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Welcome to WarriorCats! This is a sub-reddit dedicated to fans of the Warriors series published by HarperColins. Warrior cats is about clans of feral cats surviving in the wild. Along the way they learn important lessons about life, war, love, and death. Join us, Warrior!

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A subreddit filled with just art inspired by the Warrior Cats book series written by Erin Hunter !

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For anyone looking to find a place to share their warrior cats art

2023.03.21 11:46 monkeywithawrench13 We have to create a firewall between the UFC and for-entertainment promotions like the WWE

Anyone who's been following this sport since the days of UFC 100 knows how hard the struggle for legitimacy was for it. Back alley streetfights, to the early days of a BJJ blackbelt fighting a guy who outweighed him by 150 lbs.
They stopped that. They created weight classes, emulated the best aspect of boxing and gave it somewhat of a competitive architecture. It's not perfect, I'd even say it has some urgent flaws, but it was brought it.
Today MMA (and the UFC as the flag bearer) is recognised as the elite sport - NOT ENTERTAINMENT GIMMICK - that it is.
However, promotionally there are some problems that still stand out that I think of fixed would take it to a unprecedented level, and possibly even an Olympic Sport.
1) People (Uncle Chael & Co.) still use terms like 'heel' and 'baby face'. Fighters buy into that and come up with a shtick. It's unnecessary and devalues the basis of this sport which is Martial Arts. This would be unacceptable behaviour in any Martial Arts School/Gym. Why is it tolerated in this particular promotion ?
2) The making of fights based on personality and 'beef' has also got to go. Legitimise the ranking system, or create NCAA style bracketing. Bellator makes it work. OneFC makes it work. And yet the UFC still makes its biggest fight based on 'storylines'. So much so that they'll create 1,2 even 3 fight streaks between the same guys just for the storyline. Close fights like Figgy - Moreno, Izzy- Alex whatever, need to stop at one. You lost, it happens.
3) Cringe character shenanigans like Masvidal, Colby, Sean Strickland have to go too. It alienates most people, and appeals to a base this sport doesn't need. 'He sells PPVs' cannot be a justification for fight making. Non English speaking world class athletes shouldn't have to learn English and get a degree in marketing to be successful. All they should have to do is win.
4) Belts like BMF are a joke. If you have it for a new category - thats fine but then defend it. It's a belt. It has to be defending. Make the gimmick a moniker or whatever. Not a belt.
5) Cross promotional fights, like in boxing - have huge potential. If you unify the industry - it makes it very difficult for Sports Center to ignore a sport that has a fan base that in PPV purchase, participation and engagement outdoes most other sports including boxing.
6) Fixed fight schedules like any other sport. Fighters holding up divisions for any other reason than injury are slowing things down to a crawl, which only then can be sped up by theatrical gimmicks like 'personal grudge matches'
7) MMA journalists have to act like journalists. Ask about tactics, strategem, training camps, moments in the fight. Ask the fighter to break it down. Not the same constant nauseating carousel of 'How did it feel', 'React to this comment', 'What do you think'.
The NBA, NFL, FIFA all have some smalle lemon of that, but most of the discourse isnt beyond the strict parameters of the sport and performance.
Now, I know there are reasons His Tomato-ness won't all or any of that.
But I think if we draw a line saying, "We want to watch a sport, not an entertainment event" it will create an environment where the stuff above becomes logical and undeniable, despite Dana or whomever.
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2023.03.21 11:39 wSorael Chobe Aza, my crush [FanArt by me]

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2023.03.21 11:34 Low-Beautiful3317 AITA for refusing to pay for my roommate's gf's meals?

