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2023.03.21 11:58 SuperHotUKDeals 24 Seasons 1-6 (41 disc) (DVD) £4 Used With Free Click & Collect @ CeX

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£4 - CeX
All the seasons that were never released on blu-ray.
The first six seasons of the popular real-time drama series featuring Federal Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).
In 'Day One', Jack, an agent for the CIA's Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), is trying to prevent the assassination of front-running Democrat candidate, Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), after the CTU receives a death threat against him. However, a traitor amongst Jack's colleagues manages to hamper his progress, and Jack finds that he has been framed for the assassination himself. He flees the CIA agents on his tail in a desperate attempt to find the real perpetrators, led by Ira Gaines (Michael Massee). Injured, and armed with nothing except his mobile phone and the help of trusted colleague Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke), Jack's situation becomes increasingly precarious. Meanwhile, his teenage daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) has gone missing after sneaking out of the house with her friend Janet (Jacqui Maxwell), and Jack's ex-wife Terri (Leslie Hope) unwittingly puts herself in grave danger when she goes looking for her.
'Day Two' takes place a year after Jack prevented Palmer's assassination. Having had time off to cope with his wife's death, Jack is now called upon by the CTU to find a terrorist nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Kim, who has been working as an au pair, is forced to go on the run from her abusive employer after he attacks her and the little girl, Megan (Skye McCole Bartusiak), that she is looking after. But when she takes Megan to the hospital, Kim is arrested for abusing the child.
'Day Three' takes place three years on from the events of Day Two. Jack has successfully captured and imprisoned the head of a Mexican drug cartel. But when a van deposits a dead body outside the LA Health Unit infected with a deadly virus, the Counter Terrorist Unit uncover a plot to blackmail the US Government with the threat of a released bio-weapon that will kill millions to ensure the release of the drug baron. Jack must infiltrate the gang and rid the world of the virus threat. Meanwhile, President Palmer is in LA seeking re-election to a second term, with his new chief of staff and girlfriend in tow.
'Day 4' takes place 18 months after Day 3. CTU has a new leader, Erin Driscoll (Alberta Watson), a steely government agent who made firing Jack Bauer one of her first priorities on taking up command. After an explosion on a commuter train, Jack, who is now working for Secretary of Defence James Heller (William Devane), and who is also romantically involved with Heller's married daughter, Audrey Raines (Kim Raver), suddenly finds himself heading back to CTU for a meeting with Driscoll. Jack believes that the train explosion is a prelude to bigger things to come, and when it seems that Islamic terrorists are launching an all out assault on the USA, Jack leads CTU's response in a desperate race against time.
'Day Five' takes place 18 months after Day 4. Jack is living under a new alias, as Frank Flynn, and working on various oilrigs and refineries throughout America. He is currently living with Diane and Derek Huxley, a family near the Mojave Desert, South Eastern California. Meanwhile, an unknown figure orders the assassination of the four people who know Jack is alive--Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, Chloe O'Brian and Former President David Palmer--to frame him. He returns to LA to clear his name when a hostage situation erupts. But it is only a diversion by collaboration of conspirators and Russian separatists to obtain 20 canisters of Sentox VX nerve gas. The gas was originally to be used to attack Moscow, but the separatists begin to release it in LA in retaliation after they discover that a US agent has infiltrated their organization. Jack attempts to search for the remaining canisters and expose treachery deep within the White House.
'Day Six' takes place 18 months after Day 5. The U.S. President has negotiated Jack's release from a Chinese prison so that Jack can help stop terrorists attempting to set of
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2023.03.21 11:58 HighTensileAluminium Which release channel is Auto Color Management currently in?

I am very much looking forward to this feature and just wondering if it's still in the dev channel, or has been moved to canary since the release channels were changed recently. Or perhaps it's made its way to beta more recently (the official blog posts about it from Microsoft are dated October 2022 so quite a while ago now). I'm in release preview channel 22621.1413 and don't have the feature so it's obviously not on RP channel yet.
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2023.03.21 11:58 _v_2saccvg Family Guy Season 21 Episode 17 Release Date and Time, Countdown, When is it Coming Out?

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2023.03.21 11:58 _v_2saccvg Family Guy Season 21 Episode 17 Release Date and Time, Countdown, When is it Coming Out?

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2023.03.21 11:58 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - March 21st

