless things for me? This hurt me because years ago when we were “good” this religious guy started talking shit about my appearance even though my face was covered then my brother told him “it’s none of your business” and now this? It’s like he turned on me. We started having fights and we would not talk for days or months straight. the other day he was coming to my mother’s room he didn’t notice that i saw him roll his eyes when he saw me like what is she doing here now. No matter how hard i try, i can’t possibly think of a single thing that i have done that would make him feel this way towards me. I could be just as bitchy to him as he is to me now and i have every right to do so but i don’t do it because I don’t hate him why does he hate me? The only possible explanation i could think of is that he is misogynistic. I know it sounds stupid but he isn’t just sexist he actually hates women like he thinks women are inferior and shouldn’t hold any type of position or power because they are not as smart as men, the only way women would have a position is if a company wants to have diversity because there’s no way a women could achieve it on her own. He hates women. He’s an Andrew Tate fan as you can imagine and it hurts me a lot that he views me ( his sister ) like that even though it’s clear that I’m a smart person and i have been told that my entire life, i have always been the smartest in a group. Even my mother once said she thinks i’m smarter than him (btw he’s the one who asked and insisted to know the answer when my mom refused to say anything) then immediately got offended and when the answer wasn’t what he wanted he changed his mind and said nope this was supposed to be a vote then started to ask others. I never wanted to know the answer because it’s not a competition and one of us being smarter isn’tgonna take the intelligence away from the other. I don’t understand why he wanted confirmation from others that I’m dumber ? But here’s the thing… tho he’s condescending towards me i never hated him for that and not for being a man or being misogynistic even though he hates my people and me basically. Why is he hating on me even though I don’t go around talking about how smarter i am simply because of my gender? I never in my life talked about how men are stupid and how women are better in every way (I don’t think this way obviously, your intelligence has nothing to do with your sex i know i’m a lot smarter than a lot of men out there, being Saudi I don’t casually talk to men everyday we don’t exactly mix as you know but in the hospital and in college i saw how some men behave and talk and act towards others and patients and none of it is intelligent or smart in anyway but i never judge any of them based on their gender) So what exactly triggered him to hate me? Is it because i am a woman? sometimes when i talk or say something i can see him smirking a little bit or hear him smile with a little bit of breath through his nose like i said the stupidest thing in the world and i’m just having a normal conversation with my siblings on a friday in a family gathering. We sometimes stop talking for a while but it’s always for a reason or a fight but lately I travelled and when i came back he never talked to me again even though we were on good term before i left heck i even got a text from him a few hours before i went to the airport i think he wanted to ask about something and now he says hi to others when he wakes up and literally ignores my existence. And i’m tired of whatever he’s doing because I haven’t done anything wrong and I’m tired of checking his “vibe” to see are we on good terms today or not depending on his mood. Whatever his reason is i know i’m not the one purposely pushing him towards these emotions and i’m not the one who started it. Is it possible to hate someone simply because they were born with a damn vagina?????
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2023.03.21 12:31 M4sterofD1saster From the Iraqi PoV

Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis Were Killed in the War. One Was My Brother.

But I don’t share the conventional wisdom that the U.S. invasion, which began 20 years ago this week, was a colossal failure.
By Faisal Saeed Al Mutar
March 21, 2023
For all that, for all the chaos, for all the dislocation, for the grief that will never leave me, I don’t harbor any ill will toward America. I don’t share the conventional wisdom that the U.S. invasion—this week marks two decades since American forces poured into Iraq—was a colossal failure. I believe that the invasion was the necessary beginning of a long, tortuous and still uncertain road out of a very dark past. ***
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2023.03.21 12:30 Loreaby My mom's ex-husband refuses to help with his autistic child. Is there anything my mom or I can do?

