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2023.03.23 22:39 SuperThrowAway50005 My parents favor my brother and I didn't realize how much until recently

So I (31F) am the youngest of 3 children.
My oldest brother wasn't in the picture a lot, he's 12 years older than me and had moved out by the time I was old enough to really care.
But my other brother (M33) was very much in my life until recently.
I love my family. I do, my childhood was pretty great, we moved a ton but other wise it was great.
I noticed the favoritism early on.
Not always huge things but things like if we were split on what we wanted to do that day, he'd always get to what he wanted first and if there was time afterwards then I might get to do what I wanted.
Prime example, I went to the lake with friends and my parents picked me up in the evening and said they'd bring me back in the morning. I get up bright and early, get ready to go back and then find out that my brother said he wanted to go to the city to pick up a new video game so now I can't be brought back to the lake because there's no time.
Another example is when we were teenagers, I worked a couple days a week at the library and the rest of the week babysitting and a lot of my money went to bills and groceries but my brother worked full time and didn't pay for anything unless he felt like it at the time so he spent most of his money on video games and junk food.
At this point my brother has been unemployed for almost a decade. I've tried to encourage him to apply for literally everything and then worry about getting a really gig later because some income is a lot better than no income right? But he basically refuses to try. He won't apply at a gas station, he applied at the grocery store once and didn't get it so refuses to try there again.
Now he's damn near agoraphobic because he refuses to leave the yard more than maybe once a month and even then won't go further than 20 minutes away.
I've encouraged him to go to therapy or something for it but again he refuses.
And mom refuses to push him on anything because he's "sensitive and anxious about everything".
Just about 3 years ago I met my now husband. We dated long distance for 7 months before actually meeting in person because we lived 3000kms away from each other lol
My now husband moved to my province after 7 months so we could try dating properly and clearly it went well lol
Before he moved, I did spend a lot of time with my brother. We watched anime together generally nightly and we'd game a few nights a week.
I even helped him get his new gaming PC. He had one picked out but didn't have a credit card to set up financing for the monthly payments. The deal being that he would send me the $53 a month for the payments.
Once my now husband moved, that routine obviously changed a bit. But I always made an effort to make sure I was spending time with him at least 3-4 nights a week.
My now husband and I made a HUGE effort to include him. We would invite him constantly to game with us, play board games, go to the city, go to the movies, come with us to the bar, golfing, camping, literally any activities we could think of and my brother would not budge.
We kept trying and when the wedding was getting close, I made it crystal clear how important it was for him to come to the wedding. He lives with my parents, all he had to do was get in the van and spend 45 minutes of his life at a beautiful park for the ceremony. He didn't come.
I was upset. I told my parents how upset I was about it and again my mom defended him with a "don't be too hard on him. This is a big change for him, he's struggling with it"
So I let it go.
3 months later we were getting ready to move so I took him aside again to let him know what was happening and that I still wanted us to hang out and spend time together. We both game and there's no reason we couldn't spend time watching anime and things together.
Basically did everything I could to try and maintain a relationship with him all while my mom kept saying "oh he's just sensitive and dealing with a lot. This is a big change for him you know"
So we moved.
He stopped answering my messages all together as soon as I was out of the yard basically. I noticed a few months later that he hadn't been sending me any payments since I left either.
I messaged him about it and got nothing so I messaged my mom.
At first she said she'd talk to him about it and later said that "oh something happened but he won't say what and he's broke"
I accepted it at first because he wasn't working, so the payments were all coming out of GST and whatever he got for painting houses with my dad in the summers.
A couple days went by and I realized that it had been a GST month AND bonus tax money because we lived outside a metropolitan area. So I messaged mom about it again and said that by my math he had gotten at least $500 in the last couple weeks, so can he please send me the $150 he owed me at that point.
Mom messages back and basically says that she can't force him to pay me, all she can do is try to talk to him about it and that she'd pay it herself if she could.
At this point it's been 7 going on 8 months and I still haven't gotten a payment from him.
I kept trying to reach put and be friendly, and get him talking to me again and the day after Christmas he blocked me on all social media all together.
I told my mom about it, again saying how upset I was and again just got "I'm sorry he blocked you. This has been a big change for him and it's hard for him. I'm sure he'll come around".
At this point he just hides in his room and pays his video games and completely ignores the world around him.
Mom absolutely refuses to push him to do anything to better his situation because "he's sensitive and anxious and he'll do it in his own time" but he won't. He's never going to change because she continues to baby him and tell him that he doesn't have to. He has absolutely no reason to even attempt to sort out his issues or get help for his anxiety or try to get a job because he can stay in his bedroom literally forever and mom and dad wouldn't care.
Mom just keeps babying him and making excuses for his behaviors and his refusal to try and grow up.
TL:DR My parents have spoiled, favored and babied my older brother his entire life and now he refuses to even try to grow up. Mom makes endless excuses for his behavior and no one will push him out of the nest and try to get him functioning as an adult.
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2023.03.23 22:37 netpunk Who has had these same problems and how did you resolve it? Maybe some help u/CashAppAndi

I sent $500 to my son via CashApp using his phone number and name. I did not know his "Cashtag".
This was one week ago.
He never received the money and when he inquired the first time, he was told the account had been closed. The phone number has been his long before Cash App ever existed.
My son and I have been on the phone with Cash App Customer Service daily, Individually because their "advocate" cannot speak with both of us at the same time. I was just hung up on by the last "advocate" because I asked to speak with a supervisor.
I was told that the recipient must send the money back but the account associated with his phone number is closed and Customer Service will not allow him to verify his info in order to take control of the account and receive/refund the money. I was told by one advocate that he could easily set up a new "Cashtag" and request a merger of the closed account and the new account and all would be right with the world.
Customer Service tells him the exact opposite that I must request the money and he can do nothing.
It's just one big "Circle Jerk" and no one is getting close to the end. However Cash App is making money on my small $500 plus interest and no one is willing to help.
Where can I find my Knight in Shining Armor? My Superman?
Can it possibly be u/CashAppAndi ?
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2023.03.23 22:34 MariaKudos Credit Card News and Deals Roundup: Week of March 20, 2023