1970 - "ABC" by the Jackson 5, enters the Billboard US Top 40 singles chart, where it will peak at #1 in April knocking The Beatles' "Let It Be" from the top spot
1988- Michael is once again on the cover of Jet magazine
1988 -Michael Jackson's BAD album is certified 5x Platinum by the RIAA.
1997- Michael attends a Sony Conclave in Marbella, Spain where he is presented with a special award from Sony Music, for 100 million singles sales internationally outside the USA, since his first solo career album with Epic Rec in 1979. It is attended by SMI executives from around the world, it's NY headquarters as well as label executives and artists management.
1997- The "Blood On The Dance Floor"single is released. The song becomes a top ten hit in almost every EU state. “Blood on the Dance Floor” peaks at number one in the UK, Spain and New Zealand, charting for 11 weeks in the latter two nations. It would peak at #42 in the US
2001 - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon,ended his trip to the US by visiting with the king of pop, Michael Jackson. The Prime Minister and Jackson chatted into the night at a private reception for Sharon. The two were introduced by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. The Prime Minister told reporters that Jackson said he was a "big fan of Israel". The meeting was set up because Jackson may travel to Israel for his charity this summer In hopes of fostering Peace and Harmony between children of Arabs and Jews. The people who surrounded Michael at the time warned that it might not be a good idea to meet with him. They said that Sharon was hated in many parts of world, especially in Arab nations. But Michael dismissed their concerns and stated he wanted to meet with the Israeli leader. The pictures of Michael greeting Prime Minister Sharon, appeared throughout the world. The very next day websites called for a boycott of Michael's music saying that he supported Israel's "hated" leader. However, Michael did not care, he said, his love was for Israel and the Jewish people
2005 - Trial Day 16. Week 4 Begins.
Michael Jackson appeared to fall apart in court on Monday arriving late to his trial for the second time in two weeks.
He was once again taken to the hospital because of back pain. He then goes to court with Katherine, Joe & Jackie.
This day sees testimonies of Detective Conn Abel, flight attendent Lauren Wallace & child molestation specialist Anthony Urquiza.
The singer's entrance was less dramatic than his previous late arrival , but it caused speculation that the judge would possibly issue another bench warrant or otherwise sanction the singer for delaying proceedings once again.
However, Judge Rodney Melville made no mention of the delay in open court. Arriving just a few minutes past the usual court deadline, a fully dressed Jackson limped slowly inside the Santa Maria, California, courthouse, flanked by his brother Jackie and a bodyguard.
Once inside, according to observers, Jackson grabbed a wad of tissue and started sobbing. He was then excused and went to a restroom with Dr. Bert Weiner (who accompanied him from the hospital, still in scrubs) while lawyers met with Melville in chambers. That conversation is sealed, and Melville gave no explanation of what was discussed. After the 45-minute delay, the trial got under way with Jackson back in his seat.
Sometime later, Dr Weiner would explain the health state of Michael to the judge who agrees to let him go home.
Testimony continued with a detective who found porn at Neverland but conceded that it was legal. Detective Conn Abel said on cross-examination that he had never seen a home security system with hidden cameras at Neverland
Perhaps the most telling testimony of the day was when flight attendant Lauren Wallace corroborated the prosecution's allegation that Jackson drinks wine in Diet Coke cans on planes. Wallace said she was instructed by another flight attendant to pour white wine into the soda cans and she would typically have three of them ready for Jackson when he boarded the plane. She also said she would hide the mini bottles of alcohol up high in the bathroom, so that kids could not reach them.
Though the defense attorney tried to suggest that the singer drank wine this way so that children wouldn't see him drinking, Wallace testified that Jackson would drink wine from soda cans even when children were not present.
2007 -MJ and his children leave Heathrow Airport in London and return to Los Angeles, followed by a connecting flight to Las Vegas
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2023.03.21 11:58 KuzuryuC Odd and unusual long boot up time after the laptop is turned off for more than a couple of hours?

Blade 15 Early 2021 with i7 10875H, 32GB RAM, 3080
I've noticed recently that my blade is acting up during the bootup process. So here's how it's like when I boot my Blade 15 up:
  1. I turn my laptop off at night before going to sleep at 12AM. I unplug the power cable too.
  2. Next morning at 8AM, I plug the power adaptor back in, press the power button, and nothing happens for the first 20 or so seconds, then the keyboard RGB start to lit up, but screen is still blank. This takes another 60 seconds or so, before the screen is now showing, the Razer logo and all.
  3. The laptop is working fine. But I am sure something is off with the laptop, because the BIOS setting is reset each time this happens. I unlocked the undervolting in the UEFI, each time this happens, this setting is wiped and I have to redo it again.
  4. This only started happening recently, I thought they did some sort of update and FORCE the system to reset the BIOS when it detected the BIOS has been modded, so I tried leaving the BIOS alone and try again, no luck, same exact issue happens again, and this issue can be replicated every single time.
It's really odd..I thought it's the CMOS battery but the system date and time is all correct. Then I thought could be the fast boot? I disabled that, same issue persists. If I restart the laptop, no problem at all, it just boots normally, and the BIOS setting are left untouched. Same thing if I shutdown the laptop and I turn it back on within 15 minutes or so (I didn't really test the duration accurately, though).
I'm not sure if I have tried everything yet, but I have yet to reinstall the windows.
The only band-aid solution that I currently know is, instead of shutting it down, I just put it in sleep mode. So I don't have to wait an unbearably long bootup time and also redo the BIOS mod.
Any idea? Sure is fun using a Razer laptop, I almost always finding myself having to fix stuffs instead of just using it like a normal layman xD
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2023.03.21 11:57 OVERthaRAINBOW1 I just want to gush about this game

I've never been too big into crpgs, only ever played Divinity 2, and Fallout 1 and 2. Not sure if Dragon Age counts, but I've played all of them. I only heard about Owlcat after seeing the 40k Rogue Trader game they're making and decided to get Wrath, and good lord I love the game.
I'm only directly past the part where I capture Drezen and am doing loads of side quests and exploring, but I can't get enough of the game. It's genuinely the most fun I've had in a game in a long time. I have no clue if it changes later on but the amount of choice is amazing. It actually feels like my choices have consequences and I'm always second guessing which choice would have a better outcome so I sit there for 5 minutes just thinking. Wintersun was a big choice for me. Choosing to keep the people under the spell or release them was a very hard choice to me, but in the end I chose to free them. I still wonder if it was the correct thing to do.
I think my favorite part of the game is easily the companions. My team so far is usually Camellia, Regill, Arue, Nenio and Daeran and I love all 5 of them. Ember is also up there since she's just too nice to dislike. Daeran may be my favorite companion so far. He's so unapologetically dickish sometimes that I can't help but love him. Nenio is also a contender. I always look forward to when she starts talking.
For my first run I decided to do a chaotic neutral Bloodrager and decided to go the Azata mystic path, mainly for the dragon pet, since I didn't want to do Angel, Demon or Aeon. It's pretty dang fun to rage, smack someone with my 2 hander and crit them for 140 damage while proccing Sieze the Moment with my companions.
All in all, glad I found this gem of a game. Looking forward to playing more of it. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the amazing experience I've had so far.
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2023.03.21 11:57 Adventure_cheek2483 I’m scared I’ll be alone forever

I really am. I’ve never had a long term relationship, I start dating and the first week or two are great and then I get this crippling anxiety that he doesn’t want me anymore and that something I do or say is going to screw it up and then they break it off. I’m so tired of this. What am I doing wrong? When I try being my self (I’m intense, I know that. I need attention and affirmation and I want to spend time with him) then I’m too fast When I try to take it slow and be calculating then the guy wants so spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together so I get scared he’ll get tired of me, but I do it anyway because I need it and guess what? He got tired of me. I want someone to love so bad, I want to find someone to share my future with but it’s so hard. Why is it so hard? I’m so sick of being alone already, so done with being heartbroken.
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2023.03.21 11:57 Sugar_Soul Is it toxic if I [21F] am going on a date with a guy [24M] just eight days after a breakup from a long-term relationship?

