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2023.03.23 21:37 Ravenredd65 The Outcasts Ch. 10

Hello all and welcome to a (I assure you) totally wholesome episode of The Outcasts! Another week, another step forward for the lives of Evra, Jessie, Ref, and Kikri as they try to settle into a steady rhythm after all the excitement recently. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy!
As always thanks to u/Bluefishcake for the universe, and thanks to u/roboticstatic, u/shneekeyTheLost, u/catsintrenchcoats, and everyone on the Discord server for helping with editing! Without further ado, Chapter Ten!
Kikri watched as Jessie fell into slumber beside them and her sisters, a somewhat troubled expression on Jessie’s face as they dreamt. Then, taking a hand and lightly caressing Jessie’s face, Kikri let out a small mewl of sadness that their mate was still suffering from night terrors, albeit less severe now. She had been watching Jessie closely these past several days because she enjoyed watching them and keeping an eye on their mental state, having been terrified when Jessie regressed after the first night they spent in bed with the polycule. Kikri could tell Jessie was trying to deal with their repressions, but she could also know that it wasn’t going well despite how it looked. Better, most definitely, but not the best.
Jessie’s scent had been changing as well since the incident. The tinge of constant fear was still there in Jessie’s pheromones, but a new addition, smelling almost sickly, had appeared and been growing since. The smell reminded Kikri of her first kill on Dirt, but she could not place why. Certainly, Jessie was physically healthy, so the scent wasn’t a precursor to some disease, and yet, when the smell flared up in Jessie’s scent, it made her uneasy, just like during the incident on their date. When that happened, her instincts would always tell her one thing.
Despite this, Kikri held Jessie close and dear to her, as did Ref and Evra. And Jessie held them just as dearly, Kikri assumed from their pheromones. Which is why the Rakiri was worried. She was well aware of her species’ penchant for ‘losing themselves’ to their urges during courtship and feared that with Jessie’s issues and things moving too quickly to be safe, in her mind, her being with Jessie first would undoubtedly cause problems. So, after making sure Jessie was indeed asleep, she called her sisters over to the table to have a small girlfriend meeting. Prying themselves free of Jessie was no small task, with how heavily Jessie began clinging to them in their sleep. After a few moments, however, Ref, Evra, and Kikri gathered. With a deeply held breath, Kikri looked to her sisters and said the words that instantly made them stiffen their
“We need to talk about Jessie.”
The previously sleepy Ref and Evra instinctively bolted upright with concern. Neither of them doubted Kikri’s nose for things like this, her having been proven right so many times before boring any distrust of her senses out the window. So instead, the Helkam and Nighkru waited for their Rakiri sister to continue, the former’s ears twitching while the latter fidgeted with her hands.
“Is everything okay with her?” Evra asked, glancing back at Jessie for a moment. It had been less than a week since Jessie had broken down on that couch, and the incident was still fresh in her mind. ‘Jessie is the nest now. We have to protect Jessie.’ Her thoughts were easily readable on her face when she returned to looking at her sisters.
“Nothing worse. I wouldn’t say that Jessie is fine, but perhaps on the way there now,” Kikri explained, causing both Ref and Evra to look at her in confusion. But, of course, if everything were fine, Kikri wouldn’t call for a little meeting like this for no reason.
“If things are improving, what should we be concerned about?” Ref said, wiping her eyes clean. She had been just about to follow Jessie to the world of dreams when Kikri called for them, and it showed, despite her upright posture.
“That’s precisely why we should be. Jessie is pushing herself far faster than is normal. I’m not sure why, but we need to be prepared for if things get more..intimate,” Kikri slowly explained, choosing her words carefully enough that neither girl would mistake what she meant.
Two bright blushes appeared on the girls’ faces as their minds presumably imagined such a scenario. Neither looked concerned, and Kikri had to snap her Nighkru sister out of it, sensing she was losing herself in another fantasy.
Since Jessie moved in, getting alone time has been difficult. Jessie’s scent having more masculine pheromones and feminine ones had made things difficult for Kikri and Evra, who were more susceptible to such traits. As such, Ref frequently had to cover for them so they could get away and recover themselves at times without Jessie knowing. Evra, however, always came back just a bit more frustrated than relieved.
“S-should we really be discussing this?!” Evra whisper-yelled, but Ref instead put a hand to her cheek, thinking.
“ “Kikri’s right, we do,” Ref spoke evenly after a long pause. If Jessie makes a move to progress our relationship, we need to be careful with the order. Kikri’s conscious that her species tends to go overboard. Meaning you or I should ideally be first.
“Wha…t-then you’ll be his first time, Ref?!” Evra said, causing Kikri and Ref to look at her quizzically.
“Jessie would need someone affectionate and positive for their first time due to what they’ve been through. I am neither, so no.” the ever-clinical sister explained, while Kikri simply sat neutral, letting them hash it out.
“W-wait, that means….” Evra started, utterly shocked at this turn of events.
“You were the one who calmed their episode and knew to call Dr. Amelia. And Jessie often says you are very ‘bubbly.’ So you are the ideal choice, Evra.” Ref continued.
Oh no, no, no, no.’ Evra’s mind repeated the sentence over and over. So she would have to be Jessie’s first?!
But she had no experience!
-Two Days Later-
‘Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous.’
Jessie’s inner voice said as they rode in the transport. Jessie, Ref, Kikri, and Evra were on the way to Shau’tari Marine Base as their leave was up. Kikri and Ref would take the first rotation to work on base, while Evra and Jessie would drop them off and return home. At least, that’s what Jessie took the conversation yesterday to mean. Right now, Jessie was too busy gripping Kikri’s and Ref’s hands in each of hers, having developed a bit of anxiety about leaving the apartment now since the past couple of times ended up in attacks. Cold sweat dripped on the nape of Jessie’s neck, her leg bounced incessantly, and even her eyes moved around quickly as if on high alert.
Almost there. Then drop Ref and Kikri off, then head home. No biggie. I can do this, I can…Shit, there’s the gate.’
As they pulled up to the building gate, a small box beside a metal gate complete with built-in sensors, Kikri signaled Evra to stop there and drop them off. Jessie inhaled deeply as they pulled over to the side, where the drop-off area was. A relatively well-maintained tarmac parking lot, with several vehicles or transports parked there, most likely the vehicles from those fortunate enough to live off-base.
“ It’s alright, Jessie. We’ll be fine. We aren’t going on deployment but staying on base. Ref is helping out in medical, and I’ll be in the armory.” Kikri said kindly, her arm reaching out to gently cup Jessie’s face.
“You okay?” Evra asked, glancing over at Jessie with a slightly concerned look, her own hand gingerly moving to rub the outside of Jessie’s thigh, more out of support emotionally than anything else.
“I’ll be fine. Just nerves, is all.” Jessie’s hands moved to cup each of their girlfriends’ hands in turn, putting on a brave smile for them. But, truth be told, the idea of Kikri and Ref not being home terrified Jessie.
“You know you don’t have to hide your anxiety with me, Jessie. I get it too.” Evra said comfortingly. Jessie knew she did, but that thought did little to comfort the nauseating feeling in their stomach at the moment. Kikri and Ref gave a longing look at Jessie, but time waited for no sapient, so they, unfortunately, had to leave. As the two stepped out, however, they each gave a knowing look to Evra, entrusting Jessie’s safety and care to their Nighkru sibling.
“I know. Let’s just..head home? Being out here gives me a bad feeling.” Jessie managed to eke out without showing too much of the discomfort they were feeling. The disquieting pause afterward and the slight change in Evra’s face were as far from imperceptible as one could get.
“Alright. But Kikri and Ref will be gone until Shel. So why don’t we try working on your anxiety a bit?” Evra asked as she turned the transport, heading back home. Jessie didn’t really give her an answer as they stared out the window to their right. Ordinarily, the passing sights of New Orleans would be a comfort, but right now, it just felt…bleak, as if someone took a grainy, overexposed photo and set the color and brightness to zero. Even the weather seemed to agree as it again began to rain.
A little while later, they were back home, with Jessie visibly relaxing inside the safety of the apartment. It was still morning, and as this was one of the few days Jessie had a training break, they settled on the couch. Flipping through the channels on the omni-tv but not finding much worth watching, Jessie instead glanced to see Evra go to take a shower with a particular curiosity. Nighkru bathing was a slight issue regarding their algae, as certain cleaners were quite harmful to them even though they were subdermal. Still, Evra always seemed to take longer than anyone else in the bathroom, and Jessie’s curiosity sometimes made them want to ask why it took so long, among other things, ashamedly. Of course, they never would, but they wanted to.
Shut up, Derrick.’
Derrick’s voice still occasionally popped up, but it was quieter and easier to tell off. Jessie wondered if it was the medication or the girls who were a more significant impact. They had already saved Jessie multiple times and asked Jessie out on a date after knowing Jessie’s past. Not to mention the essentially numerous confessions several days ago…or had it been a week already. Jessie wasn’t sure as time had become a bit of a fog around the girls now.
‘Shut up, Derrick.’
Still, the only times Derrick was truly silent was during training and the “snuggle fests” afterward. And depending on how stressful Jessie’s day had been, it could get harder to tell that voice off. Right now, it was particularly tiring due to emotional stress, so Jessie decided to busy herself with something nice to do for Evra. So, naturally, it was making a meal.
Standing up from the beanbag-like couch, Jessie walked a few feet over to the kitchen and began looking through the pantry/fridge. Most of their biology study on Nighkru basic had been finished, so Jessie had a rough understanding of what most Nighkru liked to eat flavor-wise. Picking out a few ingredients, Jessie grabbed an apron to put on and began preparing a meal.
Small knife for trimming, large for butchering meat, and that one for the veggies,’ Jessie thought to herself as they began preparing the meal. Nothing too complex, as they weren’t exactly a professional chef, but something like a grilled meatball salad with scallion and shaved cheese was doable. Though as they thought about it, a steak and tomato salad would probably be better. They began cooking by grabbing some Angus thick cuts, fresh cherry and heirloom tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, an avocado, and some wine vinaigrette.
One of the few things Jessie did grab from their apartment or instead had Kikri seize the other day was a set of cast-iron pans their mother used. No Louisianian worth their salt would cook without a well-seasoned cast iron, and Jessie was no different. Trimming up the steak, Jessie made a blend of garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and various other seasonings to make a good rub for the meat and set it aside, Letting the flaked salt draw out the moisture to mix with the seasoning and be reabsorbed for better flavor. At the same time, they worked on the other ingredients.
Taking an onion, they chipped it up into long, fine strands and threw it into the skillet with butter and bacon fat. It turns out Kikri really liked bacon, almost as much as any human. Jessie had plenty of flavorful fat to use as a medium for sauteing onions. While that was going, they began cold-soaking the lettuce and chopping up tomatoes.
By the time Evra came out of her shower, Jessie had begun cooking the steaks, filling the apartment with a beautiful aroma. Evra looked at Jessie cooking in the kitchen with a practically voracious expression, even having to wipe away a bit of drool, which Jessie found adorable. The lithe space elf with horns and freaky eyes had certainly grown on Jessie, especially after saving them from their own mind during an episode. Since then, however, Jessie had been having conflicting feelings about her and the other girls in general. Jessie definitely felt closer to them, but the closer they became, the more worried Jessie became and the more confusing their feelings became. Jessie felt like they wanted to be even closer to them, but the only way she could think to do so involved…that, and Jessie wasn’t sure if they could, if Derrick had ruined them from ever being able to be…intimate.
