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How to get rid of man boobs???

2023.03.23 21:42 j00z021 How to get rid of man boobs???

22, Guy here pero may dede :< Cup A ata or ano, basta parang nagdadalaga lang. Di naman ako mataba, sakto lang pero I just wanted to ask on how to get rid of these boobies? Tampulan ako ng tukso kahit sa bahah kaya most of my outfit puro oversized T-Shirts saka minsan nagdodoble ako ng shirt. Gumagamit din ako ng nipple cover paminsan para itago. I'm losing confidence dahil dito, good thing is di ako masyado naglalalabas and advantage na din yung work from home set up. I want to wear body fit t-shirts or sando with confidence. Nagwork out din ako pero alaws pa din, biceps lang lumaki.
Any tips or advice?
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2023.03.23 21:33 Beneficial-Range6079 I dare you to delete yours

So I have just past day 1 from deleting my tiktok app and it felt so good. I genuinely feel lighter and calmer. I feel like I'm more lived in by the moment and mas nakikita at naappreciate ko na yung mga bagay outside of online world. Na amazed ako with the big difference it made mentally and I guess holistically kasi it forced me to clean a part of our house kasi wala na nga akong tiktok fyp. in short naging productive ako haha and it felt so good. I also talked more with the people at home. Although I still have FB and youtube but im only connected to my family and really close friends. While Reddit, i wouldnt really consider modern day social media kasi dati pa naman may mga forums na. I hope this becomes a movement one day.
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2023.03.23 21:16 doodofe Water pressure check?

Water pressure check?
Hello community,
I have zero knowledge in plumbing and I have a question please.
My partner and I moved to a new build place and we are a bit concerned with the water pressure in our shower. We have been told it's " normal " but I have taken a few showers in my life to be able to tell when it's kinda low ( It doesn't make me a plumber though ).
The tap water seems alright ( even though my partner tells me to not be tricked by the bubbly water pressure ... ).
We have a " GSW water heater " in the garage and when I was reading the manual, there is a water pressure page but there is not much about it. They say " Locate your home's pressure reducing valve ".
And I could measure my water pressure but not sure where is the valve. It should apparently no more than 80 PSI and recommended 50-60 PSI max, 30 PSI minimum.
You can see in my pictures a gauge from a pipe showing 125 ash PSI, no idea what it is as it's way higher what's recommended, or maybe the pressure is high and then it's regulated through something else?
Under our sinks, everything is open normally, at the max.
So basically, I would like to be sure we get the right PSI amount and maybe the issue comes from our shower appliances ? wrong shower head or else?
Thank you for reading me.
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2023.03.23 21:12 Somebeardednerd Drastic Change in Water Bill

We're a family of 3, our water usage fluctuates of course, but nothing drastic and our routines haven't changed in awhile. PA American Water reached out a couple months ago about my water meter possibly giving incorrect readings and they wanted to change my meter out. They did so and my water bill ever since has effectively been cut in half despite no major changes in water usage. So it seems my old water meter has been reading incorrectly since ive lived in my home for 5 years now. Is it even possible to entertain getting some level of compensation for a clearly defective water meter that I've had for so long? I mean this could be nearly 2 grand in overpayment over those 5 years.
I'm curious if anyone else in the area has experienced something similar.
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2023.03.23 21:02 MrETroutman If I Died...

If I die tomorrow, I will be dead. That's it, the end, nothing more to discuss. This is not going to be one of those copy-and-paste posts either. If I kick the bucket, I Die... That's It. I will have...
Bought the farm,
Passed, passed on, or passed away...
I'll Have...