Hey everybody, I don't really post much on Reddit in general, so forgive me if this is a lousy format, please.
My mom got married to this guy back when I was about 5 years old, I don't remember too much of their marriage considering I have a terrible memory, but I do remember some parts. None of them are too good. I remember loud shouting matches between them, him breaking things, and one time he tried to hit my older brother who was I think only 15 at the time. Obviously, none of this is good, but what's even worse is what I didn't witness. I'm not going to go into great detail, but there was a lot of alcohol, bruises, and manipulation.
Then my mom had his baby (which I could be mistaken, but I'm almost entirely sure she never wanted a kid with him.) and everything got so so much worse. See everything above, X10 to get an idea. So she dealt with it for another 4 or so years until she had enough and divorced him. Now she's a single mom with two kids living with her. (My older brother is an adult.)
Now, my little brother is autistic and very high on the spectrum, so it's hard for her. I try to help out as much as I can but being a minor I can't do much without missing school, but often I just want to help my mom so I do just skip, to do chores so she doesn't have to do them when she gets home from her job.
Legal advice part
Now this man refuses to take care of his kid. He has him for about two or three days a week then gives the rest to my mom. He refuses to take him when it's not his day. Even when my mom had a concussion and could have died in her sleep next to my brother he refused. We don't have any legal custody agreements but still. This has caused a list of things to happen.
  1. My mom is incredibly sleep deprived.
  2. She had to cut hours from her job so she could get him off the bus on time.
  3. 95% of the destruction my brother causes goes to her.
  4. Even when my little brother gets sick at his house he forces my mom to take him causing her and me to get sick too, so she has to miss more work and I have to miss more school.
As you can imagine the list goes on and on, but that's what I got off the top of my head. So is there anything my mother or I can do? Anything at all? I really just want to help my mom out so anything is helpful.
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2023.03.21 12:29 SpoonMob RESTAURANTS, FOOD, WINE] Spoon Mob Episode #106 - Chef Silas Caeton of Sabo Sauce

RESTAURANTS, FOOD, WINE] Spoon Mob Episode #106 - Chef Silas Caeton of Sabo Sauce
Apple Podcasts // Spotify Podcasts // Amazon Music // Google Podcasts // Podlink // Instagram // Website
On this episode of the Spoon Mob Podcast, chef Silas Caeton returns to the podcast to chat about his hot sauce and taco pop up, Sabo Sauce at The Lox Bagel Shop in Columbus, Ohio. For more on chef Silas Caeton, visit and follow him on Instagram @silascaeton, @sabosauce + @theloxbagelshop. Visit for upcoming event information + the online shop. Visit for menu details, online ordering + catering information. For all things Spoon Mob, visit and make sure to follow us on Instagram (@spoonmob), Twitter (@spoonmob1), Facebook (@spoonmob1) + TikTok (@spoonmob). Audio editing by @TrackEditPrint. Intro music by @kabbalisticvillage.
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2023.03.21 12:29 ZuZuZuri Why is it so hard to officially let go of this friendship?

I have had a friend for almost 18 years. We met when I was 16. She was my brother’s ex at the time. He has told me before that she’s not my real friend. However, last year I introduced her to my close cousin and they live one freeway exit away from each other. I live in another state. They have become friends. However, a year ago I found out through my cousin that she has said some unfriendly things about me like the reason why men only want to have sex with me is because I don’t wear a bra and she doesn’t know I’m trying to pay my car note when it’s going to repossessed anyways.
About 3 month ago my cousin told me she semi blocked me social media and I had a certain amount of time to reach out before she completely blocks me and that I watch her videos; which I don’t. I don’t get on social media often, barely post, and it has no importance to me. I would think she knows this as my friend.
Because I didn’t want to be messy I never said anything to my friend about what I heard and just distanced myself from her…well mainly stopped talking to her. She has always been a gossip and messy…I never thought it would ever include me. And obsessed with social media to the point that it’s annoying. She has to take and post pictures of EVERYTHING. If we go out to eat, she will literally say wait to eat so I can take a picture. She constantly talks down on herself.
We went on a road trip about 3 years ago and got into our first confrontation because she planned the trip to take pictures. I wasn’t of this. This was our first time going to Yosemite park. We arrived close to the evening. We were warned about the bears and had not eaten. She was literally having whole photoshoots at specific places she had seen on the internet, while it’s getting dark and we’re getting hungrier. She didn’t care and still doesn’t see the issue to this day.
I still want to be friends, but a modified version. I’ve been in therapy and healing, I no longer have an interest in gossip, or the patience for drama and negativity. Why is it hard for me to let go of this person that’s not good for me? Have you experienced something similar?
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2023.03.21 12:26 mbouhda The curious case of Monke and the bogdanoff coin bubble.

