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2023.03.23 21:15 Waldo3055 Guilliman is going to have some explaining to do

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2023.03.23 21:15 djdosplal Are girls (aged 9-18) allowed to talk about or mention menstruation in school? Are teachers?

The US state of Florida is trying to legally ban talking about periods (menstruation) in grade school, in any context. This means it would even be illegal for a female student to privately ask a female friend or teacher for a sanitary menstrual product. It would also be illegal for teachers or school staff to educate students on menstruation, or even use educational materials that mention menstruation.
I was just wondering if your country has any similar laws, policies, or cultural practices that restrict this topic from being mentioned or discussed in schools?
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2023.03.23 21:15 shahredv87 Wibta if I kicked out my niece boyfriend

Would I be the ahole if I kick my niece boyfriend out
Long story with a lot of back story. I (35) male love with my niece (22) female and her boyfriend (22) male in a nice apartment. I'm disabled and got this place by luck when in 2018 or so my mom has me move in with her and her new husband. I paid rent and helped out cuz they were both in wheelchairs. I only got worse and now also use a wheelchair. Around 2019 my niece moved in cuz she needed help and her boyfriend joined not long after.
He was abit lazy spending most his time sleeping and playing Xbox. He did stuff around the house which is why they allowed it. my niece was working on and off but he was barely even looking. This of course was when the pandemic happened so he got to slide for awhile. September my mom passed away and my stepdad moved leaving me with the place and then still here. At first I couldn't afford the rant my self so I didn't really say anything about her boyfriend habits. He's a nice guy and has had some bad history in the past so I sometimes feel sorry for him. I also have an issue with being a people pleaser and not being able to say no when asking for things. That's an issue I'm working on now that I realized that about myself.
The only things I ask him to do is take out the garage that he lets set on a Connor for days after taking it out the can and do the dishes which is mostly his after he cooks. I buy paper plates and plastic spoons so I barely have any dishes in there. I'm also not able to do them cuz of my back pain prevents me from standing for more then a few minutes. It's true I'm not as assistive and do ask or tell himl othen. I'm told he has a job now but it's dubious cuz his schedule. If he starts playing one third the rant then I could give him some slack but so far that is not the case. He also smokes week in the house now and then thinking I don't smell it which is something I told him not to do. Using the balcony is ok but in the house no. I'm working on being more vocal about it's reaching a point where I'm thinking of kicking him out. Would I be the ahole?
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2023.03.23 21:15 Joeybeer81 Big Ears pass for sale

Hey everyone! Anyone looking for a wristband for Big Ears? I have one extra GA pass due to someone canceling on me. I bought it Early Bird so it’s only $300! They don’t give out the wristbands until Wednesday so I can meet up Wednesday night or Thursday after I pick them up. PM me if interested.
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2023.03.23 21:15 savontheinternet Not sure how to work with chronic pain/fatigue/depression

sorry in advance for mobile formatting!
Hi, I (23F) am currently working 2 part-time jobs that aren't ideal for many reasons, but are at least related to my field (art). I've been struggling a lot with keeping up with work while also dealing with chronic pain (hEDS), fatigue from that pain, and depression. I'm putting off things that are important for myself, like (not urgent) doctors appointments, therapy I should probably do, and cooking so I stop feeling gross from just eating junk. I haven't explored the city I've moved into, made any friends here, or really gotten out at all, because I am just too tired. And I work on weekends, which is typical for the type of work I do, so I can never attend events, and it's hard to see friends or family.
I probably end up with about 25-30hrs of work a week, but it always feels like more because I have a longer commute to one of the jobs, and I can only spend a few hours there at a time due to scheduling. I could potentially get away with just working one and relying more on my partner, but I don't feel good about quitting either, and I dont want to use up savings. One job is with a large company that I don't really feel passionate about. It's a just for money/my resume kinda thing. The program I work in is new, and could potentially end up getting shut down/having layoffs. The other is for something I believe in more, but it's the further away one, and between that and the type of work I do there, it's more exhausting. Both pay about the same, and they also both don't pay as much as I think they should...
I'd love to have a better opportunity, but it's hard to find good art positions. I wish I could just work remotely, too, but that tends to just be graphic design positions, and I don't have the equipment for that. I have things I wish I could work on on my own, but I just can't get to them because I'm so exhausted all the time.
I'm just not sure how to make this all work. I need to do something about it, because it feels like I'm just wasting my life lol, but I just haven't been able to figure out how to help myself.
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2023.03.23 21:14 tokiosangria Are all companies a hot mess?