Eternal rest,
asleep... forever.
Met my Demise,
Got butt-slammed by Satan,
Slipped away
Lost my battle,
Lost my life,
succumbed to my mortality,
Gave up to the ghost,
Kicked the bucket,
Kicked in the face by God,
Didn't quite make it,
Breathed my last,
Went to be with the Lord,
Went to Heaven,
Met my maker
Was called home,
Will be in a better place,
Gone to that whorehouse in the sky,
And that's it.
And most likely I will have crapped my pants. So there you have it
Let's hope that I don't croak for another Thousand Years but if I do I will have been...
Pushing up daisies,
Sleeping with the fish,
Taking a dirt nap,
Pining for the fjords,
Kicked the oxygen habit,
Became worm food,
Tits ate by maggots,
But that's okay, it's part of the circle of life that Elton John was talking about.
But seriously though if I died tomorrow I would be...dead
In fact, if you read all of this rigmarole then I'm already dead right now.
So, to cover my funeral costs, sent as much as you can to my CA$HAPP
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2023.03.23 20:48 shabamon 1st round journal - Columbus

Like u/DanaGordonLine1 I also pulled on all day at a tournament site for the first round. I had been looking forward to seeing the games in Columbus for a couple years now. For Christmas I asked only for money to pay for decent tickets and a hotel stay. Here's my recap:
First of all, as a Cincinnati resident, I wish somehow the city could get in gear already and do something about Heritage Bank Center. In case you forgot, Cincinnati was supposed to host this round in 2023 contingent on a renovation to the arena. It didn't happen, so Columbus benefits. The NCAA Tournament joins the RNC as events that passed Cincinnati over. It's bad enough name brand music acts hit the YUM Center in Louisville before HBC. I've been paying close attention to college basketball for nearly 25 years and Cincinnati has to be the only major or secondary city in the continental US to never host a round in the NCAA Tournament. Astounding considering we have two major league pro teams (three if you count FC Cincinnati), two tradition rich college basketball programs in the city and a handful of other D1 programs within a two hour drive. Look at some of the cities that have gotten to host in this era: Albany, Des Moines, Birmingham, Greensboro, Spokane, Boise, Omaha, Providence, Wichita, Greenville, Hartford, Columbia. Cincinnati can't get in the same breath as these cities? Embarrassing. Not like you even need a major tenant to justify a good arena. Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines is home to minor league hockey, the G League, and arena football. The T-Mobile Center in KC doesn't even have a permanent tenant. I wonder how KC residents feel about having it.
Game 1: Michigan State vs USC. The best fanbase in Columbus all day was CLEARLY Michigan State. Nationwide Arena turned in East Lansing - South with partying Sparty fans filling the joint. If you told me there were more dedicated Sparty fans than Marquette, USC, Vermont, and neutral fans combined in session 1, I'd believe you. On the flip side, USC might have been the lightest fan base of the day. There were more Marquette fans in the building for the MSU/USC tipoff than Trojan fans. I know it's a cross country trip for USC and Columbus is not a terrible road trip from Milwaukee, but I thought I'd see more out of a college sports brand name. The game itself was a nice one to whet the appetite. Lots of dunks and ath-a-letes all over the floor. I also happened to sit next to the father of a former Ohio volleyball player from Grand Rapids. That was a nice coincidence.
Game 2: Marquette vs. Vermont. I was most looking forward to this one going in. I thought it had the most realistic chance of upset drama and atmosphere if the Catamounts were still in the game with 10 minutes to go. Early in the second half, Vermont cut the deficit to 45-40 and followed with three or four stops, but couldn't capitalize any closer and Marquette started to pour it on. The Eagles' Kam Jones had an insane stretch during this run where he scored 18 straight points. Most impressive player of the day.
I parked about a block and a half away next to the minor league baseball stadium for $15. Very agreeable. Took the break time to check into my hotel across the highway from OSU. I decided to walk the two miles back to the arena since Hofbrauhaus was about the halfway point. Had a delicious jaegerschnitzel and a liter of green beer as I watched the Creighton and UConn games.
Game 3: Purdue vs FDU. I completely wrote off FDU beforehand. I watched their Texas Southern play-in game and felt they at least played a style that gave them a chance against anyone, but I thought the size discrepancy with Purdue would just be too much to overcome. Talk about an ultimate never-say-never. That may have been the best played and best coached game from that level of underdog I've ever seen. Just amazing some of the sequences that took place in that game late considering the personnel from either team. Purdue's refusal to attempt two point shots, FDU's little guys flying everywhere for rebounds, sub-6'0'' guards blocking shots at the rim. IT was all the drama I could have ever hoped for out of my first trip to Tournament games.
Game 4: FAU vs Memphis. It's too bad the crowd thinned out for this one as the 8/9 games aren't all that intriguing from an upset/drama potential standpoint. This game also took us through midnight. I decided to upgrade from the upper deck down to the back of the FAU section for this one. I didn't realize that was FAU's first-ever NCAA Tournament win. That makes the late game drama all the sweeter. I had a great angle for the go-ahead shot. Pure elation from every angle. I have video of FAU bros darn near kissing each other they were so happy. From a talent and X/O standpoint, I do think Penny is doing a good job at Memphis, but his locker room would be about the last place I'd want to be day in and day out if I were a college athlete. Near fisticuffs in the huddle, chucking a water bottle in disgust in a game you lost fair and square.
Cell signal and wifi were pretty much non existent in the arena and they didn't use any of the LED or monitor space for score updates. No updates from the PA either so it was pretty much impossible to keep up with the other games. I found a bar afterward to watch the end of Kent/IU, but IU made sure I didn't need to stay long. $30 for a two mile Uber ride back to the hotel can get fucked.
All in all, the day was everything I could have hoped for. Session 2 attendees sure hit the Powerball. I wasn't even all that tired at the end. I'm going to try to do this again next year in Indianapolis.
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2023.03.23 20:43 BenjaminWatt Millionares make GoFundMe for funeral expenses...

