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2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2016.04.13 22:39 no_turn_unstoned WELCOME TO THE_PACK


2023.03.21 12:49 Rapperz Anyone know what mod the "Key of Awakening" is from?

I got a pop up saying someone slipped a key, called the Key of Awakening, into my pocket in solitude, and I think it said something about going to the solitude temple. However I've explored the whole place and can't find anything to use the key on, anyone have any ideas what mod it is from or how I can find out?
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2023.03.21 12:49 stovetopbrand Advice on weighing potential options

Disclaimer: Neither of these positions are guaranteed as I'll get to soon. This is hypothetical as if I were offered both.
Background: I'm a bit rusty, but spent a bit over a year in a local pizza joint before they closed when business was too slow picking up post-lockdown. Just pizza, salad, and sandwiches. Open kitchen, only manner of cooking was a pizza oven, we all did everything, no servers, hand washed dishes, ran register and such. Also an okay home cook. Did spend a tiny bit of time other places, but (now resolved) health issues made it near impossible for me to physically hold a job in any field that would hire me. Turns out they're right when they say alcohol will kill you, cuz I almost died. Anyway...
I have two interviews coming up for two very different positions in two different kinds of restaurants. I was recommended for both places by old co-workers. Obviously it's not 100% I'll be offered both or even one, but my chances are good at both places with the recs. This is all hypothetical. They pay about the same.
Option 1: Manager at a smaller pizza chain, think Cici's but not quite. Shitty mass produced food. Guy who recommended me never even worked food service before he got in there and it seems like they just want someone who can manage and don't much care if you can cook. As stated, I've done pizza and a few other things, and I was assistant manager at a very large retailer for some time, but never managed a restaurant. I also hate dealing with customers and shitty people working under me, but between retail and food I've done it my whole adult life and can make it work. 40-50 hours a week, not awful for the industry.
Option 2: Line cook at a local restaurant and bar downtown. Scratch kitchen. Decent, real food. But I've never cooked on the line at a place with a full kitchen with multiple stations. I can still learn, but I'm rusty on top of aging (30 years old) and potential brain damage. I would actually prefer this to get new knowledge, but don't know if I'll be able to keep up. Not an open kitchen and wouldn't have to deal with trying to keep people in "their place," just focus on getting a job done. Hours unknown thus far.
Both make me anxious, I haven't worked in general in months because of the whole almost dying thing. But imagine if both of these were offered to you, what would you rather do?
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2023.03.21 12:49 Causewhynot444 Dating in LA

So does everyone in LA have the same issues when it comes to dating? That it makes you think why bother??
My first boyfriend (25M) and I (30M) broke up last week, we had been talking for over a year, met for the first time in December when he moved back & officially became boyfriends and have been monogamous the last 3 months. We have spent ALOT of time together to and it’s always been great.
Everything was perfect until a few weeks ago. The night we broke up I literally was just communicating with him honestly about certain issues we were having like him being secretive while on his phone anytime he was near me when all I would do is look over at him or walked by him or that I felt like he was hiding our relationship/me etc and Considering he told me he was in love with me I thought we could talk about anything without issue but He dismissed what I was saying, turned it around and pretty much told me my feelings weren’t valid.
Despite that I genuinely do still love & miss him and I think that if we were to actually talk & make an effort for him to not do the things that I tried to talk to him about and I also make an effort to not do things that he doesn’t like that could resolve the issues and we could move forward, so I stupidly reached out to him & how he replied is coming off like I did something so horrible that he now hates me when he’s the one who can’t communicate.
I swear I’d rather be single then deal with games and I thought girls were worse when it comes to dating.
Should I just say fuck it and not even bother with trying to get back together?
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2023.03.21 12:49 simphly I more often than not hate working with my colleagues

I've been in the job almost 2 years now and don't get me wrong, I love it, I work in a jewellers that sells watches which is a hobby of mine, but I just can't find myself being passionate around these fucktards anymore, I try and train them up to do the job, but these inept morons just don't want to listen. Our new supervisor is just completely fucking useless, almost 9 months in and the absolute most BASIC questions are still being asked, every time they can't do something they hand it over to me, the other day they was handed a task to do because they weren't able to do it (keep in mind this was delegated to THEM) so I leave the store, come back and a near £8,000 sale is being made. I am consistently at the bottom.of the performance charter. None of them have passion for both sides of the job, "oh I don't do that", "oh that's not for me", "oh I don't care about that", whenever I try to talk about new releases I'm consistently shut down by all, "Don't message me on my week off." but I know full fucking well the other colleagues are back and forth with them, sharing TikToks, Instagram reels, etc. On top of all that, the manager has CLEAR favourites consistently letting staff go home early, giving me all the late shifts and leaving me to take all of the stock out of display at the end of the day. I also feel consistently blocked out, ignored, not involved in conversations, I get interrupted all the time, no one takes on board anything I say either, I'm on the verge of flipping my shit
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2023.03.21 12:48 daniellehunter5828 Best Frameworks For Cross-Platform App Development