Credit Card News and Deals Roundup: Week of March 20, 2023
Chase Sapphire Preferred: Huge 90K Bonus In-Branch Available Now
As first reported by the Doctor of Credit, Chase is offering a sweet 90,000 point sign-up bonus for their flagship travel card, the Chase Sapphire Preferred, when you apply in person at a Chase Bank location. This bonus isn't available online, but we’re hoping to see that change in the near future! In the past, Chase has often featured a bonus in-branch and then expanded it online. Fingers crossed!
The sign-up bonus for this card is usually 60,000 points when you spend $4,000 in the first three months. It has hovered around this amount for a couple of years. The last time we saw such a high bonus - when it hit a record 100,000 points - was in 2021.
Here are the details of the bonus:
  • Earn 80,000 points after spending $4,000 in the first three months of card membership
  • Earn another 10,000 points after spending $6,000 total in the first six months of card membership
  • These points are worth at least 1.25¢ each, so you’re looking at the equivalent of $1125 in your pocket when you hit the bonus
Other details about the Chase Sapphire Preferred:
  • $95 annual fee (not waived the first year)
  • 3x points per dollar spent on dining, including eligible delivery services
  • 3x points per dollar spent on online grocery purchases (excluding Target, Walmart, and wholesale clubs)
  • 3x points per dollar spent on select streaming services
  • 2x points per dollar spent on travel purchases
  • Up to $50 in statement credits each account anniversary year for hotel stays purchased through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal
  • 5x total points on travel purchased through the Chase Travel Portal, excluding hotel purchases that qualify for the $50 Anniversary Hotel Credit
  • 5x points per dollar spent on Lyft rides through March 2025
You will need an excellent credit score to receive approval for this card.
Bottom Line: if you don’t already have this card and have been thinking about it, this offer is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Get to a branch as soon as you can!
Are wellness rewards the next credit card craze? Ness Launches Public Beta for New Card
We’re all for seeing credit cards get more interesting with different types of customized rewards. We’ve seen a rise in wellness cards in the past few years. This week, Ness launched another, the public beta of the Ness Card. It’s a new credit card designed to “incentivize living healthy” by offering its users rewards and benefits with a number of health and wellness brands, including Sweetgreen, Seed Health, Exhale Spa, and Glamsquad. It’s part of a greater trend we’ve seen of wellness credit cards, including the Paceline Card, which offered 2.5% cash back for wellness purchases. It launched via a waitlist in March 2022 but never debuted to the broader public and was officially nerfed last month.
Now available via invite, Ness cardholders will earn:
  • 5x points for spend at healthy merchants including healthy restaurants, grocery stores, beauty supply stores and salons, pharmacies, doctors, and fitness gyms
  • 2x points on all other expenses including household bills, car maintenance, and childcare
The card also comes with a 50,000-point sign-up bonus when you spend $6,000 in the first 90 days (points are valued at $0.01 each for a $500 value) and up to 20,000 points per year on healthy activities like working out, walking, mindfulness, and even sleeping ($200 value)! By spending $200 at healthy merchants, Cardmembers can also receive a $200 Annual Healthy Credit.
Other benefits:
  • $300 annual credit for Parsley Heath—advanced primary care that treats the root cause of symptoms
  • $100 annual credit for probiotics from Seed Health
  • $200 annual credit for self-care services at Exhale Spa
  • $200 annual credit for personal training with Fyt
  • $180 annual credit for in-home beauty services via a Glamsquad membership
  • $100 annual credit for inner wellness tech gear at HigherDOSE
  • $1,000 in additional benefits from brands like Magic Spoon, SOTO Method, Modern Age, and others
As part of a tie-in with the card, the Ness Rewards App allows users to earn points for spending on health, ranging from fitness activity to doctor visits. These points can be redeemed for offers at wellness brands like Sweetgreen, Thrive Market, and Barry’s Bootcamp.
The card requires excellent credit and has a sizable $350 annual fee.
Bottom Line: unless fitness and spending on wellness brands is a big part of your spending and you’re going to take advantage of the benefits above with brand loyalty, the annual fee for this card isn’t justified.
One Week Left: Earn Up to 90K SkyMiles on Delta Amex Cards!
Through next Wednesday, March 29, you can earn bigger bonuses on each of the Delta American Express cards:
As a reminder, Delta and American Express launched TakeOff 15 last month, where existing and new Delta SkyMiles American Express credit cardholders receive at least a 15% discount on Delta flights booked using SkyMiles. It’s available on all Delta American Express cards with the exception of the fee-free Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express.
Bottom Line: though this isn’t the biggest bonus we’ve ever seen for these cards, it’s still nearly 2X the bonus usually offered. If you want to commit to Delta and don’t have one of these cards, take advantage before the bonus expires next week.
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2023.03.23 22:30 DecentraNet [H] 90-92% BTC [W] CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay,

Up to $400, minimum of $30. Available until flaired as "Closed".
Comment before PM! Higher rep goes first.
Do NOT use chat. PM only!
Your Venmo/CashApp account MUST be verified by number. I may ask for proof if necessary.
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2023.03.23 22:28 AmbientTextures My tips on how to get started with market research

