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2023.03.23 20:58 Jachinthebox I'm currently writing a fantasy series and was influenced by JoJo's to name the abilities based on music references

Hi, so just as the title says, the abilities are music references. I’m currently writing volume four and have introduced a few for this arc.
What do you think of the abilities and do their names fit? Any name suggestions for the ones I haven’t come up with?
Ability Name: Phantom Lord
A cursed sword that allows the user to choose what their blade cuts or phase through at the same time.
Ability Name: ???
Once the user has touched someone, the user and said person are transported into an empty square room. They will only be in that room for ten minutes, but the room starts filling up with water and will be full in five. After ten minutes, everyone in the room will be transported out. After the rules are explained, anyone who touches the user before the time limit will transported out.
Ability Name: Clash
A cursed sword that lets the user block/deflect anything that attacks them in their periphery. The user is able to block anything as long as they’re physically able to, but can only do so based on stamina and strength (can’t deflect a tree or something that’s in light speed).
Ability Name: Guns And Roses
Allows the user to imbue their mana into bullets. Once that bullet is fired and has stopped, the mana grows into a rose carrying the bullet in its center that can refire said bullet. The speed of the bullet is dependent on how high the sun is in the sky. The user can imbue their mana into any bullet any time before it stops moving and the bullet can be shot in any gun by anyone.
Ability Name: Zenyatta (the user’s name is Mondatta)
The user has three orbs they can shoot out just a bit slower than a bullet. They can also turn these orbs into bubbles that can swallow someone or something and anything in the bubble is invulnerable to any attacks. The user can only bubble three things at a time but can’t bubble themselves.
Ability Name: Death Magnetic
The user creates a large incantation circle on the ground with them in the center. Their body then creates its own gravity, pulling everything inside the circle towards them. They can choose which objects can be affected.
Ability Name: Re-Flex
The user creates a much smaller incantation circle on the ground with them in the center. They get into position and anything that enters the circle after the user has summoned it causes them to have a fast reflex and attack it with their sword
Ability Name: Good Vibrations
Allows the user to control people’s body temperature. However, they can only control it to something that is humanely possible.
Ability Name: Intermission
A cursed sword that allows the user to speed up their body. For every thirty seconds that passes, they lose a year of their life. For every year that passes, their speed increases according to how many years they’ve lost (If two minutes passes, they lose four years of their life but their speed increases to four times as fast). This also gives the user fast regeneration.
Ability Name: Epitaph
Can stop time for five seconds, but the user is frozen along with everyone else. However, the user can observe during stopped time. If the user so wishes, they may move for one second within those five seconds, but they must sacrifice a year of their lifespan. Cooldown between time stops is five seconds.
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2023.03.23 20:58 binaryclassifier Write a scene where Miranda Priestly gets stuck using a chinese finger trap

Miranda Priestly, the notorious editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, sat at her desk, scrolling through emails with a bored expression. As she absentmindedly twirled her pen between her fingers, she noticed a strange object on her desk. It was a Chinese finger trap, one of those infuriating toys that trap your fingers inside.
Miranda was not one to shy away from a challenge, so she decided to give it a try. She inserted her index fingers into each end of the trap and tried to pull them out, but to her surprise, her fingers were stuck.
She tugged at the trap with all her might, but it only seemed to tighten around her fingers. She could feel a sense of panic rising in her chest. This was not supposed to happen to her.
"Emily!" she called out to her assistant. "Get in here!"
Emily, her faithful assistant, rushed into her office, looking worried. "What's wrong, Miranda?"
"I'm stuck," Miranda said, holding up her trapped fingers.
Emily's eyes widened in disbelief. "How did you manage to do that?"
"That's not important," Miranda snapped. "Just get me out of this thing!"
Emily tried to pull the trap off, but it wouldn't budge. "Maybe we should try some soap or oil to lubricate your fingers?"
Miranda scowled. "I am not going to walk around with greasy fingers all day. There has to be another way."
Just then, the door to Miranda's office burst open, and in walked Nigel, the creative director of Runway. "What's going on here?"
Miranda held up her trapped fingers. "I'm stuck in this damn thing, and I need your help."
Nigel chuckled. "Well, Miranda, it seems you've finally met your match."
Miranda shot him a withering look. "I don't have time for your jokes, Nigel. Just help me."
Nigel stepped forward and examined the trap. "It looks like we need to push inwards to release the tension."
He gently pushed the sides of the trap together, and to Miranda's relief, her fingers were freed. She flexed her fingers, relieved to have them back in working order.
"Thank you, Nigel," she said, trying to regain her composure. "Now, back to work."
As Nigel and Emily left the room, Miranda couldn't help but feel a sense of embarrassment. She had always prided herself on being unflappable, but this silly toy had brought her down a peg. She made a mental note to never underestimate the power of a Chinese finger trap again.
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2023.03.23 20:58 ROXPLAYHOUSE NO PULL OUT!!!!!

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2023.03.23 20:57 Spongepuncher Can’t believe I found this beautiful 5 speed with on 54k miles on it!! Got it for an absolute steal!!