I don't know if in just a horrible human being, but I got really upset opening my Facebook to see one of the wealthiest families I know make a GoFundMe. I was very sad to see their father had passed away. He was a great, humble, and successful man in the oil industry. However, upon seeing the family ask to raise $25,000 for his funeral expenses it made me upset. Knowing this family literally lives in a million dollar home... with super cars it was just really weird to see them asking for money when they could most definitely afford it. I am saddened and wish them the best dealing with such a loss, but seeing them use this passing as a chance to get even more money did make me upset. If I am the horrible person in this situation please let me know.
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2023.03.23 20:39 ShInObI2811 So our first pet lox died

So our first pet lox died
Halsteiner. That was his name. The picture is us paying our respects to his funeral. The moment we saw haldor with a pet lox we promised ourselves that if we ever got one ourselves we'd take care of it till the day we quit the game...and we did. When we first reached the plains there was a herd of loxen just on the shore so we dug a moat barely sized enough to fit one lox, lured two loxes out of the herd and tried to trap them inside. We did succeed but after giving the pair the cloudberries we thought would make them our friends one out of the two managed to get out by climbing on top of the other. We had to kill it. With a heavy heart so we did. And with that we were left with one lox who we named halsteiner. Halsteiner was a good friend, no he wasn't a friend he was a family member. We couldn't manage to get a lox saddle probably like near endgame plains but even without that he would fend off nearby fullings that we're trying to break into our walls. He would squeeze through the doors of the walls and come upto us and just chill there for a few days until he decided to go out again. He was.. a part of our clan. That was until we decided to fight the yagluth. We spawned the boss in with a positive mindset and eventually realised how underprepared we were. It had been days fighting the boss and we just kept on dying and slowly wittling it's health away. That was until my friend decided to bring in halsteiner. I won't say he was much of a help in the initial boss fight but he was certainly helping us isolate the boss by tanking the nearby normal mobs. It was a huge change in the tide of battle as it helped us focus on dodging the boss and not just run around the area until we eventually got hit by a meteor and died. It was working. We started to make serious progress on getting the boss down to near death that was when we noticed Halsteiner was nowhere to be found. Had he gone somewhere? Was he killed by another lox? We didn't know. We just focused on the boss as it was the task at hand. A few more strikes and we got it. We killed yagluth finally after days of trying but as soon as the boss died behind him we saw a collection of items that sent us into a state of utter shock. It was halsteiner's dropped items. Halsteiner had been helping us defeat our greatest for yet in his final moments and finally....through his help alone we were able to win. We took the lad back home...what was left of him at least. Put his drops in a reinforced chest and buried it with a shrine of stone built solely for him. He was a good friend. Rip.
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2023.03.23 20:14 jbwhite42 weird

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2023.03.23 19:48 Rosseaux Cold calling a funeral home for genealogy research.