Over the last 12 months I've started doing market research and have cleared about $1800 since starting. Per hour its worked out to about $70 p/h. Here are some tips to help people get started. Please feel free to ask any questions, I'm happy to help!
First tip - those cheap $2 survey sites are a waste of time. You'll need to sink many hours to get a noticeable amount of money. Avoid them.
Second tip - spend the time to sign up to reputable market research sites. The ones I use and make money from are:
RTR (Realtime Research)
Focus People
Chit Chat Research
Farron Research
Third tip - wait them these sites to email you, and complete those surveys. Except for RTR, you should proactively fill out the surveys on their website.
Fourth tip - do the surveys even if you don't think you'll qualify. Sometimes they'll use you anyway!
Fifth tip - some market research does things called 'online communities', though still good money, they often understate how long the tasks they ask you to do will take.
Last tip is unrelated, but another way I'm making extra money is sign up / referrals. The best one at the moment is WeBull. If you sign up there and deposit $1, you'll effectively get at least $120USD in stocks, half right away, and half in 15 days. Then you can sell and cash out with no strings attached. If you found my tips helpful please consider signing up :) T&Cs and Finder review
Happy to answer questions and give advice! Market research has been a lifesaver the past 12 months.
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2023.03.23 22:27 SinsSacrifice Cashapp Flip Scam also sent DL and SS#

Cashapp Flip Scam also sent DL and SS#
Are people still falling for this.
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2023.03.23 22:26 AmbientTextures Some tips to get started with market research

Over the last 12 months I've started doing market research and have cleared about $1800 since starting. Per hour its worked out to about $70 p/h. Here are some tips to help people get started. Please feel free to ask any questions, I'm happy to help!
First tip - those cheap $2 survey sites are a waste of time. You'll need to sink many hours to get a noticeable amount of money. Avoid them.
Second tip - spend the time to sign up to reputable market research sites. The ones I use and make money from are:
RTR (Realtime Research)
Focus People
Chit Chat Research
Farron Research
Third tip - wait them these sites to email you, and complete those surveys. Except for RTR, you should proactively fill out the surveys on their website.
Fourth tip - do the surveys even if you don't think you'll qualify. Sometimes they'll use you anyway!
Fifth tip - some market research does things called 'online communities', though still good money, they often understate how long the tasks they ask you to do will take.
Last tip is unrelated, but another way I'm making extra money is sign up / referrals. The best one at the moment is WeBull. If you sign up there and deposit $1, you'll effectively get at least $120USD in stocks, half right away, and half in 15 days. Then you can sell and cash out with no strings attached. If you found my tips helpful please consider signing up :) T&Cs and Finder review
Happy to answer questions and give advice! Market research has been a lifesaver the past 12 months.
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2023.03.23 22:26 Bulky-Lion-6637 Tesla financing - how to make the car payments from within the app?

Accepted my delivery yesterday and I’m liking the car pretty much.
However I don’t see a financing option in the app yet. So I was just wondering how do I pay the monthly payment for the car?
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2023.03.23 22:20 thebounty2 AAA/Comenity and Innovis freeze

I applied for an AAA Daily Advantage card on 3/7 and received an alert from Experian that I had an inquiry.
A week later, I received a letter from Comenity that I needed to lift my credit freeze for my application to be processed. They listed Experian, Equifax, Innovis, and SageStream/LexisNexis as agencies to contact.
I confirmed that Experian and Equifax were unfrozen through their respective websites. I go to the Innovis website to try to unfreeze. I called LexisNexis and they say I have no file. I called Comenity and they say wait 72 hours to make sure the systems are updated.
On Friday 3/14, I called Comenity again to process the application and it still shows a freeze. I get another alert that Experian has an inquiry. This might have been user error. The Innovis website has radio buttons for selection and does not show the current status like Experian and Equifax. So I skip the website and called Innovis and it sounds like there was still a freeze in place. I request for it to be removed using the phone system.
On Tuesday 3/21, I called Comenity again and was again informed that there I'm still showing a freeze. I get an alert that I have yet another inquiry from Experian. Again, maybe my fault because I didn't wait 72 business hours. I called Innovis again and an agent confirms that I do not a a freeze in place.
I'm thinking of trying Comenity again tomorrow, a week after I called Innovis to lift the freeze. Or maybe I should just give up since I already have 3 Experian inquiries from this. I do like idea of the the card since it gives 5% groceries and 3% Costco, two of my regular higher spend categories (right now I have rotating 5% on Freedom/Discover and a 2% flat card).
I did apply for a Citi Custom Cash on the same day as the AAA card and was approved (Equifax). I was planning to use it for dining, but maybe I'll use it for groceries and Costco spend will just stay at 2%.
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2023.03.23 22:16 RepairAllTheThings 4 months slog replacing Pixel 4a under Fi protection plan

