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ID.4 ordering process Canada

2023.03.23 21:39 fredujour ID.4 ordering process Canada

Hi just wanted to provide you guys with my experience “ordering” my ID4 in Canada (Québec) in November 2021.
I did everything over the website + I called the car Salesman but he didn’t seems to know much about the ID4.
I finally placed my order AWD ID4 + statement package which included the Heat Pump. Since I live in Canada and it get very cold this was a must and 1 of the reason why I wanted the Statement Package.
About 10 months ago I got a called from the Salesman and he said that I had to re-order my ID4 since the interior is now changed and that the heat pump wasn’t part of the statement package. So I pretty much re-ordered the same car but would now be a 2023 model with all the same options and I did mentioned to the car salesman to ensure that this was the AWD long range, Statement package with the Heat Pump.
Then a maybe 4 months ago I got an email saying that the car should arrive by the 2nd trimester.
Today I received a phone call from the dealership. The car Salesman told me that he got a good and a bad news for me. And I’m wondering exactly where he was going with this… He said ok the good news I got your car in my lot. And then I asked what’s the bad news? He responded that It’s my order but not exactly as I ordered it. It didn’t have the exact specs of the statement package and didn’t have the Heat Pump.
I replied as politely as I could saying then this is obviously not my car that I ordered twice, Once in 2021 and another time at the end of 2022.
The car Salesman then said that they do receive a whole lot of ID4 without the specs that the clients ordered. He said it’s always like opening a “Surprise Box” and he went on trying to sale me this car which wasn’t mine. He also said that without the heat pump you only lose 10 to 15% in range during the winter and I know this is BS…
I told him that this wasn’t my car and I will keep on waiting until the proper one come’s in. He then said that there are shortage of resources to build the pumps or something along those lines and that if I really wanted the car with the heat pump I may well be waiting until 2025.
Then I tried to keep my self calm and asking him I’ve put 1000$ down back in Nov 2021 and now your telling me that I need to wait till 2025. SO BEWARE or if the heat pump is not a problem for you DM me so I can tell you where to go pick it up… It’s Black with the white and blue interior AWD long range (some part of the statement package or not) ...
Such a bad experience so far…
This makes me reconsider the whole thing If indeed I have to wait till 2025 I may go for Kia EV9
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2023.03.23 20:09 Marix- Kia/Hyundai Theft

Just started working at a dealership for Kia/Hyundai and i’m SURPRISED at the new anti-theft system for the 2023 models. (Considering my moms got hers broken into I had PTSD on working here lol)
Thing is those are 2023 models which is NEW,forcing customers to upgrade/move on especially with some insurances not covering 2021-and older models.
You would think they would give some sort of gracious show of effort to their customers who had to deal with these theft antics at least. (Far fetched I know)
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2023.03.23 19:54 golfitup 360 View distorted on 2023 SX. Kia says it’s normal

I picked up my 2023 SX a couple of weeks ago, and quickly noticed that the 360 degree “Birds Eye” view was badly distorted, particularly the front right side of the car. This makes it all but unusable for parking, which is a bummer. If I try to push on the right mirror, then I can see the picture changing. I believe it’s a calibration issue, and I know the service manual includes a procedure for how to recalibrate, but that must be done by the dealership.
The dealership (Ft Bend Kia) claims that this is normal, but agreed to submit a ticket to Kia. Apparently Kia also says that this is normal, which I find very hard to believe.
Has anyone had the same issue? Any advice on how to get this resolved? (For the record, the parking spaces shown in the pictures were normal spots with straight painted lines.)
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2023.03.23 18:27 redLiftHeavy Flawless Experience for a Hyundai Veloster 2020