I graduated from college and started my first corporate job about 6 months ago. I work in a position where I support sales representatives who sell our services to local clients. My job consists of mostly communicating about billing matters with our clients.
Things are such a train wreck in my office that I never received proper training. I’m doing alright, but I support a team of 4 people, 2 of which are also not properly trained at all and refuse to take the time to learn due to extremely busy schedules. To make things worse, my direct supervisor (the person responsible for training me) is also extremely busy and is rarely in the office. Basically, I am constantly by myself dealing with billing matters for large balances our clients owe us with absolutely zero support or backup. Clients ask me questions I have no idea how to answer. I also recently took on our region’s marketing duties after the sole marketing person resigned. I’m 24 years old working day and night to keep our books up to date and satisfy the demands of our branch manager about marketing/communications.
My question is, do things eventually get better or is every company like this? I want to feel like my work is meaningful and that I matter to my team but the lack of organization and support is killing me. Am I better off looking for another position elsewhere or is this something that is common in the corporate world? Is it because of my age/lack of experience that I am expected to deal with this?
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2023.03.23 21:14 ednichol So sick of companies trying to avoid the law in states that require a salary range for all job postings. I wish I could name and shame the recruiter that posted this ad.

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2023.03.23 21:14 yetiupsettispaghetti Gifted Girl Destroyed This App Szn & Lost All Hope For Ivies + T20s

Intended Major(s): Neuroscience, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, International Relations
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Study Abroad 2 summers in Japan
  2. Co-Founder and Troop Leader of one of the first 10 all-girl Boy Scout Troops in the world
  3. Model UN Independent Delegate & School President (18 awards)
  4. National Level Figure Skater (not the levels you typically see on tv but I just tested into it for next season!)
  5. Nonprofit Founder who rehomed 800 pet shop fish and organizes beach and river cleanups locally. The Largest gathering was 3 large cities with hundreds of volunteers.
  6. Undergrad-level Researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Bronx Zoo
  7. Marching Band President (not this year bcs the director left) with national titles
  8. Business Owner for a clothing business popular on TikTok and Instagram with over 1000 sales!
  9. Swim Team co-captain for 4 years. Nothing great, but I usually place at counties.
  10. Theatre Principal Actress for 3 different well-known organizations as well as school productions + won a few awards :) I also will be directing the summer season for a local group.
  11. Private tutor for around 12 kids at a time k-12. I do this about 3 times a week and I'm highly rated lol.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. AP Scholar with Distinction (3 years)
  2. National Honors Society Inductee 9-12
  3. Unit Leader Award (National level, BSA)
  4. Excellence in research- Metropolitan Museum of Art Internship
  5. WCS Researcher Fellowship

Letters of Recommendation (FERPA exists so I'm guessing)
Engineering teacher- 6/10 (probably). He's very dry but I would say we're friends. I worked on a robotics portfolio for MIT and Columbia with him and he helped me when I was studying APCSA.
Geometry/AP stats teacher- 6/10. She was the academic team advisor since my freshman year and we were very close. I'm not sure how she rated me as a student, though, since these classes were online and I didn't have a learning plan for my testing anxiety.
Research Mentor- 10/10. He said I performed at a graduate letter and that I was one of the best students he's ever had. I was recognized to perform undergrad research during my internship by him.
English/Philosophy Teacher- 7/10. We're friends, but he only had me in person for our philosophy course. He recognizes how hard I've worked, though, and he used my brag sheet to write the letter.
Music teacheBand director- 8/10. I held the presidency for the band before he left and was in his room practicing for most of my school life. He wrote this from the heart without a brag sheet, but I have no doubts it was genuine.
Counselor(s)- 7/10. Both of them used a brag sheet and I'm sure it was very cookie-cutter, but they really love me and know I worked hard for a spot.
UPenn- 10/10. I loved this woman so much and she said she highly recommended me.
Georgetown- 9/10. I don't remember most of this tbh, but we had a really good conversation and he knew how much I cared abt activism and how it applied to Gtown.
I was not offered a SINGLE other interview :) I'm freaking out, guys.
I spent about two weeks on essays. My personal statement was about living my life as a cartoonish frog character and everyone I've sent it to rated it super high. I'd honestly say a 9/10!
My supplementals were about spending time in Japan and Algeria as well as my motivation as a student in physics. I also wrote about how important being multidisciplinary is to me and how it could benefit the world in the future :)
Decisions (I'm getting destroyed on rn) All RD:



Waiting On:

Unrelated but: I rly wish I applied to WashU, Wellesley, Boston College Villanova, UCs, and Emory :P
Additional Information:
submitted a maker portfolio as well as one in visual arts and theater. i'm fluent in 5 languages and learning 3 right now.
my silly little counselors didn't submit my transcript or school report until mid-feb which is insane bcs i kept reminding them. i sent an explanation to a few of my top choices' local admissions counselors, but i was told it won't handicap me in the process when i called offices.

if you guys could tell me what i did wrong if there even WAS anything (besides the first sat lmfao) that would be great. i'm really devastated rn and lost all hope. i honestly feel numb to this process by now and i'm not taking care of myself anymore :/
thanks <3
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2023.03.23 21:14 Ok_Ear_8490 Am I being too dependent with my Therapist?

A little background, I usually have session twice a week. Last scheduled session, we were not sure what time session would be because my T had prior obligations with a timeline outside of anyone's control. I am a remote employee with flex hours so I did not mind at all. Later in the day my T let's me know their prior obligation has changed a bit and that they can have session if I need it, but was curious if we would be alright to wait until next session. I told them it was totally fine to wait until next session, but in all honesty I am not coping with current circumstances very well right now and have been preoccupied with things discussed in our last session. (Extra Context: I have trouble with stating needs/feeling needy/becoming dependent on therapy) I have used a lot of coping skills, but still find myself extremely anxious. I have a lot to get done, but feel like I am in a paralysis and simply keep distracting myself with excessive coping skills or simply dissociating through social media and the like. Considering this, I really want to ask for the session they offered, but am still afraid that I am being overly reliant on the therapeutic relationship because I know how regulating it is for me. Am I intellectualizing this too much? Or am I masking too much co-dependence by going through all the right steps before asking for that session? I would really appreciate any advice or outside perspective. Thanks :)
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2023.03.23 21:14 DayPuzzleheaded641 Is he really worth 930k?

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2023.03.23 21:14 Rilex26 I'm crying my eyes out

I'm still kinda questioning my gender, but I'm 100% sure I prefer identifying as a boy... I'm still closeted to my family, and it really hurts when someone calls me a girl. It feels like someone just stabbed me through my stomach with a blade. Some time ago, one of my female classmates wanted to chat with me cause ig she had nothing better to do, and throughout the conversation, she said something like "Bruh, you're a girl, you can't be a boy" and when I asked her why, she rolled her eyes and confusingly said "You'll just never be a real boy, you're a f*cking girl".......I cried a lot that day and screamed into my pillow....
There was also this one time where a classmate of mine approached me and suddenly whispered in my ear "Your father better start getting used to your gay phase" I wanted to slam her against the locker, but I was in shock, so I just stood there...
I had a dentist appointment today, and the dentist asked me about my bruised lips (I have a bad habit of biting my lips and peeling the skin off them, I know it's disgusting...) And she then told me "it's not very lady-like for your lips to look so dry and bruised" and while I do of course agree with her, I almost broke down when she said that.
I just don't know what to do when this sort of thing happens, I'm just starting to hate myself even more because I cry that much and feel suicidal, I just need something to prevent me from shaking and sobbing every time someone calls me a "lady", so PLEASE give me some advice for that I would really appreciate it.
Thanks for reading this, it means a lot. ♡
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2023.03.23 21:14 DukeOfCupcakes Need some help brainstorming details for my upcoming Wild Magic Sorcerer