In December 2022 I contacted Google Fi support about my Pixel 4a device experiencing excessive battery drain and microphones failing during calls, both bluetooth microphones and device speakerphone microphone. I requested local service at a third-party shop approved to provide Google Fi service, but was told the only option was a device replacement.
The replacement device sent was an "upgrade" Pixel 5 phablet that was significantly larger and heavier than my Pixel 4a phone . After initially setting up the Pixel 5 phablet with my apps, but before switching the registered SIM, I realized I was experiencing too much pain in my wrists using the phablet for it to be an accessible replacement. I contacted Google Fi support that with my disabilities I could not use the phablet replacement, that I intentionally only purchase phones that are smaller and lighter weight, and that my replacement under the protection plan needed to be a device of comparable size and mass. It took several customer service interactions before Google Fi support agreed to take back the Pixel 5 phablet and replace it with a Pixel 4a when they were in stock again. Google Fi insisted on marking the phablet as "defective" rather than including terms like "disability" or "accessibility" as the root cause for the return.
Google Fi support refused to give a timeline for replacing my malfunctioning old Pixel 4a with a new Pixel 4a. They refused to consider a similar size/mass phone in-stock upgrade as a replacement. They never sent a confirmation of receipt when the unusable Pixel 5 phablet was mailed back to them. I had to just check my credit card statements and hope the hold charge disappeared. I had to delay pushing for a Pixel 4a replacement because I couldn't support having two hold charges at the same time on my credit card.
Busy with work, school and health, I temporarily stopped pursuing the Pixel 4a replacement under the protection plan (that I continue to pay for!) and continued to use my original malfunctioning phone.
Early this month I restarted the replacement request and was told a device would ship in 1-3 days. At 4 days I had not received any emails to authorize the replacement and asked why the agent lied about this time frame and only got scripted responses that did not take accountability for lying to a customer.
Eventually I got the email to get the replacement sent, and a refurbished Pixel 4a arrived this week. Hopefully this weekend I'll have capacity to do the device migration.
I wish Google Fi had been transparent about the replacement being a refurb and not a new device. Under the protection plan I expected to receive a new device and likely an upgrade to a similar size/mass phone, like several of my peers received as Google Fi protection plan customers. Overall, I'm fine with getting a refurb to reduce waste and often refurbs are more reliable than new devices, but there should have been transparency.
This 4-month process has caused lost wages for lost work time, as well as anxiety that I have wasted money paying for a protection plan that fails customers. Google Fi's protection plan replacements operates like a scam to offload unpopular Pixel phablets. I no longer recommend Google Fi to anyone, especially other disabled peers, because the customer support is horrible and the protection plan is unreliable. I asked multiple times to file a grievance and the request was not addressed. It's unacceptable to send surplus phablets as replacements to people who intentionally purchase small devices. It is unacceptable to gloss over a phablet being physically inaccessible to many users by labeling the phablet "defective" on the return paperwork. It is unacceptable to have no recourse for customers to file grievances, especially for accessibility concerns. I stumbled onto Reddit Requests googling for "google fi class action" or something similar.
googlefisupport Case ID [7-6169000033815] (one of many cases in this slog, this is the last case I found that may still be active)
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2023.03.23 22:12 JanAusDerUni Steven, you NEED to read this

