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TEFL Online Pro - The benefits of teaching English online or abroad in 2023

2023.03.23 22:41 teflonlinepro TEFL Online Pro - The benefits of teaching English online or abroad in 2023

TEFL Online Pro - The benefits of teaching English online or abroad in 2023

What are some of the benefits of teaching English online or abroad?

The benefits of teaching English online or abroad.


In today's globalized world, English has become a global language that is spoken and understood by millions of people worldwide. The increasing importance of English has led to a growing demand for English teachers, both online and abroad. Teaching English online or abroad offers a host of benefits, including personal and professional growth, cultural exchange, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives. In this article, we will explore the advantages of teaching English online or abroad.

Personal and Professional Growth

Teaching English online or abroad can be an excellent way to develop new skills and gain valuable experience. For starters, teaching English requires excellent communication skills, which can be honed through teaching practice. You will need to learn how to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand for non-native speakers. This can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding when you see your students improve their language skills.
Teaching English also requires good organizational skills, as you will need to plan lessons and manage your time effectively. You will need to be flexible and adaptable, as different students will have different learning styles and needs. This can help you become more adaptable and comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
Teaching English can also be an excellent opportunity for personal growth. You will be exposed to new cultures and ways of thinking, which can broaden your horizons and challenge your assumptions. You will learn about the traditions and customs of the country you are teaching in, which can help you develop a deeper appreciation for diversity.

Cultural Exchange

Teaching English online or abroad also offers a unique opportunity for cultural exchange. As a teacher, you will be interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This can help you gain a deeper understanding of their perspectives and experiences. You will be able to share your own culture and experiences with your students, which can foster mutual respect and understanding.
When teaching abroad, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. You will be able to try new foods, learn about local customs, and participate in local festivals and celebrations. This can be a rewarding experience that can help you develop a deeper appreciation for different cultures.
In addition, teaching English online can also facilitate cultural exchange. Through online teaching, you can connect with students from all over the world. This can be an excellent way to learn about different cultures and make new friends. You can also share your own culture and experiences with your students, which can help them develop a deeper understanding of your perspective.

Opportunity to Make a Positive Impact

Teaching English online or abroad can also be a way to make a positive impact on people's lives. By teaching English, you are helping your students develop a valuable skill that can improve their job prospects and open up new opportunities. You are also helping them improve their communication skills, which can enhance their personal and professional relationships.
When teaching abroad, you can also make a positive impact on the local community. By teaching English, you are helping to bridge the language barrier between locals and visitors. This can help to create a more welcoming and inclusive community. You can also volunteer your time and skills to local organizations, which can make a meaningful contribution to the community.
Teaching English online can also be an opportunity to make a positive impact. By teaching online, you can reach students who may not have access to traditional classroom settings. This can be especially valuable for students who live in rural areas or who have disabilities that make it difficult to attend classes in person.

Financial Benefits

Teaching English online or abroad can also offer financial benefits. In many countries, English teachers are in high demand, and salaries can be competitive. In addition, teaching abroad can offer opportunities for travel and exploration, which can be an excellent way to see the world while earning a living.
Teaching English online can also be a way to earn a flexible income. Many online English teaching platforms offer flexible scheduling and payment options, allowing you to work as much or as little as you want. This can be especially beneficial if you are looking for a side job or a way to supplement your income.
Moreover, teaching English online or abroad can also be an excellent opportunity to save money. Many countries offer lower cost of living than the United States or Europe, allowing you to live comfortably while still being able to save money. This can be especially advantageous if you are looking to pay off debt, save for retirement, or build up your savings.

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad offers a host of benefits beyond personal and professional growth, cultural exchange, and financial benefits. It can be an opportunity to live in a new country, learn a new language, and experience a different way of life. Here are some additional benefits of teaching English abroad:
  1. Opportunities for Travel - Teaching English abroad can be an excellent opportunity to explore a new country and region. Many countries have beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, and cultural treasures that you can discover during your free time.
  2. Cultural Immersion - Teaching abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture and way of life. You will have the opportunity to learn about the customs, traditions, and values of the local people. This can help you develop a deeper appreciation for diversity and cultural differences.
  3. Language Learning - Teaching abroad can be an excellent way to learn a new language. You will be immersed in the local language and culture, allowing you to practice your language skills in real-life situations. This can be especially beneficial if you are interested in learning a language for personal or professional reasons.
  4. Networking - Teaching abroad can be an opportunity to build a network of contacts and friends from around the world. You will have the opportunity to meet other teachers, local professionals, and people from different backgrounds. This can be valuable for personal and professional development.

Teaching English Online

Teaching English online also offers a host of benefits beyond personal and professional growth, cultural exchange, and financial benefits. Here are some additional benefits of teaching English online:
  1. Flexible Schedule - Teaching English online allows you to work from anywhere in the world, at any time. Many online English teaching platforms offer flexible scheduling options, allowing you to work around your other commitments.
  2. No Commute - Teaching English online means that you can work from the comfort of your own home, without the need for a long commute. This can save you time and money on transportation costs.
  3. Global Reach - Teaching English online allows you to reach students from all over the world. This can be an excellent opportunity to learn about different cultures and make new friends.
  4. No Teaching Degree Required - Many online English teaching platforms do not require a teaching degree or certification. This can be a great opportunity for people who are interested in teaching, but do not have the necessary qualifications.


Teaching English online or abroad can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience that offers a host of personal, professional, and financial benefits. Whether you are interested in traveling, learning about different cultures, or making a positive impact on people's lives, teaching English can be an excellent way to achieve your goals.
By teaching English, you can develop valuable skills, such as communication, organization, and adaptability. You can also immerse yourself in different cultures, foster mutual respect and understanding, and make a positive impact on people's lives. Additionally, teaching English online or abroad can offer financial benefits, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for travel and exploration.
If you are interested in teaching English online or abroad, there are many resources available to help you get started. You can research different teaching programs, certification requirements, and online teaching platforms to find the option that best fits

TEFL Online Pro

TEFL Online Pro runs three award-winning, Fully Accredited, and internationally recognized Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses.
All three courses qualify you to teach English online or abroad:
The 60-Hour Fast-Track International Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Course is the perfect solution for people with TEFL experience. This course is fully accredited and internationally recognized. To qualify for this course, you either need to be teaching English now or have taught English in the past:
The 120-Hour Professional International Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Course is the perfect solution for people with little or no TEFL experience. This course is fully accredited and internationally recognized – the certification awarded the same level of qualification as the CELTA, Level 5, and Trinity CertTESOL qualification. No past TEFL experience is necessary – anyone wanting to teach English online or abroad can qualify for this course:
The 140-Hour Hybrid International Online/Onsite TEFL/TESOL Certification Course is the perfect solution for people with little or no TEFL experience who are wanting in-class teaching practice. This course is fully accredited and internationally recognized – the certification awarded is the same level of qualification as the CELTA, Level 5, and Trinity CertTESOL qualification. No past TEFL experience is necessary – anyone wanting to teach English online or abroad can qualify for this course:
For any unanswered questions, contact us via the TEFL Online Pro official school website:
Thank you for reading this What are the benefits of teaching English online or abroad? TEFL Online Pro Reddit article.
Paul Murphy Operations Manager TEFL Online Pro
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
The Teachers’ Choice Award winner in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022
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2023.03.23 22:39 Johanna-Draconis Ep112 - How your living environment affects you (Shame) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Processing video o6f7xsr65kpa1...

Intro [0:00]

Hello my dears! My name is Johanna, and I welcome you to the Johanna Draconis - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD podcast.
In this episode we will talk about how your living environment affects you - a topic I only slighted brushed over in the last episode, as it also belongs there. This topic though is big enough on its own - so we can fully focus on it. So let us talk about it.
I once again apologize for the delay, it is sadly out of my control - but at least there are strong signs that it is looking better. So I hope for the best.