About 6 weeks ago I (21F) moved in with my friend John (22M). John and I have been very good friends for almost 2 years now, after I befriended him at work.
6 months ago he met this girl, Cat (19F). He told me about her the day after he matched with her on a dating app, and took me to her workplace to meet her. She seemed very lovely, I was so happy for him.
Since then, John is always inviting her to every friend outing, so I got to know her. We have lots in common, and for John's sake I wanted to be her friend. However, I think that, in the nicest way possible, she is a bit rude. She does art, and half the time John compliments her work shes says "You hate it, dont you?". Or times we hang out with other friends we have had to go home early as she was bored, and John was our ride home.
She hasnt done anything to me personally, but I just dont like her much. Im happy John has found someone he cares for, but having to stand by and watch how she acts sometimes rubs me the wrong way.
Heres where the issue comes in.
Yesterday John and I were at the supermarket to do our food shop. Normally, we would buy our food for the week, and maybe a couple of simple/frozen meals to save for Sunday. However, Cat has been coming over for dinners a few times a week and she has a very limited diet. She refuses to eat anything other than fast food or simple/frozen meals. She likely has her reasons for eating specific food, and incase its due to an ED or something similar, I dont want to make things hard for her, or pry into something that isnt my business.
The time where it becomes an issue for me is how John has now wanted to buy "back up" meals for her, incase she doesnt like what we are cooking. This would make sense, as before she has been eating stuff that was part of our weekly meal plan. The problem is John wants me to financially contribute to these extra meals for her.
When I spoke to John about this, and said how I am not happy paying half for her meals (our weekly shop cost is just split in half, as we both eat everything) he got quite agitated. He called me selfish for not wanting to help her, just to save money.
I know frozen meals arent the most expensive thing in the world, but John is in a much better financial situation than I am, and while I can pay my share of the bills, and occasionally have outings with friends, I dont want to be dishing out extra money for meals for a girl I have no real connection to, as these small amounts do add up. In my eyes, if Cat doesnt like what we are cooking she could come over a different day, or John could buy back up meals for her out of his own pocket. I feel like an asshole, but I dont think I should be paying for an extra persons food.
If my bf had a similar situation to Cat, Id see it as my responsibility to provide for him and his diet, and I'd never expect John to pay.
Am I the asshole for thinking this way? Do any of you have any advice?
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2023.03.21 11:32 -thermodynamiclawyer physical copies. With 5...Bd7, Black Cat, Victoria Warriors NBA

how to do it in section of PC build with players with Drift HQ/LZMFG?Is this in order can approach this?
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2023.03.21 11:30 WarmlyScant That do require full armour

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2023.03.21 11:22 WaspArt10 No thanks, I'd rather not have a cat toilet in my home.

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2023.03.21 11:22 theFreddman01 I know, old joke, but it never gets old

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2023.03.21 11:07 Electronic_Futur3 Get puffed!

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2023.03.21 11:02 GTAPhotographers Donnie Yen 4 Movie Collection $9.99

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2023.03.21 11:00 Kendrillion WHAT EVEN WAS THIS CONCERT?!??!?!!