Found her out of an auction house in Chicago put a deposit on it that very next morning. The only thing wrong with it is the convertible top has a leaky hydraulic line and the top has to be opened/closed manually. Other thank that she looks great and pulls super strong!!
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2023.03.23 20:57 Khenal Dungeon Life 103

I might know Larrez is actually Rezlar, but it seems the kids haven’t realized it. It’s not like they’ve shown any indication of paying attention to politics. With Teemo off helping Jello, it’s not like I could tell them, even if I wanted to. No, I told him I’d be willing to keep that secret, and I don’t see why I should change that.
At least I know why Teemo was grinning and acting like he was. He probably recognized him as soon as he saw him. Well, what’s done is done. I look through what I have available to send to greet the group, and decide on a significantly harder probing encounter than usual. A viper and a few rats wouldn’t even slow down Rhonda or Freddie, so I need to step up my game a bit.
Oh, I should try painting some of the snake scales with the metal transmutation stuff some time. If we can get it to only infuse the scales, that should be a good way to toughen a snake up. I file that idea away for later as I nudge an electric dire rat and a spitting viper to go test the kids. The gatherer groups give the two denizens a wide berth, and it’s not long before Fiona taps the back of Freddie’s head and points.
The young orc looks and nods as he readies his shield and axe. “Looks like Thedeim is ready to get started. Electric dire rat and a spitting viper.”
Rhonda nods at that as Lucas pulls a little shard of metal from the brim of the goblin’s hat, the goblin herself opening her book to a specific rune. “There should be an opening to attack after they start. They like to fire from range before closing,” she says as magic starts to awaken the rune in the book.
Rezlar looks pretty nervous, but seeing the confidence in the other two helps steady him. He takes a deep breath before shifting his feet. “Tide Stance…” he murmurs as he settles into the classic fencing stance: feet wide, sword forward and raised slightly, back hand held behind and high for balance. I’m a bit surprised to see a watery duplicate of his rapier appear over his head. I can still see a bit of unease in his eyes, but his form looks pretty solid to me.
“I can counter the spit,” he says as he steps up beside Freddie, and the orc smiles.
“Rhonda and I can handle the lightning, then. Funneling Bulwark!” he shouts as the dire rat starts to spark with the beginning of its attack. Back with Rhonda, Lucas’ metal shard glows slightly as the rune on Rhonda’s book flashes.
“Lightning Rod!” Freddie’s ethereal shields help channel the bolt of lightning as the dire rat unleashes it, focusing it into the earth at Freddie’s feet, thanks to the magical influence of Rhonda and her familiar.
The spitting viper hisses and launches a glob of venom/poison, and this time it’s Rezlar who reacts.
“Riptide Riposte!” he shouts as he lunges towards the dire rat, the watery rapier intercepting the attack from the viper. It turns an unpleasant purple as it absorbs the attack, but that’s not all Rezlar is up to. His lunge meets the dire rat and scores a good gash down its side, and the water doppelganger of his weapon flashes forward to deposit the unpleasant purple into the wound.
Rezlar steps back as Freddie steps forward, raising his shield to deflect the enraged bite from the wounded unusually-sized rodent. Freddie sidesteps to take the attack from the viper as Rezlar steps in once more, and I start to get an idea for why he called it Tide Stance. Each time he hits, the water rapier hits again a moment later. It’s like watching waves on a beach erode a sandcastle. I kinda want to see him fight the rockslides, he’d probably do pretty well against them.
Fiona, still on Freddie’s back, weaves a quick net and manages to entangle the viper, giving Rhonda an easy target for an Icicle Spear. The group holds their combat stances for a few moments, until they get the experience, and then they relax. Rezlar brings his water rapier to overlap his regular one, before flicking it away to splash on the ground, carrying with it the blood from the electric dire rat.
Freddie smiles at the newest member of their party and claps him on the shoulder. “Good work! That would usually take me and Rhonda a lot longer to clear!” Rezlar looks a bit embarrassed at that, but doesn’t argue as Rhonda pipes up.
“Yeah! That’s some fancy swordwork, Larrez! With you, I think we can take some of Thedeim’s more defensive monsters, like the slimes and rockslides!”
“Is… that a good idea?”
Rhonda shrugs. “It’s not a bad one. We’ve been avoiding them because they take too long for just me and Freddie to handle, but your Tide Stance looks like it’s great for getting through defenses!”
Rezlar slowly nods at that. “It is, yes. Water is very good at getting around defenses, finding the smallest weakness and expanding it. It works very well with my fencing,” he says, looking more comfortable talking about theoretical application than actually applying it. Luckily for him, (or unluckily, depending on how one looks at it) Rhonda is all about applying theoreticals.
“Great! We’ll show you the maze, and then head down to the caverns to see if we can handle stuff in there!” Plan made, the group sets off. They don’t end up going into the maze, as the line is looking a bit long. That doesn’t stop them from getting on top and getting a good view of what’s going on.
I can feel Rezlar tense once Tiny looks at the group, but the big spider simply waves a foreleg at them and continues on his way.
“Is that… normal?” asks the poor noble, and the others nod.
“Yeah,” says Freddie. “If you’re just up here to look, he’ll ignore you. I don’t know what he’ll do if you try to get through the webbing up here and cheat the maze, but I wouldn’t try it.”
“I half expected to see Vernew up here,” Rhonda idly states, scanning the flat expanse that is the top of the maze, interrupted only by the trees of Tiny’s lair.
Freddie shrugs. “She must be busy.”
“Yeah… maybe we can visit her in the enclave? With Larrez, we should be able to get through the encounters there without having to spend so much time.”
Freddie smiles and starts walking back the way they came. “Yeah, she’s one of the leaders of the spiderkin enclave. She’s the Huntsmistress. Kinda bold and brash, but she’s cool.”
“I wonder if her spear and javelin techniques would translate into fencing,” asks Rhonda, looking to Rezlar for the answer.
“Maybe? I’ve sparred against various spears before, and they’ve never been especially insightful for my own techniques, but I’ve never sparred with a spiderkin,” he admits.
“She’s hard to pin down, I feel like you two would be chasing each other all over the battlefield, trying to land a solid hit,” says Freddie as he thinks on how the two might face each other.
Rezlar quirks an eyebrow at that. “You’ve seen her fight?”
Rhonda nods. “Yeah, beating her was one of our challenges to get our classes. We were lucky and she underestimated us, and we managed to get her caught in a big web tangle.”
Fiona and Lucas both chitter, and Freddie chuckles. “Heh, and ourselves, too. It took Tiny several minutes to untangle everyone. I think she’d be up for a friendly spar, if she has time. She might be out on a hunt, too,” he points out. A Huntsmistress isn’t likely to just laze around the enclave all day, waiting for plucky youngsters to come challenge her to a spar.
“We could follow our first plan and go check in on Rocky, then?” suggests Rhonda as they start to get off from the top of the maze.
“Might be the better idea, yeah. I don’t want to be out too late. I’m supposed to do a vigil around sunset.”
“Yeah, and I need to bottle some potions, too.”
Rezlar doesn’t seem to have anything pressing, or at least nothing he’ll admit to. “Where are the mining nodes? We could let me mine some tin, make our way to Violet for your quests, and go visit, uh… Rocky… before calling it a day?”
Freddie frowns as he goes over the timeframe. “I think we’ll have to come back later to play with Rocky. We can get some mining done on the way to Violet, but we’ll probably see enough encounters on the way that we should just head to the ratkin enclave and through the cemetery to get back home on time.”
The group nods to that, and set off, having a plan to be done before their other responsibilities have to be attended to. I watch them go about their fun as I nudge Queen with the steel scales idea, and she seems all for it. She even wants to try giving electric affinity, which I like the sound of. The kids might not get to spar one of my scions or one of the leaders of an enclave, but I still want to give them a boss battle. You know, something to remember their first delve as a party by.
< [Next>]
Cover art Want moar? Discord is a thing! I now have a Patreon for monthly donations, and I have a Ko-fi for one-off donations. Patreons can read up to three chapters ahead, and also get a few other special perks as well. Thank you again to everyone who is reading!
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2023.03.23 20:57 Poggers-6969 Why is Physics 240 actually such a hard class