Prelude [0:43]

We talked last week about finding yourself at the bottom again - which is often reflected by our surrounding. Especially our place where we live. And often at rock bottom… is it most likely a mess. Similar to a lot of different things - our place of living is a reflection of us.
It basically is a reflection who you are and in what state you are in. Generally speaking of course. It is also one of the earliest ways your brain signals you that something is wrong.
The topic of the effect of our home on us would go beyond one episode. But to keep things simple: Our place is a representation of us. Or in some cases how we want to be viewed. If you are in conflict with your own place - then something should probably change.
We decorate the place to increase our happiness and to take care of ourselves. Improving our home is sort of an act of self care. Beauty gives our brain happiness - though to each their own. Similar how a messy surrounding might bother us. Or not. Why is important.
So look around… and what do you see? The feedback can be helpful, it shows us if we are sad, loosing control, have it all together, went a bit over our head, not sure what we want and so on. Within limitations of course.
It can also be twisted to be harmful. Which is why we first talk about how this feedback can turn into a trap and then what you can do about it - be it by yourself or with help from others.

When the environment feedback turns into a trap [2:38]

The feedback from the environment can also turn into a trap. Either causing a depression or the depression using the environment against us or the like. Whatever it is - it can twist the rather useful and positive feature to a punishment.
Suddenly it reflects our worth and who we truly are. And it makes the mess or chaos or whatever is wrong bigger out than it is meant to be. Usually - realistically speaking - the problems in our environment can be fixed in a few hours to a few days.
Depending how much productive time we can use. So from a neutral point of view that is hardly a challenge. And most definitely not an unbeatable hill. Yes, it might take time and longer than you first thought - but it is still very doable.
So it is clearly not the work that is stopping you, but your brain. And this is now maybe in a very destructive loop or viscous circle. You are depressed and can’t clean up your surrounding - the messy surrounding makes you depressed.
Which means you can do even less… - and so on. A messy environment can drain your energy and make doing basic things - like cooking for example - even harder. And so the pile grows bigger and bigger. A truly viscous circle affecting many things.

What can be done? Inside vs outside help [4:11]

So, what can be done? Being aware of this - is one of the most important steps and can be such a help and relieve. Getting help from others is always great, but just not always a realistic option. We go now through what others, either and you can do.
Others: They can help clean up your environment or help support you with it. Be it getting stuff you need to clean up, be there to talk, be supportive in a cheerleader way or whatever helps. The help is incredible helpful - no matter if physical or not.
Either: What either can do is remove you from the environment for a bit for a chance of a reset. That can be via conversation, a short trip or taking a holiday. That can all be done with the help of other or by yourself. Decorating to lift the spirit is great too.
You: The most important thing you can do is SLOW DOWN and recover. Make a priority list with what HAS to be done. Then try to focus on a few things if you can. But focus primarily on gathering energy and recovery.
And in all cases create a happy corner for yourself. Be it with help of music, videos, reading, fandom, friends, community of whatever kind or just that brings you happiness. Doesn’t have to be literally a corner. Just a happy corner in your life you can retreat to.
Which is one of the most important things to have to get through life in general. Which is why I mention it rather a lot.Preferable are multiple sources of happy corners - in case one gets tainted. But that is another topic for another time.

Outro [6:21]

That was it for todays episode, I hope you found it helpful. Hope you are safe and well. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback and the like, please let me know at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
More information and transcript you can find as usually under, information regarding therapy you can find under and links are in the description.
I hope to see you next time. Watch yourselves and have a wonderful time.
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2023.03.23 22:34 PkmnTrnrJ Let The Interviews Begin - Q & A with...WillBits

Let The Interviews Begin - Q & A with...WillBits

Let The Interviews Begin!

Will displays his collection of artifacts
Hey all! Before the game closes down I want to give it a proper send off, by arranging some interviews with the ambassadors, influencers and maybe even some of the voice cast & crew behind the game where I can. Selfishly, this is to help push myself in to doing Community Management work and have things to show off in my portfolio, but I thought it would be something the community would appreciate & find interesting. I did one with Patric M Verrone before we knew the game was set for closure.
The next one of these is with the very well known u/Will_W who of course did a bunch of event and theory/gameplay videos on his channel here. Without further ado, please find his answers to my inane questions!

Let The Interviews Begin!