In the past 3 years, I've ended up totaling three of my cars -- lost a Prius to a deer, lost a Kia Forte to black ice, and finally, lost a Jetta to a rolling tire from a drunk driver spinning out of control. The car selection in my town is abysmal, so I ventured into Carvana's website, braved through tons of good/bad reviews, and decided their return/warranty policy was good enough to test the waters.
I chose a Hyundai Veloster 2020 with 39k miles on it for about $24k with free delivery in cash. Submitted all the paperwork through the website and the delivery was made on time, no issues. Test drive was smooth, the car was in great condition. By far the best car buying experience I've ever had, and it sure beat the ardor of having to endure pressing salespersons, unsatisfying car selections, endless amount of paperwork, and sitting in dealership office for 1-2 hours. Went to the DMV after having the dealership check out the car (no issues) and the usual smarmy DMV personnel who tried to lecture me about the title process promptly shut up real quick with a surprised, "Oh." when I flashed all the paperwork from Carvana was a plus.
Back in the days I would drive all the way to Atlanta to get the best deals on cars, but this was mind shattering, eye opening experience for me. 10/10 would buy another car from Carvana whenever another family member of mine needs a new car.
Maybe I lucked out on this purchase and Carvana is really that bad. Or maybe it's the small fraction of the 400K of those who bought from Carvana and had a bad experience who are the most vocal ones (aka squeakiest wheel gets the grease). Who knows.
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2023.03.23 18:09 SpookyShell UPDATE 2019 FORTE BREAK IN

March 7th my car was towed by Sally’s Towing here in San Antonio TX, from my apartment to a local Kia dealership.
March 13th the field appraiser went to the dealership to inspect my car. They were told no car under my name was in the system. I called to verify the car was there (via AirTag), they looked around the property and found my car. They stated the tow driver provided them with incorrect information and didn’t know where they left the key. I called the towing company asking where the driver left the key. Dude on the other end thought I was attacking him, he called the tow driver and was told where they left the key with a sales associate. I called the dealership back and told them where the driver left the key. They were able to place me in the system and make a ticket for the repairs.
March 14th my bf and I went to the dealership to remove all belongings. We noticed the busted window was uncovered, we made sure it was covered before it got towed. Someone left their Texas Longhorns cap in the backseat, and my phone charger was gone. I asked the service department if they could wrap the window, they said it wasn’t their responsibility. So we wrapped it up with shipping tape (that’s all the dealership had). We made sure not to get it on the paint.
March 17th I got a call from the field appraiser saying they were able to inspect my car. They said the steering column damage wasn’t as bad as other Kia vehicles he looked at. The estimate is currently $1,870. It can go up after the Kia technician looks at it, which could be the last week of March.
That’s it for now, I’ll continue to update this post. I know it’s going to be a long and slow process to get my baby back home. Each time I see a Forte I get sad and hope the owner doesn’t have to relive this, cause it SUUUUUCKS!!!
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2023.03.23 03:27 Few-Surround1998 Cancelling Extended Warranty Kia

I recently bought a Kia vehicle and was told that the extended 10 year warranty and a glass protection plan was cancellable within 30 days. I clearly told the finance manager that I will review all the documents and might cancel these if they don't fit my needs.
It took the finance manager 7 days after the vehicle was sold to me to send the detailed documentation of the coverage and he kept on saying that he is the only finance manager and is super busy. He finally sent the documents and I reviewed the coverage and felt that it doesn't meet all my needs. I asked him to cancel the coverages and he said the refund will be deposited back to the lien holder and within 2 to 4 weeks.
My understanding from Reddit was that I am required to visit the dealership to sign papers for cancellation but he said that I don't need to visit the dealership or sign any forms and the cancellation has been processed.
Any recommendations on what my next steps should be? I don't have any receipt of cancellation or how much amount will be refunded back from the dealership. When I asked he said entire amount will be refunded and he's super busy.
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2023.03.23 01:38 Nicklenic Dealer mark ups at Kia?