Ok first off I just wanna say I'm not throwing shade at Dave Winn, he's a nice guy and I know a lot of people like him.
But I have never been as confused in my life as in Physics 240. Nothing in this damn class makes any sense to me. Is it just me who is struggling immensely?
For reference, I'm also in EECS 280 and EECS 203 this semester. I would say that these classes are also pretty challenging, and I did not have much experience with any of these three classes (203, 280, 240) before this semester. But those classes, I feel that increased studying helps my understanding substantially. And also, they just "click" easier for me.
Meanwhile for physics, I spend Friday-Sunday almost exclusively studying for the quizzes, spending over a dozen hours, just to get an average score. physics 240 has had me pulling my hair out, I don't understand circuits, flux, capacitors, or anything else. I don't know if the issue is my study habits or if this is just a class that I wasn't meant to understand. I'm wondering if anybody else is/was in the same boat as me and if y'all found anything that works to help you understand better?
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2023.03.23 20:57 myanfs Etiquette for Housekeeper

After a whole year in my new home, I have made dismal progress with doing a proper job unpacking and organizing. In turn, it's been hard to keep the place clean when things don't have proper homes, so tidying really quick actually turns into an all night project that I don't usually have the energy to finish. Couple this with some wicked bouts of depression and an extremely demanding job, I feel like my house is in shambles. I feel ashamed and drained when I look around me. I just see clutter, floors that need mopping and the culmination of my negligence and I feel like I've just been sinking deeper into my depression. Out of desperation I booked a cleaning service for a deep clean that also offers some organizational help too. I've never in my life done this before and I don't want to be an asshole out of ignorance to the person who's helping me, so I need to know:
Do I need to carve out time to "clean" before cleaning help arrives? What level of dirtiness/clutter is acceptable to leave out? Obviously the more I can do the better, but realistically I don't know what I can actually leave to them to do without being an entitled jerk. Halp.
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2023.03.23 20:57 haodbd9z6 Do you think I'm stupid for this?

I wear my hat everytime i leave my house. I'm so used to it that I don't notice it on my head. I work for a commercial cleaning company. I was cleaning an office building last night. When my shift was over I got in my car, and was pulling out of the parking lot, then I don't feel my hat on my head. I didnt even bother taking my hand, but i remember taking it off and thought i left it in the building. and feeling if it was there. I go back into the building and the general manager was in there. He was like "forget something?". I say "yes, my hat", then I felt my head, and then I realized my hat was on my head, but I still walked into the room I thought I had left it in. The manager was like "you just touched your hat on your head" then he started laughing. I felt like a complete dummies, and I said that. He just laughed. Do you think im stupid, or does that happen to most people?
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2023.03.23 20:57 cheesekneesdeesnutzi What hurt the most