In the modern world, technological advancements have taken a big rush. All top app development companies are giving each other tough competition in order to create the best apps to meet the customer’s demands. Companies are also discarding the traditional methods of marketing and taking a step towards digital strategies. There are several reasons why people are considering investing in an online process some of them are as follows: When you decide to invest in an online app or website you increase your reach. This means that you can have access to customers even further local area. These benefits greatly increase your profit rates. Unlike your common pop-up stores, a website or an app does not have an opening or a closing time. They are functional round the clock. This means that your business is not limited to a particular time zone which allows you to function globally. The management costs of an app or website are comparatively less compared to that of physical labor. Hence it helps you to cut down and save a lot of capital in terms of labor. Now that we know the various advantages of having an online presence, let us get into the best cross platform app development framework for your application in 2023. Keep on reading to find out what they are!

Why Do You Need a Cross-platform Framework?

These days all mobile app development companies are focusing on investing in a cross-platform app development framework. There are many reasons to do this. The main reason is that it saves time on development. The app developers can now cut down on development time by writing code that is functional on windows, iOS as well as android. The second reason is that it helps to reach more audiences. The more target audience you are able to connect the more profits you can make from this app. It helps to maintain the budget that is assigned for this project and retain the functionalities chosen by Cross-platform app developers.

Best Cross-platform App Development Frameworks

Now that we know the advantages of using cross-platform networks, let us now look into which cross-platform app development frameworks you should consider for your next project. The list of cross-platform app development frameworks is as follows:

1) Flutter

Flutter is one of the most common development environments available in the market. It is free to use and easy to install into the system. It is also very cost-effective which makes it the top choice of mobile app development companies. According to statistics 43% of app developers still use flutter for their projects. It consists of its very own software development kit which eases the task of the app developers. This helps you to build responsive websites and mobile applications with ease as you need not start the whole coding from scratch. According to surveys, it is the top-rated framework in the past year. Some of the famous apps built with this framework are postmuse and google ads. There are several advantages of using flutter which include the fact that they are extremely easy to debug.

2) Ionic

This not so common framework is still one of the best out there. hire dedicated developers that consider it to be an underdog. It is an open-source platform and does not have an installation charge. The first version was launched in November 2013. It is famous because of the mobile software development kit it offers to app developers. It can be used for creating both mobile and desktop applications. Some famous apps built with this framework are Diesel and Honeyfi. The advantage of using ionic is that it is highly compatible with other frameworks. It has a number of predefined classes which are easy to inculcate within the projects.

3) React Native

React Native is one of the most famous and loved platforms of all time. There are various reasons why app developers still prefer to use it. The first is that it includes functionalities of JS. This means that you can operate problems in real life and get solutions to them. It also has a huge community to support your learning process and help you in case you get stuck anywhere during the project. It is mostly used for making mobile apps and is the top choice of mobile app development companies. You can also add additional plugins to help expand the functionalities of the application you are working on. Famous apps like Instagram, Skype, Facebook, and Walmart are made using this framework. The advantages of using react are as follows:

4) Node.js

This is another open-source platform that is extremely easy to install. Developed in 2009 it is still the most preferred platform by top app development companies. This is due to the vast functionalities it has to offer. As the name suggests it has various JS libraries that can be easily inculcated within the project that you are working on. Some famous apps built using node are NetFlix, Uber, Yahoo, and Mozilla. The main advantage of using node is that it is highly scalable. Apart from this, it is extremely easy to learn for new learners. The only drawback perhaps is that it uses CPU extensively.


There are many frameworks that are available to app developers. But despite this, top app development companies still prefer the ones that are cross-platform app development frameworks. This is because it allows the app to run on multiple platforms without starting the code from scratch. Most of the apps mentioned above also have a huge community to help the users get help in case they get stuck in the process of development. Apart from this, it also helps to cut down the cost of the company individually coding the app for each and every platform. This is the reason for their popularity.

Originally published on Hyperlink InfoSystem
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2023.03.21 12:48 LemonMilkJug Reginald's Memoir pt 8

Classes were winding down and it was Fool’s Day. So many of us young folk with no inhibitions took part in the streaking festivities. I joyfully played along with a bit of mischief. After all, we were all adults there, so I saw no harm in it. I had just finished my streaking run when another streaker came by. He was mighty fine. Perhaps I was caught up in the merriment or maybe the hand of the almighty Fateweaver pushed me, but I saw this as the chance of a lifetime to put all my charisma studies and practice to use. I performed an enchanting introduction to a fine specimen by the name of Kevin Swanson. My advances were received by that hunky goofball. We also had a cheerful fight as is tradition on the holiday. After our fight he even cheered for me in my next fight. I didn’t think too much more about it at the time since it was Fool’s Day. We were all caught up in the holiday festivities. I even went and kissed another woman that day.
Graduation came. Sidney was there, but I was too hyped to care about his obvious bad mood. Kevin also called and asked me to be his boyfriend. I guess he thought it was his only chance since I would soon be off campus. I wasn’t ready for that type of commitment since it hadn’t been that long since I had ended my relationship with Sidney and had my little fling with Brady. Others in the dorm could see the disappointment Kevin was experiencing, but I was blind to how I had affected him. Had I become the same as Sidney? I shiver to think. I knew I had to be better than Sidney in every way. The man needed to know what he had lost by his behaviors. Perhaps this is when our rivalry began.
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2023.03.21 12:47 Not_your_hoe_ My father is so abusive. he threatens my mother. I am in constant flight/fight mode