Weak little abomination’
‘Shut. It. Derrick.’
Not like a monster deserves happiness. End it before you hurt them, too.’
‘I said, SHUT IT!’
“Wow, Jessie. I didn’t know you could cook like this. It smells amazing! What’re those yellow plants?” The adorable Nighkru asked, looking at the finished salad with a particular hunger. Jessie froze, her face showing her puzzlement as she stopped what she was doing. It took Jessie a moment to figure out what she was talking about since the color was off, but then she remembered Nighkru couldn’t see red. Taking the steaks over to a cutting board, Jessie began cutting them into thin strips to add to the salad.
“Those are tomatoes. Ordinarily, they’d be tart with a slight bitterness, but they should be a bit sweeter and a little zesty in this salad. Those light shavings are avocado, the leafy stuff is lettuce, and the cooked brownish stringy stuff is grilled onions. Once the steak is done, I’ll toss it all with a light champagne vinaigrette, and then it’ll be ready.” Jessie explained, particularly proud of figuring out food they liked that most of their girlfriends could eat too. Kikri would have a bit of an issue from so much roughage, but Ref and Evra should be okay with this. Evra seemed rather shocked at not only the fact that Jessie could cook but that Jessie had already taken into account the increased appetite she and her sisters had based on the portions she was making.
“Why're you acting so surprised? I lived alone for years. I had to learn to cook for myself, you know.” Jessie asked curiously as they returned to cutting the steak. Stealing a glance at Evra, Jessie had to admit. She was rather striking today. It certainly didn’t help that the black undergarments she was wearing, and only that, were as tight as spandex leaving little to the imagination. A bit of water still glistened on her skin, giving her an almost ephemeral appearance. Jessie quickly had to turn their gaze back to the steak out of fear of getting distracted and cutting themselves.
“Jessie, you may not know it, but for those of us in the rest of the galaxy, seeing a guy in an apron cooking in a kitchen is… Goddess, it’s so hot.” Evra started to explain but couldn’t find the right word. Jessie wasn’t sure why they were talking about the temperature, though; it was relatively cool despite the cooking. It was a pregnant pause before Jessie, with a bright blush they attempted and failed to hide, realized what she meant.
“Well, half a guy, I guess,” Jessie mumbled, moving the steak into the salad bowl with the other ingredients and adding the vinaigrette to toss the salad. Evra moved around the corner she was leaning against and walked over to Jessie, softly placing a hand on their forearm and breaking Jessie’s thoughts. She leaned over, breaking their vision that had been concentrating on the food with her face, alight with a warm smile.
“You’re not half anything, Jessie. You’re you. I’m unsure if you have seen our males, but human males are very different. They’re built more like women than our males are. So you being lithe like you are and androgynous enough to appear like both? It doesn’t detract anything in the slightest. To most in the Imperium, you’d be quite the catch!” Evra said, not really making much sense to Jessie, but they knew she was trying to cheer them up. Rather than respond directly, Jessie, for some reason, blurted out a somewhat out-of-character line.
“Quite a catch, huh? And what do you think, Evvie?” Jessie teased before realizing exactly what they’d said. A bright blush appeared across both Evra's and Jessies faces as Jessie immediately started stumbling over themselves to apologize, the salad tossing wholly forgotten.
“I-I’m sorry, Evra. I don’t know why I said that. It was stupid and childish of me to say, and I shouldn’thavebutIdidand-”
“Jessie,” Evra said, interrupting them and giggling from seeing Jessie so flustered. “It’s fine, really. It was kind of cute, actually, almost as adorable as you. Very boyfriend-ish. Oops, I mean girlfriend…Um...actually, which do you prefer?”
“Oh, um..uh..ahem,” Jessie started, giving thought to her question before mumbling a response, though it was too quiet for Evra to hear.
“What did you say? I couldn’t understand you, Jessie.”
“I said, erm...” Jessie trailed off with another mumble, awkwardly trying to play it cool as they covered their blush with one hand.
“Um, Jessie, I can’t hear you if you hide your mouth with your hand and mumble like that.”
“I...I said Mate, okay? Kikri said it, and um...I um…So yeah, that one.”
Evra giggled, leaning closer to Jessie, close enough that Jessie could feel her warm breath on the side of their face. Then, whispering in their ear, Evra said in an out-of-character and rather sultry voice.
“Thank you for the meal, my wonderful mate.”
Jessie froze, blood rushing to her face and other places as Evra giggled and grabbed the salad bowl for herself. She gave Jessie a quick kiss on the cheek, leaving them further stunned and causing Evra immense joy as she watched Jessie’s brain try to restart several times.
Jessie wasn’t ready for that step yet, though, much as they, and their body, wanted to be, so they instead gave Evra a quick kiss on the cheek and sat down to eat. Evra was kind enough not to point out the ‘perkiness’ Jessie’s body was showing, and Jessie was kind enough not to point out the faint gray blush forming on Evra’s cheeks. Neither really knew how to continue the conversation after that, and so chose to spend the meal in quiet silence, letting the flames die down a bit, so to speak. Afterward, the two romantics ended up cuddling on the couch, watching some Shil movie about a warrior prince.
“I’m sorry, I’m not ready for that yet, Evvie,” Jessie finally broke the silence as they held her close, Evra’s head resting against Jessie’s shoulder and both holding hands in a gentle, loving manner.
‘Shut it, Derrick. It’s your fault.’
Always hiding behind someone else, Jessie.’
“It’s okay, Jessie. Take your time. Don’t try to rush it for our sake, okay? Evra replied, squeezing Jessie’s hand just a bit tighter as if to emphasize her point. Jessie said nothing in response, but the look of conflict on their face was worrisome to Evra. Deciding not to speak of it anymore, Evra returned her attention to the movie, enjoying her one-on-one cuddle session with her ‘mate.’ Petting Jessie’s head gently, a very different kind of turmoil was brewing within the young Nighkru…
“This is turox-shit,” Kikri said with a growl. So rather than having them go out with other pods for patrol, somehow Kikri got assigned to helping out logistics with inventory while Ref was pulled for hospital duty. Kikri didn’t like this at all. Seeing the explosives in the long warehouse, having to get into a bucket-of-bolts exo-suit, having to handle the explosives…It reminded her of the bombs she failed to deactivate back in Washington, reminded her of the kids on the bus, and reminded her of the carnage afterward.
The warehouse itself wasn’t much to write home about. Around 400 meters long by 300 wide, the thermocast-reinforced concrete building offered little in the way of beauty. It was essentially a large rectangle, with a requisitions office at one end, completely closed off by a gate made of steel and, once again, that purple alloy. The inventory racks went up to the ceiling as if they barely even fit. They were all loaded with various supplies such as extra power cells, medication, uniforms, essential needs, and weapons, too much for the relatively diminutive armory.
Setting down the explosive her suit was holding and placing it into its rack slot, Kikri breathed relief. Truth be told, she had avoided demolition duties. Just seeing an explosive was enough to trigger a flashback, and each time it hurt. Still, she was a warrior, a Rakiri, a marine. So she grit her teeth and bore it, moving one explosive after another and saying nothing. Speaking out would not do any good here.
“Oh look, it’s that Rakiri!” A shill pointed out. Kikri already didn’t like her. She smelled of pompousness and decadent lifestyle, scents Kikri usually flagged as ‘people to avoid because they are so annoying.’ Still, this one was rather large, even by Shil’vati standards, at over eight feet tall and all muscle. Kikri had to wonder if it was natural or some illegal gene mod. She could already tell the girl had gotten at least one to get that strange blue hair.
“So, Rakiri, how does it feel to have to be protected by a male? A primitive one at that!” The girl snickered, but Kikri ignored it. As much as she wanted to bare tooth and claw to the girl, the repercussions of such an action made it less than ideal as far as Ideas go.
“Jessie has the spirit of a fighter and is wise beyond his years. Your attempt to shame me through him will not work, only make me prouder in my choice of mate, Shil,” Kikri said in response, moving the old, orange-colored exo down the line to continue her next explosive.
“I don’t know. He seemed pretty weak. I bet I could beat him.” The Shil spoke, still trying to get a rise out of Kikri, smiling and snickering at her own words.
“You are welcome to try if you find him,” Kikri said, focusing on her job. This next crate of explosives was particularly finicky and dangerous, so she wanted to take her time with it.
“Maybe I will then. Then, maybe afterward, I’ll steal your mate, Rakiri. He looks like the kind who likes to get…’ physical’ during sex. Think I should give him a punch or two while we do the deed?”
Kikri tried to ignore the comment, but blood was boiling in her veins. A mere pup who had yet to wet her claws was threatening her mate, and every instinct in her told her to use her own to extol the price in blood and flesh.
How dare an impudent bitch insult Jessie like that! And how dare she insinuate she would beat him.’
Releasing the exo, Kikri dropped to the ground, her limber five-foot eleven-inch frame now on full display. She did not posture herself, acting every bit like this was a standard process.
“And you’re a runt too! Haha, No wonder that male had to-guh
Kikri calmly walked over to the woman, not letting on her intentions. Like the attack of a serpent, however, her arm lunged out and grabbed the girl by the throat before she could respond. She smiled in the satisfaction that her claws, now extended, drew a bit of Shil blood from pricking the bitch’s neck. Then, pinning her against one of the racks, Kikri used her free hand to grab her thermocast knife and put it to the woman’s face.
“Say whatever you wish about me, clawless whelp, but speak ill of Jessie again, and I’ll start with the face before removing your fingers and shoving them up your clam! Are we clear!” Kikri growled, fanged mouth showing as the girl struggled for a breath. Her fur stood on end, making her look larger than usual, not that it was needed. The Shil girl evidently hadn’t expected Kikri to get so aggressive, and honestly, Kikri couldn’t believe she was so quick to do it, either. Then she thought of this Shil actually trying to do what she insinuated to Jessie, causing doubt in her actions to disappear.
“T-threaten all you want; we both k-know you wouldn’t risk your sisters for it,” The girl managed to spout out before Kikri dropped her hold and put her blade to the woman’s throat. For half a moment, she imagined running the bitch through and spilling more of her ugly blue blood on the floor for threatening Jessie. But, barely holding herself back, she instead used her words.
“I’ve killed many more than you have counted, shellsucker. And if you EVER threaten MY MATE or my kho-sisters again, I will make you wish you had met the deep so quickly you’ll be gone before you hit the floor. It will be long, slow, and painful. I will take your mind to deny your deepminder. Your family won’t even have anything left to bury, and your goddess won’t have anything left to free. You will slowly waste away, knowing you weren’t even worth enough for me to take a trophy from. And if by some miracle I am caught, I will make sure to tell the truth that you were a man-beater and a coward. You begged for death in your last moments, powerless and helpless. Your service will be stricken, and your records will be struck from the annals of history. You will become a ghost no one remembers, never having achieved anything. Now leave.” Kikri’s voice was low, growling almost like an animal. A heavy grinding sound from gritting her teeth from wanting to bite this bitch’s skull in half only added to the intensity. This wasn’t a threat, and it wasn’t even a statement. It was a fact. Should she continue pushing this, Kikri would make good on her word; no Rakiri would make such a promise idly. And the Shil bitch knew it.
The Shil nodded, fear strongly present in her scent as Kikri let her go. The Shil marine began scrambling her way up and running out of the warehouse as quickly as possible. After all, Kikri had a reputation on this base, and most of the women here knew it. She sighed, watching the Shil ran off, even stumbling a time or two, evidently from the liquid residue of her fear... This was going to lead to more paperwork for her. Again.
She grabbed the mop to go clean up the mess.