Q. Hello WillBits. You are well known within the FWOT Community. How do you feel about the game closing down?
Whatever grieving I might have once done for FWOT has unfortunately long run its course. I think there was a lot of wasted opportunity & a lot of poor decisions that got us here, and it's interesting to reflect back on all of that, but I've come a long way from my younger days in how I feel about endings. It's kind of nice when things end, when a chapter closes and we move on to fresh, new things. I think there's a lot we could learn from all of this, but instead of doing that hey guys look Futurama's back on the TeeVee pass that Ol' Fortran Spirit and top me off on the Bachelor Chow babbbyyyy!
Q. How did you get involved in making the videos for the game?
I had already been running a YouTube channel as kind of a variety channel for a while. Playing lots of different games and finding various successes with it. Some minor hits, mostly a lot of misses. I'd always loved Futurama and I'd also been playing a lot of... city-builder, dude collector mobile games already in my spare time. I'd gone hard on both Simpsons: Tapped out and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, although I never really covered either one, it seemed like there was always a lot of demand for info and not a lot of great sources for games like that with constantly refreshing and evolving events. I was never as into those franchises as I was into Futurama so it seemed like a fun thing to try my hand at. I hadn't planned on covering it as extensively as I did, but when the videos took off I was like "well, here's a dragon to chase" so I did!
Q. When did you start playing the game?
It probably helps that I was also very, very lucky. I was already working as an animator out here in Los Angeles and I have a lot of friends in the animation and games industries. When the game first had it's launch party, a friend of mine knew how crazy I was about the series and also mobile games and I asked if I wanted to attend the party.
Lemme tell you, this was a good party. The entire cast was there just hanging out, I joked about Bachelor Chow but they had actually made some there you could snack on, there were lots of little events and also an early draft of the game able to be played on little phones they had set up. So technically I played a pre-beta cut of everything! It's kind of a weird game to play at a party though, since by design you usually play for like a minute or two and then come back and check hours later.
As far as seriously playing on my personal account, I was a Day 1 player of course! Jumped on it right away, and I guess now I'll technically be a Day Zero player as well. I watched it come into this world (of tomorrow) and I'm gonna watch it go out!
Q. Be honest, when did you last play the game?
I opened it up while chatting specifically so I could cross reference things I haven't looked at in a bit and I deeply regret it because I know it's gonna be spamming 'COME BACK' at me for days now. But as far as actually playing the game, like attempting to take it seriously and unlock things? I kept playing for probably a couple months after events stopped, there was a while when I was seriously pushing characters to 99 just so I could flex.
While I got some free pizza to go wild with I didn't get that much free pizza, and the only way to really efficiently grind the absurd amount of chips and Nixonbucks required to level someone to 99 meant mostly spending pizza on fuel and just grinding the farm maps for hours, and I spent several weekends still doing that (much to the chagrin of my family).
By my count I currently have... 42 characters maxed out at 99? I have several others in the 80s, but there are still just so many characters in the game. I would've easily had them all by now if I'd kept with it but as the months went on there wasn't a lot of motivation to do so.
I think when Cornwood did a repeat I played like the first week of it but didn't even do the rest. I already had all the characters and there was nothing new for veteran players which I think was a bit of a misstep, but maybe not one they could have done anything about.
Q. What would you have liked to see TinyCo/Jam City do anything differently with the game? Do you think they made any mistakes?
They should've programmed more mobile alerts than just 'COME BACK'. But in all seriousness, they ramped up the FOMO too hard and too fast. Which makes me wonder if the game wasn't actually struggling even before it started really obviously struggling. The Hallowe'en / Robot Hell Event was way too over-tuned and it made a lot of people stop playing, and then the X-mas event hit right before that.
But that history is all well known at this point. And I have to wonder if this fate wasn't inevitable from the outset and the poor / short-sighted game decisions didn't just expedite the process. This nature of video game is, by design, built around FOMO and kind of exhausting players into spending on premium characters and conveniences, and they all seem to have had a limited shelf life where they either get cancelled or put into more minimal maintenance modes.
Futurama in particular seems like it was always going to be a tricky IP for this style of game. It's always been a more niche show than the other mainline animated sitcoms, and the fans in that niche also tend to be--well I don't know if I want to say "smarter" but certainly nerdier in a very specific way. And I think that audience might be less susceptible to going along with pay to play schemes and way more likely to do things like spend all day fighting robots with Defenders, slowly chipping down the robots 1 damage point at a time in order to avoid spending money on a couple bombs. That kind of fanaticism makes us a little harder to monetize. We will grind ourselves into the dust to avoid the FOMO rather than opening our wallets lol.
I kinda wish I could've been a fly on the wall of the design team room during the Robot Hell event because I bet it was wild.
Q. Any characters you feel should have been added before the end?
Cubert is the biggest, most conspicuous absence. My understanding is he was in production and already at least partially animated when the wheels started to come off. Dwight was finished so he made it in I suppose, but in my opinion the two kids should've been added as main story characters. Let them hang out with Tinny Tim and make him not an X-mas exclusive, that way you can also do costume variants of them and what have you.
Q. Will you be watching the show when it comes back to our screens in Summer?
Yeah sure okay. I mean, haha, yes I definitely will watch it, but this ties into my opening statement a bit--Futurama is a real Ship of Theseus at this point. And to be fair, anything that lasts this long has to in one form or the other. The Simpsons in season 34 is almost unrecognizable from the Simpsons in season 1, but when a show has been running continuously it gets harder to place the exact moment that things meaningfully changed.
Every time Futurama comes back, it's a different show. Like yeah it's the same voice actors, and the same creators, and many of the same writers and artists--but never all. And even the ones still there have changed. There will be new writers, and new artists, and try as they might they will make a different show.
Now that doesn't mean it will be bad, of course. It may be good. It might even be better! I can't wait to watch and find out.
And yet part of me can feel how much I've changed on this issue. There used to be few things I wanted more than revivals of my favorite properties. But like a Monkey's Paw curling, more and more I've gotten what I thought I asked for, and finding that the nostalgia is not enough. That sometimes we rob ourselves of new and exciting experiences when we don't allow ourselves endings. We don't let ourselves grieve and, yes, appreciate the old, but realize we must also move on to bigger and brighter things.
Futurama has been blessed with multiple endings. Many chances to say goodbye and they've all been beautiful. I suspect we will get at least one more, and I'll watch it again with tears in my eyes. But this time I almost kind of hope it's the last one and we let things come to a close.
Q. Now that the game is done, what is next in the life of WillBits? I know you have been working on The Great North.
Yep! I have not really been posting content online hardly at all! If you're a WillBits historian (do we have those?) you probably know I started playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery when Jam City started also shifting its attention towards that and away from FWOT, which was also a double-edged sword in my life. It was a very popular game at launch and my viewership shot up with it.
But ultimately that audience was huge but very fickle. They would show up in droves for Hogwarts Mystery but wouldn't even look at any other games or content, which is fine--I don't blame anyone for that, everybody's going to watch what the enjoy, but it was absolutely disastrous for the YouTube algorithms.
I had made a gamble, you see. I'm an animator at heart, and I loved editing and making skits for gaming content, but deep down I really want to make original things. Fresh, new things! So I spent months developing a "season" of original content--and I'll be the first to admit they are pretty flawed, both in writing and animation execution. But my hope was that the audience I had picked up via covering games would at least watch the new shorts, and that would be enough engagement to launch the channel out into the greater algorith--but ultimately the opposite occurred. People there for mobile game coverage don't are about animated shorts (and vice versa) so they all performed just terribly. I still have several partially completed episodes that I've never put out because, well, one I've become very critical of them, and also it simply isn't a very financially responsible way to spend my time currently.
So I went back into the studios! And at just the right time, it seems. The animation industry is getting hit HARD right now (HBO and Netflix really pulled out the long knives, and there are huge layoffs happening at Disney as we type this). Currently FOX and Bento Box are being very, very kind and I'm having a great time working on The Great North and, to be honest, keeping my head down and weathering the storm (if you'd like to help feel free to check it out on Sundays on FOX, or streaming on Hulu and Disney+ in some areas, it is a very wholesome sitcom!)
Optimally I'll be working on TGN until it is cancelled, and with any luck that won't be soon (it's already been picked up for a 4th season). But if FOX executives start getting skittish in the same way some of our peers have been you, uh... may seem me come roaring back in an attempt to keep the lights on, but for now I am deeply appreciative of having a reliable paycheck to keep food on the table.
Thanks to WillBits for chatting with me. As mentioned (and linked above), you can see Will's work on Hulu or Disney+ and he's still around here from time to time. If anyone can get me a line with u/TinyNixon for some Q & A, let me know!
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2023.03.23 22:34 BlueEditInvader When do you feel secure at a job?

When do you feel secure in your job without feeling a threat of losing your job or being replaced? I always had a feeling of losing my job so I instead always push myself to work in a better environment even if it means losing what I already have. Other then having a union how do youngsters nowadays get to keep a job. Older folk keep saying to the younger generation "get a real job" what is the definition of a real job? What is job security like? When will the government give the right to work and employment and housing? Capitalism has ruined the job market.
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2023.03.23 22:31 Throwawaycerz I (20M) lied to an old friend (20M) a while ago and don't know how/if I should bring it up now

So the context is that I've (20) been online friends with this person (will call them Jay (20)) for almost a decade now. We first met when we were pretty young but we've been friends ever since and while we've never met in person, I would probably say that they're one of my closest friends now.
That being said, it was definitely messed up and it honestly seems stupid now that I'm typing it out but I basically lied about getting a concussion at some point a good 7 or so years ago. It was something that I dragged out for about a month, even bringing short term memory loss into it.
While that in itself is already bad, the bigger issue is that during that time, I also created a fake persona (will call it Rex) and I was basically acting as Rex, who was a supposed close friend of mine, telling Jay about how I was doing, etc. This is obviously messed up and even after my whole concussion story was over, 'Rex' would pop up from time to time, though this eventually faded out after a few months.
I had honestly forgotten about this whole thing given how long ago it was but I happened to stumble upon some of my and Jay's old chats. I was just reading through them when I remembered this whole fiasco. I'm honestly just lost as to how or if I even should bring this up now. My supposed concussion is obviously something that isn't ever brought up now, nor is Rex. Jay would probably remember everything though since someone getting a concussion is pretty memorable.
TL;DR : I lied about getting a concussion to a friend when I was 13 and don't know how/if I should bring it up
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2023.03.23 22:28 NothingButLs Blacklist Eval for Gunner

A few weeks ago I posted a draft of a thrillehorror script called Gunner. I made some changes and was able to finish a new draft that I was pretty proud of. The Blacklist eval for that new draft is copied below. I always enjoy reading Blacklist evals here and find them to be an interesting resource. Overall, the eval is bittersweet. It got decent scores and seems to be on the right track to eventually be at an industry level with more work. But it's definitely dissapointing to be close to the 8 but just not quite there.
Logline: An ambitious medical student competes for a position at a prestigious surgical residency program that's led by a psychotic surgeon who uses sadistic exams to select his new residents.
Script Link
Overall: 7 Premise: 8 Plot: 7 Character: 7 Dialogue: 7 Setting: 6
Strengths The script's premise is simple and great: Plummer is the best surgeon in the world and everyone wants to be in residency with him, but he is a madman who thinks anything and everything is on the table when it comes to finding his ideal candidate. The script does an excellent job of seeing how far it can push the characters. Maya's a great character, very smart, very driven, and with a very clear chip on her shoulder since she had to put her dreams on hold in order to help her grandmother. It was a great choice to give her Theo, who serves as a strong voice of reason trying to talk her off the ledge. The twist of who was really trying to sabotage everyone is great, and Maya's moment of confessing to Plummer why she wants to be a surgeon is excellent. The script really gets going once Maya and the rest see how intense Plummer is, but everything comes to a shocking climax when Plummer forces them to kill their terminally ill patients. It's a brutal and unforgivable moment. It's great that Maya is able to save Eli at the script's end.
Weaknesses The script ends a little suddenly, which makes it difficult to understand how all of the abuse Maya has had to endure (on top of murdering one of her own patients) has forced her to change, as well as what sort of person she has become. It would help if the script had a little bit of a longer resolution, ideally after Maya saves Eli, in which Maya could more clearly process everything she had to sacrifice in order to finally achieve her goal. It would also help if it was clearer what thematic point the script was making in having Maya so obsessed with succeeding and working with Dr. Plummer, especially since it's made clear that she could go to other prestigious hospitals and still be a success.
Prospects: Similar to something like WHIPLASH, GUNNER is a horrothriller about the pursuit of excellence and an abusive mentor. Horror and thriller fans might be interested in the script's terrifying choices and implications, whereas a larger audience could be interested in the inside look at how stressful medical life can be. The script has a small cast and uses few special effects, so it should be relatively inexpensive to produce, which may make investors interested in the project. Though the script does share many similarities with WHIPLASH, the more intense horror angle to this project should help separate them. The characters are great, and it wouldn't be surprising if some stars were attracted to the project, which could go a long way in helping it get produced. GUNNER still needs to clear up some of its themes and character growth before it's in top form, but it's already a great script and an excellent read, and it wouldn't be surprising if it was already getting some serious attention. The writer has shown a strong ability to write a tense thrillehorror script, and GUNNER will, at the very least, serve as a good sample for them.
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2023.03.23 22:27 dotdedo Roommate demanding we pay $150 increase rent to replace a water heater. Michigan.