People of Interest: (This list is a bit hard to follow because of the long names. This chart : will help you clarify who is who.) King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud (King Saud. Deceased) : King of Saudi Arabia (1932-1953) King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Deceased) : 5th son of King Saud. King of Saudi Arabia until his death in 2015. Successor is King Salman Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth King Salman): Current King of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). 8th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. Mohammad bin Salman (Henceforth Crown Prince Mohammad): Son of King Salman. Currently next in line to be king after King Salman. Muqrin bin Abdulaziz (Former Deputy Crown Prince. Henceforth Muqrin) : 9th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. Was next in line to be king if King Salman had died before being crowned king. IS THE FATHER OF Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud! THE MAN KILLED IN THE HELICOPTOR CRASH ON 11/5/2017. Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth Mansour) : Son of Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. Died 11/5/2017, the day of the failed coup on the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alwaleed bin Talal (Henceforth Talal) : Billionaire businessmen. Grandson of King Saud. Has ties to DNC, Clinton, Podesta. Arrested 11/4/2017 for corruption. Owns The Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (Four Seasons occupy the top floors of Mandalay Bay) Owns shares in Twitter as well as other high-tech silicon valley companies. Has had spats with Trump in the past. I know that's a mouthful of names, but bear with me. Just remember 4 names: Salman, Mohammad, Muqrin, and Mansour. Do you remember how President Trump visited Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017? Do you remember how warmly he was greeted by King Salman? I do. It was a spectacle. Why was he greeted so welcomingly? After all, President Obama's reception was... shall we say, less than grand. Do you remember how after Trump's visit, Saudi Arabia started becoming more open in their policies? Women can drive there now. Did you notice how the Syrian rebellion became quiet? Did you notice how quickly ISIS was crushed after the visit? Why did Saudi Arabia suddenly want to get their oil companies listed on the NYSE? What could have caused this? To answer this, we have to look a little further back. Back to around 2010. It all goes back to fracking. You see, the Kindom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always relied heavily on its vast petrol reserves for wealth and prosperity. And they were ruthless. OPEC. The cartel of gasoline. You can't count the number of times throughout history that OPEC used its power to crush governments, manipulate prices, control supplies, and fund activities. If there ever was a international group of bullies, OPEC was it. And at the head of this organization was the mighty KSA. Then came the fracking boom. Suddenly, the world was no longer at the mercy of OPEC. This made them nervous. So, they did what they always do. They pumped out more petroleum, driving the price of gas to lowest in decades. What was their objective? To bankrupt these fracking businesses. KSA is rich. Very rich. They figured, we'll just drive gas prices unbelievably low and take the loss until all these fracking business startups crumble. Do you remember how cheap gas got between 2013-2016? It was ridiculous, wasn't it? But what they didn't count on was just how cheap fracking had become. So many of these business didn't go bankrupt. So they took another step. To convince the world that fracking was bad for the environment. So they lobbied and supplied funds to the Democratic party. Why? Because the leftist are usually the ones who support ANY and ALL environmental regulations. Do you remember all the legal battles that fracking had to go through? Hell, it's still illegal in most blue states. Do you now understand why the Saudis donated so much money to the Clinton campaign? She was HEAVILY favored to win and if she did, you can bet your ass that illegalizing fracking would have been on the top of her list, returning us to dependence on arab oil. But... this didn't work either. Fracking continued. And then, a shitstorm of reality hit them hard. You see, KSA had vastly underestimated the amount of total shale reserves in North America. They had no idea that so much of this stuff exists. They thought maybe they could ride it out if the reserves would dry up in a decade or so. But nope. We have enough shale to supply us for at least 50 years. Hmmm... big problem. So, if you're King Salman, what do you do? Well, there's only one thing you can do. Give up the reliance on oil production and try to use existing wealth to stay wealthy. To modernize its trade to include more than just exports of oil. They would need to build an entire industrial country from scratch. To do that, he needed the help of the USA. And that's where President Trump comes in. You see, the May 2017 meeting between Trump and King Salman (and his son Mohammad), was not just another meeting. It was a business meeting. King Salman asked Trump for help. Trump was more than willing to give it (like listing the oil companies on the NYSE) but his help would come with a price. Liberalization and the stop of illegal funding. No more contributions to American politics. No more supplying funds to terrorists or splinter groups. King Salman took the deal. All of a sudden, women were allowed to drive. ISIS was retreating. Syrian rebels suddenly ran out of ammunition. Yay. All good up to this point. Now comes the bad Not all the royalties in KSA are into this. They don't like losing the power they once had. What's worse, they don't want to become liberal. They now start resenting King Salmon. They start plotting against him. At the forefront of this movement is none other than the previous Deputy Crown Prince, Muqrin, and his son, Mansour (the man killed in the helicopter crash of 11/5/17). October 1, 2017. The top floors of Mandalay Bay isn't Mandalay Bay, but is Four Seasons, owned by billionaire Talal. Who was occupying that whole floor that night? I can't remember where, but I heard that the whole floor was reserved for that week. Now, no one would do that unless they were Saudi royalty. We don't know for sure, but my guess is Crown Prince Mohammad. We know it wasn't King Salman, because he was in Russia at the time. The plan is to take out the crown prince. Then kill King Salman. With the King and the Crown Prince dead, who is next in line? Yup. The former deputy crown prince, Muqrin. So, posing as terrorists who wanted to buy the guns for some terrorist attack, they dupe the CIA or FBI to supply the guns to the death squad. Their real plan is to climb the stairs right after the deal and kill the VIP in the floors above them. This is why the weapons cashe was located on the 32nd floor. They would only have to climb a few stairs or take the elevator up a little to start the killing. Now, here's what happened that night: With the post from kneejerk55, I have modified the events of the night. I think it fits much better Paddock is the contact man to supply the guns. He meets a couple of assassins ahead of time (remember, the shooting starts at 10:05). At this point, Paddock is thinking this is a gun deal. Only a few magazines are loaded. He merely wants to show the customers how to load the chamber etc... What he doesn't know is that the advance team was sent to secure the floor. That all but one entry point to the floor would be barricaded (crucial since the reason Campos becomes suspicious of the blocked doors is what ultimately leads him to investigate) The reason for the barricade is that once the assault starts, the assassins want to make sure to impede the authorities as much as possible from reaching the top floors. CIA/FBI (or Trump's own intelligence) got wind of the assassination that was about to take place. Immediate action is taken to round up the assassins. Remember, we're talking about an army of assassins here. You can't kill a Crown Prince who's protected by 30 armed bodyguards by pulling a Jack Ruby. I estimate at least 20 assassins in total. What the assassins didn't know was that the prince had disguised himself as a regular dude to enjoy the nightlife in Vegas. (Saudi princes have been known to do this) He had slipped away from the Mandalay and was at the Tropicana playing some cards. As soon as the FBI (or some other agency) learned of the assassination plot, they stormed the Tropicana and extracted the prince. The video can be seen here. They lead him out of the casino and escort him to the nearest helipad to be picked up. BUT, on the way, they encounter some resistance from a few assassins. Hence the firefight at the airport. Eventually, he makes it to the chopper and is whisked away. This explains the flight radar reports you see all over the net. Meanwhile, the FBI has gathered up as many of the assassins as they can. A few are armed with sidearms. They don't have rifles yet because the rendezvous with Paddock hasn't occurred yet. Hence the random firefights at various casinos that night. A few are killed. Hence the Laura Loomer videos of covered up dead people. The assassins already in Paddock's room gets a call. They are told that the Prince is not in his suite above. That he's being escorted out of the Tropicana. They start panicking. If they get caught in this plot to assassinate the crown prince, not only are they dead, but their employer is dead as well. They come up with a plan. They will kill Paddock and start firing on the crowd below. They're gonna make him a crazy lone gunman. So they kill Paddock. They break a window. They pick up a rifle and start firing at the crowd below. After a couple of mags, they realize that the other mags aren't loaded! Holy fuck. They start reloading as fast as possible. This is why the average time between bursts of fire is over 40 seconds. One of them gets an idea. Let me go to the other room and break that window and shoot at the fuel tanks at a nearby airport. This will draw the police away from the Mandalay and they can escape. So he goes and attempts just that. Unfortunately, the tanks do not blow up. By this time, Jesus Campos is knocking on the door. So they just unload on him. This is why there are (supposedly) 200 shots through the door. Campos escapes a lethal shot and calls in security. Now the assassins are getting nervous. They realize that someone in the hotel knows that someone is firing. They fire as much as they can. They are thinking as soon as this barrage is done, we run. But the swat team starts knocking on the door. Fuck. The assassins realize they're screwed. So the first one shoots himself. (This is the first of the single shots you hear at the end). The second assassin isn't so sure. He doesn't want to die. So after 10 seconds of courage gathering, he shoots himself as well. The SWAT team bursts in and finds 3 bodies. They start asking questions. But because the FBI is already there (remember, they extracted the prince) they take over. They quickly assess the situation. They realize the implications. They remove the 2 assassins bodies, take a picture of Paddock lying there, and release it to 4chan to solidify their narrative. Paddock is made the patsy. Why? Because if a failed Saudi assassination attempt was responsible for the deaths, if the FBI/CIA had supplied the guns that killed 58 innocent people (not counting Paddock since he's an asset), then two things would happen. One, we would demand that we go to war with Saudi Arabia. And two, which ever organization that Paddock worked for would be utterly dismantled. Wew lads, I know. Quite a story. Now, let's fast forward to one month later. We know a missile was intercepted by the Saudi military on November 3 or 4th. This was probably the final effort by the anti King Salman group. This was their last ditch effort to kill him. OR, it was staged to give King Salman the excuse to round everyone up in retaliation of the assassination attempt. We know that MASSIVE raids and the rounding of Saudi princes took place on the 5th. I will guarantee you that all these people are anti Salman/Mohammad. And who was just killed? Yes. The son of Muqrin, Mansour. Mansour's death was retaliation. I have no doubt of it. He was executed. Ok, now that this has happened, what's next? Well, my guess will be that we will learn all of the funding that has been coming out of Saudi Arabia for the past decade. It will expose their connections to the DNC. We will learn that they have been at the root of all the turmoil in the Middle East. Then, they'll all be executed.
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2023.03.23 22:11 PrivateCitizenV Huss update email