Quick etiquette question. It is proper to call a funeral home and ask them to tell me burial information for a funeral from decades ago? I'm trying to locate a particular grave and have exhausted all leads with both regional cemeteries and archived obituary notices. I do, however, know the funeral home that conducted the service.
I don't want to make an awkward request, but I'm up against a brick wall here. Any thoughts from people in the biz?
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2023.03.23 19:37 throwaddiction0614 WIBTA if I didn’t drive my SO to the airport

My (24F) partner (24M) and I have been together 3 years. Things have been pretty good for the most part, but we have recently been having a lot of arguments from problems on both sides, so it’s been a bit tense the past few weeks.
A few days ago, I get home after I had a drink after work, and he tells me he’s going out of town, an old friend passed away and he’s going to see his friends and go to the funeral. I ask something along the lines of what time and my job won’t mind and he said “no, I don’t fucking want you there”
He was drinking at the time so I thought he was trying to get a reaction out of me, like he says but I woke up to him crying so I sat with him and he reiterated he doesn’t want me there at all. The next day, I explained it was just really hurtful and the way it was said was heartbreaking. He told me we aren’t in a good place so no, he doesn’t want me meeting his friends at all and doesn’t want that support from me during this time. Which is understood but recently we have been talking about a trip to meet these friends, moving cross country, getting a dog. I know circumstances are 100% different than just a road trip, but the hurt and confusion is still there.
Last night, we went out to dinner to get out of the house and he looked at me and said “I leave at like 4 am this weekend, I know that’s early but could you drive me?” I told him no, I found it a little frustrating that knowing how hurt I am, he’s going to ask me when I work early that morning, and it’s a 2 day trip so parking at the airport will be maybe $20.
Losing a friend is stressful and I have been trying to be as supportive as I can but he’s still pretty upset and won’t tell me why, WIBTA for not driving my SO to the airport?
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2023.03.23 19:20 MaterialStrict5195 AITA for telling my sister that she can't have our mom's jewelry?

I (24M) grew up with a single mother. My mom has one other child, my sister Stephanie (37F). Growing up, I didn't see a lot of Stephanie. She ran away from home when she was sixteen, and I didn't meet her again until I was seventeen. My mom didn't talk about her at all.
When I was fourteen, my mom was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that made it very difficult for her to care for herself. I ended up taking on a full-time caretaker role for her from the time I was sixteen until she died recently. Stephanie didn't even know about our mom's condition until about a year ago. Since then, she has visited occasionally, but she and mom were always very cold to each other.
The last few months of my mother's life, she stopped seeing Stephanie completely. Every time Stephanie called, my mom would make me pick up the phone and tell Stephanie that mom didn't want to talk to her. I didn't call Stephanie until after mom was already dead because I knew mom wouldn't want to see her.
When Stephanie found out my mom died, she drove down to help me out with the funeral and to hear the will. Unsurprisingly, mom left me everything, except for $5000 which she left for Stephanie. After the reading of the will, Stephanie pulled me aside and told me that there was some jewelry in our mother's house that belonged to our grandmother, who died before I was born. Stephanie said that our grandmother had promised her this jewelry and that it was very special to her.
If it had just belonged to our grandmother, I would have been fine giving it to Stephanie, but this jewelry was also special to mom. I would always see her wearing it, and she would tell me stories about her childhood and grandma, specifically. I don't want to give this jewelry away, and since I was closer to mom, I think I should be the one to have it.
I told Stephanie this, and she broke down and said that it was the only thing she wanted from mom. It pissed me off that our mom just died and the only thing Stephanie cares about is jewelry from our grandmother. I told Stephanie that since she obviously didn't care about mom, she didn't deserve to have anything from her. I said that it was no wonder mom didn't want to see Stephanie when she was dying because Stephanie was never there for her. Stephanie ended up going back home early. Since then, I have cooled down a bit and feel bad for the things I said to her. However, I still think that I should be the one to have the jewelry. AITA?
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2023.03.23 19:13 whoevenareyouanyways AOS and 90 day rule?!