So let me explain the living situation for a minute.
My roommate, who I will call the Landlord for privacy reasons, is legally my landlord. We also have a third roommate who lives here, who lets call Tenant Three.
We all live in a trailer home. We do not have a written lease. I have been living here since October 2022 and Tenant Three moved in December or late November of 2022.
The Landlord owns the trailer and we agreed our rent will be the land rent for the trailer park and the mortgage. As well as other bills (Water, Electric, Internet). We all pay $500 for rent. And we made a agreement to split huge grocery bills so that we all pay for everyday kitchen things like milk, eggs, pop, and even alcohol. We usually pay about $50-$100 every week grocery shopping so I set aside $100 for grocery shopping day in my cashapp, which is what we use to pay rent to Landlord.
Two weeks ago our water heater broke. Both me and Tenant Three have done our part in looking for financing options. This is because the Landlord keeps getting overwhelmed with the responsibility of it all and just wants to avoid the conversation. Both me and Tenant three feel like he's been dodging us. I actually haven't seen him in a week because he's always in his room when I get home and then I'll hear him come out after I get comfortable in my room for the night. Tenant Three has been very vocal about the situation as he is less scared of confrontation than me.
Tenant Three and I basically sat him down and talked to him that he owns this house, he is technically our landlord, so he needs to do this. As well as outlining how this is a health risk because we cannot use the dishwasher, and have to wash dishes and clothes and shower with cold water only. I feel absolutely disgusting. I haven't had a real shower in two weeks. I just hang my head over the tub and wash my hair and face because the water isn't even a comfortable cold (I take cold showers often) its FREEZING.
We have no reason too but since we have all became sorta friends we offered to help him out. He asked us if we had any money to chip in and both me and Tenant Three both said no. Both me and tenant three just had very expensive car repairs done. Me a transmission issue, and Tenant three got in a car crash recently (he's okay).
But I offered to possibly talk about Landlord getting a new credit card, financing it that way, and then we will all decide monthly payments. Tenant Three was originally open to this idea as well, but now does not want to because of how Landlord has been acting.
Today he hit us with a text that read, quote:
"Rent will be increasing to $650 per month until enough money is accrued to purchase the water heater. This is your 30 days notice if you are unable to accommodate the new rent."
I did the math and Landlord is saying the water heater is $3,000 to replace. Yeah we have no idea what he's talking about either.
If me and Tenant Three agree to this and we are all paying en extra $150 a month to pay for rent,
  1. I am 75% sure this is illegal. Please correct me if I am wrong as that's why I'm posting here for clarification about my rights in this situation.
  2. It will take 6 months to save up the money. And he wants to not do it on credit at all and pay from his checking account.
  3. I do not trust Landlord to not spend the extra $150 dollars. He keeps saying he's broke but me and Tenant Three have no idea what he's spending his money on then except McDonalds and Tim Hortons every day and then devouring the fridge every night.
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2023.03.23 22:27 Aria133 Frustrated and need to vent

So I've been dealing with an increase in aura migraines over the last year and a half now. I went from having 1-2 a year to none for 3 years. In the last year and a half, I've had over 80. I'm on 120mg of propranolol and take Sumatriptan when my aura starts. I get very sick from these migraines and end up on the toilet while throwing up in a trash can and then pass out for 3-6 hours. It takes me a few days to recover and feel somewhat normal. I'm in a constant brain fog and dizzy all the time.
I've been to several doctors to rule things out. Had an eye exam, eyes are healthy. My prescription changed just a little bit. Allergist, was prescribed zyrtec and antihistamines trigger my aura migraines so can't take those. MRI, didn't find anything that could be causing them. ENT thinks I'm having vestibular migraines and possible tmj. She thinks my dizziness and fullness of the ear feeling is caused by my migraines. So I got referred to a physical therapist.
Had my first pt session today and he doesn't think it's vestibular migraines based on tests he did but wants to keep seeing me to help work out my muscles and neck issues. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck. He thinks it could be Cervicogenic headaches but they don't produce auras. So he's just as confused but wants to see if treating me for that will help.
I'm going to be tapering down on my propanolol over the next month or so and start taking amitriptyline along with it. I finally got a referral to a neurologist but still haven't been able to set up an appointment.
I'm just very frustrated because I thought I was getting somewhere finally just for it to not actually be what they were thinking. And it possibly being something else but still unsure.
I just want to feel like me again and not a disappointment. I've missed so much work from this and my friends and family are frustrated because I don't feel good enough to go places with them. I'm just kind of stuck right now..
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2023.03.23 22:27 Tall-Work3890 Does he like me?

Hey everyone. There is this boy that i like. He goes the same summer camp as me and we'll i have a thing for him. It all started this one time when he came to me out of nowhere being friendly and stuff and he started talking to me about all the stuff that he never told anyone else. I liked him before but at that time i was figuring out my sexuality. And in that moment o was like holy fuck i actually have a crush on him. My first non fictional boy crush (Benji Krol doesn't count lmao). We started quickly bonding and then he told me that he likes spending time with me more than others. He told me how he didn't like his friends and wanted to be with me more (wtf why does this sound like he is Nick Nelson lol) So yeah i released i am all in for this guy and... Yeah well the summer ended and i started realizing that he could just be really friendly.... Anyway, year passed i still have a crush on him and then the summer camp starts AND OH BOY. So yeah he is now basically and some of of like a idk how to describe it but when ur 15 you turn into a instructor on the camp. It's like just helping out with things. So yeah he turned 14 and because he is really good he started his "instructor" career lmao. But the problem was. I was still s child and yeah i was feeling that yk it would be weird if we would yeah and so i though he is going to take me as a little child (even tho i am little and i am still a child lmao but you get the point) but no that didn't happen and ve started bonding again the next camp. So yeah we had some interactions and stuff but THAN the thing where i was literally exploding with butterflies in my stomach was when at the last day at the campfire his younger brother sat next to me and said and i quote: "I will sit here if you don't mind but i will leave a space here, i want to sit next to my brother and he will sit NEXT TO U. HE SAID THAT WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE. And quess what! HE SAT NEXT TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I was so fucking happy. So yeah the camp ended and i was deciding if I should text him but i didn't. We talked about this with mi sis and she said that he DEFINITELY has a crush on me. But yeah there is one thing that kinda makes me feel nervous Abt this. The time when we started talking a lot and when my crush on him got bigger (the fist camp) there was this challenge to eat like a married couple soup together (feeding each other tied up to each other and omfg it was so romantic and funny) anyway he offered me we should hold hands so it would be better. I OBVIOUSLY said yes and so we hold hands for like almost the whole time :D until the end... He told me that we shouldn't hold hands BCS it looks weird. My smile disappeard and yep. That's why I think he is prob straight or friendly or both.
So yeah what do you think. Does he like me? Is he attracted to men? Or is he being too friendly?
Let me know cuz holy shit i am desperate :D
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2023.03.23 22:26 lavenderfawn333 i'm having a hard time figuring out if i'm bi or a lesbian