I am 18(F) years old. I have a younger brother(16M). My father is abusive, misogynist, narcissist and a control freak. He threatens my mother during fights. Today: my mother had plans to a restaurant with her work friends. This infuriated my father. His claim was that my mother has started going out more. My mother attends meet ups with other groups of her interest (travel groups), talks about solo travelling. This made my father so angry that he started to verbally abuse her, saying very very bad things, very hard to hear. He said that he has the right to say her all this. And he threatened my mother that if went out again like this, there will be consequences. He told her to stay like a 'woman' and do her duties, and that he would 'stop her empowerment'. This was so misogynistic of him, I heard him say all of this. They have had three arguments since morning. In one of them, he threw my mom's phone on the ground. This is just one instance. I have been seeing this behaviour since I was a kid. They both get physically abusive and start to hit each other, throw objects. I have seen my father checking my mother's phone. He is insecure he thinks that my mother has started going out more because she is cheating on him but that is simply not true. My mother is a very simple woman and I know she will not do anything like this. The truth is simply that my father is a control freak and wants to control every aspect of her life and has been doing so since they married. He has trapped her with him, this has made my mother to go out more and be with other people other than him. He doesn't give her any space. My father threatened her that from now on she won't go out without his permission.
My father usually starts it. He is very troubled. This is his pattern. Conflict happens, he yells, says bad things, they don't talk for a while, then they start talking again, things go back to normal, we live like a happy family, and repeat. He tells my mother that she is a useless person, and had only one achievement in life that was having a job.
He put me through similar raima when I was 13-16. He used to check my phone. Verbally abuse me and hit me if I had any connections with any boy or if I came home late. He never validated my emotions, never supported me, never praised me for my achievements. I am so sick of all this. It has caused me some mental trauma. I am in constant flight and fight mode. My heart feels heavy, pounding fast. I am scared most of the time that they'll start fighting again. I seek validation from others, I have problems in relationships with boys. I am so done with him.
Thanks for reading my rant.
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2023.03.21 12:47 savagehearts Unintentional Workouts

Last Wednesday my 7 week old was fussy and rocking calms her. My phone told me I rocked for 4.3 miles that day. I rocked my way to the town over. I’m not one to purposefully workout so this got me thinking of other things I do with my newborn that move my body in ways I didn’t before. While lying down with knees up I place her on my knees and rock back and forth before bed, when I’m too tired to go to the rocking chair I use my core to rock while at the edge of the bed. I think I’m getting the best workouts in a long time! Anyone else notice this? Does it actually impact your body in a noticeable way? Just a lazy lady wondering if I’m getting sneaky activity in my days.
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2023.03.21 12:47 Phinix- Various PC Issues - Supsect Motherboard ?

Hey there, since my mom bougth me a NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3070 for chrismas i have encountered a number of issues with my computer. I think i have a basic understanding of tech but this seems to be quite a bit beyond me. I will post a list of my components below:


  1. The first issue occured almost imediatly after installing the new gpu. Certain Video Games or other Applications caused the monitors to go black and show the "no signal found" message. The PC itself seemed to still be working, at least i could hear sound. But i would have to restart the PC in order to use it again.
At first i thougth this was due to the PSU not managing, so i replaced it with the Corsair RM750x 80 Plus Gold. However this did not change anything.
Workarround: A workarround that currently works for whatever reason is to limit the Power Limit using MSI. Usually at arround 80%.
This seems to reset after each restart (even if i click save etc) not sure why that is but makes it a bit annouying.

  1. After Changing the PSU back to the old one my HDD did not seem to be working anymore. As far as i can tell they dont even power up when i plug them in. The two SSD's seem to work without an issue. I also changed the cables and the HDD dont respond even when plugged with the cables that just turned on the SSD.
I thougth i somehow killed them, but shouldnt they at least make a noise then ? I also bougth a new one and tried but it also didnt respond at all. They dont show up in bios anyway, (though i didnt expect it since they dont even seem to turn on).

  1. Since a couple days ago the performance has drasticly worsend. The PC takes quite a bit longer to start. Blue Screens happen quite randomly, without any strain on the computer (as far as i can tell at least) even while writing this post it blue screened once suddenly. One of the two SSD's also seems to be no longer connecting properly. Its shown as unkown device under Device management. Then after a couple restart it works fine again. Next restart (or after crash) its once again a unkown device.