“Have the preparations been made for the operation?” Lieutenant Commander Derval asked, sitting in her office while looking at an omnipad. There were various shuttle paths, flight plans, and inventories for inbound and outbound system traffic. Derval’s face was more tired than last time, having been pulling multiple all-nighters for the past few weeks in order to bring everything together for this plan of hers.
“Yes, Lt.Commander Derval. The bribes have all been accepted as of 0643 today. The teams are prepping for the exercise and have all been sworn to secrecy. In addition, we’ve implanted the stolen Consortium designs as well. So there is no risk of leakage.” A voice, gruff and low, said over the pad. Sergeant Xixian was a competent leader and an excellent soldier, Derval’s right-hand woman. She had personally volunteered for this mission even after knowing the stakes.
“Good. Make sure there are no survivors. And make sure nothing points back to us. Once the mission is over, activate the implants.” Derval said resolutely, leaving no room for argument. “I…Yes, Ma’am, I understand.”
It would be a loss having to give up valuable pawns from the DHC candidate course, even if they had been dropouts. Still, Derval was flying under the radar for both sides, and it was best to leave no loose ends. The fact she would lose Xixian from this mission also weighed painfully on her chest, especially since Xixian didn’t know she had an implant. Still, this was the job of a commander in war, and with a grim face, Derval accepted it.
Soon, you will cease being a problem, Jessie Reider.’
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2023.03.23 21:37 hyejtmsk Vi?t Nam 20cm ch?i em r�n ? ? sung s??ng r?i g? ch?i l? nh? em Vi?t Nam