I just got this email
Hi There, Thanks for signing up for updates about the M1 High-Yield Savings Account. We share the same excitement for our much-anticipated product and are excited about the value the M1 HYSA can bring for our clients. Earning cash on your cash, with less hassle At a traditional bank, earning a meaningful return on your cash deposits in a checking or savings account is rare. For the last 10 years, returns have been effectively zero for customers at even the biggest banks. And the fact that most of them are still at historically low rates today, even with rates rising, reflects the underlying greediness of big legacy banks and the fundamental disrespect they show for their customers. At M1, we think this is wrong.
We’ve led the way on rewarding our deposit clients as we’ve offered 1.00% APY on checking balances for Plus members since 2021 — and now it’s 3.30% APY*. With the high-yield savings account, M1 will launch with at least 4.50% APY for our Plus members, and 1.50% for our non-Plus members.
So, what is the vision for the M1 High-Yield Savings Account?
Ben Reid, the GM of M1 Save says, “The lines between checking and savings accounts has blurred for today’s digital banking customer. The M1 HYSA will begin as a straightforward savings account with a very competitive APY, but we intend to add features to it over time so that it can meet client needs in addition to just yield, including many things traditionally associated with checking accounts.” Use a high-yield savings account to potentially accelerate your financial goals It’s clear that the M1 HYSA will help clients earn attractive returns on their cash but, for some people, it can really help them achieve their financial goals if they first define what they are saving for. Here are just a few ways you may consider using a HYSA for your own personal finances: An emergency fund for you and your family Saving for a home or investment property Saving for a wedding Saving for a vacation Saving for a new vehicle A home renovation project In the past, the Federal Reserve enforced a rule that limited savings account withdrawals to six times per month. Now, that rule has been waived — meaning that you can pull money out as often as you’d like. However, regularly pulling money out will hinder how much interest you earn.
So what does interest earnings look like in this account? Here are your estimated earnings if you earn 4.50% APY with the M1 high-yield savings account. Yearly deposit vs balance after one year without any withdrawals or deposits: $10,000: $10,450; $25,000: $26,125; $100,000:$104,500; $1,000,000:$1,045,000 The bottom line A high-yield savings account can be a great addition to your financial toolbelt as it gives you effortless yield on your cash without risk of market volatility. It also gives you quick access to an emergency fund in case of unexpected expenses, and a way to buffer your savings from inflationary pressures.
Before the recent rate hikes, "it did not make sense for many investors to allocate too much capital to cash given the low yield and what was going on in the stock market." But now, according to Reid, many investors are asking hard questions about what ideal diversification looks like for them. These days, it makes sense for many investors "to pursue low-risk yield on cash as part of their portfolio strategy.” For more on the high-yield savings account, check out our blog: Skyscrapers Big banks aren’t in your best interest
Discover why big banks may not be the best choice for your savings account. find out why Stack of coins Use a HYSA to potentially build long-term wealth
A savings account isn’t just a rainy day fund. You can use it for several different financial goals. learn more Thanks for choosing M1, The M1 Team Your future is Yours to Build. We're here to help. Visit our Help Center for FAQs and guides or reach out to our team directly. We’re available Monday through Friday, 9 am - 4 pm ET. Download the M1 app Get it on Google Play button Download on the App Store button Follow us on social Facebook Logo Twitter Logo Instagram Logo LinkedIn Logo View this email in your browser This is an automated message, and we will not receive your response if you reply. **No minimum balance to open account or to obtain APY (annual percentage yield). APY valid from account opening. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates may vary. *Obtaining stated APY (annual percentage yield) or opening an account does not require a minimum account balance. Stated APY is valid from date of account opening. Account fees may reduce earnings. Variable APY rate subject to paid M1 Plus subscription. Stated APY (annual percentage yield) for M1 Savings accounts is subject to change prior to product launch due to changing federal funds rate. M1 Spend is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of M1 Holdings Inc. M1 is not a bank. M1 Checking Accounts furnished by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC. M1 Visa® Debit Card is issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC. © Copyright 2023 M1 Holdings Inc. Privacy Policy Terms of Use
This email was sent by: M1 Finance LLC 200 N LaSalle St., Ste 800 Chicago, IL, 60601, US M1-Compliance-Transactional 20230308-2770844-8819953
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2023.03.23 22:06 capecodcaper Help me consolidate to rebuild my credit