Iam not really sure whats causing the Problems, or how i can go about finding it out. After the PSU seemed fine i thougth it migth be an issue with the fans ? With the new issues iam thinking more a problem with the Motherboard or even the CPU itself ? Iam thankful for any advice or help that i can get. Thank u very much in advance.

My Computer:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790k CPU @ 4.00GHz
Memory: 16GB DDR3 (Not sure about manufactor can check if needed)
MB: Maximus VII Hero
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3070
PSU: EVGA Supernova 850 G2 (Corsair RM750x 80 Plus Gold)
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2023.03.21 12:47 dontwinkatme Troubles with first person in fantasy (NO SPOILERS)

I am a relatively new reader / writer and just picked up “Assassins Apprentice” by Robin Hobb. The first person pov immediately caught me off guard as my experience of fantasy thus far has been third person.
2 questions.
  1. Does it just take time to get used to this change or if it doesn’t click with me from the beginning should I read something else?
  2. What do you enjoy more / write in? Are there any benefits that you get from writing in first person compared to third?
Thanks :)
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2023.03.21 12:46 Sushi_07 Balanced Nut Distribution

I'm wondering about the best way to distribute the nuts to make all party members balanced. Considering they add stat points in relation to everyone's base stats, it seems best at first to give certain types of nuts to the characters that have the highest specific stats that go with said nuts. Here are my thoughts about how to distribute the nuts to get the most out of each nut, maybe I'm focusing too much on some unimportant aspects:
  1. Castti and Partitio don't have any stat that is the best out of all 8 travelers, so they wouldn't get any nuts if I were to only give those to travelers that are the best in certain stats.
  2. Some investments seem stupid at some point, but the alternatives aren't great: I don't see the point in a 500 SP Temenos for example. I'd much rather get more SP on characters that are lacking SP, though that would result in a much smaller stat gain.
  3. I like to use my characters in a flexible way: I enjoy switching classes around pretty frequently. That speaks against narrowing the nuts down to what the characters are already good at. For example, I really enjoy using Agnea with one of the hidden classes at the moment to be able to both buff herself/ the party with Dancer in addition to deal big damage. Speed helps a bunchin making her hit hard with certain skills, but physical attack would too (and I'd get to spend speed on Throné for example).
  4. That's where the support skill "Of Equal Might" comes into play. Let's keep Agnea as the example. She has higher elemental attack than physical. Should I just invest in elemental attack and completely disregard physical since I can get that on the same level anyway? This could help with keeping all characters "flexible" in one way, but would lock me into equipping "Of Equal Might" each time I'd want to make use of their weaker attacking stat.
To sum it up: What's the best way to distribute those to have a very flexible and fun team?
I'm doing my first final chapters right now. I have done every sidequest available at the moment, so I'm sitting on a big nutsack to work with.
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2023.03.21 12:46 itsrandombut I feel devastated