this might get a bit long and i apologize in advance, please don't be upset with me 🥺
i've gone back and forth between bi and lesbian over the years, and i think i'm the latter but there is a part of me that still doubts it.
so to try to make sense of everything, i decided to sit down last night, do some serious self reflection, and write out how i feel about men vs women, and i figured out some very important things regarding the differences in my attractions, for example:
  1. crushes: i have mostly crushed on fictional and celebrity men throughout my life, and have only had genuine real life crushes on 5 guys throughout my entire life (with 4 of those being prior to me turning 18); with women, i feel attraction regardless of whether i know them irl or not, and i've had more genuine crushes than i can remember, even from a very young age;
  2. relationships: all of my relationships with guys began by him asking me out and me just going along with it despite feeling no attraction to him until later on (usually after forcing myself to do so), and i haven't dated a guy since 2017 and have zero interest in doing so ever again; with women there was attraction or at least some type of connection beforehand no matter how small, and i enjoyed relationships with women to the point of exclusively dating them;
  3. attraction: my reactions to seeing a man naked range from neutral to repulsion, and i can't find them attractive at all; with women, i have strong positive reactions to the point of arousal and i exclusively find them attractive;
  4. sex: my sexual encounters with men left me feeling regret and even depression afterwards, but i felt like i had to keep doing so in order to prove something nebulous that i still can't identify (this was more prominent when i identified as a trans man and has diminished since realizing i'm non-binary), and i don't want another sexual experience with a man - even the idea makes me feel ill, and while i can get off thinking of men, it takes a long time and i don't even think of them in sexual situations; with women i enjoyed all of my sexual encounters and exclusively want to have them in the future, and i (will) keep doing so because i genuinely want to, not to prove anything, and i can get off faster thinking of women;
  5. community: i can't relate at all when people who are attracted to men talk about their male partners/attractions, i genuinely don't see how anyone can feel attracted to men; i relate most strongly to people who are attracted to women, and completely understand attraction to women and can join in with my own experiences in discussions;
  6. courtship: i get annoyed at best and anxious at worst when a man expresses attraction to me, i don't want men to have crushes on me at all (especially when i can start presenting more "butch"), and i feel anxious if i even think a guy has a crush on me, even if they're taken or asexual, and i don't seek men for romantic or sexual relationships; meanwhile with women i get giddy and shy in a good way when a woman expresses attraction to me, and i want women to have crushes on me, even to the point of going out of my way to impress her or do nice things for her, and i exclusively seek women when finding a potential partner;
  7. future: i don't want to marry a man, ever; i only want to marry a woman and can't see myself with any other gender (other than fem-aligned enbies)
the answer should be pretty obvious, but there's a singular guy that complicates things a bit - the only man i've had an actual crush on after i turned 18, and i do sometimes think of him, but when i'm faced with the prospect of meeting/being with him in real life, i get stressed out to the point of migraine headaches. and to further complicate things, i (and several people closest to me) don't think i'm even truly into him at all and just like him for his persona.
so, fellow wlw/nblw of reddit, what's your wisdom/insight/opinions? am i bisexual with a preference for women, or am i lesbian getting their ass kicked by comphet?
tl:dr - i have no attraction to or interest in being with men (anymore) and i only feel attraction to - and only want to be with - women, but there is one guy making me doubt everything despite evidence that i'm most definitely a lesbian (and i may not even be attracted to him).
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2023.03.23 22:25 Advanced_Falcon_2816 The Artificial Intelligence Token, "Inverse Cramer Token" is down 94% after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it (potential rugpull by devs).

AI Tokens are all the rage as the next big thing in crypto and it was inevitable that someone would combine an AI with the Inverse Cramer Meme.
"The Inverse Cramer Token (ICT) combines state of the art AI technology and the Inverse Cramer Meme by monitoring and inversing: Cramer's Twitter, Mad Money TV airings and any other appearances made by the TV personality, in real time. By staking your ICT you are eligible to earn yield from the profit that the AI makes inversing Cramer. Only stakers are eligible for a split of the yield paid daily, and it will be divided proportionally to the amount of ICT that is staked. In the incredibly unlikely event the AI loses money on the day, no yield will be paid to ICT stakers."
From the Developers
The ICT token launched last year as an ERC-20 token on Polygon with a supply of 100M tokens and has been steadily growing in popularity due to increasing success and awareness of the inversing Cramer meme.
CryptoCurrency - The Artificial Intelligence Token, "Inverse Cramer Token" is down 94% after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it (potential rugpull by devs). At it's peak it was the 10th largest AI or Big Data crypto and the 334th largest crypto according to CoinMarketCap, shortly before losing 94% of it's value over the course of the day.
CryptoCurrency - The Artificial Intelligence Token, "Inverse Cramer Token" is down 94% after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it (potential rugpull by devs). According to developers the AI became unresponsive when it encountered one of Cramers Tweets that triggered the inverse parameters to be simultaneously bullish and bearish against BTC at the same time. When the developers attempted to force restart the AI, they discovered the AI had become corrupted and all data would be lost.
CryptoCurrency - The Artificial Intelligence Token, "Inverse Cramer Token" is down 94% after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it (potential rugpull by devs). Immediately after word broke that the AI behind ICT was corrupted, the price of ICT went through a series of crashes and currently sits 94% down over the last day.
CryptoCurrency - The Artificial Intelligence Token, "Inverse Cramer Token" is down 94% after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it (potential rugpull by devs). This should be the end of the story but an ICT whale checking the Polygon Explorer saw that the team behind ICT sent 40M ICT tokens, 40% of the supply to the Binance14 Hot Wallet around the same time they made the announcement, and the same time the price started dumping.
CryptoCurrency - The Artificial Intelligence Token, "Inverse Cramer Token" is down 94% after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it (potential rugpull by devs). You can see that transactions here. It shows 40M ICT being transferred to the Binance14 Hot wallet that coincides with the time ICT started to go through repeated drops in price.
CryptoCurrency - The Artificial Intelligence Token, "Inverse Cramer Token" is down 94% after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it (potential rugpull by devs). Without knowing for sure what was done with the tokens that were transferred to Binance it's hard to believe this isn't fraud and the "AI becoming corrupt" is just an elaborate cover - especially after the price dropped 94% in a day following the transfer of those tokens to the Binance hot wallet.
If anything this should be a lesson for everyone, not to blindly buy into the hype of buzzwords like "Artificial Intelligence". Crypto is incredibly risky and when you invest in small cap and experimental assets it becomes significantly more risky.
Please stay safe out there when investing and my sympathies to everyone who held ICT. I hope you get answers soon.
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2023.03.23 22:25 minillawaffer please critique/instruct me on how to better my scara ;-;

please critique/instruct me on how to better my scara ;-;
I desperately hate farming artifacts so I barely got any "decent" ones today to add to him (he was way worse before believe it or not) and just want help knowing which ones I should prioritize bettering. I was also thinking of maybe getting some good veneer smth ones (I forgot actual name err), which I just had the basic ones you get from ascending on him before. Thankful for any feedback!! :DD
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2023.03.23 22:21 RocksGrowHere Starting yo resent my husband and hating it