To be fair, my relationship had been deteriorating for quite some time, and after having been put on an emotional roller coaster for over two months, I was honestly…relieved when my ex initiated the breakup. We no longer made each-other happy, and he was already emotionally cheating on me with one of our coworkers whom he’s now actively pursuing. (We were dating before I started working at his office, which he encouraged at the time lol. I’m already transferring to a new department.)
Anyway, I did what any newly single woman with a shattered self-esteem would and hopped on Tinder to flirt with cute guys. I wasn’t expecting to find anyone I’d genuinely have an interest in…at least not right away. But he matched with me almost immediately and we’ve been talking ever since. He’s super sweet, witty and we have so many common interests. We talk on the phone for hours. I’m having my first date with him soon and I couldn’t be more excited.
Except…I’m worried that maybe I’m jumping into something too fast? It’s definitely not like I’m still hung up on my ex: I had the chance to grieve the death of that relationship while I was still in it. I just don’t want to use him as a rebound or an emotional crutch. I know how that feels and he deserves better than that. My friends seem convinced I’m doing exactly that, though. Is this unhealthy? Toxic? I’d like a second opinion.
Tl;dr: After my breakup, which wasn’t something I really minded, I decided to go on Tinder just to flirt with people for fun. I ended up meeting this guy I’ve developed a genuine interest in. We’re supposed to go on our first date soon, but I worry that maybe it’s too fast? I don’t want to be using him as a rebound or an emotional crutch.
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2023.03.21 11:55 aliablo666 Newly open relationship

I am a gay man in a long term committed relationship for 8+ years.
My partner came to me a month ago, wanting to open up the relationship with me a as he has developed feelings for a friend that lives overseas. I was reluctant at first, but decided to give it a go for real this time (we have in the past had moments - were he - has had one or two hookups when he's been out of town that he asked for permission before, but I never did see anyone as I did not have the urge until now)
We set up some ground rules and boundaries.
Since opening up, I've had alot of fun with a few people and feel incredibly liberated for the first time in a long time. I've been on dating apps and the response has been quite overwhelming for me - less so for him, and I can tell he gets bothered by it, but he tries to not let it show. I do reassure him all the time that I love him, and think in many ways our intimacy has become ALOT better than when we were monogamous, and I can see he gets excited and sometime he asks me about my moments and I do tell him about them when he asks me, so there is complete transparency and honesty there.
But, he does sometimes say snarky comments to me about the people I meet up that is a bit more than just "jokey" and makes fun of the amount of men I have been seeing and keeps saying he wishes he could see his lover who lives abroad more often. I am really not jelous about this as his lover is a super lovely person, but I sometime feel like he's trying to slightly put me down, make me jelous / guilt me by saying stuff like 'yesterday i didn't feel very diserable when you met up with so and so' when I clearly do desire him very much.
This is all very new for both of us, and I know it is inevitable to have these moments, it's just every time I ask him if he's feeling OK about it - he gets annoyed at me for asking and insists he's happy but my gut feeling says something different.
Shall I slow it down even though I don't really want to, I don't want to hurt his feelings/make him resent me.
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2023.03.21 11:55 lemonpiespecial A messy, long yet quite interesting story of a very sad & lonely girl.