Hello All. I am needing some advice from everyone on fixing my credit situation. I am currently looking to consolidate debt that I have right now.
Up until last year I had a Credit Score of 740-770 depending on what bureau you were looking at. Unfortunately, around that time I had a lot of money taken from me that should not have been and retained an attorney to get it back. To pay for this attorney, I used some of my cards to pay them. Also during this time I had a medical emergency and had to put some of that on a card. Long story short, I racked up debt on my cards. My score has dropped and depending on which bureau you look at it is currently as low as 615. I have perfect payment history and no collections. The only bad thing is high usage.
My income usually is between 85-125k, as I am self employed. It comes in at an irregular interval, and it has been slow in the last 8 months due to clients not meeting financial obligations.
Here are my cards, their limits and my debt:
Card Balance Limit
Discover $8358 $10,000
Discover (balance xfer card) $7980 $10,000
Citi $2781 $5800
Citi Authorized User $1700 $26000
FNB Omaha $6234 $6650
FNB Omaha $5271 $5500
Paypal $554 $5000
Chase Amazon $2916 $3000
Amex Platinum Paid in full monthly
Amex Gold Paid in full monthly
Amex Blue cash $716 $19400
Because my score dropped so much I have been looking at way to lower my CC debt and because my score is so low a consolidation loan doesn't appear to be an option. However, I spoke with a company called Strategic Consulting that apparently helps consolidate debt through plans with the CC companies at 0% interest. The caveat being that I need to close any of the accounts that I consolidate.
So I am currently looking to currently close the discover and FNB Omaha cards. That would wipe out a total of $27, 843 of CC debt where I would pay it off over 44 months at $520, which actually totals $22,880. Whereas if I continued, I would be stuck paying back all that plus the interest, except on the balance xfer card.
So my question is: Is this sort of plan worth it to do? Or is there something better that I should be doing? It seems like a really good deal other than losing the limit outset and not being able to open a new card with those companies until this debt is paid off
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2023.03.23 22:04 Qu33nW3ird0 Why does QRunnable suck so much

Sorry, I know my title is inflammatory but I am frustrated.
In my main app, I want to run an updater that copies a large quantity of files and tells the user how the process is going.
So I made a QRunnable class named Updater that I could run on my main thread's QThreadpool. I made it its own class so I could reuse it somewhere else.
The Updater class creates custom QRunnable CopyWorkers that I create one by one and add to the Updater class's QThreadpool then start. They have a QObject of pyqtsignals as a member. The CopyWorkers do the job... They copy... But the 'done' signal they emit is never caught by the Updater class so I can display to the user how many files have copied and how many remain.
So, we have a QRunnable on its own thread running dozens of QRunnables that can't emit to the parent QRunnable.
Reading online, it says that "The main loop fetches events and sends them to the objects." So, I made Updater an object instead of a QRunnable and just ran the function in the main GUI. Now, the process is not running in its own QRunnable/QThread and the GUI is bogged down and not responding and the CopyWorker QRunnables STILL DO NOT EMIT A SIGNAL.
I wish that I could put my code here but I work on a network not connected to the internet. Here is an example somewhat similar to mine, except I have a full-featured GUI with a main function that already calls app.exec.
I will accept any advice I get. I didn't want to use QThreads as I like the automation of QThreadpool, and before I retool my whole app I would like some insight as to why what I'm doing doesn't work.
UPDATE: To bypass the CopyWorkers QRunnables not emitting properly, I made a global queue and just had the CopyWorkers put a True or False in the queue. Then, after launching the CopyWorkers, I while-looped queue.get() and then updated the filecount, and was able to emit successfully from Updater (as a QRunnable) to the main gui! I still think it is really annoying to not be able to emit from a QRunnable in the way I had planned, but this gets me where I need to go.
I will still gratefully accept any advice and clarification!
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2023.03.23 22:04 FragMut [PS4] [PS5] [M23] Selling 350K LTD's for $12 Each Always Available ELITE REP

Rate is $12 for a 350k quicksell ltd card. No 10% ea tax. 5m+ available.
I can do other trades too whether it is for Training, or Specific Cards.
Available all day and night.
Madden 22 Ltds available as well -- $6 million (4 Ltds).
Cash App, Venmo, Btc/eth, Apple Pay, Zelle, Paypal, and Amazon Gift Cards for payments.
PM if interested
Deal With a trusted Seller. Over 650 confirmed trades.
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2023.03.23 22:03 FragMut [XB1] [XBX] [M23] Selling 350K LTD's for $8 Each Always Available ELITE REP

Rate is $8 for a 350k quicksell card. 5m+ available.
Available all day and night. Instant Delivery, no ea tax, no risk of bans.
I can do other trades too whether it is for Training, or Specific Cards.
Cash App, Venmo, Btc/eth, Apple Pay, Zelle, Paypal, and Amazon Gift Cards for payments.
PM if interested
Deal With a trusted Seller. Over 650 confirmed trades.
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2023.03.23 22:03 kodarulesall [NM] Fancy DLC Para 3 - [email protected]$1

[email protected]$1
Spyderco Para 3 in dlc 20cv


Justification: As stated in previous listing, the scales were $150 alone, clip $30, and the knife was $160, Para 3 $240 previous listing, Para 3 $210 with other scales, Para 3 knife only $150, Para 3 knife only $129
Escrow: Yes, Koda for u/s14mcdonald

Pay via PayPal FRIENDS AND FAMILY with NO NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not click "paying for goods and services" or "add purchase protection"
Waitlist calls will receive one spot, unless a quantity is specified in the call.
If a called spot is already taken, a random will be assigned in its place, unless otherwise specified.
If your call is ambiguous (ex: "I'll take 3"), I will make my best guess as to what you intend (spot 3 or 3 randoms), but please be clear if you don't want to leave it to chance.