I find myself needing a car. I’d love to wait it out, but I don’t think it’s possible. Looking at a Kia. Haven’t started negotiations yet so I’m not sure if they are marking up, but thought I’d check to see if anyone has any BTDT experience. Any good dealership experiences out there during this random time of car buying?
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2023.03.22 22:30 CMorbius Financing

Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 23 Telly, but the financing offered by many dealerships and Kia are pretty high up there. Credit is great at 800+. What did you guys use?
Many thanks!!
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2023.03.22 21:01 FleaDad Public Disclosure of PII Leak at ABCSmartCookie's Personalized Links for Online Children's Cookie Sales


I am posting this message today to disclose publicly a vulnerability I identified in the ABC Smart Cookies platform for online cookie sales. This disclosure comes after weeks of attempting to resolve it privately with the concerned parties.
When loading a child's personalize link, ABC Smart Cookie's application provides to the guest viewer in the background the full first and last name, nickname, girl ID, troop council, and troop number of the girl who owns that link. This information is provided completely unencrypted.
With this vulnerability, anybody in possession of these links can identify the girl each link belongs to. You can obtain these links by searching Google for public posts on social media accounts very easily.
This means that any child who shared their links publicly online could have their identity unmasked by anybody on the Internet.
It is trivially easy to write a program that harvests these links and then obtains the personally identifying information of each child.
This issue has been present at least this cookie season. From what I could gather, it appears to me that this likely has been a problem since they switched to this particular software platform.
These links expire at the end of the cookie season making the information inaccessible after that point.

Example of the vulnerability:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
I will not explain how to go about finding this information, but it is trivial and anybody who understands the inner workings of a browser will know how with just the above images.

Disclosure to GSUSA and ABC Smart Cookies

On March 5th, GSUSA and ABC Smart Cookies were privately informed of this vulnerability.
GSUSA has been fantastic. They are responsive and open to discuss this. They took immediate action.
ABC Smart Cookies has completely refused to respond to multiple emails. They did respond to GSUSA with a prepared statement they said they would send to me; however, they never sent it. Luckily, this statement made its way to my inbox through other means.
Here is the statement in its entirety:
Below is HFS-ABC’s official response on this issue. We are also providing this response directly to the parent, who created a service ticket through ABC’s Direct Ship customer email channel.
ABC employs encrypted characters to replace individual Girl Scout names in social media and other external facing links. ABC uses this methodology to prevent the open disclosure of Scout names while ensuring ABC’s ability to credit the appropriate Council, Troop, or Scouts for sales. The actual Scout names are difficult to uncover and are not conspicuously available. Moreover, this information cannot be viewed without support from decrypting tools with are unavailable to the average customer. ABC’s use of encrypted characters and its underlying methodology to credit Scouts for sales is in line with ABC’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and COPPA Statement, which are available on the ABC Smart Cookies homepage. Any other use of this information is strictly prohibited by these policies.
While ABC appreciates input from the Girl Scout community to improve its systems, with the end of the season fast approaching any changes to ABC’s URLs will be short-lived before they become irrelevant with ABC’s impending move to Digital Cookie next season – the distinct but similar online sales platform used by GSUSA. Any additional development creates instability in the online sales platform and negatively impacts ABC’s ability to effectively manage online sales during the last six weeks of this cookie program.
ABC’s dual priorities are to support the strongest national cookie program possible and to protect and enrich Scouts in doing so. ABC remains confident that the risks of any privacy concerns, while not unreasonable, are very low, and we have provided guidance on sharing URLs to reduce any potential privacy risks.
This statement is at best inaccurate. My opinions are much stronger than that, but I will let you come up with your own.
First, they claim that they use encryption on this information and that no average user can obtain it without decrypting tools. They state that it is difficult to uncover this information, and the average customer would be unable to recover this information.
Note: When ABC Smart Cookie's website provide you with the child's troop council and troop number they do in fact encrypt the first and last name values there, but it is too late by this point as they provided it unencrypted prior to that.
Second, they state that with the cookie season coming to a close that any change in their code now would be irrelevant. That any additional development might affect their sales by causing disruptions to their service.
Third, they state that they are fully compliant with their privacy policy and COPPA policy.
Regarding COPPA, which was mentioned in the response from ABC Bakers, it is an FTC regulation specifically to cover what information can be provided online publicly in regards to minors. More information, including the full text of the COPPA regulation, can be found here. The FTC also provides a COPPA FAQ which you can find here.