Hi all! Avid lurker here that really wants some clarification on the “90 day rule” as I’m seeing something different everywhere I look and my brain cannot take it anymore.
My husband (USC) and I (UK Citizen) got married 3 months ago and have been planning to go the consular processing route and file the I-130. We chose this option because I had a close family member with cancer and wanted to make sure I was at home instead of stuck in the US waiting for AP and anything was to happen. I am back in the US now for my birthday and to attend a concert that I had tickets to (the artist didn’t do a UK tour) and unfortunately my family members health took a sudden turn for the worst, and she sadly passed away a lot sooner than we thought. I don’t have to be back home for a funeral as there will not be one (as per her request) and therefor my husband and I have decided it now makes more sense for me to stay with him in the US.
We want to start the process asap and file the necessary forms however Boundless have told us they will not help unless I’ve been in the US for over 90 days, however by this point my ESTA will have expired and I would have technically overstayed. I know we can file alone by ourselves and we probably will now with the help of some useful guides on visajourney, however I just wanted to ask for advice on this 90 day rule business. Shall we wait? Shall we not? What is the difference? Any input is greatly appreciated!
(Just to add, I’m very aware of the not working and not travelling while AOS is processing without advanced parole etc and this is something we’ve considered.)
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2023.03.23 18:53 Jean_dodge67 Visual essay attempting to examine 12:47 to 1:30 or so - command and control, sync points for Livesteam video, a review of what we know now of medical evacuations chaos. This one goes a little sideways.

I began this "visual examination" as an attempt to find a hard sync point to give a timeline to the Adam Ladezma livestream videos. It went a different direction but one follows the clues as they arise. WE've now seen a glimpse of three EMT interviews, and can compare data points there to what we see on some catch-as-catch can livestream videos, but they have no time stamps.
here is the Url but don't go in blind. I haven't had time to straight up the house for company. Sit on the porch first for a sec while I make excuses for the mess.
As it developed, I found instead less about the aftermath (although there is plenty to examine there and I do so in passing) and more about the run-up to the breach instead, including a somewhat vexing shadow figure" i'm calling "The Big Man," just because I can't figure out who he is just yet. This isn't to suggest any conspiracy exists, trust me. That's never my agenda. (Maybe he is DPS Victor Escalon? He seems like a late arrival, in any case and he is in a key spot acting somewhat "large and in charge.")
But from a distance, there seems to be an ersatz command center huddle at the corner of the funeral home paring lot just before the breach, with UPD SWAT guy Lt Martinez running around seemingly helping direct where people need to be set up as the "main event" is nigh. For discussion purposes I call them the "Streetcorner Boys." The essay shows where to find them.
For a long time I've been trying to establish, where is Betancourt, where is Escalon, why does Pargas wander off, why does UPD LT Martinez, Ranger Kindell, the game warden, BORTAC guys, others keep coming in and out of the hallway, and obviously a lot of it is that their communcations devices don't work well in there, but who are they hoping to communicate with? Their men or their bosses, or across agencies, etc. It's a puzzlement, especially without the help of DPS bodycam in a coherent presentation, which we may soon get via the media lawsuit, fingers crossed.
Or, McCraw may just erase them all like Nixon did with his Whitehouse 12.5 minute gap, or the CIA's black site torture tapes. That's not a conspiracy, Mods. It's a worry about the chain of evidence and public records we don't have and deserve to see. But who can say?
This is all non-conclusive. But it speaks to some of these large questions.
And as is, it flows like a steam of consciousness and you can watch my efforts go south as the essay unfolds. Perhaps the best way to read it might be to skip to the last 4-5 pics, like cheating yourself on a cheap mystery novel, where I have my non-conclusions, and then go back and read from the top, as IMGUR doesn't allow re-ordering.
This is mostly me trying to make notes as I attempted to find a sync point for the livestream videos so we can know a time stamp, and then look at the LEOs actions knowing when they are hoping to end this, and thinking they have "ended the killing", and seeing it slip into "now stop the dying," only very poorly.
Any and all criticism and clarifications are most welcome. The French word "essay," means to try. This one is a swing and a miss, mostly but some fascinating questions always seem to arise, from which connections need to be sought.
Abandon preconceptions ye who enter here? IDK. See what you think, tell me what i've got wrong, as usual. Help for helpless needed, appreciated.
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2023.03.23 18:40 United-Stable-572 Kissing the deceased