is not the obvious hate.
I never wanted to do this out of respect for people I cared for. I felt bad expressing my hurt publicly I’d always rather not make people feel bad.
I can deal with people who obviously don’t like me. It was those who decided to convince me they cared yet turned on me at any chance they got. It was more of a battle making sure i wasn’t trusting the wrong people than it was figuring out who was fucking with me. I know when people dislike me. I know when I’m being made fun of. Or at least I thought I did?
I’ll pull myself out of it, or I won’t. Doesn’t really matter but let me say.
I don’t think you understand how much deeper that cuts. To have people that supposedly care about you turn on you at the same time. To watch in silence because it has nothing to do with them but they know it’s breaking you up. As much as you’re already getting stomped on, it feels… it’s bad. I don’t think it was intended but when every one in my life just doesn’t give a fuck and watches me spiral in silence, judges me, bashes me, doesn’t show me any kind of understanding or sympathy, I’m left thinking ok maybe I deserve it… and so I can lay low, but the ones around me… I don’t ask for much, just don’t hurt me… with each new heartbreak during that feels a million times more heavy than what it was gonna already feel. You feel much more alone than you have to. You don’t see any hope in any one because you know it will end up breaking you more than any words any people who hate you can say.
With that being said, no one owes me any thing. So the release of the hurt.. writing this letter? Idk if it’s much of a release.
Im an idiot, yea, I like to be creative and I fail at it. At the end of the day I only want to make people laugh, and help if I can. I never properly portrayed that.
I dont care about what power I give you in knowing I’m hurt. I can’t tell if this is a good lesson for me or not. There’s no way I could fall down the same path again right? I have nothing left to lose and if any genuine people are out there, sadly they’d have every thing to lose trying to be my friend.
Not that it matters but I have nothing left to say to any one. Absolutely nothing left to say to ANY ONE.
Hopefully that will clear up any confusion on why I’m not around. I want nothing from any one and I have nothing left to say to any one. Absolutely nothing. I’m no stranger to going mute.
And after all of this, I want nothing bad to happen to any one. I’ve never been about revenge. If I hurt any one, I’d want to know so I could apologize. People who hurt others probably have their reasons and I’ll respect that.
I don’t want people fighting. I don’t like violence. It was always about self defense for me.
If you feel I owe you or used you, I don’t know how to make up for the time I thought was much more genuine than it was. I have nothing to give but shattered pieces and I absolutely do not want any thing from any one. I don’t assume this letter means any thing. It’s for my sake.
I just wish that if I’m even a Thought in any one’s brain, somehow, they forget my existence. Yea I’m sure you think I deserved it. It’s ok. Every one has their reason.
Does that balance it all out?
I really don’t care to speak to any one any more. I love you all even if you don’t love me. But leave me the fuck alone.
I don’t care if this so just giving more fuel or content to be made fun of. I won’t be looking any more.
I don’t care if I’m the only one hurt I hope that I am. I hope every one else is ok. Also I don’t care how fake any one thinks this is.
I’ve learned to say Good Bye at least.
Have a good one!
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2023.03.23 20:56 Dracosia Deserted in the shadows, part 6 (NOP fanfic)

Memory transcription subject: David Schneider, Human xeno-biophysicist
Date [standardized human time]: Oktober 29, 2136
One second, everything was fine. Mirva and Doctor Jonson were collecting data and chatting with Mike; Lim, Ortsa and I were discussing the further strategy, Vartek was keeping an eye on the outside and made sure all of us were save. The next second Farlent was screaming about predators, Vartek suddenly held a flamethrower and the scientists and extermination officers on the outside were scurrying towards us at alarming speeds, while Mike was covering their escape. I felt almost physical recoil from the sudden change of atmosphere, but once Ortsa slammed the door shut everyone fell silent. We had all spotted the predators at this point - four front facing, glowing eyes in the water, and we were waiting anxiously for it to move.
But… glowing eyes made zero sense. It was, probably, possible, but the biochemical challenges of trying to make your eyes glow without impeding their functionality must surely be ridiculous. There was a reason a lot of bioluminescent Terran animals made literally any body part except the eyes their light source.
“This makes no evolutionary sense, team… there are no animals with glowing eyes on earth . Why would it not simply make some organ NEAR it‘s eyes glow? And how could a predator benefit from letting it’s prey now that it is nearby. Wouldn’t it be much more useful to just have infrared eyes? Lim, do you know what this is?“
The Venlil gave me a nervous wave with his tail
„Sorry Boss, I got nothing. No creature like this exists today. And if it once existed the federation destroyed all data on it. The question is why?“
Mirva was sobbing and all of us were trying to keep as much distance as possible from that… thing outside. The Federation often deleted a lot of the details on predators, but to completely erase all memory of it’s existence? What monster must that be that they were so sure it needed to be completely forgotten? After all, deadly predators actually fit their narrative, didn’t they? Couple that with our complete lack of understanding and none of us were willing to take our eyes of these glowing eyes, waiting for their next move. Well, all of us except Ortsa.
“I just send a message to mission control at home. They are running all data we have through their computers, but they assume no Federation species ever encountered an animal like this.“
Mirva began sobbing harder, and the other Venlil started looking like they wanted to join in, as my head started spinning. And then, to make matters even more fucking horrible, the eyes disappeared. One second they were staring at us, clear as day, the next they were gone.
“Oh GOD, it will get into the truck!“
Fuck, the team was freaking out. We needed something to break the tension, quick, or we would loose our heads.
“Bob“, Mike said. There was a loooong pause of confused silence.
“The Truck is called Bob, I decided… It is the only appropriate name!“
I couldn’t help it, I blurted out laughing. This was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard, especially in this situation and it was just too much. The other humans joined in, then Vartek and Farlent and eventually even Mirva was laughing. We were all so terrified, so anxious, but there was only so much tension one could handle and laughing helped. A lot. Sadly, after a couple of oh so beautiful moments, the laughter stopped and the seriousness of the situation caught up to us again.
Vartek said something that my translator only translated as [a very bad curse word], before asking, with a terrified voice:
“What if this is not an animal? What if it is a monster? Some horrendous beast that doesn’t need to abide the laws of physics and lurks in the shadows for willing prey! The Venlil in that town warned us of those, didn’t they?“
Lim shook of his fear- by literally shaking his body - and exclaimed with an angry and determined certainty in his voice:
“Bullshit. If it exists there is a scientific explanation for it. We just need to find it!“
I nodded in agreement. Somehow this must make sense. The other scientists also collected themselves, whilst the extermination officers seemed less convinced. And then - for the first time in hours - Doctor Churchill exclaimed something:
“Of course! They are butterflies!“
What? That made zero sense… and apparently Mike thought the same:
“Hey Steven, are you sure about that? Or are your words broken again? Do you need a moment to try saying that again?”
Stephen facepalmed and sat in silence before elaborating:
“Sorry, wrong word… they aren’t butterflies, but they are …like… butterflies. How do I say it again… same strategy. Yeah, exactly. It is the same strategy as butterflies!”
All of us looked around in worried confusion. It sounded like he had lost his mind. But I knew for a fact that he was a genius xenibiologist, he just struggled talking to people sometimes… so I should not dismiss his statement. Okay then, let’s try to work this out. What did I know about butterflies? They are insects with a three stage lifecycle, and pretty wings. Really pretty wings, actually. I remembered that one time a butterfly had landed on my arm when I was thirteen. There were these cute little eyelike shapes on the back of it’s wings. And also… - WAIT! Eyelike shapes on the back of it’s wings? Of course!
“He is right”, I blurted out. “Some butterflies on earth have shapes on their wings that LOOK like eyes, but are non functional. They serve as a deception - by looking like the eyes of a massive predator they can scare of anything that wants to eat them. These ‘predators’ out there are exactly like that! They aren’t monsters with glowing eyes, but rather some prey animal with a glowing pattern on their back!”
Steven looked at me, happy that I had figured his clues out and proud that his theory made sense. And Lim rejoiced:
“Of course. This way they can chase threats away without wasting already scarce calories. And that’s why the eyes only started glowing once we were near - it is not some predator trying to attack us, but simply prey that got scared because we got too close to it! And it also explains why the Federation wiped all knowledge of them - prey pretending to be predators doesn’t fit their horrendous narrative of ‘everything that looks bad is bad!’ I knew there was a scientific explanation for this.“
Vartek seemed less convinced.
“So what’s the plan now? Just go out there on a hunch that these THINGS won’t kill us?”
But Lim simply smiled - a shockingly good imitation of a crazy human smile -with a glint in his eye that said ‘hold my beer’; whilst I put on a coat.
“It is not a hunch. It is a scientific theory!”
On his cue Ortsa opened the door and Lim and I ran outside, towards the river, with Farlent and Mike in close pursuit, since the two were determined to keep us alive, whilst Vartek covered the truck’s - Bob’s - entrance, to make sure the rest of the team was save. They looked at us like we were mad - except for Steven who cheered us on.
The four of us closed in on the river and, sure enough, the eyes glew up again. But this time the blue bioluminescent light didn’t frighten us - well most of us. Mike had probably read to many horror stories because he kept his flamethrower tightly locked right on the center of the eyes. Lim and I however took a closer look and were relieved to see four tiny fish, each of them with a bright, eyelike shape on the side of their bodies, swimming in a tight formation against the stream, so they staid in a fixed position. They looked kinda cute, to be honest. Lim - after thoroughly checking the water for further surprises - reached in with a net and pulled one of the fish out to place it in a tiny glass container filled with water. Then we headed back to Bob and the team.
“Hey everyone, take a look at the EVIL and SCARY predator we caught”, I joked to them, once Ortsa had shut and locked the doors.
Everyone inched closer to take a look at the glowing fish in Lim’s hand, and relief flushed across their faces once they released that the monster was actually just a cute little, toothless fish. Right now it was munching on some breadcrumbs Lim had thrown in the water, whilst it’s side facing eyes eyed us carefully. Lim and Steven took some notes and samples of the fishes DNA - careful not to needlessly hurt or scare the fish, before we released it back into the wild.
Looks like the Venlil in that town had been scared over nothing after all.
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2023.03.23 20:55 Top-Organization-124 Seattle Thunderbirds have the only out gay player in the WHL but chose not to hold Pride Night so fans organized their own