The truth of the matter is that this information is easily obtained by anybody with a browser. This information is not encrypted. Any average user on the Internet has access to this information. Whether or not the person viewing the link is an "average customer" isn't an excuse to allow this to continue.
It is my personal opinion that ABC Smart Cookies has a responsibility to fix this issue when they are made aware of it; instead, they made a decision not to fix it. Their reply indicates to me they either didn't try to verify my claims or they're ignoring it. I don't know which is the case.
Everyone else I've spoken with including GSUSA and the girlscouts mod team have been able to verify my claims and reproduce it themselves.

What can I do about this?

Contact your local council and GSUSA corporate.

File a complaint with your state's Attorney General's office (per FTC guidelines regarding COPPA complaints).

Contact ABC Smart Cookies here:

3500 Lacey Road Suite 300, Downers Grove, IL 60515
1-800-221-1002 or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])


The Girl Scouts of the USA is an amazing organization. My daughter joined this year as a 6-year-old, and the impact this organization has had on her is impossible to miss. I praise our local council and GSUSA's response to me over the past few weeks. I could not have asked for a better response from them. It is unfair that GSUSA has to be swept up into this mess when they did everything right.
This personally identifiable information being available is a massive problem, but ABC Smart Cookies choosing to ignore it and do nothing about it is even worse.
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2023.03.22 20:19 jjohnson191 Trading in lease with 10k below mileage; any benefit or should I use up those miles?

In a few months I’m going to trade in a 2021 Kia Seltos 12k miles / 36 month lease. I’ll be below the 36k miles by probably 9-10k (pandemic eliminated need for virtually all car travel).
My question is: does the 10k under the mileage give me any sort of benefit or bargaining power at the time of trade in towards new lease or purchase?
Market value on this car with this mileage seems to be around $23000. I requested an instant buyout quote from finance company online just now and was quoted $15000 (but I think that’s on the assumption the car will have around 36k miles not 26k miles). I’d rather not have to buy the car, wait for title, and then turn around and try and sell it or use it as a trade in. Would rather have some leverage for a new lease or new purchase at time of trade in.
This will be fourth car I’ve leased or bought through this particular dealership; all the others were at or very close to their mileage and so this has never come up for me before.
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2023.03.22 19:08 jjohnson191 Trading in lease with 10k below mileage; any benefit or should I use up those miles?

In a few months I’m going to trade in my 2021 Kia Seltos 12k miles / 36 month lease. I’ll be below the 36k miles by probably 9-10k (pandemic eliminated need for virtually all car travel).
My question is: does the 10k under the mileage give me any sort of benefit or bargaining power — like less money down?
This will be fourth Kia I’ve leased through this particular dealership; all the others were at or very close to their mileage and so it’s never come up. But if the lower mileage does nothing for me then I guess I’ll plan a cross country trip to burn through them — would rather have the bargaining chip, though.
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2023.03.22 18:34 Intelligent_Ball_176 Justed joined the Club with my new Rav4 Hybrid XLE - Bay Area

Justed joined the Club with my new Rav4 Hybrid XLE - Bay Area

From used sedan Honda -> brand new SUV Toyota :D
I've looked around for a couple of weeks and finally got my new Rav4 Hybrid XLE at MSRP + $2K markup from Toyota Tracy last Saturday.
I called almost every dealership around the Bay Area (using the list from this post: so here is some good information to share if you are looking for a Rav4 Hybrid. I am from San Jose by the way.
Stockton - no markup, but their priority is local buyers. No waitlist
Modesto - no markup, *
Sunnyvale - no markup, their waitlist is like 3-6 months
Elk Grove - no markup, their waitlist is long so they won't take more in
Merced - 995 mandatory dealer-installed accessories, *
Berkeley, Vallejo - 2000 markup, non-negotiable (as of 03/10), *
Gilroy - 5000 markup, I was able to haggle down to 2000 but I was back out because I didn't like the LE much.
Tracy - 4000 markup but I was able to get them down to 2000 and got my car.
Marin, Palo Alto, Hayward - 3000 mandatory dealer-installed accessories - non-negotiable.
For my experience, I chose Tracy because they're okay to take my deposit remotely, the others would make me drive 40-50 miles to make a deposit for reservation (note: it's a non-refundable deposit because they all want the cars to be pre-sold). I only needed to drive to Tracy Toyota to pick up my car.
*: I am still on the waitlist for these dealerships, so if you're in Bay Area and just started looking for a Rav4 Hybrid, message me, and we may discuss how I can help you connect to those dealerships if they have cars available.
P/s: if you are looking for Rav4 gasoline. You should be able to go below MSRP now since the market for gasoline cars is cooling down.
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2023.03.22 17:23 ghofmann [Offline][5e][Downers Grove] Forgotten Realms Underdark Campaign