Hi. I’ve got a new campaign coming up where I finally get to be a player again!
My players in the game I DM just bought me a gorgeous d100 as a gift so in honor of that I decided on a Half-Elf Wild Magic Sorcerer.
The back story I sent my DM is:
“Rixus is a happy-go-lucky, chipper half-elf with a very unfortunate secret.
Physically, he’s a normal looking half-elf. He’s on the tall side, with bright green eyes and a friendly smile. Upon closer inspection, you can see what appears to be healed scars on his face and down his body. He wears long sleeves and clothing to cover as much as he can.
He doesn’t remember anything about his childhood, or his adolescence for that matter. The earliest thing he can remember is waking up inside a ruined castle and wandering to the nearest town.
Rixus’s dark reality is that he was created as a living phylactery of an extremely powerful lich - now long dead. The idea is that he’s literally “half-elf,” half the flesh used to create him was human and half was elf. The spell worked too well, what was supposed to be an empty shell ended up with a soul of its own, one whose ignorantly blissful nature pushes back against the evil of the lich.”
The plan is to flavor his wild magic surges as the lich’s soul stirring within him.
I’m struggling with a couple of things:
Concept-wise, how he’s coming to terms with the inherently magical things he can do, and how the actual casting of his magic looks. For the former, I can’t come up with how these powers are manifesting outside of just like “oh look i can throw fire around.” For the latter, I like to flavor my casters in some way, but can’t seem to come up with a unique way he throws spells around.
Mechanic-wise, I’ve never played a Sorcerer before and am realizing that they don’t have access to learning a ton of spells the way Wizards do and can’t choose from the whole list like Druids. Because of this I’m nervous about picking bad spells because something sounds interesting or missing something important. Any advice there would help a lot.
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2023.03.23 21:14 Greenmangos01 New controller question

Had a question I was wondering if the people here could answer. I have a Nintendo 64 console with a handful of my favorite games. But I remember there being a very distinct issue with wear and tear on a lot of the old three prong or handled controller. Specifically the joystick mounted in the center of the controller often drifting, sticking, or simply not responding, and I always chalked that up to older manufacturing techniques with cheaper or old plastics used in the controllers. I was wondering if anyone knew of any online stores where someone could obtain newer, more durable, classic N64 style controllers. I tried doing some looking online myself but couldn't find what I'm looking for.
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2023.03.23 21:14 omyhinkle Real Estate Sale

So in 2022 my boss sold a property for $450,000. Over the last year he’s been using money from the sale to keep his business open. The business is a S Corp and so it’s losses or gains pass through to him personally is how I have been told? I’m no tax professional obviously. Definitely the business only has losses this year. He also has losses that are carrying over from previous years for the business. My question is can those losses of the business offset his gains on the property sale or will he have to pay the capital gains in full regardless. Also how would he even determine cost basis? The property he sold was made up of 6 different pieces of land that made up the large piece and he’s 79. He has owned them for so long that he has no idea what he paid for them individually. He did at one point have a balloon loan for 375k is all he can remember. I’d love any help or thoughts. I’m working on the quick books file now for him but I’d like to have some idea how this is all going to turn out in the end.
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2023.03.23 21:14 Flimsy_Narwhal_4543 [WTS] Spydercos, Kizers, an Arcus and a Boker

https://imgur.com/a/5NCSUjm < I’ve got 6 knives for sale here today. All are well kept up with and in amazing condition
First up is the Para 3 S30V with RGT micarta scales, a ti lanyard hole dlt., a lynch clip, and a acid/stonewashed blade. The knife is in excellent condition and looks great. The action is very dropshutty with minimal blade play Asking 150$
Next is a black g-10 Para 3 in s45vn steel. It’s got some wiggle in the pivot but overall a very nice knife. It’s got a lynch clip and a acid/stonewashed blade. Asking 130$
I have 2 Kizer originals, one in g10 and one in richlite. Both 154cm steel and bith in excellent condition. Asking 40$ each or 30$ with the purchase of 2 or more knives.
Now comes the Arcus in 20CV. I’ve been trying to sell it for a while and can’t seem to find a buyer. It costs 260$ new off the site. I acid/stonewashed the blade and colored the hardware, but other than that the knife is new. Asking - 180
Boker auto- 30$ added to another purchase
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2023.03.23 21:14 Sufficient-Truth9562 I don't know how to handle suddenly being unwell again