As someone who works at a funeral home. The one thing I CANT QUITE SHAKE is people kissing their dead loved one. Likeeee, I know that it looks like your father, son, brother, sister, mother, daughter, etc. but still it’s a corpse. It may look like them but in all honesty it’s a dead body you’re kissing. Maybe I’m just a little sensitive in that regard.
EDIT: I understand different cultures have different beliefs. I in no way show any discomfort by it in the workplace. (It’s not THAT unsettling to me) I know that people grieve differently. I just hold more reserved hygienic beliefs for my own actions. By all means… do you. No judgement passed.
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2023.03.23 18:39 MMM_eyeshot The Right Port in A Storm

I traveled to St. Augustine in late 2001 on Halloween as my aunt lay dying on IV morphine for a surfing trip. I did this for selfish reasons because in my loss of her and others I loved in IV heroin addiction, I often let my concern for my own inability to control the things around me lead me to consider relapsing in the helplessness of another failure and loss to a stolen dose of medication. 
I managed to resist the urge in morphine, but in essence loading up my surfboard and gear and heading out into a developing coastal storm and swell was exactly the same behavior that I was running from my whole life of trauma and failure in connection. I headed to Amelia Island to ride out the storminess until the next day hopefully revealed a clean early season NorthEast swell from a rather A-Typical Nor-Easter off the Sou-Easterly barrier island coast of Georgia( the Wild Horses on Jekyll and Cumberland island endure). Anyways, I had missed my hotel reservation in yet again poignancy of Gods correction overlooked, in my attempt to run from the pain of obligation to more traumatic loss, and as I overlooked the symbolism or running from home for clearer skies and calmer seas, as I Entered St. Augustine the Tempest had failed to move offshore to the rising tide and as much is often the case in modern times, Poseidon rises to our occasion for over looking battles within ourselves. The Castillo and the Old Town were already under a foot of water and with it the whole beautiful bar scene with what I could only miraculously imagine was scorn fetched ashore a king tide. As I slowly drove through the pooling waters on both submerged landings of the Bridge of Lions, I saw mast lights at the holding quiver. I could only imagine that every sailor was tending frayed standing gear to Any Port Wine in the Storm aboard, while tending anchors to haunting moans in building romance to a green eyed woman named Gail. (I know all too well the metronome of rhythm that a loose halyard slaps to the tempo of a gust buffeted mast of a shoal draft sloop in St. Augustine harbor.) Anyways i reached a spot to park next to Surf Station on Anastasia Island after struggling to find a dry dingy landing for my truck anywhere else but I could not find rest in my vehicle in the howling onslaught of compartmentalization of this building low, to the pressure of the situation in denial. What’s Global🤨Warming Anyways God; arrogance as you can see it’s cold and miserable outside? 🤔 As i left the parking lot to find a hotel to rest, I stopped for smokes at a convenience store and so often as I do the people of the world tempt my compassionate response. Now I do pick up strays as a Tea Company traumatized pirate at heart I tend to understand the taxing nature of the over served, but because of the autistic repetitive abuse from bad toilet training and a hyper vigilant fear about the plumbing I’d rather masterbate withdrawing into my sht, then meet someone and risk it coming, to blows. I really hate objectification of a body in absence of a mind, so as I write this I will consider a job for paying my funeral expenses, or government welfare from the shitty truth. But anyone that loves a sailboat knows exactly what overlooking intellect and connection for beauty and frustration! As I stopped, I met one of these she’s, and because I often help people who struggle in clarity, this woman who was chased out of every bar that was underwater on the mainland, and who was also left behind ashore for the wild natives by other sailors in moments of Anchor Lit Worry on Top O’ Mast in the Objectification of fear for the Gail’s tempest. From a few sentences I gathered that she needed desperately some dry shoes from walking through storm surge, as she no doubt left to fend for herself by retreating sailors to fight their own battles with the sea, and in the process also that she had been sleeping in the rain for at least 8 hours under a blanket layed by a stranger in beauty and kindness. Well the shoes, and the lack of sleep was enough to convince me to pick up her bag and gathered her needs as my own. Lucky too because not two hours later I got a call with her there with me in the car that let me know that my aunt had passed away. As a result we proceeded to get obliterated at this little area of Karaoke bars near O’Steens Fine Shrimp(despite often being at odds with her one tracked personality in the drink/drug selection, and some company everything and everything else my wounded stuck up broken ass could feel conflicted about like my Christian Brainwashed sexuality that I resented on a weekend with Zero surfing, or sun, or sobriety.) But as I call myself out here, then again what can a sailor tossed about on a storm that we fail to take responsibility for do, but abide to go down in denial of consideration for what we found in gratitude? 😳that would be Connection to the Anchor Light; That which can send us to depths of bottom for want for another outcome, or carry us oft in grateful wonder aloft. In humble personal reflection, that Weekend may have been an absolute Shipwreck in everything that My Aunt Passing Away as I sat in my Truck in a growing tempest reflected, but the one thing that helped me in that storm that weekend was the one thing left by every sailor ashore to return to the object of his concern in the waves; connection to the peace offered to us in our storm. Anyway this was the thought in that weekend that seemed a disaster, but hindsight it’s still 2020.
TLDR; I met an Angel in St. Augustine in the rain the night my Aunt died that I didn’t really hit it off with, but I could easily have married her. I’m so terribly sorry dear. [In retrospect the best] weekend of my life. Forgive me Dear wherever you may be I pray [you are] good. 💜
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2023.03.23 18:15 Less-Song9880 Do any modern polytheistic religions closely mirror ancient Mesopotamia's?