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous monkey named Monke who thought he was the crypto king spending all his time scrolling through reddit, hoping to find the next hot tip that would make him rich.
Monke was convinced that he had finally found the perfect coin when he saw a post about a new project called BogdanoffCoin, he did some quick research and saw that the price had already started to rise, so he bought in at the peak of the pump, the price of BogdanoffCoin immediately began to drop, leaving Monke feeling more helpless than a monkey without a banana. He held onto his investment, hoping that it would turn around, but it only continued to plummet like a monkey falling out of a tree. He finally caved and decided to sell his coins at the bottom of the dump, but as soon as he sold, the price shot up, leaving him red-faced than a baboon's behind.
Months went by, and Monke continued to make terrible investment decisions, always buying at the top and selling at the bottom. But then, he stumbled upon a post about the infamous Bogdanoff brothers and their alleged impact on the crypto market. Monke was fascinated and started to dig deeper, learning about the brothers' reputation for market manipulation and pump-and-dump schemes, suddenly everything started to make sense. He realized that he had been caught in the middle of one of their schemes, buying in at the peak and selling at the bottom like a clueless chimp.
One day, he received an email that appeared to be from his exchange, warning him that there was suspicious activity on his account and asking him to click on a link to verify his identity. Not suspecting anything fishy, he clicked on the link and entered his login details. Before he knew it, his account had been drained of all his crypto bags. Monke was devastated, realizing that he had fallen for a classic scam that could have easily been avoided.
The constant stress of monitoring the market and making trades had taken a toll on him. He decided it was time to take a break from the market and focus on other areas of his life, like finding a girlfriend. He had never been successful in his love life, but he was hopeful that he could find someone on a dating app. He created a profile and started swiping. After a few weeks of chatting with different women, he finally found someone he clicked with. Her name was Chimpette, and they hit it off right away. For months, Monke and Chimpette texted back and forth, sharing their interests, life stories and sending each other selfies, showing off their best monkey faces and posing with bananas like they were top models. Monke felt like he had finally found the connection he had been searching for, he was even considering meeting her in person. But then one day, Chimpette asked Monke for a favor, she needed some money urgently, and Monke was the only one she could turn to. Monke was hesitant, but he didn't want to let her down, so he asked how much she needed. To his surprise, Chimpette asked for some Bitcoin. She said she was having some trouble with her bank account and needed the Bitcoin to pay her bills. Monke was suspicious but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and sent her the Bitcoin.
Days turned into weeks, and Monke never heard from Chimpette again. He tried to reach out to her, but her phone number and profile were no longer active, he realized that he had been romance scammed and lost a significant amount of money.
Monke had learned his lesson from all the bad investment decisions and lost money he had experienced, he realized that trying to time the market and being euphoric was a recipe for disaster, So he decided to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and become a diamond hands gorilla. He knew they were well-established and had a solid track record, and he believed in their long-term potential. Despite the occasional dips and volatility, Monke held on tight, convinced that one day they will reach new heights. He was determined to hold onto his investments for eternity and beyond!
He also learned that by contributing to cryptocurrency subreddit with high-quality posts and comments, he could earn moons. Excited by the prospect of getting rich from moons, Monke got to work, neglecting the fact that this will cost him socializing with his friends, eating bananas, and even swinging from trees. He started commenting on every post he could find, posted hilarious comments, insightful comments, and even wrote a few articles, and it worked! His karma points soared, and soon he started receiving moons in his wallet.
As the years went by, Monke's strategy paid off, he was overjoyed, knowing that he had made the right decision. Looking back on his early mistakes, Monke couldn't help but laugh at his own stupidity. He realized that investing in crypto was not a get-rich-quick scheme, and that the key to success was patience, discipline, and a long-term approach...
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2023.03.21 12:26 dodololdodo05 I want a Honda Fit, family wants a Civic. Help me decide.