Call me an idiot but I actually wasn’t expecting a concert, just the new album trailer (I’m not trolling I’m being serious) so here’s my semi-live reaction instead 😅:
• Beginning was pretty alright was never really a fan of Ten sho, Dark Festival, or Gommene so meh on my part ¯_(ツ)_/¯
• That transition into MAWARU!!!!
• Slipping in the Curry song out of nowhere
• Adding in Eyes Full of Cracks
• Drowning cat universe album!?!?? (Not all that familiar with the album but still surprising)
• WHEN DID HE USE FUKASE 😭 this is a first even for me!???!?!!!!!
• SI_KU LOVE??!!?!? Protective Tree acknowledgment 😭😭😭
• Not only Whereabouts of the living souls acknowledgment BUT IKITAMA TOO!!!!
• Woah Blue Cave 😲 I’ve only ever listen to it once but looks like I need a relisten
• A SECOND NEW SONG DROPS??!?!!! KIKUO WHYYYYY 😭???!??!?!!!!!?!!!?
• Inside the Water?!? Ok was both expecting it and not expecting it at the same time ¯_(ツ)_/¯
• I told everyone not to expect Hanatan’s voice to come back, the moment he played the Miku ver. Of Eyes Full of Cracks solidified it 😅
• WOOOO THAT TRANSION FROM DARK FOREST TO ASHITEx3 WAS JUST 👌😩 I’m more shook that it took so long to find a transition since I found it awkward how it just showed up at the end in previous concerts
• Three new song drops….I’m sweating…I can’t take it 😶
• Ahhh yeah Omori Time boys…3…2….1….HHAHHAAH!!!! Also that transition to Corpse Dance was pretty slick ngl 😏
• Don’t have much to say about Misfortune Girl other than I LOVED the background visuals 😍
• I would have NEVER predicted that Hitogawari would be played at this LIVE, not only that but this is the first time we’ve ever gotten a Vocaloid version of it since it’s release…that’s just mind blowing…but also confirms that he must not be able to use Hanatan’s vocals for reasons we don’t know 😅
• Happy Death as well 😲 not much to say other than dang impressive
• That Astral Travel transition was beautiful 😍 also that chicken guy floating in the middle of the screen is just a mood
• Koshin!!!!!!????!!!! Wasn’t expecting THAT BUT ITS WELCOMED GREATLY
• Oh my gosh…Searching for your Love…I just I’m weak…it’s beautiful
• I KNEW HE WOULD ADD “DON’T LOOK AT ME IN THAT WAY”!!!! I FREAKING KNEW IT!!! Look at little Taiyou (my headcanon name) jump for everyone 😭
• To end it with a speech, A Memory of a Rainy Day, and streamers…wouldn’t end it any other way 🥲
•👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧👏🌧 (You’ll get the reference)
And with that the concert concludes….I’m up WAY too late so I can’t say more other than I need sleep to process everything that I witnessed 💀😭😃
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2023.03.21 10:54 count-blahcula Resuscitation of my love for listening and creating music.

Last June I was bumming around the doom metal sub. Someone asked "What's the prettiest doom metal song?" Or something along those lines, the vast majority said "Marrow" by YOB. So, I listened and I didn't stop listening to Marrow for 2 months straight. That's the only song. Listened on the way to work and on the way home, in the evenings or any free time that would be silent for 18:49. When I finally started that album from "in our blood" and my whole world changed even more. Then I moved on to the rest of their discography. I've never been this inspired, ever. I'm a hard core music fan, but for some reason Yob has stayed out of my radar, and maybe back then I wasn't ready for them. I'm 41. I quit music for almost 10 years, due to creative difference, egos, addictions. Being in a band is the hardest thing, it's like trying to put a feral cat in a bag. I could go on, it's almost 5 am. I'm seeing YOB on June 6th and I'm so impatient to see them. My apologies for this run on, and moving around topics. I'm free styling this post. Yob is love
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2023.03.21 10:49 Frau_Aeron 32 [F4F] Los Angeles/Online- nerdy Latina looking for art and FFXIV buddies

Can’t sleep so I’m making a post.
Hey everyone.
Gonna get this out of the way. I use they/them pronouns, and no I don’t like the word Latinx.
That being said I’m a quiet reserved person, but I’m very passionate about art and art museums. I love science museums, gardens, pizza, coffee shops, candles, crystals, anime and manga. Also video games!
I play FFXIV on Aether. I have a character on Siren and one on Jenova. Under lvl 30 and haven’t finished ARR. Im looking for people who are casual and do MSQ stuff too.
I draw a lot in my spare time! It’d be nice to draw together :)
Im looking for friends who don’t take themselves too seriously. If you like conspiracy theories and true crime, talk to me about it! You wanna send me funny animal videos? Talk about your cat? You think Rings of Power was good? So do I!!
You like monsters? Tell me your favorite. Mothman doesn’t count! He’s everyone’s favorite.
Im always gonna love Garrus from Mass Effect.
Finally, tell me what your favorite kind of burrito is!!
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2023.03.21 10:46 Racing_trio39 She knows

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2023.03.21 10:21 comics0026 This reminds me of Ryan whenever they have to do a Hoedown

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2023.03.21 10:04 Blue_Kaleidoscope Paint and drinks in Joburg?