Trigger warning: grooming, narcissistic abuse.
I really wanted to share a little bit of my story cause I feel so overwhelmed and I do not know what to do with my life anymore. I'm so lost. And I've never felt lonelier.
I'm sitting at my computer after waking up with my "situationship'' person next to me (thats a whole another story, but we do have feelings for each other, yet we don't think we should be in a relationship together at this time in life). He asked me how I was this morning and I just burst into tears. I am not ok. That's all I could say and cry.
I took a sick leave from work because I can't motivate myself to work. I feel discardable and unimportant. I work in a very close knit office in a very specific company for 5 years, we are around 10 people in the office and I feel like my colleagues are not interested in me as a person. I feel so worthless and like nobody cares if I open my mouth to say anything. But I also don't care about being involved in the same old repetitive jokes, pretending I care about my colleague's child cause thats the only thing the conversation revolves around (and the same 5 stupid jokes that get repeated every single day). Now I can imagine you saying: well of course you feel like it, you get what you give .... However, would anyone care that I'm struggling daily with suicidal thoughts? Would they care I have found spirituality to search for purpose? Would they care that the salary I receive that 60-70% goes to bills and I can't afford to eat ? NO. As long as it's not small talk bullshit, they don't care or know how to respond. Yet, that's the main thing I'm concerned about. Not about their children's problems with their testicles (yes, the whole office knew that) or how another colleague is going shopping every week and planning her next trip to Italy cause she lives with her parents and can spend her money without paying the same amount of bills a single woman does living alone in the centre of the biggest city in the country (Eastern Europe). I've talked to my boss about a raise cause after 5 years, still living with less than a 1000 euro each month and the prices rising so much ... I can't live with that kind of money anymore. It's funny. All my boss says is: manage your finances better ...
In the past years I've lost most of my friends. My best friend was in love with the guy she set me up with (that's the situationship guy from the beginning) and around 10 months ago she said: "I can't look you in the eye anymore", cried how all she thinks about was the guy she set me up with and we came to a conclusion that this friendship is dead and she does not want to see me again. I said I'll wait for her cause I love her... and today is her birthday, she turns 28. We were best friends for 11 years and even got a stupid matching best friends tattoo back in the day. I still sleep with the teddy bear she gave me on my 19th birthday. When I found her in high school I thought finally ... a friend just for me. Our school mates thought we were lesbians. And we were a team for a while. But before her, for some reason, I've had difficulties to be and feel accepted in the friend group. Before high-school it was always a girl friend group who had a leader and the rest were her pawns. I got sick of being a soldier with no brain and I really wanted an equal part and respect with the whole group. Cause I thought and still think that I'm: real, honest, reliable & loyal af. All they saw was the friend who is not good enough cause I did not want to do always what they did, pursue the same stuff as them, be outside of the box they were putting themselves into. I always was that friend to start hating randomly... cause I let them? I'm not sure.
My family life ... I'd say my closest family is only my grandma and my cousin.. the two people i can actually be real with. I do have a mother, a stepdad and a half-brother 15 years younger. My mother is a covert narcissist. I do not know my biological father. I had a different dad growing up than my younger step-brother. I thought the dad that raised me was my biological father for a very long time until I found out all by myself at 9 y/o that my mother was married with another man that had my last name and voila! The dad that I thought was my real dad adopted me officially after he married my mom. His name is in my birth certificate. I only found that out when I was 20 (thanks again mom). My dad and my mom did not tell me they divorced when i was around 11 ... again, I found it out only by myself cause I was a curious kid. My mother changed boyfriends and then found my stepdad and to gain his house she had to give birth to a son... where my step-brother comes in. I was 15 y/o in the summer I got my step-brother ... and then at the end of the summer I lost my dad in a motorcycle crash. He was my buddy. The one who told me about his adventures on his bike while drinking a glass of light beer and playing cards. We watched movies, listened to music. He was really involved in forming who I am now. He was not perfect but I really felt the fatherly love from him. While my mom ... she only gave a shit when she got something out of me. That I got good grades, she boasted it was because she was smart. When I had my birthday, she celebrated her being so young and still looking so young cause she birthed me when she was 20. She wanted me to be her doll, looking perfect, with clothes she liked and she did not let me play around outside as a kid if I had the pretty clothes on. When I didn't do something she wanted to be done but she didn't ask nicely, just expected it to be done, she stood in the door frame of my tiny room screaming and shouting at me for 40 minutes straight and if i dared to even try to say something, just barely moving my mouth, I got yelled at louder and harder... and then I learned to disassociate. However, after my brother was in the picture, she just didn't give a shit about me as a child with needs. She stopped providing me with clothes and my grandma started helping... after that she said I looked ugly and that nobody would like me. She offered me (offered is a generous statement here, I had no choice) to pay to be a nanny for my brother my whole summer break from school. Yeah, I get it, I got some money, but you have to undertsand, she would give me such little pocket money, I could not even buy a decent lunch at school. I had to be alone with a 1/2 y/o for the whole summer. Every work day. When I should have been outside doing something with friends or making them in the least. People thought my younger brother was my son when I went out with him. Since those 2 summers I decided I will not have children of my own.
After those 2 summers I met my (now ex) boyfriend. We met on omegle (yikes) when I was 17 (yikes) and he ... was 27 (bigYikes). I was lonely, freshly without a dad, without good long-term friends, my parents paid no attention to me. I was drinking vodka with orange juice in my room alone while searching for friends online. Mostly they were men. But... context is important here. I was a very horny teenager. Like any guy is horny while being 16/17 ... this girl was a pedo's dream. I was very into Lolita aesthetic, I had just freshly read the book too. I'm not gonna lie, I was into older guys cause at that age, no boy who I liked and who was my age paid attention to me. I thought I was ugly. My parents didn't get me braces cause they were too expensive (yet my mom could buy fur coats and go to nice trips) and I felt very insecure with my smile. Yet ... one evening on omegle was what changed my life. I found a chat, the camera was off for him but on for me. He complimented my smile, how I looked. I never got that kind of attention. Then I found out we had our birthday on the same date which felt like a sign. Then we started skyping. After a week I saw his face. TBH, not the most handsome guy but it is not that important for me. He said he got jewellery for me. He also had a girlfriend from my country before which I thought was cool cause he knew the culture then. After a month of chatting and sexting he came to see me. I lied to my mom that I 'd be staying at my friends place for a weekend cause there was a party but I actually went to met him and we were staying at a hotel not too far from my home. The first thing we did was fuck. We did that the whole weekend with a few breaks of going to the movies, to eat and see the old town. After a month he offered me to go to him ... I explained the situation to my mom like this: I met someone, on the internet, he lives in West Europe and wants to invite me to visit. My parents agreed. Imagine that. My mother fucking sold me. At least that's how my grandma calls it. But you know, I didn't think like that when I was 17... I thought I was IN LOVE. But you know why my grandma said my mother sold me? My mother relied on HIM now to get me everything I'd need. Clothes, phones... etc etc. She gave me a symbolic 2 euro pocket money a few days in the week, how generous of her. You know, that's not even the best part yet ... because my dad had died and I was officially his child I got his pension but because I was not 18 y/o my mother got all the money and told me that only like 5 months before I turned 18. The pension was decent. Decent enough for me not to ask anyone for money anymore. Or start saving for university ... my mother spent it all until she decided to tell me she got the money since he had died. And for those few months I knew she could give me maybe 1/3rd of what she got. After I turned 18, I'd get it all then. Well, while she was trying to start a new family, her 17 y/o daughter was fucking a pedo. You gotta understand about me, when I was 17, I did not look like a young adult, I still looked pretty much like a child. I still got the chubby cheeks, I was very slender, barely any womanly features, natural hair. A dream for a guy like that. And the worst part is, I was completely under his spell. I thought finally I'm getting the life I thought I deserved. I saw so many countries and places I only ever dreamed of seeing as a poor Eastern European girl. I finally got that fatherly figure in my life who takes care of me. All of his friends were happy for him to be with such a young and cute girl. I finished high-school while planning going to universities where he lived. I got totally put in a trap where the only person important in my life was him. I worked very hard to arrange everything and to apply for those universities while my best friend, who I mentioned at the start, started ditching school and she partied and started working cause she was also not that well off and I spent my last year of high school basically all alone and later she blamed me for ditching her while I was living with him across Europe. I got into the university. He bought us a place to live between the city of my uni and his work. It was still 2h going in 1 direction 3-4 times a week. I was isolated from my course mates in university. I did not live with them. My only close friend there was him. Besides my bff who barely finished high-school I had no close friends at school. I had tops 2-4 other friends besides her. Rest of my year called me a weird lesbian for some reason. One guy even asked my BFF why I was so weird. I never understood why I was thought of as weird at school. Because I did not have rich/well off parents? Because I did not have the perfect smile? Because I was a bit introverted? I realise now as I am getting older maybe I am on the autism spectre and I do have some problems with maintaining eye-contact but I am not that far on the spectrum I'd say to be impaired really in my communication. Bu that is a side note to this all. I just got perceived as weird for some unexplained reasons. After being in a relationship with him ... a lot of bad stuff emerged. He was a compulsive liar. He chatted with his exes, with other girls he met online all over East-Europe. I found e-mails he sent to other women being signed "Love, forever yours" and said that's how he talks to his friends. The jewellery he got me at the start? He stole it from his mothers (or asked, I'm not sure what was right). He gaslit me to a point where I was paranoid I started snooping every single thing he owned. I checked his amex bills if he was not seeing other women, I saw he was registered in different dating apps. And the crown to this all is: A TEENAGE BOY HE TRAINED IN FOOTBALL ACCUSED HIM OF ASKING FOR SEXUAL FAVOURS IN EXCHANGE OF GOODS. It ruined his reputation, he got raided by the police, his family did not trust him anymore, he got shunned. And I stuck to him 100%, that's how blind I was. Of course I had my questions yet I trusted him so much cause I did not have anyone else. He got a court case, he got public service as a punishment cause they found a weird deleted pic on his computer (that is what he said to me). Furthermore, my friend told me he was chatting with her and her friends behind my back and told them to not tell me... And that was right before I had to move in with him to go to my university. I did it anyway. I did not finish the year in uni. I was burned out from the 4h spending every day in public transport, dealing with his emotional abuse and trying to do all of my uni work which was completely overwhelming. We even got into couples therapy cause I did not know how to trust him anymore. The therapist told me: D, you know what to do by now. And I did. I had to go back home.
That summer we drove back home. I drove back home to a mother who had sold the apartment that was supposed to be mine when i was 18 cause my dad who raised me bought it for my mother and later to be left for me. I had nothing. Just a room in my step-dads family house. He was not my family. However, my mother wanted me to feel that, I did not. I could not. I was too old for that. He knew we did not drive here just for a vacation. He knew that when he drove back alone and I did not come with him to spend more time back home, I would not return later. After 3 weeks of being home without him. I left him. I started to work as a barista. Finally, making some friends, starting new relationships. Doing what I should have been doing. Started to live with my BFF cause I could not stand my mother. I could not stand looking at her treating my brother like he deserved everything he wanted. I am still sick of looking how she coddles him and I am constantly reminded how she could have been like that with me but she just did not see me as a child that needs love from her.
For now, thank you for reading. I feel I lost my point a little. I just really really wanted to share something to the world from my life cause I sit here every day alone smoking too much weed and trying to cope. I do not know if that works anymore. I feel lost & aimless. If you have any questions about me and my life I'll gladly answer them. And I am sorry for the ramble but there is so much I still did not write here. Maybe one day my life will make an interesting book.
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2023.03.21 11:55 Fearless-Physics Some basic questions for a starter