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2023.03.23 21:37 ChronicAuthoritis My (Possibly) Haunted Apartment

So, a couple weeks back I posted about hearing a girl and/or young woman, utter the words ‘uh-oh’ one night in my apartment where I live alone. Since then, and since compiling a list of weird things that have happened in the apartment, I thought I might go over what’s happened in my apartment since I moved in, and see what other people thought.
It started back in early 2021. I had moved into the apartment in late 2019 and for the year and a half I’d lived there, I hadn’t noticed anything strange, or at least anything strange enough that it stuck in my mind. This would change very shortly. While I was hanging out with some friends in a Discord voice chat one afternoon, I happened to glance down the length of my hallway, the doorway of which is to the left of where I sit. Just by turning my head I can look down the hallway into the dining room, and from the dining room I can see my desk.
Well, when I looked to my left that particular afternoon. I saw what looked to be the shadow of a woman’s arm in the doorway of the dining room, as if the woman it was connected to was standing just on the inside of the dining room, out of sight. Now, it might have just been the shadows, but I know I saw it clearly enough that it caught my attention, and it was still there after I looked away once or twice. It was clear enough that I was about to tell the discord chat about it, before it finally disappeared and I convinced myself I hadn’t seen anything.
A few months later, sometime around November 2021-February 2022, I was woke up one night to what I can only describe as a choir singing. It sounded for all the world like people singing in my room. Now, there is a church next door, but I’ve never heard them practice before, and this was like at 3:00 in the morning. I lay there, fully awake and very confused, until the noise finally stopped and I once again convinced myself that I had imagined it, that it was only a very late night practice for the church next door.
Over a year later, earlier this year. I was sitting on the couch in the living room, playing some solitaire on my phone and preparing to get ready to go to bed. As I’m sitting there, fully awake, and aware of all the noises around me (mainly the train that had just rumbled its way through town.), I hear, in the silence that followed, a young woman/child’s voice, clear as day, saying ‘uh-oh’ from the direction of the dining room. Now I’ve heard other people/other people’s T.Vs from the apartments around me before. They all sound muffled, quiet. This wasn’t, this was clear, and loud.
A couple weeks after that, I’m in the dining room, bent over, grabbing a couple water bottles from the cask in the corner of the room. Catching movement out of the corner of my eye, I watch from between my legs as something (A lady’s skirts maybe?) move from one corner of the room to the other. Again, this isn’t me seeing something I thought I saw and then wasn’t there when I went to look, I watched as whatever this was moved across the floor for several seconds (why I never thought to stand up and turn around, I’ll never know.)
Finally, just last night, I was listening to someone on YouTube talking about 1980 in film, when suddenly, along with the audio from the video, I heard something that sounded like a woman’s wordless, barely audible, whispering right by left ear. It stopped, I frowned, rewound the video to where I’d first heard it, and it simply wasn’t there, wasn’t in the video, had never been in the video.
I’m becoming more and more convinced my apartment’s haunted, but I’m still not 100% certain it is. (I guess I’d have to concretely see something before I believed it.) What do you good people think?
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2023.03.23 21:36 diegrunge Na manhã de hoje teve apagão em parte do Centro do RJ, você foi afetado(a)?

Moro no Centro e lá onde moro foi afetado, mas no meu trabalho tava funcionando normalmente.
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2023.03.23 21:36 Beneficial_Chair943 Devo me aliar ao meu gerente?

Eu nem converso com o cara. Simplesmente obedeço as ordens que são me dadas.
Porém, duas pessoas do meu trabalho estão tramando contra esse cara. Estão falando mal dele pra todo mundo e incentivando as pessoas a reclamarem dele para o chefe.
Elas estão aqui há mais tempo que ele e tinham mais autonomia. A chegada do gerente fez com que elas voltassem para exercer apenas as funções para que foram contratadas.
Elas já fizeram isso com outros funcionários e vi quatro saindo por conta do inferno que elas fizeram.
Agora eu fui “convocado” pra reclamar do gerente. Eu simplesmente neguei e fiquei na minha, mas como essas duas enchem meu saco, pensei em levar esse plano para o gerente.
O que vocês acham? Eu realmente não gosto, mas tô a tanto tempo aqui e vejo que puxar saco do gerente e “ajudar” ele com isso seria uma forma de ganhar confiança e eventualmente subir de cargo.
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2023.03.23 21:36 LukyMore Nioh Combat, am I doing something wrong?

Hello subreddit of Nioh, I have a huge favor to ask you. I started playing Nioh a week ago and already have 17 hours on it and I somehow got into the second region but here I have a huge problem, I don't understand the combat at all (I guess)...
I am mainly using odachi because I love the moveset and I mainly use high stance and I know I need to switch stances more often but I don't quite get it. Whenever I am fighting an enemy, after their combo I only get like a one hit in but then during the time I attack, they somehow attack me back with two attacks or so and I immediately need to heal which is really annoying me...
So I need advice on how to get better in the combat department....Is odachi for intermediate players or am I just doing something wrong or do I need to be more patient and just don't have the mindset of "I need to kill my enemy the fastest (get like 3 hits in everytime) and throw defense out of window while I am at it"?
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2023.03.23 21:36 Low-Performance800 (M4A) The Lost Prince

Maximillian Voss, second born son of Rhictor Voss, king of Adopest was born into the arms of a loving but large family. Both his mother and father cared for him and his siblings deeply. Growing up, he was raised in a life of wealth and luxury. He received the best education money could buy and more importantly mentorship into whatever he desired. His family cared not what their son did, only that he was happy. The only downside to his raising was that being the second out of five kids meant he often had a tendency to find himself overlooked in favor of the other children.
Growing up, he would sit around the fire with his family and listen to his father’s stories. Some were fairytales and others stories about monsters and ghosts. The stories that stuck with him the most however, were the tales of “The War to End All Wars.” His father had been leading his country on the field for several long bloody years and he had stories to tell. Endless stories. His father had been a phenomenal fighter and a war hero. Even his enemies respected him for always upholding honor on the field of battle, conquest or retreat. He was known throughout the mortal realms as wise and fair.
Years of war leaves no man untouched though. As Maximillian grew older, he became more perceptive of the world around him and most of all, his father. The noble warrior was beginning to age and a man who had once been a hawk, had begun to live a life of peace and prosperity, wanting nothing more than just that for his family.
As the years went on, Rhictor Voss would find himself at summits and peace talks across the world working to restore the world he and so many other leaders had their hands in destroying. Never far behind was his heir-apparent Samuel Voss, Max’s older brother. Samuel had followed in his father’s footsteps. He was a warrior, a skilled one at that and never one to back down from a challenge. He always seemed to make it his duty to clean up his father’s mess from the war.
The two of them travelled the world far and wide, helping wherever they could and providing aid and relief to displaced populations as well as rebuilding several entire cities from the ground up with the help of the Royal Engineering Corps. All of this while Maximillian remained in the capital tending to his studies. He was not like the rest of his family, he understood how the world really worked.
His studies varied from routine mathematics to art, and his favorite subject recent history. He found himself fascinated with the great war. Such an unnecessary conflict with such a drastic loss of life. The world had been left in ruins and for what? Nothing. No ground had been gained and no agenda struck from the books. It was chaos. To make matters worse, his own father had a hand in the destruction of society. The thought of his family participating in something so cruel made his stomach twist.
Seeing his father righting his wrongs was not enough. In Max’s eyes it was an empty gesture. He had studied the battles, seen the numbers, and made up his own mind. War was a cancer and it could not be allowed to fester any longer.
As he grew older, the world became a more familiar place. Countries began to rebuild and tensions had started to rise once more. New weapons and technologies had been discovered and alliances had been formed. Everything seemed oh so familiar to Max. He had seen this before in the history books. The world was preparing for another war. This would be a war that only he could stop.
He was in position to put an end to all future wars. He had the lineage; it would be disgraceful to not at least try it. In order to do so however, he would need the throne and two people stood in his way. His family had become soft and weak-willed. They lacked the strength to rule and all of these talks of peace and friendship were only weakening the kingdom from within. If and when the next war came, it would be far worse. The only way to achieve peace was to grip the world in a fist of iron. He would be the man to do that.
Two days before his nineteenth birthday, his plan was ready. He had hired several mercenary companies and made several large promises to a handful of corrupt military officials. The coup had begun. The palace erupted in combat lead by Maximillian himself sword in hand. The rebels fought their way up the steps of the palace in a bloody conflict. Violence had spilled into the streets and before long, the capital was overflowing with conflict. Max was horrified by the violence he had wrought but it was too late now. If he was going to fix this, he needed the throne.
He and his mercenaries continued onward until they had made it to the throne room. Their goal was here. The only thing standing in his way was his older brother commanding a detachment of the royal guard. His brother pleaded for him to surrender and put a stop to this madness but it was too late. Max tore into the fray and soon enough, the two were locked in a duel which escalated out of the throne room and up out onto the ramparts of the keep. Metal clashed and sparked as blades collided, Max unable to gain the upper hand, constantly kept on his back foot.
After some time, Max finally found himself out of breath and cornered. In front of him, the prince and a pair of royal guards. Behind him, a long drop to the rushing palace moat below. Max looked across the capital city at the pillars of smoke before catching glimpses of his surrendering army. He had lost. How had the weaklings won? They should not have put up that much of a fight. Unwilling to admit defeat, Max found one final surge of strength and charged his brother, unable to land a single blow with all of his might.
With nothing more than a simply parry and strike, his brother landed a blow from Max’s torso, slashing upward across his jaw nearly killing him. The unconscious prince stumbled backward, falling over the rampart and into the moat with a resound splash before being carried down river by the rushing current.
When he awoke, he was cold and shivering. The river had carried him far from help and he found himself alone on the riverbanks of Desukon River He could feel himself dying. His wound had become infected and he could barely stand. He managed to crawl his way to a tall oak tree and die in peace when he heard a voice call out to him. From there things were a blur but before he knew it, he was upright walking into town back to his old self.
With his wounds healed and a newfound magic coursing through his veins he was not ready to quit. People had already died for his cause and he was not about to let their deaths be in vain. It was clear fate was on his side. It was only in the city of Deliverance would he discover his new destiny…
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2023.03.23 21:36 Game_Jornal Sou cuzão por falar do pai morto do meu amigo?