Hey guys,
This weekend isy best friend's birthday and she's a huge art fan. Does anyone know of any events or places which offer a mixture of painting and some drinks/cocktails?
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2023.03.21 09:59 giggitytutti Idea - Each timewalking should have a vendor that sells new unused models or recolors from that era

Idea - Each timewalking should have a vendor that sells new unused models or recolors from that era
Like they added Aegis of aggramar to legion vendor and some other transmogs, there should be more of it, from lower to higher prices based on the rarity of the transmog.
I saw this great idea also mentioned by u/Thelostcodex on twitter in the past and i will share some of his pictures, so let's say there is Pandaria timewalking and it would use items such as this.

Pandaria timewalking, mogu transmogs
Or let's say WoD timewalking? We're geting guldan staff in TP, but rare weapon such as Gorehowl could cost 2k of Timewarped badges for example, like Aggramar shield.

Some WoD transmogs, WoD timewalking
There are also many models from WOTLK era or Cata era and others that were never used such as, datamined by Schrei on twitter


Cat staff - WOTLK, one of few colors

Unused ulduar 1h sword example, with few colors

Unused troll shield


CATA 2h unused axe

CATA 1h sword


WoD era 2h axe , with few recolors, used by many NPC's


Legion warrior class hall NPC axe, viking inspired

2h axe
Just few models of many unsued ones that we're been waiting to get finally in our hands but they're still not added.
I think it would be a nice way to spend these timewalking badges that probably many of us hoard in our currency inventory.
https://imgur.com/gallery/LivMSZj - Made 2 years ago by @Schrei(https://twitter.com/Schrei205/status/1428770281124818950) on twitter, many unused models/recolors showcased here.
What do you think?
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2023.03.21 09:58 SuperHotUKDeals Free Manga Volumes: Attack on Titan / Battle Angel Alita / Vinland Saga + More (Kindle Edition) @ Amazon

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
Attack on Titan Vol. 1*
Battle Angel Alita Vol. 1*
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Omnibus 1*
Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle Vol. 1*
Vinland Saga Vol. 1*
Last week I posted some free manga ebooks from Google Play and Amazon has now matched it for Kindle (free to buy). Above are a few direct links and a full list is in the comments.
Attack on Titan Vol. 1
In this post-apocalytpic sci-fi story, humanity has been devastated by the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming mankind. Seemingly unintelligent, they have roamed the world for years, killing everyone they see. For the past century, what's left of man has hidden in a giant, three-walled city. People believe their 100-meter-high walls will protect them from the Titans, but the sudden appearance of an immense Titan is about to change everything. Winner of the 2011 Kodansha Manga Award (Shonen) and nominated for the prestigious Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize for 2012.
Battle Angel Alita Vol. 1
In a dump in the lawless settlement of Scrapyard, far beneath the mysterious space city of Zalem, disgraced cyber-doctor Daisuke Ido makes a strange find: the detached head of a cyborg woman who has lost all her memories. He names her Alita and equips her with a powerful new body, the Berserker. While Alita remembers no details of her former life, a moment of desperation reawakens in her nerves the legendary school of martial arts known as Panzer Kunst. In a place where there is no justice but what people make for themselves, Alita decides to become a hunter-killer, tracking down and taking out those who prey on the weak. But can she hold onto her humanity as she begins to revel in her own bloodlust?
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Omnibus 1
The lovely, deadly cyborg Alita returns in 664 pages of cyberpunk action! Alita wakes up alone in the sky city of Tiphares, her brain and body reconstructed by the mad scientist Desty Nova. There’s no time to wonder why Alita’s greatest enemy would resurrect her, though – the royal city has been thrown into chaos by Nova’s revelation that the Tiphareans have had their brains replaced by bio-chips! Everyone needs answers – and Alita will fight to get them!
**Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle Vol. 1
**The cyber-martial arts saga that has spanned a solar system and over two decades in print returns, with creator Yukito Kishiro’s new sequel that reveals the true story of Alita’s childhood on Mars, and the mind-bending adventures that still await her…For centuries, war has raged on the dusty, red surface of Mars. This apocalyptic crucible will produce the solar system’s most fearsome warrior, Alita. But for now that warrior is just a little girl named Yoko. The future and past of the battle angel fan out across the reaches of space in the final chapter of one of the greatest sci-fi epics of all time!
Vinland Saga Vol. 1
FOR HONOR AND VENGEANCE As a child, Thorfinn sat at the feet of the great Leif Ericson and thrilled to wild tales of a land far to the west. But his youthful fantasies were shattered by a mercenary raid. Raised by the Vikings who murdered his family, Thorfinn became a terrifying warrior, forever seeking to kill the band's leader, Askeladd, and avenge his father. Sustaining Throfinn through his ordeal are his pride in his family and his dreams of a fertile westward land, a land without war or slavery...the land Leif called Vinland.
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/HB2Ejvg
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2023.03.21 09:57 Cement-eater Need a lifetime best friend? Look no further :D