I'm looking for an 18+ player to join an in-person D&D 5e game on Saturday afternoons (every other) in Downers Grove, IL. We’re playing in the Forgotten Realms setting and the party is currently in a deep gnome settlement (Blingdenstone) in the underdark. Please comment below or send me a DM if interested. #LOOKINGFORPLAYERS #dungeonsanddragons #inperson #dnd #forgottenrealms #DownersGrove #Westmont #Lisle #Naperville #Hinsdale #Darien #5e #lookingforgroup
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2023.03.22 16:29 ghofmann LFG In-Person Downers Grove, IL

Hey all, this is a long shot, but I'm looking for an 18+ player to join an in-person D&D 5e game on Saturday afternoons (every other) in Downers Grove, IL. We’re playing in the Forgotten Realms setting and the party is currently in a deep gnome settlement (Blingdenstone) in the underdark. Please comment below or send me a DM if interested. #LOOKINGFORPLAYERS #dungeonsanddragons #inperson #dnd #forgottenrealms #DownersGrove #Westmont #Lisle #Naperville #Hinsdale #Darien #5e #lookingforgroup
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2023.03.22 15:36 No-Broccoli6540 Don’t buy a Kia unless you’re willing to have it stolen

I bought a Kia thinking it would be a great car and boy was I wrong. Last week someone broke in & tried to steal it. They messed up my ignition and can’t get a new one ordered for 4-6 months apparently. My insurance only covers a rental for a month & now I’m trying to figure things out. I’m hoping I can call my local dealership & they can help me out bc this is ridiculous. Beware of the Kia boys.
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2023.03.22 06:27 bmk14 Private used vehicle market is broken.

The private market for used vehicles is completely uncompetitive - at least in the vehicle category I'm looking at.
I've been researching for a 7-seat SUV in the 2015-2018 age range since December 2022. We've settled on Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe and Mazda CX-9 as our preferences and have been test driving and negotiating over the past 3 or 4 weeks.
Within a 100km radius of Brisbane, a majority of private Carsales ads are 3+ months old with a large portion of 6+ months and a handful of ads older than 12 months.
I've got like for like examples of same make/model/variant/km/condition listed $2,000 - $4,000 cheaper at used dealerships and this is including stamp duty, warranty and 6 months rego. When I've pointed this out to private sellers, they've been unwilling to even match the dealer price.
Can someone with a better understanding of these things can tell me if it's normally this bad?
What are the main reasons it is taking so long for private sellers to realise they're uncompetitive and what will it take for this to change?
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2023.03.22 04:14 JoseMHMora Potential Fixes? CarPlay Keeps disconnecting. I’ve tried new Lightning cables, Cplay dongle, dealership can’t recreate it, idk what to do anymore. Kia Sportage SX Prestige FWD 2023

Potential Fixes? CarPlay Keeps disconnecting. I’ve tried new Lightning cables, Cplay dongle, dealership can’t recreate it, idk what to do anymore. Kia Sportage SX Prestige FWD 2023 submitted by JoseMHMora to kia [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 03:18 IIISJCIII Air conditioner

Have a 2019 kia Niro 42,000, Ac stop mid drive.. I've checked the ac and it's fully charged... The compressor kicked on once in 30 minutes for a very short time....but it doesn't seem to stay on or run at all
Any ideas, dealership can't see me for another two weeks
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2023.03.22 02:49 cptnnredbrd Was just told by Kia that the brand new showroom car had to be considered used because it was at the dealership for over 15 days.