Eu tenho um amigo no xbox, onde nos conhecemos. Na primeira vez que vi ele, ele era mt legal e gente boa, mas depois de um tempo, ele começou a se mostrar, começou a xingar minha mãe e ficar falando de coisas que eu não sou para os outros. Praticamente todo mundo que joga com ele sabe que ele é muito mimado, principalmente por ficar fazendo [email protected] e símbolos errados ( muito errados) na base dos outros e ficar puto quando quebram alguma coisa da base dele. Mas o principal é que em toda situação ele xinga minha mãe. A gente está por exemplo jogando Minecraft e eu estou com a barra de fome baixa, aí vou lá e pesso comida para ele, ele escreve na comida: mãe do tananam ( meu nome). E isso se estende a todo contexto " Eu: bora jogar outra coisa? " Ele: " Igual eu joguei minha [email protected] na sua mãe? " E isso não para. Chegou um momento em que eu fiquei puto e xinguei o pai dele que morreu a poucos anos, depois disso eu me senti mal, mas o outro cara da call falou q ele ia começar a xingar minha irmã morta, me senti menos mal e ele voltou depois de alguns minutos como se nada tivesse acontecido e ainda xinga minha mãe, mas sem falar da minha irmã. Fui cuzão?
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2023.03.23 21:35 delealien Qual a sua medida do macarrão alho e oleo?

Eu faço 500g de massa espaguete, e em outra panela refogo 3 dente de alho e 4 de sopa de oleo, depois jogo na massa, fica bom mas creio que podia ser melhor, alguem ai curte alho e oleo? qual sua receita? eu adoro so falta saber fazer de forma perfeita.
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2023.03.23 21:35 Espedal1 Kill Team: Blooded back in stock boys, GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT! Love that big ‘ol Chaos Ogryn

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2023.03.23 21:34 R0XiDE No progress from “we’ve got it” (multiple parcels).

Since the start of February, I’m finding it impossible to get any parcels delivered. They all just sit at “we’ve got it”. I currently have 5 deliveries (3 of which are way overdue), that all say this. One is not overdue just yet but hasn’t moved from that same status for a week. 3 are from the same supplier and the other 2 come from 2 different ones.
Launching an investigation is met with obvious automated email replies that say things like “we tried to call you but you didn’t answer”, which isn’t true. I had no missed calls and my phone was with me all day. I did finally have someone call me to say they can’t find any trace of the overdue items.
Being that I now have another item from a different shop sitting doing the same I’m getting pretty worried.
I’ve contacted the sender and they say the items have definitely been sent.
Is there some sort of holdup going on? Has anyone else had issues like this? It’s as though any parcels I try to get delivered either sit somewhere going nowhere, or have vanished!
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2023.03.23 21:32 Ali3NzGT Changes in cat behaviour

So my cat over the last week or so has had some really strange changes in his behaviour and I am hoping someone can advise or share similar experiences.
He’s a 2 year old tortoise shell rescue, he is a mix of indoor and outdoor cat (we keep him in when away from the house, then let him out when we are home).
About a week ago he stopped eating his dry food, and then his wet food too. He also started hiding around the house and being less affectionate, which was very unlike him as he has always been a little ball of love.
Naturally this all had me worried so I took him to the vet who did a thorough check on him and couldn’t find anything wrong with him, saying that there were no signs of illness or injury.
We have since got him to eat some tuna and soup pouches (for cats) but he still won’t touch any dry food. He’s being more affectionate but still hides around the house in strange locations, he’s also stopped coming in through his cat flap but rather sits outside and meows until we let him in.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I’m really concerned but having been told by the vet that they couldn’t find anything wrong I’m a bit lost about what to do?
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2023.03.23 21:32 chasinbux Keep em coming ZAC

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2023.03.23 21:31 DecepcaoNinja Vídeo do set de Coringa 2 mostra Asilo Arkham em chamas

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2023.03.23 21:30 Terrible-Definition9 Should i go to egyptian barbers?

Ive been going to syrian barbers only and i once went to salon and i still wasnt satisfied with my hair at all should i go to egyptisn barbers or will they mess my haircut up even more and if there are some good barbers in the octobezayed region can someone name em?
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2023.03.23 21:29 ExTrOMPicktA Quais situações desagradáveis vocês já passaram em público?

Hoje fui tomar sorvete de casquinha e acabei me sujando sem querer. O sorvete sujou a minha calça e ao ver, dá a impressão de que mijei nas calças kkkkkkkk vim correndo para casa passando por ruas com poucas movimentações para ninguém ficar olhando e passar a ideia errada kkkkkkkkkkkk
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2023.03.23 21:29 Breeshii Had To Put Down My Cat (this is a long one)

Last night I had to put get my cat euthanized because he was suffering. I'd had him for around 3 years but in that time, we had built up a great bond. We have 3 cats but out of all of them, I had the biggest connection to him. He'd be in my room everyday and he'd run to me whenever I came home. He was my best friend.
He had a UTI that we found out about when it was too late. He did show signs of it early but eventually, he would stop yelling so we thought he was just being playful or was mad about something but we didn't know what. Later on, he would go into the bathroom, sit in the tub and let the water drip onto him. Looking back, this was probably him trying to do whatever he could to soothe the pain.
We had him taken to the vet and we were told about his condition. He needed surgery to get drained and we're not really too well off so my mom was very distressed. She thought we'd have to get him euthanized but they offered another solution. Someone would pay for a chunk of the surgery and my mom would have to pay the rest. We saw this as a miracle and took the offer. They gave us everything we needed and he was sent home with all the necessary things for his treatment. We did this for a week and waited for him to get better. It worked for a while but he started to clog up again. He was taken back to the vet to be drained a week later and when I got home, he was still in pain. He couldn't pee at all now when before, he could only pee a little.
We knew this was going to be the end because we didn't have the money to keep getting him drained. He was going to be taken to the vet in the morning but he was suffering and we just wanted to get it over with so he was taken at around 10 at night. I didn't cry because I knew it had to be done. I had accepted it. When I saw his cage earlier today, though, I couldn't stop bawling. Knowing that he was truly gone forever was the most depressing thing I could have ever imagined. I've never lost anything or anyone as important to me as this cat. I miss him so much and there's nothing I can do but cry.
I should have gone with my mom to the vet so I could be the last thing he saw instead of a bunch of stranger's faces. It was my selfishness that made me hesitant. I didn't want to see him die. The only thing running through my mind is what if statements. What if we noticed sooner? What if we were more well off? What if I was there with him? What would have changed? This is taking a toll on my mental health already and it's been less than a day. Nobody's going to read all of this but it's just here to be here. I don't really have anybody to tell this to so I'll say it anonymously online, even though I feel kinda pathetic for it. But I have one more thing to say, but not to the reader; to my cat.
I love you, Leo.
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2023.03.23 21:29 volckerwasright [WTS] GGP P365 threaded barrel, ODG Em Dev Pic handbrake, Amazon AK side mount, Q5 accs - $130