I just got my second 3DS. I plan on hacking this one and putting CFW on it, and using hshop to fill the SD-card with lots of games.
The device has not been hacked yet. I am currently in the settings that you do after every favtory reset (time, date, internet, etc.) and here's my first question:
  1. Should I connect it to the internet now or only later after the hack? Is it an issue that it would be the same WiFi-network as on my other, "clean" devices? (Another 3DS and a Switch)
In order to make sure to not get some kind of penalty on my "clean" Nintendo account/NNID, I do not want to link this device to my Nintendo account/NNID.
  1. Should I create a new Nintendo account/NNID for this purpose or do you not even need one at all?
  2. What are some general, common risks and things to absolutely avoid when you own a hacked 3DS with pirated games?
Thanks a lot!
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2023.03.21 11:55 jackcu Thinking of getting rid of my current gen consoles, what do we expect from steam deck for triple a performance over next 2 years?

So I've had my steam deck for nearly 6 months. Prior to this I had a PS5/Xbox Digital version. I played both sporadically, mainly the Xbox for MSFS and the live subscriptions. The last time I used the Xbox was to watch NowTV, and the playstation I managed 4-6hours of God Of War 2, but just found it hard to find the time to play. And get into a good session
I love the deck it gives me the opportunity to play while my partner watches their TV, or if I want something on in the background, and steam has a great catalogue of games. There aren't many exclusive games for PS or Xbox I want at the moment (besides getting god of war 2 when that releases on Steam).
My main concern is how the deck is going to hold up over the next 2 years with triple A releases mainly Jedi Survivor etc. My friend said they weren't hopeful with unreal 5 coming up.
So I suppose currently my Xbox and PS5 are my contingency to play games I really can't play on deck. I was worried about hogwarts legacy but that turned out fab on the deck. I am happy with 30fps and OKish graphics.
So I suppose I'm in a position where I might as well get rid of my current gen consoles since I hardly would use them anyway.
But what do we expect in terms of the deck handling new games over the next 2 years?
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2023.03.21 11:55 thirstysocks Blocked them for some mental pause. But what do I do afterwards?

For some context: My mom and my sister are both narcissists. The sister more than my mom. I recently got married and realized that my wife is seeing through them better than i ever could. So she points things out and actually opened my eyes up about the toxicity in my family. My dad is a classic enabler. Will not and can not do anything. He just goes with the flow of my moms decision. So my sister insulted my wife's family right before our wedding. She gaslighted it. My wife called her out, my sister gaslights again. My wife tried several times to just talk it out with her. Ofc a narcissistic sister would never do it.
So our last straw was to invite them for dinner, since my sister doesn't live in our town. We thought it should be possible to at least have dinner together. I told my mom before the due date for the dinner, that this is the last time i am reaching out for the sister. And yes i am the scapegoat and she is the golden child. My sister refused to attend the dinner. Made a fuss about it and my mom also decided to side with my sister again and also not attend this dinner.
I phoned my mom and asked her why is it that she always chooses my sister. How is it that she can't even come out for dinner at least just the parents and us. Moms excuse was, because she doesn't wants to exclude my sister. I said fine, you chose it. I will not contact my sister again and i will not try to solve this matter anymore.
I hang up. My mom and my dad tried to call me on my suppose to be dinner day. I didn't pick up. My dad wrote something that has nothing to do with this matter. My mom just basically answering something I asked of weeks before this matter. And then the next day i again didn't pick up their phone calls and only got messeges from my mom, that whx i am not even picking up her phone calls anymore. Why am i making them feel miserable and disappoint them. Even compare me to my sister similar behavior of avoiding them.
I blocked them. Phone calls and message apps. They still had my email adresse and my postal adresse. Now only my father tries to call me. My mom just probably ditched me and said i am the shitty son.
My intention is just to get my mind off for a couple of weeks. Not going full NC. I know everyone would suggest NC. But i still want my parents around. I care for them. My wife is done with them. Accepted the fact that she will never be accepted in my family.
But what should I do now, without having NC as a result? Please help.
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2023.03.21 11:54 kboda Local DNS records on UDM Pro 🎉