I've been doing pretty well since last summer, I've not restricted, have gained... I started feeling more comfortable with my body and I was a whole lot happier. I didn't even think about it anymore. I did have some rough days, but nothing that I couldn't manage. I even did not need to go to therapy as often as I used to.
But the last 1-2 months have been so hard. I think it has a lot to do with my self worth, I went through a sort of "break up" and lost some friends. I think for now I really have to stay away from relationships. I felt overall kind of like a shit person and it made me not care about myself as much. It's like, I almost have this urge to make myself be ill, so people will care about me. I feel like if someone recognises me hurting, maybe then I'll be worth something. I know that that mindset it toxic and not how it works, I don't want to guilt someone into liking me. So now I kinda enjoy 'daydreaming' about how it would be to have to go to the ER or something like that...
At the same time I have this incredibe anger because I wanna just be okay. I want to be healthy and fun to be around, I want people to think I am this well put together person.
These 2 narratives are constantly fighting with each other, one second i am determined I have to do better, but then I don't know how. I feel like I already did everything and get overwhelmed. Then I just wanna suffer again because it's "easier". I don't really want that anymore though, I wanna finally live a life and not constantly have this focuse on how to fucking eat.
Honestly I am just so frustrated, genuinely just wanna start some goof habits again but it seems so hard. I kind thought I wouldn't have all of this shit again. I just wanna get back on track with my recovery. At this point I'll honestly fo anything to change how it is now.
If anyone has any thoughts/advice, honestly I'd greatly appreciate it.
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2023.03.23 21:13 dzumaDJ The REAL TRUTH behind why RACING LEGENDS is such PAINFUL and TOXIC grinding experience!

The REAL TRUTH behind why RACING LEGENDS is such PAINFUL and TOXIC grinding experience!
Is quite simple:

To make you give up on grinding and spend your money on buying crate bundles containing RL Tokens that you will spend on the main reward: tier VI speedy Z-35 destroyer.

- "BULLETPROOF" the speedy Z-35 destroyer is indeed attractive main reward. Everyone would like to get their hands on it. Unlike Yoshino event scam, this time you can actually obtain it for free.
- Last year racing mode was actually fun and playable and lot of players, including me enjoyed it.
- This year racing legends mode is a horrible, painful, toxic and by all means BAD game mode. How is this a fact? If we take a look at all the negative feedback across all WG social media platforms, we can agree that it's a fact.
- You can whale your way to the tier VI Z-35 "BULLET" by purchasing 10 x 5 crates bundles for $150,00 (47k doubloons package) without participating in a single race.
- 10 bundles of x5 crates actually costs 47.500 doubloons so you need to spend extra $5,00 to buy 1.250 doubloons package. How convenient.

Small number of top 1 % competitive and persistent racers will painfully grind their way for 3 weeks of racing and get their Z-35 BULLET for free.
Top 10 % racers will earn maximum 11.000 RL Tokens and if they want to obtain Z-35 they will have to spend $20,00 for x5 crates bundle costing 4750 doubloons. Because one crate worth 1k doubloons gives 250 RL Tokens.
Top 25 % racers will earn maximum of 8.600 RL Tokens which means to get the faster Z-35, they need 3900 RL Tokens so it will cost them $70.00 (20,5k doubloons package) to purchase 4 bundles of x5 crates.
Top 50 % - will need to spend cca $100,00 for RL Tokens

WARGAMING did their math and they intentionally made this racing mode so BAD and 3 weeks long because they know it will make so many players give up even before week one end. And those who still want to get their hands on speedy Z-35 will have to pay a hefty sum.

WARGAMING created this racing legends event mode to make even more money selling the same $45,00 (12,5k doubloons) priced tier VI Z-35 premium destroyer with new paint and extra speed for which 90 % of the customers will need to pay between $70,00 and $150,00 in real money.

This is my opinion and it is based on the figures i came up with and overall observations of WG business practice for the last two years.
p.s. Someone correct me if i am somewhere wrong with calculations.

Some people are cool with this way of how WG is doing business. Some don't comprehend. Some just dont care. That's how it is.
I am not cool with this. I think it is disgusting.

I think it is a filthy, scammy business practice and straight out exploiting the love and support that this players community have for the game.

WARGAMING you disgust me.

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2023.03.23 21:13 sviicko What type of reader are you?