My first post here because I didn't have anyone to vent to, I feel horrible and hate myself for messing this up.
Just two weeks ago, my mum and I decided to apply to a university in korea (I'm a citizen there but I live in my dad's country). We decided to apply just as a safety in case I face any visa issues when try to get my visa for going to an american uni.
It was a spur of the moment, without any plan. I asked my mum if she could help cause I knew only elementary level korean and everything inn the uni's instructions were written in korean, with difficult words I didnt understand. And they require A TON of documents. I navigated the american process alone but this was new, and there were a lot of things i didnt understand so I left it to my mu. she sid they would read everything and let me know. Time passes and it 1 week before the deadline. I get worried cause although I told her to read and familiarize herself with the instructions, she didnt seem to care and was nonchalant about the whole thing. I told her she was underestimating the amount of precision and work it takes to apply to a uni, but she assured me she read all the instructions and documents were going to be a piece of cake. Again, I trusted her. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE.
5 days before, I gathered all my transcripts, got them signed, went to the embassy, got all my other documents. According to the very-broken english I gathered from using google translate on the instructions, I made an account after searching where the fuck to apply for 2 hours. There was no blog, no advice, nothing written in english or the special route I was taking to apply as an overseas nationality. My mum was sick for a long time, and we couldnt really progress.
3 days, I filled in credentials. It takes a LONG time cause again, I cant undertsand the complicated words, and though my mum understands she doesnt know what to write. Then I couldnt progress without writing two essays. So i begin writing it. It took some time because I knew essays were important and I didnt want to sacrifice quality. I also corresponded with the administration office via mail for questions.
2 days, aka yesterday. I finished writing my essays. They took a long time cause I didnt know how to write it. Every post detailed how to was written in korean, so were their essay examples. I was writing mine in english so i was very lost. I get irritated at my mum cause she seems so lost, and although I tell her to JUST READ the instructions again and I'd ask her whatever I needed to know, it doesnt go well. At night my mum comes in full panic to my room shouting at me for slacking, and that she watched a video and they said there were a HUGE amount of detailed stuff to scan and upload. I ask her to tell me if there was anything specific I needed to prepare apart from the documents I prepared, but she says she doesnt know. She shows me the videos but theyre filled with academic jargon so I dont understand anything.
Today morning I get up super early cause Ik theres a lot of work, but then I find that my mum downplayed it. She told me after the initial 2 essays I just had ECs and awards to fill and then only uploading docs would be a hassle, but I knew I could handle that much. But there were 3 longer essays to write. She gets surprised herself, saying she didnt know and starts cursing. It triggers me when she curses, I get really irritated and its borderline traumatic cause she always curses at me a lot. But anwyas, I try my best to finish the essay but unfortunately, it gets a bit too late. I still had hope though. There was time till 6pm. I finish 2.5/3 essays by 3pm but I'm still worried cause I knew the doc process was complicated. And it was fucking complicated as hell. I google translated everything and find that many of the ecs needed serial no listed and matched with sources, i needed to uploaded grades in separate zip files, I had to mention and resize shit into a4 sizes, mention and describe awards in order in the website and in the pdf but if there was a mistake in the order my application is invalid, ect etc. I reached my breaking point and I get into a huge argument with my mum, that she shouldve at least mentioned and read this stuff instead of skipping it when we read the instructions together. she said she didnt know it was required, and didnt knw they had so much to upload. I go to my room and bawl my eyes out. All my hard work wasted. There simply wasnt enough time. I knew it had all gone down the drain. Seeing me lose my mind and cry like that makes my mum serious and she tries to call the office to clarify some questions- theyre closed for the day.
Now I have to go on a 15 hour family trip with her and my dad. I wanna just die at this point. Im so disappointe din myself and my mum. If she just cursed me from the start to do everything on my own, I wouldve actually finished this darn application. I'm leaving for the trip in 45 mins and I hvaent even packed my bag nor showered cause I'd been working into late night for the past 3 days. I dont know how to process this sadness, I feel so hollow and like someone scraped my heart out of me. Might be an ovvereaction but I'm just so sad rn.
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2023.03.21 12:46 NoAct77 Does this make sense to anyone else out there? This is hell

As a kid I did some weird shit and as a young teenager that does not go hand in hand with the person I am now, I've grown into someone that has extremely high morals and these memories are killing me. I've had obsessions my entire life as young as at least 10 when I remember going to the school medical because I was worried that I swallowed my uvula, memory is blurry but I was distressed, obvious sign of the ocd being around at that age. I found a book last week from 2008 and I must have been 9 or so and I wrote a detailed explaination of where I lived incase it got lost (like an entire massive page worth, some sherlok holmes type shit I went into that much detail), again you know what that is, doubt, even at that age. So I've had it my entire life. I feel like as a kid I reacted to some of the more fucked up thoughts because I did not have the moral compass or the age to understand that they were wrong and now its killing me as an adult looking back. Nothing I did was especially fucked up or illegal to clarify, but disgusting either way. I know people with ocd dont act on the thoughts but as a kid surely you just dont have that wisdom or moralitly to understand that, it doesnt hit the same nerves as it does as an adult because you are just too young to understand. Now I've conviced myself that I'm using ocd as an excuse for those mistakes and its killing me. My understanding of ocd is that your brain doesnt understand intrusive thoughts as just that, it thinks they are real so it makes sense to me as to why as a kid you'd have some weird behaviours. I've been through every theme and this one is hell. Although I am managing well, doing ERP and practicing focus of attention. I won't be posting here again. I just want to know if this sounds like I'm making excuses because right now I am feeling like one of the worst human beings to have ever lived and I just want answers blunt or not
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2023.03.21 12:46 AlarmedKiwi3887 Not very happy

So, I majored in Computer Technology in college, something I didn’t want to do. I loved the job I had before this one. But, it wasn’t a stable income plus the comute and the pay wasn’t enough. In my job search I wasn’t looking for something in my professional area but, the ad popped up. I sent my resume and got a call 2 days later for an interview and not even a week later I get a call to let me know I got selected for the position. -Crazy, huh?- Anyways I’ve only been there for almost 2 months…and it has drained my happiness completely. The income is good and its 8 to 10 minutes from home. The supervisor of the location I’m at is so pushy and I’m constantly being questioned about things that were done by the IT technician before me. When I don’t even know what he did… It saddens me that I have to betray myself and my feelings over a more stable income and something close to home. I’ve been looking for more jobs in the area and its impossible to find something stable since mostly in Puerto Rico you only find tourism based jobs.
I also had to dye my hair black because they didn’t allow a big chunk of blonde I had..
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2023.03.21 12:46 PaulR79 Galaxy on fire - modded game, long read