Starting to resent my (35F) husband (30M) and hating the feeling
Please don’t share elsewhere. I’m trying really hard to keep an open mind about where I’m in the wrong.
DH and I are in our early/mid 30s and have two elementary-aged kids, which I homeschool. I’m proud of my husband in a lot of ways, and I don’t want to be mad at my husband. It’s a tale as old as time, but I’m having a major issue with the amount of housework/kid-related tasks my husband contributes to. I’ve also been dealing with intermittent health issues for the past year, which I know is frustrating for him, because I’m unreliable some days.
I have two 2-hour classes each week, during the evenings. DH has a martial arts class on two other nights per week. Our kids also have various activities, some during the day and some in the evenings. First, I’m always the one getting them ready and taking them to their activities. So, even on nights that I have class, I have to scramble all day to get myself packed and prepared, plus the kids clothes and equipment, then coordinate handoff of the kids to DH before my class. Then, when I get home just before bedtime, it’s clear that DH has just hung out and let the kids destroy the house, which is fine, except…About six months ago, I brought up my concerns to DH and we decided I’d would make a check list of items that DH could to help on a daily/weekly basis. He agreed to it (very simple items like putting dirty clothes in the hamper and dishes in the sink before bed, cleaning our shower once a week) but has never done it. Not once. If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done; he will trudge through the piles of clothes on the floor like an ice skating rink, I’ve experimented to see how long he could go before he cleaned. It was long.
A few weeks ago, I had gotten some not great news from my doctor, and needed to increase my medication dosage. I was worried about my health and feeling crappy because of the meds. I started crying randomly in the middle of the day and DH saw (he WFH.) He finished work a couple of hours later and was getting ready to go to his martial arts class and was furious when I asked him to stay with the kids so I could rest. I felt so unsupported, like I was just a robot.
Last, and not as important as the other items, but we have two projects that have been sitting unfinished for 18 months and 6 months, respectively. Like door frames and trim in two rooms, mostly cosmetic stuff. He will not work on them. He just won’t finish them.
I feel like all he cares about is his martial arts class and making sure he gets time “off.” I’m glad that he found something he loves, but I don’t see how he expects me to do everything. I know he works hard at his job, but that is not what I see at home. I wish I could get through to him.
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2023.03.23 22:21 thecharmballoon calculator says 38G (UK size) but that doesn't feel right AT ALL. Bra store owner says 38DD but that's not quite it, either.

Until very recently, I wore 36D bras, but I've gained weight and they were pretty clearly not fitting anymore -- to the point of spillage or not being able to close them. So I found this subreddit and the calculator and decided to give it a try. My measurements are
Underbust: loose - 41, snug - 38.5, tight - 36.5
Bust: standing - 46.5, leaning - 51, lying - 47.
Calculator says that's a 38G in UK sizing, but I've definitely got soft tissue, with a lot of projection (and I think there's ever so slight top and center fullness, but I could still be wrong on those parts) so I suspect the calculator is overestimating.
I went to a bra store here in NJ where the woman eyed me up, measured my underbust, and sold me a Wacoal molded cup bra in 38DD in two colors because the only other thing she had in that size felt uncomfortably stiff and thick under my breasts. The Wacoal bra fits pretty well in beige, but the black one is too tight and sometimes triggers that nerve thing that I've seen mentioned in other posts -- it makes me feel nauseated or like I might be having a heart attack. I tried a bra extender with that, but then the straps just fell off my shoulders every four seconds and the band wouldn't stay in my IMF. When I scoop and swoop, I have the teensiest bit of double-boob on the left in both the beige and black bras.
I bought a Freya cameo underwire molded plunge bra from Amazon in 38F, and it was comfortable, but the cups gaped something fierce at the top and there was just too much room in them all around. I also got a Vanity Fair bra in 38G (US sizing) that was hilariously large, like I was a little kid and I put on my mother's bra for dress up. The cups came up to my collarbone.
I went to Primark and tried on the unlined bra I found there in 38DD, 38E, and 38F. I thought the 38E was perfect. The band was comfortable, the gore tacked, the lace edging laid nicely on my breast but wasn't doing any work to hold my breasts in, there was no gaping or spillage or double-boob or wrinkles. I bought that and another unlined one that was on clearance, also in 38E. Having now worn those bras a few times, the band won't stay in my IMF, I itch between the cups after a couple of hours and then have deep red marks between my breasts when I take them off as soon as I get home from work.
Like for so many others, I don't seem to have many options for bras I can try in in store to try to find my size by trial and error, and buying online is risky and intimidating. I've been lurking on this sub for a while, trying to find the answers for myself, but I'm pretty lost. Perhaps one of you kind experty people will have a suggestion for my particular boobage?
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2023.03.23 22:21 endoCBD I need advice

My friend who I've known my whole life is going through a messy divorce. He is permanently medically retired from the Navy. He moved from California to a cheaper state to be able to afford living. He has 2 children with his ex. This woman is out for his blood. There was a very short lapse in medical insurance for the children, but only because he was transitioning between temporary and permanent disability with the military. It lapsed for maybe a week at most. Apparently, his ex went before a judge because of this, and was granted 100% legal custody of the children (although this could be temporary, because my friend was only made aware of this by word of mouth via his mom). She also claims that the judge asked her if she wanted to terminate his visitation. I just have a hard time believing that one. But what is way more shitty about this is that she went and made a will, after being granted sole custody, stating that she wishes custody to be granted to my friend's brother (the kids uncle that they don't even know that hates their father). This is all not verified yet. I haven't been able to check on the case just yet. But wtf? My friend is a totally fit parent and a really good dad. He just didn't want to be married to this woman anymore. He pays for all travel expenses when it's his time to have the kids. She refuses to help with that. He never misses out on his time with them, no matter how financially burdened he is. He always finds a way to see his kids and afford travel expenses. But it is a crap ton of money so he is always broke. She has him for child support, spousal support, and she told his mom she is going to try to go after him for more since he gets slight increases in his VA disability pay every year. The judge took like $1,000 off his child support for the travel expenses. But she is going based on 2020 pandemic rates when no one was flying and airfare was insanely cheap. He has asked her to reconsider the amount because of this. The judge says she already gave his 1000 off and that should be good enough. Do you think a judge would really ask if she would like his visitation rights terminated? Sounds made up to me. Also, do you think a court would truly grant his brother custody of his children in the event that something happened to her? I can't imagine why when they have a biological parent that is stable and fit to be their parent, and he wants to be their parent. His children don't even know his brother. His brother doesn't even live in the country. He lives in Germany. They would be miserable to have to live with someone other than their Dad, and then what? He has to pay travel expenses to and from Germany to get to see his children?! That is so wrong!
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2023.03.23 22:21 Impossible_Angle4168 Heart flutter.

Hey. So lately I’ve had this feeling and I’m gonna do my absolute best to describe this…. This happens mostly when I’m sitting down, or standing … happens ever so often but lately quite often.. my stress and anxiety has been higher, life things going on…
Sooo, sitting down and I feel my heart rate change or flutter feeling or my hearts beating fast in my throat.. and I have to jump up to make it stop and mentally ground myself or I cough to slow down my heart rate…
I take buSpar 7.5mg once a day, had increased sugar & stress lately.
Idk how to explain it. Change in heart rate//beat, I jump up and cough to make it stop..
Hellppp.. google tells me heart failure, AFib.
I have a kardimobile machine which tells me “ normal heart rhythm “.. but I can’t shake the feeling it’ll happen again. As like I’m expecting it. I have no other symptoms. The only thing kardimobile won’t detect is heart attack and I’m definitely not having one.
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2023.03.23 22:18 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Guide on how to buy much more crypto (part 1) (WARNING: There's a risk of getting a better life as a side effect of following this guide)