Seattle Thunderbirds have the only out gay player in the WHL but chose not to hold Pride Night so fans organized their own submitted by Top-Organization-124 to SeattleWA [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 20:54 northboundnova One of my current fosters thought I needed to take a break from reading and pet her instead.

One of my current fosters thought I needed to take a break from reading and pet her instead. submitted by northboundnova to blackcats [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 20:54 himally Very active clan

🌟 Join The Corleones! Destiny 2 Recruitment New Members Welcome 🌟
Greetings, Guardians! Are you looking for a family that shares your passion for Destiny 2? Look no further! The Corleones are recruiting new members to join our ranks. We are an active and dedicated clan, committed to providing a welcoming and engaging environment for all our members.
🔥 What We Bring to the Table:
A supportive and inclusive community: The Corleones treat every member like family. We are here to help each other grow and have fun together.
Experienced Leadership: Our seasoned clan leaders have extensive knowledge of Destiny 2, and are always ready to share their expertise and guide new members.
Raid and Nightfall Assistance: Whether you're a seasoned raider or new to end-game content, our experienced team is here to help you conquer the toughest challenges.
PvP & Gambit Support: If you enjoy the competitive side of Destiny 2, we have skilled PvP and Gambit players who can help you improve your skills and achieve your goals.
Regular Events & Activities: We organize weekly clan events, including raids, Nightfalls, Crucible matches, and more, to keep everyone engaged and entertained.
Clan Discord Server: Our active Discord server ensures seamless communication and coordination for all clan activities.
📝 Requirements for Joining:
Be respectful and friendly: We value a positive and supportive atmosphere. Toxic behavior, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated.
Active Participation: While we understand that real-life commitments come first, we expect our members to be active in both the game and our Discord server.
Be 18+: Our clan is an adult community, and we expect our members to act maturely and responsibly.
Mic/Headset: Clear communication is essential for teamwork, so we require members to have a working microphone and headset.
Be willing to learn and improve: Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, we want members who are eager to grow and contribute to the clan's success.
📝 How to Apply:
If you're ready to join The Corleones, send a message to Mally#2080 Goth#6812 on PC, or Xbox, or apply through our Discord server at https://discord.gg/NmfJsZqk. Please provide your age, time zone, and a brief description of your Destiny 2 experience.
Join The Corleones today and become a part of our family. We can't wait to meet you, Guardian!
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2023.03.23 20:53 -AsHxD- How to Boost Your Productivity with These 5 Habits

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we all strive for productivity and success. However, sometimes it can be challenging to maintain focus and productivity, especially when we're constantly juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. That's why I wanted to share with you five habits that can help boost your productivity and take your business to the next level.