TL;DR version Xenophobic fanatic purifiers, finding game too easy and thinking I need to adjust settings for next game as well as check mods. 2401, past my end-game of 2350. No problems crushing puny AI, one FE near me is no bother. Keeps to themselves but has some ships they shouldn't be able to - disabled them in the mod before game start. I forget it, they are tough but not a huge concern. Second FE shows up, both wake up and go to war - War in Heaven. FE near me (now awake) crushes my border systems after I go to war with them using previously mentioned disabled ships. I obliterate them with console considering the game lost but play on and watch. Contingency shows up to rub salt in and then someone yells at me for stopping their surveillance feed.
Long version
I'm playing my second attempt at xenophobic fanatic purifiers and while I thought it was going well I also noticed that I'm able to stomp on pretty much anyone making me think I need to see if a few mods or my settings need tweaking. I only had a slight bump when taking on a war because the AI managed to recover some ancient battleships giving about 250k fleet power. I had a decent amount of space through my old expansionist ways and huge starbase defenses on my outer chokepoints. Then it started.
I normally don't touch the difficulty of the crisis because even after a few hundred hours I'm still having trouble balancing my economy a lot and after trying to rely on automated colonies I had to take control to fix it. I remembered I'd put it at something like 3x crisis strength but the game has gone long, past the end-game I set of around 2350 with only one FE of note until I built a sentry array.
"Oh look, it's another FE but they're way on the other side of the galaxy."
They introduce themselves, I call them xeno scum and go about my day when I notice a system outside the galaxy. I get close enough to jump a science ship in and my eyes are assaulted by a screen of red, fleets headed to my science ship and a pop-up telling me it's lots of death but they seem to be ignoring me. I used subspace nav. to get out fast before the pop-up processed in my head. I sent the ship back in thinking I could survey the area and it got obliterated.
"What the heck is Ultima Vigilis?" I wonder as I send in a fleet to wipe out what I saw before getting ready to excavate the site inside. The first FE wakes up, no big deal. Not an issue really until the second wakes up and now we have a War in Heaven. I get the pop-up asking me to pick a side, form up with the rest of the galaxy or stick my fingers up to everyone. Normally I'd join up with the rest of the galaxy but not today. I immediately pooled my fleet near the FE on my border and jump in smacking them about. I'm only two systems into their territory when I see they're approaching one of my fortified border stations elsewhere. No big deal, I turned off the "attack moons" in the mod so might lose it and a few systems before I can reposition. The system instantly changes hands and I see they have attack moons and a planetary behemoth. Sighing heavily I figure it'll be tough but send in every ship I have. I. Lost. HARD.
Of my fleets I think there was a combined remaining of about 150k. The ships the AI shouldn't have been able to get (disabled in mod prior to game start) were over 1.2m. Now I often lose hard and cheat to see how everything else plays out but in this instance I was annoyed. Losing I can take (just) but losing to things I specifically disabled? No. I nuked those ships hard with the console but only those. I considered the game lost but still hadn't seen any crisis so I kept playing with my decimated fleet when I get an option to turn off the signal in Ultima Vigilis. I do that, immediately threaten the Repurposed Surveillance Network that's now my vassal and try to quickly rebuild some ships. I'm a dirty cheat for what I did regardless of reason but I set about building more ships with no cheats.
Suddenly there's a new alert. A machine planet has erupted out of a molten world, something I've never seen before. Now a second, third... fourth?! The Contingency has arrived to teach everyone a lesson. This while the War in Heaven is ongoing and the first Contingency planet is two jumps from Sol. Between losing a large portion of my fleet and now is roughly 13 years so I'm back to a decent fleet that goes in and cleans up but that planet is going to need to be trashed. I have no Colossus option so I park my ships in orbit and go to work.
"It's time to call PEST CONTROL" someone tells me over the comms after I cut their signal off. Now I'm waiting to see if something happens with that before starting up a new game.
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2023.03.21 12:46 Traditional_Flow_275 How to build shoulders-down strength?

This is kind of a strange question but I think I’m just struggling to describe it well so here is some context:
I’ve been going to an ashtanga class every week for about 6 months now, and using the days between to work on improving my weakest areas. I’m MUCH stronger than I was last fall, and I can’t express enough gratitude for this practice helping me get there.
I’ve noticed as the series progresses and I start to fatigue, my up dog gets progressively more passive as I lose the strength to drive my shoulders down away from my ears and lift my hips off the ground. I think this strength limitation is holding my back in other poses as well. For example, I’ve been working on lolasana but still need blocks to get off the ground right now.
Does anyone know what muscles are involved in the movement I’m describing? I’d like to add some strength/weight bearing exercises into my routine to isolate that area and build up strength.
Thanks so much for your input!
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2023.03.21 12:45 CarelessLeg1 1001 Albums in 1001 Days - Half way through!

Signed up for this 2 years ago and am now half way through and wanted to share some highlights.
First things first; i'm using this site, it will generate one random album each day that i'm supposed to listen to. The next day i rate it and get a new one.
It's highly recommended. It's become such a habit now that i kinda dont want it to be over.
It's free and you pretty much just enter a name for your "project" and then get served an album.