Disclaimer: If you eat oatmeal for breakfast and bike to work, you probably don't need this guide.
Here's a guide on how to buy much more crypto, to a point where it makes a real difference.
The biggest factors to being able to buy more crypto are of course income and expenses.
Skip the next two paragraphs to get directly to the advice I've got for you.
In this post, I will assume that you are a sane human being who will cover their most basic needs before moving on to investing in crypto (or anything else, for that matter). Why is this even necessary to mention? Because a bunch of people are attracted to crypto for its casino-like nature, and those people are not going to take care of themselves until they hit rock bottom (or never).
Why do you need to invest? If you can't answer that question for yourself, you're probably better off not dabbling in crypto at all, as you're likely to end up doing shit you don't understand and losing money in the process. Think long and hard before transforming your first dollar, euro, yen or whatever your country's fiat currency is called into some amount of some cryptocurrency, because it's hard to stop once you start. I thought I knew enough when I bought my first crypto, but I still got burned so many times that it's comical that I'm the one writing this post.
Expenses kill your dreams Most countries follow an economic model that keeps the minimum wage just below the living cost to keep the great unwashed masses at work as much as possible. This means that the system is rigged to make it difficult to increase your income.
Human psychology is not helpful in this matter. Most people search for ways to increase their income, not realizing that lowering their expenses will give a much more direct and visible surplus.
This leads to the point I'm trying to make: Focus on lowering your expenses. The thing that ruins most household economies is the mishandling of expenses. If your expenses equal your income, it's obvious that you can't invest in crypto or anything else, for that matter.
The four most efficient ways to save money Cooking your own food (and most notably: snacks) is the number 1 saving strategy on this list. There are tens of thousands of food channels on Youtube. Look for guides on how to batch cook weekly/monthly. Make use of them. In some countries there are also apps like TooGoodToGo that can severely cut your expenses if you're not a picky eater. Pour your savings directly into more crypto.
Rent can kill even the best budget, especially if you don't adapt to changes in life circumstances. You may be living in an apartment that was good when you had a partner, but don't kid yourself into thinking that more space = happiness. Houses have never been bigger and people have never been unhappier. Choosing appropriate housing such as a smaller or shared apartment can be very good. Finding a cheaper place in a more rural area can also free more money that can be funneled into even more crypto. Be mindful that transportation is a part of this equation.
You can also save by not buying stuff you don't need. Focus on the long term and your dreams. Ask yourself four questions every time you are about to buy something:
Is this going to make me happy right now? ⛔
Is this going to make me happy in the short term (weeks)? ⛔
Is this going to make me happy in the long term (months/years)? ✔️
Is this going to help me achieve my dreams? ✔️
Identifying addictions, small or big, can be extremely rewarding and profitable. Alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, porn, gaming, just to name the big ones, all lead to a brain incapable of producing dopamine, the reward-hormone. This leads to a feeling that life makes no sense, and what do we do when we get that feeling? We use more of what caused the feeling in the first place. The brain needs 28 days off (after detox) to get the dopamine center back to balance. It's seriously concerning to see that people work 60, 70, 80 hour weeks to earn enough to feed their addiction, yet still have a crappy economy. If you have questions about addiction, feel free to DM me as I am a nurse and I have experience with addiction myself as well as having worked in rehab.
I'll probably be downvoted into oblivion by people who already know all of these things. Meh.
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2023.03.23 22:18 jamedi_ [Review] The Sword of Mercy and Wrath, by NC Koussis

[Review] The Sword of Mercy and Wrath, by NC Koussis
Full text review:
"Her temple and ear wracked with a sharp pain as they slapped against the ground. In a daze, she thought she heard people shouting. She rolled over with a groan. Claws dug into her left arm. Agonizing, blinding pain ripped through her very core"
The Sword of Mercy and Wrath is the initial book of the Swords of Dominion series by the Aussie writer NC Koussis, and it's an excellent grimdark novel, that at the same time does a great job portraying a myth such as the werewolf one in a different kind of light, while creating a huge world which I hope to continue exploring on the next books of the series.
First of all, let me make the clarification that this is a review focused on the rereleased edition of TSoMaW, which includes 150 extra pages. I read the first edition, and liked it; but personally, I think this edition enhances and improves many aspects, bringing the novel to a whole new level, especially diving into the transformation of Selene.
TSoMaW follows two different stories, alternating the timelines until they met again due to the force of circumstances. And both are at some point faces of the same coin, a coin that surprisingly ends up not being as simple as we could think.
Selene's life is far from ideal, but it definitely gets wrecked after the attack of her monstrous father, which was a werewolf, letting her at the border of death; losing her left arm as a consequence. Scarred and broken, she swears vengeance against those beasts, joining the Order. I find really interesting and accurate how Koussis portrays the process of the catchment, and how a cult operates to get more adepts that will follow blindly their orders; Selene is the perfect victim, as she's broken, with vengeance as the only remaining feeling on her. She's an easy target to manipulate and radicalize, and the Order plays its cards in order to make her a fanatical, a monster who will follow all its orders blindly. Practically Selene gets dissociated from who she used to be, something signaled by the change of name to Selene. The newly named Diana quickly escalates in the organization, not without getting attacked by her mates, in brutal ways; but she becomes the perfect Inquisitor, and she doesn't really think about her actions until she has to capture a particular werewolf.
"Demons organize in packs. Such hives of devilry and malice must be rooted out and eliminated with extreme prejudice. -Lord Notarius Gian Adalla"
Tristain acts as a squire for Leon the Strong, serving the imperial army, with the hope he will at some point get enough prestige to retire and live serving as a home guard, and hopefully meet again Selene. But after a traumatic encounter, he discovers that there's a beast inside him; he can transform into a werewolf. While still serving in a war that seems kinda unproductive, we get to see how Tristain puts his life in danger multiple times, while at some points letting his true nature unleash. But if with Selene we get to see a brutal nature, with Tristain we get to observe how all that the Order says about those creatures might not be true.
"Doubt means death. When the fighting's thickest and you're grasping a sword, knowing that dropping it means a quick end, there's no room for hesitation. When you're stab-stabbing, hands numb, face numb, eyes streaming with sweat"
And the culmination of this story appears when Diana's obligations and Tristain's nature clash, because she's tasked with retrieving a living beast for Citadel's matters. Diana's convictions get challenged, putting her between the sword and the wall; more once part of the truth about Order's acts gets revealed. I don't want to spoil much more, but all the setting done with the two timelines gets a payoff in an explosive ending, letting all ready for a second book.
The world of TSoMaW is dark and brutal, as the grimdark genre dictates. We are direct spectators of violence and atrocities, showing the worst aspects of humanity; the Continent is under war and that shows. The Order is a religious cult that tries to create fanatics, and their process with the novices is the best example of it. If you look closely, you can see the Greek and European influences in this world, in small details such as names, places, and some of the structures; while we explore just some places, I want to travel to more cities in this world.
Koussis's prose is excellent, shining especially in two kinds of scenes: action scenes, where it becomes especially cinematic and spectacular (watching Diana fighting against werewolves is an absolute delight); and those where we met better the characters, transmitting how they feel perfectly.
This new edition of TSoMaW is what any fan of grimdark could ask for. A brutal world, morally grey characters, and a reality that is more complex than what plain sight could see. Can't wait to see Pyres of Vengeance.
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2023.03.23 22:18 Throwawaycerz I lied to an old friend a while ago but don't know how/if I should bring it up now

So the context is that I've (20) been online friends with this person (will call them Jay (20)) for almost a decade now. We first met when we were pretty young but we've been friends ever since and while we've never met in person, I would probably say that they're one of my closest friends now.
That being said, it was definitely messed up and it honestly seems stupid now that I'm typing it out but I basically lied about getting a concussion at some point a good 7 or so years ago. It was something that I dragged out for about a month, even bringing short term memory loss into it.
While that in itself is already bad, the bigger issue is that during that time, I also created a fake persona (will call it Rex) and I was basically acting as Rex, who was a supposed close friend of mine, telling Jay about how I was doing, etc. This is obviously messed up and even after my whole concussion story was over, 'Rex' would pop up from time to time, though this eventually faded out after a few months.
I had honestly forgotten about this whole thing given how long ago it was but I happened to stumble upon some of my and Jay's old chats. I was just reading through them when I remembered this whole fiasco. I'm honestly just lost as to how or if I even should bring this up now. My supposed concussion is obviously something that isn't ever brought up now, nor is Rex. Jay would probably remember everything though since someone getting a concussion is pretty memorable.
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2023.03.23 22:15 alyrch99 [TOMT] [Video Game] [Early 2010s?] A $3ish app store game that alternated between a gamemode where you spend money to build units that run down a lane toward an opposing base and a 2d action game where you run around killing enemies of the same type.