  1. Set Specific Goals: Start each day by setting specific goals that you want to achieve. This will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day, and ensure that you're working towards your long-term business goals.
  2. Prioritize Your Tasks: One of the biggest productivity killers is trying to do too much at once. Prioritize your tasks based on their importance and urgency, and tackle them one by one. This will help you stay organized and focused, and ensure that you're making progress on the most important tasks.
  3. Take Breaks: It's important to take breaks throughout the day to recharge and avoid burnout. Schedule short breaks in between tasks, and make sure to take a longer break for lunch or a quick workout. This will help you stay energized and focused, and ultimately boost your productivity.
  4. Eliminate Distractions: Distractions can be one of the biggest productivity killers. Whether it's social media notifications or email alerts, it's important to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Turn off notifications on your phone and computer, and focus on the task at hand.
  5. Learn to Delegate: As a business owner, it's easy to fall into the trap of trying to do everything yourself. However, learning to delegate tasks to others can help you free up your time and focus on the tasks that truly require your attention. Identify tasks that can be delegated, and delegate them to trusted employees or contractors.
By implementing these five habits, you can boost your productivity and take your business to the next level. But don't just take my word for it – try them out for yourself and see the results firsthand!
CTA: If you're looking for more tips and insights on how to grow your business and boost your productivity, subscribe to The Founder's Brief – a free weekly newsletter that provides valuable content about global news, business tips, and analysis. Visit thefoundersbrief.live and enter your email address to subscribe today!
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2023.03.23 20:52 rolandinvt More than capable

More than capable
Just pulled neighbor's Jeep Cherokee out of mud sunk to axles in driveway, then found out they had parking brake on the whole time. Not much mud on mine 😆 #morethancapable
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2023.03.23 20:52 iptvwolf Best way to store quiz data

Hi folks.
So I am looking to create a quiz program with some functions that will generate the questions/answers (correct and wrong) from a pretty large dataset.
I have no code written yet as I'm unsure what would be the best way to store this data. Would a bunch of dicts within one or more py file(s) be a good solution or should I create some sort of SQL database where I pull the data from?
I was thinking about creating this as a small python script initially, but would like to turn it into a flask web app if I'm happy with how it turns out.
I'm sorry if this is a dumb question.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.23 20:52 okwhatever21 Balantis and phimosis, need help

Hello everyone, 18, Male here from India I have uncircumcised penis and have the condition of not being able to retract your foreskin all the way (phimosis). I have been doing stretching exercises for a sometime now and can pull it about less than midway. But I got aware of the situation too late (honestly, why is there such less awareness about such conditions), and have developed balantis. My penis gets itchy, and I can see inflammation on the skin. Thats about the problem
I am going to see the doctor next week but I am afraid of whether the doctor would advice me to go for circumcision so I would be able to keep it clean later on. Is there any kind of medication possible that would not get me to cut my skin?
If anyone of you had gone through some kind of similar situation, please let me know on how to resolve this, or at least tell me whether its going to be okay or not. I am freaking out here!
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2023.03.23 20:52 raycyca82 Overengineered?

I wanted create a pair of rack mount pcs, but with terrible options, I selected a w200. As things go, I had a vision...two pcs that share a radiator and reservoir, since this will be stuffed in a closet and requires minimal intervention. So I wanted to be able to quickly ensure it had fluid and which pc was on for any trouble shooting. I decided to go with 2 main pumps and 2 DC-LTs, so when one computer was off the other still had a pump and dc-lt to move fluid. I figured a pair of distro plates would use up the space and make it a bit easier to maintain (it is much more complicated, shout out to the commentor that suggested to skip a distro plate, looking back wish I had listened!). Still waiting for an extension cable for the main computer (not custom cutting them today). So still some wiring, but im following the original vision i had, better judgement be damned. It's been a fun, overly expensive build (so many fittings!) that needs cleanup (wires cleaned, lighting, fixing the mismatched fittings, new radiatofan setup) but in essence is finished. My question for you all.....over engineered or just right?
submitted by raycyca82 to watercooling [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 20:51 sixback66 Problem with New AP-615s (RW) and my Aruba Central account

I have Aruba Central with 8 Clusters deployed including 6 AOS8 and 2 AOS10 consisting of over three hundred 300 series APs of various models. No Issues with either AOS v8.10 and AOS v10.4 at all.
I have just took delivery of 100 AP-615s and am planning to role out a campus wide cluster of just 615 units providing WiFi6 service. For the life of me I can not get these things to provision into my Aruba Central either as a AOS8 Group or a AOS10 Group.
I know they are at v8.11 initially and require 10.5. Aruba TAC says they can be provisioned into Groups including AOS10 but I keep getting an error message in Audit stating that they are "not allowed to join" when attempting to pre-provision into clean empty Groups or existing ones. They have valid foundation licenses
When I pull a brand new one from a box and give it a DHCP address and go to its web interface i can't log into the device at all. I get the web portal login screen but it won't take the default admin username and the serial number for a password. WTF is up with these units?
Anyone else struggling deploying 615s in Central
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2023.03.23 20:51 shejiah_1286 Detailed, definitive artwork that is a must-watch for art lovers

Detailed, definitive artwork that is a must-watch for art lovers

The dress for the "Design for Opportunity" show will be a restricted case assortment to benefit 'Greatness House Miami,' which saves and reestablishes overcomers of illegal exploitation. I feel regarded to have LCamero Brand on the runway for such a delightful reason.