I've been wanting to buy a used car for family use. I've been doing a lot of research, and I've fallen in love with the Honda Fit (First gen as that's all I can afford). I love how compact, versatile, and practical it is. I also love the way it looks, I've been a big fan of hatchbacks for a long time, and in my opinion, I think they look better than sedans. My dad and brother are pushing me to get a Civic though, specifically, a 90s Civic SIR Body or bigote as it's a bit cheaper, bigger, and "mas pogi".
We have very different tastes when it comes to car aesthetics, they want a car that looks cool and can be set up to look even cooler, while I'd prefer a simple-looking functional car and keep it completely stocked (I prefer how stock cars look).
My heart is saying I should get the Honda Fit, but I am reasonable enough to not push what I want and I'm open to getting a Civic instead if it's really that much better. How does the fit compare to the Civic in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability, and practicality? Which one would you recommend?
Thank you!
EDIT: I'd like to point out that this will be my first car, so this one is really going to be a beater that'll be getting the first car treatment, therefore I'm not considering getting a brand-new car.
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2023.03.21 12:26 Yellowlegoman_00 “I assume I’m dead,” Harry replied. The figure seemed to grin, if grinning was possible without features. “Yes, you are. Does that not scare you?”

In a cupboard under the stairs, a boy of seven or eight lay stiff. The heating had gone off at Number Four Privet Drive, and while Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley all had space heaters, no such care had been taken to accommodate little Harry Potter. Little Harry had shivered in the cold and the dark until he could shiver no more, and so it was that little Harry died, alone, afraid and frozen.
Reality though, is far more complicated and complex than you, dear reader, could possibly comprehend, and so in spite of his demise little Harry found himself on a dark bridge in a grey sky surrounded by grey people. Grey but translucent. The grey people hurried over the bridge. And in the centre of the mass of grey bodies stood a figure. A dark figure. Not evil, no, simply a large mass of black in a human shape, and the black figure gazed down at Harry with a featureless face of black.
“Hello Harry Potter.” It spoke with a grating voice, a voice both far away and everywhere.
“Hello,” Harry replied, looking around at the many grey people that hurried past.
“Do you know why you are here, Harry Potter?”
“I assume I’m dead,” Harry replied.
The figure seemed to grin, if grinning was possible without features. “Yes, you are. Does that not scare you?”
Harry shrugged. “The other children are scared to die, grownups too. But the other children all have mummies and daddies and brothers and sisters and friends who they’re scared of not seeing again. I don’t know anybody I like enough to want to see again.”
“But what about the experiences you can’t have when you're dead?”
Harry shrugged for a second time. “I don’t think I’d have had any of those until I grew up and left the Dursleys’ even if I were still alive, and that’s too far away to imagine.”
The figure laughed. “You, child, are interesting.”
“Thanks,” Harry grinned. “Nobody’s ever called me interesting before.”
“So, child, what would you do now if I told you that you were not in fact dead?”
Harry thought about it for a moment. “Well, I suppose I’ll wake up and life will carry on. Uncle Petunia will give me chores, Uncle Vernon will go to work and Dudley will play in the snow. At least I’ll have an interesting memory to think about while mopping.”
“Memory? Will you not wake up and think this but a dream?”
It doesn’t really matter to me,” Harry replied. “All my good memories happen in my dreams.”
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2023.03.21 12:26 LittleEmmy Return to Amish: Season 7: Episode 2

Daniel, My Brother
Johnny panics when he goes to an English nightclub for the first time, and Jeremiah and Carmela help Sabrina with a medical scare. Daniel makes a date with an English girl, and Kenneth arrives in Florida to pursue his dreams of playing basketball.
Show: Return to Amish
Air date: March 21, 2023
Previous episode: Karma Carmela Chameleon
Next episode: Fannie, Are You OK?
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2023.03.21 12:25 travelsurfer I make more then my older brother and I feel bad about it.