Local DNS records on UDM Pro 🎉
Just a reminder that functioning local DNS (without random tld restrictions) is now available with the new 2.5.17 release.
I have been waiting a long time to finally get this up and running. I am moving away from Adguard DNS rewrites and now have to spend the day reconfiguring all the services to point to the new domain record.
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2023.03.21 11:54 DeadFishCRO [H] Humble bundle/ Fanatical leftovers [W] Game offers, paypal (EU)

My rep page:

I have
FPS games
rts games
action games
Specific things from my steam wishlist
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2023.03.21 11:53 adollarworth Fibula/Tibia joint cracking

I get this somewhat often. It’s where my fibula meets my tibia near the knee on my left leg. When it’s about to happen I can feel a buildup of pressure in that area when I move my ankle or leg, and then when I put some weight on the leg at the right angle it will pop. Sometimes it takes more pressure and almost feels like something is going to break, but it is very satisfying when it pops and the pressure releases.
It seems like a joint that people don’t really think of so I’m curious if anybody else has had this experience. For a long time I didn’t really think about what was happening, but eventually I realized it was this joint cracking inside my lower leg.
Is anybody else familiar with this type of joint cracking?
To be clear, this is not my knee, but the little fibula joint that is a bit lower and to the outside.
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2023.03.21 11:53 Acid_Bath_95 Hi all, I’m fucked.

I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and chronic depression when I was 15, but I’ve been struggling with anxiety and Panic attacks since I was 9! Now, (f 27) I reached the low bottom of my life and there is nothing more I can do to make things better. I have a shitty job, an awful boss who hates me and I did not complete my graduation because I didn’t finish the TCC (conclusion of the course thesis). I lost many years in an amazing graduation (one of the best Universities of my Country) but I have no strength to finish this circle and I’ve been panicking with the idea of loosing those years but, by the other hand, I have not a single motivation to conclude this. Therefore, I can not move to a better job. I can not afford better things. I have an amazing boyfriend who supports me. He got a job in Europe and I moved with him for this new country that I hate. I hate the weather, I hate the rain, I hate the fact that there is no sun at all. And it only made my depression to get worse and worse. Even my boyfriend, who’s always been so supportive, is now getting tired of my bullshit. He thinks that he is the only one that is actually worried about my graduation- but I’ve been having panic attacks for years because of this. And I CANT talk to him about it because it makes me sick to my stomach. I feel ashamed that I let it happen to me. I feel ashamed that I date a guy who is intelligent and has everything figured out in his life. He has a great job, great feedbacks, receives a great salary. And I should be growing with him - but I have the impression that I’m just holding him back. For example: if I had completed my graduation I would have a better job by now, and we could have a better life. I think it’s a matter of time until he snaps out of this bullshit that I dragged him into. I feel paralyzed. I feel disgusted by myself. I feel ashamed and I can’t even cry. I’m on medication (for years) that works because I haven’t tried to kill myself (even though it seems the more logical thing to do) but maybe those medication also stops me from getting any emotions (?). I have no will to conclude my stuff, I haven’t felt happiness in MONTHS. I miss my family so much, but I’m a lazy piece of shit who doesn’t even CALL them because I’m afraid it will make me suffer more. I’ve tried therapy but it didn’t help. My therapist just told me things that I already now - like: “you should finish your graduation”. Yes, of course, but HOW? How do I swallow all this shame of being the last one in my class to finish? How do I find the strength to develop a thesis? How? I’m just feeling worse and having nightmares every single day. And my boyfriend is mad at me because I received an email from my university saying that I can loose my graduation. I completely understand his anger. I’m angry at myself too.
Sorry for this. And English is not my first language. If you have any advice or story to share, feel free. Thank you.
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2023.03.21 11:53 TheCurserHasntMoved Accidentally Adopted Part 4: CH 7 Hammerfall