Here's the albums i've rated 5/5 but never listened to previously (might have heard of the artist, or a song or two). It's a mixed bag, but overall i'd say i've come to appreciate punk/post-punk the most (hadn't really listened to much punk before this excercise), but also the melancholic singer songwriting-style. The rabbit hole that is Nick Drake quickly led me into Elliott Smith, John Martyn, etc. Loved it all.
Nina Simeone - Wild Is The Wind
Miriam Makeba - Miriam Makeba
Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Duran Duran - Rio
Love - Forever Changes
Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information
John Martyn - Solid Air
Gang Of Four - Entertainment
Wire - Pink Flag
Stan Getz - Jazz Samba

It's also been pretty obvious that i've waited far to long with digging into hip hop. I've had classic like Ilmatic, Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) and a few Tribe Called Quests-album. Absolutely loved them all.
Metal? Well. Lets just say i've been unlucky so far, shall we. I've had some rough stuff i cant stay i've enjoyed (Sepultura, Black Metal, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Venom) but also some pretty decent stuff (Van Halen, Def Leppard, Think Lizzy).
According to the stats on the site my favourite genres are Reggae (hello Bob Marley), Soul and Jazz.
Worst: Metal! I expect this to change.
Best decade is 1960 whereas the worst is 2000.

Here's me looking forward to another 2 year with this.
Let me know if you have an album you think everyone need to listen to that might not be in the list and i'll glady spin it.
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2023.03.21 12:45 Lokireview Planner Products .mp4 Video: "How to Add Calendar" to share with your customers Digital Planner PLR 2 Complete Done For You Products Bundle: Use it for your own use, resell it, give it away, or use it as a template to come up with your own concepts! You get two digital planners, one in pink and one in brown. Each includes: 1200+ Stickers, 225+ Gadgets, 145+ Moving Statements 706 PAGES Undated for Utilize A large number of years Interactive/Hyperlinked to will areas without any problem Sunday Start Schedule (A U.S. Standard) 1 .mp4 Video: " How to Add Calendar" to share with your clients All-in-One for ANY Digital Planner Niche or Category Full Digital Planner SOURCE FILE (with instructions) Included and More! A basic Digital Planner template will not be found for less than $97! That pertains only to ONE digital planner. Here's the catch, too! Only the tabs will be hyperlinked, and there will be no stickers or widgets included! Although [PLR] 2 Digital Planner Products Done For You Mega Pack PLR Bundle Etsy BestSeller: Today Get $427 Worth of Value Your all-in-one digital planners are a proven high-demand product that can be used for: Goals, Journal, Finance, Social Media, Self-Care, Travel, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, and Productivity Sections AND MORE Your 2 Digital Planners Index Page PLUS MORE! "How to Add Calendar" mp4 video as a bonus: Distribute this video to your clients. Audio is free of copyright and does not require attribution. Enjoy this SPECIAL REDUCTION while it lasts! [PLR] 2 Done-For-You Digital Planner Products Mega Pack PLR Bundle Compatibility Compatible with iPads and tablets (the planner is not intended for use with mobile phones, but they can be used to view it). Designed to be used in conjunction with any PDF annotation app and compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple devices. Such as: Xodo, Collanotes, Samsung Notes, Notability, Good Notes, and others In my reviews, "I frequently crush things on here that I don't like." I love this one very much. You would know if I didn't, lol. Her writing style appeals to me and keeps me interested. I like that she gives you information about where to sell, how to buy, how to price, and other things in addition to showing pictures of actual pieces that she purchased. It's all there, and there's not much room for imagination. I haven't picked up a more straightforward WSO in a very long time than this one. It is thorough, doesn't say much, and honestly has some great ways of thinking about this that can be applied to many different things if the principles are understood. Bravo on this effort. I got it since it was something else than the standard on here, and similar as you suggest with your furnishings, YOU Conveyed!" UMC: "Chayil has been such a joy to work with and learn from because she does it without any gratification." She is unparalleled in her willingness to assist and has extensive knowledge of ebook publishing. Chayil is passionate about her work, which makes it worthwhile to have the chance to learn from her wisdom and professionalism. She will hold you accountable and equips you with the tools you need to succeed. I will only recommend Chayil to serious learners, and I am grateful for the time we spent together! C. Pilgreen Throneventures LLC "I discovered Chayil on Instagram through a hashtag. I picked her on account of the soul she evoked perusing her words. Her personality really shines through, and she is an excellent writer! "I have never met anyone as consistent as Chayil," S. Pilgrim wrote. She understands time in a way that is truly one-of-a-kind and will not waste yours or hers. Not only will your deadlines be met, but you'll also get a taste of what it's like to deal with someone who is trustworthy! She performs as she promises." Danielle Educator GET YOUR 2 Done For You Digital Planner PLR Product Bundle [PLR] 2 Digital Planner Products Done For You Mega Pack PLR Bundle [YES] Can Be Edited [PLR] 1200+ Stickers, 225+ Widgets, 145+ Inspirational Quotes, 706 Pages, Clickable, for Any Niche, w/ Source File & Bonus Video [PLR] Yes, they can assert ownership. Yes, You Can Make Your Own Webinar With It. [ Can Be Used for Your Own Presentations [YES] Cannot be incorporated into membership sites [NO] NO] Can sell rights to resell [ No, Master Resale Rights cannot be sold. NO] Can sell rights to private labels. [NO] You must not resell this pack "as is." NO] Rights that can be transferred. NO] Can be sold through online auctions. NO] Please do not use my name in this PLR.
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2023.03.21 12:45 evan938 Basic home use printer - suggestions needed