Greetings my dear traveler. Scrolling past all the god-forsaken posts from above must have been tiring! Here, sit down and have an ice cream (DM for free teddy bear as well).
I am happy you stopped by! Heard you were looking for long-term companion? Perhaps short term as well? Absolutely no worries, I am here to adapt to your needs! Are you in search of a good loyal and honest friend, who appreciates you every day, with overwhelming inspiration and motivation? Perhaps a shoulder to cry on? Someone you could tell all your secrets and deepest desires without fear of being judged? A person who you could watch tv shows/anime/movies, listen to music together, send memes and play any games? From Card of Humanity to Dark Souls? Say no more my friend. I am here to invest my full free time into you!
Some brief NPC facts about this mf: - European - gym, combat sports, reading philosophy, writing, journaling and meditation are my hobbies - favorite movies are Shrek 2 (yes, 2 in particular, no debate) and John Wick - metal/rock fan - had a husky long time ago, his name was "Baby [My first name]" - tried making pancakes recently but slapped one onto the fuckin ceiling... stil have picture of that wonder - speaking 4 languages - master of Dad jokes - University student - 21 years old and did modeling for a day... or two. They said they would call me again but they never did... guess my ugly mug was too much for them LMAOO
Do I sound like Sims 2 NPC to you? Yes? Do I wanna write another The Bible in this post about myself? probably not. In any case, if you are interested, please do shoot me a message!! I cannot wait to hear from you and invest all my time into you and getting to know you! Let's face the deepest depths of despair together. Hey, if ya do not like me, you can always run away like Romanian with a TV. If you aren't interested, that is fine as well! I wish you an amazing day stranger and love you lots.
If you came this far, comment "beans". Now I gotta go, my cat is barking.
Your biggest fan
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2023.03.21 09:56 Cement-eater Are you looking for a lifetime best friend? :D Look no further