Okay so I just need to put it out there like the title says, I make more then my older brother. I also do NOT go around talking about pay or anything like that! (Sorry typing on a phone)
I have a great brother don’t get me wrong, but he dropped out of college before getting his AA degree and works at a popular grocery store in the south. I have a degree in Business Administration and work in my field. I make comfortable pay to live by myself and I am constantly having to lie or hide how much of a difference I make compared to him and my parents agree it is for the best.
A lot of times it feels like I have to hide my accomplishments from him (not to rub in his face at all) and can’t share good news cause salary might come up.
We finally have a good relationship for the first time since we were 5 years old, I am terrified he will over hear a conversation with family about my job. Sometimes I wish I could secretly pay his rent for a month or donate to help him move closer to family like planned.
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2023.03.21 12:21 Ben-jam_jive0 Happy Spring

It’s the first day of Spring And the flora comes alive The world’s reggae king Wants some exercise Mr. Marley walks inside He’s not bothered by the line He feels like your brother not a superstar He’ll ask you how you are You know he got that black card
Start of the day so no sweaty stench They always say to start with a stretch All the staff wave and one plays Exodus It’s just another morning at Planet Fitness
Dreads are swinging on the step machine His head starts filling with dopamine One step then two so it don’t get boring Sweat starts pouring like Sorrel on New Year’s morning
It’s a no judgement zone Don’t need to get cynical Singing ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ While he’s peddling the elliptical
Aiming for maintenance Not to get jacked He don’t care what your name is Or if you’re white or your black
Moves onto squats While legs are hot He writes for his people And fights for his god
There’s a dude cranking chin ups And Bob just read his palm He ain’t using ear buds He says the room is it’s own song
On to the sled push Leaving a sweat trail Saying Haile Selassie With each exhale
Next are the free weights Right after a toke break He never skips leg day He always rips Mary Jane The smoke alarm is disengaged Both staff and members partake The THC hits their brains And it’s back to the grind to stay in shape
Nesta from Nine Mile Working on his triceps Pumping reps with a smile Thinking “Rita’s gonna love this!” Since he was a child He’s been dutifully scrapping This workout is mild When you’ve survived an assassination
He works his abs to finish the session You know he has a plan for after this Right after he enjoys the hydrobeds Right after he washes his hands Right after he jams with friends He’ll relax with feet on the ottoman And refuel with a mean plate of jerk chicken After this workout he deserves it
Getting so excited Tuff Gong hit the last set hard Somewhat surprising He set off the lunk alarm
All love, delete if not allowed. Hope you enjoy :)
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2023.03.21 12:19 dubdaddy18 M2 first manual transmission

In the market for an M2 and would love to get a manual as I feel it’s the right way for me to experience it. I have never driven a manual car and wonder if it’s too much to handle.
My brother has a 93 Foxbody stang that I’m going to practice on for a few days. A different vibe absolutely but it can’t hurt.
For what it’s worth, I self taught myself to ride a motorcycle I bought a couple years ago. Very different but certainly some aspects translate.
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2023.03.21 12:19 Buzzied Dear Pirates Donate as much as you can

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2023.03.21 12:16 everythingsjake01 Celebrate the Season at EVERYTHING'S JAKE, the Best Holiday Cocktail Lounge in NYC

Looking for the perfect spot to celebrate the season in New York City? EVERYTHING'S JAKE is the best holiday cocktail lounge in NYC. Our expert mixologists have crafted a special menu of holiday cocktails that will warm you up on even the coldest winter night. From classic eggnog to innovative creations, we have something for everyone. Our cozy and inviting atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for holiday gatherings with friends and family, or a romantic night out. Plus, our knowledgeable bartenders are always on hand to make recommendations and help you choose the perfect cocktail to suit your taste. Come and celebrate the season at EVERYTHING'S JAKE, the best holiday cocktail lounge in NYC.
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2023.03.21 12:16 writingtheides AITA for refusing to leave my dogs with my MIL?