Looking to clear out some things I won't be using: 1x Grey Ghost Precision unfired threaded barrel for P365/P365X - $60 1x ODG Emissary Development Picatinny Handbrake - $25 1x Amazon AK/AKM pattern side picatinny mount - $25 1x UTG PPQ/PDPcompact/Q5 Walther red aluminum baseplate - $10 1x Walther PPQ/Q4/Q5 Leupold DPP optic plate with built-in rear sight - $15
Paypal, Zelle both fine. Paypal G+S is fine, you pay fees. Prices include USPS first class shipping. Buy 2 or more items and take $5 off of the total for every item you buy. AK mount + Em Dev handbrake + P365 barrel would be $100 shipped. Please contact me if you'd like additional angles or have other questions. Please comment, and then send a PM - no chats as per updated mod guidance.
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2023.03.23 21:29 Advanced_Falcon_2816 I've been in crypto for nearly 10 years, and trading in this treacherous market for over 6 years. Here are some reality checks I learned and could help you:

INTRO This is a fickle volatile market.
I like to think of it as a Bogdanov market, that seems to troll you at every turn. When you think you have this market figured out, it does something unexpected and irrational. These coins are the devil's coin.
There's a good reason for this, it's money, it's supply and demand, it's speculation, and it's capitalism. And people in this market are driven by their emotions more than anything else.
But crypto has amplified that with its much more speculative and volatile market.
Sure, those coins have useful tech behind them, and growing utility in this world. But right now, the market doesn't follow tech innovation so much, this market still mostly runs on speculation. And it runs partly on tokenomics (including the famous 4 year cycles), which are a little different from your traditional markets.
This roller coaster market is a place for very level headed people, who have a good sense of observation, can make clinical strategies, and don't let their emotions decide for them.
Most people here aren't going to make life changing money. Sorry to start off with some bad news.
But how many of the people who even made some big bucks in 2021, or had big gains on that Doge coin rally, are sitting here today in their big house that Doge bought, or got enough money that they don't have to work anymore?
Unless you are already wealthy, have a long term plan involving decades, or have big sums you can invest, and already started buying the bear market we had last year, then by "most people", it might include you.
Making it big for most people will require very big risks, or a very long time.
If you're here looking for life changing money, you are probably looking at turning a big chunk of the little money you have into something like over 10x returns. Maybe even a lot more.
And that's where trouble starts.
The bigger the return you are after, and the shorter the time, the more likely you are to get burned hard. So odds are, there's a better chance you either get burned, or only make non-life changing money. Even if many coins do more than 10x.
What about all those coins that keep going 10x sometimes 100x, what about all the people who made a lot of money? It's a probability game. And also requires incredible crystal ball timing. Sure, a minority will get lucky, and turn small sums into life changing money.
"but...crypto had huge gains in the last bull markets, the tech is still bullish, adoption is still growing, and even if we have half those gains in the next bull run, it will still be massive gains"
That's correct.
But even if you had somehow managed to buy before the beginning of the last bull market (and that's a big if), would you have invested enough? Would you have not panic sold after one of the many dips? Not panic sold at one of the many FUD news? Would you have held on long enough? Would you have have pulled out in time before the crash? Would you have avoided the scams? Avoided the rugpulls? Avoided the bad exchanges? Avoided the wrong coins? Had only money in the top gainers?
Probably not.
You would have needed a crystal ball to get that life changing money.
Looking at more measured risk and realistic goals. Forget 100x, or even 10x, life changing money, goals of a house, goals of retiring before 40.
That's the wrong mindset.
All the people who made it big in investments like Buffet, have the same thing in common. They weren't dreamers, they were opportunistic.
They kept their eyes open for value and opportunity.
The people who are gonna make it, are people who are willing to accept what's actually there, are able to adapt, are willing to sometimes accept smaller goals, more realistic returns, measure their risk, spread their eggs, not go all in or all out, not rely too much on timing the market, have more patience etc...
But at the same time, they'll probably have a decent amount of funds to begin with.
Unfortunately, you need money to make money. Even Buffet didn't start from nothing as he'd have people believe. He started with a lot of money.
And most importantly, not invest based on expectation, but based on strategy. With an ability to adapt to circumstances, and not be trapped with hopes of big returns, and goals of returns to buy a house etc... They take what they can based on the circumstances, and based on a laid out plan.
Even if you make life changing money, keeping it is no picnic. Where are those Youtubers from 2017 who were showing off their Lambos? Like most people who are new to making money, they had no idea how to manage it and hold on to it. It got spent, badly re-gambled, and mostly gone by now.
How many celebrities, big athletes, lottery winners, made it big, but lost a big chunk of their money years later?
Even rich people with some experience with money, often mismanage their money, and end up losing big.
Even if you get enough money to have "life changing money", it may not last long enough to really change your life for that long.
Conclusion. Bummed out? Don't be. If you know the reality of what you're getting into, you'll make smarter choices, and end up ahead of most people.
You'll have more measured expectations, and fewer regrets. And actually end up with more money in the end.
You might even avoid ending up like the FTX, LUNA, SOL, Voyager people who went all in.
Or you might avoid being like the people in last year's bear market who got back to square one, lost too much money, bankrupted themselves, had their dreams crushed, raged quit crypto etc...
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2023.03.23 21:28 Santanaking2 Tô tentando achar a graça em você

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2023.03.23 21:28 LongJonSiIver Fairly Oddparents Reboot

For over 20 years, audiences watched the adventures of a boy named Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Fast paced and funny, The Fairly OddParents asked the question, “What if a kid had an unlimited number of wishes at his disposal?” and answered that question with, “He’d get into trouble, constantly.”
Now who would we get if the same fairy godparents took a new kid under their wing? A kid whose last name isn’t Turner? More hijinx and comedy, of course!
You might be wondering, why make yet another Fairly OddParents? Aren’t a series of shorts, 10 seasons, a live-action series and 3 live-action films enough? Well, my friend, the answer is no. Absolutely not. You can never have too much magic!
An 11-minute comedy just like its predecessor, the new Fairly OddParents is going to retain the retro, absurdist, irreverent sitcom feel the original had, with some added poignancy, serialization, and a tighter focus on character. Gags will still abound but will also have a bit more of an emotional core.
Timmy’s problems were external: evil babysitter and checked-out parents. Hazel’s challenges are more internal: life changes and becoming more comfortable in her identity. Teaming up with Cosmo and Wanda will give Hazel an opportunity to stand out and become the big, bold, hero she longs to be! And it’ll all begins… with a wish.
Hazel’s story and wishes will go further into what makes her tick, connecting to audiences with both humor and heart. Hazel’s journey will be one of self-acceptance and confidence. She starts the beginning of the series daunted by her new circumstances, but thanks to Cosmo and Wanda’s magical guardianship, and the new experiences and adventures she goes on via her wishes, she soon learns to put herself out there and just live life.
For Cosmo and Wanda, it’s about finding a new groove. They’re coming out of retirement and have decided to take on a monumental task in godparenting again! But why? In short, because they love it.
Godparenting is their calling, and they’re good at it. (At least Cosmo thinks so – though that ain’t saying much!) But the world is different, and kids today are more self-aware than ever before. They’re encouraged to vocalize their emotions, inspire, create change, and question tradition.
Because of this, fairy godparenting looks different, wishes aren’t wishing like they used to, and they’re trying their best to adapt!
We’re setting out to tell a new story in a new town, to introduce the amazing Fairly OddParents world to a new audience, while keeping the wide-ranging, ageless humor that will appeal to everyone, regardless of whether they grew up on the original, for some hilarious family co-viewing goodness. So yeah, we’re making another Fairly OddParents. To quote Timmy Turner, “What could possibly go wrong?!