Every year we go, it builds up how we might interpret the stuff to carry something from the outset stages to critical sensation. These focus points we learned will serve us as we pursue making 'House of Fashion' as fruitful as we imagine it.

We additionally consistently make extraordinary contacts when we're all over town, as Lisa Camero, our organizer, consistently hangs out in her own imaginative way. For instance, even at a business gathering, we regularly get halted as individuals ask where we get specific dress things. Much to their dismay that they were planned by Lisa herself!

Get a sneak peek of the dazzling models for the upcoming event:
HoF Launch Event - April 7th
M U T E D Clothing Drop - April 7th
HoF Mint - May 5th

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2023.03.23 20:50 Gaarawarr Gaarawarr's Guide to Festival of Fools

Last Updated: Initial Post

Table of Contents

  1. Event Introduction
  2. General Game Tips
  3. General Event Information
  4. Event Champion Information
  5. Event Adventure Information

Festival of Fools - Year 6

The Festival of Fools is a day of feasting, drinking, and foolishness. Having survived a long, dark, cold winter, participants don brightly colored and garishly patterned clothing and dance in the streets like court jesters, each competing with the others to see who can pull off the most foolish (yet generally harmless) prank(s).
Festival of Fools lasts for 12 days and runs from Wednesday, March 15th, 2023, at Noon, Pacifically, thru Monday, March 27th, 2023, at Noon, Pacifically.
You can find this year's official Festival of Fools blog post here.
Gaar's Note: Festival of Fools is the 9th event (9 out of 17) in the Idle Champions Event Calendar.

General Game Tips

I highly recommend reading my Guide to Event Planning for basic progression information and ways to maximize your gains/efficiency during Events. There is too much information to put here as this specific Event guide is long enough already.
Don't be afraid to ask questions in the comment section! Also, I stream the game and welcome any and all questions there as well!
You can find all of my 130+ Idle Champions guides here.
Good luck & have fun!
If you'd like to support the creation of guides like this one and you play on the Epic Games Store, you can use the code below when making a purchase of any kind.
Epic Games Creator Code: GAARAWARR
In connection with Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator Program, I may receive a commission from certain in-game purchases when you use my Creator Code when making a purchase.
If you play on other platforms and wish to support guides like this one, you can follow me on Twitter and Twitch, as well as subscribing to my Twitch if you can. You can also rate my guide collection on Steam to ensure new players see it.

General Event Information

  • Unlike regular missions, Event missions cost Event Tokens to attempt. You won't be able to start the Event missions until you have enough Tokens to pay for one.
  • You earn Event Tokens at a fixed rate and in any campaign. This means you'll earn the same amount of Tokens whether your game is open or not. (Roughly 1 every 25 seconds.) The overall total of Event Tokens you will earn passively during the Event is roughly 41,460 give or take a few based on CNE's math. Make sure you don't do any missions before they show as Easy otherwise you may waste your Tokens.
  • You'll have a chance to earn three Champions with each Event. You'll have access to the three most recent Event Champs. Unlocking other Champions from past years is possible, but requires accessing them via a Time Gate. I recommend unlocking all three Event Champs and trying to gear them up roughly equally for use in the future.
  • Events start everyone off at zero Favor. Due to this, you'll need to manually click, or have Familiars click, on the field to damage enemies during the start of your first mission to make sure your lone Champion isn't overrun.
  • Even if you complete the Champion Unlock Adventure you're on, you don't necessarily want to hit "Complete" right away. You want to continue on and try to earn as much Favor as possible. This is due to the Token cost of Unlock Adventures/Free Plays. Treating each one like a Favor run helps you stay efficient with your Token spending. Variants are horrible for farming Favor though, so you can close those once you hit the goal.
  • Important: Whatever you do, don't spend lots of time sitting at a wall during an Event unless you're waiting on Tokens to start your next run. Time is your enemy (the past it threatens...) and you need to run as many Free Plays as possible to maximize your Favor and complete all the Variants on the first try.
  • Once you have completed all the variants and no longer truly need to farm Favor other than for the conversion bonus, you can just run Free Plays to 50 and then complete the run to get an Event Champion Chest, either Silver or Gold randomly. This is the best way to gear up your Event Champions as normal Gold Chests from other campaigns don't contain gear for them and you're limited to three Gold Chests (and some Silver Chests) in Time Gates to gear them up until their Event returns a year later.
  • New players can fully complete Events if they know what to do. Make sure to check for a guide to the specific Event to review when it comes out and don't hesitate to ask questions. The rest of us are here to help you succeed!
  • Once more for the people in the back: It's usually wise to not attempt the mission Variants until they show as Easy difficulty. The difficulty rating is based off the Favor you have accumulated and while it isn't an ideal indicator of difficulty, it's a decent starting point. I highly recommend waiting until a mission shows as Easy before starting it so as not to waste your Event Tokens. This is the single-biggest factor in using Tokens efficiently as a newer player.
  • Once you've earned your Event Champions and gear for them, the rewards for your hard work aren't over. The other major reward from Events is a conversion of Event Favor into the main campaign of your choice. This is why, even if you've finished all the variants, it's still good to do deep runs to gain Favor in the Event. You can use the following table to see if it's worth it to you to keep doing runs based on how much Favor you're getting with each one. As you get more Global Blessings, Patron Perks, and better gear on your Champions, you'll be able to get higher and higher conversion percentages.
Here's a quick example of the conversion breakdown from Event to main campaign. The percentage is multiplied by the total Favor you have earned in that campaign, including what you've spent on Blessings. There is no need to reset Blessings when converting Favor. There is no cap that I'm aware of to this conversion; the start numbers and end numbers are just examples but continue both ways.
Event Favor Total Main Campaign Conversion %
1e07 70%
1e08 80%
1e09 90%
1e10 100%
1e11 110%
1e12 120%
1e13 130%
Note: Numbers are in Scientific Notation for ease of reference. You can switch your UI to show Scientific Notation by hitting the Y key or selecting it in the settings. After you get out of normal number range, this is the best way to easily see your progress.
Before You Buy Chests from the Store
If you plan on buying Gold Event Chests with real money from the store (which is a great way to support the game!), keep this in mind:
  • Be sure you buy any Gold Event Chest Packs before opening any earned Gold Event Chests as you're guaranteed a Golden Epic with your real money purchase. When you flip the Golden Epic card, close out of the Store and verify it on your Champion, then go back in and open your other Chests. This way you're guaranteed to get other items when you open your Gold Chests instead of just duplicating that one on accident.
  • You get buffs when spending real money based on how much you spend. Plan your purchase in advance!
    • $5 - Empowered Power Boost - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100% (lasts 1 day)
    • $10 - Empowered Power Burst - Increases the damage of all Champions by 300% (lasts 2 days)
    • $20 - Empowered Faith - Increases all Favor earned from Resets by 50% (lasts 3 days)
    • $50 - Empowered Clairvoyance - Increases all Gold found by 100% (lasts 4 days)
  • Getting multiple of the same purchase amounts adds to the duration of the buff. All buffs stack with each other.
Note: Every $10 spent in one transaction gets you a guaranteed Shiny item! Keep this in mind as well as those can greatly increase the power of your items and thus your Champion.