My husband (28) and I (26) are going on vacation in a month. We will be gone for a week. Normally we would take our 2 dogs to stay at his aunt’s house as she takes good care of them and has a big yard. However, my FIL is having a surgery he won’t reschedule so his aunt can’t watch them that week because she is staying with FIL.
My husband paid my MIL $100 to watch them. She’s living with us currently and part of the arrangement is that she lets the dogs out 1x a day because we have a young puppy who needs to go out in the middle of our work day. We’ve had to sit down and talk with her twice already about not doing this. Even if she’s home all day sometimes she doesn’t do it. She once left them in the house all day with no potty breaks because she put on her pain patch and fell asleep for 17 hours straight.
We found out last night she’s again not been doing the one thing we ask her to do. I told my husband that I am uncomfortable with her keeping the dogs for a week unsupervised because she can’t even take them out once a day, let alone feed them twice and take care of their other needs. I would like to board them but he insists his mom is more trustworthy than “some stranger” and that she is the “best option.” His brother agrees with him and says she always takes good care of his dog, but I’m just not convinced.
This led to a big fight because I refuse to budge as the thought of my 6 month old puppy being crated for 9+ hours and having accidents in his crate makes me sick. He refuses to budge because he trusts his mom so much more than a boarding facility. AITA?
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2023.03.21 12:16 Drinkfknwater Hi!! Any AU fanfics that are Wolfstar but also involves Sirius and Regulus reconnecting?

Magical or Muggle AUs I don’t mind!
Would also love if Regulus was sarcastic, posh and super dry and quick witted.
Brownie points for:
Doesn’t all have to be in the same fic!
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2023.03.21 12:15 MrMBag Modo Bass 2 & Reaper; How hard could it POSSIBLY BE???!???

Hi. I’m going to pull my eyeballs out, or get a rage chainsaw and sodium bromide colonic… For the sweet love of Jesus Christ himself… How in the holy hell can you program a legato slide… ANY SLIDE, with Modo Bass 2 in Reaper? I do not have a midi controller, so I want to draw it out in the midi editor… Assuming I don’t explode into flames, and collapse under the weight of my hyper nova grade anger, and start swirling into some kind of a temporal vortex that banishes me into eternal damnation of The Beach Boys and He-Haw reruns on repeat until time itself ceases to exist… Any one help a brother out?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.21 12:15 cookedgoosecatering Party Trays Near Me Pittsburgh - Cooked Goose Catering

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2023.03.21 12:14 Free-Helicopter2577 My Grandpa used to be cool, now he's just an asshole