I'm trying to understand the uncanny parallels with Hinduism (not theory, but the day-to-day practices and beliefs). I actually can't think of a practice my family or community practice that doesn't mirror what I'm reading about ancient Mesopotamia. It's mind boggling. Some things are so specific but this is not an exhaustive list ofc:
In another sub, someone was dismissive and said this is how ALL polytheistic religions are. Do you agree? Are they the exact same?
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2023.03.23 18:14 citruslemonsqueeze Answering service

Funeral home recently got bought out. They’re wanting to switch answering service from ASD to ABC. Does anyone have experience with ABC? Are they trash?
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2023.03.23 17:49 norsemanGrey Firewall Rules for Home VLAN Network

Firewall Rules for Home VLAN Network
I have recently changed my home network over from a regular single subnet network to a VLAN network. I am trying to set up some firewall rules in my pfSense that makes sense and I could really use some input and feedback.
I have in total 7 VLANS and unless there is something special on the VLAN (devices that should not have internet access for instance) this is the "base" setup:
  • Block everything by default (no traffic across VLANs).
  • Allow egress traffic to internet (only non-private addresses).
  • Force devices to use pfSense DNS server.
In addition comes VLAN (device) to VLAN (device) specific allow rules of course.
Is this a good base/default setup? Should I consider changing or adding any rules?
With this setup though I see a lot of blocked traffic in my firewall log for traffic I wonder if should be allowed. I guess they are ping/multicast/broadcast traffic. Are these safe to allow by default? - ICMP x.x.x.x - x.x.x.1 ICMP LAN Addresses - WAN Addresses ICMP x.x.x.x - IGMP x.x.x.x - IGMP x.x.x.x:137 - x.x.x.255:137 UDP x.x.x.x:1900 - UDP 
There are also a whole lot of entries with TCP:RA and TCP:PA flags. Are these just dropped connections and if so can they be removed from the logs somehow?
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2023.03.23 17:19 BlazingSaint Earworm? More like MOUTHworm!!!