First Part Start Previous Next

Log: 6000001.0.16, Personal, Captain Yormdrill

The tactic Greggory had proposed Is not a new one, but...
We met the reinforcing squadrons before the local day broke. I could see by the way they strode from their shuttle with weapons in their upper hands and a sidearm in their dominant lower hands that these were fighting men. I can hardly imagine using only two arms to stabilize my rifle, let alone using my free hand to fire a pistol. Gregory simply raised an eyebrow, as if he was wondering how effective the technique could be.
The officers began to introduce themselves, but Greggory interrupted them saying, "I don't intend to embarrass myself getting your names wrong," he pointed to each of them in turn, "I'll call you Red Leader, you Blue Leader, and you Green Leader. Your squads are Red, Blue, and Green squads respectively. You can call me Sneaky and our squad Sneaky squad."
Blue Leader seemed to rankle, "And who are you to give orders?"
"I asked for veterans," Greggory began flatly, "what are you a veteran of?"
"Four boarding actions, repelling."
"I am a veteran of a planetary resistance to the Consumptives, a planetary assault landing, thirty-two combat drops, three boarding actions, and four repelling actions. I have either been in training or combat since I was ten years old. When you ask who I am to give orders, here's the answer: I'm the one man on this planet who could take out every last one of those gangers without them ever seeing me once. I'm the one man on this planet who has taken part in destabilizing a superior enemy force. I am the one man on this planet who knows what the void he's talking about. I'm voiding Sneaky, the one from the memes, and I'm here to teach this part of the galaxy what happens if you touch my family. Fall in, marine, and shut up until you have something less stupid to say."
So calm was his tirade, that it unsettled Blue Leader, who simply shifted his feet while Green Leader asked, "Are you some kind of sniper?" Which Gregory answered by nodding, so he followed up, "With a plasma caster?"
"It wouldn't be my first choice. Low projectile velocity, very obvious when firing, low penetration. I can do the work, though."
"We do not have many snipers outside the anti-pirate fleets, and this force is add-hoc. We could probably get you a magnetic accelerator, though. Our Master at Arms keeps a very well-stocked armory."
"Please, see what you can arrange, but I don't want to wait around for it. Like I said, I can do the work."
Red Leader interjected, "This is well, we also wish to get the work done. It is clear that you have the most relevant experience, yours is the command."
"Wonderful. Okay, what are your squad compositions? What, if any specialists do you have?"
Red Leader began, "My squad is comprised of all former anti-piracy marines. We don't have any planetary experience, but this city is not too different from the stations we've boarded. I can command it either as an assault force, flank support, or fire support unit."
Green Leader followed, "My men have repelled multiple boarding actions, and we don't have experience fighting in such open areas. However, we have a high degree of accuracy, since our ship drills regularly." I felt a little chagrinned at that, as so few of us passed Greggory's test to join his rescue mission due to how lax I was and am with firearms training.
Blue Leader grudgingly followed, "We're mainly a salvage outfit. We have some cutting and demolitions equipment, and the know-how to use it. Otherwise, we've fended off multiple scorched scavenger attacks."
"Did any of you bring sustained fire weapons?"
Blue Leader answered, "One of my small teams has a mining laser that can be used as a crew served weapon."
"Each of my fire teams has a rapid fire magnetic accelerator. On rapid fire, they can sustain a five second stream before reloading the ferrous block," Red Leader said.
"The laser beam lasts around ten seconds."
"My squad has only the carbines," Green Leader said.
"Link to my visor, with our assets, I believe we can convince most of the hostiles to surrender or flee before assaulting the building. Let's get one thing clear now, we do not shoot if they surrender. We do not back the criminals into a corner."
I was crouched beneath a window sill on the third floor of a building overlooking a narrow street. Greggory was right, our limited activities had encouraged bolder patrols, this one was fourty men and a ground vehicle with what looked like a heavily modified industrial cutting laser mounted in the back. They would not have stood a chance against Sneaky Squad. I rose up slowly, and lined up my opening shot on the gunner in the vehicle. Gregory signaled the start by taking the head off of the Tourounti who was very obviously shouting orders. Her abdomen walked her headless torso along for a few more paces before it collapsed in a chitinous heap. I put the gunner out of our misery and idly wondered if the ganger leader was related to a certain defense barrister.
I had not been the only one to choose a target, and the lucky few gangers who had tossed down their weapons were allowed to live. Allowed to see more of us, and carry the same message of how to survive back to their fellows along with the reminder that they can't count on being so lucky twice. Next time they might be the opening target.
I find myself disturbed by just how much carnage the gangers are willing to absorb. We want their leaders, not them. Perhaps they fear their leaders more than us? I feel this will not remain the case.
After the battle, he instructed Red and Green squads to circle around to the opposite side of the ganger headquarters and ambush a ganger patrol that was likely to be in the area, while Blue squad came with us to ambush a larger patrol force. This one perhaps sixty men. They panicked the moment Gregory took the leg off of one of the two team leaders. They fired wildly all about them, screamed curses, prayers, and calls to their mothers or fathers to come save them. The lower accuracy of our teammates lead to a larger number of wounded, and we let the five survivors drag them away. Then, it was time to do it again.
By the fifth ambush, they began to surrender before half of them were either dead or wounded. They were relieved of their weapons, and sent away with the same message, and the reminder that some always die before the surrender.
We were preparing our tenth ambush of a very large force, it looked to be over a hundred, but we saw they had one of their number in bonds, and were carrying their weapons by the barrels, with either the stocks or grips up toward the sky.
I recognized one of the lieutenants.
"Lay down your arms," Greggory announced with the help of some speakers placed for the purpose. They did so, "Now march forward until I say stop. Stop. Place your hands on your heads and kneel. Except the four of you holding that void sucker. Good, now wait there."
Greg ordered Blue squad to cover us, and we came out into the open to receive our prisoner.
"He wants to know why we're doing this," Quindrum translated.
"Because you touched my family. You get to help teach a lesson," Greggory said before whipping the top of his foot into the side of the officer's knee, sending him sprawling to the ground, "and the lesson is to never do that. The rest of you, walk forward slowly. If I see you with weapons, you won't see me. You'll just die."
The massive surrender was a balm to my soul. I had begun to fear that annihilation was the only option.
"Instruct the shuttle that his cell is to have no mattress or blankets. He is to be fed bread and water until time can be made for his judgement," Gregory ordered while the retreating gangers were still in earshot.
It was unfortunate that the other team did not have such an event. Their four ambushes had gone much the same way as our previous ones.

Dear Diary,

Things are starting to look a little better. Mom says that the gangers on the planet have started surrendering instead of fighting, so that's good. On top of that, the Justiciar is here, and will be able to start holding trials tomorrow. She is an impressive ship, The Light of Justice in the Darkness seems to sort of glide through space. It's a bit intimidating to be so close to her, and with a hundred Magistrates and their retinues aboard... I think that instead of finding a penal ship to send someone to, they'll have to commission one and give her a fitting difficult mission.
Yoiv has been going around telling everyone that he knew that Sneaky would rescue him from the very start, so he wasn't afraid at all. I caught him crying in Greg's berth though. If he wasn't afraid before, he is now. The ship's other littles are all convinced that it's all better now, but Yoiv has his own fears. His own worry. My job isn't over.