It was more than $1 but I don't think it was more than $5 at the most. I put a *ton* of hours into this game way back in the day, the 2d mode had a bunch of available heroes and as you leveled them up they changed forms - I think there was an archer who changed to like, a horseback lancer? in the middle evo? and then to a samurai for the final evo, or something like that. In the tower mode there were land-based and air-based units, and I think you could build defensive towers? , you could definitely upgrade a statue or something that increased income. and some levels of the game the enemy would spawn for the strategy game mode with an ambush, and you could do a short section of the action game mode to kill the ambush. I think that when you dropped the opposing base below a certain level the enemy king or something would come out, or maybe a dark sorcerer, and conjure this wave of dark magic which blew you back. Uhh, I'm trying to think of any other random helpful things - the art was very simplistic, like stick figures basically, I think the first tier flying unit when you first unlocked it was just a dude with wings and a sword, and it kinda sucked cause it couldn't hit grounded enemies at all. Some of the other heroes were like, a cyborg? which was maybe evolved from a dude running around with double pistols (I remember the double pistol hero being super OP). There were a bunch of different worlds, 6 or 8 or something like that, and it got steadily harder. I also remember one of the tricks to the game I figured out was for levels that started with an ambush section, you could infinitely farm very easily by using the hero to clear the ambush section and then letting yourself lose the strategy section, so that you got Xp and money from the hero bit but didn't make the level unavailable by beating it.
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2023.03.23 22:13 fukinathoughts Lesson 135, condensed

This may not go over real well since I am missing some of the paragraph numbers etc. Several sentences have been omitted. But I ask for a miracle instead. The paragraphs and sentence I think I was able to attach and separate pretty well.
This is my favorite lesson, so I thought it might be somebody else's as well since we often think there is 'danger' or an 'emergency' in 'our lives' when there isn't any. God solves All problems. There is no reason to defend. I put all of my trust in God's plan for me, for all, in large part bc of this lesson.
Thank you reddit body illusion people I have imagined, and the Christ Sonship I am imagining an a part of.
Lesson 135
²A sense of threat is an acknowledgment of an inherent weakness; a belief that there is danger which has power to call on you to make appropriate defense. ³The world is based on this insane belief. ⁴And all its structures, all its thoughts and doubts, its penalties and heavy armaments, its legal definitions and its codes, its ethics and its leaders and its gods, all serve but to preserve its sense of threat. ⁵For no one walks the world in armature but must have terror striking at his heart.
⁴It is your mind which gave the body all the functions that you see in it, and set its value far beyond a little pile of dust and water. The body is in need of no defense. ⁵For it seems to fail your hopes, your needs, your values and your dreams. The “self” that needs protection is not real.
Defend the body and you have attacked your mind.
These are the thoughts in need of healing, and the body will respond with health when they have been corrected and replaced with truth. ²This is the body’s only real defense.
⁵It is secure in certainty that obstacles can not impede its progress to accomplishment of any goal that serves the greater plan established for the good of everyone.
A healed mind is relieved of the belief that it must plan, although it cannot know the outcome which is best, the means by which it is achieved, nor how to recognize the problem that the plan is made to solve. ²It must misuse the body in its plans until it recognizes this is so. ³But when it has accepted this as true, then is it healed, and lets the body go. ⁴For everything the mind employs for this will function flawlessly, and with the strength that has been given it and cannot fail.
The mind engaged in planning for itself is occupied in setting up control of future happenings. ²It does not think that it will be provided for, unless it makes its own provisions. ³Time becomes a future emphasis, to be controlled by learning and experience obtained from past events and previous beliefs. ⁴It overlooks the present, for it rests on the idea the past has taught enough to let the mind direct its future course.
The mind that plans is thus refusing to allow for change. ²What it has learned before becomes the basis for its future goals.
⁴And it does not see that here and now is everything it needs to guarantee a future quite unlike the past, without a continuity of any old ideas and sick beliefs.
Defenses are the plans you undertake to make against the truth.
What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good? ²Perhaps you have misunderstood His plan, for He would never offer pain to you. ³But your defenses did not let you see His loving blessing shine in every step you ever took. ⁴While you made plans for death, He led you gently to eternal life.
Your present trust in Him is the defense that promises a future undisturbed, without a trace of sorrow, and with joy that constantly increases, as this life becomes a holy instant, set in time, but heeding only immortality. ²Let no defenses but your present trust direct the future, and this life becomes a meaningful encounter with the truth that only your defenses would conceal.
Without defenses, you become a light which Heaven gratefully acknowledges to be its own. ²And it will lead you on in ways appointed for your happiness according to the ancient plan, begun when time was born. ³Your followers will join their light with yours, and it will be increased until the world is lighted up with joy. ⁴And gladly will our brothers lay aside their cumbersome defenses, which availed them nothing and could only terrify.
³We make no plans for how it will be done, but realize that our defenselessness is all that is required for the truth to dawn upon our minds with certainty.
All your defenses have been aimed at not receiving what you will receive today. ²And in the light and joy of simple trust, you will but wonder why you ever thought that you must be defended from release. ³Heaven asks nothing. ⁴It is hell that makes extravagant demands for sacrifice. ⁵You give up nothing in these times today when, undefended, you present yourself to your Creator as you really are.
He has remembered you. ²Today we will remember Him. ⁵Now is the light of hope reborn in you, for now you come without defense, to learn the part for you within the plan of God. ⁶What little plans or magical beliefs can still have value, when you have received your function from the Voice for God Himself?
²For you can not conceive of all the happiness that comes to you without your planning. (ACIM, W-135.2:2-5;6:4;7:1,5;8:1;9:1;10:1-2;11:5;12:1-3;13:4;15:1-4;16:1-2,4;17:1;18:1-4;19:1-2;20:1-4;21:3;24:1-5;25:1-2,5-6;26:2)
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2023.03.23 22:13 dgeorgieva1617 double digit reflections

hello everyone! i’m 25 now and i’ve tried to stop drinking multiple times, succeeded a few times, then thought because i went so long without it i could go back into it, which was obviously wrong. i realised i simply can’t drink like a normal person, if i have one glass of wine i immediately while drinking it begin thinking of the next. while everyone else is drinking i keep an eye on their drinks, hoping they finish quicker, so we could get another round, then one drink (a near impossible thing all together) turns into a bottle and a half of wine. i thought i couldn’t have fun without it, but thinking about it it was a miserable, boring cycle of drinking, hangovers, and drinking again, which is far more boring.
i decided to stop again, this time when i wasn’t hungover, as i’ve noticed for myself when i make that promise my brain relates it more to the temporary shitty feeling, rather than a true desire to break the cycle, so this time it was different. i’m almost at two weeks now, haven’t managed that since last summer.
i also decided to stop just before i went back to my hometown (i live abroad) where not only do i spend most nights drinking with friends but i’m very close to a lot of the bartenders that work around town, even dated some of them, so drinks were definitely a big part of my life back home.
it was challenging but somehow i made it work. what i hated was having to explain to each person that i would rather drink lemonade or ice tea instead of wine (at one of the bars we always go to the bartenders that i’m friends with literally start pouring wine as they see me enter) they found it very weird i’m not drinking, and i know i don’t owe explanations to anybody, so i didn’t get into any details, just said things like i’m doing a detox or having a little pause from drinking. it’s kind of my own fault everyone associates me with a glass of wine as that sadly was a huge part of hanging out with me, especially back home. i think that’s why it was embarrassing to even ask for a non-alcoholic drink, especially since everyone looked at me like there’s something wrong with me (which there is, it’s drinking lol)
once i hit seven days of not drinking i was so proud of myself, i felt the brain fog, i now realise i’ve lived with for years, lift. and my mind became so clear that it almost felt like a new high, or like an adrenaline rush.
i’m proud i didn’t drink while my friends shared a bottle of wine, i’m proud that i walked home from the bar at a late hour sober, something i haven’t done for about six years. i’m proud that even though today is my last day here and i so badly wanted to have a send off with alcohol i didn’t give in, today was the only time the voice in my head telling me to drink was the loudest, but i managed not to. i’m not especially proud that i’ve reached a point where i can’t handle a drink without going on a binge, but i know it’s something that’s been an issue in my family for generations, and that’s hard to fight.
i’m proud, but cautious, it’s early and my sobriety is fragile, i take it day by day, i’m scared that when i get home the boredom and anxiety i feel some days might push me to it, part of me thinks i managed to withhold while with others even when they were drinking but it might be more difficult when i’m on my own, but i’ll fight it the best i can, i’ll try to get back to my hobbies and things i love doing that i never had time for due to being drunk or hungover, and i will accept that while life is beautiful without alcohol there will be difficult days. i’ve not made promises but i want this poison out of my life, and i want to do it for myself, not for others (though that’s a nice bonus and motivation of course)
thank you for listening, being in this community and reading posts on here is so helpful. if anyone wants to share their experience or some advice on how they push away triggering thoughts in the comments i would greatly appreciate it ❤️ IWNDWYT!
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