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2023.03.23 21:13 GregTheMoth [REQUEST] [STEAM] Forza Horizon 5

Hello GoG and thank you so so so much for reading. You are all amazing and I hope you know that you are all loved

Background Info I'm big fan of racing games and when I was a child I loved playing Flatout 2 on a family laptop and it was the only racing game I had besides browser games. Since I got my pc I got for myself a few racing games my latest one was Need For Speed: Heat Which I got gifted here Why I want the game The game itself is beautiful and the detail to cars is just ginormous I finished NFS: Heat recently And In my opinion Forza looks more realistic even if both are arcade racing games. The map is huge, lots of cars to choose from, lots of different landscapes, races & events to choose from. And in Heat it I felled bored because of repetitive missions and not big list of cars to chose from compared to forza. Also I never had any experience with forza games
Why I don't just buy it I recently used most of my money on the MWII which was 60USDbecause I got gifted 10 USD and I can't really get another game
I had my eye on Forza Horizon 5 since release but I never had time to get the game and it was on my Wishlist on steam since 18.01.2022
If you have any questions fell free to dm me!
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2023.03.23 21:13 djdosplal Are girls (aged 9-18) allowed to talk about or mention menstruation in school? Are teachers?

The US state of Florida is trying to legally ban talking about periods (menstruation) in grade school, in any context. This means it would even be illegal for a female student to privately ask a female friend or teacher for a sanitary menstrual product. It would also be illegal for teachers or school staff to educate students on menstruation, or even use educational materials that mention menstruation.
I was just wondering if your country has any similar laws, policies, or cultural practices that restrict this topic from being mentioned or discussed in schools?
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2023.03.23 21:13 Past-Pressure-490 I've lost significant amount of weight and I don't feel or look any different, idk what to do..

I began calorie deficit around 20 days ago, and since then I've lost around 22 pounds. I was around 260 before now I'm 238. Thing is I don't look any different. I've been told by my friends and family that they can see the change but honestly, I know they're just lying. I know 22 pounds isn't even a lot, so it's not surprising that it won't show on my body, but still, it feels odd. Is it normal? I also know that some of the weight I've lost had to have been my water weight since that's too much to lose in not even a month, maybe that has something to do with it? Idk, I'm whining for no reason tbh. I almost stopped my diet today because of that as well, but I didn't. Sorry if this comes off as annoying, I just could never stick to a diet before and now that I finally have and weighed myself, idk I was expecting something grand I'm assuming. Just venting atp. When did y'all see the change in your body? Will it come soon? As you can see I'm bit impatient 🫠
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2023.03.23 21:13 Oncecagedbird Revisiting Islamic teachings -Ramadan edition [Day 1]

Just a reminder to y’all non fasting murtads that jahanam is real and waiting for you /s
On a serious note thou, I’ve seen a lot of recently ex-Muslims on this sub that are dealing with guilt since this is their first Ramadan as non-believers. I want to remind you all that in fact by Islamic perspective you are all just actors playing a script written by Allah before you were even born. It was destined that you will stray away from the “right path” and go to “hell” …it was written that no matter how much you try you can never believe if Allah has beef with you and doesn’t want you to believe. So you feeling guilty is not even by your own choice. Allah wrote that you will feel guilty. [see how irrational this sounds]
In a human world if your acting is good enough you get recognition and awards. In allah’s world if your acting is good , you go to hell. But remember you have a “free will “ even when nothing happens without allah’s will.
Quran [16:93] ‏Had Allah willed, He would have made you a single community. But He leads astray whom He wills, and He guides whom He wills. And you will be questioned about what you used to do
Quran [10:100] And it is not for a soul to believe except by permission of Allah, and He will place defilement upon those who will not use reason.
Quran [2:7] Allāh has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.
Quran [28:56] You cannot guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He wills, and He knows best those who are guided.
Quran [57:22-23] (57:22) No misfortune ever befalls on earth, nor on yourselves but We have inscribed it in the Book39 before We make it manifest.40 Surely that is easy for Allah.41 (57:23) (We do so) that you may not grieve over42 the loss you suffer, nor exult over what He gave you. Allah does not love the vainglorious, the boastful.
Ofc non of the above makes sense using our human mind so do not feel guilty for eating , for drinking and for being smart and brave enough that you are curing yourself from an indoctrination that you were a victim of. Stay healthy and as they say “A Gallon A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.
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