The Story

Ten-year-old Hazel Wells has just moved to the big city of Dimmadelphia with her parents, so her dad could start a new job. On top of being in a new city, it’s the first time she’s been without her brother, who’s just started his first year of college. A bright, fun, creative kid, Hazel’s new situation suddenly has her feeling unsure of herself. But all that changes when the pink-and-green-haired couple next door reveals they’re no ordinary neighbors, they’re Cosmo and Wanda, fairy godparents! And they’re coming out of retirement to make all of Hazel’s wishes come true!
When we last saw our beloved pink-and-green-headed fairy godparents, in The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder, they were godparenting their second generation of Turner children, but after so long with just one family, they made the decision to hang up their fairy crowns and retire. Surely no new child could rival the Turners in their hearts, so why even try?! Jump to 10,000 years of vacationing through time and space! Exploring the wonders of Ancient Rome before it collapsed! Hobnobbing with aristocracy in 18th century France! Journeying to the moons of Jupiter in the year 26,000 P.G., whatever P.G. stands for!
Now they’ve settled down – no longer in some kid’s fishbowl but posing as humans in the bustling city of Dimmadelphia, assuming the form of endearing, across-the-hall neighbors to the Wells. Mimicking human life, Cosmo and Wanda set their sights on a peaceful retirement, ready to live out the remainder of their fairy days in an apartment that secretly offers direct access to Fairy World! That is, until they meet Hazel and are reminded why they loved their old job so much in the first place. Not since Timmy has a kid so tugged on their heart strings, and the instinct to fairy godparent quickly consumes them. Soon, they find themselves as fidget toys on Hazel’s backpack, ooey gooey blobs in her lava lamp, and even assuming the form of human bellhop and concierge at a hotel Hazel wished for. But after 10,000 years of using their magic only on themselves, are they really ready to get back in the game?
(Spoiler: they’re not, but they’re going to do it anyway!)

Hazel Wells

Black 10 years old
Spunky, fun, curious, and hugely imaginative, Hazel Wells is a small fry in a big world! Like, literally, she’s small. A petite cutie pie. A li’l nugget. She’s our tiny hero with a huge heart!
Think for a moment… Have you ever been the smallest kid in class? You have to ask for help to reach things, every year you get paraded to the front line for the class picture, and you get a patronizing pat on the head every time you do a great job at something – and that’s if they even notice you! Just about every kid can relate to the frustration of feeling, well, small. So when Hazel Wells moves to the BIG city of Dimmadelphia on account of her dad taking on a new job and is forced to leave behind everything she once knew – her friends, her home, and her big brother, Antony – she’s left feeling smaller than ever before.
But that’s not about to stop her! In spite of her miniature stature, Hazel is bold! She’s enthusiastic about life and all its wonders, and is an adventurer who loves to explore and ask questions! It’s what makes her such a great wisher – she’s curious about people, and the world, and hungry to learn more about her place in it.
At the very start of the series, she’s feeling a little more on the introverted than extroverted side. She’s in a new town and trying her best to be happy about it, but she always felt her brother Antony was like her secret superpower. He was smart, kind, confident, and most importantly, BIG. Having Antony around was an instant “in'' with people at school. All her teachers already knew and loved him, mean kids knew she had a protector, and cool kids thought she was cool just by association. Without him, she’s like Linus without his blanket… Dumbo without his feather. Without him, she’s just… Hazel. And just in this moment at least, she doesn’t feel like that’s enough.
Being chosen by Cosmo and Wanda as their fairy godkid is just the push Hazel needs to bust out of her shell and blossom! Where Timmy’s wishes were often self-serving, Hazel, at times, cares too much about other people. A little empathy is great. An over-abundance of it can lead to mental fatigue and well, chaos. Making wishes (and mistakes) and learning from them will teach her to love and put herself first, and share that love with the rest of the world.
And once the wishing begins, look out, because just like with Timmy, Hazel’s wishes are driven by who she is… and by the fact that she is a CHILD. And children are nothing if not passionate and unpredictable! Hazel’s wishes (and their undoing) will come mainly from the following personality traits…
She’s smart!
Hazel has a bit of an intellectual edge and tends to overthink things, thanks to her brainy mom and dad, so her wishes will have an extra layer of smarts to them. However, the bit of knowledge behind the wish won’t necessarily make it a wise wish. Children are charmingly lacking in critical thinking skills! Apologies to any children reading this. It’s not your fault. Your brains just aren’t at that developmental stage yet. It’s okay, you’ll get there. Also, who sent you this bible? This bible is property of Nickelodeon Animation Studio and its parent company.
She’s caring!
Hazel cares deeply about other people and fairness (so help you if Hazel sees you cut in line or litter…), so a lot of her wishes come from her compassion and her sense of right and wrong. Unfortunately, 10-year-olds don’t have a great grasp on nuance and tend to think of justice in black-and-white, and that is gonna lead Hazel into some sticky wishes.
She’s quirky!
Hazel’s an oddball with unusual interests and instincts. Timmy’s whole thing was that he was an average boy with average boy wishes. Hazel is… different, partly from being around her dad’s studies of freaky happenings in human history, partly from being around her mom’s studies into the human mind (also freaky), but also… it’s just who she is! She’s a feeler, adaptable, and full of imagination. This manifests in myriad ways, from turning her thoughts into songs and singing them aloud; to having niche obsessions with nature; to collecting a bunch of twigs, putting googly eyes on the twigs, and naming all the twigs.
In conclusion, Hazel’s wishes and adventures will inevitably result in making a lot of beautiful, messy mistakes. Hazel will learn and grow from each of these mistakes, just as all kids do! But Hazel’s learning and growing is gonna be full of magic, making it a heck of a lot more fun than the slow, boring growth the rest of us had to put up with.

Cosmo and Wanda (Returning Characters… obviously)

White, ageless
Green-haired, daffy, and childlike, Cosmo is the same whirlwind of fun we already know and love, but a little wiser for his additional 10,000 years. He didn’t do it on purpose, but it’s hard not to pick up a thing or two about human nature when you’ve lived this long. Cosmo is still quite dimwitted and will muck up a wish five ways from Sunday, but he’ll accidentally give you an epiphany here and there too. This is a Cosmo that’s gotten a little zen.
Sassy and silly, yet pragmatic, Wanda has always been the brains of the godparenting operation, and that dynamic remains the same. Problem is, these brains have been out of the game for a loooooong time, so while she might once have seen the dangers in making Timmy a giant pair of cheese pants, now it’s not as clear to Wanda what might go wrong with a wish. Consequently, go wrong, it will!
Cosmo and Wanda have a very loving, supportive dynamic. They both have their flaws and are very different from one another, but they’re also each other’s biggest fans.
Cosmo and Wanda both provide aspects of what Hazel lost when Antony went away to college. In Cosmo, she has a silly playmate. Cosmo is drawn to Hazel because he immediately connects to her oddball nature. Someone who’s down to put googly eyes on twigs? That’s his kind of kid. Cosmo will help Hazel approach the world with more openness. In Wanda, she has a nurturing, non-parental guardian again. Wanda is drawn to Hazel because she’s a good-hearted mess. Cosmo sees Hazel putting googly eyes on twigs and thinks, “Fun!” But Wanda sees the emotional need behind Hazel giving those twigs rich emotional backstories and relationships. Wanda sees a sweet kid in need of companionship and guidance and helps Hazel work out her problems through play and fun.
Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda had a particular kind of friendship. Timmy and Cosmo were like a pair of unruly, id-driven goofballs with Wanda as the put-upon Mom. When a wish got out of control, Timmy needed heaps of pushing and prodding to clean up his messes. With Hazel, Cosmo, and Wanda, it will play out as a more evenly matched trio, with the comedy and dynamics shifting to fit the story and emotional core.
In a way, they’re all in need of help – Hazel because she’s new to making wishes, and Cosmo and Wanda because they’ve been on a 10,000-year break. Their dynamic will be about growing and getting better at magic together. Sometimes, a wish goes out of control because of Hazel, and Cosmo and Wanda must save the day. Sometimes, a wish goes out of control because of Cosmo, and Hazel and Wanda must save the day. And sometimes… well, you get it. All three will be the crisis and the solutions in a more equal measure