What would you like to accomplish?

Home use printer for SUPER basic printing. I sell many items on ebay, marketplace, etc, and need to print shipping labels and packing slips. Occasionally my girlfriend needs to print out some book passages, knitting instructions, etc.

Are there any models you are currently looking at?

Looked on Amazon, but it's all foreign to me

More Details:

I would like something that doesn't show up in assholedesign often. Printers that require a subscription to something from the manufacturer, etc. Something that will use cheap/generic cartridges and not just stop working because a third party ink was used.
Budget: $100? I have no idea. Seems like something this basic shouldn't be terribly expensive...or am I wrong?
Country: US
Color or black and white: either
Laser or ink printer: I don't know?
New or used: New preferably
Multi-function: scan/copy would be nice. Fax isn't necessary
Duplex Printing: not a requirement
Home or business: home
Printing content: documents
Printing frequency: maybe 100 pages per month?
Pages per minute : don't care. Rarely in a rush and almost never printing more than a handful of sheets
Page size: ANSWER HERE Letter
Device printing from: have PC and Mac. From smartphone would be awesome but not required
Connection type: Wifi
Any other details: I have a Xerox phaser 3635mfp now given to me years ago by a friend that runs a printecopier repair company. It has done ok, sometimes working fine and other times (like now) not working at all...saying it's out of toner when I purchased a HY toner cartridge 2 years ago and have put MAYBE 2k pages through it. And it still spits out a test page when it resets just fine 😡
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2023.03.21 12:45 ogader Sleep Schedule Advice

My roommate and I work very different schedules. He works 9-6, and is usually up around 7am. I work 2pm-12am, and I used to wake up whenever I woke up. I understand having a puppy now, I’ll have a set time to get up everyday, but the difference in schedule is causing some issues. No matter what, my pup wakes up at 7. He lets her out for potty, gives her a kong to chew on while he gets ready, and then puts her back to bed when he leaves around 8. She used to sleep for another 1.5 hours or so. Which was perfect for me. But slowly she’s refused to sleep again, and I have to get up right after he leaves to get her up. I’m someone who REALLY values sleep, and the fact she sleeps through the night is a small blessing. Does anyone have any advice for making sure she sleeps in longer?
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2023.03.21 12:45 DavidManvell Can anyone reproduce this?

I have a PlayStation 4. The original not a slim or a plus. I can get it to crash 100% every time. I put in a crash report through the PlayStation app already.
To reproduce it all you have to do is turn on the PlayStation and both motion controllers. The main controller keep off. Start the game using the motion controllers. After the game is up and running turn on the main controller. Of course when you do, it'll pop up with a PlayStation prompt to assign the controller to you. Press X to accept. The game then crashes 100% of the time.
Just want to rule it out if it's just my system or maybe it's just that one version of the PlayStation.
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2023.03.21 12:45 TrainingAction1170 Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm writing this because I'm genuinely confused. I've been an active lurker of this subreddit for a long time and also browsed different forums discussing supplements.
For a very long time, I felt weak and exhausted. I've been going gym for years and my progression has always been somewhat slow. I was told to take supplements to encourage growth and recovery. I started with basic "hollandandbarret" vitamins and then eventually started looking into testosterone boosters. Tried a few testosterone boosters, nothing really seemed to work, felt the same, my diet was consistent throughout this. Felt like maybe these capsules were just bunk and as I did more research, I became cautious of some of these and put off ones with saw palmetto (which can apparently cause ED and depression). Did more digging and had similar convos with likeminded people, one of them told me about this kinda lowkey unknown brand called Overload (if you guys want to check the ingredients, it's
I've been using this for nearly 2 months now and I feel so incredibly strong, breaking plateaus, feeling sharp etc. I had no idea you could actually gain so much strength on a mix of herbs. But the problem I'm having is, I am much more irritable. Like my patience for shit is no longer existence. I got my blood work done and everything was normal other than my "testosterone being high" (even though I am on the high end of testosterone scale). My friends say that it's a good thing, it's what "being a man is" and to embrace it (lol I know, bit cringe), but I just snap quicker now. What should I do here?
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