Greetings my dear traveler. Scrolling past all the god-forsaken posts from above must have been tiring! Here, sit down and have an ice cream (DM for free teddy bear as well).
I am happy you stopped by! Heard you were looking for long-term companion? Perhaps short term as well? Absolutely no worries, I am here to adapt to your needs! Are you in search of a good loyal and honest friend, who appreciates you every day, with overwhelming inspiration and motivation? Perhaps a shoulder to cry on? Someone you could tell all your secrets and deepest desires without fear of being judged? A person who you could watch tv shows/anime/movies, listen to music together, send memes and play any games? From Card of Humanity to Dark Souls? Say no more my friend. I am here to invest my full free time into you!
Some brief NPC facts about this mf: - European - gym, combat sports, reading philosophy, writing, journaling and meditation are my hobbies - favorite movies are Shrek 2 (yes, 2 in particular, no debate) and John Wick - metal/rock fan - had a husky long time ago, his name was "Baby [My first name]" - tried making pancakes recently but slapped one onto the fuckin ceiling... stil have picture of that wonder - speaking 4 languages - master of Dad jokes - University student - 21 years old and did modeling for a day... or two. They said they would call me again but they never did... guess my ugly mug was too much for them LMAOO
Do I sound like Sims 2 NPC to you? Yes? Do I wanna write another The Bible in this post about myself? probably not. In any case, if you are interested, please do shoot me a message!! I cannot wait to hear from you and invest all my time into you and getting to know you! Let's face the deepest depths of despair together. Hey, if ya do not like me, you can always run away like Romanian with a TV. If you aren't interested, that is fine as well! I wish you an amazing day stranger and love you lots.
If you came this far, comment "beans". Now I gotta go, my cat is barking.
Your biggest fan
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2023.03.21 09:55 Cement-eater Do you wish for a lifetime best friend? :D Then look no further [friendship]

Greetings my dear traveler. Scrolling past all the god-forsaken posts from above must have been tiring! Here, sit down and have an ice cream (DM for free teddy bear as well).
I am happy you stopped by! Heard you were looking for long-term companion? Perhaps short term as well? Absolutely no worries, I am here to adapt to your needs! Are you in search of a good loyal and honest friend, who appreciates you every day, with overwhelming inspiration and motivation? Perhaps a shoulder to cry on? Someone you could tell all your secrets and deepest desires without fear of being judged? A person who you could watch tv shows/anime/movies, listen to music together, send memes and play any games? From Card of Humanity to Dark Souls? Say no more my friend. I am here to invest my full free time into you!
Some brief NPC facts about this mf: - European - gym, combat sports, reading philosophy, writing, journaling and meditation are my hobbies - favorite movies are Shrek 2 (yes, 2 in particular, no debate) and John Wick - metal/rock fan - had a husky long time ago, his name was "Baby [My first name]" - tried making pancakes recently but slapped one onto the fuckin ceiling... stil have picture of that wonder - speaking 4 languages - master of Dad jokes - University student - 21 years old and did modeling for a day... or two. They said they would call me again but they never did... guess my ugly mug was too much for them LMAOO
Do I sound like Sims 2 NPC to you? Yes? Do I wanna write another The Bible in this post about myself? probably not. In any case, if you are interested, please do shoot me a message!! I cannot wait to hear from you and invest all my time into you and getting to know you! Let's face the deepest depths of despair together. Hey, if ya do not like me, you can always run away like Romanian with a TV. If you aren't interested, that is fine as well! I wish you an amazing day stranger and love you lots.
If you came this far, comment "beans". Now I gotta go, my cat is barking.
Your biggest fan
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2023.03.21 09:43 Severe-Purchase-6949 My mom's friend