As per previous listing, knife was taken apart and had scales installed but not cut or carried.
In my possession, it has also not been cut or carried. Fondled a few times but otherwise has been in the box. Comes with original scales, box, and docs.
International shipping: Yes if winner pays the shipping

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]
Cash App Info: $kodarulesall

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 bb2722 PAID
2 Glock45owner PAID
3 illwill318 PAID
4 Glock45owner PAID
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239 BobbyBee6969 PAID
240 Glock45owner PAID

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2023.03.23 22:00 Sgt_Sauris Credit Card Simulator with Multi-User Access?

I run a fake "Bank" on discord for my siblings where we keep track of transactions and balances (more of a credit union). They earn money for certain chores, get money from family as gifts, etc. and this provides an easy way for them to keep track of their money, since they really don't care for cash as most of the things they buy are digital anyway.
This already is more user intensive then I would like and I would prefer an application that would help automate this system. I've tried bots on discord but was unable to find an economy bot that allowed decimal numbers. That being said, this aspect I am alright with keeping the way it is if need be.
However, the eldest of my younger siblings wants more money then the chore load we've created can provide in the short time before an event they are attending with friends.
With this in mind, I figured my options were to either teach them about fixed rate loans, or create some kind of credit system. I believe the credit system would be a more educational experience in the future; so I'd prefer that option.

With that in mind, short of creating a google sheet that they have read only access on and managing this system through there. Does anyone know of any apps or other software that would automate a "local" credit card? No real money transactions need to occur. Just something that does the interest automatically for me and requires a bit less manual intervention. Ideally an app or piece of software that we can transition the whole discord "Bank" thing to as well.

Thank you!
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2023.03.23 22:00 alpha_bionics Stock News - We are a highly regulated public company with regular disclosures, and are confident in our products, reporting, compliance programs, and controls.

We are a highly regulated public company with regular disclosures, and are confident in our products, reporting, compliance programs, and controls. "There are some overlaps, but we're confident Google will never do anything fun," Freitas told Axios, regarding Bard. Phil Aidikoff, who represented Holiday, Parsons and Lee, declined to comment due to the confidentiality agreements in the FINRA settlements. Got a confidential news tip?Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, who helped created the architecture used in popular chatbots, left Google in 2021 and founded Character. AI the same year. "The financing round follows major efforts by Google and Microsoft to develop and embed chatbot software into key products, bringing AI-generated responses into things like search, documents and email. A Division of NBCUniversalData is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. ""I've spent a lot of time with Noam," she said. ""CEO Dorsey has touted how Cash App is in hundreds of hip hop songs as evidence of its appeal," the report says. A year earlier, it added to its investment in audio app Clubhouse, valuing the early-stage startup at $4 billion. "We all have a vested interest in keeping America's financial system strong and thriving," a JPMorgan spokesperson said. "We're already seeing green shoots of the improvements in the profitability of Model e," Ford CFO John Lawler said Thursday during the investor event. "But it will take a quantum leap in climate action," Guterres said. All Rights Reserved. "We fully cooperated with the investigation and have resolved clients' claims related to Mr. Cohen," Morgan Stanley said in a statement. "There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a livable and sustainable future for all," the IPCC summary report for policymakers says. "Continued emissions will further affect all major climate system components, and many changes will be irreversible on centennial to millennial time scales and become larger with increasing global warming. In January, Microsoft announced a ChatGPT-integrated Bing search engine. "But artists are not rapping about Cash App's smooth user interface — many describe using it to scam, traffic drugs or even pay for murder. But as Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner pointed out Thursday, Ford's 8% margin goal was announced "well before IRA. ""Totally different planet," Schmidt told CNBC in January. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.23 21:46 Super_Kat Consumer proposal or debt consolidation?

So I have about $102K in unsecured debt total. I make $64K gross annually. I have two lines of credit, a credit card, and a government student loan.
I met with my main bank, RBC, to consolidate my 40K LOC and 14K credit card into one loan. He said they could do it over 7 years, and he’s hoping for an interest rate under 10%. At that rate, I’ll be paying roughly $950/month with a 7-year loan. I also have a 12.5K car loan and 35K government student loan. This would render my total monthly debt payments at around $1500.
Alternatively, I met with an LIT, and she said she’s going to negotiate for a $300 monthly payment over 5 years, but that won’t include my government student loan or my vehicle loan.
So essentially, it comes down to choosing a higher monthly payment while keeping my credit score okay, maintaining a credit card to rebuild credit, but being extremely poor, bordering on having zero disposable income. If I go the proposal route, my payments would be low and I could pay it off more quickly than 5 years, but obviously my credit would be trashed while completing the proposal.
I’m completely torn. I don’t necessarily want to go the proposal route, but I could probably pay it off if it is accepted at $300/month in 2-4 years, as opposed to 7. I would also have more wiggle room to pay off my vehicle loan much quicker too. The consolidation loan, although while maintaining my credit score, would leave me no room to pay off the other debts more quickly.
Any respectful comments are appreciated.
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2023.03.23 21:46 Seriously_oh_come_on Why is it that so many taxis in sheffied don’t accept card payments?

Uber is sporadic here and I’m not a massive fan but hardly any black cabs accept card payments. It’s crazy given the lack of cash in an electronic payment world. Taxis is so many other cities accept card.
Am I missing something?
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2023.03.23 21:45 Much_Click_3326 Get $15 for making a new CashApp

Hey! I've been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $15. NDCGMZL
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