Mission Log: 6. Date: 1/6/5. Name: Gregory George

Mission: Planetary rescue
Mission objectives:
Rescue Linus from unknown hostiles connected to a shady lawyer
--Linus located on planet
--Shuttle company name determined: Shuttle by Green
---Gang identified
---Gang headquarters identified
---Likely information vector identified
----Information vector obtained
----Large number of gangers in hiding
----Linus has escaped
-----Linus secured
-----Linus has rescued other kidnap victims
-----Exfiltrate Linus and other kidnap victims
------Linus and hostages rescued.
Objective complete
Eliminate or neutralize all hostiles
--One hostile neutralized nonlethally
---One hostile eliminated
----Six hostiles eliminated
----One potential hostile neutralized
-----Eight hostiles eliminated
-----Nine hostiles neutralized
-----Three potential hostiles neutralized
-----Fifty three hostiles eliminated
-----Eight hostiles neutralized
------Fifty eight hostiles eliminated
------Nine hostiles neutralized
-------Two hundred twenty-four hostiles eliminated
-------Two hundred fifteen hostiles neutralized
-------One lieutenant captured
Teach the criminal elements a lesson
--One example provided
---One demonstration provided
-----Three demonstrations provided
-----Nine examples provided
------Five demonstrations provided
------Eight examples provided
------Two demonstrations proveded
------Nine examples provided
------Two messengers sent
-------Thirteen demonstrations provided
-------Fifty-five examples provided
-------Twenty four messengers sent
-------One responsible party acquired
Mission parameters:
Minimize collateral casualties
Minimize collateral property damage
Evade detection by station security
Minimize station damage
Protect allies
Potential Action Plan:
Confer with reinforcements and assess capabilities
Continue eliminating patrols
Eliminate targets of opportunity
Designate surrender procedure
Observations irrelevant to mission:
Bleivuses have pretty okay combat skills. Reinforcements are good brothers.

Dear Logary,

I am afraid SNeakY will get hurt.
I am afraid DaDDy will get hurt.
I want them to come home right now.
TRanTRaN says that he is making sure no other kids are left behind.
SneAKy and DADDy are heroes, but I still want them home.
First Part Start Previous Next
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2023.03.21 11:53 Render636 Are my boyfriend (M22) and I (F21) moving too fast?

TL/DR: my boyfriend and I are ready to be physically intimate after only two weeks of seeing each other, and idk if it's going too fast.
So my boyfriend and I have been talking for a few weeks. We've known each other for a while, actually. We went to high school together, but weren't anything more than acquaintances because we have very different hobbies/friend groups back then.
Since then, he's really changed for the better, imo. I find him so physically attractive, he makes me feel special, and we just all around enjoy each other's company. We've also both been single for several years so it's been really refreshing for both of us to have someone's company again.
The thing is, we've only spent time together twice. The first time was like an actual "date". We went out and we couldn't keep our hands off each other XD there was an immediate connection that neither of us have felt in a long time. We were going to wait a bit to see each other again, but we had such a good time we wanted to see each other immediately again. Next day I went over to his house (he lives only 2 blocks away from me) and we starting getting pretty physical. We were cuddling and watching a movie, then it went to kissing, then making out, then grinding. This probably happened 5 or 6 separate times in the few hours I was there.
Now, he's planning on picking up some protection and we want to be intimate next week when he's off work. I'm so attracted to him and I like that we have such a strong connection already, but I don't know if we're moving too fast or not. Idk I could just use an outside opinion on it all.
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2023.03.21 11:52 your_dream23 Social doctors anyone?

This subreddit is dedicated to doctors and medical professionals who want to connect with others in the field and improve their social lives. Members can share tips on how to balance a demanding work schedule with social activities, discuss ways to network and make new friends in the medical community, and share stories about social events they've attended. Topics can range from finding time for hobbies and interests to navigating relationships and dating while working as a doctor. The goal is to create a supportive community where doctors can share their experiences, connect with others who understand their unique challenges, and find ways to enjoy a fulfilling social life outside of their professions.
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2023.03.21 11:51 viewtoathrill Criterion by Spine 93: Black Narcissus (1947)

Every Tuesday I’m going to try and post a Criterion movie on here to discuss. I am going to go in order of spine release and would love to hear from people who have already seen it or are curious to see it.
This week is Spine #93, Black Narcissus. As of March 21st, 2023 it is available to stream on the Channel with supplements, has a Blu-ray and DVD release, and was laserdisc release #38.

Dir: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger 101 minutes They Shoot Zombies (2022): 2,450 They Shoot Pictures (2022): 174
Aesthetically not a horror movie but a story that digs deep into the psyche as we watch well-intentioned nuns descend into madness.
Isolation, lack of control of the surroundings, incessant weather patterns, a group of people that go up into the mountains to build a new life, and a silent terror that eats at our protagonists. Surprisingly I am not talking about The Shining, but rather Powell & Pressburger’s Black Narcissus. It is definitely not as intense as Kubrick’s vision, but in place of freaky twins and a gnarly old lady we have a technicolor nightmare up in the distant Himalayan mountains.
Sister Clodagh is the main character in this story as opposed to Jack Torrance, but they play similar roles. Sister Clodagh is a young nun who is given her chance to be a sister superior at the Mopu palace far away from any Western civilization. She wants to do her best, and is given a set of junior nuns to help her build a school and hospital for the local citizens. The basic story is that there is a mysterious force that drives any British monks or nuns crazy and it starts to impact this particular order as well. It is a well-made piece of psychological terror with some fantastic individual frames as a few of the sisters really struggle with their sanity.
I think Technicolor is good for many purposes but not good for horror, so I struggled to get fully engaged with the terror elements of the story. They are there for sure, and I imagine many would pick up on them, but something about the artificiality of the Technicolor makes me feel detached from the story, which is difficult for a mind-bending horror film. Even in black and white I believe this would have been a more powerful film, but as it is critics adore this and it’s rated as the 174th-best film of all time. I disagree with this ranking, and would put Peeping Tom from the Powell/Pressburger team above this as an effective horror film and better movie all around.
This is still good though, and I’m glad to have seen it. David Farrar was really good as Mr. Dean, and Deborah Kerr was excellent as Sister Clodagh struggling to keep it together in a foreign land. Worth a watch but I wouldn’t rush to see it.
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