My (15M) Grandpa (64M) is now a retired seaman. I don't remember any exact details about his past, just little snippets. But I do know that he married my grandma (60F) around the early 80's, then had my Dad who became the oldest brother of 3 other kids.
According to my grandma, ever since my Dad and his brother and sisters were little, he always had issues with his anger. Doing things ranging from slapping my dad across the face to yelling at them with such force that you really can't help but cry, even if he hadn't laid a hand on you.
Although, things sort of changed when they started getting older. More specifically, when I was born. I was his first grandson. And according to Grandma, he used to spoil me rotten. He used to be the one who fed me a lot, and often even gave me a lot of gifts whenever he was around and not on a boat.
And then my little brother arrived. I never really had an issue where I would think that my parents or my family from my mother's side had any sort of "favoritism" or "bias" towards my little brother (or if there was, it was probably unnoticeable) but when it came to the people on my father's side, specifically my grandfather, the favoritism was, to say the least, more noticeable. I noticed them paying more attention towards my little brother (not talking to me when I try to call for their attention), and always spoiling him rotten with things like a bicycle or stuff like that. But again, it never really bothered me much.
He retired in 2016. And theres sort of a timeframe when he seemed to treat us equally for a time. We would always go to the mall with him and my LB and we would always do things together. I enjoyed spending time in his home. So much so that every weekend I would even ask Dad to bring us to his house so we could hang out with Grandpa.
However, as I grew older, he started to noticeably change.
He's been more moody and in some weeks we even had to cancel going to his house because he was apparently "not in the mood"
The most noticeable incident that paved my way of thinking of him, the event that made me see who he REALLY was, happened when I was just 9.
One of my biggest chores at that time was to always let our dog, Zion, outside of the house. I would always do it every afternoon after I arrive from school. However, I would always just tie him in front of the house since most of the time I can't even hold him without either being dragged or almost killed when he runs. And on this particular afternoon, that was what I was doing. I tied my dog outside our house and I was sitting somewhere in the close distance waiting for Zion to take a dump. And thats when Grandpa came in.
He was FURIOUS. I greeted him and he just yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? CANT YOU SEE YOUR KILLING THE DOG?" and me being dumb and thinking that this was one of his jokes, I replied with "I tied him there and I'm waiting for him to poop" and he walked towards the dog and started untying its leash from the gate. He then yelled at me "GET INSIDE!" Now with a more stern tone. That's when I knew I was in trouble.
And so I went inside. Thinking that I was probably gonna get yelled at by a lot, but boy was I wrong.
There was no yelling. Instead he just went inside the house, grabbed me by my uniform collar, then grabbed me by my jaw. After that, he slammed my back against the living room wall, and stared at my eyes, like a psycho. That's when I knew, I wasn't just in trouble. No, in other troubles, I just usually think "Oh no, I shouldnt have done that" and start regretting my actions after. But now, I felt no sense of regret. Not because of the fact that I was being rebellious, but because all I felt during that time was pure, unfiltered, fear. Now I have felt plenty of fear in my life, whether it be from ghosts and shit, but this was different. It's like HE KNOWS specifically what to do to make you feel this way. The way he stares into your eyes, looking like he has killing intent, and your just left there thinking "I'm gonna die"
He never yelled. Not once. He was just mumbling to my gaping face "Do you want your dog to die? Huh? HUH?" with every "huh" he started shaking me upwards.
I don't remember any details of what happened in between of that moment and the end of that moment, but the end was what always stuck with me and always had, even to this day.
"I swear to God, I'm gonna choke you. I've been holding my anger back from you, oh yes I've been! DONT WAIT UNTIL MY BLOOD REACHES MY HEAD!"
Reminder that he was saying these things to a 9-year-old who still doesn't know what he did wrong.
Nobody still knows that happened. Only I do. Suprisingly, even my neighbors never seemed to notice it happening, either.
The thing that bothered me the most is, I STILL dont know what I did wrong to "kill our dog". And to this day, Zion is still alive and kicking at 8 years old.
Anyways, I expected to be talked to him about what happened. You know, sort of like an intervention kinda thing. But no. No talks, no apologies. He was just acting like nothing had happened.
I thought he had some form of DID, since I NEVER expected him being able to talk or yell like that, but my other experiences would soon destroy that theory.
Fast forward to the pandemic, and I think that's where he changed.
I won't really go into much detail since this is private family matters but basically his younges daughter, my Aunt, got pregnant with someone whom most of my family didn't approve of. And then, my baby cousin, whom we'll call "Shiela" was born in 2021.
And during that time too, my Mom began focusing on her and Dad's business a lot more, which meant that I had to stay at their house, and go to school from there.
It's been about 4 years since that incident happened, and by now (by some miracle) I seemed to have forgiven him for what happened.
And his attitudes started to show a lot more.
I dont really wanna make this whole story a lot longer so Imma just list the things hes done.
  1. On a beach trip, had everyone drink contaminated water and swore that what he gave us wasn't contaminated. The numerous counts of guests (including me) getting Diarrhea disproved that (No apologies, no talks given)
  2. On the same trip, after we arrive home, yells at ME for pushing younger cousin aside (not even a full push just a lil tussle) despite being told I needed to go first because of Diarrhea that HE caused (No apologies, no talk)
  3. One time after arriving home from a long walk, goes home in a grumpy mood, calls me downstairs, I tell him "What is it?" and he yells at me to "fix my attitude" then later on while I was taking a shower, he OPENS THE SHOWER CURTAIN WIDE and sees me butt naked, then just mumbles at me "You better fix that attitude of yours cause I've been holding my anger back on you!" Again, I do not know what I did. (he says that a lot) (No apologies, no talk)
  4. Maids me around. I'm pretty fine with chores but the way he asks me around seems super demeaning. It's come to the point where I've started to hate hearing my first name.
I have many more experiences, but it would be too much to list lol. I would like some tips on how I could deal with this situation. I've considered some decent measures, while some drastic like running away etc. But I would like some tips that you guys can give me on how I could deal with this man. If yall need context with anything or assurances, feel free to ask :)
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