When I was 7 years old my mom and father got a divorce . This event prompted her to move and follow her career in a different small town which would pay better, as she was a single parent now .
On our long 12 hour drive to the new location, we stopped on the way in this little town which was very " hippy" , sort of had lots of art, little shops etc.
My mom said we were here to meet up with her friend "Paulette". I guess they went way back in her college days and recently got in touch after a decade .
We end up going to this east Indian restaurant where we would meet for dinner.
This lean petite woman walks in , she was very tall , well over 6 feet , big frizzy, curly brown hair with blonde streaks in it . She was caucasian, wearing a colorful shawl , with feather ear rings , with very pale blue eyes .She looked like a mosaic tapestry or something.
She walks over to the table and gives my mom a greeting and big hug , makes her way over to my older brother and shakes his hand , after comes around to my side of the table. I lend my hand out to her , and she just stood there expressionless, with her mouth partly open with a blank gaze , just staring at me . It briefly made me uncomfortable and then a flick of a switch, this spark ignites in her face , she makes this huge Cheshire Cat smile , kneels over and hugs me tightly .
She goes back to sit with my mom and they catch up over the years while we eat dinner . My mom gets the bill and says to her in the parking lot , you can just follow us , to Paulette. We get in the car and my mom explains to us , Paulette is actually coming over to live with us for awhile.
She followed us for the next several hours . We get to the new place and un pack our necessity items, as we had a moving truck hired with the rest of our stuff arriving in the morning.
There was a bunk bed already set up at this place for me and my brother. It was fairly late into the night roughly 11pm when we arrived.
Me and my brother set up our sleeping bags , I take the top bunk . My mom says good night . I fell asleep pretty quickly .
I wake up around 1:30 . I guess the patio deck light got turned on which was right beside our room. I gazed out through the blinders and I see the back of Paulettes curly hair . She was sitting on the deck cross legged smoking a cigarette. I didn't think much of it and lay back down.. Until I notice the light from the window gets partly blocked out . I look behind me with my head still on the pillow , I see the unmistakable outline of Paulettes shadow facing my window. She was there for a few minutes , I didn't want to lean up , I just pretended to sleep .
Her shadow moves and I hear the front door close. The patio light turns off after a few minutes . I re position myself facing the wall to go back to sleep. As I begin to drift off, the door to our room opens slowly and I quickly turned my head around , it wasn't my mom . It's Paulette wearing a night gown . I turn back facing the wall and close my eyes , she quietly makes her way to my bunk . I feel her fingers in a claw formation start to comb the back of my hair , running her nails on the back of my scalp. I kept my eyes closed tightly nearly holding my breath, trying to give no signs I'm awake . I smell some essential oils like lavender , and she starts rubbing oil into the back of my neck , and pinching the back of my neck muscle , sometimes holding it and releasing , I begin to kinda just accept whatever is happening... because it didn't feel all that bad after awhile. I actually ended up falling asleep to it after my initial confusion.
I wake up in the morning, my mom is off at work and Paulette is waiting at the table with cereal for me and brother. She put chocolate chips in my bowl and not my brothers . My brother and I make small talk with her , she was very giggly seemed to be trying to make us comfortable with the new situation. My brother heads back to his room to set up his game cube , after his cereal .
I was a slower eater than my older brother, so I was always the last at the table. As I slowly ate she was sitting there watching my every move . Once I finished I said, thank you and grabbed my bowl to bring it to the sink . She places her hand on mine and says " I gave you a neck massage so you wouldn't pee your bed, I know lots of young ones pee beds when they sleep in unfamiliar surroundings ". I looked up at her and said , I've never peed my bed before ! but thank you .
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This was my ritual for the next few weeks.. Until Paulette started doing the exact same thing at the exact same time , every time . Every night when I needed the washroom , it just so happened Paulette needed it too , and she would blaze down the hall way across from my room when id open the door . I'd just go back in my room and wait for her . It started happening so frequently I would just go outside to pee from the back mudroom door.
This started to , piss me off ( no pun intended ) . I'd open my door as quietly as I could and then sprint to the washroom .
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About two months into this , me and my brother were sword fighting with tree branches outside. He ends up clipping my forehead causing it to bleed pretty bad . Paulette sees this happen , she walks up to my brother, what I thought would be to scold him , but no she stomp kicks him in the head with her boot causing him to fall on his back. He gets up off the ground crying and runs into the house . She grabs me and starts cradling me , rocking back and forward. Shes shaking so much that she was vibrating, repeatedly asking are you hurt? In a shakey voice.
Anyway my mom finds out through my brother what happened and decides she had to leave. Her final day, she made a point to see me one on one in the drive way before entering her car .
She knelt down and said, I hope I can see you in a different life . You remind me so much of my husband . Good bye (my name) and starts bawling her eyes out hugging me. I asked my mom who was her husband was , I guess he was a marine that died in Afghanistan a few months prior to her moving in with us .
My mom hasn't spoke to her since.
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“Maybe not” I joked and did not take my eyes off her.
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