I came to buy a new car that was listed on their web page for $43000 all fees and destination included. The only extras are taxes and licensing that I was told is $69. When I said ok value my trade in and let’s buy this car. I was told that I couldn’t buy the showroom model unless I paid used car financing. It was Kia policy that anything at the dealer for over 15 days is considered used. Then they tried to sell me on the identical model but added in $5000 in extra fees and coverage that they weren’t “allowed to remove .“ because of course, this other car they “worked hard to secure me” wasn’t the one listed for a decent price including all fees. Then he went on to say that he could make a factory order for the price on the web page however it could take a year (lie) and they wouldn’t guarantee me the trade in value they were offering. So if I were to do so I would get screwed in the end and either lose my deposit of $1000 when they offer me way less for the vehicle or I have to accept their offer and lose the money on the trade in. I guess my question is A) Does anyone believ that a car is considered used after 15 days on the lot and B) don’t they have to sell a car for the offered price on their web page by law?
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2023.03.22 02:34 htxcoog86 Easiest Car Purchase EVER

So I traded my 95K mi, 2019 Chevy Malibu LS in for a 2016 Kia Sorento EX V6 with 55K mi.
I drove the hell out of the Malibu for work and had to replace the engine at 88k mi because the vacuum pump exploded and shards went into the engine. After I replaced the engine and $7,000 later, the check engine light came back on, and I was determined to get out of that car.
I was more so pissed that I drove so much at my previous job, so much that I quit and got a job 5 mins from home. Plan on putting about 7-9K miles a year on the Kia since I also have a motorcycle.
I went to Carvana and was blown away at how easy it was to qualify for a vehicle. I found a nice Kia Sorento with leather interior and V6 engine with 3rd to go along with our 2019 Chevy Traverse at home so I can tote the kiddos around. Scheduled my pick up for the following Monday at 5pm.
Everything was going really well… Monday came around, but at 3pm I got a message saying they had to reschedule my appointment for the next Tuesday so they could complete a drive cycle to pass emissions.
I was pretty bummed, especially since when I contacted customer service they said it was a transport issue, not an issue with the vehicle. But the dealership was way better to work with than customer service and actually more truthful. I received texts about every other day saying “Everything is looking good for your Tuesday pick up”.
Honestly, whatever they had to do make sure the vehicle was road ready, was fine with me.
I picked up the car today, and gave my son the token to get the car off the vending machine. Pretty cool experience honestly. I looked the car over, especially the undercarriage because it was in Michigan for a year. The drum brakes were rusted and the headlights were a little faded. But man, I am really happy with this purchase.
I hope Carvana can really get their shit together, because they do give a car purchasing experience that I’ve never had before. I was out in less than 30 mins.
I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated.
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2023.03.22 01:20 Blushindressing Help please! do I really need all this maintenance (kia niro hybrid 2017 38k mi) ?

Hi kia friends! I just got back from an oil change and inspection at the dealership and got a huge list of things that need to be maintained on my 2017 kia niro hybrid. It has 38k miles and no noticeable issues. Not sure if these are things that are routine or if they're just trying to fleece me because I'm a girl. Any insight on the services / prices would be appreciated!
Brake Fluid $190
Clutch Actuator Service $250
GDI Major $280
Transmission Fluid Change $350
Evap vent filter $180
Air Filter $30 (pretty sure I can DIY?)
Cabin Air Filter $80 (pretty sure I can DIY?)
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2023.03.22 01:13 mooge_ Plumbing Apprenticeship.

Kia Ora team. Just wanted to see if anyone out there had any experience doing an apprenticeship under Downer? Are these large scale / commercial company’s easier to qualify through than a small scale / residential one? What about career development and remuneration?
I want to eventually get gas and drainage certification too and know a few companies that do all of them so would it make sense to do it all through one employer (like downer) or jump ships frequently?
What would be the quicker way to progress in a plumbing career here in NZ? I’m aware it takes time and the start is often mundane however if there was a quick way to get all three certs what would it be?
Thanks guys
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