Angela Wells

Black, early 50s
Hazel’s mother Angela is an intelligent, poised therapist who’s accomplished all her life goals and continues to achieve. She has her own private practice and created a self-help therapy program, the “Be Wells Method.” Her “Be Wells” books and “Be Wells” therapy app are big hits with celebrities and on social media. Angela’s always taking inspiration from Hazel by osmosis. She’s constantly planning, strategizing, and developing her program, with plans to offer the “Wee Wells Method” for kids and “Deep Wells Method” for seniors.
Angela loves her daughter, but is such an expert in helping adults, she often forgets that Hazel isn’t one, and tries to tackle Hazel’s issues the same way she would help a grown woman in her 30s formulate a business plan. Sit down > offer coffee or tea > identify problem > offer solution. As a result, Hazel can spout a lot of therapy speak, but still has no idea how to deal with the basic kid things troubling her.
When Angela unknowingly gets caught up in the magic of Hazel’s wishes, she will always try to find a way to make it a “value add” to their home or her work. There are no problems in Angela’s world, only opportunities! Angela is a roll-with-the-punches kind of lady, so if Cosmo and Wanda suddenly fill the house with squid in a wish gone wrong, well then darn it, she’s gonna find a way to make calamari. She is often distracted and on the phone with her trusted assistant Beatrish via bluetooth earpiece. Which is great for Hazel, because keeping fairies a secret is a must!
Like Cosmo and Wanda, Angela and her husband, Marcus, are head over heels in love, despite having near opposite personalities. Their differences are often a point of hilarious conflict - Angela is minimalist, tidy, and thrives on structure, while Marcus is reckless and thrives in organized chaos. Both extroverts, their life has caused them to laugh, laugh, laugh through their challenges, always bringing them closer together.

Marcus Wells

Black, early 50s
Hazel’s father, Marcus, is a scatterbrained, but brilliant scholar, professor, and author who studies the intersection of human history, and the paranormal. He’s a guy who fully believes in every kind of magical/ mystical/inexplicable occurrence (witches, werewolves, ghosts, alien encounters, etc.), but will talk your ear off with the scientific explanation for each.
The Wellses have moved to Dimmadelphia so Marcus could take a teaching position at the Galax Institute, a small (unaccredited) institution of higher learning that focuses its curriculum on the “pseudosciences” (though, of course, that’s not how they refer to their subjects). What Marcus doesn’t know is all the evidence he’s chronicled over his career about paranormal events throughout history, has actually been fairy events throughout history.
His work will sometimes bring him dangerously close to finding out the truth about fairies and Hazel will have to scramble to throw him off Cosmo and Wanda’s sparkly trail. Unlike Mr. Crocker of the original series, however, Marcus’ continual near misses on finding out about the existence of fairies doesn’t come from a nefarious or selfish place, but an altruistic love of history and the truth. Marcus isn’t trying to steal anyone’s fairies; he’s just devoted to learning. Doesn’t mean we can have him in on the secret though! There are still Da Rules after all!
Marcus sees his daughter as being very special and even important to the world. While. Angela tries to analyze Hazel as an adult, Marcus hopes Hazel will become a leader in his field, often sharing newspaper clippings with her featuring unusual sightings and unexplained phenomena. He even sometimes does activities and exercises with her he hopes might encourage any possible latent supernatural talents within her, like telekinesis or mind-reading.

Antony Wells

Black, 18 years old
Hazel’s brother, Antony, is a smart, cool kid who’s going places. He’s an All-American, 4.0 track star. He also plays the oboe and rides a dirt bike. What doesn’t he do?! Antony is beyond smart and carries a quiet confidence – truly the mellowest of his family members. He can hold court on any topic from politics, to anime, to music theory. He is very protective of his younger sister and would do absolutely anything for her. He’s always been like a combination best friend/third parent to Hazel, but now that he’s off to college, he’s finding his way and making a new life separate from his oddball family.
We won’t meet Antony for a while – since his absence was the catalyst to Hazel needing Cosmo and Wanda, we can’t just bring the kid home for visits all the time. At the beginning of the series, he will only be present as an unseen living legend, which we’ll have some fun with by teasing the audience with only tiny glimpses – always out of frame, out of focus, present only in stories Hazel tells friends or in Angela and Marcus bragging about his college progress. Antony is a dream-come-true big brother, and he is sorely missed by Hazel. We all wish we had an Antony. We’ll meet him someday, but until then, the legend of Antony’s greatness will grow and grow.

Dale Dimmadome (Returning Character)

White, 40s
Dale is the long-lost son of Doug Dimmadome– billionaire, real estate tycoon, and owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome. When we last saw Dale, he was barefoot, in tattered clothes, and working in a sweatshop underneath Vicky’s lemonade stand.
Dale is now the tall, brooding heir to the Dimmadome fortune, and CEO of Dimmadome Gl0bal, the largest tech company in the world. Whereas his father was a haughty businessman clad in all white and a 10-gallon hat, Dale is a socially awkward genius, with slicked hair and a thirst for the next revolutionary tech breakthrough. The only thing bigger than Dale’s staunch demeanor is the chip on his shoulder – which is somewhat understandable, after being abandoned by his wealthy father for so many years.
Bit by bit, Dale will factor in as an adult antagonist to Hazel, Cosmo, and Wanda. Hazel’s wishes will sometimes leave a mark on the world, and Dale’s obsession with breaking new tech ground will have him take notice of some of these things, eventually making him a threat to Fairy World. But for now, he’s just an emotionally distant dad setting a bad example for his son, who will be Hazel’s first main antagonist.

Devin “Dev” Dimmadome

White, 10 years old
Dale Dimmadome’s son and frequent antagonist to Hazel (as stated above). Dev is in the same class as Hazel, giving her a front row seat to Dev’s raging sense of entitlement. Coming from money and seeing how his dad often operates “above the rules” as founder and CEO of his corporation, Dimmadome Gl0bal, Dev mimics that behavior at school – even going as far as having lunch delivered to class so he doesn’t have to walk to the cafeteria where the “peasants” eat.
Dev is smart as a whip and has fully embraced the need for technology, just like his father. His two drone babysitters, Au Pair 1 and Au Pair 2 accompany him wherever he goes and cater to his every beck and call (almost like a Siri or Alexa, but on the go!). On the inside though, he’s a lonely child yearning for his father’s attention. Somewhat like the wealthy Remy Buxaplenty of the original series, but with layers.
Hazel and Dev Dimmadome start as antagonists, but as he gets lonelier over the course of the season, he softens and grows

Season One Arc: Part 1 - Episodes 1-10

Most of Season One will focus on Hazel’s growth and her episodic adventures with Cosmo and Wanda. Some serialization will come into play with her antagonist Dev, as the two go from enemies to friends. The Season One, Part One finale, however, will introduce Dev’s dad, Dale Dimmadome, as a more serious antagonist, when Hazel appears in his data as a consumer anomaly, the only kid who isn’t addicted to his new app because she doesn’t need to buy things, she has fairy godparents granting her every wish! And Dale’s bad behavior in the finale will finally tip Dev into full needy child mode, one who is granted his very own godparent: a fully grown POOF (now Periwinkle a.k.a. Peri), Cosmo and Wanda’s son!

Season One Arc: Part 2 - Episodes 11-20

Hazel’s fun, episodic adventures with Cosmo and Wanda continue. Meanwhile, Peri struggles with how to be a good godparent to Dev, and Dale continues to research Hazel, eventually coming to learn about magic and fairies. Convinced it would make him the richest person who ever lived (imagine being able to use magic to sell people things!), he sets his sights on conquering Fairy World, with the help of classic FOP villains, the Pixies! In our Season One, Part Two finale, it’ll be up to Hazel, Cosmo, and Wanda to save the day!
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