A cold grey night, a father comes back home after grocery shopping. His son helps carrying the groceries for him. It's supposed to be a cool looking cottage cabin home. After that, they were discussing stuff on about the prices of some items and how stupidly expensive it is.
Several moments later, the father starts to lose consciousness, as if he had a stroke or something. Then drops down to the floor and struggles to breathe, the son panics and yelps for mom to call the ambulance. What it really was is that he caught the new deadly virus.
Mom reaches for the phone and presses the three iconic buttons. It's been a few minutes afterwards, so the son tries to help out giving CPR. "Why do I feel like something's there?” He starts to question himself. One more last push and then....jumpscare alert, WORMS popped out of his mouth!
The worms released back into the father's wide open mouth and starts to choke on it! Petrified. Mom freaks out on the phone to the operator about how she & the son saw the worms popped out of his mouth and cries for help asap while he was choking back on them.
TOO LATE. The father's face turned pale and slowly stopped moving which he is very well pronounced dead. The mother then told the operator that it's too late to save him. Tears started streaming down their faces as they bawled and howled for the rest of the night.
A day later, the silent shell-shocked family members began to dig the cold, dead body of their beloved father. They couldn't even get a funeral soon yet because it was during the most deadliest pandemic that killed literal billions of people.
Earworm!!! : CrazyMovieIdeas ( This here is the link of my movie concept which involves the scene. Enjoy it! And please tell me what your favorite part was afterwards. :)
Writing aside, I originally had the father getting a bad seizure, but then, you're not supposed to give out CPR during that time, so I changed that to make it more realistic. I was so mad & hard at myself about that.
The jumpscare is also not supposed to be just a long bang cliche. Only nasty, excruciating squish noises of the worms. I can only imagine the jumpscare in 3D. Many people in the world HATE worms to no end. A close-up of worms popping out in your face is nightmare fuel if you ask me.
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2023.03.23 17:18 arm_andhofmann Cult of the Psychic Fetus - Funeral Home Sessions - Gothabilly

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2023.03.23 17:06 karlbenedict12 a catholic school in my country just temporarily stopped celebrating the mass after a student did a "food review" (i.e. smuggled) of the host (article below). my thoughts:

link to the news article, as well as a facebook post containing a screenshot of the aforementioned "food review" tweet can be found at the bottom.
this is the result of poor catechesis, i am not surprised. however, i do believe that church heirarchs are partly in fault due to what they show to the laity during the liturgy.
lex orandi, lex credendi.
at least in my place, the mass is treated merely as an obligation to be fulfilled, hence the celebration is done hastily by doing only the bare minimum of what is asked. no canonical digits? how will you expect the laity to believe in the real presence if the celebrant himself shows no care towards eucharistic particles? versus populum instead of ad orientem? yeah, (1) the mass is directed to the people, and (2) the priest has his back against the tabernacle, i'm pretty sure what's inside has no importance at all (sarcasm, obviously). pair that with almost always using the shorter eucharistic prayer 2 na daog pa si eminem mag-rap. you can't really blame poorly catechized lay people with their ignorance.
lex orandi, lex credendi---the law of prayer is the law of belief. what we believe is reflected in how we worship.
the mass is no longer a solemn sacrifice and communal banquet, but rather, a cooking show on stage with the audience casually responding to the chef's rap, with free taste afterwards (/s). that's what is implied.
and all of that is assuming that no liturgical abuses are being committed. what about irreverent dancing inside the liturgy and clapping? no, i am not talking about the zaire use which is totally legitimate, valid, and licit; i am talking about modern dance extremely close to the sanctuary (no altar rails) with edm-ish hillsong music before the final blessing, of which i have just witnessed a month ago.
no, i'm not a radtrad who despises the novus ordo itself, but the way it is currently celebrated in the majority of parishes disappoints me. the novus ordo can be celebrated beautifully---but it is not; that's the problem right there. even worse, those who celebrate the n.o. similar to the t.l.m. are discouraged and even sent to psychological treatment. 1 2
to end, here is a quote from the late Pope Benedict XVI; an except from the preface to The Organic Development of the Liturgy (book by Alcuin Reid, OSB; Ignatius Press) 3 4
"If the Liturgy appears first of all as the workshop for our activity, then what is essential is being forgotten: God. For the Liturgy is not about us, but about God. Forgetting about God is the most imminent danger of our age. As against this, the Liturgy should be setting up a sign of God’s presence. Yet what is happening, if the habit of forgetting about God makes itself at home in the Liturgy itself, and if in the Liturgy we are only thinking of ourselves? In any and every liturgical reform, and every liturgical celebration, the primacy of God should be kept in view first and foremost."
God bless
p.s. i am in no way a liturgical expert whatsoever, these are only my opinions based on my observations as a lay person who also happens to know basic theology and liturgical stuff.
News Article Screenshot
references: [1] [2] [3],first%20and%20foremost [4],first%20and%20foremost
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