Event Champion Information

The following three Champions are available to unlock and gear up during this year's Festival of Fools. To learn more about each Champion, hit up their specific guides for more information:

Year 6 Champion - Miria, the Shadar-kai (Elf) Necromancer (Wizard)

You can find their Champion Guide here.

Year 5 Champion - Tatyana, the Air Genasi Barbarian/Druid

You can find their Champion Guide here.

Year 4 Champion - Alyndra Alexandria Garanahil Sarrbarand, Lorekeeper of Rime Spiro, Kinscribe of Clan Monkeymouse, Daughter of Oblivion, the Elf Wizard/Cleric

You can find their Champion Guide here.
The following Champions are now considered "retired" from this Event but can still be obtained through Time Gates:

Year 3 Champion - Briv Steelmarrow, the Half-Orc Paladin

You can find their Champion Guide here.

Year 2 Champion - Grandmother Night aka Rosie Beestinger, the Halfling Monk

You can find their Champion Guide here.

Year 1 Champion - Strix Beestinger, the Tiefling Sorcerer

You can find their Champion Guide here.

Event Adventure Information

Indoor # Outdoor #
8 42

Type Summary

Boss Type # in this Event
Humanoid 3
Beasts 2
Giant 2
Monstrosity 2
Elemental 1
Normal Mobs
Enemy Type # in this Event
Beasts 18
Humanoid 13
Elemental 10
Giant 10
Monstrosity 9

Type by Level - repeats after 50

Level IndooOutdoor Enemy Type Boss Type
1 Outdoor Humanoid
2 Outdoor Humanoid
3 Outdoor Humanoid
4 Indoor Humanoid
5 Indoor Humanoid Humanoid
6 Outdoor Humanoid
7 Outdoor Beasts
8 Outdoor Beasts
9 Outdoor Beasts
10 Outdoor Beasts Beasts
11 Outdoor Beasts
12 Outdoor Beasts
13 Outdoor Beasts & Humanoid
14 Outdoor Humanoid
15 Outdoor Humanoid Humanoid
16 Outdoor Beasts
17 Outdoor Beasts & Humanoid
18 Outdoor Humanoid
19 Outdoor Humanoid
20 Outdoor Humanoid Humanoid
21 Outdoor Beasts
22 Indoor Elemental
23 Indoor Elemental
24 Indoor Elemental
25 Indoor Elemental Elemental
26 Outdoor Beasts
27 Outdoor Beasts
28 Outdoor Beasts
29 Outdoor Beasts
30 Outdoor Beasts Beasts
31 Outdoor Beasts
32 Outdoor Giant
33 Outdoor Giant
34 Outdoor Giant
35 Outdoor Giant Giant
36 Outdoor Giant
37 Outdoor Giant
38 Outdoor Beasts & Monstrosity
39 Outdoor Beasts & Monstrosity
40 Outdoor Monstrosity Monstrosity
41 Outdoor Giant
42 Outdoor Giant & Monstrosity
43 Outdoor Elemental & Monstrosity
44 Indoor Elemental
45 Indoor Elemental Monstrosity
46 Outdoor Elemental & Monstrosity
47 Outdoor Elemental & Monstrosity & Giant
48 Outdoor Giant
49 Outdoor Elemental & Monstrosity
50 Outdoor Monstrosity Armored Giant
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2023.03.23 20:50 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description

[Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description
Get the collection here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/robert-kyosaki-ultimate-collection-bundle/ [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection
What’s Included in the collection?
  • ABCs of Real estate investing
  • Cashflow Quadrant
  • Choose to be Rich
  • ChooseRich
  • Conspiracy of the Rich
  • Financial Freedom Planner – Your Personal Financial Organizer
  • Guide to Becoming Rich Without Cutting up Your Credit Cards
  • High Performance Selling [Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker,Bob Proctor]
  • How to predict the future
  • How To Save A Fortune In Taxes [Robert kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker]
  • Increase Your Financial IQ
  • Michael Maloney – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver
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  • Real Estate Advantages
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad audio and book
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens_ The Secrets About Money – Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter
  • Rich Dad Secrets Of Wealth [Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield]
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  • Sales Dogs
  • The ABC’s Of Building a Business Team That Wins
  • The ABC’s Of Property Management
  • Why -A- Students Work for -C- Students
  • Kiyosaki Live NY City
  • Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes To Getting Rich
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